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1920 Election Year ads and Editorials in Pulaski County

Pulaski County voted Republican-
Elected Warren Harding, President and Calvin Coolidge Vice President
Loss for Democrats, James M. Cox candidate for President and Franklin D Roosevelt candidate for Vice President


Gov. James M. Cox Predicts Great Victory For Democratic Party.  Wires Mr. T.V. Ferrell.  Governor James M. Cox, Democratic nominee for President, sees a great victory ahead for the Democratic ticket.  In a telegram to Mr. Ferrell, Campaign Chairman, he urges every Democrat to work hard until the election.  Many Eastern states that have been in doubt are now placed in the Democratic column.  The telegram to Mr. Ferrell said: T.V. Ferrell, Democratic Campaign Chm., Somerset, Ky., Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 26th, Reports from National Headquarters today add New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire as Eastern states we shall carry.  This means great ground swell has struck East and wonderful victory is in sight.  I ask and will appreciate your unceasing efforts from now until election day and unfailing vigilance at the polls.  James M. Cox.




Regular Landslide For Republican National Ticket All Over The Country.  New York, Nov. 3 - The Republican landslide continued to roll along in even greater proportions today as belated election returns come in from the West.  Besides electing Harding it was assured that Republicans would increase their margin in both Houses of Congress, and in the Senate in particular would change their precarious control by one to a substantial working majority.  Congressional returns from many states were slow as were indeed the returns on the vote for President.  But on the basis of actual returns at hand and indications form partial returns coming in, it seemed that Harding would have not less than 330 votes in the electoral college, with a probability of more than 350, while all that could be counted in the Cox column were the 127 votes from the solid South.  New York, Nov. 3 -  One of the most sweeping Republican victories in party history today stood recorded for Senator Warren G. Harding for President and a Republican Congress.  Tremendous and unparalleled Republican pluralities, beginning with the first count of ballots in Tuesday's election, continued mounting.  Defeat in their fight both for the Presidency and Congress was conceded early by Democratic national leaders on the basis of the crushing Republican vote and despite the absence, even early today, of final and official figures.  With the Presidency and Congress went loss to the Democrats of Governors, State Legislatures and other State and local candidates.  The break even threatened to extend into the border states hitherto "Solid South," with Republican gains in some Southern States larger than any since the Civil War.  In the absence of final figures, the swelling tide of huge pluralities, early today gave him assurance of 330 votes in the electoral college, as against 127 for Governor Cox, with 75 doubtful, inclusive of States where the Republican tide was running strong.  The unofficial results presaged a larger majority in the electoral college for Senator Harding and his running mate, Governor Coolidge of Massachusetts, than any since 1888, except alone the vote of 435 for President Wilson in 1912, during the Republican 'Split."


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