July 2000

Posted By: Gayle Drotar <gdrotar1@midsouth.rr.com>
Date:2 July 2000

I descended from Elizabeth "Millie" Shipley (1799-1867), the daughter of Benjamin Shipley
(1775-1826) & Sarah Martha "Patsey" Cottrell (1778-1840). Elizabeth Shipley was my 3-gr
grandmother and married my 3-gr grandfather, Isaac A. Dunagan. They married in 1821 in
Wayne Co., KY & by 1848 moved on to Logan Co., IL, where they stayed until they died. I
have much information regarding Elizabeth Shipley's descendents that I would be more than
happy to share if you are interested.

I know that Benjamin & family were in Wayne County by abt 1816. Elizabeth and sister,
Anna were both born in TN. I know that daughter Mary Polly m. Elijah Cox & they were in
Perry Co., IN by 1830; daughter, Lucinda m. Matthew Floyd, and they moved on to Pulaski
Co., KY; daughter, Sarah m. Wm. Stinson and they moved to Warrick Co., IN; daughter, Anna
m. Reuben Floyd and they moved to Duboise Co., IN.

I am trying to find out the ancestry of Benjamin and or "Patsey" Cottrell:
Do you know where in TN their children were born?
Were they born in VA, and if so, where in VA?
Did they die in Wayne Co.?
If so, where were they buried?
Who were their parents?

Please let me know if you know the answers to any of these questions.


Gayle Drotar / TN


Burial Place Elleanor Weaver
Posted By: Charles Weaver <cfweaver@totalaccess.net>
Date:2 July 2000

Elleanor Nance Weaver, wife of Absalom,died after 1860 in Pulaski Co. She was listed in
the 1860 census for Pulaski Co. When her husband died in 1855, his death records gives
residence as Flat Lick, Pulaski,Ky.Any info about her will be appreciated.


Sarah Wilson
Posted By: Loucile Wilson Hall <lwhall@yahoo.com>
Date:3 July 2000

I am looking for info on Sarah Wilson who was married to Louis William Wilson. Louis
William was from Pulaski Co. They married in Casey Co and lived there until the 1900
census. I have been told they lived in Boyle Co just before her death. I am especially
interested in finding a death date for her. Please email me directly as well as posting
to this list. Any info greatly appreciated.


Adams family
Posted By: Betty <bhardwick@webtv.net>
Date:3 July 2000

I am seeking info on Rhoda & John Adams(b.1830ca). they were the parents of Clayburn
Adams(b.1858ca),Elizabeth 8, John 6, and Sarah 4. Any info on this family would be
greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


Posted By: Lisa Norris <NORRIS8@prodigy.net>
Date:3 July 2000

Looking for any one that might have any info on a John Hardwick?All i know is he was a
sheriff in Pulaski CO. Was married to a Mary Brassfield any help would be appreciated.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Hardwick
Posted By: Linda D. Moore <stonbrdg@mounet.com>
Date:1 August 2000
In Response To: Hardwick (Lisa Norris)

Do you know a date. I am searching for Abraham Hardwick born about 1873. I am not sure if
his father was John but I have seen a little on him. Contact me if you have any other


Aker Family from Pulaski Co. KY
Posted By: Darrell Carnahan <dlcarnahan@earthlink.net>
Date:4 July 2000

I am trying to track down the family ancestry of a Ulysses S. Grant Aker. He had at
least the following children: Bud Aker b: 1874 d: 18 Jul 1960 in Twila (Harlan Co.) KY;
Charles Aker b: 1883 in Burnside (Pulaski Co.) KY d: 9 Mar 1920 in Kettle Island (Bell
Co.) KY (my great grandfather); Ed Aker; Dorothy Aker. I cannot come up with his wife's
name or his siblings (if any) names or parents. I've ran into a roadblock. Please help.


Posted By: mike <twofeathers59@hotmail.com>
Date:5 July 2000

Hi looking for information on my grandfather CHarlie Burnett b.March 30, 1886 died, Oct.
1970, married to Lula, their children, Thomas Howard, eva, Annie. Any information
appreciated. Thanks, Mike e-mail twofeathers59@hotmail.com


Cumberland Lake - Cemeteries/Settlements
Posted By: Bill Coomer <wgcoomer@netscape.net>
Date:5 July 2000

Several births in my family "on the Cumberland River". Are there any listings of
settlements and/or cemeteries under Cumberland Lake?
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Cumberland Lake - Cemeteries/Settlements
Posted By: Jenny Oldham <jloldham@vvm.com>
Date:6 July 2000
In Response To: Cumberland Lake - Cemeteries/Settlements (Bill Coomer)

My grandfather's grave was moved also when Lake Cumberland was built. It was somewhere
near Burnside.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Cumberland Lake - Cemeteries/Settlements
Posted By: Susanna Burkett <susanab@gte.net>
Date:6 July 2000
In Response To: Re: Cumberland Lake - Cemeteries/Settlements (Jenny Oldham)

Russell Co. Library has a list of all cem. and names of most of grves and where moved to


Leslie & China Rose's children
Posted By: Yvonne Swinney <jdvps@ticnet.com>
Date:7 July 2000


i am looking for the children of Leslie & China (Peters) Rose.I have name's but i need
spouses and dates & their children.



jdvps@ticnet.com THANKS !!


Posted By: Carla <jdc8769@aol.com>
Date:9 July 2000

Below is a list of the children/grandchildren of James Randall/Randolph and Jemima Earp.
I will use the surname Randall for all of them although it was sometimes listed as
Randolph. It's just easier to type one name:)

1) Eleanore "Nelly" Randall
b Aug 20,1814
d Dec 21,1848
bur Randall Cem, Pul Co, KY
m Jan 1,1835 Pul Co, KY
*Abraham Whitson
b Jul 15,1811
d Aug 20,1885
bur Randall Cem, Pul Co, KY
+Children: William, Thomas, Polly A (5-1-1840 to 1-23-1862),Jemima.
(NOTE: Abraham remarried--Aug 20,1849--Aggy Ping)

2) Robert Randall
b Apr 8,1816
d May 13,1898
bur Randall Chapel, Pul Co, KY
m Sept,1834 Pul Co, KY
*Ellender/Eleanore Sears
b Dec 1817
d Sept 25,1902
bur same as above
+Children: James, Andrew, Jemima, John, Alexander, Nancy, Sarah, Wm, Matilda, Lucinda,
Jesse, Robert, Martha.

3)Mary Ann "Polly" Randall (my line)
b Aug 6,1814
d Feb 9,1905
bur Randall Chapel, Pul Co, KY
m Nov 25,1833 Pul Co. KY
*Peter W Sears
b Sept,1814
d Sept,1875
bur same
+Children: Matilda, Martha, James, Robert, Ellen, Sarah, John, Emily.

4)Matilda Randall
b May 30,1819
d Dec 24,1893
bur Raney Cem, Pul Co,KY
m Apr 11,1839 Pul Co,KY
*Joseph Inabnit
b Oct 1,1818
d Jul 15,1901
bur same
+Children: Mary, Andrew, Emily, Elvira, Paulina, Joseph, Wm, Robt, Anna.

5)Wm Randall
b abt 1821
d ?
m Aug 15,1838 Pul Co,KY
*Franka (?) Ruark
b abt 1821
d ?
+Children: James, Eliz, Patsey, Thomas, Joseph (possibly more?)

6)Thomas Randall
b abt 1824
d ?
m Sept 4,1844 Pul Co,KY
b abt 1825
d ?
+Children: Martha, Malissa, Mina(Jemima,Minerva?) George, Mary, Catherine, James, Miranda, Nancy, Sabra

7)Andrew J Randall
b Jul 11,1828
d May 27,1914
bur Randall Cem Pul Co,KY
m Nov 3,1847 Pul Co,KY
*Catherine Phelps
b Jul 2,1831
d Jan 12,1904
bur same
+Children: Willis, Eleanore, Sarah, Maranda, James, Cordelia, Fountain--1900 census
indicates 9 children--only 7 found.
(NOTE--Jemima is present in this HH in 1870--age 84)

Any additions/corrections to the above are welcomed/appreciated.

- - - - - - - - - -
Posted By: Ed Davis <eadavis@fidnet.com>
Date:16 July 2000

I have some informantion about Thomas and Bertha Randolph. He died in 1872 and is buried
at pilot Knob Cementry in Phelps Co MO She died in 1919 and is buried in Smith Cementery
in Flat, Phelps Co Mo. they had a son named james ballard randolph b- 7-22-1856


Garret DeWeese/Mary Lee Walton
Posted By: Pauline Caldwell Baganoff <PBaganoff@aol.com>
Date:10 July 2000

My gggrandfather, Garret DeWeese, and his wife Mary Lee Walton DeWeese were living
somewhere near Pulaski County in 1860 when my ggrandmother, Eliza Augusta DeWeese was
born. Any information would be helpful.


Phebe Eldridge Taylor
Posted By: Gloria Valentine <gjtv@hotmail.com>
Date:10 July 2000

Seeking parents and siblings of Phebe Eldridge born November 18, 1855 supposedly to John
Eldridge and Celie Perry. Unable to find any thing on either of them. Phebe married
George M. Taylor in 1872/73. Their children are Mary Ann (Polly), Elexander, Sara Jane,
Martha E., Alvin Harrison, Jasper, Henry Cornelious and my grandfather, Abraham Lincoln
Taylor. Any information would be appreciated. Willingly to share any information I have.


Sarah Perry Taylor
Posted By: Gloria Valentine <gjtv@hotmail.com>
Date:10 July 2000

Seeking parents and siblings of Sarah Perry born November 16, 1822. Sarah married
Alexander Taylor in 1837/38. They had 11 children - Soloman, Nancy, Rosa (Rose), Alvin,
George M. (my great grandfather), William, Lydia, Thomas, Catherine, Polly Ann and
Elizabeth. Any information appreciated.


Posted By: Stephanie Clasen <saclasen@juno.com>
Date:10 July 2000

Annual Eldridge Family Reunion.

Descendants of Hyram Eli Eldridge (b. 1837 - Lee Co, VA), Andrew Jackson Eldridge (b.
1854 - Lee Co, VA) and their descendants of Pulaski Co, KY and Ohio.

Saturday, August 5, 2000. West Alexandria, Ohio.

For more information contact:
Joann Eldridge Berger

or Stephanie Clasen


Posted By: Larry E. Baker <lebaker@ctlnet.com>
Date:12 July 2000

I would like to talk to a descendant of Rubin DEBORD. I have copies of property
transactions in SW VA that involved my BAKER family and RUBIN. I used to live in Pulaski
Co., Ky yaers ago. This Rubin left SW VA and settled in PULASKI CO., KY Larry E. Baker


Julius Burton
Posted By: Emma Rohrer <emmarohre@cs.com>
Date:13 July 2000

Looking ffor info on Julius and Allen Burton. I think they were brothers and were there
in the early 1800s as Julius married in 1800 aand Allen in 1803.Did they own land? I
think Allen died there before 18o8 wwhen his widow returned to Madison Co. They had
married in Gaeeard Co.Any info will be appreciated greatly. Thank you.


Lair Family
Posted By: Joy Barbarine <joyb@dellnet.com>
Date:14 July 2000

Am trying to locate book entitled "Background of the Lair Family,1738-1958" by
Maude(Ward) Lafferty and published in 1958. As a child, I attended family reunion for
the Lair relatives, which I think was in Pulaski County.

Thank you for any help you can give.


Posted By: kathy <katiediditto@aol.com>
Date:14 July 2000

I'm looking for information on the husband of Amanda Martin Richardson.I have no first
name for her husband. She had 2 children that I know of. John and Mary Jane could have
been called Polly.Lived in Pulaski,McCeary Co. area in the late 1800.Parents were John
and Frannie Martin.



Posted By: Sheri Dunaway <mrs.thepoint@up2me.com>
Date:15 July 2000

My gr-gr-grandmother was Abby M. Howard, born Pulaski County.
She married Absalom Stephens on 3/25/1876. Both her parents are listed as being born in
North Carolina. She and Absalom were both residents of Wayne County at the time of their
marriage, but do not appear on the 1870 census for Wayne County. They were married at
Elizabeth Howard's by J. D. Shearer.
The witnesses were Green Howard and Evaline Stogill.
Bond was signed by Absalom Stephens and William Howard.
Would appreciate any information anyone has on this family.


Whitaker Taylor Empson Brinson
Posted By: Jim Drew-Whitaker <drew2020@aqol.com>
Date:15 July 2000

Not long ago I began searching for our 4ggm Belinda Taylor Brinson's ancestors hoping
something would pop up that would link her Taylors to my 5/4ggf Giles Whitaker of NC &
Pulaski/Laurel Cos., KY and right on up to his great-grandfather Mark Whitaker, b. c.
1686, d.1 May 1729 , Baltimore Co., MD. My 7ggf Mark Whitaker married 2. Elizabeth Empson
Whitaker 13 Feb. 1717 and 7ggm Elizabeth married 2. Francis Taylor, Sr., 6 Oct 1729,
Baltimore, Maryland. A LDS submitter says that John Taylor, b. c. 1630 of England &
Maryland, had a son Thomas Taylor, b. c. 1660 of Anne Arundel, Md and he and Susannah
unknown were the parents of Francis Taylor, b. 1680. I'm very suspicious of this
Our 5ggf Benjamin Taylor is listed along with a Francis Taylor, John Sr &, Jr., taxpayers
of 1800 Pulaski. Mark Whitaker is in Pulaski in 1802. I've recently discovered who I
suspect was our 5ggf Benjamin Taylor and Mark Whitaker in Fayette Co. of the late 1770s.
Then to top it all off a couple of days ago Kathy Snow sent me the following: Rowan Co.

A Francis Taylor shows up as early as 1764.... In an Account of Claims Laid on the County
of Rowan for the Year 1764.

A Francis Taylor Sr is listed along with a Benamin, Francis, and a Joseph Taylor in 1768
Rowan County Tax List of John Ford. (the area of Rowan Co. that became Davidson Co.
later) There may have been a John Taylor in this list too....the spelling was pretty bad
but Taler and Toler looked to have been how they spelled Taylor. Spellings in list:
Francis Taler Senar 1 taxable. John Toler 1 taxable, Joseph Taler 1 Taxable, Benjamin
Taler 1 taxable, Francis Taler 1 taxable.

In a 1768 Rowan County Legislative Petition (petition for tax relief) There was listed a
Francis Taylor and a Benjamin Taylor.

In a 1778 Rowan County Tax list under Capt. Lyons district there is a Francis Taylor
value of 239.

In 1782 List of Constable William Butler of Men Summoned to Shew Cause Why this Property
Should not be Confiscated. Capt. Pearsons Company, 3, November 1782. (these people were
called to show cause why their Estates should not be Confiscated. Session on * Feb 1783.
Benjm Tayler was listed at the beginning in a paragraph. Then in the list itself it shows
his name as Benjamin Talor and next to his name it said (gone), also in this list was the
name Iranus Talor.

That is the last Reference I have to a Francis or a Benjamin in the Rowan Co..... Tax
lists I have which go up to 1800.

The next time I see a John Taylor mentioned (after the 1768 list) is in 1771 in a Rowan
County Petition.(#2 of the petitions of the inhabitants of the Upper Settlement of the
Catawba River Yatkin River and Three Creeks. Looks like a petition to for a separate
county). There is a John Taylor, a Drewry Taylor, a Elkin Taylor, a James Taylor and a
George Taylor listed on this petition.

I do not see a Joseph Taylor listed after the 1768 Tax list.

I don't have much at all on the Taylors in Madison. Sorry I couldn't give you any help
there. Good luck.

I do not see a Joseph Taylor listed after the 1768 Tax list.

Here's a list of Whitakers that Weldon Whiteaker sent to me.

Rowan County, North Carolina 1782 List of Men Facing Confiscation of Property:

Alexander Whitaker
Henry Whitaker
James Whitaker
Jiles Whitaker (runaway)
John Whitaker
Richard Whitaker (runaway)

Please let me know what you think. Thanks. Jim

P.S. I've studied the Madison Co. Taylors and I suspect they are all from our Taylor


Posted By: Tamara Powell <homelite@theremc.com>
Date:22 July 2000

Looking for information on a Bethel Langworthy,Belden,Goldsmith b.1913 Menifee Co died
1998.Social Security Records give Somerset Ky as last known address.Any help greatly
appreciated.Thank you.


Posted By: Ruth Dunham <scuba66@tampabay.rr.com>
Date:22 July 2000

I am searching for information about Christopher Columbus Vaught born in 1850 and died in
1896 in Pulaski County. Thanks. Ruth


Posted By: Robert <robert@girdler.com>
Date:24 July 2000

Looking for parents of Thurlow Dalton born 1886/7 Pulaski Co. married Montie Adams, 7-
Mar-1907 Pulaski Co., 1920 census Pulaski Co. records Thurlow Dalton 33, Eng/City Power.
Wife Montie 30,Son Clifford 10, Dau Beatrice 9, Dau Ruby 8, Son Clarence 6, Son Woodrow 3
and Son Johnie 11mo. Understand this family later moved to Cleveland,Ohio area.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Dalton/Daulton
Posted By: Carol <lucas@netzero.net>
Date:25 July 2000
In Response To: Dalton/Daulton (Robert)

Thurlow W. Dalton died 01/06/1964 at age 77 in Medina Co., OH. Cert #05815, Vol 17557. Hope this helps.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Dalton/Daulton
Posted By: Joyce Hargis <Ojhargis@aol.com>
Date:25 July 2000
In Response To: Dalton/Daulton (Robert)


Found this in the Historical Society Books that was put out by our society here in
Pulaski Co

1900 census

Long, John W. head 6/67 s Tn Tn Tn
Daulton, Dora B Sis 8/61 w 1 child Ky Mo Tn

" Thurlow nep. 1/87 Ky

22 Apr 1886 Daulton, Nath B. 27 b. Pul Co FAther b. Pul Co mother b. Pul Co
Long Dora Bell 24 b. Tn father b. Ky mother Ky
At home of Wesley Long Sur J.B. Heavin

1900 Census

Daulton Nancy Ser. 9/31 Ky Va Va servant in the home of a Mauda Gains 6/32 Ky Va Va also
a Ida Daulton 1/21 Ky Ky ky

1880 census
Long, Robert W. 49 Tn Tn Tn (believed Wesley to be middle name.
" Orlend 51 Tn Tn Tn
" Mary L 20 Ky
" Dory B 18 Ky (believed to be Dora Bell)
" Nancy M 16 Ky
" John W 14 Tn
" Harriet 9 Tn

Daulton Nancy S MIL 48 Ky Ky Va home of
Norfleet, James M 24 Ky
' Sally A 24 Ky
' Haley F dau.

1870 cen:
Dalten Nancy J 37 Ky
' Henry S 19 ky
' Sarah A 14 Ky
' Nathan B 13 Ky
' Polly 10 Ky
McGahan Sarah 67 Va

1860 cen;
Dalton Burrel W 28 Ky listed all born in Ky
' Nancy 29 Ky
' Henry 9
' John 7
' Sarah 5
' Nathen 3
' Mary 6/12
MaGahan Sarah 50 Va

1850 cen.
Dolton, Burel 20 ky
Nancy 18 Ky
Kissie Jesse 64 Va

23 Jan 1823 Kissee Jesse-- Hufman, Eliz. Jesse Burton
Ephriam Huffman bride father.

no other marriage records found
not kin to these people just trying to help out.

- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Dalton/Daulton
Date:10 October 2000
In Response To: Dalton/Daulton (Robert)

S. S. Death Index
Turlow Dalton #294-01-9090
b. 1-18-1886
d. 1-1964


William Marion Holt/Mary Polly Holt
Posted By: Joyce Holt Taylor <Joytohal@cs.com>
Date:25 July 2000

Seek siblings and parents of Mary Polly Holt, born 11/1816 NC/KY who married Jackson
Strunk in Whitley Co., KY August 1839 and William Marion Holt b 4/7/1837 Whitley Co., KY
to Mary Polly Holt. Wm Marion Holt married a KY woman named Elizabeth, last name unknown.
They had a daughter, name unknown. Marion entered Union Civil War from Somerset, KY Sept
1861. End of Civil War he settled in Mtn Grove, Mo., and married Talitha Catherine
Lathrom Feb 1868. They had 10 children. 1894 Marion found he was still married to KY wife
and they obtained a divorce March 27, 1895. Marion & Talitha married March 29, 1895, Ava,
Mo. along with their son General Sherman Holt and Margaret Woods who married that day
also. Marion's father's surname was Coffey


Posted By: Angie Goecke <pgoecke@bright.net>
Date:25 July 2000

Looking for information on Thomas G. Singleton married Margaret A. Aker November 15,
1877 in Pulaski Co. Need to know if they had a son Ezra E. Singleton br. October 26,
1882 (my grandfather) Also if this is the same Thomas Singleton who may have married
second Mary Ann Luttrell on July 14, 1890 in Pulaski Co. and if they had 2 sons Roscoe
and Bluford(not sure of spelling) Singleton. After Thomas died Mary aka Mollie married a
Phelps about 1914 in Pulaski Co. Appreciate any information.
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Singleton
Posted By: Sherry <DiggerByDay@aol.com>
Date:5 August 2000
In Response To: Singleton (Angie Goecke)

If your Ezra was b.10/26/1882 d.5/5/1950 m. to Sarah(Sally)Young Phelps please feel free
to e-mail me.I can't be of much help before Ezra, but I can help you with a huge bunch of
new cuz.


Date:26 July 2000



Flynns in Pulaski County
Posted By: Jerry Daniel <jdaniel@one.net>
Date:29 July 2000

I'm looking for info on my Flynn ancestors. My grandpa was Carroll William (aka
C.W.)Flynn (b circa 1920), his father was Lewis Flynn (of Burnside), his father was
Cannon Flynn, and his father was Jesse Cannon Flynn Jr (b 1833). I believe Cannon is
buried in Quinton.

I know a little about Lewis, but nothing of the the older generations. Anyone recognize
Cannon or Jesse Cannon or know about them or other older family members?
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Flynns in Pulaski County
Posted By: Wanda Wheeler <Theoldfolks2@juno.com>
Date:5 September 2000
In Response To: Flynns in Pulaski County (Jerry Daniel)

Hi, While researching the NOE family of Pulaski Co in the 1870 census, I came across them
living with the family of "Cannan Flinn" 78 y. o. and wife "Christin" 52 y. o. Listed
with them are these presumed children:
Armilda/34 y.o.
Cannan/15 y.o.
Also listed, apparently in the same household are:
Andrew Hunt/12 y.o.
Chadwell Noe/26 y.o.
Sarah Noe/30 y.o.(Maiden name Hunt)
Charity E. Noe/3 y.o.
David Noe/1 mo.
Still in the same household:
Jimmy C.Hunt/female/8 y.o.
Nancy M.Hunt/female/8 y.o.
I am wondering if there can be a family relationship between the Cannons and the Hunts?
If you have any information would you please contact me?
Thank you,
Wanda Wheeler
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Flynns in Pulaski County
Posted By: Jerry Daniel <jdaniel@one.net>
Date:8 October 2000
In Response To: Re: Flynns in Pulaski County (Wanda Wheeler)

According to Dwayne Flynn, there is a relationship between the Hunt and Flinn families.
Please see the data below from Dwayne.

"I have all of Cannon's entire family and his half brother was Jesse Cannon Flinn, Jr.
who was born in 1833. Cannon's father and his half brother Jesse Cannon, Jr. father's was
Jesse Cannon Flinn, Sr. born in 1792 in North Carolina. Cannon's mother was Christian J.
Cowan Hunt Flinn. Jesse Jr.'s mother was Ruth Davis.

H. Cannon Flinn was born in 1854 and married Mary Stigall. They also named on of their
sons Jesse Cannon but he died about 14 years of age.Most of Cannon's family are buried
behind my friend's house, Bobby Casada, on Adderholt Road."

I hope this helps. You might want to contact Dwayne for more at dflynn13@juno.com

Thanks for the census info.



Floyds and Tarters in pulaski co.ky
Posted By: Carla Cary <ccary@link2000.net>
Date:29 July 2000

looking for information on john James floyd and family and james monroe tarter
- - - - - - - - - -
Re: Floyds and Tarters in pulaski co.ky
Posted By: Carol <lucas@netzero.net>
Date:24 August 2000
In Response To: Floyds and Tarters in pulaski co.ky (Carla Cary)

Damon Floyd has a great site on decendants of Matthew the Loyalist among others.
Try http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~damon/floyd
- - - - - - - - - -
James M. Tarter
Posted By: Susan Chance-Rainwater <scr@ncc.com>
Date:27 September 2000
In Response To: Floyds and Tarters in pulaski co.ky (Carla Cary)

Can you give a date range for James Monroe Tarter?


John P Ridings
Posted By: sandy Moore Colbert <scol986906@aol.com>
Date:31 July 2000

Searching for information on John P Ridings wife Susan S, children , Davie, Benjamin,
Susan, Mary , Rebecca, Levina, Lewis, Craig, John P and Robert, and info on Nancy J
Ridings who married David Easterly had children Sarah, William R, Susan, Eunice, John and
Mary B. Anyone connecting to these families would love to hear from you Thanks


Posted By: Joanna Robertson <joannarob@sc.rr.com>
Date:31 July 2000

I am looking for info on my gfather James Flynn b. 18 Sep 1884 d Aug 1951 in Bloomington,
IN. His marriage license (2 marriage) listed Susan Hall and Jils Flynn as parents.
However, Flynn was not his real father. Rumor has it that his real father's last name was
Dick. His first wife was Molly Mitchell. He had a sister Maud that lived in Pulaski Co.
as well as several other relatives. I would appreciate any leads that you could give me
as to where to find info on his family, and especially his real father.

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