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Excerpts from the Interior Journal

Pulaski Column Edited By Will. C. Curd Somerset, Ky., September 2, 1873.

The Cholera Excitement.

The news from Stanford which reached us on Saturday evening last, caused great excitement in our town, and for the first time aroused our citizens from that careless, "don't care" disposition regarding the filthy condition of our streets, cellars &c., and a meeting was immediately called by the Hon. Chairman of the board of Trustees, which was largely attended by both black and white. Committees were appointed, who faithfully discharged their duty on next morning, reporting all places that needed cleansing and disinfection. Since which time a general cleansing up has taken place, and lime and other disinfectants freely used, rendering our town more pleasant both to the eye and nose.

The news of last evening greatly allayed the excitement here, and but little fear is now entertained of the great scourge - reaching Somerset. One safeguard to our citizens is this: we have no regular negro settlement in or near our town. Those living here being scattered generally over the town, many of whom have acted wisely and left for the country. Our colored race seem very much concerned regarding the health of the community, and appear willing to render all needed assistance that they can.

Our Fair

The Directory held a meeting on yesterday, and postponed indefinitely the holding of our Fair. Another meeting will be held on Saturday next for more decisive action. The probability is that it will be held about the 1st days of October.


James W. Allcorn, D.F. Bush, and S.G. Cundiff, with their families, also T.M. Pennington's family and others from Stanford, are at present with their relations in our town and vicinity.

Judge M.H. Saufley and family reached our town last evening and left for Monticello this morning. The Judge tells us that he contemplates returning home in a few days.

We can blame no man who has a family for leaving any locality infected with the cholera, but on the other hand, we think it a duty which he owes his family while he at the same time favors the community, because the fewer that remain the sooner will the dread fatality have run its course.

Rev. J.N. Current,

Left our town on Friday morning last to attend the Conference of the M.E. Church South at Lexington. The members of his church and the citizens of our town generally are very anxious that he should be returned to this circuit.


On the 1st inst., at the residence of the brides father, by the Rev. J. B. Bradley, Mr. George Shadowen to Miss Vina Sawyers, all of Pulaski County. May their future be but one continued scene of bliss.

Special Tax Collector.

A.H. Waddle, has been appointed special tax collector for the town of Somerset by the board of Trustees.

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