December 1997

posted by Sandra Nunley, NUNLEYRS@SISNA.com on Monday, December 1, 1997
NUNLEY (all spellings). I'm gathering info on Anderson and William
NUNLEY in Pulaski, KY, between late 1700's and 1850. Specifically want
to know parents of Anderson and William. All information welcome.

posted by Tony Armes, ArmesT@aol.com on Monday, December 1, 1997
TROXLE/TROXELL, JONES, KEITH Seeking info about my G.gfath Peter
TROXLE. Little is known about Peter’s vital statistics such as: when &
where was he born, when did he marry Delia KEITH, and who were Peter’s
parents and where did they come from? I do know a few of Peter’s
children: Clarence (my gfath), David, and Fred. Ky Death Index Summary
indicates Peter died 7 Sep 1935 at the age of 54 in Jefferson County,
KY. Peter is purported to be the son of Bill TROXELL and Nancy
(JONES). Nancy died giving birth to Peter. While Bill had other
children to rear and support, caring for a newborn was impossible. So,
a Baptist minister reared the young boy. When Peter began school, his
teacher told him he was spelling his name incorrectly. Thus the
transformation from TROXELL to TROXLE occurred. I’m attempting to make
the firm connection between Peter TROXLE and Bill TROXELL. Appreciate
any info on Peter TROXLE, Bill TROXELL with a wife named Nancy in the
1870’s in KY. Will trade info I have.

posted by Lizzie, gwilliams@MICS.net on Tuesday, December 2, 1997
I am looking for info on Harvey HERRON and Dora HUSTON, married to
each other in Pulaski or Laurel counties. Need help finding out who
their parents are. I believe that Dora HUSTON's parents may have been
Mahala and Warren HUSTON. Harvey and Dora ended up living in Harlan
Co., Ky.

posted by steve todd, uktodd@juno.com on Tuesday, December 9, 1997
TODD pulaski & lincoln co.1790/1850

posted by Gene Pitman, tjhorton@worldnet.att.net on Sunday, December 14, 1997
I would like any information on Perry MORGAN who lived in Wayne County
in the early 1800's. Would like to know who he was married to. His
children were Jane, Leander, Ermanddis, Nancy, Lucindle, THURSA,(who
married George W. PITMAN), and James E. I would like to know Perry's
parents and also who his children married. Thanks, Gene Pitman

posted by Gene Pitman, mrwyoming@msn.edu on Sunday, December 14, 1997
I would like any information concerning Pricilla PRUETT. She married
Eli ADAMS May 13, 1894 when she was 21 years old. I have heard she
died soon after he marriage. Where was she burried, and etc.

posted by Tina Horton, tjhorton@worldnet.att.net on Sunday, December 14, 1997
I am trying to find information on my grandfather's ancestors in
Pulaski Co., KY (probably Somerset). His name was Simpson Barnett
, b: 21 July 1975 d: 1942, married Mary Alice MCINTIRE, 12
March 1893/1894. His parents were John M. MAYFIELD (b: abt. 1830-1840)
and Ellen HARPER (b: abt. 185?). Mary and Simpson (Barney) had the
following children: James, Minnie, John, Nona, William, Isaac,
Zachary, Saily, Esta, and Evelyn. Any information will be greatly

posted by James B. Carmicle, carmicle@pacbell.net on Monday, December 22, 1997
Checking all names for the CARMICLE family, especially John Carmicle
who may have been a resident of Pulaski County in the 1840s or 1850s.
I was born in Casey County and in tracing back my ancestors find that
Rockcastle and Pulaski Counties are always mentioned. Thank you to
anyone for your help.

posted by Jafra Sutherland, jafra@gte.net on Wednesday, December 24, 1997
ASHLEY, HALL Researching Ray Earl Ashley or Ray Earl Hall born in
Science Hill, KY circa 1880. Married Laura C. BRINEGAR, a widow with 2
children about 1913-14. Supposedly returned to Science Hill, died
there date unknown and possibly buried in Science Hill Cemetery. Any
information would be appreciated.

posted by Gene Pitman, mrwyoming@msn.edu on Wednesday, December 24, 1997
I'm interested in getting any information on the PITMAN family that
lived in Wayne County in the middle 1800's until around 1928.
Elizabeth had a son, George W. PITMANwho married Thursa MORGAN and
they had children. One was named Mathew 1883-1913. Died too early.
Matthew married Ida Nicholas and they had Luther and Ruby. Luther
1908-1938 - died in Pulaski County. Are there any information to be
found about Elizabeth PITMAN, was she ever married. How many times was
George W. PITMAN married and who to. Thanks, Gene Pitman

posted by Dick Scotti, rdnk4570@aol.com on Wednesday, December 24, 1997
Looking for information on the children of Ashberry VANDEVEER/VANDIVER
and Dolly Shackleford.(m. 1819,Casey Co.). Ashberry later married
Lydia KERNES in 1832, Pulaski Co. Any information appreciated.

posted by Carol Aikins, CarolA4746 on Thursday, December 25, 1997
I am looking for possibly mother of Paul GODBY BREEDING Born in 1890's
Approx. Thanks for your help.

posted by Joyce, mctrks@aol.com on Friday, December 26, 1997
PITMAN,William and Kizziah Norfleet and ADAMS,John and Rhoda COLLINS
Both families were in Pulaski County. Wm. Pitman had son John Fredrick
Pitman who married Martha Ann EMERSON ,Dau. of John Emerson and Martha
DAWS. John Fredrick Pitman had several children. Thomas Lemuel Pitman
was one of the youngest. He married Rosetta PASSMORE and they had
children ,Everett Pitman, Milton Pitman, Estile Pitman, and Walter Lee
Pitman. Everett married Martha Sarah ADAMS who was the daughter of
Claborn Adams and Mary Frances DICK. Clayborn was the son of John
Adams and Rhoda Collins Adams . Help!

posted by Earlene Hathaway, hathaway@dakotacom.net on Friday, December 26, 1997
Need information of Thomas HILL who was a Minister in Pulaski Co. KY
in the early 1800's. He performed marriages in Pulaski Co. KY. Need
his wife, children any information.

posted by Sherry Lowe, pp01406@ppp.kcc.edu on Saturday, December 27, 1997
Hi, I am searching for any information on WILLIAM MCGINNIS who married
TRIFENA TAYLOR, d/o BEJAMIN TAYLOR, in Pulaski County, Kentucky on
April 25, 1804. I believe that this William is my ancestor who was
born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, the s/o Francis and Rebecca
MCGINNIS. Any info relating to either William or Trifena or their
children,would be greatly appreciate. Sherry Lowe pp01406@ppp.kcc.edu

posted by Joyce Buis, mctrks@aol.com on Sunday, December 28, 1997

posted by Donna Lynn Bernard, shebedb@aol.com on Sunday, December 28, 1997
Any info on Elijah h. LYNN and Mary Emma (Emily) SOMERSET. Elijah born
l839 In Somerset, Mary Emma born l845 in Somerset. The two married Dec
l0 l865. Elijah served in the Confederacy. He is buried in Brookport,
Massac Cty Ill, Mary Emma may also be there. Have info on descendants
- children Charles (Frederick), Tobias, Frank, Katie and Rosalind. I
am descendant of Frederick.

posted by James Hail, yellopage@aol.com on Sunday, December 28, 1997

posted by Susan Langwell, cn3217@abaco.coastalnet.com on Monday, December 29, 1997
I am looking for any information on the Thomas & Anna (Bastin)
LANGWELL family, such as marriage records/death records. I believed
they lived in Pulaski Co. abt 1807, maybe earlier. Their first son
John LANGWELL born ca 1808, married (1) Levica NICHOLSON (2) Sarah
(Sally) BOWMAN. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

posted by William Keel, wkeel@falcon.cc.ukans.edu on Wednesday, December 31, 1997
CONNELL, LAWRENCE Seeking information on the families of Pierce
CONNELL and Sarah LAWRENCE who married in Pulaski County, KY, in 1824
and later ca. 1835 relocated to Missouri. Pierce CONNELL was born in
Virginia. Sarah Lawrence may have been born in Kentucky ca. 1801.

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