October 1998

Hines-Hall Marriage Info
Posted by Susan Chance-Rainwater <scr@ncc.com> on Sat, 31 Oct 1998,
in response to marriage about 1852 in pulaski co, posted by don hines on Tue, 27 Oct 1998
Record from Pulaski Co., KY Marriages, Vol 2, 1851-1863 gives the
following information:
30 Oct 1856
Groom: Zachariah Hall, Groom's father: John Hall
Bride: Nancy Hinds, mentions Steven Hinds, relationship not given
Minister: Rev. James Randolph
While there are two marriage records for individuals named
William H. Hall in Vol 3 of the marriage records, neither matches
an 1851 birth year.

Flinn Family
Posted by Diana Flynn <ivie@tima.com> on Sat, 31 Oct 1998,
in response to Family Bibles, posted by Jimmie L. Corder on Sat, 31 Oct 1998
I saw his page when he had it on the net. My info is at:
Believe that Mr. Hughes got some of his info from my husband's
uncle. We have been researching this family for over ten years.

Family Bibles
Posted by Jimmie L. Corder <JimmieL48@aol.com> on Sat, 31 Oct 1998,
in response to Flynn Family, posted by Diana Flynn on Sat, 31 Oct 1998
David Hughes of Morehead has a very good study of J. Cannon
Flynn. His email address. dhughes@mis.net. We are the
grandchildren of Robert and Mabel Hardwick Flynn.

whiteaker lists
Posted by Dan Waddle <eawaddle@yahoo.com> on Sat, 31 Oct 1998,
in response to WHITEAKER, posted by Javan Michael DeLoach on Sun, 26 Jul 1998
The Waddle family has many connections in Pulaski County, but
your information on Whiteaker's comes close to some information
we received about a Judge John Whiteaker who was also born in
Washington Co, VA on March 22, 1795. His father was a Giles
Whiteaker, mother unknown. Judge John married Dorcas (unknown
surname) born 08-17-1884. They lived in Iowa and are both
reportedly buried in or around Iowa. Any information that ties to
these people would be appreicated. Thanks, Dan

Flynn Family
Posted by Diana Flynn <ivie@tima.com> on Sat, 31 Oct 1998,
in response to Flynn Family, posted by Marie Kelley on Fri, 30 Oct 1998
Could you supply some dates with your Cannon Flinn?

Posted by Susan Chance-Rainwater <scr@ncc.com> on Fri, 30 Oct 1998,
in response to EXTENSIVE TREES ON THESE, posted by Susan on Thu, 01 Oct 1998
In Pulaski Co., KY in Sept 1844, Emily Rainwater (daughter of
Nancy & Barthomomew) married Alexander Eastham (some records say
Alexandria). He died of tuberculosis in Dec 1859. It *appears*
that his brother, Zachariah, married Alexander's widow in 1877
after the death of his first wife, Sally Barrow. The marriage
record indicates that it is a 2nd
marriage for both parties.
My best information is that Emily lived to 1914, but I've also
run across a marriage record for a Zachariah's 3rd
marriage in 1883.
So the question is: did Emily and Zachariah divorce, or is the
marriage to Lucinda Foster a different Zachariah

Posted by Linda Caraboa Colwell <nimbus@iquest.net> on Fri, 30 Oct 1998
My grandmother was Hattie STEPHENS BENNETT. She was born on
Bernard Ridge on 8/7/1909. Her siblings were Olza, OTA, Hulen,
Eula, Gordon and Gobel. There was also a sister who died as a
baby who is buried in a cemetary off of 127, south of the town
square. Their parents were Lorenzo Dow STEPHENS (born 12/8/1860,
died 10/27/1927) and Margaret C. COFFEY STEPHENS (born 3/26/1867,
no date of death is known, however, we approximate 1948). They
are both buried in Lucenda Cemetary. Margaret was known as "Aunt
Marg" by everyone, including her grandchildren. She had a brother
named John Cleveland Coffey, who was know to all as "Uncle John".
Their parents were John A. Coffey and Elizabeth Popplewell. Dow
had a brother named Elex STEPHENS who was born 04/25/1864 and
died 6/7/1949. He is buried in Concord Cemetary. Dow's parents
were Nancy WHITTLE STEPHENS and either Belnia/Belvia/Belva
STEPHENS (I can't quite read the death certificate). Dow's
parents could have come from one of the surrounding counties to
Russell County, or may be listed in one of the counties that
Russell County was formed from in 1825. I have tried desparately
to find info on Dow's mother and father. Does anyone know
anything about this family line?
My grandfather was Carsie Buell BENNETT. He was born in Ono
Ridge, Russell Co., KY. His father was William Thomas "Tom"
BENNETT and his mother was Lizzie Pearl (TARTER). Tom was born
10/3/1878 and died 10/14/1950 in Russell Co. Lizzie was born
1/3/1886 and died 5/20/1971 in Russell Co. We have reason to
believe that the line continues back as follows: Tom's parents
were Abner (born c.1852) and Elizabeth (HOLDER) (born c4/1848).
Abner's parents were Green C. and Emeline (DUNBAR). Green was
born c1828 in Adair or Russell Co. Green's parents were Charles
(born c1794 in VA) and Mary (FLANAGAN) (born c1798 in NC).
Charles and Mary show up in the Adair County census records in
1823. I would truly appreciate any info on this family line as
Linda Caraboa Colwell

George Madison Barnett
Posted by Tammy Barnett <TBar451810@aol.com> on Fri, 30 Oct 1998
I am searching for information on George Madison Barnett, b. 23
Dec 1849 in Pulaski County Kentucky to James T. W. Barnett and
Jane (McCallaster) Barnett.
Information that I have recieved is that James T. W. Barnett was
b. 1817 in Pulaski County, Kentucky and married a Margaret
McAllister on 26 Mar 1849 in Pulaski County, Kentucky.
James had a brother, John M. Barnett, b. 1820 in Pulaski County,
If anyone can help with any information on this family it would
be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Hines & Bond descendants & ancestors
Posted by William H. Ream, Jr. <wream@bright.net> on Fri, 30 Oct 1998
Am looking for the descendants & ancestors of Charles Bond who
married Sarah Hines. Their daughter, Rose Bond, was born in
Somerset, Pulaski Co., Ky. on 17 Mar. 1892. Presumably, Charles &
Sarah moved north into the Miami Co., Oh. area as that is where
Sarah at the age of 17 married Earl Arnett. Earl & Sarah Bond
Arnett had a daughter, Opal Arnett who married Norbert M. Cruea.
One of Norbert & Opal Arnett Cruea's children, Frances C. Cruea,
is my mother.
Would be happy to share what little I have on Hines-Bond

Flynn Family
Posted by Marie Kelley <mtkelley@som_uky.campus.mci.net> on Fri, 30 Oct 1998,
in response to Family Bibles, posted by Susan Chance-Rainwater on Sat, 03 Oct 1998
am looking for any info on Cannan Flynn (Flinn) married to Sis
(?) Denney and residing in Pulaski Co. KY

Pulaski Co. BRAYS
Posted by Traci Bray on Thu, 29 Oct 1998
Searching for information about William Iradell Bray b.14Nov1833
d.12Jan1921. He married 1st Catherine Glover and 2nd her sister
Matilda Glover. Thank you in advance for any little bit of
information They were from Pulaski County Kentucky.
Tracy Bray

Posted by lonnie Fink <lonfink@dmrtc.net> on Thu, 29 Oct 1998,
in response to VanHook, posted by Herb VanHook on Wed, 21 Oct 1998
Hi, Since you have Rhoda Vanhook as a descendant of your
VANHOOKs, and since Peter Burket gave surety to Rhoda Vanhook at
her marriage to Washington HINES, I would say there is a
Connection to Peter Burkett. Peter Burkett md Mary Ann Vanhook
3-sept-1814 PC,KY and Surety was Ashberry Vanhook,
I would look hard at Ashberry VANHOOK, to be the parent of
Lawrence Vanhook! Hope this helps!

Posted by Boomer <Rboomer@Compserv.net> on Thu, 29 Oct 1998
Looking for ancestors of and proof of death of: Richard GOGGIN b
1761 in Bedford Co, VA,d 1849 in Pulaski Co, KY m in 1791 to Anne
IRVINE b 1761 d 1835 probably in Pulaski Co, KY. Child: Bourne
GOGGIN b 1797 d 1863 m 1824 Amanda FITZALLAN (sp?) FOX b 1804 d
1872. Child: Ann Sophia GOGGIN b 1837, d 1901 m. 1857 to Timothy
Morgan PENNINGTON. Thank you.

Heath/ McCowan
Posted by Diana Flynn <ivie@tima.com> on Thu, 29 Oct 1998,
in response to Heath, posted by Linda Aaron on Thu, 29 Oct 1998
Glad it helped. Afraid I'm not really researching the McCowan
line. I'm more interested in the Heaths. I've been trying for
YEARS to find info on Huldah J. Heath who was the first wife of
Jesse Cannon Flinn, Jr. and died before 1865. The Heaths and
Flinns were intermarried several times.

Posted by Linda Aaron <ReefComber@aol.com> on Thu, 29 Oct 1998,
in response to Heath/McCowan, posted by Diana Flynn on Wed, 28 Oct 1998
Thank you so much, it does help. Beginning to think I wouldn't
find further info on Eliza or Thomas Heath.
I see you are also researching the McCowans. Do you know what
happened to James McCowan?

Rhoda Van Hook
Posted by Jane Fanganiello <janerealty@aol.com> on Thu, 29 Oct 1998,
in response to Aaron & Sarah HUMPHRIES VANHOOK of Pulaski Co., Ky., posted by Jim Drew-Whitaker on Thu, 08 Oct 1998
I have Rhoda Ann Van Hook, born Mt. Zion, Pulaski Co. KY who
married William Washington Hines 6/13/1856. She was born in 1840
and died about 1890,buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery.

Nancy J. Hines
Posted by jane <janerealty@aol.com> on Thu, 29 Oct 1998,
in response to marriage about 1852 in pulaski co, posted by don hines on Tue, 27 Oct 1998
I show Nancy J. Hines forn 1835 in Mt. Zion, Pulaski Co. Ky. I
show ancestors of Nancy but no descendants. My grandfather was a
Hines, originally from Pulaski Co. My grandmother was a Nix from
Kings Mountain KY.

Posted by Diana Flynn <ivie@tima.com> on Wed, 28 Oct 1998
I am looking for information on the following family. Any help
would be appreciated.
Descendants of Jesse Cannon Flinn, Sr.
1 [6] Jesse Cannon FLINN, Sr. b: Abt. 1792 in North Carolina
.. +Ruth DAVIS b: 1796 in North Carolina m: November 02, 1815 in
Wayne Co., Kentucky Marriage fact: in By Walter Emerson. Surety:
Baxter Davis. Bond dated 2 Nov 1815. d: August 06, 1853 in Wayne
Co., Kentucky Fact 1: Hollars Cemetery, Crackerneck, Wayne Co.,
............. 2 [1] George W. FLINN b: WFT Est. 1815-1816 in
Pulaski Co., Kentucky d: Bef. 1900 in Kentucky
................. +Rebecca GODSEY b: Aft. 1810 m: March 25, 1839
in Pulaski Co., Kentucky Marriage fact: in Consent of Jesse
Flynn, Kin not stated. Wit.: John Vaughan, D. Godsey. d: Bef.
............. *2nd Wife of [1] George W. Flinn:
................. +Mary Ann THOMPSON b: January 1835 in Wayne
Co., Kentucky m: January 16, 1850 in Wayne Co., Kentucky Marriage
fact: in Surrety: Richard Thompson. Married by Daniel Godsey. d:
Aft. 1900
............. 2 Male (Columbus?) FLINN b: Abt. 1817
............. 2 Sarah FLINN b: Abt. 1820
................. +David PRICE m: March 19, 1839 in Wayne Co., KY
Marriage fact: in By I. Powell, Bond Jesse C. Flinn
............. 2 [2] Jeremiah FLINN b: November 1822 in Wayne Co.,
KY d: 1902 in Pulaski Co., KY Fact 1: Norfleet Cemetery, Pulaski
Co., KY
................. +Mary Ann DENNEY b: Abt. 1818 in Kentucky m:
August 04, 1842 in Wayne Co., KY Marriage fact: in By Richared
Barrier. Surety: Geo. Flinn. d: Bef. 1866 in Kentucky
............. *2nd Wife of [2] Jeremiah Flinn:
................. +Harriet DAGLEY b: May 09, 1844 in Pulaski Co.,
KY m: April 19, 1866 in Pulaski Co.,Kentucky Marriage fact: in
AHO Isaac Branscome. Sur: J. S. Dutton. Other: Groom late 19th
Reg Ky Inft. d: January 28, 1888 in KY
............. *3rd Wife of [2] Jeremiah Flinn:
................. +Lucy Peters COUGHEAN/COHORN b: May 1856 in
Kentucky m: September 25, 1885 in Wayne Co., KY d: 1929 in
Pulaski Co., KY Fact 1: Norfleet Cemetery, Pulaski Co., KY
............. 2 Male (Marstilla?) FLINN b: Abt. 1823
............. 2 Elizabeth FLINN b: Abt. 1825 in Kentucky
................. +William DENNEY b: Abt. 1819 in Kentucky m:
August 04, 1842 in Wayne Co., Kentucky
............. 2 Malinda FLINN b: Abt. 1826 in Kentucky
................. +Clinton CASADA b: 1829 in Kentucky m: December
28, 1846 in Wayne Co., KY Marriage fact: in By Michael Castillo,
Bond: Lewis Casada, Consent of Groom's Mother: Delila New
............. 2 Margaret FLINN b: Abt. 1827 in Kentucky d: Bef.
1866 in Kentucky
................. +Terril Martin NEELY b: February 09, 1823 in
Pulaski Co., Kentucky m: July 18, 1844 in Wayne Co., KY Marriage
fact: in Surety Michael Castillo. Mar. by James Sloan, JP. Signed
by Jesse C. Flin forda d: January 29, 1904 in Kentucky Fact 1:
Flynn Piney Grove Cemetery #2, Pulaski Co., KY
............. 2 [3] Greenberry FLINN b: 1829 in Wayne Co., KY d:
1899 in KY Fact 1: Flynn Piney Grove Cemetery #2, Pulaski Co., KY
................. +Sarah JOHNSON b: Abt. 1832 in Kentucky m:
February 13, 1850 in Wayne Co., KY Marriage fact: in Green up
Flinn. Surety, Washington Johnson. Married by Daniel Godsey. d:
Bef. 1886
............. *2nd Wife of [3] Greenberry Flinn:
................. +Margaret Jane JONES b: April 15, 1856 in Wayne
Co., KY m: June 03, 1886 in Pulaski Co., KY Marriage fact: in AHO
Groom. Sur: Shelby C. Jones d: April 16, 1933 in Kentucky Fact 1:
Gibson Cemetery, Pulaski Co., KY
............. 2 Lucinda FLINN b: Abt. 1830 in Kentucky d: Aft.
................. +David Allen DAVIS b: August 1826 in Kentucky
m: February 28, 1850 in Wayne Co., KY Marriage fact: in By Daniel
Godsey d: March 16, 1913 in Pulaski, Co., KY.
............. 2 [4] Jesse Cannon FLINN, Jr. b: March 1834 in
Wayne Co., KY
................. +Huldah J. HEATH b: Abt. 1838 d: Bef. 1865
............. *2nd Wife of [4] Jesse Cannon Flinn, Jr.:
................. +Margaret Ann WEAVER b: Abt. 1837 in Wayne Co.,
KY m: January 10, 1865 in Wayne Co., Kentucky Marriage fact: in
Bond: Jesse Flinn, principle. John Roberts Surety d: Bef. 1883
............. *3rd Wife of [4] Jesse Cannon Flinn, Jr.:
................. +Elizabeth Susan HINDS b: January 1844 in Wayne
Co., KY m: August 10, 1883 in Wayne Co., Kentucky Marriage fact:
in By Silas C. Jones, MG d: May 01, 1907
............. 2 Armilda FLINN b: WFT Est. 1836-1837 in KY d: Aft.
............. 2 [5] John FLINN b: Abt. 1838 in Kentucky d:
October 1869 in Pulaski Co., KY.
................. +Sarah F. HUNT b: Abt. 1838 in Pulaski Co.,
Kentucky Fact 1: Holt Cemetey? on J. Cannon's farm (M.Wallace)
............. *2nd Wife of [5] John Flinn:
................. +Matilda Burch HEATH b: May 1838 in Pulaski
Co., Kentucky
*2nd Wife of [6] Jesse Cannon Flinn, Sr.:
.. +Christian Jane COWAN b: Abt. 1817 in KY m: November 15, 1853
in Wayne Co., Kentucky Marriage fact: in By Thomas Copenhaver AHO
Vince Garners. Surety: Vincent Garner.
............. 2 Cannon H. FLYNN b: June 15, 1855 in Pulaski Co.,
KY d: November 17, 1901 in Wayne Co., KY Fact 1: Cannon Flynn
Family Cemetery, Wayne Co., KY
................. +Mary J. STIGALL b: 1858 in Pulaski Co.,
Kentucky m: November 27, 1879 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky Marriage
fact: in AHO Michael Stigall. Sur. Robt. Hardwick d: 1918 Fact 1:
Flynn Family Cemetery, Wayne Co., KY.

Posted by Diana Flynn <ivie@tima.com> on Wed, 28 Oct 1998,
in response to Heath, posted by Linda Aaron on Sun, 11 Oct 1998
Hope this helps. Any additions or corrections welcomed!
Descendants of Eliza Stogsdill
1 [1] Eliza STOGSDILL b: Abt. 1835 in Wayne Co., KY src1: Census
Records, src2: Pulaski Co., KY. Marriages, Book 2, src3: Census
.. +James F. MCCOWAN(MCGOWAN) m: May 01, 1858 in Wayne Co., KY
src: Marriages of Wayne County, Kentucky 1801-1860 Father:
*2nd Husband of [1] Eliza Stogsdill:
.. +Thomas William HEATH b: May 28, 1800 in North Carolina or
Henderson Co., South Carolina src1: Census Records, src2: Pulaski
Co., KY. Marriages, Book 2, src3: World Family Tree m: January
27, 1863 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky src: Pulaski Co., KY.
Marriages, Book 2 Marriage fact: By: John S. Lewis Wit: John
Silvers & Daniel Gibson d: 1878
Father: William Riley HEATH Mother: Molly TAYLOR
............. 2 Sally HEATH b: 1864 src1: Census Records, src2:
Census Records
............. 2 Thomas HEATH b: 1868 src1: Census Records, src2:
Census Records
................. +Dianah MCGUFFEY b: 1874 d: 1935 Father:
............. 2 [2] Shelby Brown HEATH b: October 03, 1869 src1:
Census Records, src2: Census Records, d: October 09, 1926 in
Tateville, Kentucky
................. +Lorenda SHOOPMAN Father: Mother:
............. *2nd Wife of [2] Shelby Brown Heath:
................. +Lou Verna STEPHENS b: June 23, 1870 in
Windfield, Tennessee m: July 20, 1890 in Windfield, Tennessee
Marriage fact: By: Rev. Thomas Stillwell Wit: John Strunk & Marg
Bryant d: February 23, 1916 Father: Mother:
............. 2 Cicily Beverly HEATH b: 1873 src: Census Records

Pulaski Co. / Johnny Keith
Posted by Jennifer Polly <Jaygwen@aol.com> on Wed, 28 Oct 1998
I'm not sure that Johnny Keith was from Pulaski Co. I do know
that he died awhile back. I am trying to find out some
information about his family history.
Also, I am needing to get a copy of his obituary. Could you
please let me know how I might be able to do that?
Thanks for all your help.

12th KY Inf
Posted by Jim Sewell Kentucky <jsewell@edm.net> on Tue, 27 Oct 1998,
in response to Neely, Hyden,Bray, posted by Herbert Bray on Sun, 19 Apr 1998
You can get a complete roster of all the 12th KY at Margy Miles
site. You can get to it through links at my site.
Just follow the 12th Kentucky links on my page.

12th Kentucky
Posted by Jim Sewell <jsewell@e4dm.net> on Tue, 27 Oct 1998,
in response to 12th infantry, posted by penny on Mon, 26 Oct 1998
You can find out more about the 12th KY at:
I also have links to other sites about the 12th.

marriage about 1852 in pulaski co
Posted by don hines <dhines@orafdaser.gov> on Tue, 27 Oct 1998
Zackariah Hall married Nancy Hines in pulaski co. also
information on their child william harrison hines born in about
thanks for any info

12th infantry
Posted by penny <psimp58@aol.com> on Mon, 26 Oct 1998,
in response to Neely, Hyden,Bray, posted by Herbert Bray on Sun, 19 Apr 1998
I'm new at this, so forgive me if I don't include any helpful
info. My grandfather green flinn (flynn) was in the 12th infantry
and I found a listing of those soldiers at the following address
I am just getting started and can only go back to my
grandparents, I am from Pulaski County, a lot of my family still
live there.
Have a great day, Pen

Henderson-Atwood Birth records
Posted by joyce <jsaylor@pop.uky.edu> on Mon, 26 Oct 1998
The 1900 census for *Casey* County, KY shows JOHN W HENDERSON and
his wife SYNTHIA ATWOOD (m. 1896). They are living with his
natural son, JOHN W HENDERSON, 24, and his step-son (her son?)
We are trying to find birth records for the sons. They did not
show up in Casey Co. records, so we are hoping for information in
surrounding counties.
I believe, though my husband is not convinced yet, that WILLIAM
ATWOOD, took the name WILLIAM HENDERSON (perhaps through
adoption?) since the 1910 Casey Co. census shows WILLIAM
HENDERSON and family living with his widowed mother, SYNTHIA (and
the ages match the 1900 census).
Can anyone help us?

Posted by Timothy W. Todd <todz-r-us@juno.com> on Sun, 25 Oct 1998,
in response to Taylor, posted by Arnold Taylor on Sun, 25 Oct 1998
In Pulaski Co. Ky. on June 25th, 1818 a Polly Taylor married a
William Todd. Polly was the daughter of John Taylor (according to
the marriage info.), would by any chance you have anything on
William and Polly or info on a John Taylor. My end result would
be finding out if William and Polly had any children. Thanks, and
I appreciate your trouble! Tim

Posted by Arnold Taylor <astaylor@fuse.net> on Sun, 25 Oct 1998,
in response to Taylor, posted by Timothy W. Todd on Sun, 25 Oct 1998
No, sorry.

Posted by NORMA <snel@mail.midusa.net> on Sun, 25 Oct 1998,
in response to WILSON, MCCORMACK, ROY, EASTHAM, posted by SUSAN HUDGENS on Sat, 13 Jun 1998
I'm looking for a friend, who doesn't have internet, Donna.
She is look for Foster Eastham (John Foster) born Pulasky co
Ky 23 Feb 1806. Married to Annis B 25 aug 1806. He died
20 Dec 1882 Edgar cnty Ill.
Thank you for any help you can give

Posted by Nadine Mordt <RMORDT@AOL.COM> on Sun, 25 Oct 1998,
in response to SINCLAIR ST CLAIR SINGELIAR GRIMSLEY, posted by Barbara L Kirkland on Sat, 21 Feb 1998, at 6:32 a.m.
I am searching in Pulaski, Wayne and area for Esther Buchanan
Steely, mother of John Buchanan Steely, Cynthia Steely who
married Pierce Connell, and Elizabeth Welcher Steely who married
Solomon Turpen. The three children were born in VA in 1791, 1793,
1795, moved to KY. John married a Ms. Walker, and he was in
Pulaski and Wayne Cos. in the 1820 and 1830 census. Can't find
just where he lived--had 2 sons, John Alexander and Jesse Walker
Steely, both became doctors, moved to MO, the latter being my
great grandfather. I am trying to find something that will tell
me who Esther's and William Steely's parents were. Thanks for any

WC Taylor
Posted by Arnold Taylor <astaylor@fuse.net> on Sun, 25 Oct 1998,
in response to TAYLOR, W.C.--land grants, posted by Valorie on Sun, 5 Apr 1998
I have a son of Richmond Taylor, W. C., born about 1859, based on
the Scott Co, Tn and Pulaski Co censuses. That's about all I have
on him, but I have a great deal on his ancestry. Advise me of
your extent of interest and I will give you what I can. Arnold

Thomas Green
Posted by Mary Ruksznis <mary.marco@isiline.it> on Sun, 25 Oct 1998
Seeking information on the family of Thomas Green born Somerset
Ky 1885.

Posted by Arnold Taylor <astaylor@fuse.net> on Sun, 25 Oct 1998
Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Richmond, son of Britton, was born
in Tennessee about 1843; I am informed that it was 13 January
1843. She married William R. Keith (50, born Wayne County, 2d
marriage) in Pulaski County on 2 December 1873. It was her first
marriage and she was 28. They were married at the home of Jacob
Taylor (no doubt her brother, Jacob R. Taylor). They lived in
Wayne County. On 28 December 1891, by deed recorded in Pulaski
Deed Book 43, p.217, her brother, Britton Taylor, a resident of
Pulaski County, Kentucky, and Elizabeth "Keeth", a resident of
"Wain" County, conveyed to Elizabeth a 200 and a 25 acre tract on
the East side of the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River. An
Alex Keith was boarding with Richmond and Sarah (Richmond's
second wife, not Elizabeth's mother)at the time of the 1880
Pulaski census.I have been informed by a kind source that the
following were Elizabeths children.
Sarah Keith; Born 19 January 1875, died 30 July 1906.Richmond
Calvin Keith;Born 10 August 1876, died 25 February 1938. He
married (1) Lola Morrow and (2) Sally Jane Jones. He is said to
have had eleven children.
John Mose Keith;Born 30 April 1878 and died 30 May 1898.
Sennie Ann Keith;Born November 1877 and died in 1963.
I am interested in having any and all information about
Elizabeth, her siblings and her descendents and have plenty of
ancestral info about her to give. Richmond started out in Whitley
Co, went to TN, and wound up in Pulaski. Arnold Taylor

Posted by Charlotte Manuel <andy@oio.net> on Sat, 24 Oct 1998,
in response to JONES, PENNINGTON, STRUNK, posted by Leah H. Chance on Mon, 31 Aug 1998
Do you know if the Stunks had a son who married a Martha SCOTT in
Pulaski or nearby co.? She was the daughter of David Albert Scott
and Mary Jane Pruit.In 1953 she is listed in her sister's obit as
living in Flatrock, KY.
Could there be any connection?
Thank you for your time.

Update SCOTT's
Posted by Charlotte Manuel <andy@oio.net> on Sat, 24 Oct 1998,
in response to SCOTT/WELDON, posted by Charlotte Manuel on Thu, 20 Aug 1998
Recently discovered that my gggrandmother's maiden name was PRUIT
not Smith. Also, additional childen so here is an update.
David Albert SCOTT m. Mary Jane PRUIT. Both born in KY according
to 1900 Pulaski CO. census.
Thier children, not nessarily in order of birth:Lurany b.
10-SEP-1873 in Burnside,Pulaski CO. KY.Died 18-AUG-1953 in
Pollard Com. McCurtain CO., OK. m James Monroe CAIN, son of
Allen. Born 02-MAY-1857 in TN.They m. 07-JUN-1891 in Bolling
Green,KY Their children were Della, William Edgar, Desda, Stella
Jane, and Lela who died at the age of 9 mo. of measles.2. Martha
Strunk who resided in Flatrock KY in July 1953.3. Sarah F. SCOTT
m. Richard Hardwick and died in Eugeene, OR.4. Dollie m. an
?Ellis.5. Lola m. Ollie Weldon and lived in Madill, OK. 6. James
Oscar, known as Jim S. SCOTT Born 28-DEC-1881 in Burksville, KY.
m. John Emma Ward and lived in McCurtain Co. OK when children
were b. Later lived in Madill area.7. Charlie. 8. Joe 9.Mandy 10.
I would like any tiny tidbit on any of these families.
I believe James CAIN died in Pulaski Co. in 1909 but cannot get
an obit or other conformation. He had been married before and had
two daughter's. Ella b. 1881 and Julia b. 1885 in KY also.
Thanks in advance for any response.

Posted by Dixie <MissDixieB@AOL.com> on Sat, 24 Oct 1998,
in response to response to query by Dixie, posted by Charlotte Manuel on Wed, 16 Sep 1998
I am sorry that our David A SCOTT are not the same. My David was
not born in Pulaski Co. He was born in TN and his father was
James Tunis SCOTT, SR.
Sorry: we tried.

Pulaski Co. Query
Posted by Peggy Stringer Lester <jlester@preferred.com> on Fri, 23 Oct 1998
I am searching for my STRINGER ancestors who went to Pulaski Co.,
KY from North Carolina in the early 1800s. William Stringer died
there 1840-50 and had several children living there. David
Stringer also was there about this time. Susannah Stringer
married Samuel Burton ca. 1801 in Pulaski Co. and died there in
1856. Reuben Stringer possibly was also there ca. 1809-10 along
with sons Robert, Reuben, and Edward.
Winston Stringer left Virginia between 1880 and 1890 and migrated
to Pulaski Co. He died there in 1896.
Any help with any of these would be much appreciated.

Posted by Kay Appleby <kappleby@jas.net> on Thu, 22 Oct 1998
Searching for parental families of Samuel DENHAM b. abt 1876
Pulaski Co. and Sarah F. EASTEPP b. abt 1879 Pulaski Co. who were
m. 17 Sep 1899, Cy EASTUP bondsman, surety O.D. LOVE, witness Cy
EASTEP, Rosa EASTEPP, Presiding John M. Floyd.

Posted by Herb VanHook <herb.vanhook@metagroup.com> on Wed, 21 Oct 1998,
in response to VAN HOOK, posted by Marilyn Taylor on Fri, 21 Aug 1998
I have Lawrence VanHook married Mary Ann Harris on 3 July 1816. I
don't know the parents of either.
I have them with 7 children:
(1) Mary Ann VanHook m. John Hall
(2) Francis Asbury VanHook 1824- m. Nancy Jane Scales 15 Jan 1841
(3) Jemima VanHook m. David Lay 16 Sep 1845
(4) Anna VanHook 1835- m. Milam Baugh 23 Jul 1856
(5) William Jefferson VanHook 1839- m. Mary Ann Ashley 26 Feb
(6) Rhoda VanHook 1840- m. Washington S. Hines 13 Jun 1856; (7)
Lawrence Jackson VanHook m. Martha Jane Burk 21 Mar 1861
I also have children for Francis and for William J.
Regards, Herb VanHook

Vaughn, Lewis, Shadoan
Posted by Joyce Garner Alford <alford@mad.scientist.com> on Tue, 20 Oct 1998,
in response to Vaughn, Lewis, Shadoan, posted by Cindy Vaughn Bayne on Mon, 19 Oct 1998
Regarding our ancestors in Pulaski County, I have written you at
your personal e-mail address also. I have information on these
ancestors, in some cases a little, in others a lot. Let me know
what you need and I will do my best to provide what I have.
Joyce Ellen Garner Alford

Posted by John Henderson <cabbie81@hotmail.com> on Mon, 19 Oct 1998,
in response to PARTON, TRIMBLE, LAY, HENDERSON, MOUNCE, THOMPSON, posted by Brian Parton on Sat, 12 Sep 1998
I saw were you are part of the Henderson family I need all the
information I can find on the henderson family.

Vaughn, Lewis, Shadoan
Posted by Cindy Vaughn Bayne <CynBay2000@aol.com> on Mon, 19 Oct 1998,
in response to Lewis/Shadoan/Vaughn, posted by Joyce Alford on Thu, 17 Sep 1998
I was so excited when I saw your message!!!! I have been trying
to find information on my grandfather's family for over a
year(seriously looking)!!!
My grandfather was Eugene Wesley Vaughn, the son of Charles
Henderson Vaughn and Eva Lewis. His siblings are....Lawrence,
Leslie, Ansley, Arthur, Mack, Charles, Bea, Neda, and
Christine....The only other information I have from a
conversation with my grandmother over 20 years ago...Charles
parent's names were probably Nick Vaughn and Rhodia Garland.. I
have a photo of Charles and Eva
Please contact me so we can share information!

query to Pulaski Co. KY
Posted by Ginni SIEVERS <Jinglekat2@aol.com> on Sun, 18 Oct 1998
I am seeking the parents of Henry SCHERER born 16 Dec 1859 in
Somerset Pulaski KY The known census data for this man states his
parents were both born in KY In fact I would like to make contact
with any SCHERER descendant
Thank you

Heath genealogy
Posted by Alan Heath <c699960@showme.missouri.edu> on Sat, 17 Oct 1998,
in response to Heath, posted by Brad Buck on Thu, 27 Aug 1998
Hello Brad,
I think I have looked at your Pulaski County Heath's before, but
I'll try again. According to the 1850 census in Robertson County,
TN, my ancestor William Heath was born about 1815 in North
Carolina. He had married Caroline Ayres in Robertson County in
1842. Didn't your Thomas have a younger brother William born
about 1815? Could my William in TN be your Thomas' brother? If
your William was already in Pulaski County in 1815, could it be
that the area was still considered North Carolina at the time?
Maybe that would explain why my William told the census-taker he
was born in North Carolina. Please let me know what you think.
Alan Heath

Posted by Robert E. Burton, Jr. <redi@aye.net> on Sat, 17 Oct 1998,
in response to Aaron VANHOOK of Pulaski Co., Ky Vigne Ancestor Rachel & sisters, posted by Jim Drew-Whitaker on Thu, 08 Oct 1998
I am descended from the Whitis or Whitehurst family from England.
I have a Rebecca Vanhook in my line that married a James Henry
Whitis. She was born 07/07/1883. I noticed the name Whitaker, I
have several in my line. All of these people lived in Pulaski
County, KY., where I was born. I am looking for information on
the Thurston family. My paternal grandmother was Eula Myrtle
Thurston. Her father was Charles Loy Thurston. He had a brother
named Elmer and maybe Green. I am also looking for information on
my maternal grandmother, Lela Phelps's father, Hiram Samuel
Phelps. I would appreciate any and all information.
Thank you,
Robert E. Burton, Jr.

Posted by Larry Rader <llrader3@gte.net> on Sat, 17 Oct 1998
Looking for family links to gg grandmother, Historian RUNNELS b
KY (perhaps Pulaski Co). She and husband John Gier [b KY, perhaps
Madison Co), are parents of Maggie Gier b 1855 MO.

Posted by lonnie <lonfink@dmrtc.net> on Sat, 17 Oct 1998
Trying to locate information on Reuben LANGFORD who married
Sarah Randall in Pulaski Co,KY on 02-oct-1849, he had a sister
who married George VANHOOK 14-nov-1850

Whitaker & Raney
Posted by Robert E. Burton, Jr. <redi@aye.net> on Sat, 17 Oct 1998,
in response to WHITAKER RANEY SEARS WOODALL TAYLOR ADKINS GILL ALEXANDER, posted by Linda Whitaker Disher on Mon, 04 May 1998
I have some information on Whitakers and Raneys. They are
connected to me through my Whitis line which is my mothers side
of the family. Let me know who you are ;ooking for and I'll try
to help. I was born in Pulaski County, KY 50 years ago. My lines
include Burton, Whitis (Whitehurst), Phelps, Thurston, Smith, and
Upchurch among many. I'd be glad to help if I can.
Robert E. Burton, Jr.

Posted by Barbara Lockaby <rosco2@gte.net> on Thu, 15 Oct 1998,
in response to Stogsdill/Fore, posted by Jerrimarie Henson on Mon, 21 Sep 1998
Searching for descendents of Andrew J. FORE b.1821 in NC and
Sarah Jane Fore (MADISON) b. 1821 in SC. married in GA. Would
appreciate any info. Thanks

James Collins of Pulaski Co., KY
Posted by S. J. Collins <Sjcfamorg1@AOL.Com> on Thu, 15 Oct 1998
Researching James COLLINS, b. Orange Co., NC, died 1852 in
Pulaski Co., KY. Md 1) Temperance NEWELL and had twin sons, John,
who md Margaret SMILEY and Enoch, who md Mary Ann YOUNGER.
James md 2) Nancy VAUGHT. Their children were:
Henry C., who married Alvira QUINTA: Jefferson F., who md Mary
Jane HOPPER (my line); Margaret; Francis Ashberry, who md Mary
Jane NEWELL; Mary Margaret, who md Josiah NEWELL & Sarah Jane,
who md John T. F. CARTER.
Please email direct. Any info will be appreciated and I will be
glad to exchange what I have. Thanks, S. J. Collins

Posted by Sandy Morris Phelps <famleetyme@eosinc.com> on Wed, 14 Oct 1998,
in response to DODSON,KELLY, posted by Sonja Bennett on Wed, 14 Oct 1998
I can't say for sure regarding your DODSON but Wayne Co and
possibly Pulaski Co library has a 2 Vol set by Williams &
Emmett called "The Dodson (Dotson) Family of North Farnham
Parish, Richmond Co, VA; A History and Genealogy of Their
Descendants." George Dodson was a minister in Wayne Co in
the early-mid 1800s. He and Martha Lockhart had 13 children.
I believe some of the children were later found in Pulaski
Co. Good luck!

Posted by Leah Chance <Lhchance@juno.com> on Wed, 14 Oct 1998,
in response to STRUNK family, posted by Sheila Strunk on Wed, 14 Oct 1998
Yes, I am very sure that Daniel & Elizabeth STRUNK were siblings.
They were near each other in Ashe Co, NC and then in Pulaski Co,
KY. I believe that Elizabeth was the youngest of 6 children. I
haven't gotten a document to prove this theory. Did your Daniel
marry Honor PENNINGTON about 1822? Elizabeth married Wells
PENNINGTON, believed to be brother of Honor PENNINGTON, about
1800/1801 (my guess). Elizabeth & Wells are my 4th
great-grandparents. It looks like the children of theses couples
would be double cousins.
I will be glad to exchange information.

STRUNK family
Posted by Sheila Strunk <102230.3124@compuserve.com> on Wed, 14 Oct 1998,
in response to JONES, PENNINGTON, STRUNK, posted by Leah H. Chance on Mon, 31 Aug 1998
Your Elizabeth may be the sister of my GGGGF, Daniel Strunk, who
came from NC to Kentucky abt 1813. He was born about 1775. Is
this in the right ballpark? Please e-mail if you think we are
researching the same line. Daniel ended up in Whitley County, but
his sister may have been in Pulaski.

Posted by Sonja Bennett <sonjab@aol.com> on Wed, 14 Oct 1998,
in response to GHOLSON, FRISBIE, KELLY, etc., posted by Rosemary Shields on Sat, 30 May 1998
I am researching Martha Kelly, b.1828, daughter of Winifred
Dodson, b. 1807 and married in 1825 , Wayne Co,KY. Martha is my
gggrandmother and her husband, Benjamin Clark, my gggrandfather.
I have nothing on his parentage and would appreciate any
information you might have. sonjab@aol.com

Birthdate:Varner Lee Barnett, 5/24/1916
Posted by Jim Dean <J071558@aol.com> on Tue, 13 Oct 1998
Attempting to verify birth of Varner Lee Barnett, said to have
been born in Bent, KY, on or about May 24, 1916. Child of Miranda
Mattie Bullock Barnett and Hiram Estel Barnett. Hiram was from
Laurel Co., KY and Miranda was from Pulaski Co., KY. Marriage
believed to have taken place approx. 1908 - 1910 in Pulaski Co.,
KY. Please respond this E-mail or contact Larry Barnett, 8739
Rockville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46234.

Gossett, Kissee
Posted by Cheryl <CAmador@aol.com> on Tue, 13 Oct 1998
I am interested in finding an obituary for William Kissee who
died in Pulaski Co on 24 Feb 1917 or on his son who was John Wyat
Kissee, d. 29 Dec 1960. If anyone lives in Pulaski county and can
help me please please email me at CAmador123@aol.com. Thank you

Posted by Jane Ramsey <spicetea@mindspring.com> on Mon, 12 Oct 1998,
in response to Cooper-Gossett, posted by Susan Chance-Rainwater on Sat, 03 Oct 1998
Yes- John J Cooper, son of Levi and Nancy Jones Cooper of Pulaski
Co KY. According to 1850 KY census, Levi Cooper born in NC.

Posted by Tanya Morales <tmor1970@tomatoweb.com> on Mon, 12 Oct 1998
Looking for parents or any information on Wm HICKS (HIX) who
married Anna REID/REED in 1816 in Wayne Co. They moved to Pulaski
Co shortly afterword. Son is Wm. Bailey HICKS born in 1818 near

To find Releation
Posted by David L.Whitaker <DWHIT46848@AOL.COM> on Mon, 12 Oct 1998,
in response to WHITAKER RANEY SEARS WOODALL TAYLOR ADKINS GILL ALEXANDER, posted by Linda Whitaker Disher on Mon, 04 May 1998
Iam looking for relation of a person named John Whitaker who was
Married to a Matilda Duncan. Their sons and Daughters names Are
James Thomas, Jessie Logan, Bud Whitaker, Sylest Whitaker, John,
Joe, Melvina, and Lawarnce. If any body has any info: from
PULASKI county Kentucky, can contact me at the e-mail address
above or write me at #7 forest drive Eureka Missouri, 63025 again
My name is David L. Whitaker any info: Would be very helpful.

Surnames from Pulaski County, Ky.
Posted by Robert D. King <BobKing@NorthLink.com> on Sun, 11 Oct 1998
Here are some of my surnames that are from Pulaski County, Ky.
Andrew Lawton Bradley b.1902 Pulaski Co., Ky d.1981 was the
son of Andrew Curran "Drude" Bradley b.1873 Pulaski Co.,Ky
d.1851 Pulaski Co.,Ky was the son of Aaron Bradley b. 1848
Pulaski Co.,Ky was the son of Cyrus Bradley b. 1819 Ky.
d. 1855 Pulaski Co.,Ky was the son of William Bolen Bradley
b.1794 Va. m.1818 Pulaski Co.,Ky d.1878 Ia.. was the son of
Nancy ____? b. Abt. 1762 and Richard Bradley b. Abt 1770
Sarah Brinson b. 1808 in Pulaski Co., Ky. d. 13 Nov. 1855
Pulaski Co., Ky. the daughter of Melinda ___? b. Abt.1775
and Jonathan Brinson Sr b. Abt. 1775
Mary "Polly" Bullock b. 1776 m. 28 June 1797 Lincoln Co.
(Pulaski County), Ky. to William Ping Sr. b. 1850
Sarah Jane Dykes b.28 Feb.1874 in Hale, Pulaski County,Ky.
d. 22 Dec.1944 daughter of James Martin Dykes b.29 Dec.1844
in Pulaski Co.,Ky. d. 19 May 1918 son of John Dykes b 1815
d. Abt. 1865 son of Mary ____? b. 1788 Va. and William
Dykes (Dyche) b.1778 VA d. 1855 Pulaski Co.,Ky. son of
Elizabeth ____? d. 1825 Greenbriar Co.,Va. and James Dyche
b. 1750 d. 1825 Greenbrier Co., Va..
Margaret (Peggy) Dye d. Bef. 1840 m. Obadiah Phelps
Elizabeth Hargis b.1820 Ky daughter of Sabra ___? b.1800 Va.
and John Hargis b.1792 Va. son of William Hargis Sr.
Julia Ann Horton b. 19 July 1844 in Wayne County, Ky.
d. 9 Sept. 1904 in Pulaski Co., Ky. daughter of Sally ____?
b.1808 Ky. and Archibald Horton b. 1807 VA
Marta A.Phelps b. 1849 in Somerset, Pulaski County, Ky.
daughter of Lowrenzo Dow Phelps b. 1805 in Pulaski Co., Ky.
son of Obediah Phelps b. Abt. 1789 d. Abt.1845
Nancy Ping b.6 Oct.1803 in Pulaski Co., Ky. d. 8 Dec. 1890
in Elliot, Mongomery Co., Ia. daughter of William Ping Sr.
b.Abt.1780 Culpepper Co., Va. d. Jan.1850 Pulaski County, Ky
son of Margaret ____? b. Abt. 1740 and John Ping Sr.
b. Abt 1740 England d. Abt. 1823 Pulaski County, Ky.
Malinda Waddle b. 21 Feb.1827 Pulaski Co., Ky. d.Abt.1875
dau. of William Sr Waddle b.26 Dec. 1793 Washington Co., Pa.
d. 16 June 1864 Pulaski County, Ky. and Sally Waddle
b. 22 Nov.1795 Garrard County, Ky.
William was son of Melinda ____? b. Jan. 1771 Va.
d. 24 June 1835 in Pulaski County, Ky. and Peter Waddle
b. 1766 Washington County, Va. d. 1 Jun 1841
Sally was daughter of Henry Waddle Sr. b. 1762 Washington
County,Va. d. 18 Sept. 1849 Pulaski County, Ky.
Jane Welch b.June 1765 in Madison Co., Ky. d. 24 July 1848
in Pulaski Co., Ky. daughter of Thomas Robert Welch b. 1739
Anyone having information on any of these individuals please
Robert King 6226 Prince Street, Prescott Valley, Az. 86314

Posted by Murphy <flcrkr@mindspring.com> on Sun, 11 Oct 1998
Is anyone researching the Reed family from NC to Pulaski County
KY ca 1795-1811? Would like to share. Thank you. Hazel

Posted by Linda Aaron <ReefComber@aol.com> on Sun, 11 Oct 1998
Could someone PLEASE help.
This was listed in the 1870 Pulaski County Census:
Heath, Thomas 70/M/NC Farmer
Eliza 31/F/KY
McCowan, Alvin T. 12/M/KY
Margaret 10/F/KY
HEATH, Sarah 5/F/KY
Thomas 3M/KY
Shelby 1/M/KY
1864-1886 Pulaski marriage index;
26 August 1873, Heath, Jesse 52, 2nd, b. P.C.
Heath, Elizabeth 36, 2nd
I am trying to find Elizabeth McCowan. She was married to James
McCowan. Elizabeth above married Jesse. Her 2nd marriage. McCowan
children above must be hers. Does anyone know if this Elizabeth
was Elizabeth McCowan.
Thank you

Posted by Sandy Allett <SAllett104@aol.com> on Sun, 11 Oct 1998
I am looking for information on my g-grandfather NATHAN BALES. I
don't know much information about him expect he was born in
Bronston Precinct, Pulaski, KY. Probably in mid-1800's.
He married Perlina Poynter in 1884 in Laurel County, KY. He died
on June 10, 1940 in Laurel County, KY.
His parents were John Bales and Celia ????
I would like to know what his mother's maiden name was, if he had
siblings and who they were. Any other information would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by Joel N. Swink <jswink@mornet.com> on Sat, 10 Oct 1998,
in response to Price & Kenley, posted by Marilyn Bauer on Sat, 10 Oct 1998
I tried to respond to your posted e-mail and it bounced. Here is
the Prices I have:
Descendants of Zachariah Price
1 Zachariah Price
......... 2 William Hansford Price b: January 10, 1777 in VA d:
January 20, 1835 in Pulaski Co., KY
............. +Sarah (Sallie) Owens b: February 15, 1780 in VA m:
Abt. 1800 d: 1855 in Pulaski Co., KY
.................... 3 James W. Price
........................ +Anna
.................... 3 Zachariah Price b: 1802 in VA
........................ +Nancy b: 1804 in KY
............................... 4 John C. Price b: 1834
............................... 4 William Price b: 1839
............................... 4 Elisha Price b: 1839
............................... 4 Mary J. Price b: 1842
............................... 4 James Z. Price b: 1846
............................... 4 Nancy C. Price b: 1850
.................... 3 William Owens Price b: 1804 in KY
........................ +Barthenia Lee b: 1817
............................... 4 John H. Price b: 1842
............................... 4 William O. Price b: 1853
............................... 4 Sarah Price b: 1845
............................... 4 Martha Price b: 1847
............................... 4 Mary Price b: 1847
............................... 4 Annis Price b: 1849
.................... 3 Reece B. Price b: February 02, 1808 in KY
........................ +Hannah b: 1820
............................... 4 Thomas Price b: 1838
............................... 4 William Price b: 1840
............................... 4 Noah Price b: 1842
............................... 4 Samuel Price b: 1844
............................... 4 James M. Price b: 1846
............................... 4 Sarah Price b: 1847
............................... 4 McElza Price b: 1848
............................... 4 Jane Price b: 1850
.................... 3 Diannah Price b: 1810
........................ +James McHenry Ard m: 1824 in Pulaski
Co., KY
.................... 3 Tabitha Price b: 1817 d: 1837 in KY
........................ +Oliver Perry Bond
.................... 3 Samuel Hansford Price b: May 14, 1822 in
Kentucky d: June 17, 1875 in Polk County, Missouri
........................ +Susana C. Owens b: July 15, 1828 in
Kentucky d: December 07, 1899 in Polk County, Missouri
............................... 4 Sarah Price b: 1844
............................... 4 Ann E. Price b: 1846
............................... 4 Samuel O. Price b: 1848
............................... 4 Casander Price b: 1851
............................... 4 Tabetha Price b: 1854
............................... 4 Reuben N. Price b: 1856
............................... 4 John W. Price b: 1858
............................... 4 Mary K. Price b: 1865
............................... 4 Susana Frances Price b: August
12, 1869 in Lexington, Kentucky d: February 12, 1956 in Prosser,
................................... +James Leonard Swink b:
October 22, 1870 in Flemington, Missouri m: December 30, 1890 in
Polk County, Missouri d: May 12, 1914 in Sunnyside, Washington
I am descended from Susana Frances Price. Although your names
didn't ring a bell I hope we can make a connection.
Joel N. Swink

James Hargis
Posted by Robert D. King <BobKing@NorthLink.com> on Sat, 10 Oct 1998,
in response to Parents of James M Hargis, posted by Robert Herman on Wed, 07 Oct 1998
Have you tried:
John Hargis b. 1792 VA.
m. Sabra ____? b. 1800 VA.
I have them listed as parents of:
Elizabeth Hargis b. 1820 KY.
m. Cyrus Bradley 22 Feb. 1841 in Pulaski Co. KY.
The 1820 Pulaski Co. census shows a boy 5 to 10 years old.
The 1840 Pulaski Co. census has James M. Hargis living right next
door to John Hargis.
I would say that is your best bet.
Robert King
Prescott Valley, AZ.

Price & Kenley
Posted by Marilyn Bauer <thor@thevision.com> on Sat, 10 Oct 1998,
in response to PING, GILL, HART, PRICE, BULLOCK, FARMER, BAKER, HINES, KEENEY, BRADLEY,, posted by Kathy Alexanderson on Wed, 27 May 1998
I am seeking information concerning Ellen Price, believed to have
been born in Dec., 1853, in Pulaski Co., ans husband, John B.
Kenley, probably born in Nov., 1856, in IN. This is all I have on
them, except that they had a Daughter, Anna Lee, born 6 May,
1883. Need the couple's parents and vitals, and their children's
names and vitals. I would be grateful for any information you
might have. The only information I have that you might use is the
date of the marriage of Serelda Price and William Hart, which is
1 Oct., 1840, in Pulaski Co. Hope this helps. I have other Price
marriage info., so let me know if I might be able to help.

Posted by Bill Nelson <amopop@aol.com> on Fri, 09 Oct 1998,
in response to Cress, posted by Terry McDaniel on Thu, 08 Oct 1998
The Derrell Mitchell Cress I have - d/b 14 Nov 1844 Lee Co. Va.,
d/m 6 Apr 1874 Rockcastle Co. Ky. Sarah Elizabeth Warren, #1
marriage Mary Bloomer Baker d/m ABT 1864 Mt. Vernon Ky.,they had
a son Thomas J. , #2 marriage Mary Francisco d/m ? My wife's
father was a grandson of Derrell Mitchell, Winfield H. Cress &
Susie Cummins was his parents. Derrell served in the Union Army ,
died 25 Feb 1895 . The son of James W. Cress and Celia Mink. If
there is additional information I can help you with E-mail me at
Bill Nelson

Posted by Pam Groover <PGROOVY@prodigy.net> on Fri, 09 Oct 1998
To BAUGH researcher - I found this information in "Abstracts of
Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White:
BAUGH, Henry, Margaret, W8337, Virginia Line, soldier applied 20
Nov 1832 Pulaski Co., KY, age 70, born 04 Apr 1760 in Lancaster
Co., PA, living in Wythe Co., VA at enlistment and in 1808 moved
to Pulaski Co., KY; Widow applied 23 Jun 1841, Pulaski Co., age
72, married 1786 in Wythe Co., VA; soldier died 09 Oct 1836;
soldier's son Adam was 50 in 1838 and was 3rd child of soldier
and states mother's name was Margaret PHILIPPA (marriage bond
signed 28 Mar 1786 and widow was shown as PHILLIPPI and was
signed in Montgomery Co., VA.)
BAUGH, Jacob or Jacob BOUGH, R627, Virginia Line, also served in
1774, applied 16 Sep 1833 in Pulaski Co., KY, age 81, born on 19
Oct (year not stated) in Lancaster Co., PA; enlisted in Wythe
Co., VA.
I hope that this information is helpful to some of you.
I have a BAUGH family which starts out in Lauren Co., SC before
1800, moved to Barren and Mercer Cos., KY, and then on to
Jefferson Co., IL.
Pam Groover, Va. Bch., VA
Wayne and Clinton Co., KY families - BROWN, COIL/COYLE, CRAIG,

Posted by Terry McDaniel <mowdawg@swbell.net> on Thu, 08 Oct 1998,
in response to CRESS, posted by Bill Nelson on Thu, 08 Oct 1998
Is the Thomas Jefferson Cress, that you have born Aug. 24, 1865?
If so could you let me know his wife's name and the names of his
children. Also was his parents Derrell Mitchell Cress and Mary

Posted by Bill Nelson <amopop@aol.com> on Thu, 08 Oct 1998,
in response to Warren's of Pulaski Co., posted by Terry McDaniel on Sat, 26 Sep 1998
My late wife was a Cress - Betty Lou Cress - daughter of Thomas
Jefferson Cress. I have a pretty good history going back to
George Cress, d/b 1739. Would be glad to look up what I have it
might help yoy.
Bill Nelson - amopop@aol.com

Aaron & Sarah HUMPHRIES VANHOOK of Pulaski Co., Ky.
Posted by Jim Drew-Whitaker <drew2020@aol.com> on Thu, 08 Oct 1998,
in response to VanHook, posted by D. Bray on Wed, 16 Sep 1998
Arendt Isaacszen Van Hoeck* (1623 - ? 1696) & Styntie Christiana
Lawrence Van Hook Esq. (? 1670 - Before 14 Aug 1724) & Johanna
Hendricks Smith (? Jun 1673 - 2 Jun 1747)
Hendrick Vanhook (19 Feb 1701 - ? 1750) & Deborah Parent
Samuel Vanhook I (15 Nov 1733 - ? 1786) & Hannah Higgins ( -
Before 1784)
Benjamin Vanhook* (1768/1771 - 27 Jul 1854) & Francis Higgins
(1774 - )
Aaron Vanhook & Sarah Humphries
Samuel W. Vanhook (? 1828 - )
Elizabeth Vanhook (? 1830 - )
Frances Vanhook (? 1834 - )
Martin Vanhook (? 1836 - ) & Rebecca C. Thompson (? 1850 - )
Rebecca Vanhook
Benjamin Vanhook* (1768/1771 - 27 Jul 1854) & Susannah Higgins
Johanna "Hannah" Vanhook (Jun 1693 - ) & Frederick DeBoogh (Sep
1682 - 19 Dec 1757)
Gerritje Vanhook (Sep 1695 - )
Arent "Aaron" Van Hook (Before Oct 1698 - About Aug 1760) &
Katherine Balck (1 Aug 1703 - After 1778)
Lawrence Van Hook Sr. (Before Jun 1723 - After Jan 1800/1801) &
Bridget Lloyd
Aaron Van Hook (12 Aug 1753 - 1814) & Jemina? Gist?
Aaron Van Hook (1791 - ) & Sarah Humphreys (1805/1806 - )
Benjamin Van Hook (1842 - )
George Van Hook (1828 - ) & Nancy
Aaron Van Hook (1829 - )
John Van Hook (1832 - )
Mary Van Hook (1834 - )
William Emory/Marion? Vanhook (10 Jul 1841 - ? 1917) & Sarah Jane
Barns (? 1847 - 5 Jan 1889)
Sarah Van Hook (1840 - )
Ellen Q Van Hook (1843 - )
David Van Hook (1845 - )
Martha Van Hook (1848 - )
Ruthie Van Hook (About 22 Oct 1790 - ) & James Clark
John Clark & Jemina Van Hook (About 1795 - )**
Jemina Van Hook (About 1795 - ) & John Clark **
Jacob Van Hook (Before 6 Sep 1724 - Before 1750)
David Van Hook (About 1725 - 1784)
Aaron Van Hook?
Isaac Van Hook (Aug 1703 - )
Gerritje Van Hook (Oct 1704 - )
Benjamin Van Hook (Jan 1706/1707 - )
Maria "Mary" Van Hook (Apr 1710 - 1746) & Robert Cumming
Francinke "Frances" Van Hook (Oct 1714 - 14 Feb 1786) & Samuel
Catherina Van Hoeck (Sep 1666 - )
Vrouwtie Van Hoeck (Nov 1672 - ) & George Walker
Maria Van Hoeck (Jul 1675 - )
Roelof Van Hoeck (Sep 1677 - )
Arendt Isaacszen Van Hoeck* (1623 - ? 1696) & Sara Van De Cliet
Arendt Isaacszen Van Hoeck* (1623 - ? 1696) & Geertje Everts
(About 1631 - )
Vrowte Van Hoeck (May 1657 - )
Evert Arentszen Van Hoeck* (About 1661 - About May 1711) &
Johanna Van Spyck
Evert Arentszen Van Hoeck* (About 1661 - About May 1711) &
Neeltje Jacobs
Isaac Van Hoeck* ( - Before Jun 1694) & Anna Popelaer
Isaac Van Hoeck* ( - Before Jun 1694) & Harmtje Gerritts
Bennony Van Hoeck & Jacomyntie Swart
Arendt Isaacszen Van Hoeck* (1623 - ? 1696) & Maria Van Hobocken
Aaron Vanhook (thru Katherine Balck ancestor) is a descendant of
Vigne Family whom one of the Vigne Sisters was ancestor of
President Theodore, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt &
Thomas Edison.
Sorry so much of this is out of order, but will give you
something to work with. Thanks. Jim

Browns in Pulaski Co ---> Breathitt Co KY
Posted by Carolyn S <cstrong@gte.net> on Thu, 08 Oct 1998
Am looking for infomation on my great-grandfather Harlan
Wellington Brown born abt 1880s in Pulaski Co KY and moved to
Breathitt Co; brother to Pruitt Brown b 1870 (moved to Middletown
OH). Their parents were possibly George (Washington ?) Brown and
Margaret of Pulaski Co

Aaron VANHOOK of Pulaski Co., Ky Vigne Ancestor Rachel & sisters
Posted by Jim Drew-Whitaker <drew2020@aol.com> on Thu, 08 Oct 1998,
in response to Allen & Nancy Ann POINTER CHANEY of Pulaski, Co., KY, posted by Jim Drew-Whitaker on Thu, 08 Oct 1998
Christine, sometimes called Christina, was born about 1610-1613.
This would have made her somewhere between ten and fourteen years old
when she arrived in America. Little has been written about her, other
than that she married Dirck in 1630 or 1631, and bore eight children.
Dirck and Christine lived in her parents' household until 1638. She was
a sponsor in baptisms at the Dutch Reformed Church in 1643 and
1650. The rest of her story must be inferred from what we know about her
husband and children. Her last child, Jennekin, was born in 1653. There
was no further record of her after 1663, although she may have lived
into the 1670's.
Maria was born about 1613, probably in France but possibly in
Holland. Maria married Jan Roos about 1631. They had one son, Gerrit
Jansen Roos. Franklin Roosevelt descended from this son [his great-great
granddaughter married Isaac Roosevelt in 1726]. Jan died about
In 1634 she married Abraham Ver Planck. Abraham may have just
arrived that year [he was possibly a cousin of J.A. Planck, who witnessed
the antenuptial agreement above]. Maria and Abraham lived at the
Vigne household until Damen took over. They bought land across the
Hudson at Paulus Hook [now Jersey City]. They had a farm and two cows, and
leased four acres to two tobacco planters.
The 1643 Indian war forced Maria and Abraham to seek the safety
of the fort at Manhattan. The family continued to own the land at Paulus
Hook until 1699, but never went back there to live. They bought a lot
from brother-in-law Van Tienhoven at Smits Vly in 1649, near Pearl
Street and Maiden Lane, and built a house there. They no longer farmed, but
leased their land holdings and entered into the fur trade. This business
took Abraham up the Hudson and down to the Delaware River. In 1664,
when the English fleet showed up on the Hudson River, Abraham was one of
the signers of the petition requesting that Peter Stuyvesant
surrender. A fight with the English would have destroyed New Amsterdam. The
people were more interested in keeping their homes than keeping
Stuyvesant as their leader. He fell onto financial hard times in the
1680's. Maria died in 1689. Abraham died in 1691. They had nine children:
Abigail [1635] - m. Adriaen Van Laer about 1660, died before 1672
Guillaume [Guleyn] [1637] - married Hendrickje Wessels on 1 June
1668. They had 7 children: Samuel, Jacobus, Abraham, Johannis,
Benjamin, Anna and Guleyn. He was a merchant and a City Alderman. He was
only 49 years old when he died in 1684.
Catalyna [1638] - married David Pieterse Schuyler on 13 October
1657. Their descendants included Theodore Roosevelt and Eleanor
Roosevelt Isaac [1641] - baptized 16 June 1641, died young
Susanna [1642] - baptized 25 May 1642, married Martin Van Waert
on 4 December 1660
Jacomyntjie [1644] - baptized 6 July 1644, probably died young
Ariantje [1646] - baptized 2 December 1646, married Melgert
Wynantse Vanderpoel Hillegond [1648] - baptized 1 November 1648, married
David Davidse Ackerman in 1680. Thomas Alva Edison descended from their
daughter Mary, who married Swain Ogden. Their granddaughter Sarah married
John Edison, Thomas Edison's great-grandfather, in 1792. Edison's father
was Samuel Ogden Edison, Jr. Isaac [1651] - baptized 26 February 1651, died
1729. He married Abigail Uytenbogart about 1680. They lived in Albany,
where he was a shoemaker.
They had 8 children: Isaac, Abigail, Jacob, Dirkje, Guleyn,
David, Catalyntje and Rachel.
NOTE: There was a "Gulilan Verplanck" who was the first president
of the Bank of New York. Do we know how he was related?
The youngest daughter, Rachel, was born in Leiden, Holland, and
was baptized on March 16, 1623 at the Leiden Walloon Church.
Translation from French: "Baptized 16 March 1623 [n.s.], Rachel daughter of
Guillain Vigne'. Witnesses Henri Lambert, Pierre de Fuche, and Marguerite
In 1639 Rachel had the misfortune to marry Cornelis Van
Tienhoven. Although he was a highly-placed Dutch West India Company
official, he turned out to be a murdering, philandering scoundrel. Cornelis
drowned or absconded in 1656, leaving Rachel a 33-year-old widow with
three young children and pregnant with a fourth. He also left a great
deal of property and three houses.

Allen & Nancy Ann POINTER CHANEY of Pulaski, Co., KY
Posted by Jim Drew-Whitaker <drew2020@aol.com> on Thu, 08 Oct 1998
Amos Chaney
*Gerald Chaney (? 1796 - ) & Temperance Brinson/Patsy "Chaney"?
(? 1808 - )
Allen Chaney (9 Jan 1827 - 19 Dec 1889) & Nancy Pointer (? 1821 -
? Dec 1901)
Temperance " Elizabeth" Chaney (? 1851 - )
Amos Chaney (22 Mar - 12 Nov 1924) & Lucinda Morgan (23 May 1859
- 6 Mar 1927)
William A. Chaney (? Oct 1878 - ) & Mary Sears (? Feb 1876 - )
Mary "Maude" Chaney* (1 Feb 1880 - 18 Aug 1962) & Wm. "Marion"
Vanhook, Jr.? (18 Apr 1875 - 15 Apr 1907)
Mary "Maude" Chaney* (1 Feb 1880 - 18 Aug 1962) & George
Washington Whitaker (? Mar 1893 - )
Nora Chaney (? Sep 1884 - )
Viola Chaney (? Apr 1887 - )
Cora Chaney (? Jun 1889 - )
Madison Chaney (? Jul 1892 - )
Alvin Chaney (? Jul 1892 - )
Ada Chaney (? Mar 1895 - )
Simeon Chaney (? Aug 1897 - )
Iona Chaney (? Mar 1900 - )
Mary Maude Chaney* (1 Feb 1880 - 18 Aug 1962) & Wm. Marion
Vanhook (18 Apr 1874 - 15 Apr 1907)
Mary Maude Chaney* (1 Feb 1880 - 18 Aug 1962) & George Washington
Whitaker (10 Mar 1893 - 6 Apr 1967)
Sarah C Chaney (? 1857 - )
John A. Chaney (? 1858 - )
Reuben Chaney (? 1861 - ) & Vena A. "Chaney" (? May 1875 - )
William A. Chaney (? Jun 1895 - )
Allen M. Chaney (? Feb 1898 - )
Anderson Chaney (? 1864 - )
Mary J. Chaney (? 1867 - )
Martha E. Chaney (? 1870 - )
William Chaney (? 1847 - )
*Gerald age 54 & Patsey Chaney age 42 are listed in , Allen &
Nancc Pointer Chaney's household 1850 Pulaski,
Co., Ky Census
Spooky Allen Chaney Story
"The Spell" Story of Allen Chaney as told by Minnie Mayfield.
Composed by Virginia Banks for the descendants of Allen Chaney.
Well children you may believe this or take it with the Proverbial
Grain of Salt, But having listened to Aunt Minnie's colorful tale
of witchery, I can truly say it was very real to me. In order to
picture the scene in your mind it would help to visit the quiet
countryside surrounding what is now the Chaney Cemetery. It was
in the general vicinity that the story took place. At the home of
your Great Great Great-Grandfather Allen Chaney's home. This
story as seen thru the eyes of a young and impressionable girl
name *Rindy Barnes, your Great Great Great-Grandmother. Rindy and
a friend often attended Prayer Meetings on Saturday or Sunday
Evenings at Uncle Allen's home. Having heard of their fine voices
and the fact that they owned HYMN-BOOK he would often ask them to
sing. One evening, walking barefoot along a dusty path toward
Uncle Allen's, shoes slung over their shoulders and a hymn-book
in their arm, they saw a tall gaunt man standing in the doorway
of Uncle Allen's home motioning them them to stay put and be
quiet. Creeping closer to Uncle Allen's home and peering in the
window they could see a man suspended in midair, as if lying on a
bed, spinning round and round. Rindy exclaimed, "It's Uncle
Allen." The girls, noses pressed to the window, silent and
disbelieving, watched.
The man at the door kept pacing back and forth, whispering, "I
wish he would get here". Presently a man came striding through
the tall stand of trees, stepping through the door, walking over
to the fireplace, reaching into his pocket, he withdrew a handful
of silver and threw it into the big black kettle of water over
the red hot bed of firewood. A great hiss of steam escaped from
the kettle as if releasing an evil spirit. Immediately Uncle
Allen fell to the floor, set up, looked about and said, "I am at
perfect ease."
Uncle Allen then asked for a picture of his mother. He placed it
on the wall, strode across the room, withdrew the pistol from its
holster on the wall, took aim and fired, striking the picture of
his mother in the temple. It is said that this was not the first
spell, and Uncle Allen vowed that it would be the last. His
mother fell dead at the very minute the bullet struck the
likeness of her.
The pillow of her coffin was stained red!

Parents of James M Hargis
Posted by Robert Herman <rherman@ttu.edu> on Wed, 07 Oct 1998
Need info on Parents of James M Hargis, DOB 7 Oct 1814, Pulaski
County, Kentucky. Wife Catherine Brinsom. James had 8 children:
Andrew J; Greenup; Louize; Cynthia; William; Clara Jane; James M;

Joseph Camp and wife Susannah
Posted by Gale Judkins <gjudkins@avsia.com> on Tue, 06 Oct 1998
Joseph Camp lived in Pulaski Co. KY in the early 19th century,
and died there about 1820. Need to know whether he had a daughter
named Rhoda, b. ca 1795.

Posted by Sandra Oxner <JOxner9137@aol.com> on Tue, 06 Oct 1998,
in response to Pulaski Co, KY Query on GenWeb Forum, posted by Emily on Mon, 05 Oct 1998
I have a picture and a note in my file from my mother of a RACHEL
DOOLIN, relative of JOHN H. CARTER (my grandfather). He was born
in 1835 so not sure where the DOOLIN link comes in. In that tree
If you see a link let me know

Posted by Elsie M. Gibbs <elscrl@fuse.net> on Mon, 05 Oct 1998
Hi: Does anyone know anything on a: Jim (James) Randolph
WESLEY? He was supposed to have been born in Pulaski Co.,
Ky. He was the father of: Milton John WESLEY b. 1877 in
Pulaski Co., Ky. Milton was raised by: Galen E. & Jane
(Barber) WESLEY in Casey Co., Ky. What happened to Jim?
Milton md. Mary Ann (SWEET) in Pulaski Co., Ky. on March
30, 1898. Would like to know if anyone has any connections
to any of the above? Sure hope someone can help solve this

Oval Phelps
Posted by Phyllis Reber <preber@conninc.com> on Mon, 05 Oct 1998
Oval Phelps, my paternal grandfather, died in Somerset in the
early 70's. His father was Brass Phelps. I'm looking for
additional information on my great-grandmother, who may have been
a Woodall. Any information on this branch of my family is very
much appreciated!

Pulaski Co, KY Query on GenWeb Forum
Posted by Emily <aulicino@teleport.com> on Mon, 05 Oct 1998
Searching for all these: James DOOLIN/DULIN, b. 9 May 1755
Stafford Co, VA; d. 1814 Pulaski Co, KY; m.1st Nancy ELGIN
(family tradition & unproven)Pulaski Co, KY; m.2nd Mary -?-(b. ca
1750; d. Dec 1825). James' children: Elizabeth who m. Robert
ELGIN; Charles; Cornelius who m. Miss BURGIN; William who m. Mary
Eliza -?-; Daniel who m. Nancy KNOX; Catherine who m. William
LAWS; Nancy; James, jr. who m.1st Elizabeth LAWS, m.2nd Elizabeth
or Alcy BARNES, & m.3rd Mary YEATES; Mary who m. Lewis
RICHARDSON; John who m.1st Susannah JAMISON, m.2nd Sophia SMITH &
m.3rd Harriet HARDIN; Thomas who m. Elizabeth KNOX; Benjamin
Franklin who m. Belinda SMITH; and Johnson who m. Mary BOBBITT.
James DOOLIN came from VA to Fayette Co, KY by 1790 and then on
Pulaski Co, KY. My line is Benjamin F. DOOLIN who m.Belinda
SMITH. Belinda was b. 1805 Pulaksi Co, KY; d. 14 Mar 1886 Audrain
Co, MO; and was the d/o William SMITH and Deliah NEAL. William
SMITH was the son of James SMITH, sr. Deliah NEAL was the d/o
Charles NEAL and Silence -?-. All were from Pulaski Co, KY.
Benjamin and Belinda went to New Mardid Co, MO and Audrain Co, MO
in the 1830s. Email: Emily at aulicino@teleport.com

Aaron Johnson Goff
Posted by Gayle Holmes <gmholmes@cris.com> on Mon, 05 Oct 1998,
in response to Re: GOFF, posted by ERIC JAMES on Sat, 14 Mar 1998
Aaron Johnson Goff was born in Pulaski county in circa 1827.
Could he be your Jackson Goff? Aaron Johnson Goff went by his
middle name of Johnson. He married Eunice Taylor August 11, 1849
in Pulaski county. Question ... I thought Abraham Goff married
Polly Ann Foy in 1817, Pulaski county. Where did the name Cox
come from?

Posted by Sherry L. Kyle <slkyle@aol.com> on Mon, 05 Oct 1998,
in response to Re: GOFF, posted by ERIC JAMES on Sat, 14 Mar 1998
Do you have any more info on the Polly Ann Cox who married
Abraham Goff? I suspect she may be connected to my Cox line
beginning with Elias Cox b. 1780s? VA and wife Prudence.

Posted by Kay Hubble Gilbert <glibert@msn.com> on Sun, 04 Oct 1998
I hope to correspond with folks who are researching on the HUBBLE
family, of Pulaski County. Isaac HUBBLE and the HUBBLE family
lived around Poplar Grove, and were members of the Poplar Grove
Baptist Church. Please email me at glibert@msn.com Thanks!

Family Bibles
Posted by Susan Chance-Rainwater <scr@ncc.com> on Sat, 03 Oct 1998
Transcriptions of three Rainwater Bibles - William, Barthomolew
and Josiah - are on deposit at:
and include information on the Rainwater, Weddle, Eastham and
Chumbley families.

Posted by Susan Chance-Rainwater <scr@ncc.com> on Sat, 03 Oct 1998
John J. Cooper b. ca 1828 married Sarah F. Gossett b. ca 1840
(marriage 4 Feb 1852 - she was 12!!) and Mary Ann Collins b. ca
1843 (marriage 24 Mar 1867).
Was John the son of Levi & Nancy Cooper? In the 1850 census, he
is boarding with Charles Denhem, and after that, he's married in
his own household. He indicates in a later census that his father
was born in North Carolina & Levi's 1850 census record says South
Any assistance appreciated, sources requested.

Compton-Duck marriages
Posted by Susan Chance-Rainwater <scr@ncc.com> on Sat, 03 Oct 1998,
in response to COMPTON, DUCK, posted by Stephanie Elliott on Fri, 22 May 1998
John R. Compton married Helen M. Duck in Pulaski Co., KY 19 Aug
Their son, Christopher C. Compton married Martha Helen Weddle in
Pulaski Co., KY 22 Mar 1887.

Posted by Susan Chance-Rainwater <scr@ncc.com> on Sat, 03 Oct 1998,
in response to Mattie Dora Compton, posted by Christy Campbell on Sat, 03 Oct 1998
Pulaski Co., KY
Micajah Compton & Margaret Rexroat were the parents of John R.
Compton. He married Helen M. Duck, daughter of Josiah
W. Duck, Jr. & Anna W. Cook. Their son, Christopher C. Compton
married Martha Helen Weddle 22 Mar 1887. Martha Helen Weddle was
the daughter of Solomon Weddle, St. and Martha "Patsy" Tarter.
Unfortunately, I do not know the names of any of Christopher and
Helen's children, so I can't confirm that this is the couple you
are seeking. However, the marriage date you give (1898) seems a
little off for a child of this couple. Might you be seeking the
individual whom the 1870 and 1880 census calls Martha D. Compton,
born ca. 1870? She as the sister of Christopher C. Compton. I
have no information on who she married.

Posted by Geraldine Dunn <SrKin@aol.com> on Sat, 03 Oct 1998,
in response to PULASKI CO. SCHOOLS OF THE PAST, posted by Gene Pitman on Sat, 19 Sep 1998
I went to a Pulaski Co. school also and would love to get the
book. Would you please email me and tell m e if the book is still
available & where I might get it. Thanks very much.
(Geraldine Dunn)

Addison BUTT
Posted by Tom Butt <tom.butt@intres.com> on Sat, 03 Oct 1998,
in response to KY - Butt names, posted by John Carter on Sat, 03 Oct 1998
Moultrie County, KY - Thanks John, I check
http://pages.prodigy.com/stevenbutts/index.htm regularly for new
BUTT and BUTTS researchers and web sites.

KY - Butt names
Posted by John Carter <kj4mc@madmax.nscdiscovery.org> on Sat, 03 Oct 1998,
in response to Addison BUTT, posted by tom butt on Wed, 30 Sep 1998
Have you checked this WEB Page:
John Carter

Mattie Dora Compton
Posted by Christy Campbell <christy-104@webtv.net> on Sat, 03 Oct 1998
My great grandmother was MATTIE DORA COMPTON, who married
WILLIAM MARION WEDDLE on Nov. 9th, 1898. I am looking
for info. on her parents; all I know is that their names

Posted by Geraldine Dunn <SRKIN@aol.com> on Fri, 02 Oct 1998,
in response to to Cemetaries in Pulaski Co. KY w/names PARTON, TRIMBLE, LAY, HENDERSON, MOUNCE, THOMPSON, CASSADA, posted by Brian Parton on Fri, 11 Sep 1998
Do you know of other cemeteries in Pulaski? My Great Aunt Rhoda
Dunsmore m. Dan Weddle in Pulaski Co. and I have been told there
is a Dan Weddle cemetery. Does anyone know of it?
Thanks for any help. (Geraldine Dunn)

Posted by Mary Held <javalady@fuse.net> on Fri, 02 Oct 1998,
in response to WILEY/DICK, posted by Cheryl Sorensen on Thu, 01 Oct 1998
Cheryl: My line is from Archibald DICK m. Sara Sally WESLEY;
Francis "Fanny" DICK m. George W. SPAW. I was under the
impression that Sarah's maiden name was McKinney/McKinley? This
info came from the book/tree of Samuel Combest who married into
the family. Also, John DICK's parents were William James Dick and
Margaret McQuillen (WFT#1, #1380 & The Wiley Family Genealogy
Forum). James Wylie's parents was John Wylie and Agnes Parke.
Does any of this ring a bell? If Sarah's name was Campbell, would
you please share info with me so I can get my records straight.
Sara applied for Rev. War pension # 8668? I would be interested
in any info you might want to share, and do you have anything on
the SPAW name.

Della Mounce
Posted by Mike Mounce <tckk@gte.net> on Fri, 02 Oct 1998,
in response to Mounts/Mounce, posted by Emma Knight on Wed, 23 Sep 1998
I have a Della Dora Mounce who was married to two Suter boys.
Dave C. Suter was in Show Business and came from OH. Della Mounce
died ABT 1971. Her father was James Buchannon Mounce and her
mother was Mary Elizabeth Wingfield. They were from Sommerset,
Pulaski Co., Ky and moved to Dent Co., MO.
Mike Mounce

Search for GGF Charles Fry
Posted by Ernest M. Fry <SXTV15A@prodigy.com> on Fri, 02 Oct 1998
Charles Fry, born Jan 13 1810 in Pulaski Co.Ky. His mother's name
was Christiana ot Christina Fry. Charles married Lucinda
McClendon from Tenn in Wayne Co.Ky on27 September 1830. They had
13 children. First born in 1831-32 and last born in 1860. Some of
the family are buried in the Pottershop Cemetery near Nancy and
Faubus Ky. I have the names, birth dates and the manes of the
persons the children married. Would appreciate any
information re: Charles Fry and particularly who was his father?

Posted by Charlotte Manuel <andy@oio.net> on Fri, 02 Oct 1998
I just found out that my gggrandmother's maiden name was wrong on
my ggrandmothers death certificate. It should be Mary Jane PRUIT
that m. David Albert SCOTT.
Also have discovered the father of James Monroe CAIN was Allen
CAIN. James Monroe d. in 1909. could someone help me. Census
shows both David and Mary Jane born in KY.
Thank you for any help.
Also other siblings of Lurany SCOTT CAIN are; Sarah, Martha,
Lola, Mandy, Dolly, and Rildy,Jim, Charlie, and Joe.
James M. CAIN had these siblings: Allen, Henry, and Emmet, Mary
Jane, Cinthia Ann , and Helen.

Margaret Wiley Dick & John Dick
Posted by Claudia McCoy <cmccoy@ida.net> on Thu, 01 Oct 1998
John and Margaret Wiley Dick died and were buried in Pulaski
County. They are in the Adams Cemetery (Old Sadris) I would
dearly love to know if there is any online information from that
cemetery. John died 11/19/1832 and Margaret died in 1846. I am
interested in any records that might show parents names for
either of them. Thank you.

Posted by Susan <YR1KYARCuz@aol.com> on Thu, 01 Oct 1998,
in response to family tree, posted by Mary Dyson Simone on Thu, 01 Oct 1998
I have extensive trees on the ROY, WILSON, EASTHAM AND GOSSER's.
Would be glad to search any of these names.

Posted by Cheryl Sorensen <chersoren@aol.com> on Thu, 01 Oct 1998,
in response to Margaret Wiley Dick & John Dick, posted by Claudia McCoy on Thu, 01 Oct 1998
I am a desendant of Margaret and John DICK of Pulaski County. KY.
I don't know who John's parents are yet but Margaret's parents
are James Wylie and Sarah Campbell. I do have quite a bit of
WYLIE information and would be happy to share. I am from their
son Archibald DICK and Jerusha WILSON. Let me know what you need.

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