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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper In The Mountains of Kentucky

Somerset, Ky., Friday, September 26, 1919.

Rents Farm.  Mrs. Kate Stigall has rented a farm in Boyle county and will
move to it about the first of the year.  The farm is located near Danville
and close to Mr. Bourne Goggin, formerly of this county.

Whitis Returns.  Mr. Bee Whitis who is field manager for J.E. Callahan Co.,
oil operators, arrived in the city this week after a trip through Warren and
Allen counties.  He will leave this week for eastern Kentucky.  Mr. Whitis
says that Pulaski county looks about as good to him as any of the other so
called oil producing counties.

New Enterprise.  S.H. Gooch of South Somerset has bought of Walter Elrod at
the South-end of Wright's Switch a parcel of ground on which he has built a
two story building 30x40 feet.  He will in the next few days have installed
in this building the latest improved machinery for making all kinds of
concrete building blocks.  The Kentucky Utilities Co., which furnish the
power to run the machinery.  Somerset is fortunate in having an enterprise
like this, as the scarcety and high cost of lumber has been one of the
greatest causes for not having homes to accommodate the many who are anxious
to locate in the city.  Mr. Gooch has also bought the Longsworth property on
Columbia street where he will make his future home.

Will Locate Here.  Captain Parrigon of Burnside who has just recently
returned from overseas where he was with a hospital unit, was in the city
this week looking for a location.  He will most likely locate here for the
practice of his profession.

Trimble to Leave.  It will be generally regretted that Dr. V.G. Trimble has
decided to leave Somerset and locate at Decatur, Ill.   Dr. Trimble plans to
leave about the first of November.  He has sold his business house to the
Citizens Bank.

Announcement.  We are authorized to announce John C. Cox a candidate for
Councilman from the Third Ward, City of Somerset, Ky., subject to the action
of the voters at the November elections.

Buys the News.  Mr. R.M. Feese, who has had the Pulaski County News leased
for the past year, has purchased the plant from Mr. Thos. M. Owsley.  He is
now the sole owner of the plant.  Mr. Feese has been successful in the
newspaper game in Somerset and we predict he will continue to make good.

For Sale.  Six full-blooded Rufus Red Belgian Hares, six weeks old.  $1 each.
 Chas. H. Hall.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. I.M. Hardgrove has returned from a visit to Chattanooga, Tenn.

Miss Bessie Goggin left this week for Arkansas where she will teach.

Mrs. Henry Cundiff of Danville, Ky., is visiting relatives this week.

Miss Thelma Waddle has returned from a delightful trip through the west.

W.B. Gragg is absent from his duties at the First National Bank on account of

Jean Jasper, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Jasper, has entered Bowling Green
Business College.

Miss Marietta Farrell is back at her duties at the First National Bank after
a vacation spent in Paris and Lexington.

Miss Marguerette Cooper has returned to Savre College at Lexington after a
visit with her parents Judge and Mrs. J.S. Cooper.

Judge and Mrs. B.J. Bethurum are in Louisville for the weekend.

Miss Ruth May of Central City is visiting Miss Stella Newton.

Mr. A. Tuttle and family of Louisville, Ky., are visiting his parents this

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Murrell and children left Wednesday for Cincinnati for a
few days visit.

Owen Goodloe the popular salesman is all smiles over the arrival of a fine
boy at his home.

Mr. T.H. Reed of Rushville, Ind., has been spending a few days with Mr. J.M.

Fred Catron who has been at Akron, Ohio, is at home with his parents Judge
and Mrs. Wm. Catron.

Joseph McGee the shoe man has been at home this week.  Joe has just returned
from Havana, Cuba, where he spent several weeks on business.

Mr. J.M. Richardson spent several days in Lexington.

Raymond Dill came in from Los Angles, California, this week for a visit with
home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Cook and Mrs. Amanda Wolf left Tuesday for Bedford, Ind.,
for a visit.

J.W. Heath of Danville, Ky., Road Foreman of Engines, was in the city Tuesday
on business.

Captain Paul Dexheimer and several members of his football squad were in
Danville last Saturday.

Miss Kathleen Kopenhoefer will leave the first of next week for Cincinnati to
spend her vacation.

S.A. Waddle left Wednesday for Louisville where he will be in Republican
headquarters until election.

Judge and Mrs. V.P. Smith motored to Winchester, Ky., this week to visit
their daughter Mrs. John Bowser.

Mrs. Chester Kaiser has returned to Camp Knox to join her husband who is in
the Y.M.C.A. work there.

Judge and Mrs. B.M. Bethurum have returned from Albany, Ky., where Judge
Bethurum has been holding court.

Mr. O.W. Swain purchased a building lot from Mr. R.H. Bartells on Maple
Street.  He will build in the spring.

Mr. and Mrs. J.HJ. Pearson, of Richmond, Ky., returned home Wednesday after a
visit with his father Mr. A.E. Barnes.

Logan Hughes and W.L. McCarty, the hustling real estate men of Stanford, Ky.,
were in the city last Saturday.

Mr. John Cooper left Saturday for New Haven, Conn., to enter Yale University.
 He stopped off in Washington for a short visit en route.

Miss Jessie York, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. York, left this week for
Norton Infirmary, Louisville, Ky., where she will learn to become a nurse. 
She was accompanied to Louisville by her mother.

Sergeant Brinkley Gooch, who has been overseas for the last year and a half
returned to Somerset this week.  Brinkley was one of the first boys from the
county to get across and about the last one to get back.  He was attached to
the Motor Transportation Corps.

Father Ben Kohler and grandpa John Slessinger are all smiles this week
because the stork left a fine boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kohler on
Monday afternoon.  Ben's friends are calling the youngster "The Million
Dollar Kid" because his father is the Million Dollar Shoe Man.

Mr. W.J. Goodwin, of Lexington, Ky., was in the city this week for a few days
shaking hands with old friends.  Mr. Goodwin was for many years a citizen of
this county and he always enjoys a visit back to this home.

Mr. Joe Carson and family of Oregon have been on a visit to friends and
relatives in Pulaski county.  Mr. Carson was a former citizen of this county
and left here several years ago and located in the west where he has made
good.  He was met here by his son Lieutenant Carson, Q.M.C. who has just
returned from overseas.


Beckham Bray is very low with typhoid fever.

Richie Stogdill is sick.

The youngest son of F.K. Bray's is very sick.

Charles Keeney of Colo is visiting relatives at this place.

Wesley Dykes is home for a few days from Elmwood, Ohio.

Mrs. Harvey Estep of Wilburn is visiting her father A.F. Phelps this week.

Among the visitors at J.N. Steels' Sunday were Misses Lelia and Zula Hargis,
Messrs Roma Phelps, Ben Sears and Chester Stogsdill.

Alvin and J.K. Phelps visited their father O.B. Phelps Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Earley visited at H.M. Stogsdill Sunday.

J.M. Herrin has returned home from Indianapolis, Ind.

Mr. and Mrs. Bee Sewell left Friday for Ft. Collins, Col.

Miss Manda Bradley and sister Mrs. M.A. Berdell of Oakdale, Tenn., are
visiting their parents A.C. Bradley.

Mrs. Childers of Drum visited at L.A. Bray's, Sunday.


Several from here attended a spelling at Kingbee Friday night.

Miss Lulu Adams spent Monday with Mrs. Bessie Meece.

Born to Mrs. Add Saddler Sept. 15th a girl - Lola Marine.

Marvin and Elizabeth Jasper spent Saturday and Sunday in Mintonville.

Rev. John E. Hudson was in Somerset Saturday on business.

Samuel Roy is very sick.

Mrs. Nanuie Adams and daughter Malinda attended church at Beech Grove, Sunday
and took dinner with Mrs. Chas. Stone.

Mrs. Wesley Snead and daughters of Mangum spent Thursday at Rev. J.E.

Mrs. Silas Meece and son were guests of Mrs. Arno Wallace at Beech Grove

A.J. Adams attended singing at Bethlehem Sunday.

Mrs. Laura Cox and children of Mt. Hope visited her parents Mr. and Mrs.
James Randolph Sunday.

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