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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, August 27, 1920.

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Second Section with Community News

Letter to Journal.  Dear Sir:  Please change my address to Camp Lewis, Washington, as we are moving there next week and I certainly do not want to miss an issue of your paper.  You certainly are getting out a wonderful paper and to read it makes one think that he is almost in the "Queen City of the Mountains."  By the way, my Commanding Officer, Col. G.H. Williams, was with Colonel Chas. Morrow and the 27th Infantry in Siberia.  He says Col. Morrow is one of the best officers in the army.  Very truly yours, Joseph H. Hussing, 1st. Lieut., 58th Infantry.

Store Robbed.  Burglars broke into the store of Elmer Hughes last Thursday night and helped themselves to $100 in cash, several checks and quite a little merchandise.  Admittance was gained through the rear of the store.

Numerous Wrecks.  Freight wrecks are becoming quite numerous in the upper pat of the state on the Southern Railway, according to reports.  Wrecks appear to be almost daily occurrences.  About six wrecks have occurred during the past week or ten days but none of them have been of a very serious nature.  Last week four cars were wrecked on the Cincinnati Southern  at Faulconer's Station, five more north of Danville, where they jumped the track, two of them turning over, but little damage was done to the tracks or the cars.  No one was hurt.  Traffic was delayed for several hours.  Also, it is said, on the Louisville Southern road at McBrayer Station, near Nicholasville, the car trucks under one car on a freight train broke and it required a delay of four hours in traffic.  There have been two freight wrecks near High Bridge the past few days and one at Jessamine, near Nicholasville.  And it is reported that on the St. Louis division of the Southern four freight cars were derailed at Princeton, Ind.

Daughter Wins Suit.  Mrs. Elizabeth Dillion was given a verdict for $2,000 against her mother Mrs. Bettie Broadus in the Lincoln Circuit Court at Stanford last week.  She sued for $20,000, charging that her mother had slandered her.  The mother is a sister of the late Colonel A. M. Swope, of Lexington, and an aunt of Congressman King Swope.

A message from Broomfield, Ky., says six men, with a rubber hose siphoned eighteen gallons of whiskey from barrels in McClaskey warehouse the other night into milk cans and escaped just as guards came into view.  Advices from Fairfield say sixty gallons of whiskey were stolen there from McKenna warehouse.


Hospital Notes.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carter, August 22, a girl.

Cecil Whitis, who has been seriously ill, is much improved.

Miss Marie Tandy, who underwent an operation for appendicitis, is getting along nicely.

Mrs. Weddle, who has been in the hospital for the past three weeks, is able to return to her home at Hustonville.

Mr. Rich of Monticello, who has been in the sanitarium, has recovered sufficiently to return to his home.

Miss Mae Whitson is nursing Mr. J.F. Tandy who is seriously ill at his home on Hawkins Ave.

Marriage Licenses.

The following marriage licenses have been issued since last issue:  Walter Crabtree to Opal C. Dugger; Robert E. Herald and Louise Garrett; Louis Whitaker and Effie Whitson; Wm. O. Stigall and Telia Roberts; Wm. Fount Godsey and Helen Colyer; Roy K. Gover and Pauline E. Smith.

Will Be Here.  Governor Edwin P. Morrow has written Secretary Hicks that he will be here the second day of the fair which has been designated as Governor's Day.  Mrs. Morrow will accompany him.  They will spend several days in Somerset with relatives.

Personal Mention.
Mr. and Mrs. Logan Wood, of Danville, Mrs. Claunch and daughter of Somerset, Mrs. John G. Lynn and sons of Danville, Mrs. John Mount of Atlanta and Miss Cecil Conten of Tampa, Fla., were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Lynn Sunday - Stanford Interior Journal.

Miss Jennie Springfield of Chattanooga, Tenn., returned to her home Monday after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Thomas.  Mrs. Thomas accompanied her home and will be at Look Out Mountain for several weeks.  Mr. Thomas will join her next week for a short vacation.

Ashland, Kentucky, is one of the best paved towns in the state.  A progressive Mayor and Council several years ago decided Ashland should have better streets.  An ordinance was passed to pave certain streets.  There was a howl from the property owners.  The Mayor and Council were called every vile name under the sun.  This did not stop them.  When the first contract was completed they passed another ordinance to extend the paving to other streets.  There was more cussing.  But the Mayor paid no attention to this.  He kept right on until every street in Ashland was paved.  About two weeks ago the citizens of that city, the ones who had done all the cussing, gave him a banquet and his praise was sung around the festal board.  The men who had fought permanent street improvement were loudest in their praise of this man for the progressive stand he took.


The City Council took a great step forward last Monday night when they passed a resolution favoring the paving of Fountain Square and other streets in the city.  Every citizen in Somerset should back them up in this progressive step.



Personal Mention.

Joe McGee is spending several days at Cumberland Falls.

Mrs. Armstrong Lay is seriously ill at her home on Columbia St.

Bennie Hines and Jean Jasper have positions at Norwood, Ohio.

James Roberts will be home from Louisville next week for the fair.

Mrs. H.H. Lumis of Lexington, Ky., is visiting friends in the city.

Chester Smith of Waynesburg was in the city this week on business.

W.A. Kinne of Stearns, Ky., was in the city Wednesday on business.

Mr. George Joplin of Danville was with friends in Somerset last Sunday.

Mr. John L. Welch of Akron, Ohio, is visiting home folks for a few days.

Mr. Neil Stogsdill of St. Bernard, Ohio, is visiting relatives in the county.

The many friends of Ed Moore are glad to see him out after a few days illness.



Mr. J.W. Mercer of Waynesburg was in town Tuesday on a business trip.

Miss Florence Calvert Ogden has returned from a pleasant visit to Cincinnati.

Mrs. B.H. Beehler of Danville, Ky., is visiting the family of L.B. Lowenthal.

Miss Cynthia Davidson of Richmond, Ky., is the guest of Mrs. Ben D. Smith.

Miss Allie Vaught left Tuesday for Wyoming where she will teach this year.

Mrs. Mattie Gilmore is visiting her daughter Mrs. Charles Beatty in
Greenville, Ohio.

Mr. Everett Jasper of Abbott, Miss., is the guest of his cousin Mr. Robert Combest.

Prof. R.E. Hill, Superintendent of the city schools, spent last weekend in Louisville.

Miss Mary Floyd has accepted a position as instructor in history in the Somerset high school.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tate of Winchester are visiting Mrs. Tate's mother Mrs. A.J. Sears.

Mrs. I.M. Roberts has returned from a visit to her daughter Mrs. Marcus Burke in Louisville.

Miss Katherine Shadoan and Mrs. Georgia Lee spent the weekend in Louisville with friends.

Mr. Orne Burton of Nancy who has been working at Monticello, Ill., is at home for a visit.

Mr. Victor W. Lewis returned this week from Florida where he attended several large swing sales.

Mrs. Nito A. Chadwick of El Paso, Texas, is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson.

Mrs. W.S. Alexander and daughter Ruth and son Clay have returned from a motor trip to Richmond.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ashurst and Miss Ina Ashurst arrived last night from Illinois, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. George Erhardt.

Mrs. Carl Norfleet and son, Girdler, and Mrs. Ralph Longsworth have returned from a delightful trip to Washington.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Waddle and children and Mrs. Oldham of Richmond, Ky., motored to Crab Orchard Springs last Sunday for the day.

Porter Bolin who has been attending various fairs over the country with his fine string of horses is at home for the big Pulaski County Fair.

Mrs. A. Lovett and daughters are stopping at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Roberts until they get located in their apartment in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Gilmore.

Mrs. Terrell Waddle and daughter, Christine, left last Friday for Glendale, Arizona, for a protracted visit.  Mr. Waddle will join them October 1st.  Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kohler will occupy the Waddle home during their absence.


Mrs. Ben D. Smith entertained most charmingly with a luncheon bridge Tuesday in honor of her guest, Miss Cynthia Davidson of Richmond, Ky.  Those invited were members of the Five Hundred and a few friends.  The beautiful apartment of Mrs. Smith was artistically decorated with flowers and a delightful luncheon was served.  Miss Davidson, who is an accomplished musician, rendered several pretty selections that were very much enjoyed.


Mrs. Bee Whitis has returned from an extended tour of the west where she has been visiting relatives.

Mr. A.J. Joseph has returned from a trip to New York where he purchased fall goods for his store here.

Mrs. Charles E. Burke of Monticello is the guest of her mother Mrs. R.F. James on Mt. Vernon St.

Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Tate and children returned this week from a visit with relatives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Mr. and Mrs. William Clark and son have returned from a delightful camping party on the Kentucky River.

Mr. J.A.L. Jasper and family arrived last week from Abbott, Miss., to visit relatives.  They motored through.

Mrs. R.H. Bartells left Sunday for a visit to Ashville, N.C., before returning to her home at St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Denny Gooch are in Louisville this week where Mr. Gooch is attending the National Jeweler's Association.

Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Waddle and Mrs. T.M. Thatcher have returned from Grayham Springs where they have been spending a week.

Mr. and Mrs. Willard Davis and Mrs. C.D. Portwood returned to Frankfort and Lexington Monday for a visit before returning to their home in Texas.

Mrs. Hershel Humble entertained the Five Hundred Club last Friday afternoon.  Miss Thelma Waddle won the prize.  Delightful refreshments were served.

Masters Charles and Jack Themes of New Orleans, La., arrived Tuesday to visit their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Porch.  They made the trip alone.

Mrs. J.M. Owens of Somerset and Mrs. Bess Montgomery Tyree of Raleigh, N.C., will be the weekend guests of Mrs. R.B. Woods - Stanford Interior Journal.

Will Thompson, of Mt. Vernon, will be the guest of James Williams next week.  Mr. Thompson graduated from Harvard last year but will return for additional work.

Miss Mary Virginia Howard of Louisville, Ky., who is conducting the Young Peoples' Conference at the Christian Church, is the guest of Miss Mable Clark while in the city.Ben P. Hines spent several days in Cincinnati this week with his sons, Bennie and Elrod.  He returned Monday accompanied by Mrs. Hill and they will go to housekeeping in one of Mr. Prather's new houses on Jasper St.


Second Section with Community News

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