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The Somerset Journal

A Consolidation of the Somerset Times and The Somerset Journal

A Democratic Paper Published Every Friday

Cecil Williams, Editor and Proprietor

Somerset, Ky., Friday, August 1, 1919.

It is now only two days until the election.  During the past week the 

campaign in Pulaski County has taken on a very lively interest.  There is no 

question but what the sentiment of this county is strongly in favor of 

Governor Black for the Democratic nomination for Governor.  He should carry 

the county by at least 1,000 majority.  His campaign workers thru the county 

report all precincts in good condition.  The tide has turned to Governor 

Black during the past week and it now seems assured he will get a unanimous 

vote in this county.  For a while Judge Carroll's friends made some progress 

but when the campaign issues were put up to the voters it did not take them 

long to decide which was the stronger candidate.  Judge Black it is now 

conceded will be 25,000 votes stronger in November than his opponent.  

Governor Black will be able to meet his Republican opponent on the stump.  

Judge Carroll is no speaker and it is said that he has lost votes wherever he 

has spoken in this campaign.  Governor Black is the stronger with the 

temperance forces of the state.  This will add to his strength in the final 

race.  He is the ideal candidate and the Democrats realize this fact and for 

that reason they are going to nominate him next Saturday.  Let Pulaski do her 

duty and stand by a mountain man.

If you want your taxes higher vote for Judge Carroll.  If not vote for 

Governor Black.

If you are a temperance advocate and want to see the prohibition laws 

enforced, vote for Governor Black.  He will do it.

When you go to the polls next Saturday don't forget that we have a home man 

running for the Democratic nomination for State Auditor.  The vote of Pulaski 

county might nominate him.  Look for the name of J.P.W. Brouse on the ballot.

If Judge Carroll is elected Governor he will retain in office all the Stanley 

appointees.  Haven't we had enough of those!

Mt. Zion.  The revival at Wilson will continue this week.  Born to the wife 

of J.C. Howell, a fine boy.  Miss Nannie Leigh of Hogue, spent from Thursday 

until Saturday with her cousins, Delmar and Ray Baugh.  W.T. York was called 

home on the account of the illness and death of his baby.  Mr. York has been 

in Illinois for some time.  School will begin here Monday with W.R. Robbins 

as teacher.  Miss Thelma Hines left Sunday to begin her school at Camp 

ground.  The Death Angel visited the home of W.T. York, Tuesday, July 22, and 

took away their baby, Harold, and at G.W. Calhoun Wednesday, July 23, and 

took their baby Cory.  Their little bodies budded on earth to bloom in 

Heaven.  Funerals were held Thursday, at Wilson Chapel by Sister McClurkan 

and Sister Bruner.  Interment in Mt. Zion cemetery with the little cousins in 

one grave.  We extend great sympathies to the bereaved families.


Ed Moore has returned from a trip to Louisville and Lebanon.

Mrs. Oliver Meridith is the guest of her niece, Mrs. Ray Johnson.

Judge V.P. Smith spent part of the week in Lexington on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Carl have moved into their new home on Lincoln street.

Rev. B.J. Boland spent several days this week in Lexington and Covington.

Mrs. John Tate, of Little Rock, Ark., is visiting friends and relatives in 


Mr. C.D. Portwood, of Lexington, has been in the city this week on business.

Miss Mary Wymond of Mayfield, Ky., has been the guest of Mrs. Edwin P. 


Miss Elsie Potter will teach Home Economics in the schools at Midway this 


Elmer Weddle and Larue Jones left Saturday for a visit with friends in 

Danville, Ky.

W.S. Alexander left Tuesday for Crab Orchard Springs where he will be for two 


Mrs. J.A. Cassada and children left this week for Chattanooga, Tenn., to 

visit relatives.

Mrs. Ada Grinnell and children, of Paducah, Ky., have been the guests of Mr. 

and Mrs. George Hill.

Miss Julia Toomy of Glen Mary, Tenn., is visiting her sister, Mrs. Anna 

Dunkiburg on Griffin avenue.

Lost.  Ladies Gloria black silk umbrella with straight black handle.  Finder 

return to Mrs. D.W. Scott.

Mr. and Mrs. Tyre Gentry, of Lebanon Junction, Ky., motored thru to visit 

Mrs. Gentry's parents near Plato.

Captain J.J. Bethurum was in the city Monday between trains en route to his 

post at Camp Funston, Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cain, of Marion, Ohio, were guests last week of Mr. 

Cain's mother, Mrs. M.A. Cain.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Ardery, of Paris, Ky., have returned home after a visit 

with the family of J.M. Richardson.

The many friends of Dr. Arthur Tate, of Little Rock, Ark., were glad to see 

him here this week for a visit.

T.E. Jasper and family motored to Lexington last weekend and enjoyed a 

delightful trip thru the bluegrass.

Mrs. T.O. Sechrist, of Louisville, and Mrs. Frank Todd, of Bardstown, Ky., 

are visiting friends here this week.

Mrs. B.F. Haynes will leave Thursday to join Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Haynes in 

Lexington, en route to their home in Edgerton, W.Va.

Mrs. Charles Wuest, and daughter, Elizabeth, of Cincinnati, Ohio, are 

visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard on South Main Street.

Mr. Ben Bosworth, of Lexington, Ky., was in the city this week looking after 

business for the office of the State Fire Marshall.

A.E. Barnes and family are in Madison county this week visiting.  Mr. Barnes 

is incidentally putting in some good work for Dr. Brouse for Auditor.

Judge B.J. Bethurum is in Adair county this week speaking for Captain King 

Swope, the Republican nominee for Congress from the Eighth District.

Master William Marshall Clark invited quite a number of his friends to a 

birthday party last Monday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William 


Miss Edna Gooch has returned from Somerset, where she was the guest of Miss 

Margaret Read.  Many enjoyable affairs were given in her honor - Danville 


Kenneth and Wallace Heaps, of Chattanooga, Tenn., who have been the guests of 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gover, left this week for Danville to visit F.C. Snyder 

and family.

Miss Flora Shenneman, who has a very responsible position in Washington in 

the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. 


Judge and Mrs. B.J. Bethurum have taken an apartment in Lexington for several 

weeks.  They will go from Lexington to Mt. Vernon where Judge Bethurum will 

open court.

Misses Minerva Meaps, Nora and Vida Weddle spent Sunday with Mrs. Tom Snyder 

at Danville.  They enjoyed a trip to Frankfort and Lexington in Mr. Snyder's 


Porter Elliott, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Elliott, is here for a visit with 

his parents.  Porter has just returned from a years service overseas and is 

looking like the army agreed with him.

Rev. J.W. Gardner, pastor of the Methodist Church at Millersburg, Ky., is 

here this week on business.  He says his son, who was a Lieutenant in the 

army, has just returned home.

Mrs. Mary Williams has returned to her home in Mt. Vernon, Ky., after a visit 

to her son, M.C. Williams.  Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Williams and son, James, 

accompanied her home.  They motored thru.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Brown, of Modesta, California, are visiting friends and 

relatives here this week.  Mr. Brown was recently elected County Attorney of 

his county and is making the people of that county an excellent officer.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Hynes who have visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. 

Gover, left Wednesday for Louisville to visit Mr. Hyne's parents before 

returning to their home at Delorme, W.Va.

Carroll Owens has returned to Somerset after a years service overseas.  He 

left Somerset with Company G, State Guards, at the outbreak of the war.  He 

was stationed in France for a while then later with the Army of Occupation.

Mr. F.V. McChesney, who has been Superintendent of the City Schools at 

Burnside, Ky., for the past several years, will have charge of the schools at 

Midway this year.  He and his wife are now visiting Judge and Mrs. James 


Chas. Curtis, who was a member of Dr. Barrow's Hospital Unit, has just 

returned from a years service overseas.  He was detached from this Unit last 

April and sent to France where he remained for several months.  While in 

France, he was given a furlough and visited many of the historic cities in 

France and Italy.

Mrs. Paul Dexheimer left Saturday for Hattiesburg, Miss., to join her husband 

who has just returned from overseas.  Capt. Dexheimer has been in the service 

for two years.  As soon as he is discharged he and Mrs. Dexheimer will return 

to Somerset.

For Sale.  Nine fresh milch cows.  Make your selections.  Also two young 

mares.  Delmont Cundiff.

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