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Slaves in Wills & Estate Sales

Slaves in Will Book I, 1801-1818
(Complete Listing)

[slaves are in order of appearance]
David Buster  Will (written 26 Oct 180_, recorded 24 Nov 1806):   
[Children listed, not receiving slaves: David, John & Charley]   
"a little negro gurl" - given to dau Polly; "Over and above my 
Other Childring"   Slaves given to wife, Frankey Inventory & Appraisement,
 12 Jan 1807:   Bobb, man ($450)   Betty, woman, & 3 children ($700) 
Renouncement, 2 Jun 1822   Bob - to be sold by Co-Executor, James Jones   
Jerry - to be sold by Co-Executor, James Jones   Betty - to be sold by 
Co-Executor, James Jones   Hannah & her infant child - to be sold by Co-Executor,
 James Jones   Minnerva - to be sold by Co-Executor, James Jones   Pamila - 
to be sold by Co-Executor, James Jones   Cheyne - to be kept by Widow, 
Frances Buster   Mariah - to be kept by Widow, Frances Buster   Stephen Lee  
Will (written 28 Sep 1809, recorded 25 Dec 1809):   [Sons Listed: Henry, Jubal, 
Seaton Lee, Daniel Duncan        (all listed as sons, no surname for Henry or 
Jubal)]   Slaves given to wife [not named], during her lifetime.   
Slaves not to be sold outside of the family; Dick has "liberty to Choose his 
master" Inventory & Appraisement, 19 Feb 1810   Dick, man           $333.34
   Matt, man           $363.34   Charles, man        $400.00   Moses, man
$450.00   George, boy         $130.00   Hannah, woman       $400.00
   Aggy, woman         $100.00   Fanny, girl          $80.00   Lewis, boy
$200.00   Gabriel, boy        $150.00 [No slaves listed in Sale Bill, 
24 Jun 1816, following death of widow]   John Smith  [no will] Inventory 
& Appraisement, 5 Jan [1811?]; record 25 Mar 1811   Jack, man ($441.66)   
Dave, boy ($200.00) Account of Sales, recorded 24 Aug 1812   Jack - purchased by 
Anderson Nunnaley ($72.00);       "Anderson Nunnaley the heir of Jack 72.00" 
Dower Allotment, recorded 27 Jun 1814   Dave, boy ($333.33 1/3) allotted to 
Violet Smith, widow of John Smith   John Vardiman  [no will] Inventory & Appraisement,
 15 Oct 1811   Bob, boy             $250.00   Jean, girl           $200 [No slaves 
listed in Sale Bill, recorded 24 Feb 1812]   Elisha Dungans  [no will] Inventory & 
Appraisement, 13 Dec 1811   David, man           $450   Jack, man            
$300 [Found no Bill of Sale]   Andrew Cowan  Will (written 14 Mar 1814, 
recorded 23 May 1814):   [Children listed, not receiving slaves: James, 
Isaac, Samuel, & Robert Cowan]   Suse, girl - given to dau, Polly Cowan   
Nicey, girl - given to dau, Polly Cowan   Mary, girl - now in possession of 
John Cowan; given to dau, Elizabeth Cowan   Pats, girl - now in possession of 
John Cowan; given to dau, Elizabeth Cowan   Ceasar, boy - given to son, Matthew Cowan   
Yellow Jim, boy - given to son, Matthew Cowan   Hardin, boy - given to son, 
Matthew Cowan Appraisement, recorded 27 Jun 1814   Jo, man             
$500   Port, man           $400   Jude, woman         $300   Aggat, woman        
$300   Sam, boy            $250   Daniel, boy         $150   Suze, girl          
$400   Nicey, girl         $150   Pats, girl          $250   Mary, girl          
$200   Ceaser, boy         $300   Jim, boy            $175   Hardin, child        
$50 [No slaves listed in Sale Bill, 10 Jun 1814]   Stephen Hail, Sr  Will (written 
27 Aug 1810, recorded 27 Feb 1815):   [Children listed, not receiving slaves: Thomas, 
Laborn, & John Hail]   No slaves listed in will - all property to be "equally divided 
among my children" Inventory & Appraisement, 7 Mar 1815   Bob, man            $183.66.
2/3   1 woman, 1 child    $300   Sene, girl          $300   Abram, boy          $300   
Patsey, girl        $250   Easter, girl        $175  [Found no Bill of Sale]   
Jonathan Smith  Will (written 22 Feb 1815, recorded 26 Jun 1815):   Jeney, woman + 
her children; given to wife, Rebecky, & children [not named]   after the decease of 
Johnathan's father, Rebecky to have "half the price of" the      following slaves:   
Sam   Anabel   Milly   Easter Inventory & Appraisement, 9 Sep 1815   Mill, girl                     
$350   Derry, boy                     $330   Jim, boy                       
$240   Pol, girl                      $250   Add, boy                       
$200   Hail, girl                     $130   Jane, woman, & child Pt. [sic] $350   
Catto, boy                     $400 [No slaves listed in sale bill, recorded 15 Jan 1827]   
Daniel Adams  Will (written 15 Feb 1814, recorded 28 Feb 1814):   [possible children listed 
in will: Silvester & Ephraim (deceased) Adams - no relationship      stated]   
Hannah, woman - given to wife, Hannah   At wife's death, to be sold and money 
"Equally divided among the Heirs" Inventory, 9 Mar 1814   Hannah, woman  ($325) 
Sale Bill, 29 Jul 1814   1 negro woman bought by Drewry Lee for $390.50   William Fain  
Will (written 20 Dec 1815, recorded 26 Feb 1816):   [Children listed, not receiving slaves: 
Ebenezer, John, Samuel, & David Fain]   ["...my 5 Daughters..."]   Fanny, girl - 
given to wife [not named]   Daniel, boy (mulatto) - given to dau, Rosanna Young   
Julia, girl - given to dau, Sally   Vilott, girl - given to Betsey Gray   
Charlotte, girl - given to dau, Pollyann   Milley, girl - given to dau, Nancy [Found neither 
inventory, nor sale bill]   Isaac Ingram  Will (written 17 Jun 1816, recorded 26 Aug 1816):   
[Children listed, not receiving slaves: Nancy, William, & Joseph]   Milly, woman - given to wife, 
Paty   Amy, woman - given to wife, Paty   Lewis, boy - given to wife, Paty   Anna_ah? [R__ah?], 
woman ($150) - given to dau, Winnea   Mariah, girl ($150) - given to dau, Polly [Walden?]   
Harrison, boy ($150) - given to son, Charles   baby boy [?] ($150) - given to dau, Elizabeth; 
"one Negro boy ba__ [babe?] named at $150" Inventory & Appraisement, 21 Sep 1816   Milley, woman 
($350)   Amy, woman ($375)   Lewis, boy ($400) Sale Bill, 18-19 Sep 1838 (Will Bk 3A) [note 
this sale occurred 22 years after the appraisal]   Lewis, boy - purchased by G.W. Erwin           
$816   Mary, girl - purchased by Chrisley Tarter      $606   Anderson, boy - purchased by Chrisley 
Tarter   $257   David, boy - purchased by Cyrenius Wait        $610   Allen, boy - purchased by 
John Love            $525   Milly, woman - purchased by G.W. Erwin         $176   Amy & child - 
purchased by Charles Ingram      $315   Harriet, girl - purchased by William Botts     $600   
Patrick, boy - purchased by Charles Ingram     $660   James Eastham  Will (written 13 Jan 1815, 
recorded 26 Feb 1816):   [inheriting children: sons James, John, William, & Edward Eastham; 
daughters Sally Cox &       Nancy Loyd. Others, unnamed, have been purposefully left out.]   
All property to wife, & then to be divided between children at her death Inventory & 
Appraisement, recorded 23 Sep 1816   Jacks, man        $480?   Rachall, woman    
$400   Andrew, boy       $400   Lydia, girl       $300   Reuben, boy       
$200   Abram, boy        $150   Clara, girl       $100 Sale Bill, 26 Sep 1833 
(Will Bk 3) [note this sale occurred 17 years after the appraisement]:   Jack -  purchased by 
Cyrenius Wait                     $176.50   Sam -  purchased by Cyrenius Wait                      
$600.37.1/2   Andy -  purchased by Cyrenius Wait                     $709.25   
Rachel -  purchased by William Owens, Sr                $51   Reuben -  purchased by 
John Eastham                    $550   Henry -  purchased by Joseph McAlister                 
$276   Lydia & child -  purchased by James Eastham, Jr.       $556   Melinda -  purchased 
by James Cox                      $470.75   Pleasant -  purchased by Chrislly Yanders [Sanders?]   
$213   Zarilda -  purchased by Obed Denham                    $360   John Northrip/Nortrip  
[no will] Inventory & Appraisement, 9 Nov 1816   John, man ($290) [Found no Sale Bill]   
Robert Adams  Will (written 7 Sep 1816, recorded 27 Sep 1816):   [Children listed, not receiving 
slaves:       Alexander, John, James, George, Sally Stroud, Martha Wallis & Jinny Woods]   
Jane & her child to be sold "after my decease"   Sambo - given to wife, Rebecca. At her death, 
"shall be appraised and shall have his choice       which of my sons he shall serve and the 
one he makes choice of shall pay the other three       one fourth of the [appraisement] money 
to each at the end of twelve months after he is       [appraised]" [part is obscured by tape] 
Inventory & Appraisement, 13 Jan 1817   Sambo, man -  to Widow  $500   Jane, woman             
$380   Charlotte, girl         $150 Sale Bill, 15 Jan 1817   Negro Woman & child - 
bought by Vincent Garner for $589__  

Selected post 1818 records
Contribute Data

 John Hammonds - submitted by Sheila Evans, ElCain@usa.net, Dec 1999 Will (written 5 Jan 1848, 
proven 21 Feb 1848):   wife: Margaret   sons: William C., Morgan, John W., Josiah W., & Thomas 
Hammonds   daus: Eliza Ann Hammonds, Elizabeth Osborn, Polly Osborn, Jane Jasper, Margaret Jasper,
Patsy Combest, Sally Combest & Nancy Combest.   infant heirs of dau Sally Combest: Sally Jane 
Combest, John Wilie Combest,         & Samuel Josiah Combest [slaves named in Will, given to  
wife, & then to receive "freedom" in 1865 under the guardianship  of son, Josiah W. Hammonds.]   
Lucinda   Doctor   Anthony    Thomas Stigall - submitted by Bernard A. Aleem, aleem@swbell.net, 
Apr 1999   Inventory & Sale Bill, Nov-Dec 1840 Slaves mentioned in Inventory, dated 19 Nov 1840:    
Harreitt & Two children   $800.00    One boy Brent             $200.00    Andrew                    
$750.00    Fredrick                  $630.00    Charles (Sick Negro)      $200.00    Old Billy                    
$.30    Mariah                    $500.00    Jefferson                 $750.00 Sale Bill, dated 
2-3 Dec 1840:    [no slaves mentioned in Sale Bill]   "Black Peter" bought 1 cow for $10.25    
Spencer Hudson - submitted by Bernard A. Aleem, aleem@swbell.net, Apr 1999  Inventory, dated 
Apr 1854   Jackson, Negro man         $1000.00   Peter, Negro man           $1000.00   Henry Clay, 
Negro man named $900.00   Stephen, Negro boy          $600.00   Fountain, Negro boy         
$400.00   Percy, Negro boy            $300.00   Jane, Negro girl            $450.00   Harriet, 
Negro girl         $250.00   Ann, Negro girl             $150.00   Daniel, Negro boy           
$300.00   Hanah, Negro woman          $150.00   (?)iney, Negro woman         $75.00   Mary, 
Negro woman           $650.00   Siota, Negro woman          $600.00   Harriet, Negro woman        
$500.00   Seaton Lee  Will (written 4 Dec 1853, recorded 26 Aug 1859)   [Children listed not 
receiving slaves: Stephen Lee, Polly Hay, Preston Mayfield Lee,       Elizabeth Lester, 
Pernetta Dick, Pamelia Lawson]   Jacob, "my black boy" - to son, John E. Lee   Fanny, 
"my negro girl" - to son, Seaton Lee Jr.      [will was revised 21 Jun 1854, after Seaton 
Jr's death. Fanny goes to son, John]  

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