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The Somerset Journal
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Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, April 23, 1920.


Somerset, Ky., Friday, April 23, 1920.

Robert M. Phillippi, Burnside, Ky.  1848 - 1920.   Into the Great Beyond that
he feared not, entered Robert M. Phillippi, April 18, 1920, after a short
illness due to infirmities of the aged.  He was a native of Pennsylvania, but
lived in his adopted State of Kentucky, at Burnside for nearly 40 years. 
Honest and industrious; kind hearted toward all living creatures, a friend to
the old, to the young and to little children, this community is a better one
for having had him as a part of it for so many years.  He had many varied
experiences during his life that he would tell of when questioned, notably,
the great Johnstown, Pa., flood where so many lives were lost - one of the
greatest disasters of the 19th Century, as well as his war experience of
nearly four years under General Grant in our Civil War.  For many years he
was connected with a lumber company here in whose service he rode these hills
and valleys, buying timber, and accidentally making friends with all the
people with whom he came in contact.  This work gave him an opportunity to
indulge his love for the out of doors and to try a session with the game fish
that formerly abounded in these waters was one of his keen delights.  It is
with regret and sadness we note his passing, realizing however, that it must
be so in order that the great scheme of Life and Death may be property worked
out.  A gentle soul has gone home and I cannot but say these few words in
sincerest appreciation of an acquaintance with him since the writer's
barefoot days.  The bereft family have a good heritage left them and should
be proud.  The wife, three daughters, one son, four grandchildren and one
great grandchild survive.

A Very Sad Death.  Mrs. C.C. Hitch died yesterday at the noon hour.  Much
sympathy is extended to the bereaved husband and family.  The Journal learned
of her death just as we were closing our forms for this issue.  A still-born
baby arrived at the Hitch home yesterday morning and it was feared by the
attending physician that her condition was very critical and she passed away
about 1 p.m.  A more complete announcement will be given in our next issue.

Street Car Strike.  Street Car motormen on the local traction line went out
on a strike last Wednesday at three o'clock.  They notified Manager Shotwell
at noon that they would strike at three o'clock if their demands for five
cents more on the hour was not met.  The matter was settled about five
o'clock and the cars started running.  The lineman also struck for higher
wages Wednesday.  They were out just a short time.

Personal Mention. 

R.L. Johnson, the Real Estate Man of Somerset, Ky., will leave for Ohio and
Indiana with another bunch of land buyers Monday 26.

Mr. R.L. Brown, our efficient Post Master, spent last Sunday with his good
mother at Level Green, in Rockcastle.

Mrs. A. Stroud of Norwood, left yesterday to visit her brother, J.B. Vaught
of Bicknell, Ind.  She will possibly remain in Indiana several months.

Mr. C.S. Porter of Lexington, Ky., a former Somerset citizen, was in the city
this week on business.

Mr. H.C. King, Division Passenger Agent of the Southern Railway was in the
city this week on a business trip.

Col. Mike Elkin, State Commander of the Maccabees, is in the city visiting
the local lodge.

The remains of Mrs. Charles Dodge, who died in Detroit, Mich., last week,
were brought to Somerset for burial.  Funeral services were conducted at the
Presbyterian church Saturday by Rev. Talbot.  Burial took place in the city
cemetery.  Mrs. Dodge was Miss Louise Hail, daughter of Lincoln Hail, before
her marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Candler have returned from a visit with relatives in

Mrs. Geo. Wriston and son Littleton and daughter Miss Lillian of Cederdale,
Okla., will arrive this weekend for a few days visit with her brother, Rev.
D.W. Scott.  Mrs. Wriston and children are en route to Virginia to visit her
father and will stop off here to see her brother whom she has not seen in 20

R.M. Feese purchased of local dealer Ed Moore last Friday a model K-45 Buick
six.  Mr. Moore will have another supply from the factory soon.

Mr. W.D.  Brown spent Monday in Cincinnati on business in connection with the
manufacturing of his automobile shock absorber.

Master Charles Robert Morrow, son of Governor and Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow, is
spending several days with his grandmother.

News has been received here that Col. Charles Morrow arrived in San Francisco
this week and will soon be in Kentucky for a visit.  Col. Morrow has been on
duty in Siberia for the past two years.

V.T. Allen of Eubank a good friend of the Journal, was in the city this week.

Mrs. H.C. Weis of Cincinnati is visiting Mrs. J.H. Coleman.

Hershel Humble has been in Monticello this week on business.

Dr. J.P.W. Brouse and Mr. George Elliott are in Louisville this week
attending the State Teachers Association.

The Five Hundred Club met with Miss Ella Mae Waddle Tuesday afternoon.  The
prize was won by Mrs. R.E. Higgins. There were three tables.

Sup't. L.E. Meece is spending the week in Louisville.

S.D. Flynn of Oil Center was here yesterday on business.

Harry Baker of Nancy was in town yesterday on business.

Mr. Joe Norton of Mobile, Ala., spent several days the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
O.D. Goodloe.

Mrs. Charles Catron accompanied her mother in law to Cincinnati last Friday
where she was put under the cared of a specialist.  Mrs. Catron returned home

Miss Margurette Hill is visiting her sister in Lebanon.

Mr. John Owens left this week for Cincinnati where he will join his son who
is with the Clark Shows.

Mrs. Lottie Hall has returned from Oakdale, Tenn., where she has spent the
winter with Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Hall.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Yates spent several days in Cincinnati where Mr. Yates
attended a meeting of the Proctor & Gamble traveling salesman.

Mr. Gilbert Dyer has returned to Louisville after spending some time here
with Road Engineer Pack.

Dumont H. Stigall, merchant and farmer of Frazer, was in Somerset last Friday
on business and called at the Journal office.  Mr. Stigall says farmers are
busy sowing oats and are about ready to plant corn in his section.

John Lay, of Eubank, was here last weekend on business.

Mrs. James Eads of Monticello, was visiting Mrs. Sophia H. Stone and
attending the meeting at the Methodist church last week.

Mrs. C.W. Taylor is visiting in Cincinnati before returning to her home in
Oklahoma.  Mr. Taylor met her there.

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Carter have returned to Lexington after a visit at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Goodloe.

Mr. R.G. Williams, Jr., spent Tuesday in Lexington with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. John Thatcher, Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Waddle, and Mr. and Mrs. R.G.
Williams, Jr., will be the guests of Governor and Mrs. Morrow at the mansion
next weekend.

George Holland, store manager at Barren Fork, was in the city last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Phipps of Louisville, are spending several days with Mr.
and Mrs. A. Goldenberg.

George Curd drove Co. Sam Morrow's new Hudson Super-Six thru from Cincinnati.

Col. Robert Rowe was up from Burnside Tuesday on business.

Mrs. D. Halcomb of Stearns was in the city Tuesday.

Miss Bert Roberts has returned from Stearns, Barren Fork, Oneida and other
towns south of Somerset where she has been showing her spring line of

Clinton Byrd of Barren Fork has returned home after a visit with his aunt,
Mrs. R. Addington.

John Wilson of Barren Fork was in the city last week and purchased a Ford car
from agent Crawford.

Vola Lewis spent last Sunday in Helenwood with friends.

Miss Maude Girdler arrived last Friday from Washington, D.C., to be with her
mother, Mrs. J.E. Girdler, who is improving after several weeks' illness.

Rev. G.D. Sloan was up from Burnside this week on business.  Mr. Sloan will
leave in a few days for Henrietta, Oklahoma, to visit his only daughter.

Mr. Virgil Wesley of Joyce, Ky., was in Somerset, Monday, on business.

Mrs. A. Goldenberg is able to be out after several weeks illness.

John M.P. Thatcher arrived Tuesday for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Thos. M. Thatcher.  Mrs. Thatcher and John Jr., arrived last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cundiff, who have resided at Bethel, Ohio, for several
months past, have returned to Somerset and will likely locate here
permanently.  We gladly welcome these good people.

W.M. Woods of Campaign, Ill., Henry F. Woods of Cincinnati, Ohio; Mrs. John
A. Borden of Louisville; Mrs. T.G. Duvall of Lexington; Mrs. A.C. Cameron of
Burnside, and Maurice E. Woods are at the bedside of their mother, Mrs. John
A. Woods, who is dangerously ill at the Bobbitt apartments.

W.A. Kinne was up from Stearns last week.

Manager Chas. Moore has returned from a weeks' stay in Warren and Allen
counties where he is interested in some oil property.  While there he saw one
duster and one producer drilled in.

Rev. C.B. Kolb, of Beulah Heights, near Sloans Valley, Ky., was a caller at
the Journal office last Saturday.  Rev. Kolb went into this section of the
country, cleared the forest and installed his own saw mill and wit the
assistance of corps of young ministers of the faith he proclaims is building
a mission, school and many residences for those who desire to locate at
Beulah Heights.

W.J. Jenkins, local agent for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., was in
Danville last weekend attending a district meeting of Metropolitan Agents to
discuss important insurance matters.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Denney have returned from an extended trip to the South. 
Their many friends are glad to welcome them back home.

Possum Trot.  Mrs. Jim Girdler is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jess Garner of
Indiana … Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Turpen and MR. and MR. Roy Turpen attended
church at Somerset Sunday … Coral Humble traded a mare to J.C. Mayfield for a
cow and calf … Mr. Cunningham is very ill at this writing … "Aunt" Lucy
Girdler is on the sick list … Mable Hopper, Finley Adams, and the Misses
Humble were visitors at M. Ashley's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Hopper Roy spent
Sunday tat Tom Cain's … Bennie Scales left Saturday for Indiana … "Uncle"
Jim Stone (text missing)  Willie Ashley spent a few days of last week at

Shopville.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitson has a new boy at their home - ?
Stewart … Mrs. John Roberts and little son of Illinois visited at James
Raney's last week … "Aunt" Susan Herrin is very ill … Mr. and Mrs. Virgil
Raney and Mr. and Mrs. Bell Poynter and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Bales Sunday … The people of Shopville neighborhood are saying, hurrah ! for
Ted Randall, perhaps you will know why when you see Dr. Garner … Mrs. Herrin
and children visited Ellen Whitson Thursday … Mrs. Laura Gastineau visited
her parents Saturday and Sunday … Lettie and Cora Whitis visited Flonnie
Sears Sunday .. Mrs. Bertha Bates visited her mother Sunday.

Mt. Zion.  Mrs. Dewey Godby has left to join her husband in Cincinnati …
Orville Leigh has moved to Casey county … Lois Crawford is with her
grandparents … Several from here attended the funeral of James Morris at
Science Hill Saturday … Mesdames Eliza Baugh and Guster Hollars and baby have
been visiting in Science Hill … Mrs. B. Spaw is visiting her mother Mrs.
Ellen Vaught … "Aunt" Lydia Baugh, who died at Buncombe, was brought here for
burial last Monday.

Ansel.  Sister Bruner will preach at Wilson Chapel the fourth Saturday night
and Sunday … Howard Hines of Mintonville visited I. Smith Saturday night …
Granville Smith and wife visited Carl Quinton of Pulaski Sunday … Hattie
Wilson was the guest of Edna Mullins Saturday night and Sunday … Hollis
Wilson and wife who have been in Detroit for some time are expected home soon
…. Bonnie Cox of Science Hill was visiting here Sunday … Shadrick Blevins
and family of Briery visited Ed Smith Saturday and Sunday … Minnie, Lola and
Hattie Wilson were the guests of Elsie and Susie Burton Sunday.

Sweeney's Chapel.  Irene Russell is improving slowly … Mrs. Anna Crow and
children are very ill .. Stella Vaught is home from Somerset … Robert Meece
and mother visited W.C. Wilson Sunday … Luther Keyes and wife visited Mance
Hamilton Sunday … O.A. Sweeney and Beulah Hubble were visiting in Somerset
last week … Virgil Hamilton has returned to Mobile, Ohio … Miss Vaught was
in Somerset Saturday … Mrs. Dave Bales spent the week with her daughter.

Elgin.   Otto Wilson visited his parents last weekend … Arthur Watson and
family visited Andrew Warren Sunday … Eva and Fay Watson spent Sunday in
Woodstock … Charles Warren and wife visited in Elgin Sunday … Roy Burgin of
Louisville visited John Logsdon Monday.

Eubank.  L.T. Deverse of Toledo, Ohio, visited Vernie Mullins this week …
Ella Mullins is working with Vernie Mullins in the store … Mrs. Vernon
Singleton of Danville spent a few days with Mrs. C. Horton … Mrs. D.C. Dodson
and children visited in Somerset and Science Hill last week … Mrs. Oliver
Vanover and son are visiting relatives here … Mrs. Morgan and children were
accompanied to their new home in Danville by Iva McMullin … E.L. Gooch has
returned from Cincinnati … E.B. Marcum and family spent Saturday and Sunday
in Danville … Jack Wesley and family have returned from Cincinnati … Lucion
Carter returned home a few days ago … The Misses Johnson's are here with
friends before going to Indiana to reside.

Delmer.  S.W. Todd sold his farm to T.V. Taylor … James Hudson has returned
from the hospital at Somerset and is doing nicely … Mrs. Priscilla Dobkins is
very ill … James Hart was the guest of Miss Rena Brown Thursday .. S.W. Todd
made a business trip to Somerset Friday … Mrs. Pearl Floyd was the guest of
Mrs. Caddie Fitzgerald Tuesday … Mrs. Myrtle Gossett and daughter, Pearl,
were the guests of her mother Wednesday .. Marion Burton and wife have moved
to Dayton, Ohio … Melvin Burton and wife have moved to the place vacated by
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Burton … Miss Maud Burton visited Miss Ethel Hudson
Thursday afternoon … J.C. Burge made a business trip to J.A. Burton's Friday …
 Misses Lura and Marie Hislope were the guests of Miss Beatrice Fitzgerald
Thursday .. Mrs. Electa Floyd and daughters Helen and Edna were the guests of
Caddie Fitzgerald .. John F. Floyd is slowly improving … H.E. Johnson has
moved to Somerset … Sister W.M. Fibbs is visiting relatives and friends in
Cincinnati, Ohio, and Covington, Ky.

Grundy.  Lovie Mounce visited Estel Dykes Friday night … born to Mrs. Henry
Hengman, a fine boy … Nance Erp is improving from an illness .. Mesdames
Randall and Callahan were visiting Mrs. Hengman Friday … Wesley Dykes is
visiting his brother Estel Dykes.

Pleasant Hill.  Mesdames Bettie Lay and Ida Doss spent Wednesday with Mrs.
Hopper at Somerset … James Stone Sr., died at his home April 12 near Beech
Grove with paralysis.  His remains were laid to rest in the Science Hill
cemetery … Mrs. A.B. Shadoan of Somerset is here with her mother Mrs. Lucy
Girdler who is very ill … Mrs. John Hines spent Friday with Pete Baker at
Ringgold … C.F. Cundiff and sister are slowly improving … Mrs. John Morgan
is very ill .. Born to Mrs. Wm. Sturgill April 13th, a boy … W. Ashley is
working in Casey county a few days … Lucy Girdler, Linie Cain and Grace Gover
spent Sunday at the home of James Girdler … L.C. Cundiff and wife were Sunday
visitors here .. The Humble girls and Mabel Hooper were the guests of Telitha
Ashley Sunday.

Waterloo.   A.W. Rainwater and wife visited their daughter Tuesday night …
Margaret and Lola Leigh visited their daughter Wednesday (?) … Vola Maupins
spent Wednesday night with his sister … Elmer Schoolcraft and family visited
relatives Thursday night .. Bertha Rainwater spent Friday with Audrey
Rainwater … Florence Rainwater and children visited her parents Friday night …
 Willie Rainwater visited Bertha Rainwater Saturday … Willie Rainwater spent
Friday night with Bessie Cooper … C.P. Garner has returned from Mississippi …
 Dewey Dick is visiting his parents … Alma Dick and baby visited Dica
Schoolcraft Sunday.

Clarence.  Eva Acton and daughter are visiting Dr. Acton … W. Abbott and
family visited Geo. McWilliam Saturday … Geo. Osborne is ill at this writing …
 Lucy Osborne and sister visited Rachel Long last Saturday .. Mrs.
Blankmanship died April 17 and was laid to rest in the Woodstock cemetery …
the child of Walter Todd is not improving … Erba Daws is visiting in this

Pnobscott.  Mrs. James Blankenship departed this life Saturday.  She leaves a
husband and several children to mourn their loss.  We extend our sympathy to
the bereaved ones …  Archie Larkins of Tennessee is visiting relatives here
.. J.E. Blankenship of Indiana was called here on account of the death of his
mother … Lizzie McCoy and Martin Hicks were united in marriage Saturday …
Mrs. Mary Osborne visited her daughter Mrs. V.A. York, Sunday … "Uncle" Wm.
Gastineau is making his home with his daughter Mrs. T.W. Abbott.

Nancy.  M.H. Wilson is improving … N.S. Vanhooser and family left Saturday
for Georgia … Dan Smith and family visited Duke Simpson Saturday and Sunday …
 Lillie Dobkins is very ill … Perry Adams and wife were visiting Walter
Hudson Friday … Geo. Tartar and wife were in Somerset Thursday … The infant
of Walter Hudson is improving … Dr. Weddle's little boy is improving nicely.

Hogue.  Mr. R.A. Blevins has been appointed trustee for the Center Post here
as the other trustee has moved out of the district … Misses Lula and Ida
Pitman and Laura Godby spent Sunday with Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams … Mr.
Arthur Cannon of Pulaski spent Saturday night and Sunday with his brother
Elmer Cannon … Mrs. Newton King is slowly improving … Misses Lou, Lola and
Mattie Dick were Sunday guests of Elizabeth and Dorothy Jasper … Luther Flynn
of Oil Center spent Saturday and Sunday here … Walter Shadoan and family
spent Sunday with her father Logan Dick .. David King is very ill at this
writing … Windell Cannon of Pulaski visited A.N. Dick Saturday night and
Sunday … Born to Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong Dick, April 14, a baby boy … Luther
Cooper visited his brother James of Ansel Sunday … Mrs. Ester Hendricks and
children are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. James Randolph of Ansel … Bud
King of Tennessee was called here on account of his mother's illness … John
Godby visited his uncle Charlie Godby of Beech Grove Thursday night and

Science Hill.  Several from here attended the revival at Somerset last week …
Chas. Taylor is home from Cincinnati … The revival at the M.E. church closed
Thursday night … Bertha Estes has returned to school after an illness … Mr.
and Mrs. Darwell of Nashville, Tenn., are visiting relatives here … Chester
Robbins has returned to Toledo, Ohio, to resume his position after a visit
here … Susie Godby and Alice Lyon spent the weekend in Somerset … Mrs. W.H.
Estes is visiting her parents in Woodstock this week … W.H. Lyon and wife and
Wm. Dobbs attended the funeral of Mrs. Louise Dodds at Somerset Saturday …
Dr. Lincoln McConnell of the Coit Lyceum Bureau, was with us last Thursday
night and gave an interesting lecture at the school auditorium … Funeral
services of James Morris were held at the Nazarine church ..  Much sympathy
is extended to the bereaved family … Louise Ballou visited Mae Denney Friday
night … Maggie Baugh is home from Cincinnati.

Oak Hill.  Myrtle Bogle has been very busy taking the school census this week
… Jim Tucker and Tom Bryant are home on a visit … The infant of Mr. and Mrs.
Ira Gholson died Thursday morning and was buried in the Oak Hill cemetery …
Mrs. Bryant Gholson and Mrs. Lula Frisbie are visiting their daughter Mrs.
Ira Gholson … Mrs. Nellie Burton and Thelma Claunch visited Mae Frisbie
Saturday … Christine Neeley spent Saturday night with Maude and Ora Frisbie …
 Jasper Burton visited his cousin Carl Burton Saturday night and Sunday …
Mae, Ora and Maude Frisbie spent Sunday night with Christine Neeley … Mrs.
Lucy Lorton and Mildren Barnett visited Mrs. Lula Frisbie Thursday night ..
Ora Cassada entertained several boys and girls Sunday .. Ora and Maude
Frisbie visited Mildred Barnett Sunday … Elmer Cassada is visiting home folks
… Tirl Neeley has moved to his new home on Joe Neeley's place.

Trimble.  Sam Burton and G.A. Burton and daughter visited J.C. Mayfield
Sunday … Miss Eva Burton visited Mrs. Eattie Burton Sunday … Mathew Burton
and family visited her brother Saturday …. Clarence Burton has been on the
sick list … The visitors at Ezra Brock's Sunday were Chester Brock and family
and Mrs. Eattie Burton … Rev. W.H. Fibbs and daughter were visiting Jim Muse
Saturday … Woods Burton and wife visited Walter Hislope Sunday … Willie
Jones is ill .. Dock Barker has gone to Iowa … George Simpson and wife
visited her father Sunday.

Dykes.  Several from here attended church at Bent Sunday … Willie Phelps and
wife visited Dora James Saturday night .. Bell Hargis visited Mrs. G.R.
Phelps Sunday … Lester Phelps, Ottis and Oscar Hargis visited their uncle,
Fount Phelps, Saturday night .. G.R. Phelps was in Somerset Thursday …
Several from here attended Sunday school at Whet Stone Sunday afternoon.

Pisgah.  Mrs. Lawrence Camden and mother of Elihu, visited Sam Waddle Sunday …
 Mrs. Sam Vaughn visited Mrs. Bourne Gover Saturday night … Bill White and
wife spent Sunday at Lum Harvey's … Mrs. Heaton entertained several friends
Sunday … Thelma Claunch visited Ruth Lorton Wednesday night … Granville
Lorton has moved to his new farm … Mrs. Earl Leece spent Saturday and Sunday
at John Gibson's … Mesdames Nan Gholson and Lula Frisbie are visiting Mrs.
Ira Gholson at Spann, Ky. … Robert Mills and wife attended church here Sunday
… Margaret Denney, Marie Allen, Rev. Overstreet and Harry Stigall and wife
visited C.D. Stigall Sunday .. Several from here attended the revival at
Somerset last week .. W.D. Hayes is visited C.D. Stigall.

Burnside.   Robert M. Phillippi died Sunday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, April
17, 1920, after an illness of two weeks.  Mr. Phillippi was born and raised
in Pennsylvania but came here 39 years ago and was Supt. Of the Kentucky
Lumber Co. for 20 years.  He was a G.A.C. (?) veteran having served under
General Grant in the 11th Penn. Regiment for a term of 4 years.  He was
widely known in this community, and leaves a host of friends who will miss
him.  The quiet impressive funeral services in the home were conducted by
Rev. W. ?. Overstreet, of the Presbyterian Church and Rev. M.J. Dick of the
Christian Church.  The many beautiful flowers gave expression of the many
friends.  He is survived by a wife, three daughters, Miss Doma, Mrs. Wm.
Martin, and Mrs. J.A. Simpson, of Brownsville, Texas, one son, W.S.
Philippie, two sisters and brother in Johnson, Pa., another brother in
California, four grandchildren and one great grandchild.  The body was laid
to rest in the City Cemetery …  Miss Vesta Halcomb was in Somerset Saturday …
 Mrs. Ben Brown died Wednesday morning, April 14, 1920, after several weeks
of illness.  Mrs. Brown first contracted small pox and afterward pneumonia
and could not stand the suffering.  She had lived here for over 30 years and
will be greatly missed by her many friends.  She is survived by a husband,
three sons and three daughters.  Much sympathy is extended to the bereaved
family … Miss Spradlin, of Monticello, visited Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Spradling
last week … Miss Amelia Saunders spent the weekend in Somerset with relatives
… John Sloan and wife were the guest of Mrs. Frank Ellis in Somerset Saturday
… Sam Weaver has accepted a position with the Ayer-Lord and Tie Co. … Miss
Belva Plumlee of Celina, Tenn., was a guest of her sister, Mrs. J.W. Elliott
last week … Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sloan, Mrs. J.H. Selvidge, Mrs. J.H. Parrigin,
Mrs. L.M. Cheeley, Miss Edna Young, Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Nunn and J.J. Crutcher
enjoyed hearing Bud Robinson at the Methodist Church in Somerset Sunday …
Miss Ann Denton was in Somerset Sunday … L.M. True was in Lexington Saturday …
 Mrs. A.C. Cameran spent Sunday in Somerset …. Mrs. J.W. Bell and daughter
joined her husband in New Orleans, La., this week and will make that their
future home … Earl Rynearison of Danville was in town Monday … Miss Nell
Stringer of Shelbyville spent part of the week with friends here … Misses
Bertha and Florence Short of Oakdale, are visiting Mrs. W.W. Rew … Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Ellis of Somerset spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. R.M. Phillippi
and family … Mrs. J.E. Pollitte of Danville visited Mrs. W.S. Phillippi this
week … G.M. Cooper is in West Va., this week on business … George W. Reardon
of New York City was in town Monday … Mrs. J.L. Grissom of Erlanger was the
guest of Mrs. R.O. Lewis at the Seven Gables Hotel last week … Misses Stella
Thurston and Charlotte Duncan were in Somerset Sunday … Wayland Gamblin was
home from Akron, Ohio, this week … Mrs. J.M. Dugger was in Somerset Monday …
A dear little boy who is called Robert arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Emery Heath April 10.

Bent.  J.K. Phelps and wife visited Geo. Phelps Sunday … Jim Phelps was a
visitor here Sunday … Mrs. Rena Hamm visited her sister last week … Mrs.
Jane Randall spent Saturday with Mrs. F.K. Bray … Stella and Emma Hargis were
the guest of Golda and Gilla Bray Sunday … Everett Hargis visited F.K. Bray
Sunday … F.K. Phelps and wife visited Mrs. R.L. Mize Saturday night … G.A.
Alexander is quite ill.

Acorn.  Bud Hargis and wife have returned from Indiana … Lillian Carlton
visited Rose McDonald Saturday and Sunday … Thos. Arthur and Lena Whitaker
were married Thursday … George Groggin and family have gone to Texas to make
their home … Mrs. John Tucker is very ill … Rose McDonald visited at Vanlo
McDonald's last week .. Bartley Phelps will move soon to his new home.

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