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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday May 21, 1920.

Somerset, Ky., Friday, May 21, 1920.

Editorial.   About 1,500 persons were killed at railroad crossings in the
United States last year.  Most of them were in automobiles.  Some didn't
look; other's didn't listen, and very many tried to beat the train across the
tracks.   Men waste hours and hoard seconds.  A fellow will loaf all day and
then risk his life in his hurry to cross a congested street or race across a
track ahead of a train, to save a minute!   It's a poor sort of thrift. 
What's the hurry?  It's better to get there late than not at all.  Everybody
knows this, of course!  But the headline that tells of a family wiped out at
a railroad crossing has become a commonplace of the day's news.  "Stop, Look,
Listen!" is the classic among snappy slogans. Everybody knows it by heart,
but nearly everybody forgets it when he needs it most.

Men of Pulaski County Are Urged to Attend Decoration Exercises.  All
ex-service men of Pulaski County are urged to attend the decoration exercises
at the National Cemetery.  There will be a special program rendered by the
men from Pulaski who saw service in the late war.  The war department has
given permission for these men to wear their uniform on this day.  There are
something like fourteen hundred ex-service men in Pulaski county and it is
hoped that a greater part of these men will be present and take part in the

Utilities Co. Offers to Sell Railway to Somerset People For Fifteen Thousand.
 Mr. J.L. Waddle read a letter from the Kentucky Utilities Co., before the
Pulaski County Citizens Business Club last Friday, in which they offer to
sell the street railway to Somerset capital for $15,000.00 but with the
understanding that they are to get an increase in their water and light
rates.  Mr. Waddle and associates have taken the matter of purchasing the
plant under advisement. 

Will Start Work.  Mr. A.T. Sears, who will have charge of the work on the
Stanford Pike, is making all preparations to begin work this week or the
first of next.  The heavy rains has caused a delay in the work.  Mr. Sears
says that he is going to push the work just as fast as he can and he also
says that he is going to build the best piece of pike in the county.  The
Judge should begin work on the road to Burnside and the approach to Pitman
Creek bridge also.  These are two of the most important pieces of work to be
done in the county.

Some Rattler.  Mr. L.E. Meece killed a rattlesnake last Saturday that
measured over five feet.  He was riding along Haynes Knob and spied the
animal making toward him.  His life was short for Mr. Meece had good aim.  He
now hangs in Mr. Meece's office and has been viewed by many.

Sells Home.   Governor Edwin P. Morrow has sold his property on Oak Street to
Mr. Ben Kohler of this city.  Mr. Ben V. Smith is now living in the house. 
Mr. Smith will begin the erection of a beautiful home on North Main Street
next month.

Hail.  Dexter Hail, son of Mr. Berry Hail, died at his home in this city last
Sunday morning after a short illness.  Funeral services were held at the
South Somerset Baptist Church Tuesday afternoon, conducted by his pastor,
Rev. T.C. Duke.  Internment followed in the City Cemetery.  Mr. Hail was a
young man of splendid morals and a devout Christian.  He had been employed
lately at the Ferguson Shops where he had many friends.  He also worked
awhile for the Southern Express Company and for M.L. Gover.  He leaves a wife
and two children.

Col. Morrow Coming.  Col. Chas. H. Morrow will arrive in Somerset this week
to visit his brother, Col. S.S. Morrow, and other relatives.  He will be
accompanied by his twin brother, Governor Morrow.  Col. Morrow has just
returned from Siberia where he has been located for the past three years. 
Before going to Siberia he was in China and the Philippines.  It has been
over five years since Col. Morrow has been at home.  He will likely be
stationed in Kentucky as Inspector General of the State Militia.

Property Changes.  Messrs W.H. and Coleman Stigall purchased the Gann
property on East Columbia St. this week.  Mr. Gann will give possession at
once.  Mr. J.L. Waddle bought the Hail property on Maple Ave.

John Randall Dead.  "Uncle" John Randall, well known in and around Somerset,
died of heart failure at his home on North Maple Street Wednesday at the noon
hour.  He was 64 years of age and had been in declining health for several
months.  He was formerly employed at the Queen City Bakery, but had to give
up his position on account of bad health.  He was quiet and unassuming in his
disposition and may he find the path smoother and the ravel easier in the
land beyond the skies is the hope of his friends.

Doing Fine in N.Y.   Mr. Albert L. Clothier, a former Somerset boy, now
located in New York City is making a name for himself in that metropolis.  He
has been a member of the firm of Wood, Clothier & Herberle income tax
experts.  In a card just issued Mr. Clothier announces that he has
established offices at 111 Broadway and is prepared to act in an advisory
capacity in tax problems and to represent clients before the proper
government authorities.

Elected Adjutant.  At a meeting of the Pulaski County Post American Legion
held last Tuesday night, Mr. Paul Dexheimer was elected Post Adjutant to
succeed Mr. S.A. Waddle who resigned. 

Golden Jubilee.  The golden jubilee celebration at St. Mildred's church in
honor of Sister Madaline Thursday morning was quite an affair.  Father
Osborne of Danville was present and participated in the ceremonies.  The
altar was decorated with cut flowers, palms and ferns.  High Mass was

To Training Camp.  John Carr of this city and Charles T. Warren of Science
Hill, who are attending State University, have been appointed to represent
the University at the summer Reserve Officers Training Camp at Camp Custer,
Michigan.  They will be in camp about three months.

Disappointing.  The report of the Census Bureau giving Somerset less than
5,000 population was disappointing to the people of the city.  There are many
who believe there is a mistake in the figures and there has been some talk of
asking the department for a recount.

Griffin Appointed.  Dr. T.R. Griffin, formerly of Somerset, has been
appointed Medical Advisor to the Workmen's Compensation Board.  The
appointment was made by Governor Morrow.  Dr. Griffin has been located in St.
Petersburg, Fla., for the past year.

Two Licenses Issued.  Only two marriage licenses have been issued from the
clerk's office during the past week.  They were for Ingram Heath, 26 to
Mollie Barnes Durham, 26; and Vola Hall to Verla Lester, 21.

Where Are The Dogs?  County Clerk Langdon reports that up to May 10th, he had
issued a little over 500 dog licenses for the year 1920, as compared with the
same period last year he had listed over 2,000.  Where are the 1,500 dogs
that were licensed last year?  The dog law has not been repealed as some seem
to think, but there is a very severe penalty for those who fail or refuse to
have their dogs licensed.

Killed in Illinois By Horse's Kick.  The following account of the accidental
death of Lemuel P. Neikirk, formerly of Somerset, Ky., is copied from a Mt.
Carmel, Ohio, paper:  As a result of being kicked on the left temple by a
horse which he was preparing to unharness, Lemuel P. Neikirk, 67 years of
age, living half a mile west, and three quarters of a mile south of
Lancaster, died Saturday evening at about 9 o'clock.  The accident resulting
in his death occurred about 1:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon.  The deceased
and his grandson, Alva, aged about 12 years, had been to Sumner.  On
returning home they unhitched and put the horses in the stable, leaving them
harnessed.  A little later, they went to unharness the animals after feeding.
 The harness was taken from one.  Mr. Neikirk started to crawl through a
crack where some planks were off between the stalls into the stall where the
other horse was.  The animal became frightened and kicked him on the left
temple.  He was rendered unconscious and did not recover consciousness before
death.  The deceased was born in Somerset, Ky., Aug. 1, 1852.  He was married
in Kentucky, in 1875, and was the father of ten children.  Two children are
dead, William Parker and an infant.  The widow with the following children
survive:  Charley, Ishmal W., James Y., Stella Neikirk and Dorris Harness, of
Lancaster; Archibald, John and Lizzie Howe of Edgar County, Ill. 

Proposes to Establish an Industrial School in Somerset.  Mr. J.M. Ross has
returned from Los Angeles, California, after an absence of seven years, will
present before the Pulaski County Citizens Business Club this Friday evening
a brief synopsis of plans which he has for establishing a chain of Industrial
Schools in the Cumberland country.  It would not be practical to attempt to
state the details of the very comprehensive plans for this good and much
needed institution for this section here and now, but that will be fully
explained and worked out as the days and weeks go by; it may be appropriate
to state that all students will be required to work the same as study and to
wear the same kind of clothes during school hours and those who have no money
are especially the ones who will be assisted to obtain an education.  It is
the intention of Mr. Ross to first organize an association that will take
full charge of the organizing and managing these schools and the several
industrial enterprises which will be affiliated with these schools.  The
Cumberland Industrial School Association to be capitalized at $25,000. 
Whether or not Mr. Ross will be able to accomplish what he proposes is yet to
be seen, but the Journal heartily endorses same plan whereby Somerset will
have more places of employment for our young men and young women which make
it so they would not have to go elsewhere for employment.

With Baisley.  Mr. C.G. Faulkner, who has been conducting a store on the
south side of Somerset for the past 15 years, and who sold his business there
to L.W. Gossett recently, is now with his partner, H.L. Baisley at their well
known stand on Maple Street where they will increase their hardware business.

Brought to Hospital.  Marvin Roberts, 12 years of age, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J.R. Roberts, of Yamacraw, was brought to the Somerset Sanitarium last
Saturday suffering from a gun shot inflicted accidentally by a playmate.  The
little feller died soon after reaching the hospital.

For Sale.  Nice six room house with 8 acres of land ready for cultivation
this year, 2 blocks west of 4th Ward school building and joining city limits.
 Possession at once with terms to suit purchaser.  Also some corn and 2 sets
of buggy harness for sale.  Apply to or address Vic Russell, Somerset, Ky.

To New York.  Mr. William Ramsey, manager of the up-town house of the George
P. Taylor Co., has returned from New York where he took two cars of poultry. 
The strike situation is quite serious and Mr. Ramsey said slow time was made
en route.

Real Estate Transfer.  W.H. Stigall purchased this week the Dr. Trimble pr
operty of Herbert Gann on East Columbia Street.  Herbert Gann purchased the
Lee Hail property of J.L. Waddle on North Maple Street.  Moving it taking
place immediately.  Mr. Henry Gilmore, who resided on the Kendrick farm, is
moving to town this week and will occupy the old Hail property, next to
Terrell Waddle's on North Maple Street.

Wants Car Load Horses.  Mr. P.C. Bohon of Lebanon will be in Somerset today
(Friday), May 21st, to buy a car load of horses.

Marriage Licenses.  The following marriage licenses have been issued since
our last issue:  Marshall R. Hines and Lula Griffin; John R. Aker and Minnie
May Gibson; Doney Wise and Mary Ethel Wesley; William D. Maxwell and Lizzie

Looking for Location.  Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Begeman of Springfield, Ky., were in
Somerset this week looking for a location for their new electric harness and
shoe repair shop which they propose to establish in Somerset.

Tanner Arrested.  (I will forward this sepcor to anyone researching Pulaski
County Tanner's.)  

Farm for Sale.  A farm of 97 acres level land near Pulaski station close to
pike.  This is the farm of G.W. White, deceased, and is a good piece of
property that must be sold.  Also the John Golden farm for sale, either part
or whole.  For further particulars write, phone or call on C.A. Mercer, E.C.
Ward or W.J. Cox, Science Hill, Ky.

Personal Mention.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ham have returned from a visit to their daughter Mrs. Chas.
Rankin near Lancaster.

Mr. and Mrs. Logan Ham of Burnside have purchased property in Somerset and
will move here to take their permanent home.

G.H. Hatfield and family of Faubush were shopping in Somerset Monday.

Louis Girkey of Faubush was in town Monday.

Howard Ingram of Louisville spent Sunday with Miss Katherine Shadoan in this

Mr. J. Colson of McKeehan of Williamsburg, Ky., formerly special
representative of the Inter-Southern Life Insurance Co., has been transferred
to Somerset with headquarters here and has charge of this district including
Pulaski, Wayne, McCreary, Russell and other counties in this section.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Molen and Mrs. P.J. Daulton of Nancy were in Somerset

Mr. John E. Bell, Sr., and son, Earl Bell, father and brother of J.E. Bell,
Jr., editor of the Oneida News and the McCreary County News, at Stearns of
Oneida, Tenn., were in Somerset Wednesday on business.

William Humble left last Saturday for Akron, Ohio, where he will secure
employment for the summer.

Mrs. Wm. Catron and daughter Virginia have returned from a visit to

Mrs. E.C. Correll has returned to her home in South Bend, Ind., after a visit
with Mrs. Wm. Catron.

Mrs. O. Willis is spending a month with her parents Judge and Mrs. Wm.

Mrs. Charles Lindle of Ludlow is visiting her mother Mrs. Harry Lindle.

Messrs H.M. Holland, J.M. Murphy and L.L. Shivers of Barren Fork spent last
Sunday in the city.

Lawrence Longsworth was up from Monticello last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Benelli are spending several days in Louisville and

Attorney Ben D. Smith is away on a business trip to Eastern Kentucky.

Miss Mary Roberts is visiting friends in Knoxville, Tenn.

Miss Josephine Carr is visiting her sister, Mrs. Boyd Carr Sink in Lexington.

Mr. Arthur Bradshaw was down from State University last weekend with his

Frazier Richardson who is attending school at Lexington was home last

J.B. Albertson left this week for Kansas City, Mo., to spend the summer.

Mr. J.B. Marcelliott of Batter, Ky., was in town Saturday.

Mr. J.D. Hammonds of Louisville spent several days in the city this week.

Messrs Clarence Florence and Fred Hemphill spent last weekend in Cincinnati.

W.A. Kinne and T.L. Slingerland of Stearns were in the city last Saturday on

Clay Alexander is expected home from Vanderbilt University next week.

Andrew Baute left Sunday for Dayton, Ohio, where he will work during the

Mack Woods and Joseph Claunch left last Saturday for Allendale where they
will be employed on a large diary farm.

Carlton Elkin was down from Lancaster this week on business.

G.W. Lee of Elrod left this week for Ashville, N.C., for his health.

Mr. and Mrs.  Harry Keen were up from Strunk this week on a visit.

Miss Kathleen Kopenhoefer left last week for Washington, D.C., where she will
spend a month with her brother Fred Jr.

Mrs. Fred Kopenhoefer and daughter Helen are in Lexington this week.

Miss Mary Ellen Duncan let for Roanoke, Va., for a visit to relatives.

Raymond Harkins has secured a position on the Riggs Farm, Rockingham, N.C. 
he will be there until school opens in the fall.

The Recital given by the pupils of Mrs. R.L. Joplin at the Methodist
Episcopal Church, Thursday afternoon, was very much enjoyed.  Mrs. Joplin
will give another recital Saturday evening at the same place.

Chester Smith has returned to Akron, Ohio, after a visit with his parents Mr.
and Mrs. George Smith.  Chester has a nice position there and is doing fine.

Miss Grace McMahan of Danville was in Somerset this week.

Mrs. King Grinstead has returned to Louisville after a visit with her mother,
Mrs. Harry Lindle.

Mrs. Drake Thompson of Paris is visiting her daughter Mrs. Hershel Humble.

Miss Bessie Goggin has returned from Arkansas where she has been teaching the
past year.

Royce Flippin has secured a nice position in Akron, Ohio, for the summer.

Mrs. R.H. Bartells has returned from St. Petersburg, Florida, where she spent
several weeks with Mr. Bartells.

Mr. J.T. McCaslin of Lexington was in the city Monday on business.

Miss Ella Woodward has rented part of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wade Brown and
has gone to housekeeping.

Everet Murphy was in Louisville the first part of the week.

J.C. Collinsworth has returned from a visit with his son Leo at Nashville,

Miss Georgia Laken has returned to her home at Harrimon, Tenn., after a visit
with Miss Bernice Addington.

Mr. J.P. Tocher, district freight agent of the Southern Railway, was in the
city Tuesday.

Mrs. H.W. King and daughter Mary Mitchell are visiting in Lexington High
School commencement.  Mr. King's brother is one of the graduates.

Morris Harkins is spending several days in Lexington and Louisville.

Sam P. Gilmore has returned to his home in New York after a visit with his

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Owens of Washington, D.C., arrived Tuesday to visit his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Owens.

A recital by the pupils of Mrs. R.L. Joplin will be held at the Methodist
Episcopal Church Saturday evening at 8 p.m.

Quite a crowd of Somerset music lovers enjoyed the recital given last night
at the High School Auditorium by the pupils of Mrs. M.F. Reddish.

Elrod.  Mrs. Easter Vanhook and family and Mrs. Lena Rambow and family
visited their parents Sunday … Geo. Todd has returned from Ohio … Richard
Stevens had several visitors Sunday … Born to the home of Frank Poynter, a
son … Joe Vanhook is very ill … Oscar Sowder and wife visited Bob Catron
Sunday …. James and Virgil Hansford visited their father Sunday … Rutha
Sutton visited James Blanton last weekend … Seph Poynter and family are with
relatives at Crab Orchard … Mae Bailey is ill with typhoid fever … Dock Lee
has gone to Colorado.

Oak Hill.  Mrs. Dye Burton and children visited her mother Sunday night …
Mesdames Lula Frisbie, Bryant Gholson and Tom Bryant visited Mrs. John Neeley
Sunday … Dye Burton visited his brother at West Somerset Sunday … The home
of Dye Burton was destroyed by fire Sunday noon … Quince Neeley and wife
spent Saturday night with Joe Brown … Mrs. Frank Barnett and children visited
Milford Barnett at Somerset Sunday …. Mrs. James Casada was given a birthday
surprise party Monday … Angie Neeley spent Saturday night with her
grandparents … Dick Rhoten and family visited Rev. Mayfield Sunday … Nannie
Anderson of Berea College spent Friday night and Saturday with Ova Casada …
Mrs. John Tucker is in Cincinnati having her eyes treated … Laura Tartar is
the guest of Mrs. Massey … Edna Massey and Laura Tartar visited Nellie Burton
Sunday .. Several young ladies were entertained at the home of O.L. Wilson
Sunday … Carl Burton spent Sunday night with Clay Frisbie … Sam Waddle and
wife visited his parents Sunday … Miss Sallie Bryant spent Sunday with Myrtle
Combest … Willie Keith and wife, Mr. Hammonds and wife and Elsie New spent
Saturday and Sunday in Wayne … Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Wilson attended church at
Somerset Sunday … The 5th Sunday meeting will be held at Oak Hill May 30th. 
All invited to attend.

Mark.  Clarence Butcher came down from Cincinnati for a short stay with
homefolks … Mrs. Wm. Bobbitt has been seriously ill … J.S. Stewart and sons
spent Saturday and Sunday with John Owens near Estesburg … A.W. Sears and
wife visited Milford Sears Saturday night … Geo. Hargis and wife of Coin
visited Andrew Hargis Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hansford spent the weekend
at J.R. Whitson's … Locie Lovings spent Saturday night with her grandmother …
 Mrs. Noah Bullock and little daughter spent Tuesday night with Mrs. Susan
Herrin … Mrs. W.A. Randall died at her home near Bozeman, Mont., May 10.  She
was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hargis of Coin.  Mrs. Randall had been in
declining health for some time and came to Ky., in Sept., spending the winter
here, and she seemed to be much improved when she returned to her home in
March, but grew worse and lived only a short time … Mat Whitaker has gone to
Lockland, Ohio.

Waterloo.  Planting corn is the order of the day … Bonnie Leigh visited her
grandparents Wednesday night .. Thomas Rainwater and wife visited at Elmer
Schoolcraft's Friday … Laura Rainwater spent Friday evening with Mrs. Molden …
 Carl Rainwater was in Casey county Friday … Orvil Luttrell visited her uncle
Elmer Schoolcraft Friday night … Mr. and Mrs. Minnie Garner visited her
parents Friday night … Columbus Calhoun and wife visited her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Grant Leigh Saturday night … Clarence Rainwater visited his sister
Loretta Doss Sunday … Willie Rainwater visited Bertha Rainwater Sunday ..
Isaac Cooper visited his daughter Sunday.

Floyd.  W.H. Surber and wife are with J.J. Gaston and family at Sunbright,
Tenn. … J.C. Brown of Bee Lick spent Saturday night with M.N. Griffin …
Ellerd Trivett and family visited his mother here Sunday … Miss Lula Griffin
of Lockland, Ohio, and Ray Hines surprised their friends by going to Somerset
Thursday and getting married … Mrs. M.P. Estes and son have returned from
Akron, Ohio, accompanied by Mrs. Will Dinkens and son, Paul … Mrs. Samuel
Harrington is seriously ill … Mrs. W.G. Nelson is in the Somerset Sanitarium …
 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Black and baby have returned to Cincinnati after a visit
here … Mrs. Kate Singleton visited Mrs. Mack Griffin Thursday … A.W. Surber
and wife spent Sunday with Mrs. Jeff Mercer … The families of Roy Trivett and
Wm. Jenkins were in Science Hill Sunday … Mrs. Lawrence Lee is with homefolks
… Altha Singleton and Virgie Trivett called on Getrude Spears Friday … Ina
Harmon Visited Mrs. Roy Trivett Friday and Saturday.

Valley Oak.  Most of the farmers of this neighborhood are done planting corn …
 Nathan Buchanan, wife and daughter, Miss Alice of Oklahoma, are visiting his
brother H.H. Buchanan and other relatives in this county … Misses Ada and
Mallie McKinney spent Friday with their sister Mrs. Ellen Phelps … D. Couch
and wife and Mrs. G.S. Minter were in Somerset Saturday … Tom Buchanan and
family spent Saturday night at Wallace Ping's … Misses Sallie Ledford, Lora
Nee and Maud Buchanan visited Miss Leona Griffin Sunday … Mrs. Dr. Farley and
children were Sunday visitors at Tom Eldridge's … Nathan Buchanan and family
spent Monday at J.H. Bobbitt's … The citizens of this neighborhood have made
up money to buy salt to kill the myrtle in the Flat Lick graveyard.  They
have the salt there ready and will meet there Saturday, May 29th, to do the
work.  Everyone who has relatives or friends buried there should come and

Hogue.  There will be a Decoration here at the Dick graveyard the fifth
Sunday in this month.  Several good speakers on the program.  All are invited
to attend and bring dinner … Ansel Adams returned home last week from St.
Louis, Mo. … Mrs. Lillie Tartar and baby of Cincinnati are the guests of her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Pitman … Rev. John H. Hudson of Somerset was here
last Wednesday on business … Misses Lou and Lula Dick, Ada Burton, Messrs
John and Ansel Adams, Velber Jasper and Chester Roy visited at A.J. Adams'
Sunday … Miss Bryant Dause is quite ill at this writing … Mrs. Laura Dick
spent Saturday with her sister Mrs. Bettie Dick … Several from here attended
church at King Bee Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Albert Adams of Mt. Zion visited at
Mr. Dock Dick's Saturday night … Miss Malinda Adams was a guest of Miss Gala
Dick Sunday … Walter Shadoan is very ill at this writing … Mrs. Nannie Adams
and Mrs. Flossie Dick attended church at Mt. Zion Sunday … Marion Godby and
family spent Sunday at Tom Hall's of Bethlehem … Miss Mattie Dause had the
misfortune to get an arm broken last week, but is getting along nicely … Mrs.
Artie Campbell and daughter of Ansel visited at Aaron Cox's Saturday night
and Sunday … Misses Lola and Lou Dick, Lula and Rhetta Adams, Messrs Velber
and Marvin Jasper, Thomas and Clayton Gaddis, John and Ansel Adams attended
church at Mt. Zion Sunday night.

Meece.  Mrs. Mary Hail is very ill … Rufus Godby has returned to Ohio … J.H.
Godby of Elihu visited his father Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Nomie Heath has
left to join her husband in Berea … Grover Meece and Tom Gregory of Somerset
visited here Sunday … Mrs. Polly Haynes of Somerset died last Tuesday and was
buried here Wednesday … Ellen and Pearlie Meece spent Sunday with Mary Godby …
 John Meece has purchased the George Gregory property … S.M. Hargis was in
Somerset last weekend … Ellen and Pearlie Meece were in Somerset last week.

Singleton Town.  Misses Bennie and Joie Jones of Kings Mountain visited Henry
Singleton Saturday and Sunday … M.N. Ingram has purchased a new supply of
goods for his store … Levi Osborn and family visited John Anderson last
weekend … Walter Singleton is will with the mumps … Henry Anderson is one
the sick list.

Ruth.  A large crowd attended all day services at Clay Hill Sunday … This
neighborhood was shocked to learn of the death of Mrs. Elijah Dykes … Mrs.
Florence Brinson is improving … J.W. Meece and family visited George Mounce
last Sunday … Born to Mrs. George Mounce, a son  … Rufus Tomlinson will
entertain with a singing Saturday night … There was a baptizing near Ruth

Faubush.  Woodie Rogers visited J.A. Tartar Sunday … Andrew Higgins spent
Sunday with Tom Pennington … M. Smith is improving .. Sarah Bland visited her
daughter Wednesday … Ada and Lillie Bland visited Ida Johnson Thursday …. B.
Tartar and wife visited Abner Tartar Sunday … Melro Tartar has gone to Iowa …
 Levi Burkhart and Home Hatfield were at A. Bothen's Saturday … Oscar Rodgers
of Cracker Neck, visited his cousins here Sunday … Eveline Bunch visited
Lizzie Cundiff last week.

Possum Trot.  Mrs. Alice Hines is on the sick list … The revival meeting
still continues at this place … Much excitement was caused here Sunday when
the car driven by Tom Sears (Spears?) upset.  He and his brother were pinned
under the car for only a short while before help came … Millie Humble visited
Mabel Hopper Sunday .. Luther Baker took supper with R.H. Humble Sunday …
Finley Adams was in this vicinity Sunday … Grace Kennedy was visiting here
Monday .. Eva Godby is with her grandparents.

Shopville.  Miss Nettie Russell visited at Jake Price's Saturday night and
Sunday … Miss Lizzie Peters visited Mrs. Mandy Whittaker Tuesday … Mrs. Dora
Whittaker visited Mandy Whittaker Saturday .. There was a large attendance at
Pleasant Drum Sunday School Sunday … Misses Thelma Mize and Maggie Price
visited Mrs. Mandy Whittaker Saturday night … Mrs. Dora Whittaker and Mrs.
Mandy Whittaker visited Mrs. Mandy Whitson Monday … Mrs. Willis Hansford is
some better .. Perry James of Berea was here last week … Rome Randall has
gone to Indiana … Mrs. Noah Bullock visited her daughter Tuesday night …
Susie Adams and baby visited here last week … Zula Bales visited her parents
Saturday and Sunday … Orville Vaught's family and James Raney and family
visited Mattie Randall Sunday … Dahl Black spent Sunday with Andrew Hargis …
Chas. Hamilton has moved to John Stewart's … Alfred Sears and wife visited
Willis Sears Sunday … Pascal Gastineau and wife have moved into this vicinity
… Aunt Polly Barlcey visited Mrs. Whitaker Sunday.

Pisgah.  Mrs. Sam Cowan and children visited Mrs. H.S. Hail Friday … Mrs.
John Tucker and children spent Friday with Mrs. D.S. Claunch … Mrs. Amanda
Newell and daughters, Misses Linnie and Ruth, were guests of Mrs. Mary Gibson
Sunday … Evans Tibbals and family of Somerset and Rev. Overstreet were Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Otha Vaughn … Miss Elizabeth Elliott of Somerset is
visiting her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Woods Cowan … Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kager
and little son and Miss Ruth Ramsey are visiting Mrs. Kager's father of Wayne
county … Miss Nannie Claunch of Waitsboro visited her sister Mrs. Sam Cowan
Friday and Saturday  …  E.S. Heaton and wife, Bill White and wife, Glen
Heaton and daughter, Beulah, and Ottis Heaton and family were Sunday guests
of Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch … Misses Beulah, Hazel and Clarine Tucker and
brother, Oscar, left for Indiana Saturday where they will join their father
and make their future home … Trintus and Andy Bales of Dahl are visiting
their brother Luther Bales … Mr. and Mrs. Boone and children and Thelma
Claunch and Joe Sallee were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cowan … Miss
Nannie Anderson of Berea spent Friday night with Miss Ona Cassada … Miss
Mabel Claunch visited Miss Salle Bryant Thursday …. Mr. Baine and son of
Tennessee, agents of the Baine Bros. Nursery, took dinner with D.S. Claunch
Saturday. They were en route to Danville … Little Hayes Heaton has been very
ill but is greatly improved … Bill White and wife called on Mrs. Ottis Heaton
Thursday … Mrs. John Tucker is in Cincinnati having her eyes treated … Miss
Thelma Claunch was thrown from a horse last week, but was fortunate enough to
escape injuries … The farmers of this vicinity are about through planting
corn … Harry Stigall and wife visited relatives in Somerset Sunday … Mrs.
R.L. Bales and Mrs. Lum Harvey visited Mrs. Estridge Sunday afternoon.

Mt. Zion.  Remember the date of the Wilson Chapel Decoration, June 13th …
Guster Hollars has gone to Indiana to work … Some farmers are through
planting corn here … Mattie, a little daughter of B.C. Dause, was thrown from
a mule Monday breaking her arm … Mrs. Owens of Wayne county visited her sons,
Tom and Clarence Correll last week … Little Curtis Vallandingham of
Cincinnati is visited his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Hall … Mrs. Grace
Adams and little girls visited "Aunt" Jane Howell of Science Hill last week …
Miss Verlie Lester and Vola Hall of Somerset were married at Somerset last
Thursday.  We wish them happiness through life … Mack Baugh of Science Hill
is teaching a class of vocal music at Wilson chapel.

Pulaski.  Miss Betty Hamm visited Misses Odessa and Sarah Correll Sunday …
Several attended the splendid church services held at Freedom Saturday night
and Sunday by Rev. Crow … Mrs. Rose Freeman has returned to her home at
Dayton after a visit with her many friends here … J.L. Wilder is erecting a
new building on his farm west of Pulaski … Miss Viola Quinton, who has
recently returned from Alabama, visited friends here last week …  Following
are names of some who left on the excursion Sunday: Mrs. L. Bryant and
daughter, Miss Viola, Mrs. R. Freeman and nephew Elmer Mathias, Bradford
Cassada and Clarence Mathias … Mrs. M. Wesley and Tom Wesley of Ansel were
here on business Monday.

Beech Grove.  Rev. J.H. Burden filled his regular appointment here Saturday
night and Sunday … Among the visitors at Gahala Wesley's Sunday were Miss
Mary Phelps, Mrs. Bessie Meece, Mitchell Butt, Tom Vanhoozer and Emery
Harrison … Charlie Roysdon and family visited at Charlie Godby's Sunday …
Rosa Phelps and family, Charlie Stone and family took dinner at Felix Phelps'
Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Lou Roy have a fine 12 pound girl at their house born
May 13th … Archillas Wesley is very ill at this writing … Sunday school is
progressing nicely here … Finley Adams visited Arvince Phelps Sunday night …
Ross Phelps and family, Winnie Abbott and Mary Phelps visited at Charlie
Stone's Monday … Charlie Roysdon and wife are making preparations to move to
the Jones house.

Clarence.  A large crowd attended church at Good Hope Sunday … Rev. Gooch and
wife spent Saturday and Sunday with Leff Brooks … Mrs. Susie Warren of
Indiana died May 14th.  She was laid to rest in the Woodstock cemetery.   We
extend our sympathy to the bereaved … W.J. Abbott and children visited George
McWilliam Saturday night … Tilda Acton visited Leslie Estes Friday … J.
Mullins of Bee Lick committed suicide Saturday and was buried Sunday at
Providence … Rebecca Sandidge and daughter spent Friday night with Rachel

Burnside.  Mrs. F.A. Anderson left Thursday for her home in Deputy, Ind.,
after a visit with her sister Mrs. M.J. Dick … Mrs. Eva Taylor of Huston,
Texas, was the guest of Mrs. Lizzie Evans this week … Arthur C. Phillips of
Chicago was in town on business Friday … Prof. Webb of Science Hill was in
town last week for commencement exercises … Miss Bess Goggin of Somerset was
here with friends Friday … James Galbreath of Chicago was here on business
Saturday … Misses Cecil Davis, Elizabeth Allen and Nina Beaty attended a
dance given by Phil Lanier at Monticello, Saturday night … B.E. Cartmell of
Delaware, Ohio was a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N.I. Taylor over
Sunday … Sam Morrow of Somerset was in town Friday … Mrs. V.R. Southwood is
with her mother at Dover, Ky.  …  Mrs. W.S. Phillippi was in Danville over
Sunday … Miss Ora Meece returned to her home in Somerset Monday … Mrs. B.L.
Ham and sons spent the weekend in Somerset … Mrs. H.M. Curll and son have
gone to spend the summer in Brookville, Penn., Mr. Curll will go to Drexel
Hill, Penn … Miss Bess York and brother passed through town Monday en route
to their home at Rowena … Mrs. Ed Buchanan and children are with relatives in
Somerset … Miss Doma Phillipi made a business trip to Lexington Monday …
A.C. French was very much surprised when he received a letter from Governor
Edwin P. Morrow appointing him "Aide de Camp" on his staff with the rank of
Colonel … Miss Anna Denton left for her home in Somerset Monday … W.L.
McDonald is in Cincinnati this week on business … Lloyd Lindle entertained
with a birthday party Monday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.H.
Selvidge .. Miss Pearl Bradshaw returned to her home in Monticello Tuesday …
Mrs. John Golden has bought J.W. Johnson's store and is in Somerset this week
preparing to move her household goods here … Mrs. N.I. Taylor and son,
Bobbie, are in Cincinnati this week … C.V. Bryant and family have moved to
Erlanger where he is employed by the H.T. Whitson Lumber Co. … Miss Bernice
Mitchell is visiting in Campbellsville ... Miss Mildred Cooper visited
relatives in Somerset this week … Mrs. John McKean left Tuesday for her
summer home at Squirrel Island, Maine ... N.I. Taylor accompanied her to
Cincinnati … Master Raymond Heath, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Health, is
attending the Baptist Convention in Washington, D.C.

Acorn.  Jim Woodall is very ill … Mrs. Wm. Bullock is visiting in Cincinnati …
 Willie Woodall is here with relatives … Mrs. Rebecca Hargis and Heely
Woodall visited Miles Whitaker Tuesday … Will Cottingin has returned to
Indianapolis … J.N. Mayfield was in Somerset last weekend … Ketra Shiplet
and wife of Missouri are visiting here … Mrs. Vanlow McDonald visited at
Marion Carlton's Friday … "Uncle" Abe Wells has moved to Mt. Victory … Mrs.
Synthia Carlton visited Mrs. Rebecca Barnes Sunday … Josia Price visited at
Public Sunday … P. Whitaker and wife visited Robert Williams Sunday.

Sweeney's Chapel.  Wes Vaught is no better at this writing … Born to Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Hubble, a son - Lester Paul … Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Vaught visited
Anderson Meece Sunday … Raymond Aker and Mae Gibson were married last
Saturday … Oran Crawford is very ill … Wm. Vaught was in this vicinity last
week … Ella Crawford was with homefolks Monday … Mrs. Lizzie Wiser of
Indiana is here with her father, Wes Vaught … Mrs. Joe Russell visited Edgar
Hubble Sunday … Emma Jones and Jane Cundiff took the diploma examination
Friday and Saturday.

Norwood.  A revival began here Tuesday night … Stella Burge visited her
sister at Danville Saturday and Sunday … Geo. Morris and family visited Mrs.
A.J. Morris Sunday … Messrs Luther Burge, Leonard Duncan and Lee Sweeney have
gone to Indiana … W.S. Baker has returned from Baltimore, Maryland … A.J.
may and family visited in Somerset Sunday … Chas. Hood and family visited J.
Hood Sunday.
Elgin.  Chas. Warren and family visited J.L. Isaac's Sunday … Mrs. H. Goff
visited her parents Sunday … Thelma Isaac is with her grandparents here …
Gene Albright has had several visitors this week … Arthur Watson and family
visited Andrew Warren Sunday.

Oil Center.  Farmers are very busy planting corn … W.M. McClure is no better
at this writing … O. Beasley and wife have moved to Nancy also James Johnson
and wife … Mrs. Monta Marsee and daughter Mable of Piney Grove visited her
daughter Mrs. M.P. Lovelass Saturday night … J.Y. Simpson and daughter
Wilmoth visited at Sylvia Sunday.

Trimble.  Jim Muse and family visited N. Hudson Monday … Mrs. Belle Clifton
and children visited J.M. Epperson Tuesday .. Lewis Brock and wife and Lou
Weaver visited Della Light Sunday … Bessie Vaughn visited here last week …
Clara Belle Burton spent Sunday with her mother … Everett hart visited his
grandmother this week … Pansy Muse is with her sister Dora Burton … John
Floyd and Charlie Stephenson are on the sick list.

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