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Excerpts from the Interior Journal

Interior Journal

Pulaski Column

Edited by Will. C. Curd

Somerset, Ky., September 22, 1872

Summary of Town News

J.W. McBeath, of the firm of Jones & McBeath, left for Louisville on Friday 

morning last, for the purpose of purchasing his fall stock of goods.  Mr. 

McBeath is an experienced merchant and you may rest assured that upon his 

return he will display a splendid and well selected stock of goods.

We notice several new hands engaged on the Court House foundation.  The work 

is progressing as rapidly as possible.  The committee are doing every thing 

in their power toward a speedy completion of the building.

Meece and Tate has branched, and are now with a portion of their goods 

occupying the corner store room opposite the Ingram House, formerly occupied 

by Inman & Owens.  Mr. John Tate will continue at the old stand, and 

"Morriay" and Robert Tate will take charge of the new one.  We wish them 

success. They are very reliable, enterprising business men.

The past two weeks has been a very busy and laborious time with the legal 

profession of town, taking depositions, while it is hoped that a number of 

our old suits will be submitted for judgment during the present term.

Sol Turpen is now engaged butchering cattle for our market, and is supplying 

our citizens with an extra quality of beef.  Uncle Jake is also engaged in 

the same business, at his old stand, and also furnishes good meat.


On Monday, the 22nd Inst., at the residence of his father, Wm. Waddle, near 

Somerset, Benjamin P. Waddle, aged 12 years, of spotted fever.  Also, in 

Somerset, on the evening of the 21st inst., John M. Hooper, aged 3 years, son 

of Spencer Hooper, of chronic diarrhea.

Circuit Court

Commenced this morning, Judge F.T. Fox, presiding.  Lawyers present, R.M. and 

W.O. Bradley, and M.H. Owsley, of Lancaster; J.E. Hays, Jamestown; John S. 

Van Winkle, Danville; Jas. W. Alcorn, C.W. Lester, John Smith and J.C. 

Watkins, Williamsburg; J. Goodwin, Pineville; and all the legal profession of 

Somerset.  The following cases have been continued until next term.  Against 

Bridgewater, James McPherson and Tarlton Thompson.

A very large crowd attending court and transacting business of various kinds. 

 Mules and mule traders numerous, and quite a number of mule colts sold to 

Josh B. Kendrick, J. Oats, M.P. Sallee and others of Wayne county, at prices 

ranging from $40 to $70.

Sale of County Bonds

Proceeds of which are to be expended in the building of our new Court House, 

reported as follows:

W.F. Evans      $10,000 at 2 

W.N. Owens          1,500 at 2 ½

S.A. Newell         1,000 at 1 (?)

Kezziah Farcis         500 at 3 

Susie E. Gillmore          500 at 3 

John Frasier              500 at 3

Dr. Geo. Perkins          500 at 2

J.H. Girdler              500 at 2 

Making in the aggregate, $15,000 worth sold.

A number of good horses and aged mules were also sold here today, at fair 

prices, to J.R. Ingram, J.C. Paiton and others, for the Southern market.

Cholera at Jamestown, Ky.

We learn from J.E. Hays, that the cholera made its appearance in Jamestown on 

last Friday week, and among the citizens attacked are N.D. Stone, Esq., and 

the Jailer of the county.  Several deaths have occurred, all of whom were 

colored persons.  When Mr. Hays left, Mr. Stone was lying in a critical 


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