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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday June 4, 1920.


Somerset, Ky., Friday, June 4, 1920.

Decoration Day Passed Off Quietly.  Program Carried Out At National Cemetery.
 The Decoration Day program at the National Cemetery was witnessed by a large
crowd.  The day passed off very quietly and no disturbance of any kind was
noticed.  The exercises took place in the morning about eleven o'clock in
front of the lodge.  Judge R.C. Tartar was chairman and after a brief and
eloquent speech introduced Col. Chas. H. Morrow who made the principle
address.  He was followed by Prof. D.B. Webb, ex-service man, who spoke on
behalf of the American Legion.  Several members of the local post American
Legion were present and distributed literature and solicited members.  Ye
editor, with a number of friends, was royally entertained by Mr. and Mrs.
R.O. Jones at their pretty home.  The graves of the dead were strewn with
flowers and an American flag placed at the head of each grave.  Sup't Tartar
keeps the place in excellent condition.

To Press Claims.  The Kentucky Utilities Co. has let it be known that they
will press their claims for an increase in rates on water, light and car
service.  They claim that the cost of operation has so increased in cost that
it is impossible to operate on the present schedule.  The matter will be
presented to the City Council.  Until this matter is settled all negotiations
for the purchase of the street railway is off so Mr. Reid, president of the
Co. writes.

Dutton.  Mrs. Elizabeth Dutton, wife of William Dutton, died at her home on
the Crab Orchard pike Sunday morning.  She was 79 years of age and a splendid
woman.  Funeral services were held at the home Monday afternoon, conducted by
Rev. D.W. Scott, pastor of the First Christian Church.  Burial followed in
the City Cemetery.

Wants a Wife.  The Journal has a letter this week from a young bachelor who
wants us to find him a wife.  He lives in an adjoining county and says he is
very anxious that we be successful in the undertaking.  So if there is any
lonesome marriageable woman in the county who wants a husband, here is a

Teachers Scarce.  Superintendent Meece tells us that the present outlook is
that there will be a scarcity of teachers in Pulaski County this school year.
 There are now about twelve vacancies to be filled.  Several teachers have
gone to other counties and some have decided not to teach this year.

New Subscribers.  The Journal has added over one hundred new subscribers in
the past month, a record of which we feel very proud.  During the next month
we expect to add double that number.

Bobbitt Held Over.  The trail of James Bobbitt charged with operating a
moonshine still, was held before U.S. Commissioner Wesley Wednesday morning. 
After hearing the evidence Mr. Wesley increased Mr. Bobbitt's bond to
$2,500.00 and held him over to the Federal Grand Jury.  Dewey Poynter and
Herbert Eldridge, who were arrested at the time the raid was made, were
released.  They swore they were working for Bobbitt.

Sells Fine Car.  Major J.J. Bethurum of the Bethurum Motor Company, sold and
delivered yesterday a Nash touring car of the most exclusive model to Mr.
H.O. Phillips the popular railway conductor of this city - Danville

Deal About Closed.  The Journal has been informed that Henry Ford, the
millionaire automobile manufacturer, has about closed a deal for several
thousand acres of coal and timber land in McCreary and Pulaski counties.  It
is said that should the deal go through, Mr. Ford will spend something like
five million dollars in developing the property.  Mr. Ford made a trip to
this section several months ago and was well pleased with the property shown
him.  He had some half dozen experts along with him.

Dr. D.W. Scott Resigns As Pastor of First Christian Church, Much Regret
Expressed.  At a meeting of the Official Board of the First Christian Church
last Wednesday night, Dr. D.W. Scott resigned as pastor to take effect abut
the first of September.  The Board with much reluctance accepted his
resignation and will begin at once to look for his successor.  Dr. Scott has
been pastor of the local church for the past three years and has endeared
himself to all the people of Somerset.  All peoples of every denomination
will regret to learn of his resignation.  He has built up the church and
Sunday School and has a large men's class which he teachers himself.  This is
probably the largest men's class in the city.  Dr. Scott has not decided just
where he will locate but he has several flattering offers.

Appointed Administrator.  Dock Farley has been appointed administrator of the
Estate of A.J. McKinney.  John Anderson, Dillard Couch and Frank Poynter have
been appointed appraisers of the property.

Meece.  Miss Ellen Meece, daughter of Mrs. India Meece of Meece, Ky., died at
her home last Saturday of heart trouble.  She was apparently in the best of
health an dup until a few minutes before her death gave no signs of illness. 
She was buried Sunday at Wesley's Chapel.  Miss Meece was a school teacher
and a splendid young woman.  She was a cousin of Mr. L.E. Meece and a sister
of Meece Bros., who conduct a grocery store in this city.

Out of Work.  Many Idle In North, According to Information at Hand.  Reports
of wide-spread failure to obtain work in the north in the high-wage centers
of the automobile and steel manufacturing cities in the north and east have
come to the Board of Trade from former residents and from men who have left
farms in sections adjacent to Louisville, says the Louisville Times.  W.E.
Morrow, secretary of the board, said he had heard from many persons in Akron,
Ohio, Cleveland, Detroit and other cities giving sordid accounts of
conditions found there.  Laborers and even skilled mechanics as well as farm
hands had flocked there expecting to obtain work immediately at enormously
high wages.  In many such cases they had been advised to come by the
manufacturing interests in question, had responded to advertisements or had
even been sought out by agents who loaded them on trains bound for the North,
with lavish promises of "lots of work at double wages."  According to
accounts received, workers are idle by hundreds.  They are sitting along
curbstones outside of mills, expecting hourly to be taken in, but days have
gone by without the eagerly awaited result materializing.  Housing
accommodations are limited, consequently many are without any shelter. 
Besides, they have no money to pay the enormous rent charged.  These
expatriates accordingly are writing back to their home city asking for work.

Another Raid.  Officers made a search last Thursday in the smoke house
belonging to Float Tartar, near Nancy, and found a still and a seven gallon
keg of whiskey.  The still was destroyed and the whiskey poured out.  Mr.
Tartar was arrested.  The officers making the raid were U.S. Marshall Bash,
Sheriff Weddle and Robert Warren and Silas West.  These men say they are
going to break up the moonshine business in Pulaski and they have certainly
started out like they mean business.

Officers Here.  Prohibition Enforcement Officers Saufley and McFarland were
here last Monday and in company with U.S. Marshall Bash and Revenue Officer
Winfrey attended the Decoration Day exercises at the National Cemetery.  They
will likely be in this section for some time hunting down violaters of the
prohibition laws.

Sells Plant.  Mr. S.A. Waddle, the Delco Agent, has returned from Wayne
county where he sold al lighting plant, water system and sewerage disposal pl
ant to Mr. T.M. Shearer.  This makes the eighth plant Mr. Waddle has sold
since taking the agency.  He says he expects to close several other deals
this week.

Leases Machine Shop.  Mr. C. Fred Hunt of this city has leased the Burnside
Machine Shops and has already taken charge.  Mr. Hunt is an expert machinist
and an splendid young business man and we predict that he will make good in
this undertaking.  For a number of years he was connected with the Hunts
Machine Shops which institution enjoyed a wide patronage.  Mr. Hunt has
recently been employed at the Ferguson shops.  Burnside is a splendid
business town and at the present time there is no machine shop in operation. 
Mr. Hunt plans to make many improvements in the plant and operate a first
class shop.  He will also operate a garage.  Mr. Hunt will take his long
established trade mark "Sudden Service" with him.

New Pensions For Soldiers Serving 90 Days In Civil Or Mexican War.  Widows
Entitled To Pension.  Under a new law it is possible for any soldier, his
widow who served as much as ninety days in the Civil War and who was
honorably discharged to secure a pension of $50.00 per quarter or more.  Also
to any one who served in the Mexican War or the war of 1812, or other widows.
 If  you are a soldier, or the widow of a soldier who served in any of these
wars and are not now drawing a pension it will pay you to communicate with us
as we can probably get you a pension.  Write or call May's Collection Agency,
Room 7, Masonic Building, Somerset, Ky.

Appointed P.M.  M.E. Burton has been appointed postmaster at Luretha to
succeed W.E. Kelly.

Griffin.  Mrs. Lucinda Jane Griffin, widow of Wm. Griffin, died at the home
of her son, Robert Griffin at Woodstock on the 19th.   She was a most
excellent woman and had been a member of the Baptist Church at Woodstock for
47 years.  She was born and reared in Pulaski County.  Funeral services were
held at the Woodstock Baptist Church on the 21st conducted by Rev.'s Abbott
and Meece.  Burial followed in the Woodstock Cemetery.  She is survived by
five sons' and one daughter: S.T. Griffin, Liberty; Robert Griffin,
Woodstock; John Griffin, Girdler, Ill.; Herbert Griffin, Indianapolis, Ind.;
and Mrs. Lena Price, Bridgeport, Ill.  A splendid woman has gone to her
reward and she will be greatly missed in the community where she has always

Whitis.  Romeo Whitis, age 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eben Whitis, was
accidentally drowned near Crawfordsville, Ind., on May 28th.  His body
arrived here Monday for burial.  Funeral services were held at the Eden
Baptist Church Wednesday afternoon conducted by Rev. Meece.  Burial took
place at the Eden burying ground.  He is survived by a wife and several
children.  Mr. Whitis was reared in Pulaski County and has been working at
Crawfordsville.  He had gone out on a fishing trip for the day when he met
with the terrible accident.

Mr. M.P. Murphy, a former Pulaskian, now living in Townsend, Mont., sends us
$2.00 for another years subscription.  Mr. Murphy is doing fine in his new
home but wants to keep up with his friends in Pulaski.

Eubank News.  Rev. R.E. Todd was injured last Tuesday morning by a fast
passenger train and died a short time thereafter while en route to Danville
to a hospital.  He was brought back to his home on the noon train.  He was a
very noted preacher and will be greatly missed by his many friends.  Rev.
Todd was one of our best citizens.  He was on his way home from milking when
he stepped out of the way of a freight train and then stepped in the way of
the passenger train which knocked him the length of two rails.  He leaves to
mourn his death his wife and two daughters, Mrs. Lewis Wolcott of Akron,
Ohio, Mrs. J.W. Surber of Estesburg and four sons, Ora and John Todd, of
Texas, A. and Walker Todd of this place.  Our sympathy is extended to them. 
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. A.R. Gooch, John Wheeldon and Rev.
Masters at the Christian Church.

Commissioner's Sale.   Pulaski Circuit Court.  Florence S. Morrow, Plaintiff
vs. George Clyde Smith, and John M. Smith, his Statutory Guardian,
Defendants.  By virtue of a judgment and order of sale of the Pulaski Circuit
Court, rendered at the May term thereof, 1920 the undersigned will on Monday,
June 21, 1920, between the hours of 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock p.m. at the
Courthouse at Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky, proceed to expose to public
sale, to the highest bidder the following described property:  A certain
tract of land situated in Pulaski County, Kentucky, West of the City of
Somerset, at the forks of the Columbia and D. Cowan Roads, bounded as
follows:  Beginning at a rock on the corner of the Marjory Fitzpatrick lands
at a red oak on the military line; thence with the Columbia Road, North 50
East 33 poles to a rock on the corner of the school house lot; thence with
the said lot North 7 poles to a rock on the corner of the lot; thence with
the said lot back to the West line; East 4 poles to the Wait line; thence
with the Wait Line North 16 West 22 poles to a rock; thence with the fence
North 35 West 33 poles to a rock in the military line; thence South 29 poles
to a popular; thence West 1 acre and 1-4 (114) on Wait line to a rock on the
corner of the Majory Fitzpatrick land; thence with her line back to the
beginning at the rock at the Columbia Road.  Same being known as and referred
to as the  Luster Tract.  Terms:  sale to be made on a credit of six months;
purchaser will be required to give bond with approved security for the
payment of the purchase money to have the force and effect of a judgment,
bearing the legal interest from date of sale, with a lien reserved on said
property until all the purchase money is paid.  J.R. Cook, C.P.C.C.

Dykes.  Mrs. Martha Dykes died at the Somerset Hospital Monday, May 10, 1920,
after an operation.  Her home was near Ruth, Ky., of which she only resided
for a few months.  She was 41 years of age and had suffered for almost a year
from an illness of which she underwent an operation.  We extend our greatest
thanks to the doctors and undertakes and especially do we thank the Farmers
Union Lodge for the kind respect in which was shown to our dear mother in her
sickness and death.  In Memory.  In loving memory of our dearly beloved
mother Martha Dykes who entered into rest May 10, 1920.  You are now sleeping
dearest mother, Where the golden waters flow, And we know that you are happy,
In your everlasting home.  We often sit and think of you when we are all
alone, for memory is the only thing that grief can call its own.   Only
sleeping safe in the arms of Jesus safe on his gentle breast, There with his
love ever bidding, Sweetly our dear mother rests.  Sadly missed by her dear
husband and children.

Card of Thanks.  We express our deep appreciation for the many acts of
kindness and sympathy shown us in the illness and death of our beloved
mother, Mrs. Lucinda Griffin.  We also wish to express our appreciation to
the undertakers, Lawhorn and Wallace, for their tender services.  Children.

Farm For Sale.  A farm of 97 acres level land, near Pulaski Station close to
pike.  This is the farm of G.W. White, deceased, and is a good piece of
property that must be sold.  Also the John Golden farm for sale, either part
or whole.  For further particulars write, phone or call on C.A. Mercer, E.C.
Ward or W.J. Cox, Science Hill, Ky.

Farm News.

The first tobacco setter to be in Pulaski County was set to work last
Thursday on the farm of Mr. Eaton at Valley Oak.  Samuel Childers had rented
the land for tobacco from Mr. Eaton and had secured D. Couch to help set the
field with his new tobacco setter.  The boys handling the plants had some
difficulty to get up to the machine so as to set the plants at the right
distance.  It kept two hands busy pulling plants fro the machine and it took
one team to haul the water.  In order to do good work with a tobacco setter
the ground must be like a lettuce bed, so to speak.

Another Club Holstein was shipped in last week from Gilberts, Illinois, for
Ray Hargis, at Hail, Ky.  The county agent had several orders for club calves
but he had difficulty in finding the right kind.  The small calves have so
far landed in good condition.  The next orders will be for some larger calves
that are ready to turn on pasture.

Personal Mention.

Miss Elizabeth Whinery of East Orange, N.J., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. M.H.

Judge B.J. Bethurum spent several days in Albany this week.

Dr. and Mrs. A.W. Cain and children Opal and Harold, left Monday for
Washington, D.C., where Dr. Cain will attend the National Convention of
Railway Surgeons.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Curtis and sons, Charles and Glen, left this week for a
motor trip to Akron, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bowser arrived last Saturday for a visit to Mrs. Bowser's
parents, Judge and Mrs. V.P. Smith.  Mr. Bowser returned to Winchester Monday
but Mrs. Bowser will remain for a month.

Elrod Hines came down from Cincinnati Dental College to spend a few days with
his parents.

Dr. Thos. R. Griffin of Danville spent several days in the city with friends.

Col. Chas. Morrow left Tuesday for Frankfort to be with his brother Governor

Miss Edith Hamilton is at home from Washington, D.C., for a visit to her

Mr. Thad McDonald of Danville spent several days with friends in the city
this week.

Mr. Lymon Parrigon of Burnside, Ky., who has been located in the oil fields
of Eastern Kentucky, was in the city last weekend.

Mr. W.F. Daffron, proprietor of the Daffron Roller Mills, at Junction City,
was in the city last Saturday on business.

News has been received here of the marriage of Miss Jamie Schneider, adopted
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Schneider, to Mr. Vernon Tenny of Hominy, Okla.
 Mrs. Tenny had been visiting relatives in Oklahoma for the past four months.

County Agent Wilson and family are spending the weekend at Berea College
attending the commencement.

Mrs. John Hammock has returned to her home in Rubbert, Idaho, after an
extended visit here.

Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Feese and children are spending ten days with relatives at
Campbellsville and Columbia.  They motored there and before returning will
visit several other points in the state.

Senator Elza Bertram of Albany, Ky., was in the city this week on legal
business.  Senator Bertram made the race for Congress on the Democratic
ticket several years ago.

Everet Estes of Eubank was in town last Saturday and called at the Journal

W.O. Bastin of Science Hill, a fine young business man, was in to see us this
week and left the price of a hair cut and shave and his paper will go on for
another year.

Dr. R.G. Richardson is helping out in the First National Bank for a few

Miss Ann McDonough has returned to her home in Danville after a visit with
friends here.

Miss Bess Healey spent last weekend in Lexington with friends.

Mr. V. Bowerman of Stearns, Ky., was in the city Wednesday on business.

Miss Gertrude Feltman is spending several days with friends in Paris.

Mr. Emery Heath of Burnside was in the city last Saturday on business.

J.L. McKechnie of Lexington, Ky., was in Somerset Wednesday for the day.

James Williams will arrive home tomorrow from Lexington where he has been
attending school.

W.A. Kinne, President of the Stearns State Bank and Land and Industrial Agent
of the Company, accompanied by his daughter Miss Frances, left Sunday morning
for a little visit with his parents at Scottville, Mich.  He is not expected
to return for a couple of weeks.

Wm. and Stanley Waddle, brothers-in-law to the present Governor, but also
popular in their own right, were down to see Mr. Kinne and the forces that be
on Thursday - McCreary County Record.

Mrs. Laura Banks leaves Friday for Welch, W.Va., to spend several weeks with
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Willis.

Mrs. Wm. Schooler is quite ill at Fremont, Ohio.  Mr. Schooler left last
Saturday to be with her.

Miss Elizabeth Goodloe will arrive Saturday from Daladego, Ala., to visit Mr.
and Mrs. O.D. Goodloe.  Miss Goodloe has been teaching in the Deaf and Dumb

Mrs. William Clark has returned from a visit to Lexington, Ky.

Mrs. Terrel Waddle is visiting her parents at Nicholasville, Ky.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Stigall have moved to the home they recently purchased from
Herbert Gann.

Mack Woods and James Allen have returned from Shelby county where they have
been employed on a dairy farm.

Misses Minnie Ball Moore of Harrodsburg, and Marium Tompkins of Georgetown,
Messrs Donald Royce, of Cleveland, Ohio, Marshall Brown, of Newborn, Tenn.,
and Thad McDonald of Danville, have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.H.
Higgins this week.

Captain C.M. Cecil of the United States Army, spent several days with his
niece, Mrs. W. Curtis.  Captain Cecil is now stationed at Fort Thomas, Ky.,
as Finance Officer.  He has been in the service thirty-three years and had
been retired when the war with Germany broke out.  He served in the
Philippines with Col. Chas. Morrow and they were great friends.  This is the
first time Mrs. Curtis had ever seen Captain Cecil and the visit was a most
happy one.

Miss Katherine Sykes, daughter of Mrs. Margurette Sykes of Elkhart, Ind.,
died at the home of her mother this week after a short illness.  Mrs. Sykes
will be remembered as Miss Agnew who lived in Somerset quite a while ago.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Hodge and sons, Maurice, John and Enos spent last Sunday
with Mr. John Hood and family at Norwood.

Mrs. J.H. Gardner of Versailes is spending several days in Somerset on

Mr. Raymond Blanton has returned to his home in Chattanooga after a very
pleasant visit with friends and relatives in the city.

Mrs. George W. Thomas has returned from a visit to Stearns.  Mrs. Thomas'
sister, Mrs. Mayna Howard of Louisville, arrive Tuesday to be with her for
two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Leigh, Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor, Misses Evelyn Gregory
and Ada Gover, Harold Gregory and Edward Gover spent Sunday and Monday in

Mrs. Bettie Waddle of Louisville is visiting relatives in the city.

Mrs. Wright and daughter of Jellico, Tenn., are visiting relatives in the

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kell of Chattanooga are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.A.

Miss Margurette Cooper is home from Georgetown College.

Brinkley Gooch and Ben Sears have returned from the Indianapolis races.

Rev. S.B. Lander stopped off in Somerset en route to Richmond, Va., to attend
the Presbyterian General Assembly.

Mrs. Mary Brandon has returned from a visit to LaFayette, Ind., and
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Robert E. Moore is visiting relatives in this city.

Mt. Zion.  Some farmers here have plowed over their corn … Mrs. B.C. Dause
was brought to Mt. Zion for burial … Bro. J.A. Williams of Ashland, Ky.,
begins a revival at Wilson June 2nd .. Bro. C. Childers and wife will have
charge of the singing, Come and hear them … Mr. and Mrs. Elliott of Casey
county visited their son, George Elliott Saturday and Sunday .. Miss Edna,
Margaret and Loretta Dick of Burnside spent one night last week with their
aunt, Mrs. James Dick … Miss Zora Baugh and children of Eubank were visitors
here Saturday and Sunday … The singing at Wilson closed Sunday afternoon.

Burnside.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rowe have moved to Louisville.  Mr. Rowe will
be employed by a hardware firm.  Their many friends regret to see them leave …
 Misses Ruth Kelsay and Mildred Cooper visited in Somerset last week … J.M.
Mitchell left for Louisville last week … Imel Parrigin has returned from
Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio … Mrs. Frank C. Sloan and son left Saturday for a
visit in Pleasureville and Cincinnati … Mrs. J.H. Parrigin is with her
brother at Alpha, Ky. … Mr. and Mrs. J.L. McKechine and Mrs. L.B. Choate of
Lexington visited the Phillippi family Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Jay Davidson, of
Massilon, Ohio, and Mrs. Zoe Leak, Emison, Ind., were called to the bereaved
family of Mrs. R.M. Phillippi … A.B. Massey and Capt. F.M. Shelby of
Danville, were in town Sunday … Miss Vesta Halcomb was in Stearns Monday …
W.D. Humphrey of Stanford joined his wife here with friends for the weekend …
Miss Gustava Rankin of South Norfolk, Conn., has returned home for a visit …
Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Selvidge entertained at dinner Saturday evening, Mr. and
Mrs. W.D. Humphrey of Stanford, Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Nunn and Mrs. G.W. Nunn …
Miss Ruth Kelsay is the guest of Miss Elizabeth Pruitt in Millersburg this
week … S.T. Waggoner of Burkesville was in town Sunday … Prof. S. Greer and
family are visiting in Pikeville, Tenn., they will located in Barbourville,
Ky., later … Miss Ollie C. Vanhook is visited relatives in Danville … V.R.
Southwood was in Monticello Saturday … Graham Davidson and Emery Heath left
Monday for Wabash, Ind., to drive a service truck through for the Cumberland
Grocery Co. … W.L. McDonald was in Cincinnati Monday on business .. Ed
Buchanan spent Sunday in Somerset with relatives … Wayland Gamblin in home
from Akron, Ohio … Mrs. John Taylor and Mrs. Nan Heath are visiting relatives
in Danville … Frank C. Sloan is in Cincinnati this week … L.I. Parrigin of
Torrent was in town Tuesday … The whole city was shocked Friday morning, May
28th, when Wm. S. Phillippi passed away after a weeks' illness of pneumonia. 
He was the son of Mrs. R.M. Phillippi and has lived here for over thirty
years, was widely known in adjoining counties and Tennessee, being connected
with the Burnside Roller Mills.  He traveled extensively making many friends.
 After a short impressive service at the home by Rev. M.J. Dick, pastor of
the Christian Church, the Masons took charge of the body for final burial. 
The Blue Lodge was escorted by the Knight Templars, Eastern Stars and Junior
Order, many of whom were from Somerset, Monticello and Tateville.  The
service was a beautiful token of their grief and love for a lost brother. 
They many gorgeous beautiful flowers, and a large crowd of friends attending,
gave expressions of his many loving friends.  His life, character and
usefulness will be missed in the community.  He leaves a wife and son, mother
and three sisters, Miss Doma Phillippi, Mrs. Wm. Martin and Mrs. J.A. Simpson
of Brownsville, Texas, and many relatives to mourn his going away.  The
remains were laid to rest in the city cemetery.  The host of friends extend
much sympathy to the bereaved family.

Singleton Town.  Solie Griffin visited Mark Renner Sunday … There was a
decoration at the Singleton Town grave yard Sunday … Lottie Singleton is ill
with the mumps … Mamie Singleton visited homefolks Sunday … Everett Pumphrey
has opened an up-to-date blacksmith shop here … H.G. Singleton had the
misfortune of getting three of his ribs broken by being kicked by a plow …
The Grove meeting at Grove Town last Sunday was well attended.

Skipp.  John Barnes is visiting in Tenn. … Raymond Burdine and wife visited
Eli Adams Sunday night … Mrs. J.N. Whitaker and son are visiting at Keavy …
Robert Whitaker and wife visited George Whitaker Sunday … B.B. Burdine
entertained with a birthday dinner Friday in honor of their little daughter …
Uncle Sid Whitaker spent Wednesday night with George Whitaker .. G.W.
Whitaker and wife were at Acorn Sunday.

Pisgah.  H.S. Heaton visited at George Reece's Tuesday night … Shelby Rhoten
was the guest of D.S. Claunch Tuesday night and Wednesday … Grace Frisbie
visited Thelma Claunch Tuesday … Mrs. John Tucker visited Mrs. O.L. Wilson at
Oak Hill Wednesday … Mrs. Ottis Heaton and little sons and Mrs. Nan Gholson
called on Mrs. D.S. Claunch Wednesday … Mrs. Harry Stigall visited her father
Walter Colyer, Wednesday night and Thursday …. Bill Jones and wife spent last
week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Waddle … Miss Vernin Baker visited
Thelma Claunch Thursday … Dumont Stigall of Frazure visited his father C.D.
Stigall Sunday … Charles and William Gottshall of Winchester are visiting
their grandmother Mrs. D.S. Claunch … George Anderson and family and Mrs. Lum
Harvey were Sunday guests at Bill White's … Little Ella and Eva Tibbals are
visiting their aunt, Mrs. O.B. Vaughn … Lum Harvey was in Burnside Sunday and
attended the funeral of Mr. Phillippi … E.S. Heaton and wife called at D.S.
Claunch's Saturday night … Bessie Powell of near Somerset has been visiting
her brother Fred Powell … Earl Curtis and wife visited at O.B. Vaughn's
Sunday … Amanda Newell has returned home from Midway where she has been
teaching … Bill White and wife called on Mr. and Mrs. Ottis Heaton Friday

Clarence.  Tom Abbott and wife and William Gastineau were Saturday night
guests of G.H. Osborne … Perry Acton of Waynesburg visited at V.L. Acton's
Saturday night … Will Abbott and children were the guests of George
McWilliams Saturday night and Sunday … Several from here attended church at
Woodstock Sunday … Orville Dick visited at J.B. Abbott's Sunday … G.H.
Osborne and family were the guests of John Osborne Sunday … Sula Sandidge and
Retna Todd were the guests of Esta Abbott Thursday night … J.B. Abbott, A.J.
Hamm, M. Colson and Esquire Todd were in Somerset last Thursday on business …
Steve Step and wife and Mr. and Mrs. Britan visited at H. Britan's Sunday …
Esta Abbott was the guest of Lucy Osborne Sunday night.

Bent.  Ethel Sears is visiting at J.W. Steele's … Golda and Gilla Bray
visited the Hargis girls Sunday … Kisarah Phelps and Minnie Bray visited at
A.W. Sears Sunday … Lewis Mounce attended church at Short Creek Sunday …
Mrs. H. Stogsdill visited her brother Saturday night … G.W. Phelps was the
guest of L.A. Bray Sunday … J.W. Steele was in Somerset Wednesday.

Acorn.  Nelson Mayfield is on the sick list .. Susie Phelps has returned to
Indianapolis … Vanlo McDonald is on the sick list … Sam Mayfield and wife
are spending several days with home folks … Miss Rose and Myrtle McDonald
visited at Skip Saturday … Elija Woodall has arrived from Danville, Ind. …
There will be a basket dinner at the Mayfield Cemetery on Sunday, May 30th …
After a continued illness Mrs. Eliga Woodall passed from this world to a
better one Thursday.  She was laid to rest in the Burdine Valley burying
ground.  She is survived by a husband and nine children … All day memorial
services will be held at the Mayfield graveyard Sunday …  G.W. Shiplet
visited at Walter Burdine's Sunday …  Bob Williams is all smiles over the
arrival of a new boy at his home … Mrs. J.J. McDonald visited at John Phelps'
Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Marion Carlton of Skip, spent Saturday and Sunday
with relatives here … R.H. Barnes was in Somerset last weekend on business …
Several from here attended services at the Old Valley Sunday …  J.N. and Sam
Mayfield are very active in the coal deal which will mean much to this
community if carried out … Farmers of this section have begun cultivating
corn … Mathew Whitaker and wife visited Robert Williams Sunday … The
property of Miss Flora Burdine (deceased) was sold at auction Friday … A
large crowd attended the sale .. Mrs. R.H. Barnes visited Robert Williams
Sunday … J.J. McDonald and Marion Carlton spent Sunday at Vanlo McDonald …
Guthrie Rainey was in this vicinity Thursday … Mrs. Nelson Mayfield visited
Ola Williams Saturday.

Pleasant Hill.  Miss Angie Taylor spent Wednesday night with her sister, Mrs.
Virgie Godby of Somerset … Chester Gregory and Miss Millie Mounce were
quietly married May 22nd and are visiting at the home of his parents here ..
Mrs. Anna Wesley visited Mrs. Lydia Denham Wednesday … Miss Ella Taylor of
this neighborhood and Vandiar Hodge of Somerset were united in marriage May
26th at the home of the brides parents, Rev. Wesley Colyer officiating.  The
happy couple left very shortly for a honeymoon trip with friends in Indiana …
Several from here attended the memorial exercises at Oak Hill Sunday … Miss
Irene Stone has been very sick but is reported some better … George Girdler
and wife spent Monday night with Oscar Girdler and family … Mrs. Bettie Lay
and daughter, Mable, spent Friday with Walter Hines and family at Norwood …
Mrs. Roy is slowly improving … Mrs. Mattie Vaught and children spent last
week with relatives in Somerset … S. Cundiff of Somerset visited friends in
this vicinity Sunday … Miss Pearl Martin of Somerset is spending a few days
with friends here .. Misses Millie and Oval Humble, Ruth and Stella Girdler
and Telitha Ashley were guests of Mrs. A.J. Lay Friday … George Girdler and
Miss Linnie Cain were joined in happy wedlock at the home of the brides
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cain, Sunday morning at 9 o'clock.

Ringgold.  Jim Barker of this vicinity happened to the misfortune of falling
off a wagon and getting a leg broken .. P. Baker has been visiting his
daughter who lives on Buck Creek .. Bessie Waddle spent Monday with her
cousin, Miss Ethel Spears … W.R. Jasper and wife visited U.S. Phelps Sunday …
 Mr. Amazor Kelley who has been on the sick list for some time, is improving …
 Mrs. Mille Coomer of Somerset spent Sunday with Miss Bessie Vaughn at West
Somerset … Wessie Pryor who has been sick for some time, is no better at this
writing … Nellie Barker has returned home … Our Sunday School is progressing

Possum Trot.  Louisa Scales is visiting her sister at Drum … Mabel Hopper
visited the Humble girls Sunday … Several from Ringgold attended church here
Sunday night … C.P. Hargis spoke here Sunday … Clara Girdler, Millie Humble,
Wm. Ashley and Mitt Girdler attended church at Ringgold Sunday … Mrs. Terrel
Godsey visited her mother Sunday … Bro. Morsee left here a few days ago …
Mrs. C. Gregory and daughter were at Charlie Gregory's last week … Pearl
Fitzgerald has returned from a visit with her mother, Mrs. Shadoan and Mrs.
Ben Brandon … Mrs. Henry Smith spent Sunday with her parents … Berlin
Thurman was here Friday on business … Elijah Tanner (text deleted) is out on
bond awaiting trial.

Sweeney's Chapel.   Several from here attended the decoration at the National
Cemetery Monday … Edna Keyes and little daughter have returned from Texas …
Chas. Vaught and family of Iowa are visiting his father here … Leighton
Crawford visited J.W. Davidson Sunday … Wes Vaught continues very ill …
Beulah Hubble, Jennie Cundiff and Thelma Vaught attended church at Norwood
Thursday night … Mart Miller and family visited Andrew Phelps Sunday.

Science Hill.  Mr. and Mrs. Ora M. Newton of Pasadena, California, were the
guests of her brother, Wm. Dobbs, last week … Miss Eva Quinton is ill with
typhoid fever … The ice cream festival given by the R.N. of A. and M.W. of A.
was a great success and the large crowd enjoyed it greatly … Ona Cope left
Sunday for Cincinnati to visit relatives … Chas. Dodds of Detroit visited
W.H. Lyon Friday and Saturday … Mrs. Mack Newell is visiting relatives in
Ludlow … Several from here attended decoration services at Freedom and Mills
Springs … Mrs. E.E. Bratcher and daughter and Fae Hines leave Saturday for
Louisville … Mrs. David Hines who has been quite ill is better at present.

Pleasant Point.  The Sunday School at Pleasant Point is progressing nicely …
Misses Effie and Ferba Cain were the guests of Miss Sue Haney Sunday ..
Misses Lula and Nova Wilson were the guests of Sue Haney Thursday night …
Finley Coffey and G. Gasser were Sunday guests of Joe Wilson … Horace Whittle
and Miss Carolina Norfleet were married Sunday at Rev. Gideon Wilson's …
Everet and Elva Wilson have returned from school …  Rev. W.F.J. Wilson and
wife made a trip to Somerset this week … Miss Sue Haney was the guest of
Misses Lula and N? Wilson Sunday … Luther Chumbly has been staying with his
brother at Monticello, Ky., and has typhoid fever.

Ansel.  The singing closed at Wilson Chapel Sunday evening … Edmond Smith who
was called home on the account of the illness and death of his brother has
returned to his home in Decatur, Ill. … W.A. Owens of Decatur, Ill., visited
Lope Smith Sunday … Mary and Martha Wilson and Lillian Smith visited Eller
Vaught Sunday .. Bonnie Cox of Science Hill visited here Saturday and Sunday …
 John and Dorothy Wesley visited W. Wesley's Saturday night.

Shafter.  Rev. Abbott is slowly improving .. Carl Keeney and wife of Trimble
visited his brother here Sunday … Uncle James Cundiff is still on the sick
list .. Charles Wright and family visited at Delmar Saturday and Sunday …
Mrs. Angie Girdler and children were guests of her parents Sunday … Rev.
Silas Jones is some better at present … Mrs. Pat Jones of Oak Hill, Mrs. Carl
Hinekin of Pisgah, and Mrs. Bill Lee of Sardis spent Sunday with Mrs. D.J.
Hudson … The Baptist Sunday School is progressing nicely … Several from here
attended the decoration at Delmar.  Rev.  Stovell of Joliet, Ill., delivered
the address … Fred Ashbrook is improving …. Mrs. Mabel Jasper was in town
Friday … Frank Vaughn, Cecil Butler and the Misses Conley of Burnside, made a
flying trip to Monticello last Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Dan Smith and Claude
Jasper and family visited Cleve Kenney Sunday … Mary Thurman of Somerset is
visiting her sister here .. Mrs. Mollie Cundiff visited her mother Tuesday …
Aunt Jane Johnson is very ill.

Oak Hill.  Mrs. Ben Bryant visited her sister Mrs. Everett Gholson Monday …
Noal Watson and wife left Sunday for Cincinnati … The 5th Sunday meeting at
Oak Hill was well attended … Grace Frisbie was the guest of Ova Casada Satur
day night …. Mattie Nelley and daughters visited Mrs. John Neeley Saturday
night … Mrs. Jim Clark visited her parents Friday night .. Minnie Massey is
on the sick list .. Mrs. Nellie Epperson and children visited her parents
Saturday … Mrs. John Neely entertained her granddaughters Monday .. Mary
Silvers has been the guest of Mrs. Jim Miller … Nannie Lee has been visiting
her aunt … Mrs. Elmer Thurman and Sam Waddle and wife have been visiting
their parents … Mrs. Burton visited Mrs. Jim Clark Saturday.

Second Piney Grove.  Audrey Rainwater is here with her sister … Colanzy
Collins and daughter visited Loretta Doss Thursday … Born to Mrs. Haze
Redmond, a girl … Edd Doss and family have been the guests of Arling Jasper
.. Clarence Rainwater visited Edd Doss Thursday night.

Floyd.  Rev. Masters filled his appointment at Estesburg Saturday night and
Sunday … Festus Johnson and wife entertained their parents Mr. and Mrs.
Elisha Griffin at dinner Sunday … Wess Ramsey and family spent Sunday at
Eubank … Mrs. Maude Trivett of Somerset spent Saturday and Sunday with
homefolks … A.E. Surber and wife visited M.N. Griffin Saturday night …
Samuel Harrington spent Friday at Science Hill .. M.N. Griffin and family
visited Elisah Griffin Sunday afternoon … Minnie Anderson has returned to
Lockland, Ohio, after a visit with her father W.H. Baston.

Eubank.  Mrs. Niza Wheeldon died last Thursday evening at 8:20 o'clock and
was buried Friday afternoon.  Funeral services were held at the Baptist
Church conducted by Rev. E.W. Coakly and G.W. Tilford.  She leaves one
daughter, Mrs. George Spears, and two sons, T.L. Wheeldon and Jay Wheeldon. 
We extend our sympathy to the heart broken family … Foster Baker and wife are
visiting friends here  … Vernie Mullin spent a few days in Toledo, Ohio, and
returned with a "Hub Mobile" … Minnie Marcum spent a few days with C.B.
Marcum and wife … Alford Barker is home on a visit.

Hogue.  John Tyler, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Jasper, age 15
months, was called to the home of rest May 24th after about 36 hours of
untold suffering.  He leaves a father and mother, two brothers and six
sisters besides other relatives and friends to mourn their loss.  Burial took
place in the cemetery at Mintonville last Wednesday.  The loved ones have the
sympathy of the entire community … There was quite a crowd attended the
decorations here Sunday and Revs. G.F. Thompson and ? Shadoan and P.C. Newell
made fine talks … Misses Hazel and Martha Spaw of Mangum visited Lula and Ida
Pitman Saturday night … Mrs. Lillie Tartar returned to her home in Cincinnati
Sunday after spending a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Pitman
… Miss Pearl Cooper and little brother of McCreary County are visiting her
grandparents Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Cooper … Mr. G.W. Jasper is improving … Frank
Smith and wife of Ansel spent Saturday night with her brother, Walter Shadoan
… Misses Edna, Margurette and Loretta Dick of Burnside are visiting here …
Miss Nellie Jasper returned home last week from Adair county where she has
been the past three months taking music lessons … Mrs. A.C. Wesley and baby
went to Lynch, Ky., last week to join her husband who is working there … Mrs.
Vada Irvine and children spent Sunday with her brother Walter Shadoan.  He
has been sick for some time but is getting along nicely … Miss Martha Adams
of Velber visited her grandmother Mrs. Frances Adams Saturday night .. A few
from here attended the decoration at National Cemetery … Harlan Vaught and
family spent Saturday night and Sunday with his farther J.F. Vaught of


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