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We are told, in one day last week, three automobile springs were broken, several heads cracked, ribs broken, and other injuries sustained by people trying to ride over the streets of the city.  We head one man remark - "I hope it was one of those fellows who stopped the permanent street improvements."

One of the big problems of the day is - how are we going to keep the boys on the farm.  Since the soldier has returned from the army and has traveled much and seen lots, he is not content to stay on the farm.  Then the high wages of the city is another attraction.  This little squib is prompted by the fact that the writer saw, one day this week, over twenty boys from Pulaski board the train between Somerset and Eubank for different cities in Ohio and Michigan.  We made an investigation, to be sure where they were traveling, and found all were headed for factories either in Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron or Detroit.  Now this is a serious problem.  There is a big shortage of farm labor in Pulaski County.  There is no farmer with adequate help.  We know it is an absolute fact that boys are leaving home and that the women and girls are doing the farm work.  Many farms in Pulaski County were not touched with a plow this year because of the shortage of help.  What is the solution?

Coolidge Knows It.  Gov. Coolidge knows that he was nominated for vice president on the Republican ticket for Governor Edwin P. Morrow went up there and told him about it officially.  There was a large crowd present to hear it and of course the "Gov." made a great speech.

Republicans Name Campaign Committee And Will Soon Start To Work In County.  The sub-committee appointed by the Republican County Committee to select a campaign chairman and an advisory committee to assist him in the work of the campaign this fall ahs made the following appointments:  Campaign Chairman, R.C. Tartar, Secretary, Mrs. William Curtis, Members of the committee: Judge B.J. Bethurum, Judge W.B. Morrow, Walter N. Flippin, J.N. Mayfield, C.P. Dause, Dr. T. L. Gamblin, Arthur Jenkins, E.T. Wesley, H.C. Kennedy and W.A. Moore. 

Judge Tartar said that he would open headquarters in a few days and begin his work of organization.  The clerical work will be in charge of Mrs. Curtis.  In the appointment of the above committee an effort is seen to "jolly" certain politicians and members of the old committee, with the hope of getting them into the fold of he new organization.  It is not likely to work, however, for it is a known fact that Judge Tartar is persona non grata to the majority of the opposition.  Should the old committee be given a new hearing before the state committee and by some hook or crook win out then the above campaign committee will go to the junk pile and a new organization perfected.  The fun has started boys.  Keep your eyes and ears open and hold your nose.

Vacancy In The Office of Superintendent of City Schools to Be Filled By The Board.  The Board of Education is now looking for a good man to take the place of Dr. J.P.W. Brouse, who has been Superintendent of the City Schools for the past sixteen years.  Dr. Brouse has been in bad health for the past two years and it is said he will not continue in school work but will enter in other lines of business.  The Board will not go hastily into the selection of a man.  They will thoroughly investigate every application and will get the very best school man possible for the position.  It will take unusual ability to successfully manage the school system in Somerset.  It is a big job for a big school man.  The Board of Education has about thirty applications for the place and they are sifting them out now and making investigations.  The salary is going to be a big item.  Salaries in the teaching profession have advanced so much in the past year that it will be hard to secure a Superintendent at the salary paid here to fore.  The schools in Somerset have made rapid progress in the past few years and with the equipment and able corps of teachers the Board of Education is determined that Somerset shall continue to boast of the best schools in the south.  The Board of Education looks forward to a splendid year, one in which there will be much accomplished.  For the first time agriculture will be taught.  The United States government pays part of the expense for this course.  There is a good outlook for a winning football team and the boys are already talking about what they are going to do.

Feese - Epperson.   Mr. Stanley Epperson and Miss Carry Feese, of this place, were married in Jeffersonville last Saturday.  After the ceremony the couple went to Cincinnati and are expected home today.  The couple had been lovers for more than a year.  They have the best wishes of their many friends.  The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Epperson and the bride was the only single daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Feese. Adair County News.  Mrs. Epperson is a sister of R.M. Feese of Somerset and spent several months here last year.

Soon Be Home.  News has been received here that Major and Mrs. S.F. Parker will arrive in the states about the middle of September.  Major Parker who has been located in Honolulu for the past three years, has secured the promise of his discharge and he hopes to leave the service about the first of September.  Mrs. Parker has just returned from a most wonderful trip to Japan and Russia.  The many friends of this popular couple will be glad to see them.

Case Continued.  The Habeas-Corpus Case of S.H. Frye vs. his wife, Mrs. Ella May Frye, for custody of their five children was brought before Judge Bethurum in a special session of court Wednesday and continued to Saturday,
August 14th.  The Frye's are from Virginia, Mrs. Frye coming to this county several weeks ago bringing the children with her and residing with her brother on a farm near Pulaski station.  There has two rendered in the case, one in Virginia and another in Tennessee, in divorce and custody of the children proceedings.  Mrs. Frye was given temporary custody of the children by the court till final hearing on above date.  The children are Ruth age 7 years, Carl and Lemuel (twin boys) ages 5, Valeska age 4, and Mattie age 2.

Married In Tennessee.  Miss Rosa Spears of this city and Mr. Ernest Correll of Spring City, Tenn., were married Saturday July 17, at the Britt Hotel in Emory Gap, Tenn.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. James Spears and is a very attractive young lady.  The groom has quite a few relatives in Somerset whom he has visited several times.  Mr. and Mrs. Correll will reside in Emory Gap where he has a responsible position as Southern R.R. ticket agent at that place.  Their many friends are sending out congratulations and best wishes to this happy couple.Offered Fine Place.  Captain Paul Dexheimer, one of the best football coaches in the state, has been offered the place of Athletic Director of Haskell Institute, Lawrence, Kansas.  This school is one of the largest of its kind in the United States and it is quite an honor for Captain Dexheimer that he was offered the place.  He refused the offer because he desires to remain in Somerset and continue his insurance and automobile business.

To Cincinnati.  James Wirt and James Allen, two of our fine young men, left last week for Cincinnati to secure employment.  They are both hustlers and we know they will make good.  It is to be pitied that our young men have to
leave home in order to get some means of livelihood.  We should have factories here to keep them at home.

Sears - Barnett.  Mr. Frank Barnett and Miss Dora Sears were quietly married at the Methodist parsonage last Thursday night by the pastor, Rev. White.  There were not attendants.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. J.L. Sears and is very popular with all who know her.  She has been employed in the store of Mrs. Alta Johnson and by her courteous treatment and pleasant manner has made many friends.  Mr. Barnett is the son of Judge and Mrs. N.L. Barnett and is employed at the Central Motor Co's. plant where he has a splendid position.  He is a most industrious and popular young man.  Mr. and Mrs. Barnett are for the present at the home of the groom's parents.

Opens Somerset Office.  Mr. J. Colson McKeehan, who succeeded his father,
J.B. McKeehan, of Corbin, as district manager for the Inter-Southern Life Insurance Co., of Louisville, has established headquarters in Somerset and opened up office rooms over M.L. Gover's store on Mt. Vernon St.  His territory covers seven counties.  In a little over one year, Mr. McKeehan has
written approximately $300,000 worth of new business and his promotion came as a result of his personal production in his chosen profession.  He received his appointment last May.ame Warden Here.  Game Warden A.W. Bullock of the Kentucky Game Commission of Shelbyville, Ky., was in Somerset the first of the week in response to a etter to the state department regarding violations of the Kentucky Game Law in this county.  We learned that a fine of $15.00 and costs was drawn by one of Somerset's prominent citizens an business men for hunting squirrels without licenses.  The total cost amounting to over $24.00 and it is reported that the person fined killed three squirrels. Speaking of H.C. of L. this is the highest price on record paid for "meat," in this county.

Dies at Hospital.  Mrs. Della Logan, beloved wife of Reed Logan, of Elgin, Tenn., died at the Somerset hospital Sunday following an operation for appendicitis.  The body was shipped to Robins, Tenn., for interment.  Mrs. Logan was 30 years of age and leaves a husband and seven children.

Camping Trip.  Judge W.B. Morrow and family are enjoying a camping trip this week on the farm Judge Morrow recently purchased about three miles from Somerset, known as the George Johnson Farm.

Capture "White Mule"   Sheriff J.M. Weddle and prohibition enforcement officers J.E. Bash and Chas. Winfrey captured five and one-half gallons of moonshine liquor and Marion Couch at Burnside Tuesday afternoon and brought the liquor and the accused before Commissioner E.T. Wesley.  Couch was sent to jail and the "White Mule" was stored in the vault of the Farmers National Bank for safe keeping.  Couch was proprietor of a "soft drink" stand in West Burnside using a part of his residence for the stand.  He claims to have had the whiskey for his own use, but officers claim to have evidence that he had been selling same.  Couch claims his home is in Tennessee.  He has a wife and one child.

Explosion Near Frazure.  On Monday night, July 12th, a great explosion occurred about one half mile from Frazure.  The cause is supposed to have been from a large pocket of gas form a pool of oil.  The report was heard for miles around and the impact tore a very large hole in the earth obstructing a road and damaging a field of corn.  Many sightseers went to the scene which was in a low place near the Cumberland River and it is believe by many that oil in large quantities could be found near where this unusual eruption of the earth took place.  Oil promoters are investigating the possibility of locating an oil well near the spot.

Marriage License.  The following marriage licenses have been issued since our last report:  William Grover Thompson, 30, to Ota Helen Epperson, 20; Otto B. Watson, 26, to Mabel Barnett, 21; Charles S. Lyons, 24, to Pearlie Beatrice Wilson, 19; Charles S. Correll, 27, to Nora M. Barrier, 26; Dewey Smith, 21, to Delta York, 19; J. Frank Barnett, 22, to Dora Sears, 31; Sim L. Cottongim, 19, to Zula Farmer, 19; Reuben S. Smithern, 25, to Lena Ethel Deatherage, 16; John S. Stewart, 40, to Addie Murphy, 43; Henry P. Souleyret, 50, to Dora E. McDowell, 35; Luther Ashbrook, 27, to Mattie Young, 24.

Looking At Tobacco.  Mr. Molten, manager of the Kentucky Experiment Station farm, has been in the county this week with County Agent Wilson looking at some of the tobacco suffering from a disease known as "frenching."  This disease has ruined several good crops in Pulaski and there seems to be no remedy for it.  Erastus Vaught, who had four acres planted, plowed it up last week and sowed buckwheat.  Some parts of the county has escaped the disease and the crops are looking fine.

James Akers has just gotten in a club Holstein calf that is one of the finest looking animals that has been brought to the county.

Cruse Resigns.  Mayor Cruse has resigned his position with Miller Brothers effective August 1st.  he will take a vacation of a month before deciding what business he will engage in.

Mr. Ashley Here.  Mr. J.K. Ashley of Science Hill, manufacturer of the Champion Egg Case Machine, was in Somerset Wednesday with a new machine he has just patented and had a picture made of it.  It is quite an improvement over the old machine.  Mr. Ashley sells these machines all over the United States and in foreign countries.

Pu-John Coming.  Mr. Joe Waddle returned Monday night from Johnson County and reports everything very favorable for the Pu-John Oil operations in that county.  Mr. Waddle said the first well was down over 500 feet and that things looked good for a strike in the first well.  One hindrance has been a very bad drought in Johnson County and the water supply ran out, but since a good rain difficulty had been overcome.

Parker.  Mrs. John Parker, who resides on the Grundy Road, died last Friday morning.  Funeral and burial took place at Bradley Chapel Sunday forenoon.  She is survived by husband and one son.  Deceased was a good Christian woman,
a member of the Methodist Church and will be greatly missed in that community.

To Rockcastle.  Mr. L.F. Hubble is spending several weeks at his famous
resort - Rockcastle Springs.  Mr. Hubble owns several thousand acres of land in that vicinity and he is holding it hoping and praying that some time there will be a good pike built to it or that there will be a railroad run close to it.  The property is very valuable.


District Convention.  The Fifth District Sunday School convention held at Sweeny's Chapel was a marked success.  A splendid crowd was present who brought with them an abundance of those delicious foods peculiar to that locality.   The morning session was very interesting with E.T. Wesley and others as the speakers and the recitations and music given by the Sweeney's Chapel Sunday School.  At noon an unusually good dinner was spread by the good women of the neighborhood and all spent an enjoyable noon hour.  The afternoon session was splendidly carried out and R.M. Feese, Rev. J.P. White and Rev. W.L. Clark as the principal speakers.  Our program was well balanced as to occupations as we had ministers, merchants, real estate agents,
agricultural agent, farmers, lawyers and editors, who participated in the
program.  The following officers were elected for ensuring year:  Pres. Chas L. Gragg, Somerset, Vice President E.C. Gover, Somerset, Secretary and
Treasurer Jennie Gilmore, Somerset, Asst. Sec'y., Cora Keys, Somerset.  Departmental Superintendents. Elementary, Miss Lelia Gragg, Somerset; Young People, Jennie Vaught; Science Hill; Adults, Mrs. J.W. Allen, Ruth; Tem. & Purity, Mrs. Lucy Kelley, Strawberry; Home and Visitation, Sam Miller; Valley Oak; Organization, Robert Perkins, Somerset; Missions R.P. James, Somerset; Education, Joe Yahnig, Somerset.


Rev. Boland To Leave.  It will be greatly regretted that Rev. B.J. Boland of St. Mildred's Catholic Church, has decided to leave Somerset.  He has been given the church at Henderson, Ky., which is a much larger field.  Rev. Boland during the time he has been in Somerset has made many warm friends and all Somerset will regret to learn of his leaving.  He has always taken a great interest in all matters that would help Somerset and Pulaski County and always ready when called upon.  His efforts and influence have brought Somerset many good things that all of our people do not know about.  He has the best wishes of our people.  Rev. Fallon of Louisville, pastor of the St. Cecilia Church, one of the largest churches in Louisville will come to Somerset to succeed Rev. Boland.

Wanted.  Two hundred legal voters of the city of Somerset to sign petition with me to call an election to vote on the question of whether or not the city is in favor of organizing and being governed under an act for the government of cities of the fourth class in the commonwealth of Kentucky, which was approved on March 19th, 1894, and thereafter in due course became a law and the amendments now appear in article 5 of chapter 89 of the Kentucky statues in John D. Carrol's edition thereof in 1909 adopted by the General Assembly of Kentucky at the 1914 session.  See me and sign.  G.C. Cruse.


Dr. D.W. Scott, who has been in a revival meeting at Murray, Ky., for the
past two weeks will be in his pulpit next Sunday.  He urges every member of
the church to be present.  The sermons will be as follows: Morning, "Let Us
Not Be Weary In Well Doing;" "By What Authority Doest Thou These Things?"


Hospital Notes.

Capt. Crozier still remains in the hospital, his condition about the same.

The little son of Herbert Gann who was playing in a tree last Monday, fell and fractured his right arm in two places.

The little nephew of C.I. Ross, Raymond Craynon came to the hospital Saturday for a minor operation.

Mrs. Lizzie Cain who has been ill for some time, is somewhat improved.

Miss Mae Whitson one of the nurses, is visiting her parents at Elgin, Ky., this week.

Miss Bertha Hamilton and Mrs. Julia Morgan, nurses at the hospital, are down
at Russell Springs this week.

Mrs. Boon Broyles, of Dahl, Ky., who was operated on for appendicitis three
weeks ago, returned to her home Sunday.

Mrs. J.E. Jones of Burkesville, Ky., brought her daughter to the hospital last Monday for treatment.

Little Sallie Haney, daughter of Will Haney, was brought to the hospital last Monday suffering with typhoid fever.

Dr. Cain was called to Robbins, Tenn., last Saturday to see Mrs. Della Logan, in consultation with Dr. Faust, who was suffering with appendicitis.


Dr. and Mrs. A.W. Cain, their father, M.J. Cain, Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Higgins, Harold and Opal Cain, motored over to Hustonville last Sunday and spent the day with Dr. Cain's sister Mrs. A.J. Weddle, returning home Sunday evening.

Mrs. J.S. Wright and daughter Mildred, who have spent the summer with her sister Mrs. A.W. Cain, returned to her home in Johnson City, Tenn., Tuesday.


Fine Cherries.  The Journal is indebted to Rev. John A. Woods for some as fine cherries as ever grew.  They were sent to Mr. Woods by his daughter Mrs. Tom Haley of Hood River, Oregon.  Mrs. Haley has quite an orchard of these cherries.  She writes that off of one tree she gathered enough to make 10 quarts of preserves and sold over $28.00 worth.


Personal Mention.

Miss Virginia Goodloe of Colorado Springs is the attractive guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Goodloe.

Miss Ethel Owens returned Sunday to her home at Danville after a pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Goodloe.

Mrs. Stephen H. Jones returned Monday from Demopolis, Ala., where she had been visiting her mother who has been quite ill.

W.S. Alexander was in Louisville the first of the week to consult a specialist.

J.W. Kerr of the firm of Kerr & Kerr, leading real estate and insurance men of Campbellsville, Ky., was in Somerset Tuesday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Watson left Tuesday for their home at Independence, Ky.


Mrs. Elvert Humble received Wednesday afternoon from four to six in honor of her sister Mrs. Charles Weist of Cincinnati, Ohio, who is her house guest.  In the receiving line with Mrs. Weist and Mrs. Humble was Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow of Frankfort, Mrs. R.E. Higgins and Mrs. Sue Owens assisted in the entertaining and Misses Elizabeth Weist and Margurette Claunch served the dainty refreshments.


Mr. E.S. Heaton, one of the progressive farmers of the county, and his niece, Miss Cassie Jordan, paid the Journal office a call Thursday.  Mr. Heaton moved here from Tennessee and purchased the Lum Harvey farm.  He likes Pulaski County very much.


Mrs. Richard G. Williams gave a picture show party Wednesday night for Mrs.
W. Logan Wood, of Danville, Ky., Mrs. J.R. Mount of Atlanta, Ga., and Mrs.
Edwin P. Morrow of Frankfort.  After the party the guests were invited to the
home of Mrs. Williams for refreshments.

Master Marshal Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, invited quite a few of his friends to a birthday party Tuesday afternoon.  All the guests brought little gifts.  The afternoon was spent in playing games and having a general good time.  Refreshments were served.

Miss Lois Ann Bolin has returned from a visit with relatives in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Mr. Robert Combest left for Cincinnati last Sunday accompanied by his cousin, Mr. Dehart, who has been visiting here.

Mrs. Lottie Hall and daughter Mrs. Sloan left Wednesday for Oakdale, Tenn., to spend the rest of the summer.

Mrs. Ben Waddle entertained with a pretty luncheon Wednesday for Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow of Frankfort, Mrs. W. Logan Wood, of Danville, and Mrs. J.R. Mount of Atlanta, Ga.  The table and dining room decorations were very attractive.  Those present were Mesdames W. Logan Wood, J.R. Mount, Edwin P. Morrow, S.A. Waddle, J.E. Claunch and Thos. M. Thatcher.

Mrs. James Denton has returned from a visit with relatives in Danville.

Mrs. L.R. Longsworth of Winfield, Kansas, arrived this week for a visit with her son, Ralph.


Mrs. Woodson May has been giving some delightful picnic and house parties for her nieces, Katherine and Margurette Jones, of London, Ky., who have been her
guests for several weeks.  Last Monday a picnic was enjoyed at Dickey's swimming hole and Tuesday night several of the young crowd were invited to the home for a party.


Mrs. George W. Thomas has as her guests Miss Christine Nelson of Little Rock,
Ark., and Miss Johnie Springfield of Chattanooga, Tenn.

Wm. Barnes of Kavito was in Somerset Tuesday on business.

Judge B.J. Bethurum was in Louisville Monday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Cundiff of Danville have been visiting her parents Mr.
and Mrs. I.M. Hardgrove.

Mr. and Mrs. James Roy have returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt
Norfleet and Mr. and Mrs. Clodus Halcomb and other friends and relatives in Illinois.

Mr. J.K. Ashley, patentee and manufacturer of the Champion Egg Case Machine, of Science Hill, was in Somerset Wednesday on business.

Mrs. George S. Carpenter has returned to her home in Stanford after an
extended visit with relatives here.

A.P. Vaught, purchasing agent and manager of C.M. Langdon's store at Science Hill, was in Somerset Tuesday on business.

Miss Bess Kelley, operator for the Gainesboro Telephone Company, will be on duty today after a two weeks visit with friends and relatives in Cincinnati and Sharonville, O.

Mr. W.H. Harrison of Ludlow spent several days in Somerset with his mother,
Mrs. Harrison has been taking the Journal for years and says that he would
not do without it for twice the price of the subscription.

A fine 10-pound girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed M. Vaught on the
23rd.  They are receiving congratulations from their many friends.

J.W. Isaacs went to Danville last Saturday to accompany his wife and children home who have been spending several days visiting relatives in Danville.

Miss Daisy L. Ware arrived Thursday from Santa Monica, California, to spend a
few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. P. Ware.  Miss Daisy was on the Pacific Coast during the recent earthquake shocks, and says the experience is something not easily forgotten.

Dr. M.L. Bryant of Frazer was in town last weekend and subscribed for the
Journal; said he wanted a good Democrat newspaper.  Dr. Bryant is very much
interested in oil production in his locality.

Congressman J.M. Robsion was a distinguished visitor in Somerset last
weekend, having been in Clinton County on some official business and stopped
off here to pay his friends a short visit.

Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Dungan and children who have been spending several weeks
visiting his father in Kansas and assisting in the wheat harvest, have
returned to Somerset.  They went to Kansas prospecting with possibilities of
locating there, but decided that Kentucky was good enough for them yet
awhile.  Mr. Dungan is an expert telegraph operator and has a position with
the railroad company on the second trick at the Somerset depot.

Elam Huddleston of the commercial department of the First National Bank of
Louisville, was in Somerset Tuesday.

Mrs. A.J. Richardson of Moreland, Ind., is visiting her mother, Mrs. Nancy
Quinton, at Pulaski, Ky.  While in the County she decided that she could no
longer do without the Journal and sent in her renewal for another year.

Mrs. H.W. Inman and three sons of Louisville, have been spending the past
week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ingram and other friends and relatives in
Somerset.  They will be joined here this weekend by Mr. Inman and they will
go to Meridian, Miss., where he has a splendid position with the American
Railway Express Co., as superintendent of that division.

Mrs. Childers who has been with her daughter Mrs. J.A. Cassada, returned to
her home at Dayton, Ohio, Monday.

Herman Lowenthal of Oneida, Tenn., is visiting homefolks.

John Stoffer has returned from Akron, Ohio.

F.J. Wolfe of Chicago, Ill., is expected to arrive about August 10th to be
the guest of his sister, Mrs. J.R. Cook.  Mr. Wolfe's daughter, Miss Bertha,
of Washington will join her father here about August 16th.

A.E. Barnes has returned from a vacation trip to Richmond, Ky.  Mrs. Barnes
and Katherine did not return but will remain a few weeks longer.

Mrs. T.E. Horrell entertained the Five Hundred Club last Tuesday afternoon at
her pretty home on College Street.  Following the game refreshments were

Miss Grace A. Heaps and cousins Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vahnig, and daughter,
Pauline, left last week for a visit to friends and relatives in Illinois and

Mr. Mark Catron entertained quite a few friends last Friday night with a
porch dance at the home of his parents Judge and Mrs. Wm. Catron.  The affair
was a most pleasant one and the young folks tripped the light fantastic until
the wee hours of the morning.  Refreshments were served during the evening.

Mrs. W.H. Laing of Richmond, Va., is visiting her mother Mrs. Lola Singleton
on Murphy Ave.

Miss Virginia Singleton and little brother William of Ludlow are visiting
relatives in Somerset.

Mrs. Charles Weist and daughter Elizabeth of Cincinnati are visiting her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Shepperd.

Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Tuttle of Louisville are visiting his parents this week.

Mrs. S.K. Vaught of Winchester has returned to her home after a visit with
her parents.

Judge J.S. Cooper is spending the week in eastern Kentucky on business.

Captain William Hayden of Lexington is visiting relatives here this week. 
Captain Hayden spent nearly two years overseas and was in the same outfit
with Captain Paul Dexheimer of this city.


Additional Personals.

Sergeant Howard Ingram of Camp Taylor, Ky., spent Thursday in the city with friends.  His many friends here are always glad to see him.

Raymond Day, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Day, is spending several days at home from his work in Akron, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Conn of Nicholasville are visiting relatives here this week.

Harry Higgins is here from Akron, Ohio, to visit his mother, Mrs. Judy Higgins.

Mrs. Marion Farmer and grandson Ralph are visiting her daughter Mrs. M.A. Parson at Johnson City, Ill.

Mr. Wallace Heaps of Chattanooga, Tenn., spent Sunday with his cousins Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Snyder and Mr. and Mrs. Claud Gover.

Elmer Hughes and family are spending this week with friends and relatives in

Mrs. Alta C. Johnson has been ill of typhoid fever the past several days.

Mr. and Mrs. James Mead of Lexington, Ky., spent the weekend in Somerset with relatives.

Messrs H.M. Hollars and L.L. Shivers of Barren Fork spent the weekend in

Rex Sharp the popular traveling salesman is spending the week at Cumberland Falls camping.

Attorney B.L. Waddle was in Louisville last Friday and Saturday on business.

W. Logan Wood of Danville spent Sunday in the city with his wife who is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Claunch.  Col. Wood is postmaster at Danville and is one of the best ones in the state.

Raymond Harkins is at home from Rockingham, N.C., where he has been employed on a large farm.  While doing some work on the farm he was slightly injured and has had to take a few days off.  He will return this week.

Sam Colyer who has a position in Cincinnati is visiting in the city this week.

Miss Ann Enright has returned to her home in Richmond, Ky., after a visit with Miss Marietta Farrell.


Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Monroe arrived Tuesday from new York City to spend several weeks with her mother, Mrs. Barker on W. Columbia St.   They motored through enjoying stops at many places of interest in the east.

Messrs John Farrell and Phillip McElroy spent several days in Danville this week.

Mrs. J.A. Bolin left Wednesday for Henderson, Ky., to be with her son Porter, who is there with his string of horses.

Charles Curtis returned to Bowling Green Business College Monday to resume his studies.

Assistant Cashier Ed M. Waddle continues ill at his home on Maple Ave.

Mrs. H.M. Pope and daughter Louise and Miss Louise Millard of Meridian,
Miss., are visiting Mrs. S.A. Evins.

Messrs John Williams and John Cooper motored to Monticello Tuesday for the day.

Master William Parker Gragg had the misfortune to fall and break his arm last
Tuesday.  He is getting along nicely at this time.

Miss Dora Shadoan has been very ill for the past few days.

Elvert Humble is spending several days in Cincinnati on business.

Attorney Ben V. Smith was in Lexington Wednesday on business.


Burnside.  By Mrs. L.D. Nunn.  Mrs. F. Anderson has returned to her home n Nashville after an extended visit with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson … Arthur
Rankin returned to Marshall, Texas, Monday after a visit with relatives .. Mrs. Dean Mann and daughters of Greenville, Miss., were the guests of Mrs. S.E. Cooper this passed week … Miss Elizabeth Allen was in Somerset over Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Lloyd and family of Bronston were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Lloyd Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Appleton and daughter with Mr.and Mrs. J.E. Polliet of Danville motored through and spent the weekend with Mrs. W.S. Phillippi … Mrs. W.W. Rew was in Oakdale with relatives Saturday and Sunday …  Misses Gustava and Elsie Rankin left Monday to visit in Danville and Middlesboro … Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Lowdenback of Owenton were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. B.B. Lowdenback last week … Miss Irene Kelsay left the Gamblin Hospital Monday after a successful operation on her tonsils … W.B. Harn of Akron, Ohio, was home this week … Mrs. W.J. Davidson has returned from a visit with relatives in Glasgow … Mrs. J.M. Perkins and daughter, Velma, are visiting relatives at Shopville this week … W.J. Davidson was in Junction City Monday on business … Mr. and Mrs. John Williams with Robert and Ruby Williams of Ashland were the guests at the home of George Williams this passed week .. Mrs. J.P. Kelsay of Somerset, Grand Deputy of the State of Kentucky, inspected the Eastern Star Lodge here Tuesday evening.  A large crowd was present and an enjoyable evening spent … R.L. Short of Oakdale was in town Sunday … Don't forget Chautauqua coming next Thursday for 3 days, tickets for sale everywhere in town … Our baseball team played double header games with Huntsville and Helenwood, Tenn., Saturday and Sunday, going to Huntsville first.  The game was a tie, 9 to 9, and on account of night coming on did not get to untie the score.  It was a rousing game and our boys displayed their talents.  On Sunday the game with Helenwood was won by our team the score being 3 to 0.  This being the second game the boys have won with the Helenwood team.  So far they have not lost a game and will play Stearns Sunday.  The boys on team are: Imel Parrigin, Clarence Beaty, Jim Beaty, Joe Heath, Otho Heath, Chas. Baugh, Sam Baker, Bill Nunn, Heber Lewis, Lonnie Bryant, umpire.  W.W. Rew and Orville Owens were the only rooters from Burnside.


Drum.  Luther Mounce and wife of Cincinnati are visiting here … Aunt Matilda Alexander continues very ill … Wesley Bray and family visited Tye Chaney Saturday night … Vada and Ada Goodin spent Sunday with Zelma Erp … Kissarah Phelps and Zula Hargis of Bent visited at Reuben Childers Sunday … Martha Miller and children and Mary Mounce of Dykes are visiting at Marion Fulcher's … Mrs. Tye Chaney and son and Mrs. John Slavy visited at C. Langford's Sunday… Ina Cook and Essie Sears visited Myrtle and Helen Sears Saturday night .. Arthur Stogsdill and wife visited her parents Saturday night.

Hogue.  James Hendricks and wife are all smiles over the arrival of a baby boy July 8th - Haynes … Ira Adams returned to Cincinnati Sunday after spending three weeks with his parents here … Miss Elizabeth Jasper was a Saturday night guest of Lula Pitman … Messrs Verna Mullins and Erastus Vaught of Cave Hill attended singing here at Center Post Sunday afternoon … Laskous Jasper and family of Mt. Hope visited her father A.J. Adams Sunday … Freland and Frank Hall went to Cincinnati Sunday to work … Mrs. Enoch Pitman spent Sunday in Cincinnati … Charles Moore and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl in their home - Dorothy … Misses Roxie and Laura Dick of Bethlehem spent Sunday here … Several from this place attended the picnic Saturday at Bethlehem … Chester Pitman and family returned to Cincinnati Sunday after a few weeks visit here … Virgil Tartar of Mintonville attended singing here Sunday afternoon.

Ansel.  Quite a crowd from here attended church at Science Hill Sunday … Misses Alberta and Grace Wilson of Poynter, Ky., visited friends and relatives here last week .. Mary Easthem and Helen Irvin visited Hattie Wilson Saturday night … Hollis Wilson has returned to Detroit, Mich. … Mary and Martha Wilson and Lillian Smith visited the Morris Girls of Norwood Sunday afternoon … Frank Mourning has returned to Cincinnati after spending a few days here with home folks .. Elsie Adams visited Ophia Wilson Saturday and Sunday … Lena Quinton of Pulaski visited her father Sunday … Hollis Wilson and wife and Mrs. A.J. Wilson visited at W.S. Wilson's Thursday night.

Acorn.  Weck Cash is on the sick list .. Misses Nica and Tilla Carlton returned to Indiana Sunday after a two weeks visit with home folks .. Charles Whitis lost a finger while working at a saw mill for Jim Rainey … J.J. McDonald and wife visited at Marion Carlton's Sunday .. Shafter Mayfield of Skip visited relatives here Saturday and Sunday … James Rainey visited Robert Williams Sunday … Matthew Whitaker sold a bunch of lambs to Boone Broyles … Mrs. Vada McDonald spent Sunday with Mrs. K.H. Barnes … Several from here attended church at Clifty Grove Sunday … Quite a crowd visited Weck Cash Sunday … Miss Katherine Bullock left for Norwood, Ohio, Sunday … Wm.Linville of Grundy was in this section Sunday … Othel Taylor visited Bob Williams Sunday.

Oak Hill.  Miss Grace Frisbie is teaching school at Quinton, Ky. … Margaret Mitchell visited Mrs. Thurman one day last week … Quince Neeley and Sam Brown are visiting at Kitter this week .. Lula Frisbie and Nan Gholson visited Mrs.Mattie Neeley one day last week … Opal Watson has returned home in Ohio … Myrtle Bogle and Florence Wilson visited at Mrs. McKee's one night last week … Mildred Barnett was the guest of Ova Frisbie Saturday … John Neeley and wife and Willie Smith and wife spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown … Mrs. Charlie Mitchell and little son Bernard visited Mrs. Lucy Lorton Sunday.

Mt. Zion.  Flonnie Vaught is with her grandmother Aunt Ellen Vaught who is
very ill … Nora Baugh is in a very serious condition … F. Baugh and wife of Mt. Hope spent last Wednesday with his mother .. Mrs. John Lester is
entertaining her mother from Oil Center and sister and family from Illinois … Ollie Vaught and family visited Mrs. Alfred Lanham at Eubank Sunday …Columbus Hines is the guest of Delmar and Ray Baugh this week.
Nancy.  While on their way from Fairview Arnold Lane and George Ellis ran over Mrs. Mary Hudson and injured her slightly … Belle McKinney of Illinois
is visiting her father J.T. Webb .. The singing will begin at White Oak next Sunday … Emma Lee, Offie Tartar and Della Norfleet were at Crackers Neck Sunday night.

Pnobscott.  Dewey Smith and Delta York were united in marriage July 22.  they left for a trip to Virgie, Ky. … Artie Hart visited her parents last week .. Mrs. Verna Suttle has been very ill .. Lucy Hart was in Eubank Saturday.

Pisgah.  Miss Anna Lee Young of Monticello has been visiting Mrs. Lum Harvey and Mrs. C.D. Stigall this week … Mrs. D.S. Claunch called on Mrs. C.O. Heaton Friday … George Stigall of Bronston is visiting his daughter Mrs. Lum Harvey … Miss Mabel Claunch visited Miss Sallie Bryant Thursday … Burnett Rhoten, wife and little son, James, motored to Harrodsburg and McKinney Saturday … Harry Stigall and wife and Dumont Stigall and wife were guests at the home of C.D. Stigall … Misses Mabel and Thelma Claunch visited Zona and Ova Casada Sunday … Howard Colyer spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stigall … Mrs. Mary Gibson and family and L.B. Leece and wife of Ferguson were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Hail … Miss Lula Molen and her guest Miss Laura Triplett called on Miss Ruth Rhoten Thursday … Everett Gholson and wife spent Sunday with her parents Jim Bryant and wife … Mrs. Ben Lair is suffering with blood poison in her hand … Glen Heaton and family spent Sunday at D.N. Cole's of Ringgold … Fletcher Gover of Cedar Grove spent Sunday with his brother S. Gover … Mrs. Bill White called on Mrs. E.S. Heaton Sunday … Willie Jones and wife are visiting her mother Mrs. Sam Waddle.

Slate Branch.  J.P. Hudson and family visited Sam Marcum Sunday .. Ottis Bolin and wife visited at Frazure Sunday .. Mrs. Luther Mills visited Mabel Jasper Thursday … Joe Mills has gone to Iowa … Andrew Beasley and family of Sardis visited at Willie Hudson's Sunday … Malinda Ashbrook and Addie Slaughter were in Cincinnati Sunday … Lora Prather and Mellie McBeath visited Sallie Slaughter Sunday … Elura Rainwater visited her daughter Sunday … Rev.Abbott and wife spent Saturday night and Sunday at J.A. James … J.W. Vaughn and wife have been visiting at Delmar.

Waterloo.  Clarence Sievers is spending the summer here … Edward Doss and family visited her parents Sunday … Clarence Rainwater and Edward Doss were in Somerset Monday … Alma Dick is very ill .. C.P. garner has returned from Mississippi … Zelotus Dick and son were in Somerset Saturday … Beecher Foster of Ingle visited here Thursday … Audrey Rainwater and Bessie Dick attended church at Hopeful Sunday.

Coin.  A large crowd from here attended the church at Flat Lick Sunday night … Misses Mary and Mattie Woodall have gone to Dayton, Ohio … Misses Jessie and Unie Gilliland and Ida Rainey visited at Leander Gilliland's Sunday … Misses Ola and Della Adams and Zellah Sowder visited at J.S. Woodall's Sunday … Miss Sarah Woodall is improving nicely … Mrs. Blaine Sowder visited Mrs. George Hargis Sunday … Blaine Sowder has gone to Dayton, Ohio .. Miss Myrtle Hargis visited Miss Lillian Woodall Sunday … Misses Helen and Zula Sowder visited Dock Bobbitt Sunday … Mrs. Mattie Whitaker and Maggie Bullock has returned from Dayton, Ohio … Walker Dyer visited Hubert Moore Sunday.

Souls Chapel.  After an illness of several weeks Mrs. J.W. Parker passed away Friday.  She leaves a husband, one son and a host of friends to mourn their loss. She was buried Sunday at Bradley's Chapel … Nina Hines spent the weekend at home … Mrs. Catron Harrison of Somerset visited her mother Sunday … George and Luther Parker and Mrs. Bogus of Falmouth, were called to attend the funeral of Mrs. J.W. Parker … B. Hines and wife of Dayton are visiting here …  Wade Gover spent Saturday night with Marshal Cundiff.


Cave Hill.  W.S. Wilson had several visitors Thursday night … C.S. Sweet is some better at present … Millard Wesley and wife are spending a few days in Wayne County .. Cora Higgins is visiting her sister at Camp Ground … Mrs. Verdie Smith spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Maude Smith .. Zella Adams had several visitors Saturday … Carl Quinton and wife spent Sunday and Monday with her brother G.S. Smith …  Dona Miller of Wayne County is spending a few weeks with her sister Mrs. Mela Burton … Isabell Wilson spent Sunday with Maud Smith … Miss Dona Miller and Mrs. Mela Burton visited at Elmer Burton's Sunday … Will Sweet and family spent Sunday with his father C.W. Sweet.


Pleasant Hill.  Mrs. Ike Shepherd has returned to her home in New Castle,
Ind., after spending a few days with her mother Mrs. Fannie Lay, who is quite
ill … Several from here attended the Sunday school convention at Camp Ground Sunday … James Vaught of Cincinnati is spending a few days with relatives here … Mrs. Annie Wesley and children visited her father M.F. Ashley Saturday who is quite ill … Charles Stone and family of Beech Grove visited his parents here Tuesday night … Wm. Owens sold his farm for $4,000 and bought a farm from Brent Lay for $13,000 … Mrs. M.E. Bishop of Ludlow visited her cousin Mrs. Cathryn Ashley last week … James Stone of this place was married July 19th to Miss Jennie Ramsey of Cincinnati.  They spent a few days last week with his relatives here … H.H. Smith and Miss Edith Carney are getting along fine with their school … Willie and Telitha Ashley were guests of the Humble girls Monday night.


Bobtown.  John Herron and family spent Sunday at E.H. Eldridge's … Mrs. Elmer Bergin and children spent Sunday at Rev. Meece's … Rev. Meece attended church at Flat Lick Sunday … Helen Bolin visited Maude and Ruth Williams Sunday … Mesdames W. Meece and E. Wiser visited Mrs. E.H. Eldridge Saturday … Shelby Griffin and E. Wiser were in Somerset Thursday … William Barren and wife visited at Jack Smith's Sunday … A.E. Colyer of Woodstock visited E. Wiser Sunday.


Meece.  Varner and Thelma Hargis have gone to Akron, Ohio .. Delbert Roberts of Dixie visited at Grant Haynes last Sunday and Sunday night … Mrs. Margaret Hines is visiting at Somerset … M.S. Godby visited at Dixie last weekend … Bill Edwards has returned from Akron .. Delbert Roberts visited M.S. Godby last Saturday night … Harlie E. Godby and wife have gone to Cincinnati .. Grover Meece of Somerset visited his mother Mrs. India Meece, Sunday and Monday … Mrs. Lula Waddle visited her mother one day last week … M.S. Godby was in Somerset last Thursday on business … Born to the wife R.S. Phelps, a girl … M.S. Godby has gone to Cincinnati … James Hargis and son went to Cincinnati last Sunday.


Colo.  A large crowd attended church at White Lily Sunday and enjoyed the interesting sermon delivered by Bro. Ridner .. Lee and Estel Smiley, Anna Meece and Alice Mounce have gone to Norwood, Ohio, to work … Mrs. G.W. Meece visited her parents at Mt. Victory Saturday night and Sunday … Born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Meece, a girl … Mrs. Eva Edwards visited her mother Mary E. Ping Sunday .. The little child of Arthur Meece is ill … Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kenney visited at J.P. Keeney's Saturday night and Sunday.


Floyd.  Rev. A.K. Gooch and wife visited Rev. Todd Sunday … Aunt Sarah Ann Bryant remains very ill … Fred and Ira Trivett went to Cincinnati Sunday … Doris and Lillian Gragg were in Somerset last Tuesday … A.W. Surber and wife visited at M.N. Griffin's last Sunday … Lucion Trobridge of Casey County visited here Saturday and Sunday … Roy Trivett and family spent Sunday at Dabney … M.N. Griffin and family called at J.E. Todd's Sunday .. Bruce Estes, Dewey McMullin, Fred Trivett and Gertrude Spears attended the ball game at Waynesburg Saturday … A.E. Surber and wife visited J.E. Todd Sunday … Mrs. George Ellison has returned from the Somerset Sanitarium … Mrs. Henry Hall is some better at present ..  Mrs. Belle Trivett and family called on the family of J.B. Gragg Sunday … Mrs. R.L. Johnson and children spent last week with her mother .. Virie Trivett has returned home … W.L. Eubank and wife were at this place Saturday … Mattie and Elsie Harmon are visiting here .. Briery school will entertain with a pie supper on next Friday night … Doris and Lillian Gragg visited at M.N. Griffin's Sunday night … Mrs. M. C. Higgins called at the home of J.B. Gragg Sunday.



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