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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, July 23, 1920.

For some time there has been talk of a wholesale dry goods house in Somerset.  Several of our business people are interested but no one has ever taken the initiative.  Somerset is ideally located for a wholesale center.  This is demonstrated by the fact that two wholesale grocery houses have done well.  The territory to serve is large and wealthy.  Why send all our money away from home when it should be kept here?

Professor D.H. Lyons of Mount Vernon a A member of the State Board of Examiners, reported to Superintendent Colvin that the teachers in Rockcastle this year answered entirely too well in arithmetic and geography.  A special investigator was sent down from Frankfort with the result that another examination was ordered.  Now some of the teachers in Rockcastle have become "peeved" at Lyons for doing a plain duty and threaten him with dire disaster.  Hurrah for Lyons and shame on such teachers!  But it looks to us, from a letter by the State Superintendent, that the whole thing is being white-washed.  This is a very grave matter and should be sifted to the very bottom, accompanied with a publication of the facts in connection therewith.  We call upon Superintendent Colvin to publish the report of his inspector.  It is so seldom that such things are exposed, that when they are the severest penalty should be administered to the guilty.  Would it not be a good idea for the next grand jury in Rockcastle to make a special investigation?  Would it not also be a good idea to get the State Inspector before that body?  The people should know the whole truth about the matter.  If anyone has violated the law, let such person be exposed so that future examinations may be on the level.  We feel that for the good it will do the grand jury of Rockcastle should give this subject a thorough and honest investigation that the real facts may be brought to light and that the guilty, if any, may be speedily punished.

Receives Patent.  Mr. W.D. Brown of Somerset who invented an automobile shock absorber and made application to the patent office at Washington over a year ago, for a patent has finally received it with his patent number, and he can now proceed to manufacture them under protection from the Government.  This invention is known as Brown's Shock Absorber and it is said by those who have used them that they are better than any shock absorber on the market.  Mr. Brown has made several and put them on cars in Somerset and they are now in use.  He intends to begin to advertise and manufacture the patent on a large scale. 

Wants Literature.  Mrs. J.H. Kline of Atlantic City, N.J., writes to the Board of Commerce wanting some literature about Pulaski County.  Mrs. Kline says that she is the aunt, grand-aunt and grand-grand-aunt of quite a number of youngsters in the county.  She is planning a visit to the county soon.

Buchanan Leaves Cumberland.  Mr. Ed Buchanan, head bookkeeper for the home office of the Cumberland Grocery Co., at Burnside, has tendered his resignation to take effect the first of August.  Mr. Buchanan has been connected with the Cumberland Grocery Co. for the past thirteen years and has made the company a most valued employee, therefore his services will be greatly missed.  He and his good family will remove to Ashland, where he has a very nice position with a steel corporation.  Mr. Buchanan is not only a good bookkeeper, but he is a first class gentleman.

County Convention.  Pulaski County Sunday School Association will hold its Annual Convention at Soule's Chapel on Saturday night, July 31st, and Sunday, August 1st.  Make your arrangements to attend this great gathering of Sunday School workers.  Prof. C.E. Dusley and Mr. W.J. Vaughn, two of the Field Secretaries of the Kentucky Sunday School Association, will be present and deliver an address at each session of the convention.  Dinner will be served on the ground.  The people of this church extended a very cordial invitation for us to hold this convention with them and they are preparing for a great time.  If you are interested in any department of Sunday school work you should attend and get the instruction and inspiration from the addresses that will be delivered.  Wm. B. Gragg, County President.

House for Sale.  House and lot on Freeman Ave., for sale or trade.  Newly painted, good condition.  Enquire of Plano Denham.

Barnett - Watson.  Miss Mable Barnett, the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Barnett of this city and Mr. Otto Watson of Independence, Ky., son of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Watson of near Woodstock, this county, were quietly married yesterday (Thursday) morning at the Presbyterian Manse, Rev. C.H. Talbot officiating.  Those in attendance were Miss Mosella Vaught and Harold Kennedy, and Miss Stella Bryant and Mr. Pete Crocket.  The bride and the ladies present were all dressed in blue traveling suits with hats to match.  The ceremony was short and impressive, after which the happy couple left for the home of the groom's parents at Woodstock to spend a few days before going
to their home at Independence.  Mrs. Watson has forth past two years or more been one of the most valued employees of the Farmers National Bank as bookkeeper and has a host of friends in the city of Somerset and Pulaski County.  Mr. Watson was formerly connected with the same institution before the war, offering his services when the war started with Germany, made a fine soldier and since returning has held a position with the Ayer-Lord Tie Co., at Burnside, and is at present holding a splendid position in a bank at Independence, Ky.  The many Somerset friends of the popular young couple extend congratulations and best wishes.

Possum Trot.  Rev. Willie Mills spent Sunday night at J.T. Scales … Miss Lucy Girdler is spending a few weeks at Ludlow … The children of Brint Lay are home on account of the illness of their mother .. Miss Lizzie Fitzpatrick is
visiting her sister at Somerset … Pearlie May Martin has been spending a few weeks with her grandparents and attending school here … Miss Jewey Hines spent Saturday night with Mrs. Hardin Baker … Miss Louisa Scales visited the Keith girls Saturday night … Bill Owens has sold his farm to a Mr. Johnson of Tennessee … Bonnie Roy and wife attended church at Science Hill Sunday … Mrs. Walter Hines and baby are improving … George Girdler and wife spent Saturday night with his parents … Chas. Gregory and wife visited his brother, Chris, Saturday.

Shafter.  Our Baptist Sunday school is progressing nicely … Rev. J.S. Abbott filled his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday .. Rev. Mills
preached here Saturday night … Colan R. Jones the traveling salesman was at home last week .. Ed and Velasco Girdler are at home from Cincinnati … Ben Girdler and family visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Vaughn Sunday … Mrs. Callie Bolin visited Mrs. Fount Bolin Thursday and Friday … Mrs. Mattie Prather visited Mrs. Linnie Prather Thursday … Little Hazel Prather has been very ill … Ettie, the little daughter of Logan New is very sick .. Ernest Jones is on the route with his brother Coleman, this week … Fred Ashbrook is able to be out again … Coy Abbott was thrown from a wagon Friday, but was not seriously hurt .. Ottis Bolin is on the sick list.

Oak Hill.  Walter A. Frisbie of Dayton, Ohio, is spending his vacation with homefolks … Mrs. Dye Burton and children visited Mrs. Lula Frisbie Sunday afternoon … Mrs. Russell Nicholas and daughter Rendye, Mrs. Quince Neeley and daughter Augie spent one day last week at the home of Joe Brown … Grace Frisbie visited Mrs. Noal Watson and Beatrice McKee Wednesday night … Miss Casada of Pulaski is visiting her cousins Zona and Ova Casada … Sam Cowan and family visited relatives at Waitsboro Sunday … Misses Mae and Grace Frisbie were Sunday guests of Mrs. John Hall … Oscar Casada spent Saturday night with Clay Frisbie .. Joe Neeley and family were guests of his brother Quince Neeley Friday night … Ruth Lorton visited her cousin Mildred Barnett Sunday … Quince Neeley and family visited his sister Mrs. Russell Nicholas Saturday night.

Coin.  Miss Sophia Woodall visited Ola and Della Adams Sunday … Miss Mattie Woodall has returned home from Dayton, Ohio … John Moore has returned to his home in Mississippi … Misses Maud and Ina Bishop visited at Jim Moore's
Sunday … Misses Mary and Mattie Woodall visited at Jim Norton's Sunday … Fount Burton and family visited at Jim Moore's Sunday … Raymond Moore, F. Smith and Earl Brinkley visited at J.S. Woodall's Sunday … Miss Sarah Woodall is very ill at this writing .. A large crowd from here attended church at Flat Lick Sunday night.


Elrod.  Uncle Wm. Gastineau visited W.H. Bumgardner Tuesday night … Joe Vanhook visited his brother Saturday night and Sunday … Bob Eldridge had the misfortune of having his house consumed by fire last Friday …

The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Ms. Rob Stevens and took from them their son Richard age 26.  he had been ill for some time with that most dreaded disease tuberculosis.  Richard was loved by all who knew him and leaves besides his parents a host of friends and relatives to mourn for him … Byrl and Bertha Poynter visited the Vanhook girls Saturday and Sunday.



Off to Johnson.  Mr. Joe Waddle left Monday for Johnson County where he will look after the interest of the Pu-John Oil Company.  The first well is down now about 400 feet.  Mr. Waddle will remain there until the well is completed.

Morrow Appointed.  Col. S.S. Morrow has been appointed administrator of the estate of Sylvester Vaught.  Ed Thurman, Ottis Waddle and W. E. McAlister have been appointed appraisers by Judge Tartar.


Dr. Vaughn Dead.  The Rev. W.F. Vaughn, 78 years of age, formerly pastor of the Methodist Church in Somerset, died at his home in Harrodsburg last Thursday of heart disease.  He served sixteen years as presiding elder, four years each in the Covington, Maysville, Danville and Shelbyville districts.  Dr. Vaughn was a very popular with Somerset people and his death has cast a gloom over the community.  He was a member of Somerset Commandery Knights Templar and the following members of that organization from Somerset attended the funeral: V.P. Smith, Will Waddle, J.P. Kelsay, W.B. Morrow, B.L. Waddle, J.M. Jamerson, C.L. Tartar, Harry Jeffrey, E.M. Pettus, O.W. Swaim, Sam Farrell and Norman I. Taylor.  Others from Somerset attending were: J.E. Girdler, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Curtis, Mrs. Carl Norfleet and Mrs. W.L. Clark.  There were quite a number from Burnside present also.


Solves The Problem.  One farmer suggested the best way to solve the road problem in the county would be for the county to inaugurate an aeroplane service.  It will soon take an aeroplane to get anywhere.

Burnside.  Dr. T.L. Gamblin was in Cincinnati Friday … Mrs. F.C. Sloan, Mrs. L.M. Cheeley, Miss Edna Young, Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Nunn and N.I. Taylor attended the funeral of Dr. W.F. Vaughn at Harrodsburg Friday … Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Barnett and daughter of Cincinnati are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. N.I. Taylor … Earl Elliott has been discharged from the service and is with relatives here now .. Miss Mattie Smith and mother are spending their vacation with relatives in Princeton, Ind.  … L.M. Cheeley and Harry Waite were in Somerset on business Monday … Mrs. W.S. Phillippi and son were in Danville and Lexington this weekend … Miss Charlotte Duncan was called to her home in Monticello on account of the illness of her father … Harold Hardwick of Torrent was in town Saturday … Mrs. S.A. Latimer and daughter of Oakdale were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Jones last week … Miss Doma Phillippi spent this week at the summer Sunday school training school at Camp Kavanaugh, near Crestwood, Ky. … Dr. B.B. Lowdenback is visiting relatives at Owenton this week.

Acorn.  Clyde Whitaker has returned to Indianapolis, Ind. … Meece and Bert Patterson of Public visited their brother Sunday … Elijah Woodall has returned to Indiana … Vanloe McDonald and wife visited at Marion Carlton's Monday … Bob Williams spent Sunday evening with Frank Harris … Vella Speak visited relatives at Burdine Valley Saturday and Sunday … Othel Taylor spent Sunday here .. Elijah Burdine spent Sunday with friends here … Marion Carlton visited Vanloe McDonald Sunday … School opened here Monday with Ina Smotherman as teacher … McKinley Barnes is spending several days with relatives here … Marion Farmer has returned from Norwood, Ohio.

Waterloo.  J.D. Rainwater visited his uncle A.W. Rainwater Wednesday … Audrey Rainwater visited her sister last week … J. Calhoun and wife visited his father Sunday … Willie Rainwater is visiting her sister Myrtie McLin of Oil Center … Dica Schoolcraft visited Martha Silvers Sunday … Dewey Dick who has been visiting here, has returned to his home … Columbus Calhoun visited her parents Saturday night.

Pointer.  Wm. Hutchinson and family of Somerset are the guests of Evertt Allen … Miss Loretta Doss and little daughter Thelma were the guests of Anna Ware Monday … J.W. Ware was in Somerset Saturday on business … Anna Ware was the guest of her daughter Monday … There were several visitors at J.W. Ware's Sunday … A.J. Butt of Sparta, Tenn., was the guest of his daughter last week.

Delmer.  Mattie Tartar is the guest of Hazel Muse … Mrs. Lora Barker was the guest of Mrs. Brown last Thursday … Electa Floyd was the guest of Mrs. Fitzgerald one day last week … School opened at Okalona Monday with Miss Anderson and Mrs. Coe Chapen teachers and at Pole Bridge with C.W. Farmer and
Flora Sharp teachers.

Hogue.  Freeland Hall and wife of Cincinnati are here for a few weeks … Mrs. Roxie Wesley and little son of Lynch, Ky., are visiting her parents here … John Warren and family spent Saturday and Sunday in Science Hill … Lou Baugh is visiting at Dock Dick's … Florence Adams and children of Cincinnati are visiting here … Mrs. Lillie Dick spent last week with Mrs. Rutherford Adams … Mrs. Maxie Laird, son and sister-in-law, Alice Laird, of Louisville, spent last week here … Mary Saddler and baby of Lynch, Ky., are with relatives here … Lou and Lola Dick spent Saturday night and Sunday with the Baugh girls … Mesdames Nannie Adams and Maxie Laird and son spent Wednesday with Mary
Shadoan … Johnnie Godby and sister Laura are visiting at Monticello … Lula Pitman spent Sunday with the Jasper girls … Mrs. Lou Price and children of Cincinnati visited here last week … P. Jasper and wife spent Saturday at G.W. Jasper's … Dock Dick and Harlan Vaught spent Sunday at Velber.

Floyd.  Roy Trivett was in Somerset on business Saturday … Ansel Griffin has returned to Akron after a visit here … M.P. Estes and daughter Mrs. Ruth Dinkins, were in Somerset Thursday … J.B. Gragg and wife spent Sunday at M.P. Estes … Alfred Hays and family of Waynesburg visited at Elisha Griffin's one day last week … Mrs. Kate Singleton and son called at W.R. Estes one night last week .. Mrs. Geo. Ellison is reported better at the Somerset Sanitarium … Mrs. Henry Hines of New Castle, Ind., and Mrs. Ed Vaught of Eubank were visiting their father one day last week … Mrs. Virgil Hartgrove of Etna, visited Mary and Louise Higgins Sunday and was accompanied home by her mother Mrs. Mercer … W.R. Estes and family visited his father Sunday.

Slate Branch.  Mrs. Mollie Cundiff is very ill … Silas Cundiff of Pine
Village, Ind., is visiting here .. Fox Beasly and family visited his father Sunday … Uncle Jim Cundiff continues very ill … S.F. Ashbrook and wife visited J.H. McBeath Sunday … Jessie Stevens and family visited Chas. Wright
Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Virginia Jasper is visiting her sister here … Carl Mayfield and wife motored from Bloomington, Ill., for a visit with his father … D.F. Hudson and wife visited their daughter Friday … Miss Effie
Todd is visiting here … Sallie Slaughter and granddaughter visited Stella Griffis Sunday

Dykes.  Mrs. Martha Dykes is slowly improving … A.C. Sears is suffering from blood poison … Mary Randall visited Martha Phelps Friday night … Sim Cottongin visited Gifford Phelps Saturday night .. Mrs. Sabrah Phelps visited Lizzie Phelps Sunday … Herman Taylor and Fay Dykes were visitors here Sunday .. Alvin Phelps visited at Bent Sunday.

Pulaski.  Russell King of Dayton, is spending his vacation here … Addie Wilder has returned to Cincinnati … Luther Detherage has returned to Bloomington, Ill., after a visit to his brother here … Chas. Ham has returned from Cincinnati … Marietta Rouse has returned from Tennessee.Pisgah.  Mrs. Bettie Tate is visiting Mrs. Goggin of Danville … Miss Evelyn
Tibbals was the weekend guest of Evelyn Vaughn … Miss Amanda Newell is visiting relatives at Stanford this week … Harry Bobbit of Somerset visited Raymond Stigall Saturday night and Sunday … Bill Cowan of Montana is visiting relatives here … Miss Ruth Ramsey was the guest of Mrs. Joe Kager one day last week … Mrs. Mary Gibson and daughters Mahala and Nancy, Bill Cowan and Ed Gibson visited at L.B. Leece's Sunday … Miss Grace Frisbie visited Miss
Thelma Claunch Friday … Miss Nina Tucker visited relatives at Pulaski last week … Miss Mabel Claunch visited Miss Cassie Jorden one day last week … John Tucker and family spent Sunday at the home of Dennis Casada of Pulaski … Foster Allen of Elihu visited Roy Cowan Sunday.

Bent.  Rev. A.J. Ridner filled his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday … School opened here Monday with Robert Hail teacher … Joe Hunt and wife were the guests of her parents Saturday night … Kisarah Phelps and Zula Hargis attended the singing at Piney Grove Sunday … Milton Herrin returned to Ohio Saturday … A.D. Inabnit is on the sick list … Lela Hargis is visiting
Stella Hargis this week … Mrs. J.K. Phelps visited at J.W. Steel's Saturday night … The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Stogsdill is on the sick list … Alvin Phelps visited at G.C. Phelps Sunday … Golda Bray was the guest of Stella Hargis Friday night … Mrs. Frank Whitaker is no better at this writing

Personal Mention.

W.D. Gover spent several days at Indianapolis, Ind., on business.

Miss Bessie Goggin is visiting relatives in Lincoln County this week.

A fine girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Cassada this week.

Mrs. John Offutt and daughter Ruth are visiting in Lebanon this week.

Mr. Emergy Heath of Burnside was in Somerset Wednesday on business.

Dr. H.C. Dye of Mintonville, Ky., was in the city this week on business.

Mrs. Childers of Dayton, Ohio, is visiting her daughter Mrs. J.A. Cassada.

Clarence Florence of Corbin, Ky., is spending the weekend in Somerset.

Ben D. Smith has been in eastern Kentucky this week on a business trip.

Clay Hughes of Lexington was in town Wednesday calling on our merchants.

Mrs. Ernest Parsons is visiting her brother Dr. V.G. Trimble at Decatur, Ill.

Mrs. James Davis and son are visiting her grandmother near Burksville, Ky.

Miss Mary Floyd who has been teaching in Louisville is visiting Mrs. J.H. Allen.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ashurst and Miss Ina Ashurst left this week for a visit to Auroria, Ill.

Mrs. John R. Mounts of Atlanta, Ga., is visiting her sister Mrs. J.E.

Mrs. Chas. Beatty of Greenville, Ohio, is visiting her mother Mrs. Mattie Gilmore.

Mat H. Barnett, electrician for the Southern Railway, was in Chattanooga last week.

Master George Caywood of Frankfort, Ky., is visiting Miss Marie Denton this week.

Mr. Fred J. Brunner of Cincinnati, Ohio, was in the city this week on a business trip.

Mrs. Chas. Colyer of Oakdale, Tenn., is visiting Mrs. Conrad Heuson on Griffin Ave.

Miss Eva Rady of Louisville is visiting her cousin Mrs. T.E. Horrell on College St.

Miss Lillian Woodall who has a position at Dayton, Ohio, is visiting her parents this week.

Arthur Bradshaw who has a position at Stanford, Ky., spent last Sunday with homefolks.

Mr. Froman of the Fair Store and Mr. Lewis Hussing were in Lebanon Sunday.

Dave Phelps county road engineer of Whitley County spent several days at home this week.

Miss Gertrude Mason is visiting her brother Durelle Mason at Middlestown, Ohio, this week.

Mr. Howard Stigall of Danville is the guest of the family of Judge James Denton this week.

Mrs. Elizabeth Newell and son George of Georgetown, Ky., are visiting relatives in the county.

Mr. Joe C. Parker, state engineer in charge of work in Rockcastle County was at home this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waddle and children have gone to Monticello for a visit with her parents.

Mr. W.S. Apple, popular merchant and farmer of Ansel, was here Monday transacting business.

Victor Stone and family will leave tomorrow for a motor trip to Hodgensville and Mammoth Cave.

Mrs. W. Logan Wood of Danville is expected today for a visit with her sister Mrs. J.E. Claunch.

Mrs. A.S. Latimer and daughter Ruth of Lancing, Tennessee, were in the city this week visiting.

Mrs. J.W. Bradshaw and daughter Miss Katherine are visiting her mother at Birmingham, Ala.

Miss Lucille Donahue returned to her home in Danville Sunday, after a visit with Miss Marietta Farrell.

Messrs S.P. Honeycutt and Dan Swift of Science Hill were transacting business in Somerset Monday.

Mr. Arthur Joseph is spending several days at Ashville, N.C., with his wife who is visiting relatives there.

Mrs. Baker Brissom and son, James Lewis, of Erlanger, Ky., were the guests of Mrs. Ben D. Smith this week.

Mrs. Margurette Trimble is taking a vacation from her duties at the Fair Store and visiting relatives at Danville.

Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. William Waddle left today for a two weeks stay at Graham Springs.

Misses Albert and Roberta Witt of Knoxville, Tenn., are visiting their cousin Mr. Denny Gooch and family.

Mrs. Bee Whitis will leave Sunday for a trip through the Northwest. While gone she will visit her brother in Idaho.

Mr. Harry Wait of Burnside, a valuable employee of the George P. Taylor Co., was in town on business the first of the week.

Thos. Prather has sufficiently recovered from a recent operation to be moved from the hospital to his home on Columbia St.

George Curd returned to Cincinnati Tuesday after a visit with relatives here.
 Mrs. Curd and children will return Saturday.

Misses Isabel and Jane Hardin left this week for a visit to their mother in Colorado.  They were accompanied by Mrs. Bell Curd.

O.L. Conyers and daughter, Miss Lucille, accompanied by Miss Lou Hardin, are
spending several days in Carlisle and other Kentucky towns visiting friends and relatives.

Mrs. Susie E. Roberts and daughter Miss Margurette, of Danville, Ky., are visiting at the home of W.J. Gilmore on Maple St.

Esquire F.C. Boyd merchant of Dykes, was spending a few days on business in Somerset the first of the week.

Miss Ada Zachery has returned from Danville where she has been employed in the Cumberland Telephone office.

Mrs. John Detherridge and daughter Lena Maude have returned to their home at Washington, Ill., after a visit with her sister Mrs. J.E. Girdler.

Messrs W.D. Baugh and E.S. Crawford of the popular firm of Lester, Crawford & Baugh, Science Hill merchants, were in Somerset the first of the week on business.

Rev. Wesley Colyer and Mrs. Colyer left Monday for a six weeks visit with
friends and relatives in Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.

D.F. Epperson of Oak Hill is spending this week with his daughter Mrs. Minnie Stigall on N. Main St.  "Uncle" Dave was a pleasant caller at the Journal office Tuesday morning, Come again Uncle Dave, we are always glad to see you.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Colyer and little son James Logan are spending the week visiting at the home of his sister Mrs. Howard Bodkins at Shopville.

E.M. Waddle the popular Assistant Cashier of the First National Bank has been away from his duties this week on account of illness.

Misses Thelma Farrell and Florence Healey left this week for Rochester, Minn., and Niagara falls.  They will be gone about two weeks.

Otto Watson arrived home this week from Independence, Ky., for a visit with his parents.  Otto has a position with the Bank of Independence.

Mrs. Rance Hicks after a visit with relatives here, left Monday for Nicholasville, Ky., for a visit before returning to her home at Urbana, Ohio.

Messrs Ed Buchanan of the Cumberland Grocery Co., and Harry Wait of the Geo. P. Taylor Co., Burnside, were in Somerset Monday on business.

Dr. and Mrs. J.A. Bolin are spending the week at Mt. Sterling attending the fair.  Their son, Porter, is there with his string of trotting and running horses.

Mr. and Mrs. Tilden Burch and children who have been visiting friends and relatives here, have returned to their home at Greenville, Texas, accompanied by Rev. Wesley Colyer and wife.

Mr. Ed Sherman, of Norwood, Ohio, who has many friends in Somerset, was in the city this week for a short visit.  Mr. Sherman is in charge of the terminals for the Southern Railway at Ludlow.

W.D. Brown and family left this week for a visit to Dallas and Galveston, Texas.  Mr. Brown has just received a patent from the government for his shock absorber and will interest some prominent automobile manufacturers while he is gone.

"Uncle" Dave Epperson, one of the truest Democrats in the county, was in to pay the Journal a visit this week.  "Uncle" Dave has not been in very good health for some time, but we are glad to state that he is much better now.  He says all signs point to the election of Governor Cox.

Mr. E. Claunch and son-in-law Albert Murphy and family left Wednesday for Bloomington, Ill., to spend two weeks visiting at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Dora Burden.  They will return via Dayton, Ohio, to visit Mr. Claunch's daughter, Mrs. Mike Smith, and his son, Victor Claunch.

Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Hines of Science Hill will leave in about thirty days for Tipacanon City, Ohio, to make their future home.  They have sold their property at Science Hill and bought in Ohio, but will claim Kentucky their home the balance of the year 1920, as they both have expressed a desire to vote for Harding for President.