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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, August 13, 1920.

Plus a Second Section with Community News


At Last Street Construction Is To Begin.  Connelly Given Contract.  At a meeting of the City Council last Monday night a contract for extensive improvement was given to the Connelly Construction Co., of this city, with instructions to begin work at once and put Main, College, Depot, Maple, Jacksboro and one or two others in good condition.  The money derived from the occupational tax will pay for the improvements. The Council has a stormy session for a few minutes over some work the Street Chairman was doing without authority from the Council - so several members stated.  Mr. Day, the Chairman, with the consent of the Mayor and one or two members of the Council, had given a contract for several loads of gravel to be spread on the streets where most needed.  Several members of the Council objected to the use of gravel on the grounds that it would not hold and would be a waste of money.  Mr. Day explained that he did not intend to use the gravel for permanent work but just to fill up the holes for fair travel.  Finally everybody cooled down and work progressed harmoniously.  The quarterly bill of the Kentucky Utilities Co., amounting to $1,986.25 was allowed.  The Mayor reported that the sewer on Central Ave. has cost the city about $500.00 already and that the amount would be apportioned among those who tap it.  If it stops up again it will be abandoned entirely.   Mr. S.G. Cundiff was elected a member of the Board of Supervisors in the place of Mr. J.F. Tandy who is ill.  The Board elected Chas. Cundiff clerk.  Jim Prather appeared before the Council and asked that the special licenses on fire insurance companies be taken off.  He said the companies had added an extra 1 per cent to take care of the tax and it would amount to more than the city would get out of the license.


Danville Decreases.  Danville folks are up in the air because the census report from Washington says that they lost 386 in population during the past ten years.  The Board of Commerce will probably have the count made over at their own expense.  The report says that the population is 5,034.  Somerset feels the same way and we are sure that if an accurate count was made that Somerset would have at least 30 per cent more than given her by the census report.

Carr - Crozier.  Miss Josephine Carr of this city and Mr. Hugh Crozier of Owensboro, Ky., were quietly married at the Christian Church parsonage last Thursday evening by Rev. D.W. Scott.  Only the immediate family and a few friends were present.  Mr. and Mrs. Crozier left for Owensboro Friday where they will reside.  Mrs. Crozier is the attractive daughter of Mrs. Mary Carr and is a popular member of the younger set of Somerset.  Mr. Crozier is connected with the State Highway Department as an engineer and is located at Owensboro.  He is the son of Captain W.S. Crozier and is a very popular young man.  He stands very high in his chosen profession.

Big Celebration.  The citizens of Shopville and Buck Creek neighborhood held an all day meeting at the Shopville Bridge last Saturday to celebrate the opening of Wilda Way, a new road which will connect Shopville with the Mt.
Vernon pike.  There was a big dinner on the ground and several speeches made by prominent citizens.  Mr. A.W. Sears was chairman of the meeting.

Resolutions.  We have heard with great regret of the death of Mrs. Wm. Keeney, the mother of our brother C.L. Keeney and desire to express the most sincere sympathy of this lodge to our brother in this great loss.  A mother's love is the greatest and most unselfish of all earthly affections and our brother's loss is the saddest of all human losses.  We recommend that this expression of our sympathy be spread on our records and a copy under the seal of the Lodge be furnished brother Kenney and published in the Somerset Journal.  James Denton, T.M. Scott, H.H. Smith.   Committee Pulaski Lodge No. 75 I.O.O.F.

Barren Fork Closed.  The Barren Fork mines have been closed for several weeks on account of the railroad bridge giving way.  The company is taking advantage of this opportunity to make some improvements in the mine.  They are installing quite a good deal of equipment.


Offered Place.  Professor Hill of Louisville has been offered the position of Superintendent of the Somerset City Schools.  He has not given his answer yet.  Prof. Hill is one of the most prominent educators in the state and the Board of Education feel they will be lucky to secure a man of his type.

Has Good Job.  "Red" Roberts, our football hero, has been made one of the Assistant Superintendents this summer at the Bourbon Stock Yards.  "Red's" job only calls for a half days work and he spends the afternoon getting in shape for the coming football season.  It is said that half of Louisville turns out every afternoon to see "Red" perform in Cherokee Park.

Wants Credit.  The Journal last week told of a sale of eight Poland-China pigs for $600.00.  Mr. Dillard Couch owned a half interest in these pigs and raised them on his farm.  It was his interest that was sold to Mr. Shadoan.  Mr. Couch raised a Duroc last year that took the blue ribbon at the North Carolina State Fair.


Ordered to Funston.  Frankfort, Ky., Aug. 7 - Maj. Charles Morrow, who has been visiting his brother Gov. Edwin P. Morrow, at the mansion since his return from Siberia, has been ordered to report for duty at Camp Funston, Kansas, and will leave tomorrow for the post.


For Sale:  Fine Jersey milk cow, 5 yearling, 2 registered Duroc sows, 1 registered male and 7 pigs subject to register.  L.N. Taylor, Mayfield Place East of Pulaski.



Nunnelly.  Mrs. W.G. Nunnelly, age 69 years, died at her home near Somerset August 7th.  Funeral services were held at the home and burial took place in the city cemetery.  She leaves a husband and eight daughters and one son, and was the first of her family to die.  They all attended the funeral.  Mrs. Nunnelly was a splendid Christian woman and will be greatly missed.

Crab Orchard Route.  Miss Mae Williams of this place and Mr. Lloyd Routen of Waynesburg, Ky., were quietly married at the home of Mr. W.H. Williams on August 8th.  The bride is the accomplished daughter of C.M. Williams.  Mr. Routen is a hustling young business man of Waynesburg.  They have the best wishes of a host of friends.


Breaks Arm.  Mr. B.C. Lair had the misfortune to break his arm this week when his horse became frightened and overturned his buggy.

School Census.  The school census of Pulaski County shows that there are 9,477 children within the school age.


Will Not Move.  Mr. Walter N. Flippin says that it is all a mistake that he is thinking of moving to Monticello.  He said the rumor must have gotten started on account of the fact that he was looking at some property there to buy as an investment but not to live in.  Somerset people will be glad to know that the genial judge is to stay with us.

Get A Duster.  The Pu-John Coil Co., composed of Somerset people, drilled in a duster in Johnson County last Saturday.  The machinery has been moved to the Wright lease and drilling will start on the second well at once.  While no oil was found in the first well it is producing several million feet of gas and can be marketed at a nice profit.


The Pulaski Medical Association met in Dr. Cain's office last Friday.  There was a large attendance and all the doctors promised their continued and faithful attendance and support.

Dr. P.B. Blackerby, the State Reg. of Vital Statistics, of Louisville, met with the society.  He is not only a good doctor but a real gentleman and it was a great pleasure for the society to have him.

Dr. A.W. Cain, councilor of the 7th Dist., met with the Wayne County Medical Society at their meeting last Thursday evening at Monticello.  This has always been one of the best societies in this district.  Dr. Blackerby was there also.

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Higgins and Opal Cain motored over to Monticello with Dr. Cain returning home that night.

On Camping Trip.  Dr. W.E. Hunter and family left Tuesday for a motor trip to Lake Erie where they will camp for several weeks.  They took with them a tent and cooking outfit and will camp en route.  They expect to be gone a month or longer.

Buys Interest.  Mr. Onie P. Hamilton has purchased an interest in the Somerset Coal & Feed Co., and will have charge of the transfer end of it.  He will begin his duties September 1st.

Called Game Off.  The baseball game between Mt. Vernon and Somerset which was scheduled for last Sunday was called off because Mt. Vernon tried to play a "hold up" game.  They consented to come for expenses and the local management went to the expense to advertise the game.  Later in the week they called up and wanted expenses and one half of the gate receipts.  There was nothing doing from this end of the line so the game was called off.



County Agent News.  County Agent Wilson announces that Mr. E.G. Welsh, field specialist in farm engineering, will be in the county this week and will
visit the following farms to assist in any engineering problems the farmer has to solve:  Chris Tartar, Rabbittown; A.T. Spears, Ringgold; W.F. Wilson, Nancy; H.S. Hail, Pisgah; J.C. Stallard, Dabney.  The rain has helped the tobacco crop in the county and it now looks fine.  The disease known as "frenching" has about run its course.  There is not likely to be another outbreak.  Farmers should begin now to get ready to house their tobacco and not wait until the last minute.  Barns should be gotten in shape now as it takes considerable work.  There are a few new barns going up.  Other farmers in the county should follow the example of Jack Edwards.  He is sowing six bushels of crimson clover.  This is an excellent crop for corn land and is used to in the place of fertilizer.  County Agent Wilson urges all farmers who are going to use the same land for corn next year to sow this crop.


Personal Mention.

Mr. G.E. Kelly, who has been living at Covington, has moved back to Somerset.  The many friends of the family will be glad to learn this good piece of news.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keen and baby of Helenwood, Tenn., spent Sunday with his father Major A.T. Keen.  Harry is in the coal business and is enjoying a splendid trade.  He leased a mine near Helenwood.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. Gretchen McManus of Lexington is visiting her parents.

Mr. Frank Pumphrey is able to be out after several days illness.

A.S. Denny is in Cincinnati this week getting his spring samples.

Mr. J.L. Deegan of Sloan Valley spent the weekend in Somerset.

Col. Woodson May and family left yesterday for Danville for a visit.

H.H. Buchanan is visiting his son-in-law T.C. Randolf and family.

A.J. Crawford, the Ford man, is in Louisville this week on business.

Miss Anna Kilcoyne of Portsmouth, Ohio, is visiting Miss Mary McElroy.

Miss Mammie Miles is spending her vacation at Bagdad with relatives.

Rev. Fallon of St. Mildred's church is spending several days in Louisville.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Williams are spending the week at Parkers Mill.

Mrs. Eben Pettus is attending the millinery openings in St. Louis this week.

Mr. Leo McCullough of Lexington, Ky., is the guest of Miss Josephine Doyle.

Miss Agnes Welch who has been very ill with typhoid fever is some better.

Miss Scott of Chattanooga, Tenn., will arrive next week for a visit with Miss Bell Hines.


Mr. W.M. Ragel of Faubush was a caller at the Journal Office this week.  Mr. Ragel has been taking the Journal about fifteen years and he says it is the best paper every published in the county.


Elrod Hines is working for a dental supply house in Cincinnati until his school opens.

Messrs H.M. Hollis and J.M. Murphy of Barren Fork spent several days in the city.

Miss Ann Denton is at home from Cincinnati where she has been in school this summer.

Mrs. John Smith of Dodge City, Kansas, arrived this week to visit relatives near Ansel.

Miss Bert Enoch was called home from Chicago, Ill., on account of the illness of her mother.

The many friends of Miss Jennie Vic Barnett will regret to learn that she is quite ill again.

Miss Barthenia Sallee has returned from a visit with Governor and Mrs. Morrow at Frankfort.

Mr. and Mrs. Berrell Johnson and family of Chattanooga, Tenn., are visiting James Austin.

Miss Nell Rourke has returned to her home at Paris after a visit with Miss Marletta Farrell.
Dr. M.E. Tate and family left this week for a visit to Little Rock, Ark., and other western cities.

Edgar Hargis of Dykes was in Somerset last Saturday on business and renewed for the Journal.

Mrs. Ollie McClasky of Pittsburg, Pa., and Lula Green of Chattanooga, Tenn.,
are visiting Virgil Green.

Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Lambert and family of Sheffield, Ala., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Doyle, Sr.

Judge and Mrs. B.J. Bethurum will leave Sunday for Mt. Vernon, Ky., where Judge will open court Monday.

Mr. J.W. DeVilbiss of Ft. Wayne, Ind., and Mrs. C.W. Massey of Danville are visiting relatives here this week.

Mr. M.T. Crawford has purchased the latest model Paige automobile and will have the agency for this territory.

Born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Talley, Wednesday, August 4, a son, Marvin King, Jr.  Mother and baby are doing fine.

Bennie Hines son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben P. Hines, left this week for Detroit, Michigan, where he will enter an automobile school.
Mr. Chas. Wuest of Cincinnati, O., spent several days with his wife and
daughter who are visiting her mother Mrs. Thos. Sheppard.

Mrs. Anna Austin of Trenton, La., and Mrs. Frank Hammontree of Chattanooga,
Tenn., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Austin.

I. Harkins will arrive today to be at the Fair store while Mr. and Mrs. Morris Harkins are spending their vacation in the East.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A.L. Jasper of Abbott, Miss., are expected to arrive here this week for a visit..  they are motoring through.

Mrs. Alma Newell and baby of Stafford, Kansas, arrived this week to visit her brother Mr. C.M. Landon and other relatives.

Mr. William Hays Meldrum arrived this week to be the guest of his grandmother.  He graduated from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music this spring and has been doing concert work since that time.

Mrs. Mary Williams and daughter Mrs. Cleo W. Brown of Mt. Vernon will arrive next week to be the guests of the family of M.C. Williams.

Miss Maria Elliott who has a splendid position in the office of the State Inspector of Frankfort, arrived home Sunday to spend a week.

Dr. D.W. Scott is able to be out after an illness of several days.  He was not able to fill his pulpit last Sunday but will preach next Sunday.

Fred Catron who left here to accept a position in Kansas City, decided not to get so far away from home and is with Dowe's in Cincinnati.

Mr. Eli Casada of Oilton, Oklahoma, who is on a visit to relatives in Pulaski, stopped in the Journal Office and had the paper sent to him for a year.

Mr. Bert Clothier of New York City spent several days in the city this week.  Mr. Clothier is a prominent tax expert and has opened offices on Wall St.

Mrs. Terrell Waddle returned today from Nicholasville where she had been visiting her parents.  She will leave tomorrow for a trip to Arizona.  Mr. Waddle will join her later.

Mrs. J.G. Roscoe of Campbellsville is visiting the family of J.S. Cox.  Mrs. Roscoe was a former resident of Somerset, her husband having been in the insurance business here.

Mr. P.C. Newell returned Tuesday from an extended trip to Illinois, Indiana and other states.  He says that the crops in that section are looking fine and the farmers are all smiles.

Hospital Notes.

Capt. Crozier who has been in the hospital for some time, remains about the same.

Mrs. Ida Davis (col) was operated on last Friday for tumor which weighed 8 lbs.  She is resting well.

W.P. Barnes, brother of ex-Sup't. Barnes, was brought to the hospital from Akron, Ohio, last Saturday unconscious.  He remains seriously ill with meningitis.

Vina Richardson from South Somerset had a serious operation performed last

Elza Alfore, of Waynesburg, a soldier, came to the hospital last Thursday for operation.  He is getting along nicely.

Mrs. James Castello and baby, Wilmoth Lucile, will leave for their home in
Monticello Saturday.

Mrs. A.J. Waddle from Hustonville is somewhat improved.

Rufus Rainwater, who was injured at the shops two weeks ago, still remains in the hospital somewhat improved.

R.J. Rich came to the hospital Tuesday suffering from a complication of diseases.

Ben Lair had an unfortunate accident last Monday evening when his horse got scared and run away down the river hill, at Waitsboro, throwing him out of the buggy and dislocating his right shoulder.  He was very fortunate to escape with his life.

The little 6 year old boy of Bob Mercer's was thrown off a horse last Thursday and fractured his arm.

John Owen's boy, from Ringgold, was brought to hospital last Sunday suffering
with hip joint disease (white swelling).  He was operated on and at this time he seems better.

The little 5 year old boy of Willis Mills of east of town, was brought to the hospital by Dr. Norfleet with one of his toes so badly mashed it had to be amputated.

Mrs. James Godby was operated on last Saturday at that time her condition was alarming but is now somewhat improved.


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Coffee of Hustonville, motored down last Thursday to see Mrs. Coffee's mother, Mrs. A.J. Weddle, who is in the hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Alger Weddle of Hustonville came down Saturday to see his mother.

Weddle & Coffee of Hustonville have bought the old Hargis mines from Warren & Cain.  They will continue to run in the same way filling all contracts made heretofore by Warren & Cain.


Personal Mention.

James B. Doyle has returned from Albany, N.Y.

Mrs. D.D. Denton is visiting in Birmingham, Ala.

Walter Fowler is home from Chicago, Ill., for a visit.

Mr. Frank Hamm of Cincinnati is visiting Miss Doyle.

Mr. Gordon Doyle is visiting in Cincinnati this week.

Mrs. Alta Johnson has been quite ill with typhoid fever.

Miss Ella Woodward is visiting relatives in Nicholasville.

Mrs. Robert Guffey and son are visiting at Oakdale, Tenn.

Mr. Lewis Flowers of Mansfield, Ohio, is visiting his sister.

B.D. Simpson of Nancy was in town last Friday on business.

Mr. J.H. Parrigan of Burnside was up on business Tuesday.

Dr. W.C. Jasper of Plano, Texas, arrived this week for a visit.

Normal Russell of Big Stone Gap, Va., is visiting the family of Sam Orwin.

Miss Bert Roberts has returned from a visit to Louisville and Cincinnati.

Mrs. E.V. Nash of Sulligent, Ala., has been visiting Mrs. W.P. Gover this week.

Mrs. Sue Owens and daughter Margaret have returned from a visit to Frankfort.

Mrs. C.E. McCarty of Sheffield, Ala., is visiting her sister Mrs. William Doyle.

Mr. Lillard Miles of Nicholasville, Ky., was in the city this week visiting friends.

Fount Bolin of the Pisgah neighborhood was a business caller at the Journal office last Saturday.

Misses Margurette and Nellie Newton will arrive this week to visit their aunt Mrs. Sylvester Newton.

Mr. Thos. M. Newell, a former Pulaskian, now a resident of Texas, is visiting relatives in this county.

Mr. I.N. Blevins of the Blevins Lumber Co., Stearns, Ky., was in town Wednesday for a short stay.

Rev. Wesley Colyer and family have returned from a visit in Oklahoma and Kansas.  Rev. Colyer says that after his trip he is more satisfied than ever to live in old Kentucky.  He is now holding a meeting at Oak Hill.

Mr. Rexroat of Ardmore, Oklahoma, a former Russell County citizen, was in Somerset this week with relatives.  Mr. Rexroat attended the notification ceremonies of Governor Cox at Dayton last Saturday.  He says Cox is a sure winner.

Messrs John Cooper, John Williams and James Williams of Somerset are the guests of friends here.  Mr. Cooper will be remembered here as one of the stars on Centre's football team of '18.  he entered Yale last fall and made an enviable record there both in his scholastic work.  Danville Advocate.


Miss Edwina Morrow is entertaining a house party at The Mansion - Misses Katherine Stoms, Somerset; Virginia Owsley, Lexington; Rella Jessee, Versailles; Patsy Rawson, Richmond; Barthenia Sallee, Somerset; and Mary Phillips, Fleminsburg, and John Cooper, Somerset and Mrs. Clement French. - Lexington Leader.


Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Roberts received a telegram this week announcing the marriage of their son, Dr. Thos. Roberts at Monticello, Miss., last Sunday.  The telegram did not give any particulars of the wedding.

Plus a Second Section with Community News

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