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Excerpts from the Interior Journal

Pulaski Column

Edited by Will C. Curd

Somerset, Ky., August 18, 1873

Cincinnati Southern R.R.  Two additional corps of engineers passed through 

our town on Friday last, as we are informed, for the purpose of assisting in 

making the final and complete survey of the contemplated railroad route which 

runs through the limits of our town and crosses the Cumberland River at Point 

Burnside.  The corps of engineers which have been at work on this same route 

for several months past, are now engaged about fifteen miles distant from 

Somerset.  It is not intended that we should yet know anything definite, but 

from all we can see and hear, we certainly have evidence sufficient to 

conclude that our's is the route.

The Boy Circus.  The third annual exhibition of the juvenile circus took 

place on the vacant lot near II S. Porch's on the 14th last.  The 

performances were good of the kind for boys so young; particularly those of 

the acrobats, tumblers, pole climbers, African mule and his rider, dancers, 

etc., but we are sorry to learn that young America of our town failed to sell 

a sufficient number of tickets to pay expenses, as it is a great pity to 

discourage them in so great an enterprise, one that pictures to them way off 

in the future as much brightness and renown.

Fishing Creek Baptist Church.  For some months past, there has been great 

dissatisfaction prevailing amongst the members of Fishing Creek Church in our 

County, causing a division of the contingent parts, and an exclusion from the 

church of such party or division by the other, and both parties claiming the 

right to be represented is the Association on the 12th last, consequently 

their letters or petitions were presented, each party claiming to be the 

church and asking so to be declared such by the Association.  The matter was 

referred to a select committee, who in consideration of all the facts and 

troubles before them, reported unfavorable to both parties and refused to 

recognize either one as the Fishing Creek Church, and further that the 

Association had no right to entertain letters or petitions relative to 

matters of this character from a church known to be in so much confusion and 

disorder.  They were, therefore, in a spirit of kindness and Christian 

feeling, admonished to return to their own church once so prosperous and 

settle their own difficulties.  And we will add that this decision was but 

another exhibition of the vision of this religious assembly.

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