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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday June 11, 1920.



Somerset, Ky., Friday, June 11, 1920.

Supreme Court Upholds Prohibition Amendment.  Washington, June 7 - Both the
Federal prohibition amendment and the enforcement act Rhode Island to have
Federal officials enjoined from enforcing prohibition in that State.  The
court also dismissed injunction proceedings brought passed by Congress were
held constitutional today by the Supreme Court.  The court dismissed
petitions filed by the State of New Jersey to prevent enforcement of
Prohibition within that State.

Chautauqua To Open Here July 1st and Continue For Five Days.  Good Program. 
The opening of the great Redpath Chautauqua in Somerset on July 1st, and
continuing for five days, will be welcomed by its many patrons throughout the
county, who have patronized it for the past five years and look forward each
year to its coming, with anticipated pleasure.  Those in charge of the
tickets should now get down to brass tacks and see that all the pledges are
taken up and not wait until the last week before the great event takes place.
 Enough pledges for tickets were easily secured last year and it only remains
now for some one to distribute them.  These tickets are now with Mr. E.T.
Wesley, Chairman of the Chautauqua committee, and anyone knowing that he has
subscribed for some of the tickets, should call at once and get them.  Season
tickets are much cheaper than to buy them at each entertainment, they being
$2.25, with 25 cents additional for war taxes, making a total of $2.50.  Some
rare entertainments are booked for the engagement here, among them being: 
The Red Grenadier Band and Male Chorus, four splendid musical companies,
great lectures on timely topics - these are notable attractions which will
appear here on the 1920 Redpath Chautauqua.  The entire program is replete
with features of compelling interest and timeliness.  The Remier Singers and
Players Company will be the attraction on the first afternoon.  Four
talented, vivacious artists compose this company.  They render programs of
great variety, combining orchestral, vocal and special novelty features. 
Every number is given with a brightness and sparkle which will make this
company long remembered in the community.  A striking feature of the programs
will be the rendition of selections from the standard operas.  This is a
feature which never fails to please Chautauqua audiences.  "The Man of the
New Age" is the lecture theme of Dr. George L. Parker who will speak here on
the opening night of the Chautauqua.  Dr. Parker is a widely known
inspirational lecturer who always gives to his hearers a message distinctly
worthwhile.  He is a virtle, magnetic  speaker and one who holds his
audiences both by the force of his ideas and the magnetic quality of his
oratory.  Earl H. Hipple, "Wizard of the Xyliphone," is manager of the Hipple
Concert Company, which will appear here in a prelude on the second afternoon
and a grand concern at night.  The company's program is both classical and
popular in character and is so universal in scope that it pleases the entire
audience.  Four artists of attainment compose this excellent concern company.
 Judge Manford Schoonover, on the second afternoon, will give his great
lecture "Unseen Forces."  Judge Schoonover is a man's man, who talks
"straight from the shoulder."  He has fought his way up from obscurity to a
place of trust in the councils of his state.  He is "home folks," the kind of
a man you will enjoy meeting at the close of the address.  In his inspiring
lecture he portrays the great lesson of self-respect, the call of the still
small voice of one's better self.

Circuit Court News.  Circuit Court is grinding along in a most satisfactory
manner and much business is being transacted.  Quite a number of cases have
been disposed of during the past week.  A case that attracted a good deal of
attention in court this week was the suit of $2,500.00 brought by W.G. Reed
against C.A. Mercer, the auctioneer and real estate man, for personal
injuries claimed to have been sustained in an altercation with Mr. Mercer. 
The judgment of the jury was that each should pay the other 1 cent damages
and that each should pay one half the cost of the suit.  Float Tarter was
given six months in jail and a fine of $500.00 for moonshining.  Jim Bobbitt
was given the same sentence and Roscoe Sears got off with $300.00 and three
months in jail.  When they serve this penalty Uncle Sam will take them in
charge.  The grand jury indicted Scott and John Hansford for killing Jack
McKinney and his two sons.  The case will come up for trial on the 16th.

Hill - McChord.  Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Margaret
Hill of Russell Springs to Dan McChord of this city.  The wedding was
solemnized in Lexington last Thursday, the ceremony taking place at the home
of the Rev. G.H. Porter in the presence of only a few friends.  The following
day Mr. and Mrs. McChord returned to Lebanon and for the present will make
their home here.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Hill of
Russell Springs, and is well known in this city having for some time past
spent much of the time with her sister Mrs. Sylvester Newton and Mr. Newton. 
Mr. McChord is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John McChord and one of the city's well
known young men - Lebanon News.

Sells Another Farm.  The May Realty Company sold for B.F. Merkley his 120
acre farm near Nancy to M.B. Mottern of Bristol, Tenn., for $4,250.

Appointed Guard.  Mrs. B.H. Linville of this county has been appointed a
guard at the reformatory.  He has assumed his duties.  Thirty seven other
guards were appointed to take the place of the Democrats who have been
serving.  Mr. Linville is a son of Frank Linville.

Kahn a Colonel.  Edward H. Kahn, the jeweler, has been made a Colonel on the
Governors staff.  Very few Somerset people have thus been honored by the
Governor which makes Mr. Kahn appreciate his appointment all the more.

Wireless Station.  Mr. D.S. Gooch will soon have his wireless station in
operation again.  Before the war, Mr. Gooch had one of the best stations in
the state and could send and receive several thousand miles.  Mr. Gooch is a
splendid wireless operator and has been offered several good positions.

Conductor Dead.  News has been received here that Mr. Tuney, the popular
conductor on the Southern railway, died last Monday at his home in Ludlow. 
Mr. Tuney was well known in Somerset where he had lots of friends.

Not a Maverick Now.   A Tuscola girl is suing her employer for $5,000 damages
on account of a most peculiar accident which occurred in the home where she
is employed as a domestic.  She was taking her bath by the kitchen range and
she stepped out of the wash pan, slipped on a cake of soap on the floor and
sat down on the stove.  When she arose she was branded "Majestic."   Villa
Grove (Ill.) News.

Attend Funeral.  Thos. Cook and Walter Cook of Muncey, Ind., attended the
funeral of their sister, Mrs. Della Green Girdler here last week.  They
returned to their home last Saturday.

Close Stores.  The lid has been put on in Somerset again.  Last Saturday
Sheriff Ed Thurman made the rounds and notified the soda parlors and other
places that have been keeping open on Sunday, that they must close shop. 
They all willingly obeyed and as a consequence the Coca Cola drinkers spent a
dry Sunday.  Judge Bethurum in his charge to the grand jury called attention
to the violation of the Sunday closing law.

>From Ludlow.  Sheriff Ed Thurman returned Sunday from Ludlow where he went
after L.C. Daws, who was indicted for passing a cold check.  Daws will be
tired this term of court.

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson.  After a short illness, Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson slipped
away from her host of friends and five devoted daughters, all of whom were at
her bedside Friday morning June the 4th.  She was 54 years and 6 months of
age, having been born Dec. 5th, 1865.  She leaves six children, five
daughters all of whom are married, and one son, Clarence, who is in the U.S.
Navy and did not arrive in time for the funeral of his mother.  He reached
Somerset June 9th.  Everyone who knew Mrs. Wilson has lost a devoted friend. 
She literally lived for others, was a mother to every one who would let her
be.  She leaves nine little grandchildren who will certainly miss "Grandma." 
The thought of her always sent a thrill through them.  Her funeral was
conducted by Rev. T.C. Duke, pastor of the High St. Baptist Church Sunday
afternoon, June 6th, at 1:30 o'clock, Rev. D.W. Scott was present and led in
prayer.  The service was very simple and beautiful, the floral designs were
in keeping with the life she spent, silent witnesses of purity and
tenderness.  Her children wish to express the deepest gratitude for the
kindness and unstinted help given them by neighbors and friends.  Especially
do they thank Mrs. Sumner who cared for her as a sister.  The Lord can only
repay such tender service in an hour when it is so indispensable.  Mrs.
Wilson accepted Jesus as her Savior early in life and was baptized into the
fellowship of Pine Knot Baptist Church from which she never removed her
membership.  Truly the earth is poorer and Heaven richer.

Card of Thanks.  We want to extend our sincere thanks to our friends and
relatives for their helpfulness and kind sympathy given to us during the
short illness and death of our darling baby boy John Tyler, age 15 months, 3
days.  May his little sweet life lead us to higher and better things.  G.W.
Jasper, Lucy Jasper.

Tis True.  Squire Parsons asked us the other night this question. "Why are
the streets of Somerset like Palistine?"  We had to give up.  Well, he said,
"It is a "holey" land."

Is Graduate.  Louisville, Ky. June 3 - Granville C. Sandusky of Somerset,
Ky., was among the sixty young men to graduate form the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary at the final commencement exercises this week.

Buys Lincoln Farm.  The Stanford Interior Journal says: "Hughes & McCarty put
over another good one Wednesday when they sold the R.S. Scudder or F.M. Ware
farm on the Middleburg pike, 11-2 miles from McKinney, at public auction at
$201.06.  B.F. Hamilton of Pulaski, a relative of our countyman M.P.
Hamilton, was the purchaser.  The farm contains about 100 acres and is
reasonably well improved.  The live stock and farming implements disposed of
at the sale brought good prices.

Political Notes.

The race for Circuit Judge is attracting attention already and there is much
street corner talk about this race.  It is a known fact that Judge Bethurum
will be a candidate for re-election and he is letting no grass grow under his
feet.  The fact is the Judge runs from one election to the next and he never
misses an opportunity to make new friends and new votes.  There are several
mentioned as probably starters against him.  Among them W. Boyd Morrow, Judge
R.C. Tartar, H.C. Kennedy and others.  It is likely one of the three will be
Judge's opponent if he has any.

Judge James Denton is still mentioned and quite a little boom has been
started for him for County Judge.  The Judge says he is not a candidate but
his friends think they might persuade him t get into the fight.

If Judge Tartar does not seek another office it is likely he will be a
candidate for re-election to the officer of County Judge.  The Judge has
quite a following in the county and is a man hard to beat.

Judge N.L. Barnett is likely to be a candidate for County Court Clerk against
C.M. Langdon who possibly will ask the voters to elect him for another four
years.  Cy doesn't tell many people his business, and has made no
announcement yet, but it is understood that he wants the office again.

Miss Stella May is being prominently mentioned for the office of County Tax
Commissioner.  Miss May's friends have been urging her to get into the race
assuring her she will have no opposition.  Miss May has had quite a deal of
experience along this line and her friends are confident she would make good.

Having Electric Light Troubles In Other Cities.  The Danville Advocate says: 
"The electric lights went out last night for quite a while.  There has
recently been much engine trouble at the plant.  The utilities everywhere
with coal at ten dollars a ton are up against it.  The Lancaster electric
light plant owners have announced that the plant in that town will be closed
down the first of August.  The water and light plants at Harrodsburg which
are owned by the town are being offered for sale.  This calls to mind the
fact that some day the Danville water works system will naturally wear out,
yet no sinking fund is being provided with which to renew the plant.  The
water rates in Danville should be increased sufficiently to provide a sinking
fund.  Such an increase would scarcely be noticed by the water consumer."

Fords Pass Thru.  Six Ford cars passed thru Somerset last Sunday en route to
Georgia.  They had started on the trip from Louisville and were just out of
the factory.

Acting Judge.   Judge M.L. Jarvis is acting County Judge pro tem during the
absence of Judge Tartar who is attending the Republican convention in

Cook Appointed.  J.R. Cook was appointed administrator of the estate of
Nathan Buchanan a soldier of the civil war.  He gave bond in the sum of

A Real Home.  I offer for sale a real nice home, 30 acres, at Science Hill,
Ky., all level land.  All in grass and cultivation.  Fenced with woven wire. 
Improvements worth $4,000.00.  Will sell for $9,000.00.  W.A. Howard, Science
Hill, Ky.

Personal Mention.

The Young Women's Missionary Society of the First Methodist Church will meet
Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock with Miss Flonnie Neikirk.

Mrs. F.A. Lewis has returned from Cincinnati after spending a few days with
her husband.

Mrs. Mary Woodcock of Danville, Ky., will arrive this week to be the guest of
Mrs. J.M. Richardson.

Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Tustison are expected this week for a months visit with
friends in the city.

George Owens is at Pineville, Ky., this week representing Crescent Lodge No.
60, K. of P. at the state meeting.

Chester and Lester Phillips have returned to Harrimon, Tenn., after a visit
at the home of George Cavel and Wm. O'Donnel.

Portor Bolin is at Lexington with his race horses getting them in shape for
the fair circuit this summer.  He will tour the south.

Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Spann celebrated their golden wedding anniversary this
week.  They had with them all their children and the affair was a most happy

Mr. Lee Spann of Kansas City, Mo., is here this week visited his parents.

Mrs. John Feltman of Paris is visiting her parents here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Schneider and little granddaughter Frances spent a few days
in Cincinnati this week.

Miss Katherine Baute is expected home this week from Nazareth Academy where
she has been attending school.

Miss Ella Mae Waddle is visiting relatives in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Miss Barthenia Sallee is spending several days in Danville attending the
Centre College commencement.

Mr. Hugh Wright of Indiana was in the city last week on business.  Mr. Wright
is interested in the Bauer property in McCreary County.

What does that smile Hershel Humble and grandpa Thompson are carrying around
mean?  It is all over the arrival of a fine girl - Jane White - at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Humble.

Mr. W.A. Kinne and daughter Miss Frances have returned from a visit to
Michigan.  They stopped here Saturday en route to Stearns.

The many friends of Dr. J.M. Owens will be delighted to learn that he has
arrived home from Lexington where he has been in the Good Samaritan Hospital
for the past six weeks.  Mrs. Owens spent the entire time at the hospital
with him.

Mr. G.D. Sloan of Burnside was in the city Wednesday on business.  Mr. Sloan
has just returned from a trip to Oklahoma.

County Agent W.C. Wilson, wife and sister have returned from Berea where they
attended the commencement exercises.

Mrs. W.P. Cox and two daughters of Johnson City, Ill., left for home
Wednesday after a  visit with the family of John Cox and other relatives. 
These people are former Pulaskians and like all other Pulaskians have made
good in their new home.

Mr. Rousseau has received word from his son, Warren, that he likes his new
position fine and that he stands at the head of the salesmen list.  He
travels out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Mrs. J.F. Lucas of Marshfield, Mo., sends $2.00 for renewal to the Journal
and says she can't do without it.

Jason Lawhorn has returned form a trip to Golden Dawn Springs.  Mr. Lawhorn
is thinking of playing "mine host" this summer at the famous resort.

G.D. Hamilton is spending several days at Richmond, Ky., on business.

Dr. A.W. Cain was in Cincinnati Tuesday and Wednesday on a business trip.

Miss Katherine Hill Waddle has returned to her home at Chattanooga, Tenn.,
after a visit with Miss Dorothy Hill.  Miss Hill accompanied her home and
will be her guest for a few weeks.

Rev. E.B. Hill has returned from Cincinnati where he went for the treatment
of a fractured arm.

Mrs. F.V. McChesney and baby of Midway, Ky., are visiting her parents, Judge
and Mrs. James Denton.

Dr. H.K. Fulkerson leaves Saturday for St. Louis to attend a meeting of the
National Optometrical Association.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Starkey, Jr., of Cleveland, Ohio, are visiting his parents.

Miss Letha Wheeler of Louisville, Ky., is visiting Mrs. Gene Bourne.

Mr. M.J. Cain is visiting in Hustonville for a few days.

Miss Mattie Helen Elliott has returned from London, Ky., where she has been
attending the Sue Bennett Memorial School.

Attorney Ben D. Smith was in Eastern Kentucky this week on business.

Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson of Colorado are visiting her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Catron.

Clyde Thurman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thurman, has gone to Detroit, Michigan,
where he has a good position with the Dodge company.

Neal Thurman is at home from State University.  He will go to Louisville in
about a week to work during the summer.

Miss Stella Bryant of Somerset is spending the week in Danville with Miss
Louise Harbison on Broadway.

Miss Susie Boone of Somerset spent a few days with her cousins, Misses Lottie
and Pearl Boone at Maywood.  Danville Advocate.

Mrs. Marshal Neeley of Cincinnati, Ohio, spent several days with friends in
Somerset en route to Knoxville, Tenn., on a visit.

Miss Elizabeth Inman entertained last Saturday with a six o'clock dinner in
honor of Mrs. Earl Cottenbrook and Mrs. Marshal Neeley of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Edward Sidebottom is at home from State College for the summer.

W.H. Ramsey and Will Curtis drove a Chevrolet Truck through from Cincinnati
this week for the George P. Taylor Co.

Mrs. James Darnell of Frankfort will arrive the first of the week to be the
guest of Mrs. William Waddle.

Mrs. A.J. Sears left Tuesday for Winchester to visit her daughter.

George Converse was up to Danville Tuesday and Wednesday attending
commencement at Centre.

Mr. J.B. Meece of Colo made us smile by handing in $2.00 and saying that the
paper was worth every cent of it.

Mrs. K.W. Dyas of Stearns, Ky., who is manager of the stenographic department
of the Stearns Coal & Lumber Co., was in Somerset Wednesday shopping.  Mrs.
Dyas is the Journal's efficient correspondent at Stearns and also manages the
McCreary County Record.

Miss Elizabeth Stone spent the weekend in Danville with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Yates are in Danville, Ky., this week where Mrs. Yates will
undergo an operation at Dr. Jackson's Sanitarium.

Mrs. W.W. Carter and little daughter Martha Dowling are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Owen D. Goodloe.

Mrs. S.O. Tate and daughter Mrs. Dillon Raflo of Atlanta, Ga., arrived this
week for a visit with relatives in the city.

Mr. Fred Hemphill of Corbin was in the city Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Bertie Enoch will arrive this week from Chicago, Ill., where she has
been teaching in the Francis Parker School.

Miss Maggie Massey is quite ill at her home on Mt. Vernon Ave.

Mrs. H.M. King and daughter Mary Mitchel will return from Lexington the first
of the week where they have been for some time.

John Carr is at home from State College for the summer.

Prof. D.B. Webb left this week for Richmond to attend the commencement
exercises at the Eastern Normal.  He will enter the summer course of the
State University later in the month.

L.E. Meece is at Berea attending commencement exercises.

Mrs. D.S. Gooch left this week for Kansas and New Mexico to visit her
parents.  She will be gone about six weeks.

George James Sallee spent several days in Danville attending the carnival and
other commencement activities.

Morris Harkins spent several days in Lexington this week on business.

Misses Clara and Thelma Colyer and Miss George Jasper spent several days in
Danville this week the guest of friends.

Mr. Mark Catron gave a delightful porch dance last Saturday night, at the
home of his parents Judge and Mrs. Wm. Catron in honor of Miss Ann Trimble of
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Miss Essie Hines left Wednesday for Connersville, Ind., to spend a week.

Miss Edith Hamilton has returned to Washington after a visit with her parents

Beecher Smith Jr. has returned home from Castle Heights, Tenn., where he has
been in school.

Mrs. Earl Cottonbrook of Cincinnati spent several days with her parents last
week.  Mr. Cottenbrook came down for the weekend and accompanied her home.

Atty. Cress of Monticello was in the city on legal business.

Mr. O. F. Sharp of Sloans Valley, Ky., was the guest of Miss George Fish last

Dayton Story and Robert Thomas of Springfield, Ohio, were weekend guests of
Misses Annie and Edna Berry.

Lawrence Longsworth of Monticello spent Sunday in Somerset.

J.W. McGee is at home enjoying a much needed rest.

As usual, T.L. Silvers and H.M. Holland of Barren Fork, Ky., spent Sunday in
this city.

Wm. Curtis of the Central Motor Co., has been in Cincinnati attending to the
company's business.

Mrs. W.A. Guffey of Frankfort is visiting her brother Maj. A.T. Keen.

Miss Flora Keen is in Lexington on business.

Miss Edwina Morrow of Frankfort is visiting in the city.

Robert Brogan of San Antonia, Texas, is visiting in Somerset.

Mrs. Jas. F. Baker and son, William, are visiting her father, Judge A.T.

Rev. W.L. Clark and family have returned from Wilmore, Ky., where they
attended the graduation of their son, Harold.

Rev. J.M. Taylor, widely known missionary and evangelist, delivered a sermon
at the M.E. Church Sunday evening to a large congregation.  The people of
Somerset are very glad to have Bro. Taylor with them and hope that he will
come again.

J.M. Marcilliott of Bauer spent the weekend in Somerset.

Miss Elizabeth Wheeldon of Louisville is the gust of Mr. and Mrs. E.S.
Bourne, Pinnell Apartment, and Miss Belle Hines.  Miss Wheeldon is a very
attractive young lady and is being highly entertained.

Rev. B.I. Boland delivered the commencement address to the graduates of the
Nazareth Academy.

Arthur Bradshaw and Robert Brown were down last week from the State

Science Hill.  Miss Elizabeth Moore has returned from a visit with Mrs. John
Morris at Somerset … Dan Morrison of Pennsylvania is visiting his niece Mrs.
W.H. Lyon here … Born to Mrs. Wm. Casada, a fine boy … Chas. Warren and Vola
Swearingen are home from State University for a visit … Miss Bessie Correll
visited friends here last week … Miss Nell Tyree who has a position with the
Dalton Adding Machine Co., of Cincinnati, is home for a visit … Oliver Newell
left last week for Toledo, Ohio … Wm. Dobbs and family visited W.H. Lyons
Sunday … Rosa Ashley visited friends here Sunday … Mrs. J.E. Estes spent a
few days last week with Mrs. J.P. Vaught.

Meece.  Mrs. Bell Jones was in Somerset Monday and Tuesday on business … Ed
Porch, James Pinnell and F. Hicks, of Somerset, were fishing on Buck Creek
Tuesday and Wednesday … Mrs. Lee Waddle and two children of Strawberry
visited her mother, Mrs. Inda Meece last Sunday … M.S. Godby who has been in
Akron, Ohio, came home last Thursday … Mrs. Martha J. Edwards departed this
life very suddenly last Friday morning at 3 o'clock.  She leaves a husband
and a host of friends to mourn their loss.  Her remains were laid to rest at
Mt. Zion … G.B. Hail of Somerset visited in our community last weekend …
Mrs. Eliza Farmer of Somerset visited her father James Barnes last weekend …
County Agent Wilson was in our community last Thursday … Miss Ellen Meece
departed this life last Friday night at 10 o'clock.  Her death was a great
shock to this community for she was apparently in the best of health up to a
few minutes of her death.  She was twenty-four years of age and one of our
best school teachers.  She leaves an aged mother, three sisters, four
brothers and a host of friends and relatives to mourn their loss.  The
remains were laid to rest in the Wesley's Chapel burying ground Sunday …
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. W.R. Smith.

Floyd.  Several from here attended the county singing at Woodstock Sunday. 
The next county singing will be held at Etna 1st Sunday in August … A.W.
Surber and wife spent one day last week with their daughter, Mrs. M.N.
Griffin .. Mrs. Altha Singleton is with her sister at Akron, Ohio … E.J.
Surber and family of Ludlow, Albert Todd and family of Goochtown, A.F. Surber
and wife and M.N. Griffin and family spent Sunday with A.W. Surber .. Walter
Estes of Waynesburg was visiting his uncle last week … Maude Trivett was in
Somerset last Wednesday.

Pnobscott.  Several from here attended the county singing at Woodstock Sunday
… Alex Adams is very ill with pneumonia … Lucy Hart visited Miss Matttie
Warren of Woodstock Saturday … Milton Abbott and wife visited at Gene
Allbright's Saturday night … Clyde Estes and wife were Sunday guests of
Lester Suttle .. W.J. Reynolds was in Waynesburg last week .. Mrs. T.W.
Abbott and baby were visitors of Mrs. P. Reece Saturday.

Oak Hill.  Rev. Wesley Colyer filled his regular appointment here Saturday
and Sunday .. Mrs. Willie Thompson and children of Somerset visited Mrs.
James Casada Sunday … Oscar Casada spent Saturday night with Clay Frisbie …
Bertha Nelley visited at Mrs. Marcum's Sunday .. Myrtle Bogle has returned
home from a visit with relatives at Wilmore … Ray Thurman left Tuesday for
Detroit, Michigan … Mr. Ware of Science Hill is visiting his daughter Mrs.
Emma McKee … Laura Withers visited her sister Sunday .. Rev. Wesley Colyer
and wife and Mrs. Bryant Gholson took dinner with Lula Frisbie Sunday …
Rendye Nicholas was the guest of Angie Neeley Sunday night …. Mrs. Ben
Bryant, Sallie Bryant and the Frisbie children visited Mrs. Bryant Gholson
Saturday … Born to Mrs. Terrell Neeley June 2nd, a boy … Mrs. John Neeley
and daughters and Mrs. Geo. Phillips and family visited Terrell Neeley Sunday
… O.L. Wilson and family attended church at Somerset Sunday .. J.R. Combest
was called to the bedside of daughter in Mississippi last week .. Mrs. Pat
Jones who underwent an operation last Friday morning at the Somerset
Hospital, is some better …. Geo. Phillips and family visited Freeman Vaught
Sunday …. Mattie Neeley and daughters visited relatives Sunday … Carl
Heinecky and wife visited Mrs. Pat Jones Thursday … John Neeley visited
Mattie Neeley Saturday … Mr. and Mrs. Pat Jones visited Carl Heinecky Monday …
 Thelma Claunch visited Grace Frisbie Saturday … Sam Cowan and family and
Grace Frisbie visited at D.S. Claunch's Sunday.

Valley Oak.  Wallace Phelps and wife spent Thursday night at J.H. McKinney's …
 Tom Buchanan and family and Rebecca McKinney visited Wallace Phelps Saturday
night .. Wash Rainey purchased 3 hogs from Tom Buchanan … Richard Loving and
wife visited Gillus Farmer Sunday … Lola and Maud Price attended church at
Old Valley Sunday … Born to Mrs. Locie McKinney, a boy, Thursday night …
Laura Daniel, Leona Griffin, Alice, Linda and Maud Buchanan visited at Boyd
Noe's Sunday … The citizens of this vicinity met at Flat Lick last Sunday …
Mrs. Robt. Ping spent Saturday with her niece, Mrs. Locie McKinney … Born to
the wife of Rosco Russell, a boy … Mrs. Martha Farmer spent several days with
her daughter … D.B. Wyrick and wife visited Tom Buchanan Sunday.

Nancy.  Mrs. Green Trimble of Somerset is visiting in this community … Bobbie
Hudson and wife of Sardis visited friends here Saturday and Sunday … Jim Muse
and family and Ella Hudson visited Walter Hudson Friday … The death angel
visited the home of Gosh Dobkins Sunday night and took away his young and
dearly beloved wife.  She leaves a husband and two small children to mourn
their loss, but why should they weep for she said she was ready to meet her
many loved ones who have gone on before.

Burnside (By Mrs. L.D. Nunn).  Mrs. W.S. Phillippi and son spent the weekend
with relatives in Danville … Mrs. Walter Webb of Hamilton, Ohio, is the guest
of her mother Mrs. J.W. Johnson this week … Mrs. G. McWhorter and family of
Danville are the guest of E.E. Kelsay and family … J.H. Selvidge, J.W. Sloan
and Dr. N.D. Stigall were in Somerset Saturday attending the Knights Templar
meeting … Tom Fagaly is home for the summer from college … J.K. Crutcher of
Louisville was the guest of his brother I.(?) J. Crutcher this week … Tom
Powell and Tarvin Buck of Monticello were in town Sunday … Miss Elizabeth
Allen was in Somerset over Sunday … Dr. N.D. Stigall and daughter Virginia
were in Cincinnati Friday .. N.I. Taylor made a business trip to Pittsburg
and Cincinnati … Mrs. O.P. Tucker of Danville was with her mother Mrs. John
Fitzgerald this week … Mrs. Louis Campbell and daughter have returned from a
visit with Mrs. V.M. Lester of Oneida, Tenn.  … Mr. and Mrs. W.I. Davidson
were in Louisville last week … Lloyd Fitzgerald is home from State College …
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Kern have returned from Monday, Texas .. J.H. Vanhook
returned Saturday from a visit to Crab Orchard.

Ruth.  Farmers are busy working their corn … George Tomlinson's family have
the measles … Christopher Brinson and family visited at Enoch Brinson's last
weekend .. Sunday School at Clay Hill is progressing nicely.

Pointer.  Miss Zula Ware of Somerset has been visiting homefolks … J.W. Ware
was in Somerset Sunday … Mrs. C. Meece and children of Vinnie has been
visiting daughter Berta Ware ….  Miss Zula Ware was the guest of her bro.,
Oteley Ware Saturday night .. Actie Redman and Sidney Summers were the guests
at J.W. Ware's Sunday … Mrs. Berta Ware and son Tommie was the guest of J.
Ware Saturday afternoon … Isabel Hill and children were the guests of her
cousin Rosetta Allen Saturday night .. Eligha Hill and family are the guests
of his mother Anna Ware .. Mrs. Green Daulton and daughter were the guests of
Teamra Redman Saturday … Born to the wife of Milt Tedman another
rail-splitter. Milt is all smiles … Herbert Doss and family were the guest of
Evertt Allen Saturday night … Rosetta Allen and children were the guests of
her sister Doretta Doss Sunday afternoon … Evertt Allen and Herbert Doss were
the guests of George Marvin Sunday … Ed Doss and family have been visiting
her father O.W. Rainwater .. T.H. Burton was the guest of W.R. Redman Sunday.

Hogue.  John J. Dick and family  of Mt. Hope were visiting at James
Randolph's Sunday … John Coffey and daughter Mabel of Pellytan, Ky., are the
guests of his daughter Mrs. Lucy Jasper and family … Harlan Vaught and family
visited at Rutherford Adams' Sunday … Misses Coletta and Edna Baugh spent a
few days of last week with their grandmother Mrs. Mary Baugh of Mt. Zion ..
Mrs. Newton King is slowly improving … Misses Lou, Lola and Gola Dick were
Sunday guests of the Adams girls .. Mrs. Samuel Roy and Mrs. Nannie Adams
spent Thursday night with Mrs. Ida Dick … Miss Susie Jasper of Poynter who
was returning home from Cincinnati, visited at G.W. Jasper's Saturday night
and Sunday … Several from here attended church at Wilson Sunday night.

Shafter.  Rev. J.S. Abbott is improving … Rev. Jones is some better … Hazel
Prather is very ill … Lena Bell Dirdler is spending the summer with Rev.
Ashbrook … Ottis Bolin and wife took Sunday dinner with Fred Prather and wife
.. Another still was found under the floor at the home of Mary Gossett, her
sons, Raymond and John, were arrested …  Mary Thurman of Somerset was with
friends here last week … Ardova Girdler is visiting at Nancy … Dorreta Mills
is improving after a long illness … Albin Humble visited Joe Wooldridge
Monday … May Foster is making her home with Sam Marcum and wife … Orville
Daulton visited at Squire Jones Sunday … Little Soeletta Wooldridge broke her
arm a few days ago but is getting along fine .. John Andy Girdler and son who
accompanied the remains of their wife and mother here from Illinois for
burial are now with relatives.

Possum Trot.  Sadie Barnes spent Sunday with Clara and Lucy Girdler … Jim
Girdler and wife visited the families of Ed Garner and Raymond Massingale
Sunday … Willie Fisher and wife, sister and mother spent Sunday with Otto
Fisher … Messrs Bullock, Ham and Johnson spent a few days with homefolks last
week .. Vandair Hodge and wife of Somerset spent Sunday with her parents here
.. Altha Humble is visiting her sister at Shafter .. Lizzie Fitzpatrick
visited her sister at Ferguson last week … Mrs. J.T. Scales and son and
daughter were in Cincinnati Sunday … Alvin Turpin and wife, Bonie (?) Roy and
wife attended church at Somerset Sunday … The wedding bells are ringing now
for Ezra Girdler and Miss Hall.  We wish them much joy …. Hopper Roy and wife
spent Sunday with R. Humble … Henry Lay (?) and wife visited Harrison Tanner
Sunday … Robert and Coral Humble made a trip to Pisgah Monday.

McKinney.  Bro. Crow will preach at Union Saturday night and Sunday … Clyde
McGriff and wife, Carl Harmon and family attended church at Science Hill
Sunday … Claud Harmon and wife visited John Harmon Saturday and Sunday … G.
Price and family visited I.H. Smiley Sunday … Wm. Fugate spent Sunday at
Science Hill … W.C. Wilson and family and Jewell Vaught went to Berea Sunday …
 Zora Smiley spent Monday with Della Vaught … Several from here attended the
county singing at Woodstock Sunday … Mrs. O.A. Bishop is improving.

Drum.  Minnie and Geo. Dykes and Elmer Slavey have gone to Danville for a
visit … Zelma Erp has returned from Poplarville … J.F. Miller and wife
visited John Dykes Sunday … Mrs. Geo. Callahan visited her niece Tuesday
night … Vada and Ida Goodin visited relatives Saturday night … Reece Glover
came home last week … Tom Keeney and wife visited at Caney Fork Sunday …
A.J. Meece and wife of Colo visited Jane Sears Wednesday night … Several from
here were fishing on Buck Creek Thursday …. Elliott Burkhart was in this
vicinity last week.

Ansel.  Remember the dedication at the chapel Sunday, June 13th … Willie
Owens of Decatur, Ill., is visiting friends and relatives here … Harvey Smith
has returned to Decatur, Ill. … George Smith has returned to Detroit, Mich. …
 Ransom Vaught and wife and Curtis Compton visited Sherman Godbey Sunday …
Albert Campbell and wife visited her father Willie Cox of Science Hill
Saturday and Sunday … Mary Wilson and Irene Godby and James Easterly and Earl
Wilson visited Miss Mattie Davis Sunday.

Oil Center.  W.M. McCline, who has been ill for some time, is no better ..
Several from here attended Church at Second Piney Grove …. Esta and Wilmoth
Spann were Sunday guests of Miss Effie Flynn .. O. Abbott and wife of Elihu
are visiting her parents this week .. Myrtle Ellis of Luretha, Ky., is
visiting her mother, Mrs. Jas. Ellis this week … P.H. Lane and family visited
their daughter, Mrs. Della Beasley of Nancy Sunday … J.C. Dye and family
visited at James Ellis' Sunday.

Mt. Zion.

On account of so much rain the revival at Wilson was postponed .. Come to the
dedication at Wilson Chapel next Sunday, June 13th … Mr. and Mrs. Hardin
Adams spent Sunday with his aunt, Mrs. Bettie Hayes of Hogue … News has been
received here of the death of Uncle Greenup Baugh.  This leaves Uncle Warren
Baugh, the last of that large family … The Woodmen Lodge of Science Hill held
a decoration at Mt. Zion last Sunday.

Trimble.  Farmers are very much behind with their crops … Rev. I.T. Stovall
preached at the Delmer Church Sunday … F.L. Hart and wife attended all day
meeting at Slide Springs, May 30th … Mrs. Lona Kenney and children were
guests of her mother a few days last week … Miss Edna Fibbs has returned to
Newport, Ky.  … V. Brock has returned home from Deland, Ill. … Miss Ella
Hudson is visiting her sister Emma Muse this week … Willie Vanhooser was the
guest Mary Burton Sunday.

Cedar Grove.  Mrs. Dock Gover was in town Monday … Edd and Andy Gibson
visited in Elihu this week ..  Delphia Vaught is very sick with the measles …
Della Goff is able to be out after a severe case of typhoid fever … Owen
Vanhook has returned home … Elmer Smith is visiting his mother in Burnside …
Amy and Della Goff visited Clint Cassada Sunday …  Lelia Massey is improving
nicely … Hubert Smith was in town Monday … Mrs. O.R. Cross visited her
mother this week.

Pisgah.  George Reece and family and Mrs. Akers visited at E.S. Heaton's
Wednesday and were accompanied home by Mr. Heaton … Mrs. Charles Adams and
daughter of Somerset, Mrs. Phil Tuttle and children of Burnside, and Mary
Wait and Eva Vaughn visited Mrs. B. Newell one day last week … Bulah, the
little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Heaton, who has been sick, is improving …
 Sam Cowan and family called at Jim Hudson's and D.S. Claunch Sunday
afternoon … C.D. Stigall has gone to Missouri on business .. Sarah and Anna
Russell and Charles, Jr., Oatt of Danville are visiting their grandmother
Mrs. O.B. Vaughn … Mrs. Sam Waddle and children, Mrs. Mary Gibson and Mrs.
Bettie Tate visited Mrs. Woods Cowan one day last week … Mrs. Phil Tuttle and
children of Burnside are visiting her mother Mrs. Mary Wait .. Miss Elsie
Potter of Somerset was the weekend guest of Miss Amanda Newell … Miss Evelyn
Vaughn spent Saturday night in Somerset … Wm. Vaughn is visiting his son,
O.B. Vaughn … Harry Stigall and wife were Sunday guests of his mother .. Mr.
and Mrs. J.F. Hall and grandsons were in Cincinnati Sunday … Messrs Johnson
and Tucker of Tennessee spent Sunday night with E.S. Heaton … Little Odolphus
Humble of Somerset is visiting her aunt Mrs. O.B. Vaughn … Roby Eastridge and
family called on Mr. and Mrs. Glen Heaton Sunday … George Tate and children
of Waitsboro visited at Evan Tate's Sunday … E.S. Heaton attended church at
Oak Hill Sunday .. Grace Frisbie called on Thelma Claunch Sunday … Rendye
Nicholas visited Angie Neeley Sunday night.

Beech Grove.  Rev. J.M. Shadoan preached at Bethlehem Sunday .. Charlie Stone
and family visited his parents last week … Mrs. W.G. Phelps of Casey County
is visiting her son Felix Phelps … Mr. and Mrs. Lorton (?) Irvine, Mr. and
Mrs. Ross Phelps visited at Charlie Godby's Sunday night.  … There were
several visitors at Felix Phelps' Sunday .. Mrs. Mary Godby is very ill at
this writing … Charlie Roysdon and family visited at Marvin Vaught's Saturday
… Rev. Geo. Sears failed to fill his appointment at Bethlehem Saturday and
Sunday … Abe Phelps tried to ford Clifty Creek last Saturday and was washed
from the mule, but they succeeded in getting out all right … Walter Dodson
and family visited at J.W. Godby's Sunday … Howard Dodson and Grace Hall
attended Sunday School at Ringgold Sunday.

Pulaski.  Mrs. A. Peetz of Cincinnati is visiting relatives here .. Charlie
Hamm and Luther Detherage have returned home from Akron, Ohio … A revival
begins at the Baptist Church Sunday conducted by Rev. Coakley .. Mrs. Ruby
Correll of Cincinnati is visiting relatives here this week .. Mrs. David
Correll was the guest of Mrs. W. Higgins Sunday … Luther Detherage was a
guest of Miss Betty Hamm Sunday … D. Correll was in town Saturday on business
… quite a number attended the singing at Woodstock Sunday.

Shafter.  John Jones and wife visited her father at Delmer Sunday night …
Brunetta Bruston and Octava Rainwater were the guest of Eva Cook Sunday …
Linnie Conley of Burnside visited J.M. Butler's Sunday night … Grant Taylor
and family visited S.C. Jones Sunday … Chas. Cundiff of Oak Hill visited his
brother Wednesday … Cleman Jones, traveling salesman for the Daniel Brisco
Co., is home for a visit … Ardova and Zada Girdler visited at Faubush Sunday …
 Mollie Cundiff and little grandson visited John Johnson Sunday … G.S. Ferkus
and grandchildren visited Mrs. Rose (?) Phillips Sunday.

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