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Excerpts from the Interior Journal

Pulaski Column Edited by Will C. Curd Somerset, Ky., August 25, 1873. Pulaski County.

Although one of the mountain counties of Kentucky, it is one among the best in the State, and while there are large bodies of wild lands within our territory, with their untold wealth and vast mineral resources, which lie hidden in the bosom of mother earth undeveloped to the eye of speculation, and enterprise, we can boast of some of the best and most fertile lands in the State. There are many farms in cultivation, and other lands which the woodsman's axe has never trespassed upon, lying East, West, South and Northwest of Somerset, the county seat, that are valuable, productive and well adapted to the growth of corn, wheat and other small grains presenting a decided advantage and a rare opportunity to those who desire good and cheap homes. We can recommend our lands, particularly those which lie upon the numerous water courses, for grass of all kinds, and well suited to that class of individuals who delight in raising stock.

Our farmers have more lands than they need and more than they can manage profitably, and many of them are willing and anxious to sell portions of their farms at low figures. We are all aware that our county feels the necessity of a greater number of that class which we term eterprising farmers; and we would advise this class to come to our county. Here they can find a ready market for all their productions at higher prices than in most any other locality in the State.

Our Coal Mines

Located upon the waters of Cumberland river, which are now being worked more extensively than at any time since the close of the war, requiring a great number of hands mining cola, building and bailing boats, and shipping the coat to market, and very few of whom are farmers, but depend upon their labor at the mines and boat yards to support and maintain themselves and families; hence, our farmer finds a ready sale for large quantities of meal and grain to supply this, the most important, together with many other demands. It is an old but true saying, and a truth which has been fully demonstrated, that where one man removes from Pulaski and remains away, three will return to their native land where they can make a subsistence for their families and breath that pure, fresh, invigorating atmosphere, and drink that cool refreshing water which makes our county one of the most healthy and pleasant localities known to man. It is true (in the general acceptation of the term) our citizens, or many of them, are poor as to this worlds goods, but they possess noble hearts, with that liberal spirit which makes the stranger, the trader and traveler who have so often visited the rude log cabin, meeting with that agreeable surprise, "plenty to eat and a clean, comfortable bed," praise them for their kindness and humble hospitalities. And we now feel assured that our citizens have become awakened to that imperative duty. Enterprise. And are working with that zeal, ardor, and determination to succeed, that cannot be out-rivaled in any country.

New Churches and School Houses

Are being built and put in repair all over the county, while many of our young gentlemen and ladies, of whom we are ever proud, are making themselves polished scholars, rendering them competent and capable of imparting instruction. Religion and Education, Is, with our people, the popular theme of the day, which is gently but surely preparing a heritage for the rising generation more precious than gold. The Teachers Institute Of last week was a decided success, and an assembly which did much honor for our town and county. About ninety teachers, composed of young ladies and gentlemen were present, who are now engaged in the noble cause of education in our county, and imparting instruction to the young. Truly is this a praise-worthy and commendable worked, and we sincerely trust that victory may eventually perch (remainder not held).

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