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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday May 28, 1920.


Somerset, Ky., Friday, May 28, 1920.

Editorial.  This week the Journal is twenty five years old.  During these
years many newspapers have come and gone in Pulaski.  This has not always
been a good newspaper field and for that reason papers started here were
generally short lived.  To run a first class paper in any community several
things must unite.  The people must take and promptly pay for their local
paper.  The merchants, the farmers and business people must use the columns
of the paper to boost and sell their wares.  The citizens must unite in every
way to encourage, stick by and assist the managers of a newspaper in order to
have a real live one; a paper that will publish the news of the community and
develop a demand for large business enterprises throughout the county.  Such
a paper is of a great value to the people in every walk of life. The Journal
is here to stay and to serve the people.  It has always been able to weather
the storm.  The price of paper is sky high; wages are greater than ever
before and living is much more expensive.  Yet by a slight increase in
subscription, we shall march on in our effort to give the people of Pulaski
and adjoining counties a high class, progressive, wide-awake Journal to which
they are justly entitled.  The number of our readers is daily increasing; our
advertisers are many.  By an increase of both, we will have even a better and
more useful paper than we have ever had before.  Our purpose is to help the
farmers, to assist the merchants and business men, to boost the cause of
education and urge the benefits of the church, to better mankind, to enlarge
and beautify the community in which we live and by means of all these, to
make Pulaski greater, grander and better.  The Journal keenly appreciates the
loyalty of its patrons; the interest manifested by its many readers and
advertisers.  It's watchword is service.  Its intense desire is to publish
the news without fear or favor; to be of help to the people, to the end that
we may all prosper, be better and more useful.  God bless our people
everywhere and may the Journal live long to carry out the objects herein

Editorial.  If you want to know who the boss is in Louisville now it doesn't
take you long to find out after you have been in the city a few minutes. 
Just find out who owns the Brown Taxi Co., and you have the boss of the city.
 Cars of this favored taxi company owned by Mr. Hert, are allowed by the
police to park most anywhere and stay as long as they like, but you let
anyone else drive up and the police will almost insult you.  The police are
surely loyal to the hand that feeds them.

Growing Impatient.  The people of Pulaski County are growing impatient over
the slowness of road improvement in the county.  During these progressive
times people are not content to live on mud roads.  Our public officials must
wake up to this fact.  Pulaski needs more pikes and needs them now.  The
Journal hear complaints every day of the awful condition of the roads.

Parker's Expected.  The Danville Messenger had the following item last week
under a Somerset date line:  "In a recent letter to relatives, Mrs. Sam
Parker of Honolulu, announces the prospects of their leaving for the states
in the near future.  Dr. and Mrs. Parker were among the first of our young
people whom we lost to the war.  The doctor offered himself for duty shortly
after hostilities were declared.  His promotion has been rapid as was
expected by everyone who knew him.  For more than two years he and Mrs.
Parker have been on the islands.  He is Major Parker now, and from every
viewpoint, a true soldier and citizen.  Mrs. Parker is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. George Sallee, and we feel sure has played no small part in Major
Parker's continual rise to promotions.

No Work At Akron.  Several of our young men from Pulaski County have in the
past few weeks gone to Akron, Ohio, and other points in Ohio, seeking
employment.  A great many of them have been disappointed because the
factories in that section are turning men off.  Several men from Pulaski who
have been working in Akron, Toledo, Detroit and other cities have quit their
jobs and returned home knowing that it would be only a short time before they
would be let out.

Buys Farm.  Mr. R.O. Jones, the hustling "Knight of the Grip," has purchased
a twelve acre truck farm about two miles from New Albany, Indiana, and will
move there to make his home.  Mr. Jones is leaving Pulaski county because he
wants to live where there are good pikes.  He says he would rather live in
Pulaski than any place on earth but bad roads are too expensive.  If our
public officials don't wake up to the great and growing needs of the people
we will soon lose all our best farmers.

Farm News.

Corn planting will be completed this week if the weather stays fair.  Farmers
were badly behind but they got scared at so much bad weather then when a good
work day came they exerted every effort to get ahead and have succeeded
fairly well in catching up with the season.

Pulaski, The Buckwheat County.  Pulaski County is widely known as a buckwheat
county.  A County Agent in Pike County, Illinois, is on a deal with buckwheat
dealers in this county for a large order of seed buckwheat for the farmers in
Pike County, Illinois, who have failed to get land to corn on account of bad
weather an dare planning to put in a large acreage of buckwheat.

Sweet Clover.  Sweet clover cannot be excelled for a soil builder in rough
limestone land.  Farmers in northeastern Pulaski near Plato are taking hold
of sweet clover and they find it grows on exceedingly rocky limestone land. 
Mrs. J.J. Purcell has just seeded a field this spring to sweet clover and so
has M.E. Burton.  Lum Randolph has been growing sweet clover for three years
and he now has a crop waist high right on a rocky point where nothing else
likes to grow.  Sweet clover will thrive well on any rocky limestone land and
is an excellent crop to fill gullies and washes.

Tobacco.  Tobacco setting has started and from the looks of the beds there
seems to be a good chance for Pulaski County to get out a reasonable early
crop.  It is reported that tobacco beds in the Bluegrass are from two to
three weeks behind a normal season.

Personal Mention.

Mr. H.H. Walcutt left this week for Lexington after a weeks business trip in
the city.

Miss Bessie Healey will spend Saturday and Sunday in Lexington with friends.

Mrs. August Harkleroad left this week for Buffalo, N.Y., for a visit before
returning to her home at London.  She has been the guest of Mrs. J.F. Barker.

Miss Elizabeth Stone leaves today for Lexington for a weekend visit.

Earl Woolfolk of Danville, Ky., has been the guest of relatives here this

Mr. J.B. Phillips, one of our good citizens, ordered his paper sent to Merit,
Texas, until further notice.

Messrs W.C. Pegg and T.R. Dickerson and Miss Ottie Rogers spent the weekend
with Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Dudley at Lexington.

Col. and Mrs. Woodson May have returned from a visit to London, Ky.

Friends here will be glad to know that Dr. J.M. Owens is improving nicely and
will likely be home in two weeks.

Clay Miller who has had charge of the School Print Shop, has returned to his
home at Mt. Sterling.

Miss Ann Trimble of Chattanooga, Tenn., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.V.

Dr. B.B. Lowdenback of Burnside was in the city Monday on business.

Mr. Ellis Gooch, a former Somerset boy, now one of the most valued employees
of the Southern Railroad, was in the city this week.

John Kammerer is taking a look at the old hills of Pulaski after an absence
of two years spent in the coal fields of eastern Kentucky.

Mr. C.P. Ware received word this week of the death of his nephew, Ollie
Bourne, at Lansing, Michigan.  He was a young man of about thirty years of
age and was in business at Lansing.  He was brought to Junction City for

Miss Bert Cordor, now employed in Washington in one of the government
departments, is on a visit to homefolks.

Dr. and Mrs. E.F. Beard have returned from their honeymoon spent in the west.

J.A. Marsee of Dabney was in town Saturday on business.

Ezra Brock of Trimble was a business visitor to Somerset and the Journal
office last Saturday.

Miss Marie Denton has returned from Midway, Ky., where she has been teaching.

Col. J.A. Coleman, railway official of Danville, was in Somerset Saturday to
accompany his daughter to Danville to remain a short while.

B.T. Gragg of Louisville connected with the Kentucky and Indiana railway
terminal, west end of Louisville, in construction work, is spending this week
visiting his many friends and relatives in Somerset and Pulaski County.  Mr.
Gragg was born and reared in this county and is a descendent of the Cranes
and Rousseaus.  He has been gone from Somerset for the past ten years.

Mrs. H.C. Feese, accompanied by little Miss Elenor Grissom, of Columbia, are
guests at the home of R.M. Feese on May street.

Gerhard Brown has been absent from his duties at the First National Bank on
account of illness.

Miss Agnes Slack of Latonia is visiting Mrs. Elmer Hugher and Miss Helen

Mr. J.H. Kenney of Middlesboro, Ky., was in the city this week on business.

A fine boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Urtas Phillips last Monday.

Mrs. Ralph Curtis has returned to her home at Akron, Ohio, after a visit with

Mrs. Horn and daughter of Burnside were in the city Tuesday.

Mrs. O.L. Gribbons of Cincinnati is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.H.

Miss Ada Crawford has returned from Louisville where she has been under
medical treatment.

Mr. Duke Goodloe of Lebanon, Ky., is visiting his brother O.D. Goodloe.

Mrs. Mose Tanner of McKinney is visiting Mrs. Joe Wayne.

News has been received here that Mr. Watson Batts, who married Miss Flora
Shinneman, is quite ill at his home in Nashville, Tenn.

Miss Ada Zachery who has been employed by the Gainesboro Telephone Co. here,
left Wednesday to accept the position of long distance operator at Danville.

Mrs. Grant Colyer and daughter of McKee, Ky., are visiting the family of
Dillard Couch.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ogden and daughter Florence left Monday for Rushville, Ind.,
to attend graduation exercises where Mrs. Ogden's cousin, James Caldwell,

The Somerset Chautauqua Circle will meet Saturday afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs.
Carl Norfleet.

Johnson Bros., the Real Estate men of Somerset, Ky., sold to Sam Todd the
property on Oak Hill Pike owned by Mrs. Koger for a fancy price.

City Marshall Melvin Dobbs, Jailer J.M. Burke, Sheriff G.T. Flowers and
Deputy Sheriff Elmer Dunnington, all of Monticello, were in Somerset
Wednesday attending Federal court in a bootlegging case.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Osborne Mitchell of Stearns were shopping in Somerset

Master H. Lee Colyer of Danville was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Gragg

Attorneys B.L. Waddle and Ben D. Smith were in Monticello Wednesday on

Miss Mary Pettus will go to Danville today to attend commencement exercises
at the Kentucky College for Women and to be present at a class reunion.

Mr. G.P. Cartwright, a former Pulaskian, of Cartwright, Tenn., sends his
check for $2.00 and says he can't do without the Journal.

Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr., spent Thursday in Lexington with friends.

Mrs. Elizabeth Steward returned Monday after quite a stay in Cincinnati.

James B. Williams will arrive home next week from State University,
Lexington, Ky., where he has been in school the past year.

The pupils of Mrs. R.B. Waddle will give a recital tonight at 8 o'clock at
the home of Mrs. Waddle.  Those who attend will be given a rare treat and
will thoroughly enjoy the splendid program that has been arranged.

Mr. H.A. Gable of Burnside, manager of H. Brooke Sale, was in the city last
week on business. Mr. Gable is one of the hustling young business men of the
Cumberland city.

Walter N. Flippin and B.L. Waddle were in Louisville last Saturday where Mr.
Flippin purchased an automobile.  Mr. Waddle drove it thru to Somerset for

Miss Fostine Cooper is home from school for the summer vacation.

Joseph Claunch spent several days at home before leaving for Greenville,
Miss., where he will be employed on a large dairy farm for the summer.  For
the past two weeks he has been on a farm in Shelby county.

Mr. J.C. Goode of Pine Knot was in the city last Sunday.

Miss Barthenia Sallee left yesterday for Danville and Harrodsburg where she
will visit friends.

Miss Nora Christopher of Lexington spent last weekend with Miss Georgie

Arthur Bradshaw was down from State College for the weekend.

Miss Hazel Shadoan is attending commencement exercises at Asbury College.

John Converse who has been at Ashville, N.C., for the past several months, is
home on a visit.  He says that his brother, Ben, is doing nicely and is
getting fat.

Miss Ann Donahue of Danville, Ky., is visiting Miss Marietta Farrell.

Misses Mary D. and Margurette Beck of McKinney are the guests of their sister
Mrs. James Davis.

Oak Hill.  Myrtle Bogle left Tuesday to visit relatives at Wilmore … Markus
and Laura Tartar have returned home from a visit to their aunt, Mrs. Minnie
Massey … Ola Frisbie visited Willie Bogle Sunday … Mae Frisbie is visiting
her sister, Mrs. K.F. Gholson of Spann, Ky.  … Rendye Nicholas, Bertha and
Angie Neeley visited Grace Frisbie Sunday … I hereby advertise three stray
cattle at W.F. Massey's on the Columbia pike, two mules from Fountain Square.
 Owners please get same …. Mae Frisbie spent Saturday night with Rendye
Nicholas … Mrs. Quince Neeley and daughters, Angie and Christine visited
their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John Neeley, Sunday … Angie and Bertha
Neeley, Rendye Nicholas and Ova Casada visited Mae Frisbie Friday … Ova
Casada and Jessie Jones attended the Methodist Church in Somerset Sunday
night … Ben Bryant of Somerset and Bertha Selvedge of Spann, Ky., were united
in marriage May 23 … Noal Watson of Ohio and Opal McKee of Somerset were
married May 20th … Grace Frisbie and Thelma Claunch visited Mrs. Lula Girdler
of Somerset Friday and Saturday … Sunday school is progressing nicely .. Maud
Frisbie visited Thelma Claunch Saturday night … Tom Gholson and wife of
Spann, Ky., visited at Jim Bryant's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gholson and
son Melvin and Mrs. Bryant Gholson spent Saturday night and Sunday with Jim
Bryant …  Mr. and Mrs. Henchie and children visited relatives Sunday …
Rendye Nicholas and Bertha Neeley spent Friday night with Angie Neeley … Mrs.
Bryant Gholson spent Tuesday night with Mrs. L.F. Frisbie … Mrs. Nettie
Gholson and baby, and Mrs. Bryant Gholson visited Mrs. Lula Frisbie Thursday …
 Mrs. Frisbie visited Mrs. John Tucker Sunday afternoon … Mattie Neeley and
daughter Christine visited at John Neeley's Sunday.

Clear Fork.  Singing closed Saturday night at Pnobscott … Charlie Smithern
has returned from Akron, Ohio, and is visiting his parents at Woodstock …
Miss Lucy Hart visited Miss Mamie Singleton Saturday night … There was a
birthday dinner at Allen Eubank's Sunday with quite a number of his friends
there … Clarence Griffin and family were the guests at George Eoff's Sunday …
 Jeff Hart sold a pair of work mules Thursday … Mrs. Dora Nelson was the
guest of Mrs. Ella Griffin last Thursday evening … John Eubanks and family
have returned from Cincinnati and are visiting his parents … There was a good
attendance at the Baptist Church Sunday.

Norwood.  The revival here continues with much interest and a large
attendance.  Bro. Roby of Nashville is delivering some fine sermons … Mrs.
W.P. Phelps of Somerset visited Mrs. Frank Phelps Sunday … John Hood and
family of Somerset visited John Hood Sr., Sunday … W.E. Kidd who has a
position at Stearns, spent Saturday and Sunday at home … C.A. Mercer and wife
were Sunday guests at R.H. Hollars … Ben and Bob Vanhook visited A.R. Dungan
Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Ellen Thaw of Cincinnati visited H.L. Keith

Ansel.  N. George is moving his oil rig from J.D. Wilson's farm and will ship
it to Johnson county for the Pu-John Oil Co. … John Smith, age 16, son of
Laith Smith, died Sunday night.  The funeral was conducted by Rev. George
Thompson and Mrs. Bruner at the home and laid to rest Monday in the home

Pisgah.  Mr. Cole of Oak Hill visited E.S. Heaton Tuesday … Thelma Claunch
visited Mrs. Menechi Monday ..  Edd and Andy Gibson visited at Elihu Sunday …
 Mabel Claunch spent Tuesday with Mrs. Glen Heaton …  Mr. and Mrs. C.D.
Stigall visited relatives in Frazer Saturday night and Sunday … Glen Lair and
Miss Ola Mullenix of Somerset were married last week. We extend to them our
best wishes …  Several from here attended church at Frazer Sunday … Mr.
Raine and son of Tennessee were the guests of D.S. Claunch Saturday night …
Thelma Claunch and Grace Frisbie visited Mrs. Lula Girdler at Somerset Friday
night … Jack Wait of Kansas is here with his mother Thelma Claunch visited
Sallie Bryant last Thursday … The little granddaughter of Fount Bolin fell
and broke her arm Sunday … Sam Cowan has accepted a position as traveling
salesman … Burnett Rhoten and family spent Sunday at Jim Sears … Sam Cowan
and family visited in Frazer a few days ago … Bill White and wife called on
Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Heaton Sunday … Sam Waddle has purchased a new cultivator.

Mark.  Let everyone come out next Sunday to attend Sunday School at Sixteen …
There will be services at Fellowship May 30th also on Saturday and Sunday
night … Rev. W.R. Smith and son Rev. Thos. Smith of Okla., visited W. I.
Early Saturday night … Mr. Early and wife attended church at Short Creek
Sunday … A little son of Joe Herrin is very ill … Mrs. Bettie Smith spent
Sunday with Mrs. Vicars … Misses Edrie and Ruth Hamilton were in Somerset
from Saturday until Monday … Mrs. Edd Buchanan and children of Burnside are
with Mrs. Polly Barclay … Mr. and Mrs. Ona Hargis spent Sunday with Leander
Hargis … Mrs. Maggie Hansford visited her mother last week … Mrs. Dr. Garner
and son spent Sunday with her father W.A. Gilliland … James Bates and family
spent Sunday with Mrs. Ina Sears.

Elrod.  Oscar Sowder and wife visited Bob Catron Sunday … J.M. Carter and
wife visited her parents Sunday … Logan Debord and daughter visited W.H.
Bumgardner Sunday … Mollie Bailey has returned from Indiana … Seph Poynter
has returned home from Crab Orchard … Archie Poynter had several visitors
Sunday … Lester Catron was at Ocala Saturday night .. Miss Grace Randolph and
Lonzo Randolph are visiting at Norwood .. Mae Bailey and sister Rachel are
recovering from an attack of typhoid fever.

Drum.  Wesley Bray and family visited Tye Chaney Saturday and Sunday …  Mrs.
A.L. Meece of Colo visited her mother last Tuesday …  Several from here
attended the prayer meeting at Rock Lick Saturday night .. John Keeney and
wife of Somerset visited their parents here last week … Wesley Erp and family
visited Grant (?) Fulcher's Saturday and Sunday.

Science Hill.  Sister Bruner, pastor of the Nazarine Church here, is
conducting a revival at Norwood … Prof. D.C. Webb is here mingling with
friends … M.B. Hines has returned from a trip to Ohio .. Little Hattie Hall
had the misfortune of falling and re-breaking her arm just above the elbow
while playing .. Geo. Estes and Mr. Weaver were the guests of J.E. Estes last
week … Miss Mae Denney was in town Friday.

Clarence.  Walter McKenzie and family visited E.B. Herrin Sunday … Gertrude
Acton and wife spent Sunday with V.B. Acton …  A.L. Herrin and family spent
Sunday with Marion Brooks …  Ciceto Acton is very ill with typhoid … Dewey
Stringer and wife visited V.J. Hamm Tuesday night …  Rebecca Sandidge and
daughter visited G.H. Osborne Saturday night … Katie Stringer is visiting his
sister here.

Hogue.  Don't forget to attend the decoration here Sunday, May 30th … the
death angel visited the home of Bryant Dause Sunday evening and took his wife
to the land of rest.  She leaves a husband, three daughters two sons, three
step children and other relatives and friends to mourn her departure.  She
had been quite ill for some time with tuberculosis …  Chester Adams returned
home Sunday from Cincinnati where he has been at work … Joe S. Jones and
family of Beech Grove and Mrs. Samuel Roy visited at Marion Godby's last
Sunday … Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams were Sunday guests of Lou and Lola Dick
… Walter Shadoan is some better at this writing … Several of the young folks
attended the singing at Wilson Sunday night … P? and John West and sister
Veta spent Saturday night and Sunday with their father Sam West at Cave Hill …
 Raymond Robbins of Science Hill and Noah Hall of Mt. Zion spent Monday night
at A.J. Adams … Miss Martha Hodge visited at Newton King's Sunday … Misses
Amanda Cooper and Laura Godby and Messrs Chester Roy and John Godby attended
singing at the Bethlehem school house Sunday night … John the little son of
Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Jasper is quite ill at this writing … Lewis and Malinda
Adams spent Wednesday with their sister Mrs. M? Jasper of Mt. Hope … Mrs.
Andrew Blevins and son Edgar visited her mother Mrs. Mary J. Dick Sunday
night .. Ad Sadler of Harlan County is visiting relatives and friends here.

Faubush.  Farmers are almost done planting corn here … Lloyd Tarter will
leave for Cincinnati Sunday .. Mrs. Viola Higgins and children visited Laura
Ganes(?) Wednesday … Miss Ella Halcomb visited Mrs. L. Tarter Monday … Mr.
E. Weddle visited his parents Thursday … J.A. Tarter had several visitors
Sunday .. Miss Eveline Bunch is very ill … G.H. Hatfield visited at Abner
Tarter's Sunday … Willie Jones and wife visited at A.R. Bathon's Tuesday …
Mrs. Anna Tartar will leave soon for Iowa to join her husband.

Burnside (by Mrs. L.D. Nunn).   Miss Moiselle Johnson is with friends in
Pittsburgh, Pa.  … Mrs. A.J. Jones and son visited Miss Ruth Latimer in
Harriman last week and attended the commencement exercises … Dr. N.D. Stigall
was in Cincinnati last Thursday … John W. and Frank Sloan attended the annual
conclave at Lexington last week … Mrs. W.M. Spradlen was with friends in
Danville last week … Graham Davidson has returned from college … Mrs. Lizzie
Evans is with relatives in Somerset … J.M. Lloyd was called to Knoxville last
Thursday on account of the illness of his brother-in-law J.L. Dobbs … Mrs.
John Sloan was the guest of Mrs. Frank Ellis in Somerset last week … Mr. and
Mrs. J.A. Warriner and daughter registered at the Seven Gables Hotel Friday
en route to their home at Seventy-Six … Mrs. L.M. Cheeley visited relatives
in Somerset Friday and Saturday … Miss Edna Young was the weekend guest of
Miss Anna Denton in Somerset … The last meeting of the Reading Club met
Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J.E. Bradshaw.  Mrs. Bradshaw and Mrs.
Harry Waite being hostesses with Pres. Mrs. W.J. Davidson presiding. A very
interesting program was given by different members of the club.  Delightful
refreshments were served … Mrs. W.D. Humphrey of Stanford is the attractive
guest of Mrs. G.C. Nunn this week .. Harry E. Gundle spent Sunday with
friends in Stearns … The sad news of the death of J.L. Dobbs of Knoxville,
Tenn., reached here last Friday.  Mr. Dobbs was well known here having lived
here for a number of years.  He was an upright and good Christian man and
will be greatly missed in his community.  He is survived by his wife and
several children and is a brother-in-law of J.M. Lloyd, of this city.  Their
many friends extend much sympathy to the bereaved family … J.J. Crutcher,
Coleman Maze and Bob Sutton were in Lexington Saturday … John Dudley Sloan
visited Mrs. Frank Ellis in Somerset last week … W.S. Phillipi is very ill
with pneumonia … A.B. Parrigin of Mill Springs was in town Sunday … Mrs.
J.L. Grissom was the guest of Mrs. R.O. Lewis this week en route to her home
at Erlanger … Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Dugger entertained at dinner Monday evening
Mrs. W.D. Humphrey of Stanford, Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Nunn and Mrs. G.W. Nunn …
Hugh M. Taylor has returned from Akron, Ohio … Mr. and Mrs. Morris Taylor of
Danville were the guests of Mrs. John Taylor this week .. Miss Louisa Harn
returned from college Saturday … Dr. W.N. Craig of Stanford passed through
town Tuesday en route to Monticello .. Mrs. C.C. Greene and daughter are
visiting relatives in Milford, Ohio .. B.B. Lowdenback left Monday for a
visit with his father in Owentown … A.R. Humble of Somerset was in town

Elgin.  Mrs. Lucenda Griffin died May 18 and was buried in the Woodstock
Cemetery.  She leaves five sons and one daughter to mourn the loss of mother
love …  John Beaty is erecting a new residence close to his mill .. W.H.
Isaacs has gone to Cincinnati to have his eyes treated.  Grace Isaacs
accompanied him … Everybody come out to Sunday School and singing at
Woodstock … Rowland Watson visited Sam Warren Sunday … Roy Isaacs of
Somerset is with is grandparents here .. Born to the wife of H. Pennington a
fine daughter.

Waterloo.  Elmer Schoolcraft was in Somerset Wednesday night … Mrs. Molden
visited at Ingle Tuesday night … Beecher Foster visited his grandparents
Tuesday night … Pearlie Rainwater visited her sister Wednesday … Carl
Rainwater was in Somerset Wednesday … Beecher Foster spent Wednesday with his
aunt … Beatrice Sievers has returned from Georgia .. Mrs. Dica Schoolcraft
and daughter visited Martha Sievers Wednesday night … Clarence Rainwater was
at Everett Allen's Wednesday … Dorothy and Mary Hunley spent Friday night
with their aunt … Audrey Rainwater spent Tuesday with Dica Schoolcraft ..
John Dause of Russell County visited here Tuesday night … Jerry Calhoun spent
Friday with his brother .. Hobart Henderson is home on a 15-day furlough …
Lola Leigh visited Gertie Calhoun Friday night … Bonnie Leigh and Ruby
Calhoun visited Lula Leigh Saturday night … Dica Schoolcraft visited Mary
Rainwater Saturday … Flonnie and Bonnie Redmond visited their sister Thursday
night … Minnie Garner and wife spent Friday night with her parents … Grant
Leigh visited his daughter Saturday … Florence Rainwater spent Friday with
her parents … Elmer Schoolcraft and wife spent Sunday with Gid Gossett.

Beech Grove.  Killis Wesley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ghala Wesley, is recovering
from an illness … Iva Morefield was the guest of Miss Dorothy Wesley Saturday
night .. Dock Wesley and family have been vaccinated for typhoid and are
getting along nicely .. Babe Flinn and Seth Morefield were in town Saturday
on business … Miss Iva Morefield is spending this week in Pulaski … A.J.
Spaws entertained several visitors Sunday … Charlie Roysdon and wife have
moved to the Jones property … Bonnie Abbott of Somerset is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Ross Phelps .. Charlie Godby and family visited at Fred Hall's
Saturday night … Charlie Stone and family visited at Ross Phelps one night
last week … Miss Ella Taylor spent Thursday night with her grandmother Mrs.
Ellen Taylor … Misses Beatrice and Pearl Wesley and Mitchell Butt attended
church at Pleasant Hill Sunday night … Mr. and Mrs. Phelps and baby visited
her parents Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Abbott of Somerset, Saturday night and Sunday.

Pointer.  Hughes Redman was the guest of his grandmother Friday night …
Everett Allen and family have been visiting near Ingle .. Audrey Rainwater
has been the guest of Loretta Doss … W.R. Redman and family visited J.W. Ware
Sunday … A. Rainwater had several visitors Monday night … Rosetta Allen and
daughter visited Anna Ware Tuesday … Mrs. Lee Ann Burton spent last Sunday
with Anna Ware.

Floyd.  Mrs. Samuel Harrington died Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, May
19th, 1920.  She was 86 years old and widely known in this surrounding
country as "Aunt Lizzie."  The quite impressive funeral services at the
church were conducted by Rev. Cleveland Wheeldon.  The many beautiful flowers
gave expression of many friends.  She is survived by her husband, one
daughter and one sister.  The body was laid to rest in Freedom Cemetery …
Mrs. John Lay and children of Eubank were visiting her sister Mrs. W.R.
Estes, Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Maude Trivett of Somerset spent Saturday
and Sunday with homefolks … R.L. Johnson and family of Somerset visited Mrs.
Bell Trivett Sunday night … Elmer Stephens and family of Ohio are visiting
relatives at this place ... Mrs. W.G. Nelson is improving at this writing …
Mr. and Mrs. Alford Hays and son of Waynesburg were visiting relatives at
Cuba last weekend … Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Harmon of Science Hill attended the
funeral of Mrs. Harrington and visited their daughter Mrs. Wm. Jenkins.

Caintown.  Sunday school was organized at Caintown and about 80 have been
enrolled in the different classes … There will be all day memorial services
at New Hope graveyard May 30th … Cy Trimble bought a nice bunch of hogs
paying 13 cents per lb. … N.B. Tartar is still no better … W.W. Molden and
family attended church at Faubush Sunday … Beatrice Siever is home from her
school in Georgia … Esther Spaw and Wilmerth Simpson of Oil Center spent
Saturday night with Grace Cain.


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