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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday June 18, 1920.


Somerset, Ky., Friday, June 18, 1920.

Editorial.  There is a stir over in Rockcastle about the teachers
examination.  A special investigator has been sent down to Rockcastle from
the State Superintendent's office.  Now some Rockcastle people are going to
Frankfort.  We wonder why.

City Dads Met Last Monday Night For A Short Session.  Streets To Be Fixed. 

There are momentous questions before the "city dads" at this time.  'Tis a
pity the business men of the city do not attend the meetings and learn what
is going on and show by their presence that they are interested in the city. 

A letter was received from the City Board of Education submitted a budget for
this school year.  The amount was $45,000.00.  It took the breath of several
members but they "came to" and after digesting the figures they found that
the schools couldn't possible be run on any less.  However, the letter was
referred to the City Attorney and he will confer with the Board of Education.
 The City Attorney contends that the School Board must say what rate of
taxation they want and then it will be the duty of the council to pass an
ordinance providing same.  The Mayor made the statement that it would be
impossible to provide the amount of money the schools must have on the
present assessment.  It will take an assessment of $3,000,000.00 at $1.50 to
provide the revenue. 

There was a good deal of street improvement talked and it looks as if the
work will really begin within the next month.  Some of the council suggested
that if the work was delayed much longer the road machinery would get lost in
the holes.  Mr. Day, chairman of the street committee, submitted a
recommendation for work on some half dozen streets, which was a half dozen
too few but of course, with the money in sight was the best he could do. 

There is talk of eliminating Waits Hill and making anew street from the foot
of the hill to the square via the town spring.  The street railway is right
in for the change for they are figuring some day on having about fifty law
suits - if there are that many people on the car when it gets away down Waits
Hill.  The car company is anxious to eliminate this hazard. 

Right here we would like to say that we are in favor of giving the street
railway an increase in rates but specify in the contact that the money so
derived must be spent on the track and in the purchase of new equipment to
make travel safe and give the service the people are entitled to. 

The special license tax committee met Wednesday night to agree on a special
tax to be put on automobiles and probably other things to raise some money
for street work. 

Councilman Pumphrey objected to the skating rink that is being constructed
almost in the center of the business section of the city but none others came
to his rescue and he sunk.  Mr. Pumphrey was right however.  Such things are
nuisances and should be so declared.  The city gets $50.00 out of it and they
need the money. 

The names of Messrs Asher, Tandy and Waddle were confirmed as members of the
Board of Supervisors.  If they will provide the city with sufficient revenue
to run her affairs and fix up the streets and still not make any property
owners mad they will go down in history as three of the greatest men of the
age.  Somerset needs $30,000.00 revenue, gentlemen.  We hope you get it. 

Mr. Shotwell, our genial Utilities Manager, appeared before "dads" with a
hard luck story.  In fact, his pleas almost brought tears to the eyes of
certain members.  Mr. Shotwell had rehearsed his speech well.  He absolutely
convinced us that the Utilities Co. should have an increase in rates and we
have been opposed to giving them anything since they would not consider the
extension of the street cal line to the shops.  Mr. Shotwell says their
expenses have increased $1,700.00 a month in the last sixty days.  Coal has
increased $1,200.00 and labor $500.00.  Labor always get the little end of
it.  Mr. Shotwell's plea was so strong that the Mayor said he would appoint a
committee to go and look over the books of the company and see whether
Shotwell was telling the truth or not.  Councilman Day, Pumphrey and Norfleet
were appointed.  They will report at the next meeting of the council and we
hope they don't make their recommendation for an increase retroactive.

Clean Up.   Mayor Cruse Starts Clean Up Week.  Wagon Will Call For Your
Trash.  Clean Up Week is on and will be extended until next week.  There has
not been as great a response to the Mayor's call as there should have been. 
The trash wagon will be kept going part of next week and all those who have
not cleaned up their premises should do so at once.  The trash wagon will
call.  If it does not, call up the Mayor or the police department.  The Board
of Health will make an inspection trip next week and if you have not complied
with this proclamation you probably will be put to the expense of hauling and
with a fine attached The Mayor's proclamation reads: "I, Geo. C. Cruse, Mayor
of the City of Somerset, do hereby designate the week beginning June 14th to
June 19 as Clean Up Week.  All trees, fences, outbuildings should be
whitewashed and new pits dug for outside toilets and every precaution taken
to prevent disease.  Hog pens, cow stables, chicken houses, etc., should be
cleaned up and large quantities of lime and disinfectants used in and around
these places.  All trash, ashes, cans and other rubbish should be cleaned up
and put in barrels or containers and placed near the street where the wagons
can get to them easily.  Wagons will start Monday morning June 14th and the
men must not be expected to go to the back end of your gardens to get your
rubbish, but this must be in a convenient place.  Everybody get behind this
movement and clean up and paint up.  The Board of Health will make an
inspection trip after the clean up and make notes of the improvements and
next year we are going to aware prizes in flower seeds, shrubbery and other
yard and lawn decorations to the person making the greatest percent
improvement."  Asking for your support and cooperation in this work, I am,
Respectfully, G.C. Cruse, Mayor.

Goff Interested in Oil.  Mr. Henry Goff, former game warden of Burnside, and
a staunch friend of the Journal, was in Somerset Monday and renewed his
subscription for another year.  Mr. Goff has several acres of his land leased
to an oil company and says drilling is likely to begin on his farm soon.  He
is very much interested in the oil development of Pulaski County.  He stated
that he and some parties located a flow of gas oozing out in Cumberland river
and attached a pipe to it and ignited it and it burned for several days.

Lecture at Science Hill.  Mr. A.R. Wallace, the embalmer for Jason Lawhorn,
will give his lecture, "The Three Phases of the Pythian Triangle, or Religion
and Pythianism" at the Science Hill Methodist Church on Sunday afternoon,
June 27th.  Mr. Wallace gave this lecture to a full house at the M.E. Church
in Somerset last Sunday evening and those who were fortunate enough to hear
him say it was very fine.  It is very likely quite a number of Pythians from
Crescent Lodge will go to Science Hill next Sunday to hear Mr. Wallace.

Col. Chas. Morrow to Camp Zachary Taylor.  The Louisville papers carried the
following item last week:  Col Charles H. Morrow, brother of Governor Morrow,
will report for duty with the Sixteenth Infantry, Camp Zachary Taylor,
following his present leave of absence according to an order received
yesterday from the War Department.  Colonel Morrow recently returned from
Siberia, where he served with expeditionary forces.  At present he is with
his brother at the National Republican Convention in Chicago.

Buys Property.  Mr. Ward Faulkner has purchased from Ed Moore his pretty home
on Maple St. and will get possession in this fall.  Mr. Moore contemplates
building on the lot he recently bought from Mr. Dick Pettus on North Main

Appointed Guardian.  Mrs. Lola F. Eastham was appointed guardian for
Charmley, Bush and Louise Eastham, infants of R.L. Eastham and gave bond in
the sum of $500.00.

No. 2 Wrecks.  Mr. T.V. Ferrell was on passenger train No. 2 last Saturday
when it ran into the rear of a freight train at High Bridge, Ky., and caused
quite a wreck.  The engine was turned over and several cars derailed.  Mr.
Ferrell said if the accident had happened two minutes sooner it would have
occurred on the bridge and the result might have been more serious.

Wants Information About His Relatives.  Mr. James G. Long Jr., of Union,
S.C., was in the city this week seeking information about relatives who lived
in the county before the war.  Mr. Long was en route to his home from the
Republican convention and said that he had wanted to visit Somerset for years
but this had been his first opportunity.  John (Jack) Long, great grandfather
of Mr. Long, lived in Pulaski in 1815 to 1829.  He taught school here and
raised a large family.  His children's names were: James, Henry, John,
Gideon, William, Annie, Polly, Patsy, Patience and America.  Mr. Long left
Pulaski in 1829.  While on a visit with relatives in Tennessee, he died. 
Part of the family was in the confederate army and part in the union army. 
They were in Pulaski and Adair county a great part of the time during the
war.  If there is anyone in the county who can give Mr. Long any information
about his ancestors he will appreciate it.

A Lawn Wedding.  Mr. D.W.S. Burton and Miss Eliza Young of near town, were
united in marriage Monday afternoon on the lawn at the Methodist parsonage on
Mt. Vernon street, Rev. W.L. Clark officiating.  The contracting parties were
about 20 years of age and several neighborhood residents witnessed the solemn
rites.  This is the first lawn wedding recorded this season and the happy
couple have the distinction of being the first to enter upon the voyage of
matrimony under the shade of the trees at the newly acquired parsonage.

At Shad Shoals.  Mr. T.E. Jasper is at Shad Shoals this week with some
carpenters getting his club house finished.  The house is ideally located. 
It has two bed rooms, kitchen and large porch.  The club is the property of
Mr. Jasper and Mr. Robert Richardson.  They intend to use it as a fishing and
hunting lodge.

Gregory.  Mr. George D. Gregory of Norfleet, Ky., died last Friday after a
short illness with pneumonia.  He was buried Sunday at Jugernot.

Big Shortage.  Sup't. L.E. Meece tells us that there is a big shortage of
teachers in Pulaski County.  In this issue of the Journal, Mr. Meece is
advertising for teachers.  He says there are at least 20 schools without any
teachers.  School opens July 5th.  During these times it is the patriotic
duty of all those who can do so to come to the assistance of Sup't. Meece. 
There are several in the county who have certificates but have quit teaching.
 Schools pay from $55.00 to $85.00 a month.

Montgomery Called.  (photo available)   Rev. W.G. Montgomery, pastor of the
Christian Church at Madisonville, Ky., has been called to the pastorate of
the First Christian Church here.  He will succeed Rev. D.W. Scott, who has
resigned to take effect September 1st.  Rev. Montgomery has accepted the
offer and will arrive here about October 1st.  He just finished holding a
meeting here about three weeks ago and made a splendid impression.  Rev.
Montgomery was born in Adair County and raised in Casey County.  His wife was
raised near Hustonville, Ky.  The official board was unanimous in their call
to Rev. Montgomery and they and the local congregation are to be
congratulated on their success in securing his services for the Somerset

John Gibson Dead.  Relatives here received word this week of the sudden death
of Mr. John Gibson, of Richmond, Ky.  He was a cousin of J.H. Gibson, cashier
of the First National Bank, and was well known in Somerset where he often
visited.  Funeral services were held Wednesday at Richmond.  Mr. Joe Gibson
attended.  At the time of his death, Mr. Gibson was living in Cincinnati
where he was in the brokerage business.  He was very prominent throughout the
state and was widely known.

$180.00 A Day Income.  Mrs. Harry Lewis of Houston, Texas, writes to
relatives here that she has 1-32 interest in an oil well that has just come
in at Breckinridge, Texas, that is bringing her an income of $180.00 a day. 
Mr. Lewis is president of the company that brought the well in.  In the past
few months he has made several large strikes and is fast approaching the
millionaire class.

Hines.  Mrs. Harmon Hines died last Friday at her home in the Southern part
of the city after a short illness.  Funeral services were held Saturday
afternoon at the Methodist Church conducted by Rev. Clark, the pastor. 
Internment followed in the City Cemetery.  Mrs. Hines leaves a husband and
three children and several brothers and sisters.

Resigns as Carrier.  Mr. W.W. Tartar who has been carrying the mail from
Nancy to Caintown for the past twenty-five years, has resigned.  During all
that time he missed few trips and has been a valuable employee of Uncle Sam.

To Frankfort.  Miss Stella May left yesterday for Frankfort to accept a
position in the office of the State Tax Commission.  Miss May has been in the
County Court Clerk's office for a number of years and will be greatly missed
by people who have business to transact there.  Miss May is a splendid young
business woman and we know she will make good in her new position.  People in
Somerset regret to see her leave.

Somerset Wins Again.  Thinking they could get a team out of Cincinnati that
would give the people an afternoon of exciting baseball, the local nine wrote
to the Queen City for the best amateur team that Cincinnati could furnish. 
They arrived Sunday and when the final inning was played the score was
Somerset 13, Cincinnati 3.  It looks like the boys can't get a team that can
give them a run for their money.

Court Adjourns.  The summer term of Circuit Court adjourned yesterday after
cleaning up all cases on the docket ready for trial.  The Hansford murder
trial was postponed until next November.  The defense was not ready.  During
the past week several cases of minor importance were tried.  The grand jury
returned quite a number of indictments.

Wirt Appointed.  Dr. J.B. Wirt informs us that he has also been appointed by
the United States Health Service to do dental work for the ex-servicemen in
this district.  He has had his appointment for several months.

Marriage Licenses.  The following marriage licenses have been issued since
our last issue:  James Pettyjohn and Lucy Bray; Charlie Freeling Cundiff and
Willie M. Ballard; Albert C. Young and Ollie M. Farmer; Dalt Canada and
Elizabeth McClosky; Dudley W.S. Burton and Eliza Young; William J. Abbott and
Laura L. Owens; George W. Hatfield and Nora Lewis.

Selvidge - Bryant.  The Monticello Outlook says: "Ben Bryant of Somerset and
Bertha Selvidge were united in marriage last Sunday at Steubenville, Rev. Eli
Correll officiating.  Immediately after the ceremony they motored to
Somerset, the home of the groom.  They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. T.B.
Gholson, Mr. Everett Gholson and Miss Lizzie Brammer. 

Buys Two Trucks.  The Thompson-Humble Lumber & Stave Co. of this city
purchased two two-ton International trucks last week to use in hauling staves
from Wayne county to Burnside for shipment.

Slightly Damaged By Fire.  The residence of Geo. Poynter on Sycamore Street
was slightly damaged by fire Tuesday about the noon hour.  Mrs. Poynter had
dinner ready and on the table when the house was discovered on fire which
originated from a spark from the flue.  The building was slightly damaged
before the fire department succeeded in getting the fire under control.  None
of the household effects were seriously damaged.  The house was sufficiently
insured to cover the total loss.

Expecting A Strike.   Mr. J.E. Waddle tells us that he is expecting to strike
pay in one of his wells on Fishing Creek at any time.  He is now in the oil
sand and has drilled thru one hundred feet of the best sand that has been
found in the county.  Should the well not come in a producer, Mr. Waddle says
that he is going to shoot it with sixty quarts of nitro-glycerine.  He is
down about 800 feet and expects to go 1000.  Mr. Frank Ruppenthal of St.
Louis and Mr. Frank Scott of Toledo are here to watch the progress of the
well.  They are interested in the company doing the drilling.  Mr. F.C.
Winters of St. Louis has also been in the city with Mr. Waddle.  These men
are all very much elated over the chance of getting a good well.

Surprise Birthday Dinner.  On Tuesday, June 15th, Mesdames George Reece, J.R.
Garland, Dan Swift, C.O. Heaton, Joseph Eggers and W.G. Heaton gave a
surprise birthday dinner in honor of Mrs. E.S. Heaton at her home in the
Pisgah neighborhood.  Those present were Geo. Reece and family, J. Garland
and family, Mrs. D.S. Claunch, Mrs. John Tucker and daughter, Mrs. Quince
Neeley, Mrs. Wm. White, C.O. Heaton and family, Joseph Eggers and wife and
Mrs. Sam Waddle.  A number of presents were presented to Mrs. Heaton, and all
spent a most enjoyable day.  The presents, the dinner and company were very
much appreciated by Mrs. Heaton.

Purchased Fine Bull.  Mr. D.E. Denton, the insurance man, has purchased a
fine 15 months old Jersey bull from Lillard Miles of Nicholasville.  This is
one of the finest bulls in Pulaski county and is subject to register.

Whitis in Adair.  The Adair County News says: "Mr. Bee Whitis, field manager
of the J.E. Carnahan Oil Company, accompanied by Mrs. Whitis, was here the
first of this week and left for a trip through Russell, Casey and Pulaski,
returning to Lincoln where the company is engaged in deep drilling.  Mr.
Whitis gave out the information that they would drill to the second sand at
Zion's Church, for the purpose of giving this immediate section a thorough

Duncan - Chapin.  Miss Priscilla Jane Duncan of Sinai, and Mr. Arthur
Sterling Chapin of this city, were married at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. D.D. Slade on Grosvenor Ave.   The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Barnett of Transylvania College before an alter of palms
arranged in the living room.  Peonies, wisteria, delphinium and a variety of
garden flowers in abundance were placed throughout the home, making it a
bower of loveliness.  The bride wore a suit of blue with a becoming blue hate
and a corsage of pink rosebuds.  Miss Ora Porch, of Sinai, who was 
bridesmaid, was gowned in a pretty pink organdy frock with pink hat, and her
corsage was also of pink roses.  Mr. D.D. Slade was the best man.  The bride
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Asa Duncan of Sinai, and is a beautiful young
woman of many accomplishments.  Mr. Chapin, who is assistant in poultry in
the extension division of the Kentucky Experiment Station here, is the son of
Mrs. Hattie Chapin, of Flushing, L.I.  They left after the ceremony for a
bridal trip to South Carolina and will also spend some time with Mr. and Mrs.
Duncan before returning to Lexington in the fall - Lexington Leader.

Oil King.  C.H. Moore, the telephone man, is going to rival John D. as an oil
king if things keep coming his way.  He and General Manager Cox of the
Gainesboro Co., are interested in a company that has brought the two good
wells and yesterday Mr. Moore got a message that the third was in and would
make 59 barrels.  They have been offered $30,000.00 for the property but have
refused to sell it.

Personal Mention.

Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley Barnett of Danville are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Dr. Earnest Parsons, Post Commander of Somerset Post 38, American Legion, has
been named a member of the state reception committee at an informal dinner 
to be given to Franklin D. Oher (?), National Commander of the American
Legion at Louisville, Ky., on the 25th.

Mr. Arthur Bradshaw left last Friday for Stanford, Ky., where he has a
position for the summer.

Orville Hood and John Stofer left Sunday for Latonia to attend the races this

Miss Anna Trimble has returned to her home n Chattanooga, Ten., after a visit
with relatives here.

Mr. William Lester of Oneida, Tenn., spent the weekend in Somerset with

Lonzo Castle came over from Hubble last Saturday to be present at a birthday
celebration in honor of his mother.  Lonzo is manager of a community
telephone company in Garrard.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Curtis of Stearns were guests of relatives Saturday and

Miss Elizabeth Stone has been in Cincinnati this week where she attended the
commencement exercises at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.  Mr. William
Hays Meldrum was one of the graduates.

Miss Alberta Wilson is at home from State University where he graduated with

Messrs Joe H. Gibson and R.G. Richardson attended the funeral of Mr. John
Gibson of Richmond, Ky., yesterday.

"Red" Roberts is at home from Centre College for the summer.  "Red" says that
Centre will have the largest school in its history next year and they are
going to defeat Harvard at football.

Miss Margurette Cooper entertained with a six o'clock dinner last Monday in
honor of Miss Edwina Morrow, the attractive daughter of Governor and Mrs.
Morrow.  Those present were Misses Edwina Morrow, Katherine Stoms, Margurette
Owens and Isabel Hardin and Messrs Phil Scott, Mark Catron, John Carr, Geo.
James Sallee and Clay Alexander.

Miss Flora Keen has returned from Lexington where she attended the state
meeting of the Kentucky Nurses Association.  Miss Keen is Secretary Treasurer
of the Association and very prominent in the association councils.

C.P. Johnson was up from Burnside this week on business.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Turpin of Stearns, Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Turpin of Danville,
Mrs. Ed Gerhard and daughter of Miamisburg, Ohio, and Mr. W.C. Turpin of
Wichita Falls, Texas, were the guests of Mrs. Mary Miles last week.  They
were here to attend the funeral of Mrs. Harrison Hines.

Mr. Will Gilmore has returned from a trip to Danville.

Chas. Moore has been in Albany and Monticello this week on business.

Mrs. A.M. Girdler of Somerset, Martin Adams and family are with J.B. Adams
for a visit with Mrs. Wm. R. Ramsey - Danville Advocate.

Mrs. A.M. Mavity of Rossville, Ga., is the guest of her son, J.S. Mavity and
family on W. Columbia Street.

Miss Ona Grabeal is visiting relatives in Highland, Ky.

Mrs. Dudley Grabeal and children of Huntington, W.V., are visiting friends
and relatives here.

Mr. C.A. Gotschell of Winchester is visiting in the city.

Mrs. V.V. Wiser and two daughters, Misses Marion and Thelma, of New York,
were last weekend visitors at the home of Wm. B. Gragg.

Mrs. Bell O. Curd left this week for a visit to Mrs. James F. Baker at
Huntsville, Tenn.

Mrs. Floyd Kidd and little daughter of Lexington, Ky., are spending a few
days with Mrs. Robert Warren.

Mrs. James baker and son William have returned home after a visit with her
brother Major A.T. Keen.

Mr. Ben Soleman of Louisville has been in the city this week.

Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Orwin and sons, Frank and Master Robert, will motor to
Louisville today to be the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Smith.

Mr. Dewey Hays of Raleigh, N.C., is spending the week with his cousin Miss
Bessie Warren.

R.M. Trivett of Eubank was in Somerset Monday on business.

C.C. Cain of Science Hill was here Monday.

Judge M.L. Jarvis was in Lexington Tuesday attending Federal court.

Mrs. Chas. Oats of Danville is visiting relatives and friends in Somerset
this week.

Alex T. Denton of Caldwell, Kans., arrived Monday to spend a week visiting
his brother D.F. Denton, and father Henry Denton, and other relatives and

Mr. and Mrs. D.P. Rankin and children, accompanied by Walter Pettus of near
Danville, came down Sunday.  Mr. Rankin and Mr. Pettus have returned home,
Mrs. Rankin and the children will remain for a few days visiting relatives
and friends.

Mr. A.C. Day of Cleveland, Ohio, manager of the Fagle Coat Co., Barren Fork,
Ky., was in the city several days this week on business.

Ben Smith was in Lexington Tuesday in conference with some architects about
building his home.

Mr. J.B. Marcelliott of Bauer was in town this week.  Mr. Marcelliott is very
anxious that the Helenwood Special be put back on so the people in his
section can have better service to Somerset.

Mr. O.W. Swaim is in Louisville attending the meeting of the Funeral
Directors of the state.

Misses Bell Hines and Thelma Waddle left yesterday for Princeton, Ky., to
attend a house party given by Miss Evelyn Fuquay.

Messrs Eben Pettus, Harry Jeffrey, Hayden Waddle and Marshal Waddle have
returned from a four days' fishing trip on the Cumberland.  They report lots
of fun but not many fish, Eben says that Jeffrey scared them all away.

Messrs Harry Goodloe and W.W. Carter of Danville spent the weekend with Mr.
and Mrs. Owen Goodloe.  Mrs. Carter, how has been the guest of the Goodloe's,
returned home the first of the week.

Miss Elizabeth Goodloe has arrived to spend the summer with her brother Owen

Miss Mary Roberts is at Maryville, Tenn., for an indefinite stay.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smith were in Danville last weekend.

Miss Barthenia Sallee was selected as one of the maids of honor to the Queen
of the Centre College Carnival.  Miss Sallee has been in Danville attending
the festivities.  She is now at Maysville, Ky., visited Miss Zereda Cochran.

Miss Ida York has accepted a position with the A.J. Joseph Co.

Mrs. William Curtis will leave today for Fort Thomas, Ky., to visit her uncle
Captain Cecil.

Miss Jessie Allen left Tuesday for Charleston, W.V., to visit relatives.

Mrs. W.B. Morrow and children spent several days in the country with her
parents during the absence of Judge Boyd Morrow at the Chicago convention.

Mrs. W.B. Shepherd of Chattanooga, Tenn., is the guest of Mrs. Tom Scott.

Miss Anise Mooningham has returned from a months visit with relatives at
Central City, Ky.

Miss Ella Mae Waddle has returned from a two weeks visit with relatives in

Miss Edwina Morrow has returned to Frankfort after a visit with relatives

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pumphrey of Lancaster arrived Wednesday for a visit with
the family of their son, F.V. Pumphrey.  Mr. and Mrs. Pumphrey are
negotiating for property in Somerset and will very likely locate here. 
Somerset extends to them a welcome greeting should they decide to become
residents of this fair city of the mountains.

Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley Barnett left yesterday for Chicago, Ill., where Mr.
Barnett will take a course at the Chicago University.  He will teach at
Centre again next year.

Mrs. R.F. Higgins entertained a few friends Tuesday afternoon to meet Mrs.
F.E. Tustuson who is here on a visit.  Ices and cake were served.

Thos. B. Prather has returned from Cincinnati where he went to consult a
specialist.  He will submit to an operation soon.

Mack Woods will leave today for Rockingham, N.C., where he will be employed
on a farm for the summer.

Mrs. J.P.W. Brouse and granddaughter Betty Brouse left today for Finley,
Ohio, for a visit.

Burnside.  J.M. Kerns has purchased the B.L. Ham property on Main St.  Mr.
ham and family have moved to Somerset.  Their many friends regret to see them
leave, but are glad to see Mr. and Mrs. Kerns locate again … S.H. Paul is
home for a visit .. Kelsay Drug Co. has moved into their building on Main St.
 … Mrs. C.W. Curry of Lexington spent several days last week at the home of
John L. Burton … Mrs. Wm. Leak has returned to her home after an extended
visit with her sister Mrs. R.M. Phillippi … C.L. Maze was in New York last
week … E.E. Kelsay purchased the G.C. Nunn property on Grandview Ave. … Miss
Elizabeth Briggs of Pewee Valley visited Rev. and Mrs. W.T. Overstreet this
weekend … Mr. and Mrs. Ed Surber of Kokomo, Ind., are the guest of R.A.
Melton … Miss Vandeen Bryant is ill with typhoid fever at her home on College
street …. Miss Helen Dick and little brother have returned to their home in
New Albany, Ind., after visit with Rev. and Mrs. M.J. Dick … Mrs. F.V.
McChesney of Midway and Mrs. James Denton of Somerset were the guest of Mrs.
A.J. Jones over Sunday … Imel Parrigin was in Somerset Friday … Mr. and Mrs.
M.L. Gover and children of Somerset spent several days at the Seven Gables
Hotel last week … Wm. Lester of Oneida spent the weekend with Graham Davidson
… Crit Dillion and son of Liberty spent the first of the week with Nute
Dillion … Rev. and Mrs. M.J. Dick are spending their vacation in New Albany
and Deputy, Indiana … J.R. Johnson was home from Stearns over Sunday … Mrs.
Chas. Miller and Mrs. W.E. Fisher were visiting in Stearns last week … Mr.
and Mrs. N.I. Taylor are attending the commencement exercises at Delaware,
Ohio … Claude Dillion of Whitewright, Texas, was the guest of J.N. Dillion
Monday … Miss Nell Stringer of Shelbyville is visiting friends in town this
week .. Mrs. T.L. Gamblin is ill with typhoid fever at the Gamblin Hospital …
Wayland Gamblin is home from Akron, Ohio … Mr. and Mrs. Claud Shadoan, of
Sidney, Ohio, are with relatives here … Mrs. G.W. Nunn is visiting her son at
Grayson, Ky. … Ambrose Dudley is visiting in Lexington and Pleasureville …
Mr. and Mrs. V.R. Southwood returned Monday from Dover, Ky. … Mrs. R.B.
Chitwood and daughter left Thursday to visit in Louisville and from there
will join her husband in Chicago to make their home.  Mrs. Chitwood had been
the splendid manager of the Gainesboro Telephone officer here for a number of
years and will be greatly missed by her many friends … Miss Charlotte Duncan
spent the weekend in Monticello … Mrs. Geo. Thomas was shopping in Somerset
Tuesday … Mrs. W.S. Phillippi and son with Mrs. Emma Rankin are visiting
relatives in Bradford, Pa., and New York City … C.P. Johnson was in
Louisville this week … Postmaster W.M. Black of Monticello passed through
town Tuesday en route to Lexington … Mrs. E.B. Marcum was in Somerset Tuesday
… T.E. Knight and son with Mrs. Mattie Knight are spending their vacation in

Ringgold.  Amazor Kelley is able to be out again … Jacob Minton visited
relatives here Sunday night … Lora Hinkle visited homefolks Sunday … Ethel
Spears, Hattie Jasper, Clair Hinkle and Luther Baker were at West Somerset
Sunday … Rachel Keith was in Somerset Monday … Myrtle and Virgie Keith
visited their mother Sunday … Audrey Rainwater is visited her sister, Mrs.
Jasper … Wessy Pryor continues very ill … Mrs. Rosa Wootin of Ind., is the
guest of her mother here … Mrs. Rutherford and Alice Baugh spent Sunday with
Mrs. Hannah Davis.

Elrod.  A sale was held June the 12th on the property of J.A. McKinney,
deceased … Miss Grace Randolph has returned from New Hope where she has been
visiting relatives … Born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Eads a girl,
Junita Hazel … Mrs. Stella Eads who has been sick for some time is reported
better .. Mrs. Alice Sowder visited at Bob Catron's Thursday … Eddie Isaacs
has returned home … Rev. Wright will preach at Silver Star school house the
third Saturday night and Sunday, June 20th … Mrs. Nannie Poynter has returned
home from Crab Orchard.

Souls Chapel.  Sunday school is progressing nicely at Souls Chapel with Mrs.
Henry Gilmore as Superintendent … Miss Maude McDowel was the guest of Mable
and Zella Cundiff Sunday night … Mrs. Katherine King entertained with a
birthday party Monday evening … Miss Nora Meece left Sunday accompanied by
her aunt Mrs. Elmer Hail, for an extended trip with relatives in the North …
Smith Gilmore left Sunday for Iowa … Miss Zada Mills who has been very ill,
is now able to be out again .. Miss Helen Cundiff and Katherine King were the
guests of Miss Martha McClure Saturday night .. Nina Hines and Stella Jones
were the guests of Mrs. Clarence Bryant Sunday …  Miss Flonnie Neikirk was
the weekend guests of Miss Janie Gilmore … Miss Mabel Cundiff entertained
company from Faubush Saturday night … Mrs. Henry Ashurst is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. W.T. Staley … Mrs. J.W. Parker is some better at this writing …
Mrs. Bell Gover had a nice hog to die last week … John Colyer's children have
been very ill with measles … Alonzo Evins returns Sunday from Cincinnati
where he has been working .. Mrs. Bob Fisher had a slight sun stroke last

Acorn.  Miss Ina Smotherman has returned from Indianapolis … Sim Cottengim,
Lewis Whitaker, George McIntire and McKinley Lawson visited at Bob Williams
Saturday … The Jr. O.U.A.M. Clifty Council No. 60 held their annual
decoration Sunday.  The Chaney and Price Valley grave yards were among those
decorated … Sam Mayfield has gone to Berea where he has a position as teacher
…  Week Cash is on the sick list … Hettie Mayfiled visited Vada McDonald
Sunday … Jim Rainey, Tom Price, Bob Williams, Frank Harris and Prarer
Whitaker visited at Week Cash's Sunday … Miss Ina Smotherman visited Jannie
Harris Saturday … Nelson Mayfield was at Mt. Victory Sunday … Mr. and Mrs.
Milt Logston of Cincinnati are visiting relatives here … Lottie Vault is
spending several days with homefolks … Jean Adams accidently discharged a
pistol Saturday night, the bullet penetrating his shoulder, but the wound is
not very serious.

Oil Center.  Farmers in this vicinity are very busy with their crops.  Miss
Bannie Collins is visiting her mother here this week … Miss Velna Dick is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. M.L. Lovelass this week … Misses Esta and Wilmerth
Spaw were the guests of Misses Bertha and Wilmerth Ellis Thursday … Oscar
Beasley and wife of Nancy visited her mother Mrs. P.H. Lane Saturday night …
Thomas Johnson and wife of Nancy were the guests of her mother Mrs. J.C. Dye
Saturday night … Mrs. Herman Taylor was the guest of Walter Ellis Sunday …
J.C. Dye and family visited at Henderson Beasley's Sunday … A large crowd was
entertained at I.N. Taylor's Sunday night … Mrs. Ellis McLine visited on the
ridge Monday … Bill McLine is better at this writing.

Shafter.  R.O. Jones and family attended church here Sunday … Clifford Jasper
and wife visited Claude Jasper Sunday … John Johnson visited Mollie Cundiff
Sunday … Eva Cook and children spent Sunday with Nella McBeath … Mrs.
Coleman Jones was in Nancy last week … "Aunt" Janet Campbell is visiting
friends here .. Mrs. Mollie Buchanan and family spent Sunday with John
Mayfield … Mrs. Lola White visited Mrs. Arthur Pierce Sunday … D.I. Hudson
visited their daughter Sunday … Born to Mrs. Ottis Bolin June 9th a fine boy …
 Mrs. Elvina Rainwater visited her daughter Sunday … Rev. Abbott is able to
be out again.

Clear Fork.  Elmer Hart and wife of Akron, Ohio, are visited relatives here
.. Green Gooch is very ill at this writing … Mary Osborne visited in this
neighborhood Saturday night and Sunday … Miss Churma (?) Adkins was the guest
of Mary Hart one night last week … James Nelson was in Somerset Saturday …
Mrs. Marshal Reynolds has been taken to a hospital in Louisville .. Clarence
Griffin and family visited at his mother's Sunday … Lucy hart visited Miss
Nella Eubanks Sunday … Henry Eubanks and wife are visiting relatives here.

Norwood.  Several from here attended the dedication at Wilson's Chapel Sunday
… Miss Stella Burge, Ellis Starnes, the Misses Keiths and Halls went to
Cincinnati Sunday … Mrs. John Hudson of Danville visited her father Wm. Burge
Saturday and Sunday .. There will be children's day exercises held here
Sunday … John Hood is ill at this writing … Miss Opal Baker and Margaret
Dungan returned home from Ludlow Saturday … Mrs. A.J. May who has been ill
for some time is no better at this writing.

Ansel.  The revival closed at Wilson Chapel Sunday … Misses Eva Calhoun and
Minnie Pitman from near Burnside are visiting friends here … Willie Owens has
returned to Decatur, Ill. … Helen Irvine visited Lillian Smith Saturday night
… Lena Quinton of Pulaski visited her father Saturday night … Misses Minnie
Pitman, Eva Calhoun and Mary and Martha Wilson and Bruce Wesley visited Della
Godby Sunday … Estella Irvine visited Winnie and Ophia Wilson Saturday and

 McKinney.  The singing at Union will close Sunday, June 20th. Etna singing
class will be there and also Hydes Fork class.  Everybody invited … Bro. Crow
and wife visited J.A. Stallard Saturday night .. Miss Mae Whitaker attended
the singing at Hydes Fork Saturday night and Sunday .. Elsie Harmon visited
Nellie Watson Saturday night … Gertrude Vaught is home for awhile … Ima
Harmon spent Saturday night with Maggie Bishop … Clyde Lewis has returned
home … Lorena Lewis returned home Thursday from Berea and left Friday for Ok
lahoma … Mae Whitaker visited Rosa Hargis Sunday night … Raymond Hargis
visited Charlie McGriff Saturday night .. Mrs. C.A. Bishop is improving

Hogue.  Rev. George F. Thompson of Eubank will begin a singing here at Center
Post Saturday night … Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Lands and daughter Mary, of Somerset,
are visiting relatives here … Misses Stella and Mattie Dick were Sunday
guests of Elizabeth and Dorothy Jasper … Mrs. Samuel Roy and son Chester and
Miss Amanda Cooper spent Sunday in Cincinnati … Several of the young folks
attended church at Wilson Sunday night … Aaron Hendricks and family spent
Sunday at his sister's Mrs. Dock Dick … Albert Young, of this place, and a
Miss Foster were married last Friday at the home of Rev. J.M. Shadoan, of
Bethlehem.  We wish them a long and happy life … Johnson Dick and son Luther
of Mangum visited at Rutherford Adams Sunday … A few from here attended the
Children's Day exercises at Bethelridge Sunday … Miss Hazel Spaw of Mangum
spent Saturday night with the Jasper girls … Chester Adams returned to
Cincinnati Sunday after spending three weeks with home folks … Rev. G.F.
Thompson filled his regular appointment here Saturday night and Sunday …
George M. Dick and family and Miss Pearl Dick of Bethlehem attended church
here Sunday … Rev. John E. Hudson spent last week here on business … Ansel
Adams went to Cincinnati Sunday to find work … Roy Cooper of Ansel spent
Sunday with Luther and Clarence Cooper … A.J. Adams and daughter Malinda,
John Warren and family and Cleophus Cline and family attended the dedication
at Wilson Sunday.

Pleasant Hill.  Mack Hines left a few days ago to work near Eubank … Clara
Girdler and Altha Gregory visited Mrs. Ora Godsey at Clifty crossing Thursday
… Mrs. Bettie Lay and Telitha Ashley spent Thursday with Mrs. Maggie Hopper
at Somerset … Fred Padgett of Ludlow visited here last week … Several from
here attended the funeral of Mrs. Delia Hines at Somerset Saturday … Mrs.
Annie Wesley and children visited M.F. Ashley Saturday … Louis Roysdon and
wife were in Somerset Sunday to see his sister, Mrs. Mary Godby who is in the
hospital there … Mrs. Gilbert Neeley of Chattanooga is with her daughter Mrs.
John Hines here … Herman Hammond spent Sunday with J.H. Girdler .. Miss Dora
Shadoan visited here Saturday night and Sunday … Quite a few from here
attended the birthday social at P.F. Baker's last Tuesday … Mrs. Lelia Holder
and children of Cincinnati are visiting here … G.P. Neikirk and family of
Somerset spent Sunday with B.O. Fisher and family … H.M. Lay and wife of
Somerset are visiting his parents here … Miss Stella Girdler spent the
weekend in Somerset the guest of Misses Dora and Katherine Shadoan.

Waterloo.  Edward Doss and wife visited her parents Sunday … Andrew Rainwater
has returned from Ringgold … Bessie Dick visited Audrey Rainwater Sunday ….
Hoyate Jasper is visiting his grandparents … Columbus Calhoun and wife spent
Sunday with his parents.

Norwood.  Several folks from Somerset attended the party at Sweeney's
Saturday night … Mrs. John Hudson and children of Danville are visiting here …
 Mrs. Nell Kidd has returned from Lexington … J.W. Kidd continues very ill …
Opal Baker has returned home … James Taylor and Leonard Meece of Somerset
visited the Misses Hood's Sunday … Luther Guffey, Everett Jones and Eula
Baker were in Lexington Sunday .. Ezra Hall and wife spent Saturday and
Sunday with his brother …  Robert Coleman and Hexter Hudson of Somerset
visited Maude and Myrtle Sweeney Sunday … Millie Copenhaver spent Sunday with
Mollie Morris.

Delmer.  After several months of illness, Lillie Dobkins, wife of J. Dobkins,
passed away at her home a few days ago.  She leaves a husband and two
children to mourn for her … Mollie Muse is very ill … Jane Taylor spent
Wednesday with Mrs. Fitzgerald … Maudie and Audie Clifton visited Hazel Muse
Saturday night .. Rev. and Mrs. Stovell have left for Highway accompanied by
Rev. and Mrs. Taylor … Edith Taylor and May Brown visited the Vanhoosier

Clarence.  Dr. T.J. Acton and family were the guests of Mrs. Eva Acton
Thursday … Mrs. George McWilliams and family were the guests at Will Abbott's
Sunday … John Osborne and wife visited at Huston Osborne's Sunday … Wiley
Acton visited at Eubank Sunday … Johnnie Ray and family were the guests of
Nathan Shelley Sunday .. Walter Estes visited at Good Hope Sunday … Mrs.
Cyntha Osborne and family, Mrs. Rachel Long were the guests of J.B. Abbott
Sunday .. Miss Sula Sandidge is visiting at Stearns this week .. Miss Lucy
Osborne was the guest of Estella Acton Sunday.

Floyd.  Malana Lay spent a few days last week with Mrs. W.R. Estes .. Chas.
Doolin motored through here Sunday … Margaret Mercer spent Sunday with Elisha
Griffin and wife … Mrs. Harlan Hayes and son of Eubank are visiting in Iowa …
 M.N. Griffin and family called on Elisha Griffin and wife Sunday … Vernon
Spears of Lockland, Ohio, is visiting homefolks … Elisha Griffin and wife
were in Eubank Saturday … Ira Trivett has returned home from Norwood, Ohio …
Roy Trivett and family, Dorris and Lillian Gragg, were out motoring Sunday.

Eubank.  Frank Hayes and mother are visiting in Iowa … Ora Todd's little
daughter is recovering from the measles … Mrs. E.L. Gooch and children
visited her mother at Crab Orchard … Eugene Lee and Mrs. Ira Grey of
Chattanooga visited their parents for a few days … Ora Todd and wife and Mae
Todd were in Cincinnati Sunday … Mabel Acton is visiting in Estesburg this
week .. Lona Henderson has returned home … Mrs. C.B. Marcum visited her
mother in Sunbright, Tenn. … C.L. Gooch and family spent a few days at this

Oak Hill.  John Foster and son Tom of Danville visited his sister-in-law,
Mrs. Lulie Frisbie, Sunday … Miss Ova Cassada spent Sunday night with Angie
Neeley … Rev. and Mrs. Mayfield visited Rev. Silas Jones Tuesday … J.R.
Combest and daughter Mrs. Lillard Taylor have returned from Mississippi …
Mrs. A. York of Louisville is visiting relatives … Clay Frisbie spent
Saturday night with Oscar Cassada … Carl Burton spent Sunday with Robert
Combest … Miss Mae Frisbie has returned home after a three weeks visit with
her sister Mrs. I.F. Gholson … Misses Mary Lorton and Lucy Owens spent Monday
night with Mrs. Bryant Gholson .. Angie and Bertha Neeley spent Saturday
night with their aunt Mrs. Joe Neeley … Mrs. Joe Neeley and children and
Russel Nicholas and family visited Mr. and Mrs. John Neeley Sunday … Ben
Bryant and wife and Miss Sallie Bryant visited their sister Mrs. Everett
Gholson Sunday … Mrs. I.F. Gholson is visiting her mother Mrs. Lulie Frisbie …
 Mrs. Abbie Neeley visited her daughter, Mrs. Mattie Neeley, Monday … Mattie
and Willie Bogle are visiting relatives in Ferguson .. Angie and Bertha
Neeley, Ova Cassada and Nina and Reta Tucker visited grace Frisbie Sunday …
Sam Waddle and wife visited his parents Sunday … Miss Leila New visited Mrs.
Saufley Hammond's Sunday .. Rendye Nicholas and Bertha Neeley visited Mrs.
Joe Neeley Saturday afternoon … Mrs. O.L. Wilson and family attended church
in Somerset Sunday … Mrs. James Cassada and daughter visited relatives in
Somerset Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Dye Burton and children visited her brother
Woods Burton Sunday .. Mrs. Joe Neeley is very ill at this writing … Ophard
Barnes of Monticello visited his grandmother Mrs. Nan Gholson Sunday … Mrs.
Pat Jones is improving.

Pisgah.  Mrs. Lizzie Coffey of McKinney visited her brother R.B. Rhoton last
weekend … Miss Mabel Claunch visited relatives in Waynesburg Saturday and
Sunday … Miss Lula Molin has returned home from Berea where she has been
attending school … Arnold Curtis and wife of Stearns visited her parents Mr.
and Mrs. Otho B. Vaughn Saturday and Sunday .. Shelby Rhoten returned home
Sunday from a visit with her granddaughter Mrs. Dennis Cassada of Pulaski …
Ed. Gibson and Babe Wait have purchased new Ford cars .. Misses Oda Colyer,
Lula Molen and Thelma Claunch were Sunday guests of Ruth Rhoten .. Mrs. John
Hall visited her parents in Shafter Sunday and was accompanied home by her
father … Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cowan and children visited friends and relatives in
Waitsboro Sunday … Dennis Cassada and family of Pulaski visited at R.B.
Rhoten's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Earl Curtis and little son Jack visited her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otho B. Vaughn Sunday … Carl Henchie and family were
Sunday visitors at D.S. Claunch's … Mrs. George Anderson and children visited
Mrs. Bill White one day last week … Mrs. Mattie Neeley and daughters visited
relatives in Oak Hill Saturday night … Mr. and Mrs. Glen Heaton and little
daughter Beulah visited Mrs. D.S. Claunch Sunday .. Mrs. Burnett Rhoten and
little son James spent Saturday night with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sears
… Miss Sallie Caylor visited her parents in Waitsboro Sunday … Miss Zona
Cassada visited home folks Sunday.

Elgin.  Quite a crowd attended the County singing at Woodstock Sunday.  All
report a good time … Henry Vanhook and wife are rejoicing over a new daughter
… W.H. Isaacs has returned from Cincinnati … J.A. Watson has gone to
Independence for a few days visit to his son Otto Watson … Mr. Horton passed
thru here en route to Waynesburg with a fine bunch of hogs last week … James
Isaacs visited his parents Monday night … The death angel visited the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. Lewis and took their darling baby.  They have our deepest

Singleton Town.  John Anderson and family spent Saturday and Sunday here …
R. McMullin had the misfortune of getting his car wrecked while on his way to
church .. Mr. Godby was threshing wheat in this community last week … Born to
Mrs. F.A. Icard, a girl … Mary and Martha Hubble spent Sunday with Mark

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