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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday June 25, 1920.

Big Robbery.  It is said that fully $100,000.00 worth of merchandise has been stolen from box cars in the Danville, Ky., railroad yards in the past month.  The detectives finally got a confession from one person whom they caught.  The goods were being wholesaled to different firms and individuals in Danville.  Some fifteen or twenty are implicated it is said.

Railroader and Farmer.  Mr. E.P. Hail, who recently purchased the Sears property at the edge of town, is meeting with much success as a farmer.  He has gathered his first alfalfa crop and he says it was the best he has seen this year.  Mr. Hail has put four acres in tobacco and about fourteen in corn.  He has a splendid farm and says that he is going to make it one of the show places in Pulaski.  Mr. Hail is a railroader and has accumulated quite a little money by working hard and saving.  Mrs. Hail is spending several weeks in Michigan visiting relatives.

D.E. McQueary's Three Children Disappear From Home In Washington City, He Claims.    Washington, June 16 - Convinced that his divorced wife can shed some light on the mysterious disappearance of his three children who disappeared yesterday, Dennis E. McQueary, Treasury Department, who came here from Frankfort, Ky., today asked the Washington police to look for her.  Mr. McQueary was divorced from Maude McQueary, mother of the children, in Frankfort in 1918.  She since has married Eugene Kelley with whom she went to California.  Last January, McQueary and his three children, Catherine, 11 years old, Smith, 9, and James, 7, came to Washington.  McQueary was advised of disappearance of his children when he learned that they did not appear at school yesterday afternoon .  At the school today it was said that a woman who bore a striking resemblance to the girl, Catherine, called at her classroom yesterday during the lunch hour.  She asked for the girl and when told she had gone to lunch, left.  Later she was seen near the McQueary residence talking to the children.  At Mr. McQueary's request, police have launched a nation-wide search for his former wife.  The Journal inquired at Burnside and it is said that Mrs. McQueary had not arrived there.

47 Divorce Cases For Trial in McCreary.  There are 47 divorce cases on the docket in the McCreary Circuit Court which convened last Monday.  This is a record number and it would seem that marriage in that county is a failure.

A Visit To Akron.  Mr. James A. Dykes of Akron, Ohio, who is employed at the B.F. Goodrich plant writes the following to the Journal: "My brother W.F. Dykes of Ferguson made his friends and relatives a visit here recently and we were all delighted to see him.  It was an agreeable surprise when he walked into the home of his daughter Dana Gregory.  He also has a sister here, Mrs. Mary Bray.  We drove him 450 miles thru Akron and surrounding towns.  Sunday, his last day here, we drove to Canton, Ohio, over the best piece of road in the state and viewed the beautiful McKinley Monument and tomb, the cemetery in which he was interred until the completion of the monument and the beautiful little cottage and home in which he lived when elected President. 
Next we went thru the B.F. Goodrich plant where about 28,000 people are employed.  That trip alone was worth a visit to Akron.  I am always glad to get the Journal.  It is better than a letter from home.  You sure give all the news.  I showed a copy of your paper to the advertising manager of the Goodrich plant and he has promised to advertise with you soon.  I have been with the Goodrich people for a long time and have a splendid position.  It is a fine place to work.  We have quite a bunch of Pulaski county boys here.  They all seem to be getting along fine.  Some of them are saving money and others are spending all they make having a good time.  Yours for success, Jas. A. Dykes, Goodrich Station, Akron, Ohio.


Hospital Notes.

Mrs. Mary George of Eubank who has undergone an operation, will return home today much improved.

Mrs. Webb Wright of O.K., Ky., was operated on last Monday, at the time her condition was very alarming.  She is somewhat improved and is resting well at present.

Dewey Burton of Trimble who is suffering with hip joint disease is resting well at this time.

Harrison Jones of Whitley City who was operated on last week for appendicitis is improving.

Mrs. Ed Tandy who was operated on last Thursday is making a good recovery.

Leece - Gibson.  Mr. Lawrence Leece and Miss Mary Gibson, both of this county, were married Wednesday afternoon at the home of the bride on Monticello pike.  Quite a number of friends and relatives were present .  Mr. Leece is employed at the Southern Railway shops as an electrician and is highly thought of by his employers and is very popular among his acquaintances.  Miss Gibson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Gibson and is one of the counties prettiest and most attractive young ladies.  This happy couple have the best wishes of a host of friends.

Hagood -  Beck.  News has been received here of the wedding of Miss Margurette Beck of McKinney, sister of Mrs. James Davis of this city, to Mr. Warren G. Hagood of Richmond, Virginia.  The wedding took place at the home of the bride last Wednesday week, the 16th.  Only the family and a few close friends were present.  Immediately following the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Hagood left for a bridal trip to Washington, Norfolk, New York City and other points in the East.  They will be at home at Corbin, Ky., where Mr. Hagood holds a responsible position with the L&N R.R.  Mrs. Hagood is well known in Somerset where she has often visited her sister and where she has many friends.

Sells More Edens.  The Somerset Hardware Co. gives a lit of those who have purchased Eden Washing Machines in an "ad' this week.  Since the "ad" was printed the company reports the following sales which should have been added: Kenwick Hotel, Mrs. Chas. Colyer, Newtonian Hotel, and Mrs. J.C. Curtis.

Thirty Four Take Teachers Examination.  There were thirty-four applicants for teachers certificates last Friday and Saturday.  The examination was held in the high school building.  Sup't. Meece has received the grades for those who took the examination about a month ago and only 16 out of 42 passed.  There were four first class certificates issued.  Mr. Meece reports 25 vacancies in the schools of the county.  Sup't. of Public Instruction Colvin complimented Mr. Meece and the examiners on the way the examination was conduced in this county.  There has been quite a good deal of scandals in other counties in the state over examinations.

School Opens 5th.  The county schools open on the 5th of July.  Sup't. Meece tells us that he will be short quite a number of teachers.  He has made very effort to secure teachers but without success.  The books are all in and there will be no delay this year as last in securing the books.


Hospital Notes.

Mrs. Rosco Adams of this city, who has been in very poor health for several weeks, was operated on last Wednesday and is getting along very
satisfactorily, and it is believed she will make complete recovery.

Mrs. Charlie Godby of Fishing Creek neighborhood who was operated on 10 days ago, will be able to return to her home in the next few days.

Richard Hickman, Jr., of Yamacraw, Ky., who was shot through the abdomen on last Friday, was brought to the hospital and died in a short time after arriving.


Personal Mention.

Mrs. Sophia Stone is visiting in Danville this week.

Mrs. Frank Orwin left this week for a visit to friends in Danville.

Misses Isabel and Jane Hardin spent several days in Winchester, Ky., with

Mrs. W.D. Gover was in Lexington the first of the week on account of the death of Mrs. Jim McKechnie.  Mrs. McKechnie was formerly a resident of Burnside and funeral services were held there yesterday.

Elmer Hughes was in Knoxville, Tenn., Wednesday on a business trip.

Miss Edna Sears spent several days in Winchester with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Mat Folger returned Friday form a motor trip thru the bluegrass.


Hill - Kopenhoefer.  Mr. John H. Hill and Miss Kathleen Kopenhoefer, both of this city, were married in St. Louis, Mo., last Saturday, the 19th.  The news of the marriage was kept a secret until the middle of this week when it was announced in a letter from Mrs. Hill to her mother.  Mrs. Hill had been on a visit with her brother in Washington and left there last Thursday to meet Mr. Hill in St. Louis.  He is with Swift & Co. and is traveling out of St. Louis.  The marriage took place in the parsonage of St. Francis Xavier church.  Father N.J. O'Conner, the pastor, performing the ceremony.  There were no attendants.  Mrs. Hill is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kopenhoefer of this city, and is a very attractive and popular young lady.  For the past several years she has been employed in the First National Bank as an individual bookkeeper.  Mr. Hill was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army during the late war and made a splendid record as a soldier.  After leaving the service he engaged in the grocery business here for awhile but sold out to his partner Captain Taylor.  He is now with Swift & Co. as salesman.  Mr. andMrs. Hill will arrive about July 5th for a visit.

Hudson.  Mrs. Lucy Hudson, wife of Robert Hudson, deceased, 87 years of age, died at her home in Peoria, Ill., last Saturday and was brought here Sunday for burial.  Services were held Monday afternoon and internment followed in the city cemetery.  She leaves several children and grandchildren a good many of whom live in Pulaski.  She was a splendid Christian character.

Col. Morrow is now Major Chas. H. Morrow.  Col. C.H. Morrow, brother of
Governor Morrow, has reverted to his permanent rank of Major and will not report to Camp Zachary Taylor as formerly announced, an order from the War Department published yesterday stated.  It is understood that he will return to duty in Washington following his present leave of absence.

New Bottler Installed.  Mr. Stephen Jones, manager of the Somerset Coca Cola Bottling plant, has just had installed the new Shields Automatic Bottler which is considered the very last letter in bottling machinery and will
enable his plant to produce one case of bottled goods per minute.  This new machine was deemed necessary by Mr. Jones after a few months operation of the Somerset plant and his business in this county is growing rapidly.  This new bottler is a wonderful improvement over the one he has been using which was considered very good.

Mr. M.L. Gover's class of boys of the Baptist Sunday School entertained Mrs.
Gover's class of girls on Monday evening at the Gover home on Oak Street.  Those present were Misses Bernice Addington, Ruth Ashurst, Ruby Curtis, Ola Jenkins, Coletta Dykes, Mary Meece, Mary Fletcher, Ansie Mooningham, Katherine Shadoan, Elizabeth Elliott, Vita Chaney, Mary Vance Day, Nannie Compton, Gertrude Elliott, Mary Belle Pettus, Louise Clemmens and Kathleen DePoyster of Central City, Ky.  Messrs Tom Tibbals, Frank Padgett, James Allen, Geo. Sallee, Ralph Bradley, Elisha Krysam (?), Forrest Bryant, Sam Bryant, Newell Ham, Edward Gover and Earl Ham.  The evening was well spent with several interesting games after which delightful refreshments were served consisting of mints, ice cream and cake.  Mrs. Summer Roberts of Danville is visiting her brother William Gilmore.

Misses Norma Fitch and Mary McElroy are spending several weeks in Lexington and Portsmouth, Ohio.

George James Sallee has accepted a position with the First National Bank for the summer.

Mrs. L.B. Moran has returned to her home in Roanoke, Va., after a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Dikeman.

Mrs. William Adams and children are visiting relatives at McKinney.

George James Sallee has accepted a position with the First National Bank for the summer.

Parker Wesley is down from Danville for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Wesley.

Relatives here have received word that Mrs. Sam Parker who has been living in Honolulu where Major Parker is stationed, I snow on a trip to Japan.  Both
Major and Mrs. Parker are expected home sometime during the summer.

Mrs. James Darnell and children of Frankfort, Ky., are the guests of Mrs. William Waddle.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Murrell left Tuesday for Flint, Michigan, where they will drive two new Buicks thru.

Mrs. C.W. Massey of Danville spent last weekend with her sister Mrs. Susan Cruse.

Misses Aline Mounce and Ruth Offutt, accompanied by Mrs. R.L. Joplin, attended commencement exercises Louisville Conservatory of Music at Louisville last week.

Messrs Thomas and Phillip McElroy spent several days in Danville this week.

Mr. and Mrs. William Schooler attended the meeting of the Kentucky Press Association at Covington.

Mrs. Elmer Dutton and children are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Weir at Pittsburg, Kans.

Miss Bell Moore is at home from Troy, Ohio, where she has been teaching in the schools there.

Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr., is spending the weekend in Covington with Judge and Mrs. R.C. Williams.

J.N. Mayfield of Acorn was in town the first of the week.

Mrs. Will Adams and children are visiting relatives at McKinney.


Floyd.  The meeting at Briery Closed Friday night … Wallace Todd is very ill at this writing … M.P. Estes and family entertained at supper Thursday night Mrs. A.L. Wilder and children of Wilmore, Ky., and Dr. T.J. Acton and family of Eubank … Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Surber spent Tuesday with Mrs. Margaret Gaston … John Lay entertained the community at this place with an ice cream supper Wednesday night.  Everybody reported a good time … Master Harold Todd of Eubank is spending a few days with his grandparents … Jas. E. Todd and family
spent one day last week at A.W. Surber's … M.P. Estes is visiting his sister Mrs. A.L. Wilder at Wilmore … Mrs. M. C. Higgins and Miss Mary visited at Jim Gaston's one night last week … Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eubank are all smiles over the arrival of a baby girl Lena Francis … Roy Trivett was in Somerset one day last week … Rev. Paddock took breakfast with Mrs. Belle Trivett and family Friday morning … Mrs. Mae Todd of Eubank and uncle Ova E. Todd of Texas were visiting relatives here one day last week … Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Moore spent Saturday in Eubank … Dallace Gragg spent Sunday with Marshal Griffin … Miss Lillian Gragg and Ira Trivett called on Gertrude Spears Sunday afternoon … Mrs. John Todd and daughter Mrs. Mattie Brown of Pence were at the bedside of Wallace Todd Wednesday … Ed Vaught and family of Indiana arrived here Sunday to make this their future home .. Elisha Griffin and wife entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Marion Reynolds and son and Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Surber in honor of Mr. Griffin's birthday.

Nancy.  Oscar Burton traded a pair of mules to Woodie Trimble for a mare and colt, two fillies and $5.00 … Mrs. Evie Minsie and baby of Shafter were
visiting her father Elihu Burton at Nancy Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Rosa Floyd is the proud mother of twin girls … W.L. Burton and wife visited his brother Sunday … The little daughter of Elihu Buron while playing last week fell off a high porch and broke her arm in two places.  She is getting along nicely … Josh Dobkins and little son Raymond, visited at P.L. Burton's Saturday night and Sunday … Crave Burton and wife visited at her father's
Fred Burton Saturday night … Miss Ethel Burton visited her sister Mrs. Crave Burton last weekend.

Mrs. G.W. Thomas entertained informally about twelve ladies last Wednesday   afternoon in honor of her sister Mrs. Mayna Howard of Louisville.

Clarence Woodall is spending the week in Dayton, Ohio, with his sister and other relatives.

Mrs. Dave Phelps and little daughter Betty Orwin, arrived last Friday to be the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Orwin.

Mr. Andrew Lawson was in Somerset a few days this week en route to Lima, Ohio, after a visit with relatives in Rockwood, Tenn.

Again, we had Capt. Taylor of Somerset viewing the sights of town on Sunday under the guidance of Miss Francis Kinne.  McCreary County Record.

Mrs. Harroll Pieratt and children, William and Della T., of Madison County arrived Wednesday to be the guests of her sister Mrs. A.E. Barnes.

Dr. H.K. Fulkerson has returned from St. Louis, Mo., where he has been attending a meeting of the American Optometrical Association.

Mrs. Durham and children of Gracey, Ky., are the guests of her sister Mrs. H.K. Fulkerson.

Mr. and Mrs. James Davis attended the wedding of her sister Miss Margurette
Beck to Mr. Warren G. Hagood, which took place at McKinney last week.

Mr. Clarence Coleman, former Pulaskian, now Post Office Inspector with headquarters at Danville, was in the city this week on business.

Miss Barthenia Sallee left Wednesday for Maysville, Ky., to visit Miss Zereda

Miss Flora Winfrey of Louisville is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Winfrey.  Miss Winfrey has a splendid position with the Belknap Hardware Co.

News has been received here that Gerald Griffin, who is taking a course in
Journalism at the State University, is working on the Louisville Evening Post
during the summer.

Mrs. L.B. Moran has returned to her home in Roanoke, Va., after a visit with
her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Dikeman.

Mr. Earl Woolfolk of Danville spent the weekend in Somerset.

Mrs. O. Willis left Monday for Canada after a visit with her parents, Judge and Mrs. Wm. Catron.  Her husband will meet her in Buffalo, N.Y., and they will go to the Windsor races.

Rex Sharp left Wednesday for Knoxville, Tenn., where he will spend the remainder of the week with homefolks.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Moore have returned from a visit with relatives in Connersville, Ind.

Miss Benjamin L. Waddle entertained with a luncheon at her home on North Main Street Monday in honor of Mrs. James Darnell of Frankfort, Ky., Mrs. Lloyd Huey of Lexington and Mrs. William Huey of Louisville.  Those present were Mrs. Darnell, Mrs. William Huey, Mrs. Lloyd Huey, Mrs. Will Waddle, Mrs. John Bowser and Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr.

Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr., invited a few friends to her home on North Main street Saturday afternoon to meet Mrs. William Huey, of Louisville, and Mrs. Lloyd Huey, of Lexington.

Misses Eva and Blanch Crane spent several days in Lexington last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Longsworth have moved to Lexington where Mr. Longsworth is engaged in construction work.

Mrs. A.M. Girdler has returned from a visit in Danville.

Messrs James Doyle and L.A. Phillips were in Covington this week to attend a
K. of C. banquet and initiation.

"Red" Roberts is in Danville for a few days.

Charlie Bob Morrow of Frankfort is visiting relatives in the city.

John Thompson left Tuesday for Derby, Conn., to spend his vacation.

Master Joseph Watson of Adair County is the guest of Mrs. H.L. Nash on Hawkins Ave.

Mrs. L.D. Nunn and mother Mrs. G.S. Dudley of Burnside were in Somerset Tuesday.  Mrs. Nunn is the reporter from Burnside for the Journal.

Mrs. Lee Hudson left last Saturday for a visit in Cincinnati but was called home Sunday on account of the death of Mr. Hudson's mother.

Miss Bell Hines was in Lexington Sunday to meet her sister, Mrs. H.G. Waddle of (?) California, who will spend the summer with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Hines.

Bernard "Sleepy" Hines has returned from New York bringing home with him his two daughters, Elizabeth and Sammie, who have been in New York attending school.


Science Hill.  W.H. Estes has returned from his vacation in Bridgeport, Indiana … Mr. John Simpson of Cincinnati is visiting his wife and children here, who are spending the summer with her mother, Mrs. John Dungan … Mr. and Mrs. Wellison and daughter Thelma, formerly of this place but now of Williamstown, were with friends and relatives here last week and returned home Sunday … Messrs W.F. Cassada and W.P. Newell have purchased the Soda Fountain belonging to C.A. Ridge and will go into business at once … Mr. and Mrs. Evan Reid and children were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Hall last


Bent.  Jim Phelps and Luther Stogsdill of Bobtown visited here Saturday and Sunday … Clarence Harper and wife visited her parents Sunday night … Lexie Steele visited in Wayne last week … Kisarah Phelps spent Sunday with Lexie Steele … Millie Bullock spent last week in Somerset … W.C. Randall and wife visited Clyde Randall Saturday night … Geo. Steele was in Somerset Wednesday .. J.K. Phelps visited Geo. Phelps Saturday … John Hargis and Claude Bray spent Sunday with Arthur Bradley.


Mrs. M.F. Reddish will leave Saturday for Cincinnati where she will spend several weeks in normal work at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

Misses Grace and Rosalynn Reynolds of Wilmore are the guests of their aunt Mrs. J.A. Dunn on College Street.

Miss Mary Austin Waddle entertained at 6 o'clock dinner Wednesday in honor of
Miss Dorothy Darnell of Frankfort, the guests of Miss Virginia Waddle.  Those present were Mary Austin Waddle, Dorothy Darnell, Virginia Waddle, Cecelia
Smith, Elizabeth Metcalf, Jean Talbot, Robert Bruce Waddle, and Charles Robert Waddle.

Mrs. Walter Walling and children have returned from a visit to relatives in Broadhead.

Mrs. Summer Roberts of Danville is visiting her brother William Gilmore.

Misses Norma Fitch and Mary McElroy are spending several weeks in Lexington and Portsmouth, Ohio.

Mrs. William Adams and children are visiting relatives at McKinney.

Mrs. William Waddle entertained Tuesday afternoon from 4 to 6 in honor of her guests, Mrs. James Darnell of Frankfort.  The pretty Waddle home was
beautifully decorated in hydrangeas, sweet peas and dahlias.  In the receiving line were Mrs. Waddle, Mrs. Darnell and Mrs. John Bowser of Winchester, Ky.  Ices and cakes were served.  Those assisting the hostess in entertaining were Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr., Mrs. B.L. Waddle, Mrs. A.P. Smith, Misses Barthenia Sallee, Margurette Owens and Katherine Stoms(?).

Mrs. Elizabeth Whinery of East Orange, N.J., has returned home after a visit with her aunt, Mrs. M.H. Gibson.

Mrs. Pat Farmer spent several days in Cincinnati this week with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. William Doyle are spending this week in Ludlow.

Col. Sam Morrow was in Lexington and Danville this week on business.

Mr. Fred Helm of Atlanta, Ga., was in the city this week on with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Burke and children are spending several days in Louisville.

Hugh Crozier is in the city for a few days with friends.

Miss Marietta Farrell spent the weekend in Danville with friends.

Mr. C.G. Meece, a former Pulaskian, now living in Danville, Ky., was in the city this week on business.  He had the Journal continued for another year and will keep up with the "doings" in Pulaski.

Mr. and Mrs. William Foley have returned to Lexington after a visit with relatives.

Mrs. Mayme Howard of Louisville is visiting her sister Mrs. George W. Thomas.

Mr. and Mrs. William Huey of Louisville and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Huey of Lexington have been the guests at the home of M.C. Williams this week.

Mrs. W.H. Vaught and daughter Della of Science Hill were in town Monday.

Dabney.  Rev. Measles filled his appointment at Eden Saturday and Sunday … Wes Vaught is very sick … Miss Zora Vaught is visiting her brother at Rankin, Ill. … Miss Margurette Williams visited Miss Lily Claunch of Somerset Friday night .. Miss Ona Lovell returned home Saturday after a weeks' visit with friends in Bethlehem …  Miss Minnie Sowder visited her sister Mrs. Dykes at Drum last week … S.S. Lovell sold two nice veal calves to Ben S. Crow for $48.00 … Miss Zula Poynter visited Miss Margurette Williams Saturday night
and Sunday … Miss Zelma Price has returned home after spending a few weeks with her sister in Tennessee … Mrs. Susie Dykes of Drum visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Sowder Monday … Esau Wright is moving to his farm purchased of Mrs. Eliza Vaught near Sweeney's Chapel.

Mt. Zion.  Ed Crawford and wife of Science Hill were recent visitors at Aaron Hines … Delmar Richardson and Ed Leigh left Sunday for work in Cincinnati .. Walter Adams has purchased a new automobile .. Misses Minnie Pitman and Eva Calhoun of Parmleysville, Wayne County, returned home last Tuesday … Sister Bruner will be attending a family reunion the fourth Saturday and Sunday and will not be able to fill her regular appointment … The dedication of Wilson Church was largely attended last Sunday, Rev. Pollard made some fine addresses.  $350.50 was raised for the debt on the church … Little Amos Adams is suffering from an abscess on his leg … Miss Della Godbey returned to Burnside last Saturday after spending two weeks with home folks .. The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Correll died last Saturday night and was buried Sunday afternoon … Little Lois Crawford of Science Hill is visiting her grandparents here … Rev. B.M. Wesley filled his appointment here Sunday … Mrs. Alfred Lanham of Eubank visited her sister here Saturday and Sunday … Will Leigh's two blind children are home for the school for the blind in Louisville.

Shafter.  Bill Smith is suffering with a broken shoulder … John Johnson
entertained several folks Sunday … Jessie Stephens and family visited Charles Wright Sunday … Robert Mills and wife visited S.F. Ashbrook Sunday … Aunt Jane Johnston is very ill … Coleman Jones was in Knoxville last week  …  Fred Ashbrook is confined to his bed again … John Mayfield and wife had several visitors Sunday … Coral Humble and wife visited her mother Sunday .. Mrs. Robert McLane of Monticello spent Saturday and Sunday with her father here … Robert Mills and wife visited John Johnson Saturday night.

Norwood.  Several attended the children's day exercises here … Mrs. G.P. Sweeney was called to Williamsburg by the illness of her mother .. Andy Ashley and wife of Ludlow are visiting here … Edd Padgett and family are visiting Mrs. Frank Phelps … Grace and Willie Gover of Nancy visited at Henry Girkey's Sunday … Mrs. Goff is very ill … Born to Mrs. Walter Hines, June 18th, a boy … Geo. Morris is home from Bronston for a few days … Mrs. Lawrence Dungan and children of Danville spent the weekend with Mrs. Joe Dungan … Mrs. Jim Turpin visited her sister in Science Hill Saturday … Mrs. Chester Burge spent Monday at Wm. Burge's.

Beech Grove.  Mrs. Mary Godby is getting along nicely at the Somerset Hospital … Walter Dodson had quite a few visitors Sunday … Tom Vanhoosier
visited Felix Phelps Sunday … Winnie Abbott took dinner with Mae Taylor Sunday … Edd Stone visited his brother Chas. One night last week .. Mrs. Ellen Taylor and granddaughter spent Wednesday night with W. Taylor … Mrs.
W.G. Phelps of Casey County spent last week at Ross Phelps' … Howard Wesley took dinner with Obe Phelps Sunday … Little Eva Godby visited her grandmother Taylor last week … Mesdames Angie and Ola Roysdon visited Flossie Phelps one day last week.

Science Hill.  Miss Maude Wesley of Bethelridge is visiting friends here this
week … Mr. and Mrs. Rayme Godbey and Mr. and Mrs. Estil Godbey attended
Children's Day Services at Bethelridge Sunday … Ed Price visited his daughter
Mrs. W.H. Estes Sunday and Mrs. Estes and children accompanied him home for a few days … Several from here went to Cincinnati on the excursion Sunday … Messrs Chas. Warren, Vola Swearinger and Emmitt Cain left for Kansas the first of the week … W.H. Estes is spending his vacation with relatives in Logansport, Indiana … Several from here are attending the revival at Pulaski and report splendid services … Mrs. Jas. Bryant and Shanon Butt were called to Waynesburg Saturday on account of the illness of their sister.

Burnside.  Misses Florence and Lillian Redmon of New York are spending their
two weeks vacation at the Seven Gables Hotel .. Stafford Coomer of Bowling Green was home most of the week … A.L. Denney of Denney, Ky., was the guest of the Dick and Denny families last week … Mrs. Dodson of Phoenix, Arizona, spent several days the past week with Mrs. J.H. Vanhook .. The news of the sad death of Mrs. J.L. McKechnie, formerly of this place now living in Lexington, reached here Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. McKechnie was taken suddenly ill two weeks ago and was rushed to the hospital where every medical aid possible was ministered but could not save her life.  Mrs. McKechnie had lived in Burnside most of her life until about five years ago when the family moved to Lexington.  She was very widely known and loved by her host of friends.  Her bright, happy and sunny face cheered people everywhere she went.  She always stood out as an example of cheerfulness and unselfishness and will be missed greatly by her family and many friends.  She was the wife of Jim McKechnie who was raised in Wayne County and made his home for a number of years in Burnside.  She also leaves a mother, Mrs. L.B. Choate, brother, Oscar Choate of Pikeville, and sister Odye Choate of Los Angeles, California, all of whom are widely known here.  The remains were brought here for burial Thursday afternoon.  The Eastern Star lodge of which she was a member, had charge of the burial and the many beautiful gorgeous flowers gave expression of her many friends … Mrs. James Wyatt of Tateville was in town shopping Friday … Mrs. Walden of Tateville was in town Thursday … Miss Mildred Cooper was in Somerset last Friday … Mr. and Mrs. Ben Brunson and daughter of Indianapolis, passed through town en route to Cumberland Falls to spend the summer months … Mrs. Hugh Taylor was the guest of Mrs. Morris Taylor in Danville last week … Mrs. Willie Perdue spent last week in Bronston with Nancy Gover .. C.H. Bush of Chicago was in town this week … A.C. French was in Somerset on business Saturday … Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw of Louisville were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Bradshaw on French Ave. this week … Mrs. J.E. Pollitt of Danville is spending her vacation with relatives here .. Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Logan of Xenia, Ohio, registered at the Seven Gables for this week … Miss Bess Goggin of Somerset was the attractive guest of Mrs. J.M. Dugger and Mrs. R.O. Lewis this week … Mrs. C.S. Dudley and Mrs. C.C. Nunn were shopping in Somerset Tuesday .. Rev. J.P. Strather presiding elder of Danville held services at the Methodist Church Sunday morning … H.S. Paul and family left Sunday for Louisville to make their future home.  Their many friends regret to see them leave … Miss Vesta Halcomb returned Monday from a visit in Danville … Mrs. A.J. Cress and daughters are visiting in Somerset … L.J. Parrigin of Torrent was in town Sunday … Mrs. J.M. Dugger entertained with a delightful dinner part Saturday evening. Plates were laid for five guests who were Misses Bess Goggin, Amelia Saunders, Edna Young, Mesdames L.M. Cheeley and G.C. Nunn … H.A. Gable returned from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, with his family Saturday and will make Burnside their home .. Mrs. Susan Colyer died very suddenly Sunday morning at the home of her daughter Mrs. M.P. Smith … Mr. and Mrs. H.K. Burgess and son have returned from Nashville to spend the summer here …  R.W. Sutton was in Lexington over Sunday … N.I. Taylor and W.J. Davidson were in Monticello Monday … Earl Ham of Somerset wasin town Sunday … County Judge R.C. Tartar, County Clerk C.M. Langdon and Editor R.M. Feese of the Journal were here on business Tuesday.
  Mt. Zion.  Ed Crawford and wife of Science Hill were recent visitors at Aaron Hines … Delmar Richardson and Ed Leigh left Sunday for work in Cincinnati .. Walter Adams has purchased a new automobile .. Misses Minnie Pitman and Eva Calhoun of Parmleysville, Wayne County, returned home last Tuesday … Sister Bruner will be attending a family reunion the fourth Saturday and Sunday and will not be able to fill her regular appointment … The dedication of Wilson Church was largely attended last Sunday, Rev. Pollard made some fine addresses.  $350.50 was raised for the debt on the church … Little Amos Adams is suffering from an abscess on his leg … Miss Della Godbey returned to Burnside last Saturday after spending two weeks with home folks .. The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Correll died last Saturday night and was buried Sunday afternoon … Little Lois Crawford of Science Hill is visiting her grandparents here … Rev. B.M. Wesley filled his appointment here Sunday … Mrs. Alfred Lanham of Eubank visited her sister here Saturday and Sunday … Will Leigh's two blind children are home for the school for the blind in Louisville.

Ringgold.  Homer Dye is visiting relatives here … Bertha Padgett spent last Thursday with Ethel Spears … Lora Hinkle spent Sunday with Hattie Jasper … Mrs. Arthur Baker has gone to Cincinnati to undergo an operation … W.R. Jasper and family visited Jim McKinney Sunday … Fred Phillips and Jack Garland of Oak Hill attended services here Sunday … Merence Dalton visited Della Owens Sunday … Emma Barber is visiting at W.R. Jasper's.

Souls Chapel.  Neil Cundiff has returned from Cincinnati … The courtship of Luther Meece and Flora Eldridge culminated in marriage last Friday.  We wish them much happiness through life … Mrs. Grover Ridings of Louisville is visiting her father-in-law … Henry Gilmore chaperoned a crowd of boys to the river last week … Zella and Mabel Cundiff visited Maude McDowell Friday night .. Robbie Meece made a trip to Iowa last week.

Pnobscott.  Richard Mercer visited his sister Sunday … Green Gooch is some better at present … Elmer Hart and wife visited Jeff Hart last week … "Uncle" William Gastineau spent last weekend with his son at Good Hope …Melton Abbott and wife visited her parents Saturday and Sunday .. Orville Bullock of Estesburg visited W.G. Eoff Thursday … Lester Suttle and wife visited her parents at Estesburg … Everett Warren of Woodstock visited here Sunday.

Possum Trot.  Estel and Clarence Stone and wife are home from Cincinnati … Willie Wilson was in Cincinnati Sunday … There was no baptizing here Sunday on account of the rain … C.R. Humble, wife and daughter spent Saturday and Sunday at Shafter … John Stone of Ohio visited here last week .. Born to Mrs. Bill Doss a fine boy, James Cecil … Geo. Girdler and wife visited his parents Sunday … Otto Bullock and Agnes Huey visited her parents Sunday … Finley Adams was at M.F. Ashley's Sunday … Lucy Girdler was the Sunday guest of Sadie Barnes … Mildred Girdler visited Atha Humble Sunday … The Wesley children visited their grandparents Saturday … Mrs. Sam Fitzpatrick visited her mother at Somerset last week .. Mrs. Humble is very ill … Jess Zigler and wife of Shafter visited here Wednesday night .. Mrs. J.T. Scales and daughter were in Somerset Wednesday.

Don't Forget the Chatauqua

Oak Hill.  Geo. Phillips and wife spent Sunday with O.L. Wilson … Myrtle Bogle visited Bessie Powell Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Alvin York and children spent Saturday night with George Mayfield and wife … K.F. Gholson and wife have returned home after a visit with relatives … Mrs. John Neeley visited Mrs. Willie Smith one day last week … Mrs. Lillard Taylor and Myrtie Combest visited Ola Mayfield last Saturday … Mrs. Alice York and children visited Rev. and Mrs. Mayfield Sunday … Mrs. Russell Nicholas and children, Mrs. Eva Neeley and family and Thelma Claunch spent Friday with Mattie Neeley … Mrs. Jeanette Campbell visited Mrs. Lucy Campbell a few days ago … Mr. Heinecky is visiting his son Carl … Mrs. Lula Frisbie and daughter Mrs. I.F. Gholson spent Wednesday with Mrs. Bryant Gholson … Mesdames Claunch, Gholson, Abbie Neeley, Mattie Neeley and daughters spent Thursday with Lula Frisbie … I.F. Gholson has purchased he property of Everett Gholson .. Mrs. Lula Frisbie, Mrs. Gholson and Mae Frisbie spent Friday at Jim Bryant's … Ora and Maud Frisbie visited Mildred Barnett Friday … Ira Gholson, wife and mother spent Sunday with Lula Frisbie … Mary Lorton visited Mrs. Ira Gholson Tuesday night … Mattie Neeley and daughter visited Mrs. John Neeley Sunday. Ansel.  J.R. Wesley and family have gone to Cincinnati to make their home … There will be preaching at the Ansel Baptist Church the first Sunday in every month .. Charley Elliott and wife visited his father at Valley Oak, Saturday and Sunday .. Misses Mary and Martha Wilson visited Lillian Smith Sunday … Miss Hattie (?) Wilson visited Jennie Adams Saturday night .. Miss Landy Wesley, who has been visiting here, has returned to Cincinnati … Jennie Adams, who has been in Cincinnati for some time, has returned home … Lola Smith visited her sister Cordelia Estes at Buncombe Saturday … Stanley and Claude Wilson were in Somerset Saturday on business … Miss Dell Godbey has returned to Burnside … G.S. Smith and wife visited E.L. Smith Sunday … Remember the prayer meeting at Wilson Chapel every Saturday night. 

Waterloo.  Beecher Foster visited his grandparents Friday night … Lola Lay visited her sister Friday night … Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rainwater visited her parents Saturday night … Clarence Rainwater spent Saturday night with Everet Allen … Lula Poppelwell is visiting her sister, Mrs. Carl Rainwater … C.B. Rainwater and wife were in Somerset Thursday … George Morris and family of
Ingle have been visiting here.


Meece.  Geo. Godby was called from Akron, Ohio, on account of the illness of
his brother who is in the Somerset Hospital .. Mrs. Polly Hargis died last Monday at the home of her son-in-law. Her husband preceded her to the great beyond several years ago.  Her remains were laid to rest in the Mt. Zion cemetery … Charlie Heath is home from Berea .. Grover Meece of Somerset visited his mother Sunday and Sunday night .. Mrs. India Meece was in Somerset Monday with her son … Delbert Roberts of Dixie spent the first of
the week with Harlie Godby … Harlie Godby is home from Akron, Ohio .. Charlie E. Godby visited homefolks Monday … Frank Meece has sold his farm to W.F. Jones.

Dabney.  Geo. Waddle and wife of Danville visited their parents here Saturday and Sunday … Minnie Sowder is visiting her sister Mrs. Riley Dykes .. Zora Vaught is visiting her brother in Rankin, Ill. … Wess Vaught continues very ill … Mary Alexander is visiting her brother at Corbin, Ky. … An ice cream social will be held at R.S. Crawford's Saturday night, June 26th. Everybody invited … Raymond Hargis and sister Rosa visited at Cly McGriff's Sunday … Josephine and Katherine Crawford visited their sister in Science Hill last week.

Valley Oak.  Mrs. Roma Randall and children spent Saturday night at Wm. Price's … Dock Lee has returned from North Carolina and is very ill … Mrs.
Arch Blanton and children of Woodstock visited her mother, Julia Helton Saturday night … Ada McKinney spent Thursday night with her sister … Lona Griffin visited at H.H. Buchanan's Saturday night … Mrs. John Forester and baby of Harlan are spending a few days with relatives here … Elder Shepherd conducted quarterly meeting at Fellowship Saturday night and Sunday … Gracie Couch visited at Sam Miller's Sunday … Hessie and Flonnie Miller and Virgie Couch have returned from Berea … Nellie Speak of Plato spent several days last week at W.C. Wyrick's … Arnold, the 14 year old son of Wm. Price, died last Tuesday after a short illness and was buried at Flat Lick Wednesday.  Rev. Wesley Colyer conducted the funeral services.  He leaves a mother, father and several sisters and brothers besides a host of friends.  The bereaved family have our heartfelt sympathy … Wallace Phelps and wife spent Saturday night at Tom Buchanan's.

Drum.  John C. Glover and family were visitors at R.L. Bray's Saturday night … Mary and Vannie Alexander spent Saturday night at Wesley Bray's … Mrs.
George Callahan visited Tye Chaney one night last week … Tom Slavey is all
smiles as a fine boy has arrived at his home … Uncle Iredel Bray passed through here Thursday en route for a visit to R.L. Bray's … Several from here
attended the birthday social at Uncle Wm. Baker's at White Lily … Tye Chaney
and son Clyde visited her daughter Tuesday … J.W. Bray, son and grandson are fishing on Buck Creek … Henry Goodin had a fine calf to die last week … Armedla Bray and son are with her mother Mrs. Chaney.

Cave Hill.  Mrs. Johnie Burton is some better at this writing … Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Sipples and daughter visited her father Sunday … Mrs. Allie West visited
Isabell Wilson Friday … Ezra Smith and wife spent Saturday night at Buncombe … Mrs. J. Estes is very ill … Mrs. Emmitt Higgins and children spent Saturday and Sunday with her father-in-law … Ray Estes of Buncombe visited his sister Sunday … Melvin Spears of Bethelridge spent Sunday with Dewit Spears.

Clarence.  J.B. Abbott and family and F. Osborne visited Johnie Roy Sunday … Lucion Abbott was the guest of Geo. McWilliams Saturday night … Eugene Abbott and Mrs. Eva Acton visited Cyntha Osborne Sunday … Rachel Long visited at Nathen Shelby's Sunday … Mrs. Cyntha Acton and daughter and Reca Acton visited at Good Hope last week.

Acorn.  Weck Cash is no better at this writing … Meece Whitaker has returned from Reading, Ohio … Everybody come out the convention at Bethany Sunday … Jim Rainey was in Somerset Monday … Shafter Mayfield was with homefolks Sunday … John Inabnit spent Sunday with Weck Cash .. Vanlo McDonald visited at Skip Monday.

Pisgah.  Mrs. Lawrence Stigall of Bronston visited Mrs. Bill White Friday …
Mr. and Mrs. John Neeley, Mrs. Russell Nicholas and children, Mrs. Joe Neeley, Mrs. John Tucker and children and Mrs. D.S. Claunch visited Mrs. Quince Neeley Friday … Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Loyd and Miss Ruth Harvey of Burnside were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lum Harvey … Alex White visited George Stigall of Bronston last week … Miss Thelma Claunch spent the weekend in Burnside the guest of her cousin Mrs. J.M. Perkins … Miss Mabel Claunch visited Mrs. Dennis Casada of Pulaski Monday night … E.S. Heaton and wife visited Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Garland Saturday night and Sunday .. Dennis Casada and family of Pulaski were Sunday guests at John Tucker's … Miss Cassie Jordon spent last week with her uncle J.R. Garland … Miss Francis Harvey is on the sick list … D.S. Claunch visited S.I. Gover Monday afternoon ..  Mrs. Wm. Hardgrove called on Mrs. John Tucker one day last week.

Elrod.  Leslie Randolph and Vernon Owens have returned from Indiana … Henry McKinney and wife visited at W.H. Bumgardner's Saturday night … Born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. James O'Neal, a girl, Mabel Bee … Mrs. Opha Farley spent
Sunday at W. Bumgardner's … Oscar Sowder and wife and Henry Goff visited at
Bob Catron's Saturday … Mrs. Cordie Cress and children of Monticello are visiting her sister Mrs. Alice Sowder … Quite a crowd attended the meeting at
Silver Star Sunday night.

Sweeny's Chapel.  The singing has closed at Union.  Esaw Right has moved to
the property vacated by Eliza Vaught … Born to Mrs. Joe Davidson, a girl … Wes Vaught is no better at this writing .. Mat Gill and family have returned to Chattanooga after a visit here … Mrs. Ross Vaught is visiting her mother at Bowling Green … Mrs. Ellen Hubble is very ill … Lon Farmer and son of Nancy visited Florida Davidson last week … Several in this vicinity took the county examination … Mance Hamilton and wife visited Eli Cooper Sunday … Zelma Price has returned from Oakdale, Tenn.

White Lily.   The people of this community surprised Wm. Baker with a birthday dinner June 16th .. W. Hargis is very ill .. A.C. Sears and wife attended the birthday social at Wm. Baker's … Uncle Wm. Baker says the Somerset Journal is the best Democratic paper in the state.

Hogue.  Mr. James Hendricks, who was quite ill last week, is some better at present … Misses Rhetta and Malinda Adams are visiting at their uncle's Mr. E.T. Lands at Somerset … Mrs. Ester Hendricks and children are the guests of
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Nimrod Randolph at Ansel … Miss Nannie Spaw spent Saturday night with Elizabeth Blevins … Porter Cox of Science Hill is working for his brother Aaron Cox … Miss Myrtle Wesley has returned home from Berea where she has been attending school …

Alfonso Hager and family of Fair View visited her father James Randolph Saturday night and Sunday.

Ferguson.  J.A. Ford has purchased the lot and store building joining him on Jacksboro Street from G.P. Lee.  He has torn away the old building and will begin the erection of a new one this week which he hopes to have completed by July … Mrs. J.A. Ford and children accompanied by her sister Cora Massingale, have gone to Washington, Ind., to visit relatives.  On their way home they will visit relatives and friends at Covington and Corinth, Ky. 

(Much Missing Text) … 

Ernest Hicks has purchased an Overland car … The little girls sewing club met with Miss Ida Scott Saturday afternoon .. Miss Ona Graybeal is visiting relatives near Stanford … Mrs. P.L. Ford and son J.C. left Wednesday for Greenville, Texas, to visit relatives. They will stop over in Kansas City for a few days visit with Mrs. J.W. Flint and return by the
southern route … There are several taking the teachers training course which is being taught by Rev. G.C. Sandusky at the Ferguson Baptist Church (more missing text).

Eubank.  Mr. Warner and a friend from Waynesburg, Ky., are visiting his sister Mrs. Craig Horton … Lou Tilford and a friend are home from Cincinnati for a short visit … Mrs. A.L. Wilder and Paul Wilder of Wilmore, Ky., spent the week with her sister, Mrs. T. J. Acton … Mrs. Ora Todd and little daughter left Wednesday for Moreland where she will visit relatives for a few days … C.B. Marcum and family took supper with Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Gooch Friday evening … Several from here attended the ice cream supper at Floyd Switch Wednesday night …  Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Marcum and family will leave soon for their new home in Danville, Ky. … Mrs. W.C. Dodson died suddenly Wednesday
morning about six o'clock of complication of diseases.  Her death was very unexpected to all.  Mrs. Dodson was only 34 years of age and was Miss Ula Wright before her marriage to Mr. Dodson in 1908.  Three children were born to them, Robert Francis, Walter Russell, and Marcus Allen.  To them and the bereaved husband we extend our greatest sympathy.  She also leaves father, mother, sister and brother.  Funeral services were conducted by Revs. Dodson and Tilford.  She will be greatly missed by her many friends and relatives.

Trimble.  Sunday School is progressing nicely at the Nazarine Church … Rev. Fibbs and family visited Hooker Vanhooser Wednesday … Ella Hudson spent one night last week with Laura Jones .. Willie Jones is spending a few days with his brother on business … F.J. Hart and family visited C.M. Brown Wednesday night … Mrs. Luther Muse is very ill at this writing … Marcus Tarter and Zeal Dagley left last week .. Mrs. Tartar and daughter Laura were the guests of Mrs. Barker last week … Nute Hudson and family visited their daughter last Sunday … R.W. Wright and wife spent Sunday with their daughter in Wayne … Mrs. Flora and Lora Barker spent Monday afternoon with Ida Hoover.


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