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Death certificate abstract of James J. Garner, Pulaski Co. KY, volume 028, cert 10850, deathvol 1911.
James Johnson Garner, Faubush, Pulaski County KY, male, white, married, died 3 April 1911 at 9 a.m., age 68 years, 8 months, 4 days. Birth date 29 July 1842, Pulaski Co. KY [other sources indicate Adair County KY]. Father Geo. W. Garner, born KY, mother Polly Watson, born Adair Co. KY. Informant G.W. Garner, Ingle KY. Attending physician Leonidas Hughes. Burial 4 April 1911 at Faubush KY.
Obituary of James J. Garner

Death certificate # 14879 deathvol 1924, State of Kentucky

Tabitha Eviline [sic] Garner, female, white, widowed, of Ingle, Pulaski Co. KY, born 20 October 1840, died 22 June 1924, age 83 years, 8 months, 2 days.
Father: Joseph S. Roy born NC; mother: Patsy Barrow, born NC.
Occupation: 'none'
Informant: J.J. Garner of Faubush KY; attending physician Dr. Leonidas Hughes of Faubush; undertaker: J.M. Garner; place of burial: 'Weddle Cemetery'; buried 22 June 1924

Emeline Gose, female, white, married, of Cains Store, Fall Branch voter precinct, Pulaski County KY, died at 9 p.m. on 11 November 1913.
Birth date & place: 29 July 1849 Pulaski County KY.
Age: 64 years, 3 months, 13 days.
Father: John Simpson, born KY.
Mother: no information given.
Informant: H. Gose, Cains Store.
Cause of death: cancer of cervix ____ [illegible word]
Attending physician: Dr. Brent Weddle.
Place & date of burial: Caintown Graveyard, 13 November 1913.
Undertaker: A.J. [?]Lane, Ingle KY

Commonwealth of Kentucky certificate # 14732, deathvol 1937.
Hannibal Gosser, age 61, male, white, married, a resident of Catherine*, died in Pulaski County KY at Somerset General Hospital on 15 May 1937.
Name of wife: not given**.
Date of birth: not given.
Birthplace: KY.
Name and birthplace of father: Geo. B. Gosser, KY.
Maiden name and birthplace of mother: Julizia Bowmer, KY.
Informant's name and address: [first name appears to be] Jeremiah Gosser, Catherine* KY.
Place & date of burial: [illegible word] Russell Co., 16 May 1937.
Undertaker: Somerset [illegible word] Co[mpany].
Cause of death: auto accident on 15 May 1937 resulting in fractured skull and cerebral hemorrhage.
Attending physician: Dr. Brent Weddle, Somerset KY.

* In 1937, Catherine Post Office was located in Russell County KY on Pine Top Road, not far removed from the convergence of Pulaski, Casey, and Russell counties.
** Hannibal married Doretta Weddle

Commonwealth of Kentucky, certificate # 15744, year 1940
James Crittendon Gosser, male, white, widowed, died in Irvins Store voting precinct, Russell County KY, at 9 P.M, 19 June 1940.
Name of spouse: Martha Isabel Gosser. {James C. Gosser married Martha Isabel Garner, not Gardner}.
Birthdate/place of deceased: 31 January 1871, KY.
Age: 69 years, 4 months, 20 days.
Occupation: farming.
Name/birthplace of father: Henry C. Gosser, KY.
Maiden name/birthplace of mother: Nancy E. Collins, KY.
Informant/address: H.C. Gosser, Dorena KY.
Cause of death: mitral insufficiency with broken -------- [word illegible]
Attending physician: Leonidas Hughes, Faubush KY.
Place/date of burial: Union, 20 June 1940.
Undertaker/address: "none", Faubush KY.

Abstract of death cert of William Kissee, 1917 cert # 05934.
William Kissee, male, white, ?married [word indicating marital status illegible], age 66 years, seven months, nine days, died 24 February 1917, Fall Branch precinct, Cains Store, Pulaski County KY.
Date of birth 24 February 1917 [sic].
Father John Kissee born KY, mother Susan Ana Huffman, born KY.
Cause of death: chronic Brights disease, two years duration. Attending physician H.C. Dye of Mintonville KY.
Place/date of burial Cedar Point [Church] cemetery on 25 February 1917.
Informant Silas Dause, Ingle KY.

Commonwealth of Kentucky death certificate # 32471, deathvol 1911

FRANKIE RAINWATERS, white widowed female, born 27 March 1823 Virginia, died 6 p.m. 26 December 1911, Faubush voter precinct, Waterloo, Pulaski Co. KY, age 88 years, nine months, 29 days.
Occupation: 'At home'.
Father: Hiram Chaney, born Virginia.
Mother: Mary Wetter (or Netter), born Virginia.
Informant: J.G. Garner, Burnetta KY.
Cause of death: chronic valvular heart disease.
Contributory to death: Chronic interstitial nephritis.
Attending physician: Brent Weddle, Cains Store KY.
Place of burial or removal: Faubush.
Date of burial: 28 December 1911
Certificate filed 27 December 1911 by H.L. Weddle, Registrar.
Undertaker: J.G. Garner, Burnetta KY.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Certificate # 5276, year 1933.
Crate Tarter, male, white, widowed, died in/near Somerset, Pulaski County KY on 8 Ferbruary 1933, age 70 years, 3 months, and 19 days.
Occupation: Clerk in store.
Name of spouse: Delia Tarter.
Birthdate of deceased: 21 October 1862.
Name & birthplace of father: Riley* Tarter, KY.
Maiden name and birthplace of mother: [first name not indicated] Baker, born KY.
Informant: Dr. C.L. Waddle, Somerset KY.
Place & date of burial: "city cemetery", 9 February 1933.
Undertaker: -----y Murrel R----y.
Cause of death: pneumonia; contributory: influenza.
Attending physician: Dr. C.L. Waddle.

* Crates' father's full name apparently was William Riley Tarter.

Death certificate # 25030, deathvol 1929, State of Kentucky

Julia A. Weddle, female, white, married, wife of L.B. Weddle, of Faubush, Pulaski Co. KY, born 27 February 1860 KY, died 16 September 1929, age 69 years, 6 months, 19 days.
Father: Jacob Warner, born KY; mother: Jenetta Weddle, born KY.
Occupation: housewife
Informant: Verl Weddle of Faubush; attending physician: Dr. Brent Weddle of Nancy KY; undertaker W.C. Thornton; place of burial: 'Weddle Cemetery'; buried 17 September 1929.

Obituary of Julia


Death certificate # 23153, deathvol 1936, State of Kentucky

Laton B. Weddle, male, white, married, husband of Louisa Weddle, of Faubush voter precinct, Pulaski Co. KY, born 26 November 1856 Pulaski Co. KY, died 10 August 1936, age 79 years, 8 months, 14 days.
Father: James S. Weddle, born Kentucky; mother: Henretta Ghose [sic], born Germany.
Occupation: farmer
Informant: Virl Weddle of Faubush; attending physician: Dr. Leonidas Hughes of Faubush; undertaker: Denney-Murrell-Ramsey of Somerset KY; place of burial: 'Weddle Cemetery'; buried 11 August 1936.

Death certificate # 29074, deathvol 1923, State of Kentucky.

Jacob Warner, male, white, widower, of Burnetta, Pulaski Co. KY, born 3 July 1834 KY, died 19 Nov. 1923, age 89 years, 4 months, 16 days.
Father: Joel [sic] Warner, born VA; mother's name and birthplace 'not known'.
Occupation: farmer.
Informant: S. M. Warner of Burnetta KY; attending physician Dr. Brent Weddle of Nancy KY; undertaker Sam Warner; place of burial: 'Weddle Cem.'; buried 20 Nov. 1923.


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