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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday May 14, 1920.


Somerset, Ky., Friday, May 14, 1920.

Murder - Suicide.  Cole Coffey, Slayer of Oliver Slaven, Takes Own Life When
Surrounded at Stearns.  Cole Coffey shot and killed Oliver Slaven at Stearns
last Sunday afternoon about five o'clock, Slaven dying Sunday night.  From
information as near as the Journal was able to get, Slaven, who was deputy
sheriff, arrested Coffey Sunday morning for peddling whisky and took from him
eight quarts of the genuine article.  Somewhere near the coal chutes Coffey
made his escape.  Later in the afternoon while a ball game was in progress at
the ball park a man named West informed Slaven where Coffey was hiding in a
nearby house and when Slaven attempted to again place him under arrest,
Coffey fired five shots three taking effect.  Coffey was at large till Monday
morning when officers approached a house to arrest him when he fired a bullet
into his own head, dying instantly.  Coffey was a miner, employed by the
Stearns Coal & Lumber Company without family and was being held under $3,000
bond for complicity in the murder of George Staley two months ago.  Slaven
leaves a wife and several children.

Well Known Here.  James F. Brady, 33, who had been ill for about three months
at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Brady at Stanford, died last
Thursday evening.  He suffered from a complication of troubles but the
dreaded Bright's disease made death certain and sure.  Mr. Brady's home was
at Stanford where he was born and reared and where he had spent most of his
life with exception of the time he lived in Somerset where he was employed as
salesman in the shoe department of the Fair Store, having to give up his
position on account of illness.  He was a member of the Baptist Church, was
an exceedingly clever, affable gentleman and made friends wherever he went. 
Besides the wife, he leaves one son, 13 years of age, his father and mother
and several brothers and sisters.  Somerset friends extend to the bereaved
family their heartfelt sympathy in their sad experience and great loss.

181 Increase In Ten Years.  The population has increased 181 in Somerset in
the last ten years.  The census of 1910 gave Somerset 4491, while the report
from Washington of the census taken this year is 4672, an increase of 181 or
4 per cent in ten years.

With High Distinction.  Out of the approximately 1,400 students at the
University of Kentucky during the first semester of this year, 174 came
within what is known as the honor list.  These honors are indicated by the
legends "With High Distinction," "With Distinction," and "Honorable Mention,"
standing being established on what is known as the point system.  Among those
receiving the mark, "With High Distinction" from College of Arts and Sciences
were Neal Thurman, Junior; and Alberta Wilson, Senior, both of Somerset. 
This is quite an honor and credit to come to these most worthy Somerset

Closing Exercises of S.H.S.   This has been a very busy week for pupils and
teachers of the Somerset High School.  Sunday morning, Dr. W.E. Hunter
delivered the baccalaureate sermon to a packed house at the auditorium;
Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock was the grade reading at the High School in
which pupils are always interested, also the same day the Manual Arts exhibit
at the high school, and at 8 o'clock Monday evening came the Senior Play,
which was given to an appreciative audience; Tuesday afternoon was Class Day
program which was full of interest from start to finish; and Wednesday night
came the final exercise the Commencement program.  All the exercises were
well attended and everyone participating in any of them acquitted themselves
very creditably.  Miss Grace Gover was awarded the J.M. Richardson prize -
Mathematics - $10.00 in gold; Miss Elizabeth Inman was awarded the Charles
Dugan prize - Literary - $10.00 in gold; and Miss Olive Albertson was awarded
the T.E. Jasper prize - Domestic Arts - $10.00 in gold.  We congratulate the
class of 1920, of which there are 36 members, they deserve the honors they
have received from a just faculty, and merit the plaudits of a generous
public.  Citizens of Somerset have sacrificed much to build and maintain our
excellent schools, and parents have experienced self denial and sacrifice to
give their children this opportunity, and only lives of usefulness lived by
the graduates will justify and pay the cost.  From the graduates sent forth
each year from the Somerset High School, many of them have become leaders of
the business and professional world and some have become distinguished.  It
should not be lost sight of that Superintendent Brouse and the entire faculty
have performed a worthy work by standing by and making the school what it is
today.  Without competent leaders and able instructors such fine classes of
graduates as we have had pouring from these schools could not have been

Dies Following Operation.  Mrs. Mattie K. Dykes, 42, wife of Elijah Dykes,
near Ruth, Ky., died at the Somerset Hospital Monday following an operation. 
Mrs. Dykes is survived by her husband and several children and much sympathy
of the Ruth vicinity is especially extended to the little children who have
lost so much.

Madison Green McClure.  Mr. Madison Green McClure, age 88 years, died at his
home at Mintonville early Monday morning.  He was born November 18th, 1832,
at what is now Floyd's station, in Pulaski County, and died May 10th, 1920,
at Mintonville, Ky.  Deceased was married to Mahala Surber February 22nd,
1855, who with four sons and four daughters survive.  The sons are Virgil
McClure, Lexington, Ky., C.K. and Hoy McClure, of Somerset, and Oscar
McClure, Mintonville; the daughters Mrs. A.R. Tartar, Mintonville, Mrs. J.A.
Hammond and Mrs. J.H. Floyd, Hustonville, and Mrs. John Riggins, Columbia,
Ky.  There are also quite a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren
who survive.  Mr. Virgil McClure was in Somerset Monday morning when he
received the sad news of his father's death.  Much sympathy is extended to
the family in the loss of the wise counsel of a father and the companionship
of a husband.  Especially does the Journal wish to join in extending
sympathies to Messrs Virgil Hoy and C.K. McClure, who are so well known in
Somerset.  Funeral and burial at Mintonville Tuesday afternoon.

Musical Recitals.  Mrs. M.F. Reddish's class in piano will give a recital at
Somerset High School auditorium on next Thursday evening, May 20th, at 7:30
o'clock.  Admission free.  Miss Ida Tomlinson gave her recital at her home on
Mt. Vernon Street on the night of April 30th, and Mrs. R.L. Joplin will give
her musical recital about the 25th of this month.

Salvation Army Drive.  The Salvation Army Drive is on.  Mr. Gladstone Wesley
is in charge of the drive in Pulaski county.  Any one desiring to help in
this most worthy cause can see Mr. Wesley.  The Churches have agreed to help
out and take up special offerings for the army.  Many churches will take the
offering Sunday.  This is a most worthy cause and we hope our people will
donate liberally.

Formerly Lived Here.  After a short illness, Mrs. E.A. Sherman, who formerly
resided in Somerset, died at her home in Norwood, Ohio, Saturday, May 8th. 
Funeral and burial at Spring Grove cemetery, Cincinnati, Tuesday, the 11th, 
Mrs. R.L. Joplin of Somerset attending the funeral.  Mr. Sherman has many
friends in Somerset who extended sympathies to him and family in his sad

Dies At Lakeland.  Just as the Journal was going to press a message came
conveying the sad intelligence of the death of Mrs. George Miller, wife of
Hubert Miller, a former Somerset business man.  The end came Wednesday night
at Lakeland asylum.  Mrs. Miller had spent several months past in Somerset,
and recently became effected with a serious mental trouble and was conveyed
to Lakeland for treatment.  She was a sister of Mrs. Herbert Gunn, of this
city.  The body will be brought here for burial.

Hospital Notes.

Mrs. Alex Taylor, Barren Fork, who has been in the hospital for several days
for treatment, returned home Tuesday.

Cleve Arnold, who received a severe fracture of the skull by being knocked
from a train by a fellow passenger, was operated on and had a growth removed
form the silt of injury.  There seems to be some improvement in his

Raymond Dill, who is suffering from extreme nervousness, his condition
remains about the same.

Mrs. A.J. Weddle, of Hustonville, is in the hospital for treatment.

Mrs. Eliza Dykes, who had been suffering from cancer for a good many months,
died Monday soon after an operation.  The disease had extended to adjacent
organs and she was not able to overcome the shock.

A little son of S.R. Godby, of Science Hill, playfully pushed a stone into
his nose which was removed with some difficulty Tuesday.

Bertha Hamilton, one of the oldest nurses of the hospital, has gone to nurse
a case in Monticello.

Brown's Patent.  Brown's shock absorber for Ford cars is the real sensation
of the day.  Mr. W.D. Brown, of this city, who is manufacturing the article
says that he is way behind with his orders.  Mr. Brown has placed about forty
sets on cars in Somerset and they are giving entire satisfaction.  Mr. Brown
intends to begin manufacturing and marketing on a big scale soon.  He has had
many big offers for the patent.

Mules Wanted.  I want to buy at once eight mules from five to eight years
old, 15 to 16 hands high, good weight and sound.  J.S. Cooper.

Personal Mention.

C.D. McCullum of Junction City was in Somerset a part of this week
incidentally to attend the Commencement exercises.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hargis Tuesday, May 11th, a son.  The mother is
critically ill.

Mrs. Chas. Moss and little daughter of Philadelphia, are the guests of Mrs.
T.M. Scott and mother.

J.B. Inman of Tennessee spent Sunday in Somerset.

Mr. and Mrs. Millard Hall of Oakdale, Tenn., attended the graduation
exercises here this week.  Their daughter being one of the graduates.

Mrs. Guy Correll of Ohio is visiting the family of Judge Wm. Catron.

Mrs. L.V. Sink of Lexington and her brother John Carr who is in school at
Lexington, were here this week for the graduation exercises.

A.M. Poynter of Elrod was in town Monday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley Barnett of Lexington were visiting relatives in
Somerset this week.

Dr. Sam P. Gilmore of New York is visiting his mother Mrs. Mary Gilmore and
other relatives in Somerset.

Mrs. Fred Wrampelmeir of Cincinnati is the guest of Mrs. Chas. Adams.

J.C. Bradley of Harrodsburg was in Somerset Tuesday on business.

The Chautauqua Circle will meet with Mrs. Will Waddle Saturday afternoon at
2:30 o'clock.

Mrs. R.L. Joplin spent Sunday with the family of E.A. Sherman, at Norwood,

A.E. Gray of Leahy, Wash., is visiting at the homes of Mrs. H. E. Trimble and
Mr. V.K. Logan this week.

Prof. Ralph C. Minnick of Minneapolis, Minn., has accepted the Principalship
of the Somerset High School for the next year.

Judge R.C. Tartar was in Monroe county the first of the week looking after
some oil interests he has in that county.  During his absence Judge M.L.
Jarvis acted as County Judge pro tem.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pumphrey of Lancaster arrived yesterday for a visit at the
home of their son F.V. Pumphrey.

Mr. John Slessinger attended the state bill posters convention in Louisville
last week and was honored by being elected vice president of the state

Col. T.M. Thatcher was in Cincinnati the first of the week on business for
the Gem picture house.

Cecil Williams is in Washington, D.C., this week supposedly to attend the big
Baptist convention, but Cecil is not a Baptist and doubtless the convention
he will attend there will not be as many present as there will at the Baptist

The young ladies missionary society of the First Methodist church will meet
this Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the parlors of the church.

Mrs. Arthur DeWeese will leave Saturday to visit her sister, Mrs. Brown, at
Birmingham, Ala.

Joe McGee was here this week from Louisville and left on a trip to St. Louis.

Born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Cain Sunday, May 9th, a fine girl.

Harlin Woolcutt of Midway, Ky., was here on business a short while this week.
 He was formerly connected with the Kentucky Utilities Co. here.

Mrs. Owen D. Goodloe is visiting Mrs. W.M. Carter at Danville this week.

Mrs. Ben D. Smith returned from Lexington Saturday.  Her husband joined her
there after a business trip in the eastern part of the state.

Dr. J.M. Owens who underwent a very serious operation at the Good Samaritan
Hospital at Lexington several days ago is improving, which is good news to
his many friends here.

Jason F. Lawhorn of Dahl, Ky., was in town Wednesday.

Mrs. Al Sears and little daughter have gone for a visit with her mother Mrs.
Belle Silvers at Mattoon, Ill.  Mr. Sears accompanied them as far as

Mayor and Mrs. George Cruse's little son, Theodore, is improving after
several weeks' very serious illness.

Mr. T.E. Horrell of the Somerset Hardware Co., was in Indianapolis from
Sunday till Wednesday on a business trip.

Col. T.B. Bradley of Louisville, one of Gov. Morrow's staff and a prominent
oil man, was the guest of Joe Waddle at the business men's banquet last week.

C.B. Proctor who has charge of the Silerville office of the Bry-Mac Coal Co.,
was in town last Saturday.

J.T. Brock of Trimble was in town Saturday.

Miss Georgia Laiken is the guest of Miss Bernice Addington.

L.L. Shiners of Barren Fork was in Somerset this week.

J.B. Marcelliot of Bauer spent this weekend in Somerset.

Misses Ata Lee and Ethelberta Scott of Georgetown University, are spending a
few days with friends and relatives.

Mrs. Arthur Tuttle of Lexington is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Lee.

A.R. Dungan of Norwood was in town Saturday.

J.R. Compton of Ingle was in Somerset Monday.  Mr. Compton was just returning
from an extended trip to Mississippi where he says they have been having lots
of rain and the farmers are very much behind with their crops.

Mrs. A.L. Burke and children have been spending the week visiting relatives
at Bradfordsville.

Keno.  Rev. Geo. Godsey filled his appointment here Saturday and Sunday …
Aunt Jane Hancock is very ill … Mamie Sandifer of Oakdale is visiting Miss
Bertha Cassada … Herbert Neely and wife left Sunday for Texas, where they
will make their future home … Sammie Bolin of Tatesville visited here Sunday …
 Miss Flonnie Summer of Greenwood visited her grandfather Saturday night …
John Tucker and wife of Tateville visited their daughter Mrs. Taylor here
Saturday and Sunday … Bertha Wilson visited Allie Wilson Friday.

Nancy.  Farmers are preparing to plant corn … Mertie Burton and Doll Dobkins
were Sunday visitors at Josh Dobkins … Walter Hudson and family visited at
Talmage Clifton's Sunday … Mrs. Tillie Dobkins is seriously ill … Maudie
Hudson visited her sister last week.

Waterloo.  Mrs. Dica Schoolcraft visited Ethie Rainwater Monday night …
Willie Rainwater has been visiting Mary Redmond … Mr. and Mrs. Edward Doss
visited her parents Saturday night … H. Redmond has returned home … Dica
Schoolcraft spent Thursday with Martha Silvers … Evert Allen and wife visited
at Ingle Saturday night … Little Hoyat and Hermon Jasper of Ringgold spent
Saturday night with their grandparents … Ruth, the little daughter of Cora
Eads, of Kings Moutain, is visiting her grandparents here … Edward Rainwater
visited Monroe Rainwater Saturday night … Arling Jasper visited her parents
Sunday … Audrey Rainwater spent last week with her sister Loretta Doss.

Clear Fork.  Mrs. John Wheeldon of Eubank had the misfortune to get her leg
broken last Wednesday … Mrs. Mercer of Cuba has been visiting her daughter
Mrs. Speed Adams, this week … Miss May Singleton was the guest of Opal
Vanover Saturday night … Freeland Osborne visited relatives at Pnobscott
Sunday … Leff Brooks and wife visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. Rice Gooch of
Eubank, Saturday and Sunday … There was a Mother's Day program at the Baptist
church at Eubank Sunday … Misses Nora, Eva and Hattie Eoff were the guests of
Mamie Singleton Saturday night … Richard Eubank and wife visited relatives at
Pnobscott Sunday … M.N. Ingram was in Somerset Wednesday and Thursday on a
business trip … Lena Thompson has returned from a visit with friends at

Norwood.  Sunday school is progressing nicely … Bro. Crow will conduct a
singing every Sunday afternoon … several from here attended church at Camp
Ground Sunday … A.R. Dungan entertained a few friends with a party Saturday
night in honor of the Misses Dungans' of Pulaski and Bob and Ben Vanhook of
Freedom … C.A. Mercer and wife and "Aunt" Jane Howell visited Estel Phelps
Sunday … Sister Bruner has postponed her meeting that was to begin here on
account of he illness of her mother …. Born to Ms. Will Baker, a son … Sam
Mayfield and wife, Bert Crockett and wife of Somerset, visited Perk Sweeney
Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Lee Girdler visited Mrs. Amanda Hines Sunday.

Cave Hill.  O.R Fuble of Virginia is moving his oil rig to Somerset on a farm
near Buncombe and will put down a test well … N. George, who was drilling for
oil on J.D. Wilson's farm struck another gas well at 150 feet and drilled to
a depth of 240 feet … Fred Thompson is teaching a class in vocal music at
Briery … There is a find Sunday school at Briery under Supt. Virgil Todd ..
J.C. Wheeldon will preach at Sardis Saturday night and Sunday.

Ringgold.  Several from this place have been attending the revival of
Pleasant Hill, conducted by Rev. Wells … A. Kelley who has been on the sick
list, is some better at this writing … Mrs. P. Stringer visited her brother,
C. Owens Sunday .. Miss Mae Williams of Somerset spent Saturday and Sunday
with Hattie Jasper … The Sunday School here is progressing nicely … Charlie
Jasper of Casey county spent Sunday night with his uncle, W.R. Jasper …
Arthur Baker who had the misfortune to get an arm broken is some better at
this writing … Miss Della Owens visited her aunt Mrs. Perk Stringer, Monday.

Norfleet.  The many friends of Mrs. Miller Norfleet surprised her with a
birthday dinner Sunday, May 9th.  There were about two hundred and fifty
people present and enough dinner for five hundred people.  Everyone had a
delightful time.  Aunt Miller was 51 years old and everybody loves her and
wishes her many more happy birthdays … Farmers are planting corn … Lawrence
Taylor and wife were the Sunday guests at Fred Taylor's … Ollie Ard and wife
have been the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Buchanan … John Woods
and son were the guests of John Buchanan Sunday.

Sweeney's Chapel.  Mila Keyes has returned from Chattanooga … Rev. Randall
will begin tent revival at Dabney Wednesday night … Flonnie Cox has returned
to Burnside after a visit here … John Vaught is conducting a singing at Union
Church … China Cundiff visited Jane Davidson Saturday night … J.R. Leonard
was in this vicinity this week delivery portraits for the Chicago Portrait
Co. … Mrs. Golden has sold out and will make her home in Somerset … Zelina
Price visited Thelma Vaught Sunday.

Burnside.  J.M. Kerns sold his home to Spencer Moody of Tennessee last week. 
Mr. and Mrs. Kern will travel this summer before locating again, and Mr.
Moody will go into partnership with W.L. McDonald …  Mrs. W.J. Davidson spent
last week at Glasgow … G.C. Nunn was in Somerset Thursday on business … Mrs.
R.O. Lewis was in Somerset Friday … Mrs. G.C. Nunn entertained with a dinner
party Friday evening.  Plates were laid for five guests, who were Misses
Mabel Gover of Greensboro, N.C., Anna Denton, Edna Young, and Mesdames L.M.
Cheeley and Frank C. Sloan … The seventh and eighth grades entertained with a
farewell party Thursday evening … Jim Burgiss has purchased the Geo. Cooper
home on French Avenue … Eugene Sprinkee has left to accept a position with
the Streckfus Steamboat Line at St. Louis, Mo. … Misses Esther Marcum and
Dorothy Blevins of Stearns were the guests of Miss Bernice Mitchell this week
… The freshman class entertained the senior class last Friday evening … Rev.
and Mrs. J.E. Fulton, Miss Doretta Fitzgerald and Geo. Burgess are attending
the Southern Baptist Convention in Washington, D.C., this week … Mrs. S.H.
Selvidge and son spent most of last week in Danville … Roy Rew, Maxwell Davis
and Cooper Cress left Friday to join the Navy. The latest news is that they
passed the examination at Lexington and Louisville and are on their way to
Hampton Roads … Miss Elizabeth Allen spent Saturday and Sunday in Somerset …
The alumni and teachers of B.H.S. gave a reception last Monday evening in
honor of the senior class.  A delightful evening was spent … Mr. and Mrs.
C.L. Summers of Chicago registered at the Seven Gables Hotel last week … J.M.
Mitchell was home over Sunday … Mrs. F.M. Jones of Savannah, Ga., was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Burgess Monday and Tuesday … Miss Mable Gover, who
has been the attractive guest of the Sloan family for the past week, left
Monday for Somerset … Mr. and Mrs. M.N. Duncan were called to Steubenville
Monday on account of the illness of Mr. Duncan's brother … Misses Nina Beaty
and Elsie Rankin attended the Elk dance in Somerset Monday evening .. The
junior class gave a lawn party Tuesday evening for the graduating class at
the home of Mrs. J.M. Lloyd … J.H. Selvidge was in Danville Sunday … Dr.
T.L. Gamblin took Levi Morgan of Lock 21 to the Marine Hospital in Cincinnati
Monday for operation … The sophomore class gave a party Wednesday evening for
the seniors … J.C. McKeeham of Williamsburg was in town this week on business
… The Class Day exercises was one of the most attractive features of
commencement week … Miss Francis Harvey of Somerset was the guest of her
sister Tuesday … Mrs. Bartleston of Monticello is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Phil Tuttle … The home of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Hewlett was happy by the arrival
of a new baby boy Saturday morning … Commencement exercises tonight Prof.
Wellington Patrick will deliver the address.

Floyd.  Mrs. J.B. Gragg and Mrs. Belle Trivett were in Somerset Monday and
Tuesday … Elisha Griffin and wife were guests of Harland Hays and wife at
Eubank Sunday … Mrs. Jackson is visiting friends at this place a few days on
her way to Cleveland, Ohio, after spending the winter months in Florida with
relatives .. Mrs. McCracken and son were in Somerset Friday … Elbert Bishop
and mother were visiting W.H. Surber and family Sunday … Roy Trivett and
family were in Somerset Sunday … Mrs. M.C. Higgins visited Mrs. M.G. Nelson
Sunday … Henry Griffin and son Orvill, have returned from Windsor, Ill.  …
M.N. Griffin and son were visitors of Marion Reynolds Sunday … W.H. Baston
and family were in Somerset one day last week … Mrs. F. Green and daughter
Verda were visiting near Science Hill a few days last week.

Beech Grove.  Mrs. Worth Taylor, Mrs. Ellen Taylor, and granddaughter Mae,
are visiting friends and relatives at Burnside this week … Mrs. Felix Phelps
spent Friday night at the home of her son, Ross Phelps … Miss Dorothy Wesley
was the Saturday night guest of Noma Jones … Among the visitors at Charlie
Godby's Sunday were Lewis Roysden and family, John Godby and family, Ross
Phelps and family, Miss Winnie Abbott, Charlie Roysdon and Fred Hall … Miss
Mary Phelps and Miss Gertrude Butt attended church at Pleasant Hill Saturday
night and Sunday … Noma Jones visited Charlie Godby Saturday … Ross Phelps
and family and Minnie Abbott visited at Layton Irvine's Saturday night … Mrs.
Annie Phelps visited her daughter Mrs. Montie Stone Thursday night … J.W.
Godby and wife visited their son, Harvey Godby of Pleasant Hill Saturday …
Little Eva Godby visited her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Godby, Friday
night …

Pulaski.  Miss Thelma Spencer of Whitley City is visiting Miss Jessie Wilder …
 Miss Oma Bunch has returned from Waynesburg … Mr. and Mrs. Nash of Somerset
were here Wednesday … Miss Betty Hamm spent Wednesday night with Miss Viola
Quinton of Science Hill … Dewey Smith spent the weekend with his cousin Henry
Smith … Miss Cloda Allen was in Somerset on business Saturday … Mesdames
Minnie Quinton and Laura Clark were called to Waynesburg on account of the
illness of their father, L. Pike … Rev. Duke of Somerset filled his regular
appointment here Sunday … Miss Classy Cassada of Green Wood is visiting her
sister Mrs. J. Denny … Mrs. James Corder and daughter Mrs. Bertha Helton of
Greenwood, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Cassada have returned

Elgin.  Mrs. H. Goff and children visited her parents Saturday … Mrs. Geo.
Best visited Mrs. Robert Price Thursday … James Gastineau is visiting
relatives here .. John Beaty of Science Hill has purchased the Elgin Roller
mill and will soon be ready for work … Fred Isaacs is here with his parents …
 The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. Wheeldon Monday and took
away their darling baby.  They have the heartfelt sympathy of this community.

Nancy.  Nannie Lee is visiting at Somerset  …  Mrs. Ada Pleasant is ill …
Grace Gover visited Ada and Lena Gover Sunday night … Mahala Leece was the
guest of Mrs. W.S. Brown Monday … Ada Gover visited Grace Gover Wednesday …
Miss Eva Gover of Nancy and C.C. Gillispie of Frazer were married April 29th
at the bride's home.  Rev. Turner, pastor of the Methodist Church of Frazer,
pronounced the ceremony.  Mrs. Gillespie is the daughter of J.S. Gover and is
an attractive young lady.  Her many beautiful traits of character endeared
her to every one with whom she came in contact.  The best wishes of her many
friends goes with her to her new home in Frazer.

Drum.  S.B. Miller of Valley Oak visited his brother here Saturday and Sunday
… Vena Dykes and Zula Hunt were Sunday night guests of the Sears girls …
Oscar Mounce has been in this community for a few days .. S.K. Erp visited
his daughter Saturday and Sunday … Edna Erp visited her sister at Bent
Tuesday night … Ida Goodin visited her cousin Saturday night … Scott Meece,
Romy Phelps and Everett Goodin spent Saturday night with Cleve Erp … Messrs
Baker and Young of Danville are visiting John Slavy … The birthday dinner
Mrs. Amos Slavy was enjoyed by many friends.

Eubank.  Miss Ruth Singleton spent a few days with friends in Waynesburg last
week … Dewey and Ennis McMillin visited relatives near Waynesburg … Ray
Tilford is home for a few days … Aline Godby spent a few days with home folks
last week … Mrs. Carl McNeeley visited homefolks last week … Mr. and Mrs.
C.B. Marcum are visiting in Danville …. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Gill of
Louisville are with Rice Gooch and family … Leff Brooks and wife of Woodstock
spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents … Eron Acton is here with Dr. J.B.

Delmer.  John Floyd is improving nicely … Laura Hislope is suffering from an
inflamed foot … Mrs. J.C. Brown entertained her grandchildren Monday … I.G.
Muse is very ill … C.M. Brown was in Somerset Thursday … Mary Fitzgerald
visited Mrs. Luther Muse Thursday …. Zillie Dobkins remains very ill …
Beatrice and Lillian Fitzgerald visited Laura Hislope Thursday … Rena and
Grace Brown visited Beatrice Fitzgerald Thursday.

Mark.  A new daughter at Harvey Hansford's, that's why he is wearing that
smile … Theodore Stewart visited homefolks last weekend … Mrs. Polly Barclay
spent Sunday at Mat Whitaker's … Mrs. Ellen Whitson visited W.H. Randall
Sunday .. Mrs. Delia Lovell and children visited Ina Sears Sunday … Nathan
Buchanan, wife and daughter of Okla., visited John Buchanan this week … Mrs.
Jessie Hansford of Somerset visited here last week … Susie Adams and children
visited at Shopville last week … The dwelling and is contents belonging to
W.C. Randall were consumed by fire last Wednesday noon.

Acorn.  Eliza and James Woodall are improving … Weck Cash is spending several
days at Somerset … Nip Harris and Bill Adams have gone to Cincinnati … R.H.
Barnes was in Somerset Tuesday … Jas. Norton was in this vicinity Friday …
Mrs. James Phelps and daughter of Indianapolis are visiting relatives here …
Albert Chaney and Anna Hash were quietly married Thursday.  We wish them much
happiness … Opha Phelps visited Iva Mayfield Saturday.

Bent. Kisarah Phelps and Minnie Bray visited at Ruben Childer's Sunday …
Clarence Harper and wife visited her parents Saturday night … Mrs. F.K. Bray
visited at R.L. Mize's Sunday … Misses Lexie Steele, Gilia and Okel Bray and
Viola Harper visited at G.W. Phelps' Sunday … Ethel Sears of Somerset spent
last week with J.W. Steele … Miss Edna Phelps of Somerset has been visiting
here … Milton Herrin returned to Cincinnati Tuesday after spending a few days
with home folks … Hulda Stogsdill was the guest of Zula Hargis Saturday

Clarence.  Leff Brooks and wife visited Rice Gooch Saturday night … Reca and
Audray Action visited here Saturday and Sunday … Marion Brock gave a singing
Sunday evening … A.J. Hamm and wife visited Dewey Stringer Sunday .. M.
Osborne and family visited his father Saturday night … Ira Brooks has gone to
Oregon … Huston Osborne and family were the guests of Rebecca Sandidge Sunday
… Linnie Gooch and children visited J.B. Abbott Saturday night.

Oak Hill.  Mrs. Bryant Gholson has returned home after a few days visit at
Spann, Ky.  …  Mattie Neeley and daughters visited Delia Neeley Thursday … O
ra Frisbie spent Saturday with Thelma Claunch … Mae and Evelyn Frisbie
visited Nettie Gholson Saturday … Fay Neeley and son have been visited at
Kitter …  Everett Bryant left Thursday for Oklahoma … Russell Nicholas and
family visited Quince Neeley Saturday … Willie Bogle visited Maggie
Richardson Saturday night … Born to the home of Oswen Taylor a fine boy …
Lula Frisbie visited Mrs. Phillips Sunday … Gena Mayfield spent Sunday night
with Ora Frisbie … Mable Claunch and Zona Cassada took dinner with Mary
Lorton Sunday … Mary Lorton visited Mabel Claunch Sunday night … Mrs. G.G.
Waddle entertained her son and daughter Sunday … Quince Neeley and family
visited Russell Nicholas Sunday … O.L. Wilson and family spent last Sunday
with George Phillips … The Frisbie girls visited Corda and Gena Mayfield
Sunday … Angie Christine Neeley spent Saturday night with her cousin …
Nettie Gholson had several visitors Saturday … Jim Tucker has gone to Indiana
… The Massey boys were in West Somerset Sunday.

Pisgah.  Misses Mabel Claunch and Zona Cassada were Sunday guests of Miss
Mary Lorton of Oak Hill … Quince Neeley and family spent Saturday night with
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas of Oak Hill … Mrs. Nan Gholson returned home Saturday
after a three weeks' visit to her son of Spann, Ky. … A birthday dinner was
given for Mrs. James Cassada Monday. Quite a number of old folks were present
and all spent a most enjoyable day … Misses Thelma Claunch and Angie Neeley
were with the girls who were entertained by Misses Myrtle and Mattie Bogle
Sunday … Alec White of Terre Haute, Ind., is visiting his brother Bill White …
 George Reece and family and Mrs. Daniel Swift of Science Hill, were Sunday
guests at E.S. Heaton's … Mary Lorton of Oak Hill spent Saturday night with
Mabel and Thelma Claunch … John Hall and wife visited D.S. Claunch Sunday
afternoon … Frances Harvey and little sister are visiting in Burnside … Mrs.
C.D. Stigall visited her mother in Bronston last week … Miss Sarah Tibbals
and Bill Humble of Somerset were guests of Evelyn Vaughn Sunday night.

Pleasant Hill.  Mary Phelps and Gertrude Butt of Bethlehem spent Saturday and
Sunday with friends here … Paschal Gastineau and wife have moved to Coin …
Mrs. Sarah Gregory and daughter Altha spent Wednesday with Mrs. Ora Godsey at
Clifty crossing … Rev. J.M. Harmon delivered interesting sermons here
Saturday night and Sunday … Charlie Godby and family visited friends here
last week … Vestal Tartar has completed his course with the Somerset School
of Business and will leave soon to accept a position in Cincinnati … Mrs.
Caroline Taylor spent last week in Burnside .. Chas. Roysdon and wife have
returned to Ohio … Miss Celestia Hall spent Saturday and Sunday with Edith
Keith … G.P. Neikirk and family and Sam Rayborn and family of Somerset,
attended church here Sunday … Villa Withers of Camp Ground visited the Roy
family here Saturday night … Bro. McGaplin of Somerset will speak here next
Sunday afternoon in the interest of the Sunday school … Miss Clara Girdler
entertained several friends Sunday after church. Those present were Misses
Dora and Katherine Shadoan, of Somerset, Gertrude Butt and Mary Phelps of
Bethlehem, Anna Mercer, Sadie Barnes, Altha Gregory and Telitha Ashley … Fred
Prather and wife are the guests of relatives here.

Science Hill.  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morris and baby of Ludlow are visiting her
father Everett Lester … Miss Viola Quinton is home from Alabama where she has
been teaching school … The school closed here Friday after a very successful
term.  The commencement exercises were good … Prof. Dabney left Saturday for
Richmond to attend school … Messrs Chas. Taylor, and Forest Hines have gone
to Toledo, Ohio … Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Wesley and son of Middlesburg are
visiting relatives here .. Thos. Phelps and family and Mr. and Mrs. Dudley
Wesley visited W.P. Newell, Jr., Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Aker visited
Wm. Newell Sunday … Judge R.C. Tartar delivered the graduation address to the
1920 class of seven here on Friday night.

Colo.   Wm. Meece, who has a position in the post office department at
Somerset, was with homefolks Sunday … Rusha Smiley has returned from Somerset
… Pearl Baker spent the weekend with her cousin here … Lark Ping is all
smiles - he is the father of twins … Nettie Hargis is very ill … Lee Kenney
and wife visited at Bent Saturday and Sunday … Idella and Jessie Ping visited
their uncle Saturday night .. Bettie Kenney and Edna Baker were in Somerset
Saturday … The literary society will be held at the Colo school house the 2nd
Saturday night in June … Isaac Jenkins of Cincinnati visited his family here
last week.

Possum Trot.  Paschal Gastineau and wife have moved to Shopville … Bill Huey
and family have moved to Elbert Humble's place … Sam Rayborn and wife spent
Saturday night with Mrs. Williams .. Anna Robinson visited her sister Sunday …
 Mr. Wilson of Camp Ground attended church here Saturday night … Mr. and Mrs.
Prather of Shafter visited her parents here Sunday … Liga Cook and family
have stretched their tent here to make their summer home … Agnes Huey has
gone to town to stay … Mary Alice Phelps visited Clara and Lucy Girdler
Saturday and Sunday.

Hogue.  Martin Hayes and family spent Sunday at Sam West's of Cave Hill …
Misses Opal and Ruby Benjie of Bethlehem spent Saturday night and Sunday at
A.J. Adams' … Miss Belle Blevins who has been staying at Hoy McClure's at
Somerset has returned home … Bud Wesley and wife and Mrs. George Wesley and
baby of Eubank were visitors at James Randolph's Tuesday … Misses Anna and
Coletta Baugh were Sunday guests of Lula and Rhetta Adams … Rev. George F.
Thompson filled his appointment here Sunday … Roy Cooper of Ansel visited
Luther and Clarence Cooper Sunday … Born to Mrs. A.C. Wesley May 5th, a boy -
Hoy … Misses Lela and Ella Jasper of Mintonville visited their cousin,
Elizabeth Dorothy Jasper, Sunday … Miss Bonnie Wesley of Eubank is visiting
Nora Vaught … Mrs. Bettie Dick and daughter Ada spent Saturday night and
Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Dock Dick and family … Mrs. Ester Hendricks and
children are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Nimrod Randolph of Ansel … 
Fred and Alta James of Somerset visited at R.A. Blevins Saturday and Sunday …
Mrs. Mary King is still quite ill .. Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams spent
Tuesday with their sister Mrs. Mabel Jasper of Mt. Hope … Mrs. Cordia Early
and children went to Cincinnati Saturday to join her husband.

Ruth.  Jennie Tomlinson returned from Norwood, Ohio … Dora James of Dykes
visited Mrs. John Alexander last weekend … Enoch Brinson gave a singing
Saturday night … All day services will be held at Clay Hill Sunday … Stella
and Ruth Colyer visited Mrs. George Bray Monday … Florence Brinson is on the
sick list … Murtie Tomlinson is staying with Mrs. John Alexander.

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