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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday September 24, 1920.


McBeath.  The following article is taken from the Rankin (Ill.) News.  Mr.
McBeath was a former Pulaskian and a brother-in-law of Nellie McBeath, one of
the Journal's correspondents.  "Thomas McBath, a workman on the "rip" track
in the L.E. & W. yards, while at work under a car Thursday afternoon was
struck and dragged under the car, when the switch engine set in a car on that
track.  Mr. McBath was brought to Dr. Liggitt's office where medical aid was
given but owing to the seriousness of his injuries, he died about four
o'clock in the doctor's office.  An inquest was held in Rankin, Friday noon,
and the witnesses testified that he was at work under the care when it was
struck.  After hearing the testimony the jury returned a verdict of death due
to injuries sustained when he was run over by a cut of cars on the "rip"
track of the Lake Erie & Western railway.  Brief funeral services were held
in Rankin Saturday morning after which the body was taken to Oxford, Ind.,
for burial.  The following obituary was read by Rev. Wicks:  Obituary. 
William Thomas McBath was born in Wayne Co., Ky., Feb. 24, 1868, and was
called suddenly to the life beyond from his late home in Rankin, Ill., Sept.
2, 1920, aged 51 years and 6 months, and 8 days.  He was united in marriage
to Dora Morris, Dec. 22, 1894, in Texas.  His wife preceded him in death,
leaving a family of small children.  He was married the second time, Oct. 5,
1905, to Pauline Johnson.  To this union 5 children were born.  An infant was
born only a few hours before the father was called into the world beyond. 
The names of the surviving children are respectively, Leonard McBeth and
Della Gilbert of Oxford, Ind., Seth of Templeton, Ind., Donnie of Templeton,
Floyd, Lorine, Evelyn, Edna and baby with the wife and mother all of Rankin,
Ill., are left to mourn.  Mr. McBath was highly respected by his large circle
of friends in Rankin.  He was held in high esteem by the Railroad Officials
and the men of the shops where he was employed and the fatal accident has
caused a gloom over he entire community.  He was a devoted husband, and
affectionate father and a true friend.  The grief stricken wife and children
have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.

Jesse Mershon Dies of His Injuries.  Mr. Jesse Mershon, who was injured by
being run over by an auto truck a week ago, died at his home at Bryantsville,
Friday night, and was buried at Lancaster Sunday afternoon after services at
the Presbyterian Church by Dr. E.M. Green, of Danville.  Members of the
Masons of which order he was a member officiated at the grave.  Mr. Mershon
lived in this county many years and moved to Corbin soon after that place
became a railroad center.  He was a brother of Mr. John B. Mershon, formerly
of Stanford but now residing at Somerset.  He married Miss Eliza Kennedy, the
only daughter of the late Grove Kennedy, and she and one son, Mr. Will
Mershon of Winchester survive the good man.  Mr. Mershon was about 60 years
old and was a splendid man in every way.  He had recently bought property at
Bryantsville, where his brother-in-law, Mr. Ben Kennedy and family live. 
Many hearts are saddened by is passing.  Stanford Interior Journal.

Miscellaneous Shower.  The following is taken from a Newark, N.J., paper and
will be read with interest here: "A surprise miscellaneous shower was given
on Sept. 11th, in honor of Mrs. Walter E. Winfrey, formerly Miss Blanche I.
Bond, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Bond of 13 Myrtle
Ave., Roseville Section.  The home was beautifully decorated the color scheme
being carried out in pink and white.  Many beautiful gifts were received and
each was attractively arranged with white ribbon which formed a spray coming
from a flower watering pot.  Refreshments were served and Miss Eleanor
Peterson entertained during the evening.  Mr. Frank P. Bond, formerly of
Haley and Bond, rendered selections of many musical instruments that he used
when in the theatrical business.  Those who attended were Misses Eleanor
Peterson, Rose Mae Cullen, Albina and Sophia Graboski, Helen and Edna
Museller, Gretta Apgar, Elizabeth Spillane, Esther Tierney, Grace Dunn, Mae
Bond, also Edward Vantlander, Mrs. K. Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Bond,
and Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Winfrey.  Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Winfrey were
recently married and are now making their home at the Bernard Apt's., Myrtle
Ave., Roseville Section.

Worth A Thought.  A dispatch from Washington reads as follows:  "The
Republican National Committee is doing one thing that never has been
attempted heretofore.  It is organizing a battery of colored women, who are
to travel through the States of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and
possibly a few other hotly contested regions, and preach Republicanism to the
colored voters, especially the colored females.  So far about fifteen colored
women have been signed up for the campaign.  The Evening Post will observe
the results of this political experiment with considerable interest -
Louisville Post.

Of the 17,981 disabled former soldiers being cared for in more than 1,000
hospitals under supervision of the war risk bureau, 9,858 are in private
hospitals, including state and county sanitariums, and 8,128 are in hospitals
only partly controlled by the government.

Of the 470,000 men originally classed as deserters by the War Dept., closer
observation and investigation narrowed this number down to 173,911.

Pulaski Wins Second on Barred Rocks at Kentucky State Fair.  The Pulaski
standardization poultry exhibit at the State Fair showed up in fine shape. 
Had some of the pens been properly mated the county would have taken the
blue.  The owners of the birds winning in the county exhibit are as follows: 
M.R. Molen, won first on old pen.  Minnie Kenney and Lloyd Molen won second
with a pen of old birds headed with a male bird belonging to Roy McDaniel of
Somerset.  A.P. Vaught won first on cockerel.  H.N. Sweeney won third on
cockerel.  W.C. Perkins won third on pullet.  H.N. Sweeney won fourth on
pullet.  Dr. Wm. F. McCoy won second and third on old roosters.  A.P. Vaught
won fifth on old rooster.  A.P. Vaught won third and fourth on old hens.

Lewis and Shadoan Win On Poland Chinas.  Lewis and Shadoan won first, second
and sixth on junior sow pig, second on junior boar pig, first on under year
herd and they had the junior champion sow.  The total of prizes amounted to
$190.00.  These pigs will possibly be shown at the Memphis and the
Mississippi State Fairs.  The county had an excellent exhibit of apples at
the Kentucky State Fair but the results of the contest have not come out as

Registration.  All Voters Must Register In City of Somerset On First Tuesday
in October.  All women and all men who wish to vote in the November election
must register on the first Tuesday in October in their respective voting
precincts.  Those who fail to register will not be permitted to vote.  There
will be seven voting precincts in Somerset.  Women officers will possibly
serve in some of the voting precincts.  It is understood that the women will
organize at once and that practically all will vote.

Pulaski County Court.  Regular August Term, August 16, 1920.  The court upon
his own motion orders that the following is the re-apportionment, names,
numbers, boundaries and locations of voting places of the voting precincts in
Pulaski County:

Somerset Precinct No. 1.  Beginning at a stone in the center of Main St. at
intersection of Mt. Vernon St., thence northward with Main St. to city
limits, thence with the city limits eastwardly to the intersection of College
St., thence with College St., to Mt. Vernon St., thence with Mt. Vernon St.,
to the beginning.  Voting place to be on Maple St. near Mt. Vernon St.

Somerset Precinct No. 2.  Beginning at a stone in Mt. Vernon St. at the
intersection of College St., thence with Mt. Vernon St. eastward to the city
limits, thence with city limits north and westward to College St., and thence
with College St. to the beginning.  Voting place on Jasper St. near Mt.
Vernon St.

Somerset Precinct No. 3.  Said precinct containing all the boundary that
formerly belonged to Precinct No. 2, and voting place in the courthouse.

Somerset Precinct No. 4.  Said precinct to contain all the boundary of what
was formerly Precinct No. 3, and voting place to be in the police court.

Somerset Precinct No. 5.  Said precinct to contain all the boundary of what
was formerly comprised in Precinct No. 4.  Voting place on Monticello St,
near Sinking Creek.

Somerset Precinct No. 6.  Boundary of said precinct to contain all the
territory now comprised in Ward No. 5, of the City of Somerset and voting
place to be near Hose-house.

Somerset Precinct No. 7.  Boundary of said precinct to contain all the
territory now comprised in Ward 6 of the City of Somerset, and voting place
to be on Griffin Ave.

Ferguson Precinct No. 8.  Beginning at the city limits on Jacksboro Road,
thence with city limits to Sinking Creek.

Parker Precinct No. 9.  Beginning at Rufe Lease's, thence to Sam Vaughn
included, thence to Clarence Gover's, included, thence down Pitman to
opposite No. 3 tunnel; thence from No. 3 tunnel to William Vanhook's
included, thence to Sam Smith's included, thence from Sam Smith's to Pumpkin
Hollow, thence to John Jones included, thence to Cal Godbey's included,
thence to William Love place included, thence to Ike Hughe's place included,
thence with to Pitman Creek, thence to Rube Faulkner place included, thence
to Doc McKinney's residence, thence to beginning.  Voting house near Overhead

Bourbon Precinct No. 10.  Beginning at Rufe Lease's, thence to Sam Vaughn not
including, thence to Clarence Govers not included, thence down Pitman to
Cumberland River, thence down river to mouth of Fishing Creek, thence with
old line to the beginning.  Voting place at old place.

Saline Precinct No. 11.  Containing all the boundary of what was formerly
Saline Precinct No. 8.  Voting house on Columbia Road near colored school

Clifty Precinct No. 12.  Containing all the boundary of what was formerly
Clifty Precinct No. 9.  Voting house near Clifty school house.

Caney Fork Precinct No. 13.  Containing all the boundary of what was formerly
Caney Fork Precinct No. 10.  Voting place on Crab Orchard Road near ford of
Caney Fork.

Rush Branch Precinct No. 14.  Beginning at the city limits thence a straight
line to Somerset and Sublimity Roads where the London Road interests same,
thence to Bracher Gragg's (not included), thence to Everett Murphy's (not
included), thence to John Kenney's and Cy Collier place (not included),
thence to H.G. Bray's (not included) thence to Enoch Brinston near old
Collier mine (not included), thence a straight line to Haynes Knob, thence
with old line to Pumpkin Hollow church, thence with line of Parker Precinct
back to beginning, and containing all that territory of what was formerly in
Rush Branch Precinct No. 11, except that portion cut off to Parker and
Simpson Precincts.  Voting house near Alcalda.

Nancy Precinct No. 15.  Beginning at the mouth of Coldweather, thence down
Fishing Creek to the mouth of Clifty, thence up Clifty to the Zollicoffer
monument, thence a straight line to Geo. Simpson's including, thence up Woods
Creek to Dan Norfleet's, including him, thence to W.A. Norris including him,
thence to G.W. Combest on the Jamestown Road including him, thence to Thomas
Redman's included, thence to Melver Redman's included, thence to a place
where the Coldweather Creek intersects the Columbia Road, thence to J.R. Ware
including, thence to D.P. Dickson's including, thence to Pete Dodsons
included, and thence to beginning. Voting house temporarily to be at the old

Okalona Precinct No. 16.  Beginning on Fishing Creek at the mouth of Clifty
thence up Clifty to Zollicoffer monument, thence a straight line to ford of
creek near George Simpson's, not including him, thence to Woods Mill at
Squire Baugh's, not including him, thence down White Oak to T.B. Turpen's
including him, thence to W.S. Roberts including him, thence with Old Freedom
Road to W.H. Porters including him, thence with said road to Gord Owens
place, including him, thence with Mill Springs Road to Barker & Barker Store,
thence with the Stoner Ferry Road to Fishing Creek excluding Rebecca Collins
now Joseph T. Marsee place and John C. Freeman farm, thence up Fishing Creek
to the beginning.  Voting place near Josh Burtons.

Naomi Precinct No. 17.  Boundary to include all of what was formerly
contained in the territory of Naomi Precinct No. 13.  Voting place near
Slides Springs Church.

Harrison Precinct No. 18.  Beginning at Dow Dicks place on the Columbia Road
excluding it, thence with the old Columbia Road to Melver Redmans, excluding,
thence to G.W. Combest on the Jamestown Road excluding, thence to W.S. Norris
place excluding, thence to Dan Norfleet's excluding, thence down Woods Creek
to Dr. Norfleet Road, thence with said road to Robertsport Road, thence to
Jno. O. Norfleet's excluding, thence down his spring branch to Faubush Creek,
thence to W.H. Tartar's including, thence down said creek to Wayne County
line including the farm of W.J. Johnson and Marion Burton, thence with the
Wayne & Russell line to Wolf Creek, thence up Wolf Creek to the J.R. Compton
farm, thence old line of Faubush Precinct to the beginning.  Voting place
near Faubush.

Liberty Precinct No. 19.  Beginning at J.R. Compton farm on Wolf Creek,
thence to Geo. Combest farm including, thence to Aaron Wilson including,
thence to D.J. Weddle farm on House Fork including, thence west to county
line, thence southeast with county line to Wolf Creek, thence with said creek
north to E.H. Thomas farm not including, thence with said creek north to the
beginning.  Voting house near Liberty school house.

Fall Branch Precinct No. 20.  Beginning at Dow Dicks on Columbia Road, thence
to Geo. Schoolcraft's including, thence old line to J.R. Compton farm not
included, thence to Geo. Combest farm excluding, thence to Aaron Wilson farm
including, thence to D.J. Weddel farm on House Fork excluding, thence to
county line, thence the Russell and Casey line to Tyler Dye's including,
thence to John Roberts including, thence to S.F. Baisley, thence to Bud
Buchanan's including, thence to W.H. Carter including, thence to Pointer
Creek, thence down said creek to a road intersecting with the old Columbia
Road to a lane leading by Ike Coopers to Coldweather Creek above Old Mill
Place, thence with said road to the intersection of same with the Somerset
and Columbia Road at Sam Schoolcraft's, thence with said road to the
beginning.  Voting place near W.W. Tartar.

Hickory Nut Precinct No. 21.  Said Precinct to contain all the boundary of
what was formerly contained in Hickory Nut Precinct No. 15.  Voting house to
be at old place.

Wesley Precinct No. 22.  Beginning at the mouth of Rock Lick on Fishing
Creek, thence up Rock Lick to the mouth of Little Wolf including the farm of
J.T. Eastham, A.M. Adams and Blaine Eastham, thence up Little Wolf to Casey
line, thence with Casey line to James Dyes, thence with old line of Hickory
Nut and Rock Lick Precinct to Fishing Creek, thence up Fishing Creek to the
beginning.  Voting place near Velber.

Ansel Precinct No. 23. Beginning at the mouth of Rock Lick, thence up Rock
Lick to the mouth of Little Wolf excluding the farms of J.T. Eastham, A.M.
Adams, Blaine Eastham, thence up Little Wolf to the Casey Line, thence with
the Casey line to Shermanville excluding the Everett Adams farm, thence to
Newt Vaught's including, thence to Dr. Newell farm including, thence to Dan
Cox place included, thence with the Salt Works Road to Adams Mill Road,
thence with Adam Mill Road to Hogue, thence with Andrew Adams place
including, thence to the beginning.  Voting place to be near Ansel.

Science Hill Precinct No. 24.  Containing all the boundary heretofore
comprised in Science Hill Precinct No. 17.  Voting house in Science Hill.

Buncombe Precinct No. 25.  Beginning on Pitman Creek at a point east of Wm.
Langdon not including J.R. Chaney place, thence to Marion Haste not
including, thence to John Langdon not including, thence to Shelby Hines not
included, thence to Wm. Stringer not included, thence, to Marion Hines not
included, thence to A.K. Baugh not included, thence to A.M. Adams Mill Road,
thence said road to Salt Works Road, thence Salt Works Road to Dan Cox place
not including, thence Dr. Newell place not included, thence the new Vaught
place included, thence to South Fork and Puncheon Creek, thence with said
creek to Eubank and Buncombe Road and thence old line to the beginning. 
Voting place at Pulaski.

Eubank Precinct No. 26.  Beginning at Pitman Creek on Stanford and Somerset
Road, thence old line to Puncheon Creek on Eubank and Buncombe Road, thence
to Everett Adams place including, thence to Casey Line, thence old line to
the beginning.  Voting place in Eubank.

Estesburg Precinct No. 27.  Said Precinct contained all the boundary of what
was formerly contained in the territory of Estesburg Precinct No. 20.  Voting
place at Pnobscott.

Price Precinct No. 28.  Said Precinct containing all the boundary of what was
formerly contained in Price Precinct No. 21.  Voting place near Eden.

Good Hope Precinct No. 29.  Said Precinct containing all the boundary of what
was formerly contained in Good Hope Precinct No. 22. Voting place at Good

Hazel Dell Precinct No. 30.  Said Precinct containing all the boundary of
what was formerly contained in Hazel Dell Precinct No. 23.  Voting place at
the crossing of Stevens and Gilmore Roads.

Grundy Precinct No. 31.  Said Precinct containing all of what was formerly
contained in the territory of Grundy Precinct No. 24 except that portion cut
off by Simpson Precinct the boundary of which is hereinafter described and
the boundary line between Grundy and Catron Precincts is corrected, so as to
contain John Hansford and Milt Sears in Grundy Precinct.  Voting place at

Dallas Precinct No. 32.  Containing all the boundary of what was formerly
contained in Dallas Precinct No. 26.  Voting place near Alfred Bullocks

Catron Precinct No. 33.  Containing all the boundary of what was formerly
contained in Catron Precinct No. 37.  Voting place at Hoppers Ford Bridge on
Buck Creek.

Burdine Precinct No. 34.  Beginning at the old Angel Mill on Buck Creek,
thence to Robert Price not including, thence to George Harris including,
thence to June Raney including, thence to W.R. Burdine not including, thence
with the Old Ridge Road to Sandy Gap Road, thence with said road to Acorn
including farm of J.N. Mayfield, thence with the Crab Orchard and Sublimity
Road to Goodwater, thence west to David Vanhook's not including, thence to
Whetstone Creek to Elbert Langford place not including, thence to Andrew
Phelps not included, thence to Peter Inabnit place on Big Branch included,
thence down same to Buck Creek thence up Buck Creek to the beginning.  Voting
place near Perry Jackson's.

Mayfield Precinct No. 35.  Beginning at W.R. Burdine not included, thence to
James Cooper place not including, thence to Rockcastle County line, thence
with line to river, thence with Laurel County line to mouth of Turkey Creek,
thence to Crab Orchard and Sublimity Road at Goodwater, thence with Crab
Orchard and Sublimity Road excluding J.N. Mayfield farm, thence with Sandy
gap Road and Old Ridge Road to the beginning.  Voting place near Skip.

Bent Precinct No. 36.  Containing all the territory of what was formerly
contained in Bent Precinct No. 25, and voting place near Bent.

Nunnelly Precinct No. 37.  Containing all the territory of what was formerly
contained in Nunnelly Precinct No. 28.  Voting place near Nunnelly Springs.

Quentin Heights Precinct No. 38.  Containing all the territory of what was
formerly contained in Quentin Heights No. 36.  Voting place near Bearwallow.

Colo Precinct No. 39.  Containing all the territory of what was formerly
comprised in Colo Precinct No. 35, except that portion cut off to Simpson
Precinct the boundary of which is hereinafter set out.  Voting place near

Jugornout Precinct No. 40.  Containing all the territory of what was formerly
contained in Jugornout Precinct No. 29.  Voting place near Bridge.

Simpson Precinct No. 41.  Beginning at John Sam Mills included, thence to
Bratcher Graggs included, thence to John Kenney and Cy Colyer places
including, thence to John H. Hardwick farm included, thence to Sharper Ford
on Pitman Creek included, thence to Henry G. Brays included, thence to Enoch
Brenstons near old Colyer mine included, thence to Charles Meece included,
thence to William Mills not included, thence to Ped Graggs not included,
thence to the beginning.  Voting place near Ruth.

Burnside Precinct No. 42.  Containing all the territory within the corporate
limits of the city of Burnside and crossing Cumberland River and up same to
the mouth of Pitman Creek, thence up Pitman to the bridge, thence up Military
Road East to tunnel, thence a straight line to Sugartree Hollow, containing
William Meece, Henry Goff, J.C. Owen, thence down the river to the corporate
limits of the city.  Voting house at police court in Burnside.

Gamblin Precinct No. 43.  Beginning at South Fork River at the west corner of
the city of Burnside and thence with South Fork River south to Coney Brance
Mill, thence a straight line to mouth of Sugar Tree Hollow, thence with
Cumberland River to city limits of Burnside and thence with limits to
beginning.  Voting place at Tateville.

Bronston Precinct No. 44.  Containing all the territory of what was formerly
Bronston Precinct No. 31.  Except the South line which now begins at South
Fork River at the mouth of Bee Branch, thence running with Bee Brach in a
West course to Wayne County line.  Voting house at near Bronston.

Aderholdt Precinct No. 45.  Beginning at South Fork River at the mouth of Bee
Branch, thence running with Bee Branch South with South Fork River to Wayne
line, thence with Wayne line North to Bee Branch, thence with Bee Branch to
the beginning.  Voting place near Garland School House.

Sloans Valley Precinct No. 46.  Beginning at the mouth of Sugar Tree Hollow,
thence with said river to the mouth of Lick Branch, thence up said Lick
Branch to Sarah Meece's, not including, thence to Millar Hansford, not
including, thence to Huston Howard's, including, thence to William Hyden
place including, thence with McCreary Line, thence with said line to South
Fork, thence with South Fork to Caney Branch Mill, thence a straight line to
the beginning.  Voting place at Sloans Valley.

Beaver Precinct No. 47.  Containing all the territory formerly comprised in
Beaver Precinct No. 33.  Voting house near John Hyden's.

R.C. Tartar, J.P.C.C.
Attest: - C.M. Langdon, Clerk Pulaski County Court.  September 20th, 1920.

Election Officers Are Appointed By The Election Commissioners of Pulaski
County.  The Pulaski County Election Commissioners, Ben V. Smith, V.K. Logan
and Sheriff J.M. Weddle, met Monday and selected the following election
officers to serve at the October registration and November election:

Precinct 1:  O.L. Conyers, R.H. Pettus, Dem.; John Bryant, A.B. Waddle, Rep.

Precinct 2:  A.J. Crawford, W.D. Chestnut, Dem.; A.M. Mounce, C.B. Porch,

Precinct 3:  H.C. Day, W.H. Waddle, Dem.; J.T. Waddle, T.M. Scott, Rep.

Precinct 4: H.B. Johnson, G.T. Gooch, Dem.; J.J. Paul, H.E. Cundiff, Rep.

Precinct 5: Tom Lee, W.C. Norfleet, Dem.; J.P. Sears, Schuyler Hail, Rep.

Precinct 6: Jas. Colyer, Fred Keeney, Dem.; O.B. Haynes, W.A. Barker, Rep.

Precinct 7: R.T. Welch, M.F. Gossett, Dem.; J.H. Campbell, H.L. Lovelass,

Precinct 8: L.A. Gover, H.V. Cundiff, Dem.; J.L. Wynne, C.M. Hail, Rep.

Precinct 9:  Lum Allen, Ruf Leese, Dem.; Everett Love, Wm. Vanhook, Rep.

Precinct 10:  G.G. Waddle, O.B. Vaughn, Dem.; B.C. Lair, C.H. Cundiff, Rep.

Precinct 11: Wm. Taylor, W.C. Jones, Dem.; Dun Love, Alonzo Cundiff, Rep.

Precinct 12: Sim Pierce, Wm. Owens, Dem.; E.T. Wesley, Jas. Wallace, Rep.

Precinct 13: Jim Clark, Morris Vaught, Dem.; M.L. Barnett, C.H. Barnett, Rep.

Precinct 14: Estell Colyer, J.W. Kelley, Dem.; Lee Waddle, G.M. Harn, Rep.

Precinct 15: M.F. Wilson, Chumbly, A. Smith, Rep.

Precinct 16: Wm. Burton, Chas. Brown, Dem.; Henry Hyslop, Jas. Daulton, Rep.

Precinct 17: Chester Booth, C.S. Barker, Dem.; J.F. Muse, O.C. Trimble, Rep.

Precinct 18: R. Tartar, W.S. Molin, Dem.; L.B. Weddle, Robt. Tartar, Rep.

Precinct 19: W.H. Davenport, E.C. Kissel, Dem.; Clayton Adams, A.S. Deek,

Precinct 20: L.B. Sievers, Carl Barker, Dem.; Louis M. Tartar, Henry
Campbell, Rep.

Precinct 21: M.H. Lovelass, Sam Flynn, Dem.; John Ryan, Claude Dye, Rep.

Precinct 22: M.I. Jasper, J.D. Campton, Dem.; J.T. Eastham, Neil Wesley, Rep.

Precinct 23: Lafe Smith, R.A. Stroud, Dem.; Ester Wilson, S.L. Cox, Rep.

Precinct 24: L.D. Stringer, Albert Albright, Dem.; W.P. Graybeil, Clark
Moore, Rep.

Precinct 25: John Ware, Alex Stroud, Dem.; J.W. Harrington, Wm. Detherage,

Precinct 26: G.A. Estes, Jas. Acton, Dem.; T.W. McLaughlin, G.M. Todd, Rep.

Precinct 27: A.J. Black, J.C. Acton, Dem.; J.E. Vaught, Jas. Nelson, Rep.

Precinct 28: Jas. Doolin, Joe Norton, Dem.; Geo. Fletcher, Robt. Ping, Rep.

Precinct 29: W.G. Colson, A.G. Hamm, Dem.; Jas. Marline, Geo. McWilliams,

Precinct 30: Arthur Watson, Thos. Alexander, Dem.; Garfield Isaacs, Boyd
Step, Rep.

Precinct 31: W.H. Bates, G.W. Callahan, Dem.; Wesley Herrin, J.S. Stewart,

Precinct 32: Chas. Hood, Sam Crawford, Dem.; J.T. Price, O.L. Bullock, Rep.

Precinct 33: Geo. Smith, Boone Burton, Dem.; Oscar Catron, D.B. Wyrick, Rep.

Precinct 34: Vanloe McDonald, W.H. Williams, Dem.; Eli Farmer, Jeremiah
Smith, Rep.

Precinct 35: J.J. McDonald, J.F. Phelps, Dem.; Willie Chaney, Nathan Burdine,

Precinct 36: L.W. Bradley, T.K. Phelps, Dem.; Robt. L. Hail, J.L. Meese, Rep.

Precinct 37: Jack Waddle, Roy Jenkins, Dem.; J.B. Sears, W.A. Hail, Rep.

Precinct 38: J.B. Farmer, B.F. Baker, Rep.

Precinct 39: Walter Colyer, J.W. Brinson, Dem.; G.W. Meece, Sam Hines, Rep.

Precinct 40:  R.G. Hail, Jas. Coyer, Dem.: Jas. Hargis, W.F. Jones, Rep.

Precinct 41: Nathan Warren, Roscoe Jones, Dem.; Chas. Gragg, Marshal Simpson,

Precinct 42: J.M. Perkins, J.H. Vanhook, Dem.; A.C. French, G.M. Smith, Rep.

Precinct 43: Joe Lewis, M.C. Conner, Dem.; J.M. Tate, Will Bryant, Rep.

Precinct 44: Geo. Stigall, Robt. Brown, Dem.; J.B. Gover, Bryant Denney, Rep.

Precinct 45: J.P. Simpson, Elmer Flynn, Dem.; Israel Mayfield, A.S. Nicholas,

Precinct 46: R.O. Heath, Denton Doris, Dem.; B.T. Wallace, Chas. Cassada,

Precinct 47: Riley Campbell, Jacob Ballou, Dem.; L.L. Freeman, Jas. McDowell,

Hospital News.

Mr. Archie Taylor of Mintonville, an uncle of Mrs. A.W. Cain, was operated on
Monday for dropsy.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Godby, Sunday, the 19th, a baby girl.

Mr. Floyd Wilson of Jabez was operated on Monday for appendicitis.

Mrs. Phelps of Jamestown, mother of Mrs. Chas. Winfrey, was operated on
Sunday, the 19th, for gall stones.  They removed two gall stones.

Miss Lelia Gragg, who was brought to the hospital on last Friday is slowly

Lawrence Winchester of Fidelity who was operated on last week for abscess on
the leg, returned home Monday.

Miss Ellen Santafee had her tonsils removed Tuesday.

Mr. Setzer who was shot accidentally is improving nicely.

Miss Elsie Zimmerman has returned home from Zula, Ky., where she was nursing
a typhoid fever case.  Her patient recovered nicely.

Mrs. Eliza Sanders who had a stroke of apoplexy has recovered sufficiently to
be removed to her home in Portland, Oregon.  She will be accompanied by her
son, George Sanders, and wife and daughter Mrs. Holman, and son, Floyd.  She
will leave today.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. C.E. Haywood of Fowler, Kans., is visiting her old friend Mrs. Judith
Higgins.  This is the first time they have seen each other in 38 years.  Mrs.
Haywood and Mrs. Higgins will leave tomorrow for Lancaster where they will
visit old friends.

Mrs. Donnelly will leave Friday for her home in Springfield, Ohio, after a
visit at the home of her son Joe Donnelly.

Miss Fostine Cooper is spending the weekend in Danville with friends.

Mrs. Bourne Gover purchased the Willis property on East Columbia St., this
week.  She has rented it to some Danville citizens.

Mr. A.C. Schneider has purchased a building lot in Gibson Addition and will
soon start the erection of a beautiful home.

Dr. J.B. Scholl of Jabez, a might good Democrat, was in the city this week.

Dr. Green Cain has purchased the Waddle cottage on Columbia St.

F.E. Bradshaw, cashier of the First National Bank of Burnside, was in the
city Tuesday on business.  Mr. Bradshaw is one of Burnsides hustling young
business men and his bank is enjoying a splendid growth.

Miss M.J. Link has returned from a vacation spent in Chicago.

Mr. Thos. Robertson, Southern Sup't. of the Lucas E. Moore Stave Co., was in
the city to see his attorney Ben D. Smith this week.

Miss Stella Bryant is enjoying a vacation from her duties at the Farmers
National Bank and is visiting in Central Kentucky.

Mr. O.W. Swaim has charge of the Cumberland Sanitarium until a new manager is
appointed.  Mr. Ewing who has been in charge, resigned last week and will go
to work at the shops.  Mr. Swaim is still with the Somerset Undertaking Co.
and will only be at the Sanitarium until someone can be secured.

Miss Marietta Farrell has returned from a delightful vacation spent in
Central Kentucky and is back at her desk at the First National Bank.

Mrs. Fred Kopenhoefer has returned from Paintsville where she has been
visiting her daughter Mrs. John P. Hill.

Mrs. O. Willis came down from Lexington last weekend to visit her parents,
Judge and Mrs. Wm. Catron.

Miss Bessie Heeley is taking a vacation from her duties at the First National

Miss Katherine Baute and Mrs. H. Leubbing are new additions to the working
force at the First National Bank.

Arthur Bradshaw entered State University this week to complete his Junior

Mr. J.M. Richardson and his guest, T.H. Reed of Rushville, Ind., are enjoying
the week at the Lexington Country Club.

Col. Thos. M. Thatcher will leave next week for California where he will
visit his brother and other relatives.  He will go first to Los Angeles and
then to Berkley.  Before returning he will visit the place where he taught
school fifty years ago.  En route he will visit many places of interest.  He
will be gone about a month.

Will Clark purchased the home of Terrel Waddle this week and sold his home on
Maple St. to W.D. Gover.  He will get possession soon.

Miss Barthenia Sallee returned the first of the week from Danville.

Mrs. J.G. Clements of Danville was in Somerset Tuesday looking for a home. 
Mrs. Clements is the wife of Sup't. Clements and has many friends in Somerset
who are delighted to know that she and her husband are to make Somerset their

Curtis Winfrey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Winfrey, who is now in the Navy, is
home for a visit.

I.C. Collinsworth was in Nashville, Tenn., this week to see his son, Leo.

Joseph Claunch Jr. entered the State University this week.  He will take an
agricultural course.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Cundiff who have been living in Bethel, Ohio, returned to
Somerset this week.

Eugene Jasper left Sunday for Cincinnati where he has a position.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Roberts spent several days in Covington, the guests of Mrs.
Lettie Hidgeon.

Misses Lela and Mollie Lewis, Mrs. Ed Lane and Mr. R.D. Stephens were in
Cincinnati the first of the week.

Mrs. Margaret Zachery has returned to her home in Harrodsburg after a
pleasant visit with relatives here.

Mrs. Clay Miller and children of Mt. Sterling spent the weekend with Mr.
Miler who is in charge of the high school print shop.

Joe Holladay returned from a trip to Tennessee this week.

General Manager J.N. Cox of Gainesboro Telephone Co., spent several days in
the city with local manager Moore.

Mrs. H.M. King and daughter Mary Mitchell are visiting in Lexington.

Mrs. J.C. Rhodes has returned to her home in Danville after a visit with her

Miss Ruth Ashurst left Sunday to enter State University.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Willis and baby are visiting Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Willis.

Mrs. Louis Humpkey of Lebanon, Ky., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A.M. Parsons.

News was received yesterday of the arrival in Nicholasville of twin boys at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Conn.

Mrs. W.W. Carter of Danville spent the weekend with Mrs. Owen Goodloe.

Mrs. T.E. Horrell returned yesterday from a visit with relatives in

Mrs. W.J. Leonard of Bellefontain, Ohio, has been the guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Newton.

Mrs. D.B. Blevins and son Murrell and Mr. F.P. Mayhall of Chattanooga, Tenn.,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Will Clark.  These people have many friends in
Somerset who are always glad to see them.

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Higgins are moving into their home on College St. this

Misses Laura Daulton and Mary Glass of Danville have been the guests of Mrs.
O.B. Vaughn.

Mr. J.S. Cox, the furniture man, has been in Cincinnati this week on a
business trip.

Miss Elizabeth Stone is visiting relatives in Danville.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Warinner of Seventy Six, Ky., announce the engagement of
their daughter, Marjorie Meadows, to Mr. J. Colson McKeehan, of Somerset,
District Manager Inter Southern Life Insurance Co.  Mr. McKeehan is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. McKeehan of Corbin, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Warinner of Seventy Six, Ky., were in Somerset last
Saturday en route home after motoring to Danville and Lexington where they
place two daughters in Hamilton College and a son in Centre.  Mr. and Mrs.
Warinner also attended state fair in Louisville.  Mr. Warinner is one of the
most prominent business men in the mountains of Kentucky and his friends here
are always glad to see him.

Mrs. Clements will go to Somerset today for the purpose of finding a house. 
We regret to give up these good people, but congratulate Somerset on having
such additional to her citizenship as Supt. and Mrs. Clements.  Danville

Burnside.  Mrs. R.M. Phillippe had a severe attack of acute indigestion last
week but is much improved … R.W. Sutton was in Lexington Friday … Mrs. S.E.
Cooper visited Mrs. Roland Dougherty in Somerset last week … Crit Caddell of
Tateville was in town Saturday … J.A. Warriner and wife were at the Seven
Gables Saturday en route to their home from Lexington where they accompanied
their daughter to Hamilton College … Geo. Turpin, of Covington, was in town
Monday … Rev. Hawkins, new pastor of the Methodist Church, preached his first
sermon Sunday.  He is a teacher in Ashbury College …. Prof. O.E. Sauer and
several students of the class of Geology at Univ. of Michigan, who have been
camping at Mill Springs, assed through town Monday en route to Stearns for
more study and observation … Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Short of Oakdale were in town
over Sunday … Mrs. W.W. Rew was in Oakdale last weekend … Miss Ollie Brown
and Pierce Davis were married Friday evening by Rev. J.E. Fulton … The
baseball team played Stearns Sunday and was defeated in the sixth inning by a
score of 2 to 1.  Night came on they could not finish … Miss Etta McClaskey
is visiting in Jonesboro, Ark. … Miss Ethel Tuttle is visiting at Mill
Springs this week … Mrs. T.C. Neal of Livingston, Mont., is the guest of Mrs.
R.O. Lewis at the Seven Gables … Miss Mae T. Brown was called to Cincinnati
on account of the illness of her aunt … J.C. Ladd, Naval Recruiting Officer
was in town Monday … The Eastern Star held their annual installation service
Friday evening.  Mrs. J.H. Selvidge was made Worthy Matron and W.W. Rew
Worthy Patron … The revival services at the Christian Church are being well
attended and much interest manifested Bro. Halder is a consecrated preacher …
Miss Elizabeth Allen spent Sunday in Somerset … Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Elliott and
son are visiting in Celina, Tenn. … John Dudley Sloan was very ill this week …
 Lloyd Fitzgerald has left to enter State College … Ollie C. Vanhook is
improving very much … Narvel Marcum has again entered State College … E.C.
Elliott has accepted a position with the Cumberland Grocery Co. .. W.J.
Davidson has been confined to his room with an attack of bronchitis … Mr. and
Mrs. John W. Sloan were in Somerset Monday … Mrs. J.H. Selvidge and son were
in Monticello Monday … Rev. J.E. Fulton was in Somerset Monday … Mrs. Chas.
Hardwick and daughter, Mrs. Flynn of Quinton, have moved here for the winter
.. Misses Irene Kelsay, Elsie Rankin and Nina Beaty motored to Monticello for
the afternoon Friday .. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hardwick of Somerset were visiting
relatives here this week … Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Montgomery returned Sunday from
a visit in Russell, Clinton and Adair Counties … F.E. Bradshaw was in
Somerset last Tuesday .. J.M. Mitchell spent Sunday with his family .. Robert
Rout, traveling salesman for Tunis Co. of Lexington was in town Tuesday.

Nevelsville.  Rev. Casada and Rev. New attending the association at Dripping
Springs … Sam Keith and family spent Sunday at C.M. Keith's … James Owens
and family visited John Nevels Sunday … Louis Casada visited C.M. Keith
Sunday .. C.M. Keith is confined to his bed with rheumatism … Ethel and
Mattie Nevels visited Clara and Elba Keith Sunday … Elbert and Dora New spent
Sunday with J. New … Mrs. John New and Effie New visited Alice Keith Friday …
 Lonie Branchome and Addie Griffis visited at John Nevels last week .. School
has closed at Greengrove on the account of the teacher resigning.

Ruth.  Miss Jennie Tomlinson is visiting at Norwood … Mrs. Vestal Shadoan
visited her parents Saturday night .. Mrs. H.G. Bray is improving … the
infant of H.G. Bray is about recovered .. John Holson and family spent
Saturday with Amanda Cook.

Acorn.  Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Barnes are home from Kansas on a visit … Mr. and
Mrs. R.R. Williams visited at Conrard Saturday and Sunday .. "Uncle" Miles
Hawk celebrated his eighty-second birthday anniversary with a dinner on the
13th inst. … Mr. and Mrs. Willie Whitaker have returned to Indianapolis …
Wildrew and Floe Cottingin spent Saturday and Sunday at Mr. Wm. Williams …
Mrs. Walter Burdine visited relatives at Skip last weekend .. Miss Eliza
Williams and Miss Myrtle Cottingin visited at John Cottingin's Monday … Mrs.
J.B. Barnes and Miss Iva Mayfield attended church at Bethany Sunday … "Uncle"
Alfred Whitaker is building a new house for Jim Chaney … School is
progressing nicely at the Ridge, with Miss Ina Smotherman as teacher.

Pisgah.  Miss Grace Frisbie spent Tuesday night with Thelma Claunch .. Mr.
and Mrs. Cris Casada and children have returned to their home in Oilton,
Okla.  They were accompanied by his sister Miss Zona Casada … Misses Linnie
and Amanda Newell visited in Danville last week .. Miss Vina Tucker is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Chas. Hall of Pulaski .. Mrs. Nan Gholson has
returned from Monticello where she has been visiting .. Mrs. E.S. Heaton has
returned from a visit with her daughter Mrs. George Reese … Mrs. D.S. Claunch
called on Mrs. E.S. Heaton Thursday afternoon … Mr. J. Hall is on the sick
list at this writing … Mrs. Glen Heaton and little daughter Beulah visited
Mrs. D.S. Claunch on Tuesday .. Mrs. C.O. Heaton and little son, Hayes,
visited Mrs. John Tucker Thursday … Miss Thelma Claunch and Christine Neeley
called on Mrs. Jim Cowan Thursday .. Fletcher Gover of Cedar Grove visited
his brother S.O. Gover last week .. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stiall visited his
parents Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Stigall on Wednesday .. Misses Angie and Christine
Neeley visited Miss Thelma Claunch one day last week .. Mrs. John Tucker and
children motored to Pulaski Tuesday and spent the day with her brother.

Norwood.  Henry Girkey and family visited relatives at Nancy last week … Mrs.
Lawrence Dungan of Danville is visiting Mrs. Joe Dungan .. John Hood who has
been in the Hospital for treatment is at home … John Dungan and wife of
Science Hill, visited A.R. Dungan Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. A.J. May left
Thursday for a few weeks visit with her mother in North Carolina .. Lena
Keith has returned to her school at Burnside … Several from here attended the
Nazerine assembly at Lexington last week.

Pleasant Hill.  Aunt Emoline Godby, of Bethlehem, is spending a few weeks  at
the home of Harvey Godby … Wm. Owens sold a mule at Somerset last Saturday
for $100 … Mrs. Luther Scales and baby of Cincinnati have returned home after
a pleasant visit with friends here … Michael Hines brought a calf from M.F.
Ashley for $25 … Terrel Godsey spent a few days of last week at Kings
Mountain on business .. Little Eva Godby is very sick at this writing … Mr.
and Mrs. Edd Sinkhorn of Danville visited relatives here last week … Alzonza
Turpen returned home on Monday from New Castle, Ind., where he has been
working for several months .. Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Maxey and son spent from
Wednesday until Friday at the home of Dock Ashley.  They motored down from
Danville in their new car … Coral Humble sold a team of work mules for $580 …
 Mr. and Mrs. James Stowe returned to their home in Cincinnati, Sunday … Miss
Mable Hopper has returned home from a pleasant visit with friends at
Broadhead … Wm. Huey left Sunday for Indianapolis, Ind., to work .. Willie
Fisher has been very ill, but is reported some better … Mr. and Mrs. A.C.
Baker and little daughter of Ringgold, Telitha Ashley and Finlay Adams were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ashley … Mrs. Ora Godsey is slowly
improving .. J.H. Girdler and family and Jess Garner and wife spent Sunday
with Aunt Lucy Girdler … Our little town is still growing, several new houses
are going up and we are having a good school which is being taught by H.H.
Smith and Miss Edith Carney … Wedding bells are ringing again, this time for
Wm. Ashley and Miss Clara Girdler.  They surprised their many friends by
going to the home of Rev. J.M. Harmon, September 12 and were joined in happy
wedlock.  We wish them much joy through life.

Hogue.  Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Adams spent the day Wednesday at Mr. W.M. Roy's of
Bethlehem … Mrs. Marion Godby and children visited the family of Mr. J.S.
Jones of Beech Grove last Monday .. Mr. Jorn Leigh of Cincinnati sent a few
days of last week with Mr. Enoch Pitman .. The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
Harlan Vaught who is quite ill of pneumonia fever is slowly improving .. Mrs.
Ellen Taylor and granddaughter Miss Mae of Beech Grove, spent the weekend at
Mr. Millard Roy's … Misses Lula and Ida Pitman were Saturday night guests of
Miss Laura Godby .. Mr. Silas Meece began a class of vocal music at King Bee
last Saturday night … The Adams girls spent Sunday at Mr. Dock Dick's … The
four weeks old son of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Gaddis has pneumonia .. Several from
here spent Sunday at Sardis … Mrs. J.D. Hendricks is on the sick list.

Trimble.   Rev. Willie Jones and Sam Marcum are conducting revival meetings
at Podder Shock … Mr. and Mrs. E. Muse were the guests of her parents on
Monday … Mr. Farrie Jones left Wednesday for the Bluegrass … Misses Ella and
Lena Vanhooser were guests of Miss Edith Taylor, Sunday . Miss Lou Weaver was
the guest of Mrs. Malinda Barker one day last week … Rev. C.C. Burton has
returned home from Hiway, where he has been conducting a revival.

Ingle.  Everybody at Ingle is busy in their corn .. Molasses making is in
progress in this neighborhood … Mrs. Elizabeth Allen is no better at this
writing … The hail and rain of last Saturday night did great damage to
tobacco and corn in this vicinity … Miss Nell Lane of Ingle is visiting in
Casey County this week … P.A. Lane and sons visited at A.J. Lane's Saturday
night and Sunday … The little infant of Fred Tartar of Faubush, fell and
broke its neck last Friday evening … A.T. Roy entertained a large crowd
Sunday evening with a singing … Jodie Dause and family were the guests of
Jacob Dause Sunday … A.J. Lone and family were the guests at S.V. Kissee's
Sunday … Garfield Tartar and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a new
baby girl at their home.

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