Submitted by to mail list and used here with permission.

Solon's Aground on U.S. Ship.  Three Senators and Thirty-One Congressmen Are On Transport off San Francisco.  San Francisco, July 7 - The army transport Great Northern with a party of three senators and thirty-one congressmen aboard went aground on a sand bank off the army transport docks here as she was about to sail for the far East.  The transport is in no danger and will be refloated at high tide.


Lynch Negro Postal Clerk.  Masked Men in Auto Hang Black Who Stabbed White Man - Taken From Officers.  Enterprise, Mo.  July 7 -  James Spencer, a negro postal clerk, who seriously stabbed Otto Parker, a white postal clerk on the New Orleans and Northeastern mail car, was taken from the officers who were taking him to (word unreadable) for trail and lynched.  The officers and their prisoner were met by two automobile loads of masked men outside Enterprise and the negro was seized without difficulty.  He was hanged to a tree.

County Schools Open Last Monday With Good Attendance.  Short of Teachers Tho.  Sup't Meece tells us that the county schools opened last Monday with a good attendance.  There were some few delayed in opening and will not start until next Monday but a majority of them got under way.  There are eighteen vacancies at the present time and Mr. Meece is trying hard to secure teachers for these places.  He hopes to fill them from the number who passed the last examination.  There was a teachers meeting last Saturday and nearly every teacher in the county was present.  They received all their supplies for the school room.  This year the County Board is furnishing these supplies.  The County Institute will be held in September.  The date will be announced later.  Mr. Meece thinks he will have one of the best years in the history of the county schools

Killing At Liberty.  Liberty, Ky., July 4 - Secrecy veils the motive for the killing of William Smith, 35 years old, movie theater owner, who was shot last night by his brother-in-law and business partner, James Snow, 40.  The shooting occurred in the Snow residence, located across the street from Smith's home.  The men had left a garage in a machine a short time before, and there was no indication of any ill feeling.  This was the first killing here in twenty-five years.  Smith was shot just above the heart and was killed instantly.


County Agent News.  County Agent W.C. Wilson has returned from Lexington where he attended a meeting of the County Agents from all sections of the mountains of Kentucky.  It was decided at the meeting to pay more attention to the mountain section of the state and several field men will be sent to this section to make a complete survey of conditions.  Mr. Wilson reports the arrival of four Holstein Club calves and they have been sent to the members in the county.  Two went to the boy and girl of W.H. Ping and one to A.W. Sears boy and one to Elmer Sears boy.  Four more have been ordered and three of them will go to the Flat Lick neighborhood and one to Dabney.  There are now thirteen Holstein Club calves in the county.  Mr. Wilson has been spending a good deal of his time working up the calf clubs throughout the county.  He says he is very much pleased with they way the boys and girls are taking hold.

Hospital Notes.

Mrs. Wm. Wright of Ocala who was operated on June 20th, returned home last Sunday.

William Hamilton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hamilton, had his tonsils removed

Capt. Crozier remains in the hospital.  He is cheerful and endures his pain with more fortitude than many of our younger men would do.

McDowell Wilson, son of the merchant O.L. Wilson, of Oak Hill, was brought to the hospital last Friday night and was operated on Saturday for appendicitis.
 He is making a good recovery.

Mrs. Lawrence Jasper of Mintonville, Ky., was brought to the hospital June 29.  Her life was almost despaired of by her friends, but she is making a recovery and will soon be able to return to her home.

Sam Flynn of Oil Center is confined in the Hospital with a very severe case of typhoid fever.

George Tate who was operated on several days ago for suppurating appendicitis is slowly improving.

Mrs. Julius Buchanon of Norfleet, Ky., was operated on Wednesday and stood the operation well.

Mrs. Boon Broyles of Dahl, Ky., whose condition at the time of her operation was bad, is now very much better.

Tom Prather was operated on Wednesday.  His condition was a great deal worse than expected.  His friends are very uneasy about him.

Miss May Whitson, one of the nurses at the hospital, is at Bronston nursing
the aged mother of the merchant of that place and Mat Lloyd of Burnside.

Miss Grace Reid is nursing a case of typhoid fever at John LaTellier's for Dr. Norfleet.

Wm. McLain of Oil Center was brought in yesterday very seriously ill.

To Correspondents.  All correspondents to the Journal should be careful in reporting news from their neighborhood that they tell absolutely the truth.  We have had some complaint from citizens in certain localities that some of our correspondents are not reporting facts.  We have no way to know whether or not the reports are truthful and of course we have to depend on our reporters.  So please be careful and state only known facts.

Possum Trot. Arthur Baker and wife were at Mr. Ashley's Sunday … School will begin here July 12th with Henry Smith and Edith Corney as teachers … Dora Girdler and children visited Mrs. Humble Sunday … Crawford Mercer spent Saturday night with Mr. Beasley … Mrs. Brent Lay continues very ill … Mitt Girdler and Millie Humble visited at Shelby Johnson's the 4th … Albin Humble and Mitt Girdler have gone to Indiana … Otto and Florence Stone attended
church at Bethlehem Sunday … Anna Mae Mercer and Mabel Hopper spent Sunday with Clara and Lucy Girdler … Otto Fisher and wife spent Sunday with her sister.

Ansel. Mrs. C.A. Adams is no better at present … Hattie and Ophia Wilson spent Saturday and Sunday with the Irvin girls … Bonnie Cox of Science Hill visited Sarah Weddle Saturday night … Mrs. L. Smith spent Sunday afternoon with Nancy Wilson … James Esterly is visiting at Burnside … Ransom Vaught and wife spent Sunday at J.D. Wilson's .. Martha Wilson visited Lillian Smith Sunday … Mrs. G.S. Smith is with her daughter Lena Quinton at Pulaski.

Pisgah. Sam Wait, who has been out West for several years, is visiting his mother, Mrs. Mary Wait … Mrs. D.S. Claunch is visiting her daughter Mrs. C.A. Gottshall of Somerset … C.O. Heaton and family visited his sister Mrs. George Reece and Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Garland Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Lum Harvey gave a birthday party in honor of her twin daughters Mary and Margaret. Several small boys and girls were present and delightful refreshments were served … Rev. Wills, pastor of the Methodist Church at Ferguson, and family were guests of Mrs. Sam Waddle Wednesday … Ellis Gover is on the sick list .. Mrs. Nan Gholson, Mrs. C.O. Heaton and children and Misses Mabel Claunch and Nina Tucker called on Mrs. E.S. Heaton Monday afternoon .. Misses Grace and Mae Frisbie visited Mabel and Thelma Claunch Saturday … Mrs. James Casada and Mrs. Jim Tucker spent Monday with Mrs. John Tucker .. O.L. Wilson and daughters Florence and Roberta, D.S. Claunch and Bill White visited E.S. Heaton Sunday … Miss Evelyn Vaughn is visiting her sister, Mrs. Arnold Curtis of Stearns … Dennis Casada and children of Pulaski and Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker were Sunday guests at R.B. Rhoten's .. Mrs. Nan Gholson and Mr. and Mrs. Evert Gholson and little son were Sunday guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bryant … Miss Lois Gottshall has been visiting Miss Thelma Claunch … Misses Mabel Claunch and Lois Gottshall visited Mrs. C.O. Heaton Thursday afternoon.

Trimble. Jessie and Flossie Jones are the guests of Mrs. Willie Jones … Born to Mrs. Coral Keeney, a fine daughter … May Brown and Edna Floyd are ill at this writing … Rev. Fibbs and family spent Wednesday at J. Epperson's … Mrs. Newton Hudson visited her daughter Thursday … Mrs. Ira Hart visited Malinda Barker Wednesday … J.L. Burton and C. Brown were in Somerset Friday on business … Mrs. R.W. Wright visited her daughter in Wayne County Thursday … Mrs. Frank Muse spent Sunday with her sister … Mattie Tartar is visiting Mrs. Luther Muse … Garret Munsey and wife spent Saturday night and Sunday with her parents … Fayette and Clarence Burton have gone to Iowa.

Faubush. Singing at Cooks Chapel every Sunday, Everybody invited … Herbert Tarter visited his nieces Saturday and Sunday … Abner Tarter and family visited S. Halcomb Sunday … Edward Halcomb left for Illinois Sunday … Ollie Norfleet and children have been visiting her parents this week … Mrs. Lucy Tarter is on the sick list … Misses Margaret Burket, Mattie Halcomb and Viola
Batham visited at I.A. Tarter's … E. Wilson was in Somerset Thursday … Lucy and Elsa Higgins visited their grandmother Sunday.

Second Piney Grove. Everet Allen and wife visited at Somerset Saturday night … Mrs. Clancy Collins and daughter Effie visited Loretta Doss Tuesday … Lem Burton visited his brother Oliver Burton Saturday night … Edward Doss and family visited her parents Saturday night .. Robert Allen visited at Waterloo Wednesday night.

Acorn. Clyde Whitaker of Indiana is visiting home folks here … J.N. Mayfield was in Somerset last week on business … N. Patterson, who has been in Canada for some time, is spending several days here with home folks … Mrs. W.R. Bullock has returned from Cincinnati … Robert Williams and wife visited at Matthew Whitaker's Sunday … Mrs. Walter Burdine and children spent Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Shiplet … Miss Rose McDonald was the guest of Miss Ada Stogsdill Saturday and Sunday … Farmers are very busy with theircrops … George Stogsdill visited Jim Whitson Saturday … Othel Price visited relatives at Shopville Saturday … Noah Price will enter the coal mining industry soon. He says he will run his mine on a large scale and will pay $5.00 a day for labor … The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sim Chaney and claimed their darling little Gladys. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved parents … Marion Carlton visited J.J. McDonald Sunday … Ed Keeney of Somerset visited at Miles Whitaker's recently .. Nelson Mayfield spent Sunday with relatives at Skip … Rev. Ridner filled his appointment at Whetstone Sunday … George Whitaker spent Sunday night with Walter Burdine.

Pnobscott. Elvin Eubank and Ansel Griffin are here with homefolks … Dana Suttle visited Ethel Measels at Estesburg Saturday … Lucy Hart is very ill … The little son of J. Haught is ill … Phillip Reece had several visitors Sunday … Alex Adams is improving nicely … There was an ice cream supper at
J.P. Smiley's Saturday evening … Virgil York and family attended church at Estesburg Sunday … Ophia Adams began her school at Cuba Monday … James Mercer and family visited here last week.

Northfield. Gertie Cooper and G.A. Barnes were united in marriage Saturday … Mrs. S.F. Colyer and children visited Eva Gregory Sunday … Mrs. Henry Sears visited her son, Dee Richardson this week .. Harry Smith called on friends here Sunday .. Mrs. G.S. Gregory and children were in Somerset the latter part of the week.

Oak Hill. Mrs. Dye Burton and children visited Mrs. J.R. Combest Monday … Miss Sophia Claunch of Somerset visited Zona and Ova Casada last week … Mrs. Dye Burton and children spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Lula Frisbie … "Aunt" Marg Phillips visited Mrs. G.M. Phillips Saturday … Mrs. Dock Fitzgerald and daughter Opal of Harrodsburg, Ky., and Mrs. Mary Thompson and daughter Georgia of Louisville, Ky., spent the weekend with their parents, Rev. and Mrs. Jacob Mayfield … Mrs. Bryant Gholson visited her grandchildren Anna and Raymond Smith Saturday … Misses Leila New and Beatrice McKee and Mr.and Mrs. Freeman Vaughn visited Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Phillips Sunday … Robert Combest made his regular call at Somerset Sunday .. Bill Lee and wife and Pat Jones and wife visited their sister Mrs. Carl Heinechie Sunday … Carl Burton was in Somerset Sunday night … Mrs. Saufley Hammods, Mrs. Willie Keith and Mrs. Dye Burton and families visited at Mrs. Lula Frisbie's Sunday afternoon … Misses Grace and Mae Frisbie visited Ova and Zona Casada Sunday … Everet Gholson and son Melvin and Mrs. N.A. Gholson spent Sunday at Jim Bryants' … McDowell Wilson, who underwent an operation at the Somerset Hospital Saturday is doing nicely … Sam Waddle and family visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. G.G. Waddle Sunday … George Mayfield and wife are on the sick list … Miss Bertha Neeley was the guest of her cousin Angie Neeley … Jessie and Flossie Jones attended the Nazarene church Saturday and Sunday night … Rev. Wesley Colyerfilled his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday … Silas Burton is on the sick list .. July 4th was celebrated here Sunday afternoon and Monday with a picnic at Fishing Creek.


Mt. Zion. Most farmers here have harvested their wheat but it has proved to be very poor … Virgil Baugh and wife left for Cincinnati last Sunday … Rev. C.C. Burton of Delmer filled Sister Bruner's appointment at Wilson last Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Hardin Adams was thrown from a mule last Tuesday and received a very bad cut in the forehead .. Mrs. Newton King was brought from Hogue for burial here last Friday … J.C. Adams and family, Mrs. Eliza Baugh and children and "Aunt" Sarah Baugh visited at G.W. Adams of Hogue last Sunday … Misses Myrtle, Audrie and Viola Vaught visited their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hall of Floyd last Saturday and Sunday .. Buddie Vaught and family of Shady Grove spent last Sunday with his mother "Aunt" Ellen Vaught.


Waterloo. Edward Doss and wife visited her parents Saturday night … Noah Griffin visited his parents Saturday night .. Dica Schoolcraft visited her brother at Ingle Wednesday night … Audrry Rainwater visited her sister Loretta Doss last week … Robert Allen visited here Wednesday night … Born to Mrs. Zelotus Dick, a girl … Bonnie Tarter still continues very ill …. Mrs. Henderson is on the sick list … Jake Dause and wife and Chester Rainwater and wife visited at A.W. Rainwater's Sunday … C.B. Rainwater and wife visited at James Henderson's Sunday.

Cave Hill. G.S. Smith and wife and Laura Burton visited Mrs. Lena Quinton Sunday, who is very ill … Theo Spears and children spent Sunday at Millard Wesley's … Dwight McDonald and family spent Saturday and Sunday at Milton Higgins … J.D. Sipples and wife spent Saturday and Sunday at W.S. Wilson's … Misses Elsie and Susie Burton spent Sunday afternoon with Misses Lola, Minnie and Hattie Wilson … Dewit Spears spent Sunday evening with Frank Smith … S. Blevins and family of Briery visited at Ed Smith's Sunday … Roy and Lagal Smith spent Sunday with Hoy and Lloyd Burton … Several from here attended the ice cream supper at Jacksonville Saturday night.


Says Treaty No Scrap of Paper.  Lloyd George Declares Germans May Talk But They Must Obey.   War Guilt is Considered.  Premiers' Conference at Brussels Agrees To Take Up Matter Anew at the Spa Meeting - Italian Demands Vexing.  

Brussels, July 7 - The allied supreme council adjourned its normal session after failing to agree on the division of the German reparation.  The premiers' conference agreed on a plan to consider anew at the Spa meeting the question of German war guilt.  The allied council is divided as Italy is dissatisfied with its percentage and is expected to object strenuously.  Then there is only 3 per cent left for Japan, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Montenegro and other nations.  Lloyd George, Mitterand and Delacroix, Belgian chairman of the conference, drew up the following tentative allotment of reparations:  France, 62 per cent; Britain, 22; Belgium 8; Serbia, 5 or 5 =.  Italy's share at least tenth.  Italy is to receive at least 10 and Japan surely 1 per cent, leaving 1 = or 2 percent divisible among little powers and all the rest of the nations that declared war against Germany.  Premier Delacroix of Belgium will preside at the Spa conference.  There the allies will tax the Germans with non-fulfillment of important portions of the disarmament clauses of the treaty.  "We reached complete agreement regarding the allotment of the reparation, even on the amount which the United States will receive," said Lloyd George, entering his hotel after the conference.  Asked if Germany would be allowed to discuss question on equality with the allies at Spa he replied: "Germans cannot discuss the merits of the treaty or treat if as a scrap of paper.  They can discuss only execution of it and make suggestions for carrying out its terms."  What is American Share?  A member of the reparations commission who is here said he knew nothing about the amount of reparation for the United States being fixed.  The American government never asked any reparation, following the principles of President Wilson and it is not believed reparation is asked by the United States or will be accepted.  Sforza, Italian representative said that the Italian reparation was not fixed and the other allies had not met Italy's demands.  Lloyd George is trying to solve the Italian difficulty with the proposal that Britain shall guarantee the payment of the Italian debt to America

Adj. General of State Here To Muster In Men For Company of State Guards. 

Adjutant General Dewese of Frankfort was in the city last Saturday to muster in the boys who enlisted in the company of state militia that is being formed.  The number appearing for enlistment disappointed those who have the matter in charge.  Only about twenty out of a hundred who had promised to be present showed up.  Those who have worked to get the organization perfected have not given up but will continue their efforts.  Since Saturday about fifteen have signed up.  It only takes a few more now and the company will be ready to be sworn into service.  They hope to have the required number by the end of the week.  Lieut. Brinkly Gooch, Jean Jasper and Lieut. Shadoan have the matter in charge and any one desiring to enlist should see them.

The 4th of July.  The Fourth of July was observed in Somerset Monday by thebanks, post office and a few of the stores.  There was no celebration of any kind and the people spent the afternoon at the Chautauqua and some went to the ball game.  Very few flags were displayed which does not speak at all well for our people.

Ches. Davis Show.  The Ches Davis Musical Review has been showing in the city all this week.  A packed house greeted every performance and the show is far above the average.  Those who have patronized it seem to be well pleased with the class of performance given.  The troop is composed of some thirty peopleand they are all high class performers.  The show is one of the largest traveling under a tent.  They will close Saturday night.

Operated On.  Mr. Thos. Prather, the real estate man and banker was operated
on at the Somerset Sanitarium Wednesday morning.  His condition is quite serious but it is thought he will pull through.  His many friends will eagerly watch for each days improvement.


Burnside (By Mrs. L.D. Nunn). N.Y. Drake of Monticello was in town on business Friday … Misses F. Rankin, Elizabeth Allen and Graham Davidson attended the Chautauqua in Monticello Thursday night … Harry and Lloyd Gundle are visiting relatives in Kentucky and Indiana … Mrs. C.A. Bean of Little Rock, Ark., is the attractive guest of Mrs. J.A. Davis … Mr. and Mrs. Frank Evans, of Danville were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Spradlin … Mr. and Mrs. S.T. Lyle were in Somerset Saturday … Jasper Dillon attended the 4th of July celebration at Stearns Saturday … Radcliff Chautauqua coming 5-6-7th of August. Don't forget the date … Miss Vesta Halcomb was in Science Hill Monday … Mrs. Maggie Dick was in Somerset shopping last Saturday … Mrs. Robt. Johnson and daughter were in Stearns Saturday for the big celebration … Mrs. Geo. M. Cooper and family left Tuesday to join her husband in Manbar, W.Va., to make their home … Mrs. Carey Fagaly is visiting her mother in Lawrenceburg, Ind. … Miss Eliza Tuttle of Cincinnati spent the weekend with
relatives here … Miss Moiselle Johnson is camping with friends near Dungannon, Va. … Mrs. F.E. Barkley of Knoxville is the guest of Mrs. L.M. Cheely this week … Picnic parties were enjoyed by a number of different crowds Monday in celebration of the 4th … A very exciting ball game between the 1st and 2nd teams was witnessed by a large crowd Monday. The score being 30 to 10 in favor of 1st team. The big game is to be played Saturday with Monticello … Dr. K.S. Lester of Bakertown was in town last week … Imel Parrigin, A.C. French and Leland McDaniel were in Stearns Saturday … The Young Peoples Missionary society met with Miss Ruth Harvey for their monthly meeting … Misses Elsie Rankin, Cecil Davis, Nina Beaty, Lora and Lucille Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Allen, Edna Young, Messrs Coleman Maze, Robert Sutton, J.J. Crutcher, Tom Fagaly, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Selvidge and Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Nunn attended the Chautauqua in Monticello Saturday evening … The Woman's Missionary Society met with Mrs. N.I. Taylor Wednesday afternoon … Mrs. J.M. Dugger left Monday for Mayland, Tenn., to spend the summer …. Mrs. H.W. Evans and sons of Columbus, Ohio, are here for a months visit at the home of Henry Hale … Mrs. Douglas Grider of Cincinnati is visiting relatives here this week.

Shafter. Arlie Tartar and Opal Mayfield visited Mabel Daulton Sunday … Eva Cook visited Stella Griffin Saturday … Pierce and Orville Daulton have gone to Indiana … J.H. McBeath visited his sister Sunday … Fred Ashbrook is still improving … Born to Mrs. Arthur Pierce - a daughter - Ethel Lena .. S.F. Ashbrook visited J.H. McBeath Sunday … Joseph Beasley and family of Sardis visited here Saturday night … Mrs. Chas. Wright and son are with her mother at Delmar … Mrs. E. Rainwater and son were in Somerset Saturday … Mrs. Henry Lee is on the sick list … Grant Taylor and family visited S.C. Jones Thursday … Coleman Jones is home for a few days.

Beech Grove. There were several visitors at Layton Irvin's Sunday … Geo. Sears and wife took dinner at Walter Dodson's Sunday … Mrs. Jim Roy visited at "Uncle" Mat Roy's Saturday … A very large crowd attended church at Bethlehem Sunday … Felix Phelps spent Saturday night with his father in Casey
County … Arling Jasper and wife who have purchased the Jones place were here looking it over Sunday … Ross Phelps and family visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Abbott, of Somerset, Friday night … There is a singing at the Bethlehem school every Sunday night. Everybody is invited .. Howard Dodson was the Sunday guests of Miss Grace Hall … Mrs. W.G. Phelps of Casey County returned home Saturday after a long visit with relatives here … Carthal Abbott of Somerset was the Saturday night guest of Leotus Dodson.

Souls Chapel. Nina Hines left Sunday to begin her school at Tateville … Nora Meece and Mrs. Elmer Hail have returned from a visit to the North … Fannie Kenney returned Friday from Cincinnati … Herbert Williams and son of Louisville were in Somerset Saturday with Chas. McDowell and family … Mrs. C.T. Cundiff entertained at 6 o'clock dinner Thursday in honor of her son Neil, who leaves for Arkansas this week … Tillie Daffron of Burnside visited her aunt here last week … Mrs. C.B. McDowell and daughter are visiting in Louisville … Martha McClure visited Katherine King Friday night … Willie Gover spent the weekend with his mother and returned to Cincinnati Monday .. Bradley Smith motored to Flat Lick Sunday.

Science Hill. C.M. Langdon was with home folks Sunday .. Miss Gladys and Master Clinton Vaught were the guest of their sister Mrs. Virgil Reid of Danville last week … Messrs Leonard Dungan, Hardin Sweeney and Luther Burge are here from Kokomo, Ind. … On account of the storm the ice cream supper was not very well attended Saturday night .. Mrs. J.E. Estes and daughters Misses Bertha and Effie, Frank Beaty and Homer Estes attended the singing at Union Sunday … Mrs. Jno. Godbey and daughter Susie returned Friday from Georgetown where they spent last week .. A.P. Vaught attended the Chautauqua at Somerset two nights last week … John Beaty and wife of Beech Grove were here Sunday with relatives … Sister Bruner filled her regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday.

Floyd. Mrs. Effie Benton has postponed her school at Briery until July 19, also Ophia Adams has postponed her school at Cuba until the 12th … Chas. Griffin of Lockland, Ohio, is visiting here … J.E. Todd and family spent Sunday at M.N. Griffin's .. Fred Trivett and Gertrude Spears of Eubank spent Sunday afternoon with the Gragg girls … Ansel Griffin of Akron, Ohio, is home for a visit … Roy Trivett and family visited his mother Sunday … Mrs. C. Hennis of Akron, Ohio, is visiting her parents, M.P. Estes and wife … Vergie Trivett has returned from a visit with Mrs. R.L. Johnson at Somerset … W.H. Surber and wife called at the home of M.C. Higgins Sunday … W.R. Estes and family visited relatives in Eubank Sunday … Henry Griffin and son visited in Estesburg Saturday night.

Parker's Lake. Miss Zollie Sellers was at Stearns Saturday and Sunday enjoying the 4th of July celebration … Master Lloyd Souleyret who has been suffering with an abscess on his foot, is able to take his place with his playmates again … James M. Vanhook of Burnside returned home Monday after spending a few days with his brother A.H. Vanhook … S.B. Smith is in Cincinnati this week with his sister who is seriously ill … Oscar Walker has been making frequent trips over to the falls of the Cumberland lately … Mrs. Nora Souleyret took her little son Lloyd to Burnside the latter part of last week to consult a doctor about his foot … Several of the people of this place celebrated the 4th in a very pleasant way by going over to Cumberland Falls for a picnic where there was no limit to the bathing and good eats … The Odd Fellows held their regular meeting Saturday night … Mrs. A.H. Vanhook was in Somerset last week the guest of her aunt, Mrs. F.A. Lewis, and attended the E.S. banquet … Luther Jones of Wartburg, Tenn., is here pounding the telegraph key in the absence of S.B. Smith … The coal mines are working a night shift. They are doing their part toward giving the H.C. of L. a black eye next winter.

Hogue. Mrs. Newton King passed to the great beyond July 1st. She leaves a husband, four daughters, four sons, two sisters and one brother to mourn their loss. She was laid to rest in the Mt. Zion cemetery Friday. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. J.M. Shadoan. Mr. King and family moved here last December from McCreary county. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire neighborhood … Ira Adams is at home from Cincinnati … Messrs. Velber and Marvin Jasper spent Saturday and Sunday in Mintonville … Mrs. J.D. Hendricks is quite ill at this writing … Messes Lulu, Rhetta and Malinda Adams were Sunday guests of Lou, Lula and Gola Dick … Messrs. Luther and Clarence Cooper spent the weekend in Stearns and attended the picnic there Saturday … Born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Spaw, June 29th, a son - Hoy … Misses Hazel and Dora Dick spent Saturday night and Sunday with their grandmother Mrs. Samuel Roy … Mrs. Chester Pittman and baby of Cincinnati arrived here Sunday for a few weeks visit … Miss Ada Dick of Mangum spent a few days of last week with her sister Mrs. Effie Adams … Chester Roy made his regular Sunday call at C.C. Cooper's … Wilbur Dye of Mintonville is visiting his uncle G.W. Jasper … J.C. Adams and family, Mrs. Eliza Baugh and sons and Mrs. Sarah Baugh of Mt. Zion spent Sunday at G.W. Adams … Born to Mr. and Mrs. Everet Dick June 29th, a son - Cecil … Mr. and Mrs. James Sweet and baby of Buncombe visited her father Joe Hodge Saturday night and Sunday … Finley Adams spent Tuesday night with his uncle E.T. Lands.

Bobtown. Mrs. A.J. Eldridge is on the sick list also William Morgan … Everett Wiser and E.H. Eldridge were in town Saturday … Leona Eldridge spent Sunday with Ida Morgan … Dewey Meece visited Rev. Meece Friday … Mrs. Martha Sowder of Somerset is with Mrs. Ida Morgan this week … E.H. Eldridge and wife, Mrs. Meece, W.G. Whitaker and wife spent Sunday at the Wiser home .. Chas. Meece visited at Coin Saturday and Sunday.


Bro. Crow will fill his appointment at Union Saturday night and Sunday … Aunt Mattie Bishop is very ill … Mrs. M.W. Braughton and children of Elihu have been visiting her sister Mrs. J.H. Smiley … Nellie Watson spent Sunday night at W.H. Vaught's … Lela Massey of Elihu spent Saturday nightith the Vaught girls … Vera Marshal spent Sunday with Elsie and Ina Harmon … John Vaught will begin a singing at Hyatt's Fork Saturday night … John (?) Herrin and family spent Saturday night at W.G. Whitaker's … Ford Whitaker is home from Indianapolis .. Mrs. Ernest Smith and baby of Pulaski are visiting here … Lela Massey spent Sunday night with Zora Smiley.

Drum. Delbert Langford and son are visiting his brother here this week … Mrs. James Slavy visited her sister Saturday night and Sunday … Lue and Aline Callahan were Saturday night guest of their aunt Tye Chaney … Aunt Matilda Alexander continues very ill … Mannie Sowders has returned home after a visit with her sister, Susie Dykes … John Callahan and wife spent Monday night at Mills Chaney's … Ernest Phelps has returned home from Illinois … Mrs. James Miller and baby have returned from Valley Oak … Earl Randall has returned home from the West … S.K. Erp was visiting his daughters at White Lily Saturday and Sunday.

Editorials.  People who pay taxes like to see where their money is going.  They do not mind bearing their part of the expense of running the government if they can see the money being judiciously spent.  Somerset needs better streets and needs them as badly as any town we know of.  If the special tax imposed on all the people will give us better streets there will be no kicking.  But if the money is spent and we still have no streets then there will be a howl.  In addition to the tax on trades and occupations we are in favor of the Council levying a 10 per cent tax levy on all tax payers of the city.  This will add quite a little revenue for street work and will distribute the burden of taxation on everyone.  As it is now many of the people who use the streets more than anyone else do not pay any tax at all to help keep them up.  We must have better streets at any expense.


The new traffic ordinance has gone into effect.  In fact it has been law for nearly two months but the police officials have not undertaken to enforce it until this week.  We are glad they have awakened to the great and growing need of some regulation of the automobile traffic.  There is entirely too much reckless driving, unnecessary noise and a total disregard for the rights of pedestrians.

Traffic Ordinance.  The police are enforcing the new traffic ordnance passed by the City Council on April 8th.  It has just been printed and is being circulated.  Certain places have been designated for parking as follows:  West Mt. Vernon St. from Public Square to Church St., East Mt. Vernon St. from Maple to Tucker and Godby Store.  West and South side of Newtonian Hotel and West side of Masonic Building.  All vehicles shall be parked at 45 degrees with the rear wheels at the curb.  No person shall operate an automobile over 15 miles per hour on any street in the city and only eight miles an hour at intersections and crossings.  It is against the law for any person under sixteen years of age to drive a car in the city unless accompanied by their parents. It would be well for every car owner to get a copy of the law and read it carefully.  The police will enforce the law to the letter.


Gilmore.  Mr. H.W. Gilmore, one of the most highly respected citizens of the county, died at his home near Somerset last Tuesday night.  His death was very sudden.  He had been working on his farm all day and was feeling well up to ten minutes before his death.  He was 57 years of age and was born in Pulaski.  He lived on the old home place.  At the hour of going to press the time of the funeral had not been decided upon, but it was though it would be Saturday afternoon at the home, conducted by Rev. W.L. Clark, pastor of the Methodist Church.  Interment will follow in the city cemetery.  Mr. Gilmore leaves a wife and five boys and one girl.  He has two sisters and one brother living, Mrs. J.E. Girdler, Somerset, Mrs. John Detherage, Washington, Ill., and Willie Gilmore, Portland, Oregon.  There was no man in the county better known and more respected than Mr. Gilmore.  He was a splendid citizen and a progressive farmer.  His death was a shock to the entire community.



Dunn.  Mr. John Dunn of Junction City, Ky., age 77 years, a cousin of Jim Dunn of Somerset, died at his home last Saturday and his remains were brought here Sunday for burial.  There were short services at the grave.  Mr. Dunn formerly lived at Barren Fork and was well known in this section.  He had been ill for some time.

Personal Mention.  

A. Wallace and son, Shirley, of New Albany, Ind., were the guests at his mother, Mrs. Mary A. Wallace last Monday.

John (Bunny) Phillips is stage manager on the Redpath Chautauqua circuit and is in Georgetown this week.  While in the state he expects to make Somerset a visit.  His friends will be glad to see him.

Alonzo Baker of Nancy was in town Tuesday and left another year's subscription at the Journal office. Mr. Baker says that the Journal is a most welcomed visitor in his home.

Miss Barthenia Sallee has returned from a visit to Maysville, and Danville, Ky.

"Chicken" Grove is back from Texas where he has been with Gentry Bros. Circus.  He says the circus life does not appeal to him.

W.A. Kinne of Stearns was in the city Wednesday for the day.

Mr. Oscar Vermillion and family of Frankfort are visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Dedman on Jasper Street.  Mr. and Mrs. Vermillion
are former Somerset folks.

J.I. Humble of Nancy was in Somerset Friday on business and renewed for the Journal another year.

J.B. Leveridge of Barren Fork was here on business Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Phelps have taken rooms in the Henry Apartments on W. Columbia Street.

Mr. Frank Orwin will come up from Monticello Saturday to visit his parents Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Orwin.

Miss Katherine Shadoan spent Saturday and Sunday in Cincinnati.

Miss Katherine Barnes is spending her vacation with her grandmother Mrs. Ida Tudor at Richmond, Ky.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed M. Waddle, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Waddle and children, Miss Ella Mae Waddle and Mr. Abe Newton composed a motor party to Frankfort, Lexington, Danville, Winchester and other blue grass towns Sunday and Monday.

Messrs H.E. Williams of Louisville and Ollie Lattimore of Lagrange motored to Somerset and spent the fourth with the family of C.B. McDowell.  Mrs. McDowell and daughter Maude returned with them to spend several days visiting in Louisville.

Mrs. J.S. Wright has returned from a visit to her sister at Berea.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Candler have returned from a motor trip to Lexington.

McDowell, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Wilson of the Oak Hill vicinity, underwent an operation at the Somerset Sanitarium last Saturday for appendicitis and is improving nicely and will soon be able to return to his home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed C. Yates of Bowling Green are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. B.G. Vaught on College Street.  Mr. Yates was formerly clerk at the Newtonian hotel here and now has the position of night clerk at the Mauzardt hotel at Bowling Green.

Messrs Bert and Will Dunn of Lexington and Wm. Reynolds of Wilmore attended the funeral of John Dunn here Sunday.

Mrs. W.F. Grinstead and daughter Mrs. Cecil Saxby of Louisville arrived this week to visit Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Nash.

Mrs. Harry Monroe of Atlanta, Ga., arrived Wednesday to visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Slessinger.

Mrs. Floyd P. Gaines of Washington, D.C., who before her marriage was Miss Mary Staples, is here on a visit to her mother.

Mrs. Ernest Scott and daughter Miss Nellie Smith have gone to West Virginia for a visit.  Miss Smith will remain some time.

Ben Wickersham has returned to Holloway, Ohio, after a visit with his mother.

Miss Edna Chaney and Master Otis spent last week in Burnside with relatives.

Mesdames Wm. Robinson, L.W. Camden and Lester Camden have returned from Cincinnati.

Miss Jane Robinson has returned from a visit to Ludlow and Cincinnati.

Mrs. Owen Goodloe, Master Joseph Norton Goodloe and Mrs. E.P. Buchannon are spending the week at Elixer Springs.

Miss Elizabeth Goodloe, who has been visiting her brother, Owen Goodloe, left Tuesday for a visit to friends in Danville and Springfield.  She will return to Somerset for a visit before going to North Hampton, Mass., in September where she will enter school.

Mrs. Blanche Burke and children have returned from Danville where they have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Rhodes.

Misses Belle Hines and Elizabeth Goodloe and Messrs Herman Lowenthal and Porter Eilliott spent Sunday in Danville.

Miss Ida York is out after a few days illness and is back at her place at the
A.J. Joseph Co.

The four children of Walter Staples have been quite ill for the past few

Miss Elizabeth Buckner of Campbellsville is the guest of Miss Fostine Cooper.

R.E. Higgins spent several days at Carthage, Ohio, with his mother.

Howard Froman of the Fair Store spent the fourth in Cincinnati with friends.

W.H. Hamm of Rockwood, Tenn., returned to his home after a visit with homefolks in the county.  Mr. Ham has a splendid position at Rockwood and his friends here will be glad to know he is getting along nicely.

Dr. T.O. Staples of Wiley, Texas, is visiting his sister Mrs. A.J. Crawford.  Dr. Staples many friends are delighted to see him.

Edward and Grace Gover are in Georgetown this week attending the Baptist General Assembly.

Tom Tibbals is attending the Baptist General Assembly at Georgetown this week.

Miss Viola Gragg spent several days in Georgetown attending the Baptist
General Assembly.

Mr. Reuben Jones a traveling salesman for a Knoxville firm, stopped over Wednesday night with his family at C.W. Lovell's en route to their new home at New Castle, Ind.  He has been on the road for seventeen years and is bidding farewell to the bad roads of Pulaski County.

Col. Woodson May of Somerset was in the city on real estate business Wednesday and paid this office a call.  He was accompanied by his field manager P.L. Barlow - Stanford Interior Journal.

Mrs. Catherine Upshaw and Miss Vashti Springfield of Chattanooga, Tenn., are visiting their uncle Col. Geo. W. Thomas on Maple Street.

Mr. and Mrs. George Curd of Cincinnati, Ohio, are visiting relatives in the city.

Jack Burke has been spending several days at Campbellsville this week.

Mrs. Hershel Humble and daughter are visiting relatives in Paris, Ky., this week.

The many friends of Dr. J.M. Owens were glad to see him out on the street this week after an illness of several weeks.

Mr. William Ice, of Chattanooga, is spending a week with his daughter Mrs. Blanton.

Mrs. J.H. Stephenson and children left yesterday for a visit to her brother Dr. Wm. Elrod at Lebanon, Ky.

J.L. Waddle who has been confined to his room for the past few weeks was able to be out on the street this week.

"Red" Roberts was among the Somerset folks who enjoyed the big "doings" at Stearns on the 4th.

Mrs. M.E. Burke and children arrived this week from Louisville for a visit
with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Roberts.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Goldenberg are spending several days in Chicago on a business and pleasure trip.

H.M. Hollins of Barren Fork was up for Sunday.

Mrs. Ralph Miller of Newton, Iowa, arrived this week for a visit to her aunt, Mrs. J.M. Roberts.

Otto Watson who is holding a nice position with the Bank of Independence, Independence, Ky., spent Sunday and Monday here with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Simmons of Danville, Ky., are the guests of her sister, Mrs. E.P. Hiett.

Herman Lowenthal came up from Oneida for the fourth. Herman is working for
the Oneida Milling Co. and says he likes it fine.

Ed Moore left the first of the week for Flint, Michigan, to drive another
Buick car thru.

Mat H. Barnett has been spending several days at Stearns doing some
electrical work for the Southern Railway.


Nancy. Wilmirth Owens and sister spent a few days at C.P. Hudson's … Mr. Whittle and wife visited her father Saturday and Sunday … Oscar and Clyde Burton have gone to Illinois … Mrs. Chapman and Miss Anderson are teaches at Okalona school for this year … Walter Hudson and family visited at Will Baugh's Sunday … Linnie Tartar and family visited his sister Sunday … S.C. Burton has been very sick.


Elrod. A birthday dinner was given at the home of Bob Price Sunday, July 4th, in honor of Mrs. Eveline Price. Quite a number of the friends and relatives were present … Miss Julia Davidson visited at Henry Bumgardner's Wednesday night … Henry Poynter and wife visited at W.M. Carter's Sunday … Logan Debord and family spent Sunday at W.H. Bumgardner's …. "Uncle" William Gastineau visited W.H. Bumgardner Thursday … Joe Frank Vanhook, the Rawleigh medicine man, passed through Elrod Friday … Mrs. Stella Eads is better at this writing … William Poynter who has been very sick, is better … Leslie Randolph visited at J.L. Bumgardner's Saturday night … J.S. Vanhook and family visited at Joe Vanhook's Thursday … J.L. Bumgardner visited Joe Davidson Tuesday night.


Valley Oak. Rev. H.S. Measel is planning on holding a revival at Flat Lick beginning the 3rd Sunday night in July … Maude Buchanan spent Sunday night with her sister Mrs. D.B. Wyrick … Mrs. Mary Farmer visited Mrs. Helton Sunday … Remus Alexander of Woodstock attended church at Flat Lick Sunday … Wallace Ping and family of Dabney spent Sunday at J.H. McKinney's … Ada and Millie McKinney spent Thursday night with their sister, Mrs. Wallace Phelps … Thomas and Linda Buchanan were in Somerset Saturday … Hulan Poynter of Crab Orchard visited here last week … John Helton, Sidney Lewis and Arthur Blanton left for Lockland, Ohio, last week … Stanley Farmer and Cella Price surprised their many friends by eloping to Tennessee last Thursday and getting married. Stanley is the only son of Mrs. Mary Farmer and a grandson of Gillus Farmer where he made his home and his young bride is the daughter of Ed Price. Their many friends wish them a happy life.


Several from this neighborhood attended the meeting at White Lily church last Sunday … W.F. Jones is on the sick list … W.S. and W.E. Godby ere in Somerset Saturday on business … Born to the wife of Charlie Heath a girl - Margaret June … Born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Ledbetter, a girl .. Mrs. Lula Waddle and three children visited relatives here Monday … The regular monthly meeting at the Pleasant Ridge church is the second Saturday and Sunday of each month with Rev. J.C. barber as pastor … John Meece has sold out all of his goods and has gone back to Oklahoma to make his future home.

Eubank. Rev. Paddock filled his regular appointment at the Baptist Church Sunday … J.N. Nelson and his daughter Mary visited his son J.R. Nelson of this place … Vernie Mullins has returned from Toledo, Ohio .. Jerry Spears of Sloans Valley spent a few days here this week with his mother, Paradine Spears … Several from here attended the ice cream supper at Floyd Switch Wednesday night … Elvin Eubank ahs returned from Akron, Ohio … Ansel Griffin, Jack Capeland and Elvin Eubank were in Somerset Thursday … Miss Roxie Spangler of Crab Orchard is visiting her sister, Mrs. E.L. Gooch, of this place … Vear Lee has returned home from Detroit, Mich. … Mrs. Mannie Spears has returned to her home in New Castle, Ind. … Berdena Gooch is visiting in Crab Orchard … Arie Tilford is at home from Detroit, Mich. … Lou Tilford has returned to Detroit, Mich. … Miss Mary Hicks and Gladys Barber have returned to Cincinnati to work .. Will Weidlick and wife of Dayton, Ohio, are visiting her parents here.


Mark. Mrs. Lowenthal and children of Somerset spent a few days last week with Mrs. Viola Hamilton … Janie Hansford of Somerset visited homefolks Sunday … Rev. Bishop Wesley and family visited at S.B. Miller's Saturday night … Theodore Stewart, Mrs. Chas. Hamilton and daughter Edrie, visited at John Meece's Sunday … Lura Hargis has returned to Burnside after a visit with her father here … Willis Whitson and Tom Cox attended Children's Day exercises at White Lily Sunday … Mrs. Bee Latham of Level Green spent Thursday night with her brother J.G. Smith.




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