The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, July 16, 1920.
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Cave Hill.  Verna Mullins has moved his store from Eubank to Fishing Creek … There will be a children's day at Briery church Sunday, July 18 … Millard Wesley and wife visited I.N. Vaught Sunday … H.B. Higgins visited Erastus Vaught Sunday … J.C. Wheeldon will preach at Sardis on Saturday night and Sunday … Homer Higgins attended church at Briery Sunday .. Janie Hert of Norwood begun her school here Monday.

Dykes.  P.F. Dykes and wife of Somerset visited G.R. Dykes Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Sabrah Phelps visited at Amos Slavey's Sunday … Mrs. Clifford Randall visited her mother Sunday … Willie Phelps and wife visited G.R. Phelps Sunday … Henry Sloan and wife visited John Phelps Sunday night.

Waterloo.  School opened here last Monday with Hardin Sweeney teacher … Clarence Rainwater visited Edward Doss Wednesday night .. E. Hunly and wife have returned from Illinois … Elmer Schoolcraft and wife and Harden Sweeney were at Somerset Wednesday night … Beatrice Sievers has returned to Georgia … Joe Rainwater and family of Oklahoma are visiting relatives here .. Bertie Rainwater is visiting her brother here … Mrs. Allen of Somerset is with her son Everett here … W. Molden was in Somerset Saturday … Rosco Calhoun and family visited Columbus Calhoun Sunday … Bertha Rainwater visited Bessie Dick Sunday … Randow Cooper and wife visited her parents Sunday night … Alma Dick was the guest of Gertie Calhoun Sunday  … C.P. Garner is visiting in Mississippi.

Clarence.  Dewey Stringer and wife were the guests of A.J. Hamm Saturday night and Sunday … Ezra Todd and wife visited at Elmer Todd's Saturday night … Clarence and Flossie Osborne returned from Dayton, Ohio, Monday … Miss Jewell Bloomer visited her sister Mrs. John Thomas last week … Mrs. Geo. McWilliams was the guest at William Abbott's Sunday … Huston Osborne and wife were the guests of John Osborne Sunday … Mrs. Bertha Isaacs left Monday for Montana where she will make her home … Several from Liberty attended the singing at Good Hope Sunday .. Mrs. Armildia McKenzie is visiting at E.B. Herrin's this week … Mrs. Bertha Osborne is very ill … Earl Acton of Eubank is visiting at his uncle's Walker Wheeldon … M.E. Colson was in Somerset Tuesday … William Abbott and wife were the guests of E.B. Herrin Wednesday … Elbert Osborne visited at Mrs. Rachel Long's Saturday night … Beulah Hall visited at John Osborne's last week.

Floyd.  There will be children's day exercises at Briery Sunday … Mrs. Henry Hall is very ill .. Verda Green visited at the Gragg home one day last week … Mrs. Maude Trivett is improving nicely … Mrs. Cebert Hennis has returned to her home in Akron, Ohio … Uncle Sim Harrington is quite ill .. Mrs. Mack Griffin and son visited her father Monday .. Aunt Sarah Ann Bryant is slowly improving .. Marion Reynolds and Elisha Griffin were in Somerset Saturday … Ophia Adams has opened her school at Cuba … Ansel Griffin called on Mack Griffin Monday … C.F. Griffin returned to Lockland Sunday … Mrs. J.B. Gragg and daughter and Roy Trivett were in Somerset Monday … R.T. Eubank and family visited Rev. Todd Monday … Ophia and Stella Baston were in Eubank Monday.

Mt. Zion.  Warren Baugh and wife visited relatives in Burnside last week … Hollis Wilson and wife of Detroit, Mich., arrived here Sunday … A.J. Wilson nd wife made a trip to Cincinnati last Sunday … G. Hardwick and wife left last Sunday for a two weeks visit in Cincinnati … Mr. and Mrs. Rose and adopted daughter Mae of Tennessee, are visiting Miss Mae's mother Mrs. Bruce Howell … Mrs. Maxie Laird and son and sister-in-law Miss Alice Laird of Louisville visited their cousin J.C. Adams last week … Porter Cox of Science Hill spent Saturday night with Delmar and Ray Baugh … Several from here attended the S.S. convention at the Methodist Church of Science Hill last Sunday.


Clear Fork.  Dr. Cowell of Waynesburg died at his home July 16 … Clarence Griffin opened up his school at Pnobscot Monday 12th … George Eoff and family visited his sister Mrs. Bill Reynolds Sunday … Dewey Smith and Misses Della, Dona and Dessie York, and Dana Suttles visited Miss Mayme Singleton Sunday …
Mrs. Nan Osborne is visiting her daughter Mrs. Dock Gilliland … Walter Adams, Ansel Griffin and Miss Nellie Eubanks were the guests of Misses Nora, Eva and Hattie Eoff Sunday … Elbert Eubanks and wife of Covington are visiting their parents at this place … Mrs. Mary Osborne visited her daughter Mrs. V.A. York Sunday … Misses Myrtle and Jessie griffin visited their grandmother Griffin
Sunday … W.G. Eoff and daughter, Nora, ere in Somerset one day last week … Richard Eubanks and family and Carlisle Gooch and family were Sunday guests at Bill Reynolds … The Saturday night singing at Pnobscott has changed to Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Pisgah.  Margaret Denney of Bronston has been visiting her aunt Mrs. C.D. Stigall … Mrs. Lum Harvey and children spent the weekend in Burnside … D.S. Claunch and wife, Pat Jones and wife visited at Carl Heinche's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. John Hall spent Sunday at G.W. Koger's … Joe Claunch and family, Mabel and Thelma Claunch called at Sam Cowan's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leece of Ferguson spent Saturday and Sunday with homefolks … Mrs. Nan Gholson is visiting her son at Spann, Ky. … D.S. Claunch and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Bill White and Alex White visited E.S. Heaton Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gover and daughter and Lum Harvey visited Sam Waddle Sunday … Burnett Rhoten and family spent Saturday night with Jim Sears … E.S. Heaton visited Roby Eastridge one day last week … Julius and Charlie Buchanan spent Sunday night with D.S. Claunch … Steve Cassada and wife, Dennis Cassada and wife visited relatives here Sunday … Mrs. Wm. Hardgrove is visiting from Indiana .. School opened here Monday with Odessa Powers as teacher.

Pulaski.  Miss Lucy Vanhook of Green Castle, Ind., who has been visiting friends here has returned home … Clarence Mathias, Bradford Casada and Lonzo Bunch who have been at home for a few days visit have returned to New Castle, Ind. … Sam McElroy of Cincinnati visited friends here last week … Mrs. B. White and children of Indiana have returned home after a few days visit to relatives here .. Sgt. Claude I. Moore of Camp Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga., who has been visiting his parents here the past week returned to camp Sunday .. Miss Odessa Correll made a visit to Cumberland Falls the first of the week … Miss Betty Hamm spent the weekend with her sister at Waynesburg … Charlie Lee Pike of Waynesburg was here Saturday … Earl and Ora Wilder are at home again … Miss Effie Bailey visited friends at Somerset the last of the week.

Bent.  Clarence Harper and wife visited her parents Sunday … Miss Viola Harper was the guest of Kisarah Phelps Sunday … Several from here attended church at White Lily Sunday … J.W. Steele was in Somerset Thursday … Kisarah Phelps visited at J.W. Steele's Saturday afternoon … Victor and Sherman Stogsdill visited at G.C. Phelps Sunday.





Meece.  Several from this community attended church at White Lily last Sunday … Delbert Roberts of Dixie was the guest of H.E. Godby Saturday … Omey Richardson and family of Elihu visited her parents the past week … Charlie Heath has returned to Bowling Green where he is attending the Agricultural School … Catron James returned home from Akron, Ohio, last Monday and has moved to the farm that his father purchased of Frank Meece … Harlie S. Godby and Miss Rusha Smiley were united in marriage last Thursday at the courthouse … M.S. Hargis is repairing his grist mill and dam.

Cave Hill.  Rebecca Spears is very ill at present … Ester Spears of Bethelridge spent the weekend here .. Chester Wilson visited W. Wilson Saturday and Sunday … Roy Estes visited Ezra Smith Sunday … The Wilson boys visited W.S. Wilson Saturday and Sunday.


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