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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, May 7, 1920.


Drowned at Burnside.  A report from Burnside brought the news of the drowning of John Shelton there Monday night.  From information the Journal was able to get Shelton attempted to board a boat just as it was leaving the landing and missed his step and fell into the water.  His body had not been recovered at this writing.


Wayne County Farm Sells.  Johnson Bros., the real estate men of Somerset, pulled off this biggest farm sale this week that has ever been pulled off in the country.  This farm belonged to Dr. Deer of Cincinnati, Ohio, known as the David Rankin farm in Wayne County, 3 miles from Mill Springs, on Cumberland River.  Farm contained about 300 acres and is said to have sold for around $40,000.  It is said to be the best farm in Kentucky south of the Blue Grass section.  Mr. Anglin of North Carolina being the purchaser.


Want More Money.  The Kentucky Utilities Co., will seek a raise in the rates of water, light and street railway fares.  They claim they are operating in
Somerset at a great loss and that they must have relief.  Mr. Shotwell, the manager, told the Journal that his expenses last month jumped $800.00 and will likely go higher.

Somerset Home Sale.  Johnson Bros., the real estate men of Somerset, sold the J.C. Tuttle home on Monticello Pike last week to E.N. Taylor of Somerset. 
Price is said to be around $5,000.


Can't Get Help.  Judge Tartar tells us that he has had the rock crusher on the Stanford Road for some time and ready to go to work to build the three miles of pike but he has been unable to get labor.  He says that unless he is successful this week he will move the crusher to some other part of the county.  It seems to us, the people in that section of the county who have been clamoring for this road, should get busy and see that labor is furnished.


Messrs Farris Dill, Junius Harkins, Thomas McElroy, and Clarence Sloan attended the races at Lexington last Saturday.

Miss Bettie Keen returned from Louisville last Saturday where she had been with her brother, Dr. R.P. Keen, of Owensboro, who underwent an operation for appendicitis.

Misses Etta Gooch and Ina Ashurst will leave next week to visit Mrs. Sam Bates in Washington and attend the Baptist Convention.

Miss Flora Keen is spending several days in Louisville on business.

Body Shipped Here. The body of Emma Sloan of color, was shipped here Wednesday for burial.  She died at Louisville.


Chas. Mize Held Over.  Chas. Mize, who was arrested charged with the killing of little Grace Kirby last Sunday a week ago, was presented in Judge Tartar's court last Saturday, and held under $750 bond to await the action of the Grand Jury which convenes Monday, May 28th.


Waives Examining Trial.  Dewey Gossett, who shot and seriously wounded Darious Young on Monday, April 5th, waved examining trial in county court
last Saturday and is being held under $1,000 bond for the grand jury May

Fell From House.  Wade Brown had the misfortune to fall from the roof of his home last week and fracture his shoulder.  He was doing some work and a plank broke causing his to fall about twenty feet.

Sells Light.  S.A. Waddle, the Delco Agent, sold another lighting plant, Mr.

John Sampson of Whitley City, being the purchaser.

Boosting Road.  Messrs Payne and McLaughlin of Eubank were in the city Wednesday on business and boosting the Stanford road.  They are very anxious that this work be started and completed at once and a majority of the people of the county are with them.


Mr. J.P. Kelsay accompanied his father, E.E. Kelsay of Burnside to Louisville the first of the week where they bought some fixtures for Mr. Kelsay's store at Burnside.

Mrs. A.B. Jones of Toledo, Ohio, who was called to this county on account of
the death of her father, Mr. G.W. White, who died at Pulaski April 20th, returned to her home yesterday after winding up her father's estate.

Mrs. Jerre Keller has returned to her home at Paris after a visit to the family of Mrs. John Farrell.

Messrs Andrew Cruse and A.A. Tuttle were down from Louisville last weekend with homefolks.

Miss Maude Girdler will leave this week for Washington to resume her work with the American Red Cross.

Governor Morrow is planning a trip to Somerset next week for a few days.

Frank Freeman has been in Cincinnati on a business trip.

Messrs H.C. Wells and Chas. Bishop of Eubank were here Tuesday on business.

Mr. T.E. Horrell, the hardware man, has moved to the Hill property on College Street.

Sells Lease. 

Mr. Hugh Logan of the firm of Logan & Hubble, sold an oil lease in Johnson county last week for $100.00 an acre.  He had something like 20 acres.  Mr. Logan is in Johnson county now looking after the transfer of the property.


Mrs. Polly Haynes.  Mrs. Polly Haynes, mother of Mrs. Felix Vaught, of the south side, died at the home of Mrs. Vaught Tuesday.  She was 78 years of age and a splendid old lady.  Burial took place in the Haynes burying ground east of town, Wednesday afternoon.


Doing Fine.  While in Louisville this week several of the Pulaski folks attending the convention called on Mr. Fred Catron, a Somerset boy, who is making good in the Falls City.  Fred is owner of the Factory Method Vulcanizing Co., and he told the writer that he was two weeks behind with his work - it was coming in so fast.  Fred is the son of Judge Wm. Catron and Somerset never sent out into the business world a finer boy.

To Washington.  The following are delegates from Pulaski county to the Southern Baptist Convention to be held in Washington, D.C., May 12 to 19. 

The delegates will leave here Tuesday on No. 6 and will be gone ten days: 

Rev. and Mrs. W.E. Hunter and son, George, Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Denton, Misses Lillie and Sallie Pettus, Mrs. Hattie Newell, Miss Etta Gooch, Miss Ina
Ashurst, Miss Ruth Prewitt, Rev. J.E. Fulton and wife and Geo. Burgess of
Burnside, Rev. J.E. Baird and Miss Cary Shearer of Monticello, and Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Moore.

Jean Jasper is at home from school at Bowling Green and will work this summer for his father, Col. T.E. Jasper.

Mrs. A.B. Shadoan and daughter Miss Dora, are with friends and relatives in Bradford, and Sidney, Ohio, this week.

Mrs. James Denton, Mr. and Mrs. Will Hays, Mrs. F.E. Tibbals, Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Vaughn were among those from Somerset who attended the funeral of Mrs. Charlie Hays at Danville Tuesday.  Mrs. Hays who was a daughter of Dr. Glass, died at Ashville, N.C., last Sunday afternoon.

Miss Bert Corder will arrive next week from Washington to visit homefolks.

Judge John M. Kennedy of Monticello was in Somerset Tuesday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Cundiff who have been in Perry county near Hazard for several weeks, spent a few days here the first of the week, returning to Hazard yesterday to remain awhile.

Coca-Cola Plant Running. 

The Somerset Coca Cola Bottling Co., ably managed by Mr. Jones, is now running full time bottling Coca Cola and other soft drinks and soda waters.  Coca-Cola is the most popular drink on the market today and is growing more popular day by day.  The new and up-to-date plant now operating in Somerset is furnished with the very latest types of machinery and the plant is strictly clean and sanitary throughout.  The local plant is rapidly making u a list of dealers for this section and Somerset bottled Coca-Cola is becoming very popular at the confectionaries as well as all restaurants, soft drink stands and country stores.  Mr. Jones invites the public to call and inspect his plant at any time and sample the product of an up-to-the-minute bottling plant. 


Ten Licenses Issued.  During the past week County Clerk Langdon has issued marriage licenses for ten couples as follows:  Callie C. Gillispie, 32, to
Eva Gover, 27; Arch South, 22, to Martha Davis Clemens, 21; Shelly Middleton, 27, to Eliza Shackelford, 28; Harrison Cook, 24, to Eva Maden, 17; James Andrew Brawnm, 21, to Henry Huffaker, 24 (?); Hiram Effrig, 33, to Mollie Stone, 34; Jones N. Brumett, 23, to Nora B. Rowe, 16; Thomas B. Russell, 31, to Mary E. Wilson, 23; Albert Chaney, 21, to Amie Hash, 21; Eugene F. Beard, 38, to Valeria Smith, 21.


Card of Thanks.  We desire to extend our sincere thanks to all those who gave
us assistance in any way during our recent sickness.  E.M. Montgomery and family, Burnside, Ky.


Mrs. Morris Harkins is spending several days in Louisville.


Col. Woodson May has sufficiently regained his strength after a serious operation to be at his office again.  His many friends are rejoicing to see him back at his desk after several weeks absence.


Sergt. Jones F. McGahan, Co. I., 57th Inf., Camp Dix, N.J., returned this week to his post of duty  after a 30 day furlough visiting friends and relatives in this county, his old home.  Sergt. McGahan was born and raised in the lower end of the county and has spent the past ten years in the service of his country.  His father, Rollin McGahan, lives at Detroit, Michigan.


Mrs. A.A. Tuttle of Louisville, is spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. John Tuttle.


Pat Leonard was down from Winchester this week on business.


Attorney Ben D. Smith is in Eastern Kentucky this week on important business.


Smith - Beard.  A wedding that was a surprise to many Somerset folk, but not
to their most intimate friends, was that of Dr. Eugene F. Beard to Miss Valeria Smith, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Beecher Smith, which took place at the Christian parsonage Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock.  Dr. D.W. Scott, pastor of the bride officiating.  Only the family and a few close
friends were present.  The bride is 21 years of age, pretty and attractive and possesses all those qualities that the very best of Kentucky womanhood possess.  Besides being a graduate of Somerset High School, she graduated from Tenn Hall, Chambersburg, Pa., in 1917, and has had one year to her credit form Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in 1918.  The groom came to Somerset about three years ago from Bradfordsville, Ky., and since has been one of the leading physicians of the city.  He is 38 and has made many warm friends since coming to this city.  Immediately following the ceremony the happy couple left on train No. 2 for a two weeks wedding tour to Chicago and other Eastern cities, and upon their return will have a suite of rooms at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Frank on College St.  Friends of this popular young couple join with the Journal in extending congratulations and wishing that their lives may be long, happy and successful.


Somerset Home Sale.  Johnson Bros., the real estate men of Somerset, sold the J.C. Tuttle home on Monticello Pike last week to E.N. Taylor of Somerset.  Price is said to be around $5,000.


Messrs Norman I. Taylor, W.S. Phillippi, W.J. Davidson, W.W. Rew, F.E. Bradshaw and others from Burnside were in the city last night to attend the banquet given by the business men of the city.


Mrs. S.F. Stephens  of Albany, has been visiting at the home of C.A. Hurt.  She also spent several days visiting in Danville, and Dr. Shelley's daughters of Danville, have been attractive guests of the family of C.A. Hurt.

Mrs. S.H. Owens spent the first of the week in Lexington with Mr. and Mrs. S.O. Whitenack.  Mrs. Whitenack accompanied her home for a few days stay.

Mrs. Wm. Catron and daughter Virginia left Wednesday to visit her son Fred in Louisville.

Judge J. Sherman Cooper is in Louisville attending a meeting of the State Railroad Commission.

Miss Floreal Kennedy left Wednesday for Lexington after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Neal Waddle.

Carlton Elkin of Lancaster was greeting friends in Somerset the first of the week.

John P. Hill has returned from a trip to Lexington and points North.

Personal Mention. 

Joe "Peg" McGee was here the first of the week visiting his mother, Mrs.
Delia McGee.

Miss Mary Katherine Turpin of High Bridge spent the weekend the guest of Miss
Stella Bryant.

Marion E. Burke of Louisville will arrive Saturday night to spend a few days
with his family here.

Philip Miller has recently accepted a position in the Fifth-Third National
Bank of Cincinnati.

Miss Bert Roberts of the Roberts Hat Shoppe will be in Louisville next week
on a business trip.
F.Y. Pumphrey, foreman of the Journal office, spent Sunday in Lancaster with
his father who is quite ill.

Misses Sallie and Lillie Pettus will leave Saturday for Washington, D.C., to
attend the Baptist Convention.

Mrs. Emma Luddy returned last Saturday to her home at Ludlow after several
days visit with the family of J.M. Roberts.

Otto Watson of Independence, Ky., stopped off here and spent Sunday while en
route to Stearns, Ky., on a business trip.

V.B. Stone and family will leave tomorrow to spend a few days visiting
friends and relatives at Lebanon and Bradfordsville.

The Ladies Missionary Society of the First Methodist Church will meet with
Mrs. Mary Gibson next Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. A.M. Girdler
will be hosts.

Hyatts Fork.  Prof. Bryant will begin a class of vocal music at this place
Saturday night … Alice and Lena Dungan visited Norma Taylor Sunday …. Della
and Ella Vaught attended the singing at Union … The families of Wm. and John
Langdon visited W.G. Taylor Sunday … Mrs. Farmer is will … Beulah Taylor
spent Sunday night with her grandparents … Elmer Chaney and family were
guests of his parents Tuesday … Harvey Taylor and wife were callers of Emmett
Bigley Sunday.

Oil Center.  Farmers of this vicinity are very busy getting ready to plant
corn … Miss Della Lane and Oscar Beasley were quietly married at the home of
Rev. F. Beasley Sunday … Thomas Johnson of Porter Creek has moved to the
property of Wm. McCline … Miss Esta Spaw is visiting at her uncle's, H. C.
Dyas, of Mintonville this week … Eugene Cooper spent Friday with Mrs. G.V.
Frazier … Miss Effie and Tiney Flynn visited their sister Mrs. Doctie Taylor,

Floyd.  Mrs. McCracken has returned from a visit to Indiana … Mrs. M.P. Estes
and son have gone to Akron, Ohio, to be at the bedside of her grandson, Paul
Dinkins … Fonzie Surber and wife visited J.E. Todd Saturday and Sunday …
Mrs. Sarah Dailey had a sale Saturday and will live with her daughter Mrs.
Printis Estes … M.N. Griffin and family visited Samuel Harrington and family
Sunday … Mrs. W.G. Nelson is very ill at this writing … Mrs. Minnie Anderson
and daughter Maxine of Lockland, Ohio, are the guests of her father … Lillian
and Dorris Gragg spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Verda Green … Tusco and
Hilton Young have returned from Indiana … Ben Vanhook is home from Illinois.

Clarence.  Rebecca Sandidge has returned from Stearns … George Osborne and
family visited at Waynesburg Saturday and Sunday … Retina Todd visited at
Eubank last week … Mrs. Rachel Long visited at E.B. Herrin's last Saturday
night … Rosa and Dola Long were the guests of Cyntha Osborne Saturday night …
 General Acton and family visited V.L. Acton Saturday night … Estelle Acton
visited in Eubank last week … J.B. Abbott visited W.J. Abbott Monday night …
Lucy Osborne and Tilda Acton were in Eubank last week.

Pointer.  Harry Cada has moved to Nancy … Mrs. Clancy Collins and her
daughter visited Otha Ware Sunday … W.R. Redmond was in Somerset Thursday …
Loretta Doss and daughter spent Thursday with Rosetta Allen … Anna Ware
visited her daughter Wednesday … Gertie Ware visited Mary Redmond Thursday …
Elwood Rainwater has returned home .. Edd Doss was in Somerset Thursday.

Burnside (by Mrs. L.D. Nunn).  Charles Curtis of Bowling Green was a guest of
Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Harn last week … E.J. Purtte of Monticello was in town
Wednesday … Chas. T. Daw of Illikin Oil Co., of Chicago, was in town last
week … H.C. Bush of Chicago was in town most of the week on business … James
Denton of Somerset was in town over Sunday … Mrs. W.S. Phillippi and son with
Misses F. Rankin and Elizabeth Allen were in Danville Saturday then motored
to Lexington for the day Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lewis of Somerset spent
the weekend with the John W. Sloan family … Roy C. Rew entertained a number
of friends to an overall and gingham party Friday evening.  The guests were
dressed in the "latest fashion" and delightful evening was spent, music and
refreshments were enjoyed … Miss Mabel Gover of Greensboro, N.C., is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Sloan on Highland Avenue … Rev. M.J. Dick of the
Christian Church will deliver the Baccalaureate sermon Sunday morning at the
Methodist Church.  Commencement week follows … Coleman Maze has accepted a
position with the Southern Railway in the fright office here … Miss Margaret
Denney of Bronston was the guest of Mrs. Same Weaver last week … Mrs. J.H.
Selvidge entertained the Y.P.M. Society Monday evening … The members of the
Eastern Star gave a box supper Tuesday evening with large crowd and plenty of
good eats.  Proceeds went to help build an orphan home for orphan Eastern
Stars … Mr. and Mrs. V.M. Lester and William passed through town Thursday en
route to Jamestown … Lindley Mitchell was home most of the week.  He is now
located in Louisville as installing contractor for the J.P. Colt Co., of New
York City.  Lindley is doing good and we wish him success … Mr. and Mrs.
Rolland Daughtery of Somerset was the guest of Mrs. Hugh Taylor over Sunday …
Mrs. Geo. Wilson of Cincinnati is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Loren Grider …
  Cleo West, of Louisville, is in town this week … The body of Mrs. Maud
Alcorn Austin was brought here for burial Tuesday from Cincinnati.  Her
father and two brothers attended … Mrs. John Golden is in Somerset this week …
 E.E. Kelsay was in Louisville on business this week.

Ringgold.  John Sawyers of Indiana has been visiting his parents MR. and Mrs.
Robert Sawyers … Taylor Dye of Oklahoma is spending the week with W.R. Jasper
… M. Stringer and wife spent Sunday with Tom Stringer … Simpson Phelps and
wife visited Rev. Wesley Colyer Thursday … Mrs. B. Spears mother is spending
the week with her … Mrs. Vina Wilson spent Saturday and Sunday night with her
mother, Mollie Jasper … Amazon Kelley is improving .. Mrs. Bonnie Sawyers has
been visiting her brother, Perk Stringer.

Skipp.  Mrs. Walter Burdine and children and Ike Whitson and family were
guests at G.W. Shiplets' last week … Walter Farmer and wife visited Oppie
Whitaker Saturday night … Mrs. J.J. McDonald and children visited Marion
Carlton this week .. "Aunt" Josie Price spent Saturday with G.W. Shiplet …
Willie Cottongim of Indiana is in this vicinity with friends … Lucie Wells of
Ano departed this life last Sunday morning and was laid to rest in the family
burying ground … Lula Adkins spent the day Saturday with J.H. McCatislis (?).

Eubank.  Lawrence Lee and wife visited homefolks at Floyd last week …
Clarence Singleton of Danville spent several days with relatives here … Dr.
John Acton and family of Danville spent a few days with Dr. Tom Acton …
Savannah Anderson, Prof. Hill and Mrs. Lizzie Burgin have returned from their
schools .. The entertainment was a great success, had good attendance each
night and Prof. Noe's lecture was fine … Roxie Spangler of Crab Orchard is
the attractive guest of Mrs. E.S. Gooch … Misses Saddie Baxter and Marie
Baston of Kings Mountain, came down for the entertainment … V. Ramsey and
family are moving to Somerset this week … Lawrence Lee is home from work this
week … Virgil McMullin is here with homefolks this week .. Ratina Todd of
Woodstock is visiting at the home of J.R. Nelson … Etta Gaines of Waynesburg
has been the guest of Iva and Dewey McMullin .. Mrs. C. Morgan and children
of Danville spent a few days with her parents … Mrs. Marion Larkins is very
ill … Mrs. Sam Dailey had a sale Saturday.

Mt. Hope.  Mrs. Anna Weddle is visiting her sister, Mrs. Mollie Adams … Miss
Martha Adams visited her cousin Sunday night … Miss Clotha Adams was the
guest of Sarah Weddle Sunday night … Mrs. Artie Cambel visited Anna Weddle
Sunday … Mrs. Willie Cox of Science Hill is visiting friends and relatives
here … Ross Haggard and wife have moved to Science Hill … Lola Randolph was
the guest of Ethel Farris Sunday … Joe Rainwater and wife visited her brother
Jerry Hodge … A.M. Adams visited Elbert Waters Sunday … J.J. Dick and family
visited G.M. Dick Saturday night and Sunday .. Miss Beatrice Morris visited
Haley Emerson Saturday night.

Hogue.  Samuel Roy spent Wednesday night with his daughter Mrs. Ida Dick …
Mrs. Grace Adams and children of Mt. Zion visited here last week … Misses
Lona and Flonnie Cooper of Ansel were guests at their grandfather C.C. Cooper
Saturday night and Sunday … Walter Shadoan is quite ill at this writing …
Misses Lou and Lola Dick, Martha Hodge and Henry and Arthur Hayes visited at
A.J. Adams' Sunday … Mrs. Clode Cox and little daughter are visiting her
mother, Mrs. John B. Girdler of Buncombe … Mrs. J.D. Hendricks spent Sunday
with her daughter, Mrs. Bettie Dick … Newton King is in Stearns on a business
trip … Misses Elizabeth and Dorothy Jasper were guests of relatives in
Mintonville last weekend … Several of the girls spent Sunday afternoon with
Miss Laura Godby … Harlan Vaught and family visited Mrs. Lottie Jasper of
Mintonville, Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Bettie Dick is on the sick list …
George M. Adams spent Tuesday with Sam West of Cave Hill … Luther and Amanda
Cooper entertained several young folks with a party Saturday night … Misses
Hazel and Dora Dick were Saturday night and Sunday guests of their
grandmother Mrs. Samuel Roy … There will be church here Saturday night and
Sunday … James Vaught and Miss Cora Acey of Velber, passed here Saturday
night on their way to Tennessee to get married.

Trimble.  Farmers here are behind with their work … Charlie Gains visited Sam
Burton Sunday … Mrs. Eattie Burton and children visited Mrs. Lena Kissee
Sunday … Sam Burton and G.A. Burton went to Burton town one day last week …
Charlie Gains and family have returned home.

Pulaski.  Mr. and Mrs. E. Pike of Waynesburg are visiting friends here …
Everett Bryant of Somerset visited his uncle D. Correll Wednesday … Mrs.
Elizabeth Childers of Cumberland Falls was the guest of Misses Correll
Tuesday and Wednesday .. Bob Bruce, the little son of attorney Waddle,
accompanied his uncle S. Waddle here Saturday where they spent the day
putting the finishing touches to Mr. Correll's Delco plant … Mr. and Mrs.
J.P. Anderson of Tenn., spent the first of the week with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Anderson … Miss Betty Hamm is expected home this week .. Ben Vanhook
of Indiana is home on a three weeks' visit … Miss Iva Mofield is home again …
 Mrs. Rosa Freeman of Dayton is visiting friends here .. Mr. and Mrs. E.
Trivett spent Sunday afternoon with friends here.

Acorn.  Mrs. Jesse Wells passed from this world to a better home above Sunday
after an illness of that most dreaded disease tuberculosis … Mrs. Eliza
Woodall is on the sick list … Mrs. J.J. McDonald visited at Skip last week …
Luther Inabnit and wife of Conard visited at Robert Williams' Saturday and
Sunday … Mrs. Elmer Sears and children of Shopville visited her parents
Saturday and Sunday … Robert Williams was in Somerset Tuesday … Mrs. Vanlo
McDonald visited at Ano Sunday … Mrs. Walter Burdine spent last week with
relatives at Skip … James Woodall is very ill … Stop, look and listen! A
fine boy at the home of Joe Johnson … J.N. Mayfield and J.J. McDonald has
returned from a business trip to Harrican Branch … Marion Carlton had a log
rolling last Wednesday … Hurrah for Jim Whitis he is through planting corn …
J.J. McDonald was in town Saturday.

Beech Grove.  Rev. George Sears filled his regular appointment at Bethlehem
Saturday and Sunday … Carthel Abbott of Somerset spent Saturday night with
his sister, Mrs. Ross Phelps … Mr. and Mrs. Claude Taylor have a new
dishwasher at their home … Mrs. Flossie Phelps visited her mother, Mrs. Rosa
Abbott of Somerset, Saturday … Howard Dodson and Miss Grace Hall attended
Sunday school at Beach Grove .. Charlie Godby is able to be out again with
the aid of crutches …. Mrs. Ellen Taylor and granddaughter Mae, visited at
Charlie Godby's Thursday … Charlie Stone and wife spent Saturday night at the
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Stone … Charlie Godby and family
visited Fred Hall Sunday night.

Possum Trot.  A revival meeting began here Saturday night conducted by Rev.
Wells … Bonie Roy and wife are ill … Otto Fisher and family visited Mr.
Robinson Sunday … The people of this community were very much surprised to
learn of the marriage of Miss Mollie Stone and Hiram Effrige of Cincinnati. 
Mr. Effrige arrived here Saturday morning and soon licenses were issued and
they were married Sunday morning at 9 o'clock by Rev. J.M. Shadoan.  The
bride is one of our most lovely and respected "old maids while the groom is a
highly educated gentleman.  After an elaborate dinner was served they left
for Ohio to make their future home … J.S. Woodall was called away on account
of the illness of his father … Mr. and Mrs. Ben Brandon of Somerset spent
Sunday with her parents … Mrs. Logan Hines and children spent a few days this
week in Somerset …

Second Piney Grove.  Farmers in this vicinity are getting ready to plant corn
… Harry Coda has moved to the property of Cornelius Haney … Mrs. Everet
Allen has been on the sick list … Zeal Henderson was the guest of Sidney
Summer Saturday night .. George Lands visited P.P. Summer Thursday night …
Mr. and Mrs. John Morris and family visited at E.A. Allen's Saturday night.

Valley Oak.  Sunday school has been organized at Flat Lick with John Phelps
Sup't. and Linda Buchanan, Sec'y … Wallace Phelps and wife spent Saturday
night at J.H. McKinney's … D.B. Wyrick, Tasso Buchanan and Wallace Phelps
were in Science Hill Friday … B. McKinney was in Somerset Saturday … Cella
Osborne and Locie Colyer visited Leona Griffin last week … Tom Price and wife
were in Somerset Wednesday having dental work done … Mrs. J.H. McKinney has
returned home from the bedside of her mother … Edna Ragar spent Sunday at
H.H. Buchanan's … John Helton and Sidney Lewis left Sunday for Ohio.

Delmer.  Mesdames Lou Weaver and Lewis Brock visited Della Brown Friday …
Mrs. W.H. Fibbs has returned from New Port and Covington … Mrs. Zillah
Dobkins continues very ill … Mrs. Luther Muse visited Mollie Muse Thursday …
John Floyd is improving slowly … Rev. Fibbs has his mother with him … Hugh
Fitzgerald fell from a horse Wednesday and was injured very much … Della
Brown visited Caddie Fitzgerald Wednesday … Edna Fibbs has been visiting in
Wayne County for several days … Chas. Owens was in Somerset Friday .. The
Muse girls visited Beatrice Fitzgerald Monday.

Oak Hill.  Hubert Thompson and wife visited his grandparents Sunday … "Uncle"
Davy Epperson is no better … The families of John and Lay Neeley visited
Quince Neeley Saturday night … Nannie Lee is visiting her aunt here … Mrs.
Pat Jones entertained a few friends Saturday night and Sunday … John Neeley
had several folks for dinner Sunday … Jim Tucker visited Oscar Cassada
Saturday night … Joe Neeley is very ill … Rev. Wesley Colyer and wife took
Sunday dinner with Dan Bogle … Mrs. Joe Neeley and Rendye Nicholas visited at
O.L. Wilson's Sunday … Ova Cassada was a dinner guest of Rena Combest Sunday …
 Mrs. Everett Gholson visited Mrs. Quince Neeley a few days ago … Grace and
Mae Frisbie visited Angie Neeley Monday.

Waterloo.  Beecher Foster visited his parents Monday night … Audrey Rainwater
visited Dica Schoolcraft Tuesday night … Dica Schoolcraft and baby visited
Everett Dick Wednesday … Perk Schoolcraft spent Monday night with Elmer
Schoolcraft … Audrey Rainwater visited Bessie Dick Wednesday … Pearlie
Emerson and Oma Hunley spent Wednesday night with their sister … Arling
Jasper and father visited A.W. Rainwater Wednesday … Elmer Schoolcraft
visited his father at Somerset Tuesday night … Randow Cooper and family
visited her parents Thursday … Elmer Schoolcraft and family visited John
Minton Thursday night … Dica and Sallie Schoolcraft were in Somerset Saturday
… Clarence Rainwater was in Ingle Saturday night … Rosco Porter visited
relatives here Friday night … Edward Doss and wife visited her parents

Faubush.  A.R. Higginbotham and family visited at Melro Tarter's Sunday …
George Weddle and wife visited M. Halcomb Thursday … Mrs. Audry Thomas
visited Mrs. Lucy Tartar last week … Cury Norfleet and wife visited at M.
Halcomb's Thursday … Melro Tartar and family and Acilles Molden and family
visited Andrew Botham Sunday … Mrs. Lucy Tartar is on the sick list this week
… Mrs. Eveline Bunch visited Sam Halcomb last week … Sam Tarter and wife
visited his mother Saturday and Sunday … Albert Tarter of Nancy was in
Faubush on business.

Pnobscott.  Singing is progressing nicely here under the leadership of Prof.
Mercer.  Come and hear some singing … Arvil Bullock is very ill … Lina
Thompson of Rockcastle County is visiting relatives here .. John Hart and
wife were in Eubank Saturday … Gilbert Eubank was the guest of relatives here
Sunday … Willie Acton of Good Hope attended singing here Sunday … V.A. York
visited his sister, Mrs. Marion Bullock Sunday … Miss Mary Hart visited
relatives at Pence Saturday … Misses Stella and Maggie Anderson visited
friends here last week … Mrs. W.R. York and Mrs. J.W. Surber visited at Mrs.
V.A. York's Wednesday … Phillip Greer left for New Castle, Ind., last week …
Isaac Greer was a visitor at Marion Tackitt's Saturday and Sunday … Several
from here attended the exercises given at the Eubank High School … J.M. Acton
and family were visitors of his daughter, Mrs. Lester Suttle, Sunday … Miss
Estella Acton and brother were callers at their uncles T.J. Acton of Eubank …
Miss Dana Suttle was a caller at Della York's Thursday.

Pisgah.  Misses Mabel and Thelma Claunch and Beulah Tucker visited Nina
Tucker Saturday … Misses Angie Neeley and Nina and Reda Tucker were Sunday
guests of Mrs. John Neeley of Oak Hill … Miss Mae Frisbie visited the Claunch
girls Saturday … Misses Nina and Hazel Tucker and Howard Tucker visited Mrs.
G.L. Wilson of Oak Hill Thursday … Dennis Casada and family of Pulaski
visited relatives here Sunday … John Andy Bell is suffering from blood poison
in his hand … Mr. Heaton and family visited at George Reece's of Somerset
Saturday night and Sunday … Mr. Heuchie is remodeling his house recently
purchased from Earl Curtis … Ottis Heaton and wife visited at Sam Waddle's
Sunday afternoon … Sam Hamilton and family of Somerset visited at John
Tucker's Sunday afternoon … O.S. Heaton and wife visited at Bill White's
Sunday … Mrs. R.L. Bales and children visited Mrs. Lawrence Bogle Sunday …
Lum Harvey and family visited at Mrs. Bourne Newell's Sunday.

Elrod.  Leslie Randolph left Tuesday for Indiana … Alta Ping and Miss Nicie
Vanhook visited at Joe Vanhook's Saturday night … Nicie Vanhook visited
Sallie Bumgardner Sunday … J.M. Carter and wife spent Sunday at W.H.
Bumgardner's … Meeting began at Silver Star school house Sunday with Rev.
Wright pastor … Mrs. Mary J. Carter visited her mother, Mrs. Martha Farmer,


Special Edition

High School Happenings.
Commencement Exercises - May 9 - 12
May 9, 11 A.M. - Baccalaureate Sermon - Dr. W.E. Hunter - High School
May 10, 1 P.M. - Grade Reading - Auditorium.
May 10, - Manual Arts Exhibit - High School Building.
May 10, 8 P.M. - Senior Play.
May 11, 2:30 P.M. - Class Day Program.
May 12, 8 P.M. - Commencement Program

Class Day Program, May 11, 1920.
Music - March - Salute the Flag - Allen - High School Orchestra.
Historian - Lewis Edward Gover.
Prophecy - Josephine E. Carr.
Music - Piano Solo - Grande Polka de Concert - Bartlett - Etta Mae Gillispie
Key of Knowledge - Same Boone Adams.
Knocker - Royce Norwood Flippin.
Music - Song - To a Wild Rose - MacDowell - Ambrose - Ola Jenkins, Ruth
Lorene Ashurst, Frances Kinne, Olive Albertson, Sallie Mae Sears, Sarah
Bernice Addington, Helen Margaret Baute.
Class Poet - Blanche Kennedy.
Giftorian - Katherine Virginia Stoms.
Music Quartette - Kentucky Babe - Geibel - Etta Mae Gillispie Hail, Isabelle
Emily Hardin, William Brazeal Humble, Lewis Edward Gover.
Class Will - Isabelle Emily Hardin.
Class Song.

Commencement Program, May 12, 1920.
Invocation - Rev. C.H. Talbot.
Music - The Romance of a Rose - O'Conner - High School Orchestra.
Class Address - Father B.J. Boland.
Music - Song - The Swan - Saint Saens - Page - Treble Clef.
Presentation of J.M. Richardson Prize - Mathematics.
Presentation of Charles Dugan Prize - Literary.
Presentation of T.E. Jasper Prize - Domestic Arts.
Awarding Letters - Athletic - Paul Dexheimer.
Solo (a) A Lullabye - Kirkman.  (b) Lovely Spring - Coenen - Miss Eleanor J.
Presentation of Diplomas.
Music - Gloriana - Weidt - High School Orchestra.
Bendiction - Rev. D.W. Scott.

Class Roll.
Sam Boone Adams, Sarah Bernice Addington, Olive Albertson, Ruth Lorene
Ashurst, Helen Margaret Baute, Joseph Andrew Baute, Samuel Monroe Bryant,
Josephine Enid Carr, Joseph Evans Claunch, Clara Woolfolk Colyer, Bess Marie
Crawford, Mary Ellen Duncan, Royce Norwood Flippin, Eugene Roberts Gover,
Lewis Edward Gover, Ella Mae Hail, Etta Mae Gillispie Hall, Isabelle Emily
Hardin, Willie Marie Higgins, Bennie Milburn Hines, Elsie Aline Hughes,
William Brazeal Humble, Ola Jenkins, Blanche Kennedy, Frances Iola Kinne,
Frances Marie Newton, Mary Margaret Owings, Mary Belle Pettus, Ruth Valentine
Ramsey, George James Sallee, Dill Moss Scott, Sallie Mae Sears, Katherine
Virginia Stoms, James Conrad Wirt.

Class Officers.  William George Albertson, President; Dill Moss Scott, Vice
President; Blanche Kennedy, Secretary and Treasurer.

Board of Education.  T.E. Jasper, President; J.P.W. Brouse, Superintendent;
W.H. Ramsey, Secretary; Roy J. McDaniel, A.E. Barnes, R.G. Williams, O.G.

Faculty.  S.M. Mayfield, Principal High School, Latin; J.B. McGee, Science,
Boy's Gym; V.D. Roberts, Math; Miss Adele Dorsey, English; Miss Eleanor
Stevenson, Music; Miss Rose Humphry, Art, Pottery, etc.; Clay Miller,
Printing; Mrs. Ethel Boyden, Domestic Science; Miss Nell Crawford, History;
Mrs. Roy McDaniel, Librarian; J.B. Mershon, Forge; G.L. Elliiott, Manual
Training; Paul Dexheimer, Coach.

Anne of Old Salem.  Presented by the Senior Class under direction of Miss
Dorsey, High School Auditorium, May 10, 1920, 8 p.m.   Cast.  Anne Ellinwell,
Frances Kinne; Roger Hardman, William Humble; Goodwife Ellinwell, Olive
Albertson; Phyllis from England, Mary Ellen Duncan; Nathan Ellinwell, Joseph
Claunch; Ruth the Quacker, Ola Jenkins; Ezekial, Edward Gover; Captain
Hardman, Eugene Gover; Mistress Hardman, Bernice Addington; Piety, Bess
Crawford; Truth, Marie Newton; Peace Atkins, Helen Baute; Cotton Mathers,
William Albertson.


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