September 2000

Posted By: C.E. <ce3227ph@aol.com>
Date: 6 September 2000

I am interested in finding out whether Wesley White was a minister in Pulaski Co. abt.
1817. Does anyone, by chance, have him in your genealogy? I would like to know more about
the church beginning 1800- in Pulaski area. Any suggestions?


Morgan and Rector
Posted By: Angela Morgan <amorgan_70@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 September 2000

Any Links


David Green Morgan was born July 17, 1864 in Pulaski Co, KY for 52 years. He died July 25,
1951 in Muskogee 9:10pm.

Sam Morgan-Unknown

Bob Morgan-Unknown

Angela Morgan


Posted By: Scott Gardner <ScGar656@aol.com>
Date: 7 September 2000

Looking for information on Pvt. Thomas H Cundiff, 19th Kentucky Vol. Inf. Union. Thanks


Oma Williams
Posted By: Deborah B <Deborahb@gosiggy.com>
Date: 8 September 2000

I am searching for any info on Oma Williams who is my ggrandmother..She had 1 child named
Bernice Vivian Daniels born in Casey Co..She also was married to a West...any info would be
grateful..Please respond to DeborahB@gosiggy.com


Posted By: Linda Aaron <reefcomber@aol.com>
Date: 10 September 2000

Could anyone tell me if the Kenny/Keeny/Keney men of Pulaski County census in the years
1820 and 1830 are Cannaday or Kennedy men from Wayne County in 1810? The spelling of the
name is SO close, and I am trying to tract the Cannaday's/Kennedy's originally from
Montgomery County, Virginia to Wayne County, Kentucky, then parts unknown. Thank you for
ANY guidance. Linda
- - - - - - - - - -
The Keeney men
Posted By: Reneé Lasswell <neeby@sheergenius.com>
Date: 21 October 2000
In Response To: Kenney/Cannaday/Kennedy? (Linda Aaron)

Really are Keeney.

The they descend from Peter Keeney who came from VA and possibly NC. Odd name, but it's the
real name, not a typo.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Kenney/Cannaday/Kennedy?
Posted By: Skip <Skipparoo314@aol.com>
Date: 29 October 2000
In Response To: Kenney/Cannaday/Kennedy? (Linda Aaron)

The names Canada and Kennedy were sometimes interchanged in Wayne Co. Whether the same or
not I don't know. The name Keeney is dominant in Pulaski Co. and no evidence of any
connection to Canada or Kennedy that I am aware of.


Location of Dick Cemetery/Dick Ancestors
Posted By: Craig Rodgers
Date: 11 September 2000

My great grandmother was from Pulaski County and she stated and I have since confirmed that
many of my relatives are buried in what is know as Dick Cemetery. It could be a part of
King Bee Cemetery near or in Science Hill, KY. Any directions, info on the Dick family or
Roy and Gosser family would be very helpful.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Location of Dick Cemetery/Dick Ancestors
Posted By: Glenda McComas <glenda@choice.net>
Date: 11 September 2000
In Response To: Location of Dick Cemetery/Dick Ancestors (Craig Rodgers)

I have a list of the people that are buried in Dick Cemetery. What name are you looking
for? They are my relatives also.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Location of Dick Cemetery/Dick Ancestors
Posted By: Craig Rodgers
Date: 12 September 2000
In Response To: Re: Location of Dick Cemetery/Dick Ancestors (Glenda McComas)

My great-grandmother is Ruby Gladys Dick who was born 6/21/1911. Her parents are
Will(William)Harding Dick(born 11/2/1880) and Ida May Roy(born 12/29/1889. I know (99.9%)
that Will's dad was John Dick, but I do not know any information on him and if this is a
hundred percent match(my great grandma gave this info years ago, but has alzheimer's now so
I cannot confirm). I do not know either who Will Hardin Dick's mother was.

IF I find the father's link then I think I can piece together alot of the early to mid
1800's history that is abundant on the internet. This has been the stumper area. The only
other info I can mention is that Ruby had three sisters named Hazel, Elsie and Grace.

Also, I plan on taking a trip to Dick cemetery once I find the exact location. If you have
this as well, I would greatly appreciate it.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Location of Dick Cemetery/Dick Ancestors
Posted By: Mrwyoming <mrwyoming@email.msn.com>
Date: 14 September 2000
In Response To: Re: Location of Dick Cemetery/Dick Ancestors (Craig Rodgers)


The Pulaski County Cemetery Book has the Dick Cemetery on Highway 1676, Science Hill,
Kentucky but no number. There are about 40 from the Dick family listed in this book that
are buried there. There are 4-5 people by the name of John Dick buried there. There is a
Retta Mae Roy. There are about 60 people total that are listed in this book that are buried

I'll be back in touch if I see you don't get additional help.

Gene Pitman
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Location of Dick Cemetery/Dick Ancestors
Posted By: Craig Rodgers <xilly101197@yahoo.com>
Date: 12 September 2000
In Response To: Re: Location of Dick Cemetery/Dick Ancestors (Glenda McComas)

Glenda, anyway that I could get a copy of the list of people buried in Dick cemetery? Let
me know and we can then set-up correspondence.

Thank you!!


Jones/Pulaski co. KY
Posted By: Jean <firemon07@aol.com>
Date: 13 September 2000

I have hit a brick wall with the Jones side of the family all I have on my gg grandfather
is John H Jones b.1855 m.Aug 17, 1892 Mary Frances Roy (Combest) any help would be greatly
appreciated Jean


Lewis Of Pulaski Co.
Posted By: Janet Dable <JDable@webtv.com>
Date: 13 September 2000

Does anyone know anything about any Lewis' of Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY? They would have
been there from the early 1800's and the last time they are listed in a census was in 1850.
The names are Henry & Elizabeth (the Parents) and Vina, Henry, Malinda and Samuel (the
Children). I think they probably had other family living in Pulaski Co. also. Any help
would be appreciated.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Lewis Of Pulaski Co.
Posted By: phyllis haney eastwood <bizform@aol.com>
Date: 22 September 2000
In Response To: Lewis Of Pulaski Co. (Janet Dable)

I had an aunt, Myrtle Lewis Clark who was married to a Clark in Somerset, KY back in the
50s. Don't know if they are still in the area. Myrtle ran a small restaurant in Somerset
called the "Country Kitchen"(??) for a long time. If you think this information could help,
I could get more info from a cousin.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Lewis Of Pulaski Co.
Posted By: Glenda McComas <glenda@choice.net>
Date: 22 September 2000
In Response To: Re: Lewis Of Pulaski Co. (phyllis haney eastwood)

Was Myrtle married to Fred Clark? Did they live in Ferguson? If so, I could look out my
front door and see the back of their house on the next street over. This is the first time
I have seen or heard of them mentioned since I left Ferguson in 1965. Glenda
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Lewis Of Pulaski Co.
Posted By: Skip <Skipparoo314@aol.com>
Date: 2 October 2000
In Response To: Re: Lewis Of Pulaski Co. (Glenda McComas)

Didn't Fred and Myrtle Clark own the old Krystal Kitchen on E. Mt. Vernon St.? I loved
their hamburgers. Hey, that was a long time ago.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Lewis Of Pulaski Co.
Posted By: Janet Dable <JDable@webtv.net>
Date: 23 September 2000
In Response To: Re: Lewis Of Pulaski Co. (phyllis haney eastwood)

Phyllis, I would appreciate it if you could get more information from your cousin. I don't
know if this Myrtle Lewis Clark is related or not but could very well be. I am missing six
of my great great grandfather's siblings. Do not know what happened to them so any
information would be very welcome. Thank you. Janet


Daniel Meredith & family
Posted By: John Meredith <jmeredith@attglobal.net>
Date: 15 September 2000

I'm looking for any information available on Daniel MEREDITH, his parents, place of origin
or any members of his family. He moved to Decatur county, Indiana in 1825 but was listed on
the Pulaski county census for 1820. His first wife was Mary (Polly) HUDSON, marriage date
about 1814 in Pulaski county. One of his first children was James MEREDITH, born in 1815. I
believe that Daniel came from Virginia but have no supporting evidence for that. Thanks in
advance for any light that can be shed on Daniel's history.


Posted By: Rita Haynes <rrhaynes@mediaone.net>
Date: 15 September 2000

Would like to share info with anyone working on the Johnson or Miller families of Wayne Co
& Pulaski Co., KY. Please email directly at rrhaynes@mediaone,net
Thanks, Rita


William Daniel Burton
Posted By: Dee Robinson <dwindancer@aol.com>
Date: 16 September 2000

I would like to find information on the descedants of William Daniel Burton b, abt 1798
Pittsylvania Co Va & Unity Beadles b abt 1800 Va m. January 18, 1814 in Pulaski Co Ky. I
know that one of there sons was William Phillip Burton b abt 1833 Of Science Hill Pulaski
Co Ky William Daniel is the s/o John & Mary Burton and gs/o James Jr & Sarah Stovall Unity
is the d/o William Beadles any information greatly appreciated thank you Dee


Robert Garland & Avada Meece
Posted By: MaDonna <robertsracing74@netcommander.com>
Date: 19 September 2000


Just found out that Robert Garland and Vada Meece are possibly the parents to my
Grandmother Bertie Garland b. 1907 Pulaski. She had two sister Ruby and Minnie Garland.
Ruby married William Frank Glover and Minnie married Charlie Miller.

If anyone know of this family please let me know. We are trying to put everything together.
Thanks for any help


John Ashley Revol. Soldier
Posted By: Lois Bayer <spudcat@alltel.net>
Date: 22 September 2000

John Ashley was a resident of Pulaski Co. KY from 1804-1824. Born about 1755 NC. Sgt. Major
with 10th Reg. NC Line. Need parents and wifes names and dates. John died 1828 in Warren
Co. TN. Had children: Francis, Peggy, Polly, Charles, Nancy, John Jr., Mariah, Daniel,
Uriah, Sarah, Andrew, and Rachel (who married Alexander Evans.


Shirley Horton Brewer
Posted By: phyllis haney eastwood <bizform@aol.com>
Date: 22 September 2000

Shirley, please contact me in this forum. I have the information you were looking for inre
Asbury Haney titled Morgan/Pulaski Haneys.


Posted By: Carolyn Grover <stichma@aol.com>
Date: 25 September 2000

I have an ancestor by the name of George Waddle that lived in Pulaski County,Ky starting
around 1834. He had his children living there also. There is talk that Henry Waddle Sr of
the county could be George's cousin. No proof yet on that. George left Ky in 1840 and his
son John Waddle and his daughter Susanah Waddle Ellis stayed in Ky. John Woods is the
father of Elizabeth Waddle that married George V Waddle the son of George Waddle the elder.
Looking for any information on tying the Waddles from the county together.
Thank you.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Waddle,Dunavant,Woods
Posted By: Bob Edwards <bobofky@prodigy.net>
Date: 6 November 2000
In Response To: Waddle,Dunavant,Woods (Carolyn Grover)

I have the following information in my ancestral line:
Henry Waddle, Sr(1762-09/18/1849) and Jane Oten Welch(06/??/1765-07/25/1848) M. 06/30/1789

Henry Waddle, Jr.(1797-1870) and Jane (Jennie) Hansford(1796-1884) m. 04/08/1818

LaCarey C. Waddle(1825-08/09/1911) and Elizabeth Ann Farmer(1840-09/13/1915) m. 11/22/1868)
buried at Poplarville cemetary

Madison Adams Waddle(03/02/1871-02/10/1954) and Amanda Perry Rayborn(06-14-1876-02/24/1969)
m. 07/18/1894 buried at Pisgah Cemetary.

Margaret Catherine Waddle-Edwards(04/28/1901-03/13/1934) and John B. Edwards(09/16/1900-
04/??1989) m. 01/28/1901. Margaret is buried at Wesley's Chapel Cemetary. John is buried at
Memorial Gardens.


Mounce, Boyd/Adams, Downs, Chaney
Posted By: Phyllis J. Mounce <pjmounce@hsonline.net>
Date: 25 September 2000

Hello just got some new info on my Boyd/Mounce line and thought I would post it in hopes
that some one is working on the same lines. I haven't learned who the Father or Mother is
yet. 1. Viney Ann Boyd/Adams { Was told that some time they would use the Boyd name
sometimes the Adams name.Viney was born 10 May 1875 D. 3 April 1941 Burried at Providence
Cenetery at Pulaski Co, Ky. The gravestone says Viney Chaney Harris, Viney married unk
Chaney, Unk Harris, one son burried close by McKenley Chaney B. 12,Feb 1898 d. 10 Oct 1969

2. Roanna Boyd b 24 Aug 1877 Pulaski Co, Ky d 29 Dec 1939 age 61 Burried Providence
Cemetery. Pulaski Co, Kentucky. Roanna married Dennie Albert Mounce 1900; {Have a lot on
this line}

3. Mary Cathern {Mary Cat} Boyd b 14 Apr 1880 D. 21 Dec 1922 at 42 years old she was
burried at Providence Cemetery at Pulaski Co,Kentucky. She was the second wife of Samuel
Downs .. Saumel was frist married to Nema Edwards they had 3 children he second married
Mary Cathern Boyd they had 12 children ,2 died in infancy, Then he married third Cora
Chaney and they had 3 children, was 18 children living.

4. David Green Adams [ Who also signed his name as David G. Boyd, is burred in the Lower
Swiss Coloney Cemetery, but don't have dates etc, anyone working of this line would love to
hear from you. Phyllis at pjmounce@hsonline.net
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Mounce, Boyd/Adams, Downs, Chaney
Posted By: Phyllis <gramal@aol.com>
Date: 29 September 2000
In Response To: Mounce, Boyd/Adams, Downs, Chaney (Phyllis J. Mounce)

In the Pulaski County Marriage Book I found the following marriages:

19 Apr 1894
CHANEY, Reuben a. 31 2nd mar. farmer b.Pul
BOYD, Vina A. a. 18 1st mar. b.Pul
Married at home of Jno. Adams, surety-Jno. Adams, wit-J.M. Meece, Green Boyd, pres-G.W.

24 Oct 1907
HARRIS, Henry F. a. 40 2nd mar b.Pul farmer
CHANEY, Vina A. a. 33 2nd mar. b.Pul
Married at home of Perry Bullock, wit-A.L.Bullock Frank Burdine, pres-Perry Bullock
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Mounce, Boyd/Adams, Downs, Chaney
Posted By: Phyllis J. Mounce <pjmounce@hsonline.net>
Date: 29 September 2000
In Response To: Re: Mounce, Boyd/Adams, Downs, Chaney (Phyllis)

Thanks Phyllis for the marriage informations on Vina Ann Boyd, Was a big help. I had found
the Chaney and Harris name on her gravestone but did not know who there names was. Phyllis


Who is DeWitt Dick?
Posted By: Susan Chance-Rainwater <scr@ncc.com>
Date: 27 September 2000

A photograph of the 1904 reunion of the Enoch Rainwater family recently offered for sale on
Ebay includes in individual identified as DeWitt Dick. He appears to be a man in his late
30s or early 40s. If you can offer any information on the identity of this individual or
his connection to the Rainwaters, I'd very interested.

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