Burnside.  J.J. Crutcher and Bob Sutton spent Wednesday evening in Somerset
attending the fair …. Mr. Harry Rankin of Pittsburg and Miss Francis Rankin
of Washington were dinner guests of Mrs. L.M. Cheely Wednesday … Harry Gundle
and Edgar Johnson were in Somerset calling on their best girls Wednesday
evening … W.W. Rew and wife attended the fair this week .. Miss Edna Rankin
who is teaching in government school at Camp Dix, was in town for a short
time Tuesday … Dr. Parrigin was over from Monticello calling on his patients
here Thursday … Mrs. Dump Carter is ill and will undergo an operation at the
Gamblin hospital this week … Rev. Myron Dick is spending the week with his
wife at Deputy, Ind. … Theodore Owens has typhoid fever is improving .. Miss
May Todd Brown is ill this week .. Miss Lou Newell and Mrs. Eph Newell of
Moreland are the delightful guests of Mrs. Sam Weaver … Miss Ruth Harvey is
visiting in Somerset … Miss Margaret Denney of Bronston was in town Thursday.
 She will leave soon for Hamilton College .. Mrs. Harry Waite, Mrs. Sam
Weaver and their guests spent Tuesday with Mrs. John Denney of Bronston …
Miss Doma Phillippi is getting in a full line of lovely fall hats. Call and
see them … Miss Effie Rankin and Graham Davidson attended the fair hop
Wednesday night … Mrs. O.P. Tucker of Danville is visiting her mother Mrs.
John Fitzgerald … A.O. Philips and Miss Katheryn were in Somerset attending
the fair, Wednesday … George Parker Taylor and Steele Dudley returned Tuesday
from Cincinnati after a weeks visit with William Dolbey … Mr. and Mrs. J.W.
Sloan and their guests motored to Monticello Tuesday afternoon … Miss Edna
Young is spending her vacation with relatives in Owensboro and Elkton, Ky. …
Miss Bess Goggin was the weekend guest of Mrs. R.O. Lewis .. Miss Ethel
Tuttle has returned home after an extended stay in Cincinnati … Miss
Elizabeth Allen and Mr. Tom Powell of Monticello, attended the fair, Friday …
Mr. Glen Tate of Tateville was in town Friday evening, calling on Miss Mina
Beatty … The many friends of Miss Irene Kelsay will be glad to know that she
is able to be out again after a long illness … Miss Margaret Ellis spent
Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. J.W. Sloan … Miss Ollie C. Vanhook is visiting
friends at McKinney this week … Citizens of Burnside are mighty glad to hear
that work is soon to begin on the approach to Pitman Bridge .. Prof. Webb new
principal of the school, has arrived and will begin school Tuesday morning,
September 7 … The misses Prater, Bradshaw, Perry and Meece are at the hotel. 
They will teach in the school this year … Burnside ball team played the
Somerset boys Sunday afternoon.  Score was 1 to 8 in favor of Burnside …
School opened Tuesday morning with a complete faculty and a goodly number of
patrons.  We have a good principal and set of teachers this year an dif the
patrons and children will cooperate as they should we will have a fine

Eubanks.  Rev. Boyd preached an interesting sermon at the M.E. Church last
Sunday night … Mr. and Mrs. N. Stadtman of Cincinnati, Ohio, spent a week
with relatives of this place … Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Gooch of Crab Orchard, Ky.,
came down Sunday for the family reunion held at F.P. Hay's … Rev. A.K. Gooch
filled his regular appointment at Poplar Hill, Ky., Sunday … Harry Rockel and
Laurel Carter returned to their home in Cincinnati after a short stay with
relatives and friends … Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Action, Miss Aline Godby and Mr.
E.L. Gooch attended the funeral of Mr. Alexander at Somerset, Monday … Mr.
and Mrs. Wallace Oliver and children have been visiting relatives here ..
Alfred Barber has returned home .. We are very glad to hear Mrs. Lawrence Lee
is improving … Mrs. Ira Grey of East Chattanooga, Tenn., spent a few days
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy McMullen returned home Monday after a
short visit with their parents of this place … Mrs. J.R. Nelson is in
Cincinnati buying her fall goods … Mrs. I.T. Wheeldon left Sunday for Indiana
on a two weeks visit .. Several from here attended the ball game at Kings
Mountain Sunday … Mr. Taylor Wesley and family returned to their home in
Louisville after a visit with relatives of this place … Several of the young
people were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Gooch on Wednesday
evening giving in honor of Harry Rockel and Miss Eva Wilder … Miss Reca Acton
delightfully entertained with a party several of her friends Friday evening,
given in honor of her cousin Miss Edna Herin of Cincinnati … Ira Tilford has
returned home.

Hogue.  Mr. Columbus Blevins has returned home from Holton, Kansas … Harlan
Hodge and family of Cincinnati spent last week with his father Joe Hodge ..
Miss Rhetta Adams was a guest of Ada Burton on Sunday night .. There was a
spelling here at Center Post last Friday night … Mrs. Andrew Blevins and sons
visited her mother Mrs. Mary Dick Saturday night … Perry Irvine of Kansas has
returned home after a short visit here … Rutherford Adams bought from Quince
Wesley of Mangum a milch cow for $70 … Misses Ada Burton, Vera and Nancy West
were Sunday visitors at A.J. Adams .. Lansas, a small son of Mr. and Mrs.
Aaron Hendricks is quite ill at this writing .. Andrew Adams of Cincinnati
spent a few days of last week with his father Geo. W. Adams .. Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Roy have moved to Science Hill … Several from here attended the fair
at Somerset .. Mrs. Susie Smith of Kansas visited her brother James Randolph
last week … Marten Hayes has returned home from Cincinnati … Mrs. Agnes
Wesley is quite ill at this writing … Chester Adams has returned to his work
in Cincinnati after spending two weeks with home folks … Few from here
attended church at Beech Grove last Sunday night.

Wilson's Chapel.  Road work is progressing nicely on the Ansel Road .. Mrs.
W.R. Robbins and Mrs. Chester Hall visited Mrs. M.F. Wilson, Sunday .. Mr.
and Mrs. J.B. Girdler visited their daughter Mrs. Aaron Cox of Ansel Sunday …
Earl Wilson of this place is talking of going to Parmleysville, Ky., to work
.. Oscar, Estle and Homer Wilson visited their uncle W.S. Wilson, of Ansel,
Saturday night … John Wilson has been on the sick list for the last few days …
 Maud Wilson, Vina Manning and Dortha Godby spent Sunday evening with George

Pointer.  Quite a large crowd visited at J.W. Ware's Sunday … Several from
this vicinity attended the Somerset fair … Everett Allen and wife and
daughter Pearl, visited his uncle, Thomas Price, Saturday night and Sunday …
V. Pyles family is on the sick list at this writing .. J.W. Ware and wife
were the guests of his son, Otely ware, Sunday afternoon .. Hobart Ware of
Farmer City, Ill., is visiting his father J.W. Ware, and friends … The Church
at Piney Grove Saturday and Sunday was well attended … Mr. Frank Vance and
wife are here from Illinois visiting her father, Melvin Redmond .. Clem J.
Collins was the guest of Anna Ware Sunday afternoon … Everett Redmond who has
been working at Cincinnati returned home Friday .. Miss Carnela Redmond, who
has been working in Indiana for some time, attended the fair and is visiting
relatives … Bill Dodson and wife visited at W.R. Redmond's Saturday night …
Miss Gertie Ware visited Minnie Anderson, Thursday …. Sue Anderson was the
guest of Bertha Ware Wednesday afternoon … Born to the wife of Otely Ware, a
boy.  Otely is all smiles … Miss Julia Ware and Oscar Hargis attended the
Somerset Fair.

Acorn.  Miss Myrtle Cottingim is home from Indianapolis on a visit .. Rev.
Boyd preached at "Aunt" Polly Carlton's Sunday … Mrs. Mary Hays and children
of Indianapolis are visiting relatives here … Sam Mayfield of Somerset spent
Saturday and Sunday with home folks … J.S. Morgan is home from Virginia on a
visit … Several from here attended the pie supper at Clifty school house
Friday night.  A big time was reported … Mr. and Mrs. Willie Whitaker are vi
siting home folks … Mrs. Rosabell Lawson visited Mrs. Vada McDonald Monday …
Mrs. Hattie Mayfield entertained several visitors Sunday afternoon .. R.R.
Williams was in Somerset Saturday on business.

Oak Hill.  Mrs. Lula Frisbie and little daughter Evelyn and Mrs. Lucy Lorton
who have been visiting Mrs. Mollie Foster of Danville returned home Sunday …
Mr. and Mrs. John Foster and son Tom, motored from Danville to Mrs. Lula
Frisbie's Friday … Miss Grace Frisbie and Miss Desda Flynn who have been
visiting Miss Mae Frisbie have returned to their home … Miss Mae Frisbie was
the guest of Miss Angie Neeley Saturday night … Miss Ira and Maude Frisbie
visited Mildred Barnett Saturday evening … Mr. and Mrs. John Hall, Mrs. Lucy
Lorton, Mildred and Anna Barnett all visited at Mrs. Lula Frisbie's Sunday
afternoon … Myrtle Combest and Everett Bryant were united in marriage
September 2. They are making their home at Mrs. Bryant's at the present time …
 Misses Grace Frisbie and Desda Flynn were guests of Angie Neeley Wednesday
evening … Mrs. Nan Gholson is visiting her children in Wayne County that past
week … Miss Laura Burton of Bud, Ky., is visiting her sister Mrs. Nellie

Pleasant Hill.  Mr. and Mrs. James Stone of Cincinnati are spending a few
days with relatives here .. Benton Maxey of Danville spent Wednesday night
with his mother Mrs. Cynthia Ashley, who is quite ill … Several from here
attended the Somerset Fair last week … Lafayette Claunch and wife of
Lexington were weekend guests of her mother, Mrs. Neeley … Robert Burton will
begin building a new dwelling house this week … Miss Mabel Hopper and Mrs.
Julia Cash left on Thursday to spend a few weeks with friends at Broadhead …
G.P. Neikirk is having a cement block house erected on his farm here .. Miss
Nora Girdler of Ludlow spent a few days of last week with relatives here ..
Mr. Johnson is building an addition to his dwelling house … Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Prather of Dogwood, visited relatives here last week … Miss Emma Vaught
returned to her work at Cincinnati Sunday.

Shafter.  John Andy Girdler is ill with typhoid fever … Rev. Abbott will
begin a meeting at Pleasant Hill, Thursday night … The fine calf of Eulon
Dunagan took first prize at the county fair … The nice horse of Otis Bolin
died Thursday night.  It took second prize in the fancy turnout Thursday …
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Cassada of Frazier visited her sister Callie Bolin
Thursday … Coy Abbott and Mable Claunch stole away to Tennessee Wednesday and
were married … The report of Joe Woolridge says he got married Thursday to
Effie McBeath …  Alvin Girdler sold his horse to Coral Humble and bought a
pair of mules … Louis F. Vaughn and Sallie Mills went to Tennessee last
Tuesday and were married.  Mr. Vaughn is a son of W.J. Vaughn and served in
the late ware two years.  The bride is a daughter of Robert Mills. A highly
educated lady and so lovely is the couple that all their friends wish them
much joy and a long life.

Possum Trot.  Jim Stone and wife of Cincinnati are home on a visit … Miss
Lena Keith is visiting home folks … E.J. Stone is getting ready to move on
J.G. Cundiff's farm … Mr. and Mrs. Hopper Roy have returned from a visit in
Russell County … Walter Lay had a horse to die the other day … Logan Hines
and family of Somerset spent Sunday with his sister … Mr. Brent Lay is
selling out, a sale on everything … Millie Humble spent Thursday night with
Hattie Jasper … Miss Barnes and family are visiting Sam Barnes … Sam Ralborn
and wife spent a few days with his mother last week … Elmore Johnson visited
his uncle here last week … Mrs. James Humble of Wayne County is visiting her
son at this place … Miss Beulah Prather of Indiana is visiting her sister
here … Lora Girdler is visiting her cousin Florence Stone … Mr. Ashley is no
better at this writing … Henry Humble and son of Illinois, Ike Humble and
Shelby Johnson called on R.H. Humble, Monday.

Clear Fork.  Quite a number attended church at this place Sunday … Mrs. Speed
Adams is very ill at this writing … Mrs. Mary Osborne visited her sister Mrs.
Ella Griffin one night last week … Exie Eubanks is at home on a visit for a
few weeks … Several from here are getting ready to attend the fair this week …
 Miss Charmie Adkins is very ill at this writing.

Ingle.  Farmers in this vicinity are busy working in their tobacco … Mrs.
Elizabeth Allen is no better at this writing … The saw mill of Cooper S.
Tarter broke down  Tuesday.  They will close down for a few days until it is
repaired … Mrs. Flossie Kissee is better at this writing.

State Branch.  Encil Floyd and family visited James Keeny Sunday … Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Vaughn and Miss Pearl Vaught were the guests of Miss Gradie
Simpson Sunday afternoon … Mr. John Jasper and family of Abbott, Miss., is
visiting here … Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cundiff of Oak Hill visited his brother
here Friday … Isaac Cundiff of Illinois is visiting relatives here … Fred
Ashbrook is going to Arizona for his health … James Cundiff continues very
ill … J.P. Hudson and family attended a birthday dinner at Ferguson Sunday …
Mrs. Peggie Sheppard is visiting her brother in Tenn. … Sam Marcum and family
visited John Hudson's Sunday … Jennie Johnston departed this life August 24. 
She was 82 years of age and was the wife of Joseph Johnston, deceased.  She
had been ill for several years, but bore her suffering with patience until
the end.  She was the mother of six children, two sons and four daughters,
Mrs. Kate Vaughn, of Oxford, Ind.; Mrs. Rhimer Turner of Ansonia, Ohio; Mrs.
Pauline McBeal of Rankin, Ill.; Mr. Add Johnston of Hustonville, Ky.; Mrs.
Mollie Cundiff and Mr. John Johnston who reside here.  She was laid to rest
in the family graveyard.  Earth has lost its look of gladness; Heaven seems
to us more bright, since the spirit of our dear mother took her happy
homeward flight.  And we long to cross the river, Long to rest upon the
shore; There to see and know and love her, With the Savior evermore.  But
since she could no longer Stay to cheer us with her love; We hope to be with
her again.  In yon bright world above … Willie Mayfield and wife visited
James Dauton Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell of Rossburg, Ohio, have
been visiting friends and relatives here for the past week and attending the
fair … John Johnston visited Mollie Cundiff Thursday … Sam Marcum and family
attended church at Delmar, Sunday … Doretta Mills is visiting at Trimble.

Soules Chapel.  Rev. Wells is away attending conference … Mrs. Georgia Hunter
and Exie Eubanks returned to Cincinnati Sunday … J.W. Parker spent Sunday and
C.T. Cundiff … Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Smith visited Mrs. Henry Gilmore Sunday
evening … Misses Helen and Lillian Cundiff spent Sunday with Lera and Marie
Colyer … Mr. J.P. Colyer and C.T. Cundiff purchased new cars last week .. A
meeting began at Rock Lick Sunday night .. Willie Gover returned to
Cincinnati Thursday … Ralph Smith motored to Stanford Sunday … Mrs. Israel
Harmon was in a wreck last week and got her collar bone broken and is very
ill … Jay Colyer went up in the airplane Sunday evening … Miss Bessie
Williams spent the weekend in town … Charles Meece and daughter Bessie of
Danville, Ky., are visiting relatives here … Mrs. Bee Gover of Hustonville is
at her brother's Bob Perkins .. Mrs. Bill Keyes left Saturday night to join
Mr. Keyes in Bowling Green, Ky.

Sweeney's Chapel.  Mrs. Esau Right, who has been ill, is improving … Mr. Geo.
Davidson and son Dewey, of Jellico, Tenn., are visiting relatives in this
vicinity … Wallace Cundiff and wife, Mrs. Ada Baker and children and McKinley
Cundiff are visiting their mother Mrs. Polk Cundiff … Joe Russell sold his
farm to Mr. Hawk of Tenn., for ten thousand, five hundred dollars … Mrs.
Florida Davidson's residence was struck by lightening and badly damaged last
Monday night … Flonna Cox is better at this writing … J.W. Davidson visited
Walter Cox last Sunday .. Miss Eubanks of Cincinnati visited Thelma Vaught
last week and attended the Somerset Fair … Eliza Vaught of Somerset is
visiting at G.E. Vaught's … Thelma Vaught entered school at Somerset, Monday.

Pina Grove.  Crops are looking fine in this vicinity … Mr. and Mrs. Otely
Ware are rejoicing over a fine boy … Hobart Ware of Farmer City, Ill., is
visiting friends and relatives here and attended the fair .. Clarence
Rainwater visited his sister, Mrs. Mollie Jasper at Ringgold and attended the
Somerset fair .. Hobart Ware was the guest of Edd Doss Sunday night … Mr. and
Mrs. Bill Dolson of Edmonson County are visiting friends and relatives in
this vicinity.

Oil Center.  Miss Myrtle Ellis of Luretha was called to the bedside of her
mother who is seriously ill with typhoid fever … Mr. Wiley McDonnell is
seriously ill at this writing … Mr. Noah Griffin visited his mother Saturday
and Sunday .. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Beasley visited P.H. Lane Saturday and

Elrod.  George Price has returned home from Dayton, Ohio, on account of the
illness of his mother … Wade Bumgardner has returned home from Hamilton, Ohio
… Mrs. Logan DeBord and children visited at W.H. Bumgardner's Sunday night …
Mr. George Davidson of Prudent, Tenn., is visiting relatives at this place …
Mr. John Morris died August 29.  His body was taken to Red Hill cemetery for
burial.  We extend much sympathy to the bereaved family in the loss of a
husband and father … The pie supper at Silver Star school house progressed
nicely Friday night … Miss Lucie Colyer and Leyman Colyer visited at Cy
Sutton's Friday evening.

Pisgah.  Mrs. Frank Wait is visiting relatives here and attended the fair
last week .. Zeno Hudson and family of Illinois are visiting Sam Cowan's ..
The Frisbie girls spent Friday night with Thelma Claunch … Miss Nannie Lee is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Carl Heinecke .. Miss Desta Powers spent Monday
evening with Miss Thelma Claunch … Mrs. E.S. Heaton is spending a few days
with her daughter Mrs. George Reese … Mrs. Norris has returned to her home in
Tenn. after spending two weeks with her daughter Mrs. C.O. Heaton … Misses
Margaret and Ruth Tucker of Indiana are visiting relatives here … Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Campbell of Rossberg, Ohio, visited Granville Larton last week …
Mrs. Norris of Tenn., Mrs. E.S. Heaton, Miss Cassie Gordon and Mrs. C.O.
Heaton called on Mrs. D.S. Claunch, Wednesday … Logan Walter and Jack Goggin
of Danville are visiting relatives and friends here … T. Gholson of Wayne
County visited his mother Mrs. Nan Gholson last week.

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