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Somerset, Ky., Friday, April 08 , 1921.

The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, April 8, 1921.

Installation Services.  Next Sunday morning at the Presbyterian Church, there will be an installation of Elders and Deacons.  Ben V. Smith, W. Boyd Morrow, S. Calvert and Ralph E. Hill will become Elders, and R.G. Williams, B.L. Waddle, E.P. Buchanan and C. Dailey will become Deacons.  This service is public and everyone is given a cordial invitation to be present.  Mr. E.P. Buchanan has been elected Superintendent of the Sabbath Service to succeed Judge Boyd Morrow. 

To The Republicans of Pulaski County.  I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Tax Commissioner at the primary election, August 6, 1921, subject to your action.  It has been my intention never to ask you again for office, but since my misfortune in getting my left hip dislocated, becoming a cripple for life, I have decided after the suggestion of my many friends living in all parts of the county, to enter the race.  Besides this, I am fully qualified educationally and well equipped from past experience to do you good service and give you satisfaction in the matter of proper assessment of your property.  It will be my aim and purpose if elected to make a complete assessment of all property of the county avoiding omitted property of non-residents and other escaping taxation, leaving the tax payers who are assessed to bear the burden alone; to keep your assessment fair as you make them as given by you as correct, accurate, plain and neat in the proper precinct and save you from being warned to appear before the Board of Supervisors when you have already listed. The law requires that the Tax Commissioner shall keep an office open from the 1st day of July to the 1st of November each year to make assessments.  It is my purpose to help you all I can and for that reason, should I be elected, if you notify me by postal card costing only one cent, giving me your post office and precinct that you are unable to attend the office during said time on account of you rage, sickness, money to pay your expenses to make the trip or any other good or valid reason, I will take pleasure in coming to your home and taking or in having some one to wait on you.  This is a very important office and every tax payer in this county should be interested in seeing that the proper and just assessment.  Avoiding omissions, making accurate books, plain and legible names and figures arranged in a manner so as to be read and understood.  You have trusted me in public office and know I always tried to serve you to reward you for the trust reposed.  Thanking for all things you have done for me, feeling it will be probably the last time I shall ever ask you again for your support for office, trusting I shall have the same, I am Yours Truly, N.L. Barnett.

Falls Sixteen Stories - Lives.  New York.  Peter Bibbete, a carpenter, fell 16 stories down the elevator shaft of a Broadway skyscraper and lived.  Slipped from a scaffolding, he clutched an elevator cable and slid thirteen floors before the burning of his hands forced him to let go.  Then he hit a plant protruding into the shaft, and this breaking his fall, he landed at the bottom still conscious.  He was taken to a hospital to ascertain if he had been hurt.

Notice.  I am agent or a tobacco cure.  It has cured by husband who used tobacco for 50 years.  Call and give me your order.  Mrs. H.C. Spann, 101 W. Elm St.

Candidate for "What's Left" Promises Opponent "Darndest Race" of Life. 
Barbourville, - H.L. Taylor published this announcement of his candidacy: "I am a candidate for what is left of the office of circuit court clerk on the Republican ticket.  This office pays no salary unless you can stick your unfortunate fellowman who is compelled to come into court.  I am qualified for said office.  I can run a typewriter and I will not be compelled to skin my unfortunate fellowman.  I have killed lizards on the old rail fence, chased butterflies and grasshoppers, and humming birds and June bugs.  I have heard the hoot owl hoot, the screech owl screech, the fox bark in the high cliffs and the cricket sing under the old rock hearth, and I have split rails and dogwood gluts and swung the hickory maul.  I have no opponent yet, but if I have one, just bet that I'll give him the darndest race he ever had."

Marriage Licenses.  The following marriage licenses have been issued from the county clerk's office during the past week.  Clement Wasson, 31, to Ida Raney, 21; Wm. Pinkney Beard, 40, to Esther Turpen, 27; Elbert Burdine, 18, to Pearlie Mink, 16; George Turpen, 38, to Mary T. Brown, 28. 

Hospital Notes. 

Mr. John Trimble was operated Monday for gall stones. 6 were removed.
Mrs. E.F. McBride who was operated on last week, is doing nicely.
Mrs. W.G. Chestnut is slowly improving.
Mrs. A.H. Watson of Wayne County, underwent an operation Tuesday and is getting along nicely.
Mr. R.L. Johnson had his tonsils removed Monday and is getting along nicely.
Mr. J.A. Ford who was brought to the hospital is seriously ill.
Mr. C. Haney who was operated on for appendicitis will return home in a few days.
Earl Hicks, who jumped from a freight train last Tuesday and received several wounds, is getting along nicely.
Roscoe Helton who is here for medical treatment spent several days with his mother at Greenwood.

Personal Mention.

Miss Stella Bryant is able to be at her duties at the Farmers National Bank after a weeks illness.
Col. J.M. Richardson is enjoying a vacation to St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mrs. Elvert Humble and son, Tom, are visiting her sister in Cincinnati.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben D. Smith are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby girl, Beverly Colyer Smith, who arrived last Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dexheimer and son, John Robert, are spending several days in Cincinnati.
Terrell Waddle spent last Sunday in Nicholasville.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hudson and daughter, Miss Corrine, spent last weekend in Cincinnati.
Will Curtis a member of the Central Motor Company, spent Monday in Lexington attending a meeting of the Chevrolet agents of the state.
Mr. and Mrs. William Waddle and Mrs. V.P. Smith have been in Louisville for several days.
Mr. Joe Bishop and family have returned to Somerset to make this their home.
The stork left a fine baby girl at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone Wesley on Monday of this week.
Royce Flippin and Will Humble were down from Centre College last weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Erskine, of Parkers Lake, Ky., were in Somerset with friends this week.
Judge James Denton has been attending court at Monticello this week.
Judge H.C. Kennedy is in Monticello this week on business.
Mrs. B.H. Buehler of Lexington, spent last weekend in Somerset with friends.
Miss Bernice Thompson attended the dance in Stearns Saturday night.
A nine and a half pound boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Hahn this week.
Lewis Hussing was in Lexington several days this week.
Mrs. B.C. Heath and daughter of Burnside were in Somerset this week shopping.
Mrs. Bourne Gover has returned from a visit to Burnside.
Mrs. R.E. Hill spent last weekend in Louisville.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben L. Waddle entertained most charmingly with a six o'clock dinner last Saturday in honor of Major and Mrs. S.F. Parker, who have just returned from a three years stay in Honolulu; Governor and Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow, of Frankfort, and John M.P. Thatcher of New York City.  Covers were laid for the following:  Mr. and Mrs. William Waddle, Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr., of Somerset; Mrs. B.H. Beuhler of Lexington, Ky.; Col. Chas. H. Morrow of Frankfort, Ky.; Major and Mrs. Parker, Governor and Mrs. Morrow, John M.P. Thatcher, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. M. Thatcher and Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Waddle.

Miss Vena Tate of Monticello, Ky., is visiting friends in the city.
Mrs. T.B Simmons of Danville is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Parsons.
Mrs. John P. Hill returned to Paintsville, Ky., this week after a visit with her parents.
Samuel Richardson the insurance man, has returned from a business trip to Monticello.

Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Williams Jr., entertained with a bridge party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George P. Sallee, North Main St., on last Tuesday evening, in honor of Major and Mrs. S.F. Parker.  Five tables played.  The pretty home was artistically decorated with pretty flowers and plants.  At eleven o'clock a delightful lunch was served.

Roby L. Johnson, the real estate man, who was in the hospital for several days, was able to get up to his office Saturday afternoon, but is back in the hospital at present.  He had his tonsils removed Monday and it is thought he will be out again soon.

The Young Ladies' Missionary Society of the First Methodist Church will meet Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock with Mrs. Oscar Honeycutt and Miss Clodia Ashurst at the home of Mrs. Honeycutt, on Mt. Vernon St.

Mr. Oliver W. Moore, who has been employed at the shops, left this week for his home at Raleigh, N.C.
Judge Wm. Catron was in Covington this week attending Federal Court.
Mrs. P.G. Kimball is visiting relatives in Hodgensville, Ky., this week.
Mrs. Will Shepperd of Chattanooga, Tenn., is visiting her sister, Mrs. Thos. M. Scott.
Mr. James Shadoan employed at Cleveland, Ohio, has been in the city with his family this week.
Mrs. J.W. Gardner of Versailles, Ky., spent last weekend in Somerset with friends.
Miss Alma Hines of Connersville, Ind., is visiting Miss Essie Hines.
Mr. and Mrs. William Clark and son, William Marshall, are in Cincinnati for a ten days stay.  Mr. Clark is taking his vacation at this time.
Mr. G.W. Hill of Russell Springs, Ky., cashier of the First National Bank at that place, has been in the city this week on business.

Mrs. L.B. Sink, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Carr, returned to her home in Louisville this week.
Mr. Joe Shepperd, of Bozeman, Montana, is visiting relatives and friends here.
The many friends of V.K. Logan  are glad to see him out after a protracted illness.
Mrs. F.V. McChesney and daughter, Anna Jane, of Midway are guests of her parents, Judge and Mrs. Denton.
Mr. Carlton Elkin of Lancaster, Ky., was in the city Thursday.  Mr. Elkin says that he just missed being in the wreck at New River by deciding to remain in Oakdale for a later train.
Mr. B.F. Gragg of Louisville, Ky., an ex-Pulaskian, spent several days here with relatives.  Mr. Gragg said he was always glad to get back home and see his friends.
Mr. and Mrs. King Grinstead and daughter of Louisville, Ky., have been guests of their sister, Mrs. Edward Baute.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dutton were in Lexington visiting this week.
Mrs. Mattie Kelley of Mississippi is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Beecher Smith.

E.K.S.N. News.  Richmond, Ky. - Charles Richardson is recovering from a poisoned face.  Delaney Roberts is recovering from an attack of appendicitis.  Thursday morning we were very much pleased to see Supt. L.E. Meece smiling and shaking hands with his many friends here.  We hope he will come to see us again. 

Argyle.  Miss Pearl Roy is making an extended visit with her brother, Edgar Roy, near Danville.  Mr. and Mrs. Fonder Wesley were Sunday visitors at Mr. Egbert Adams.  The stork in passing over left a baby boy with Mr. and Mrs. James Wall Sunday, the 27th.  Mesdames Burnetta Godby, Jane Carmen and Mary Watson, three of the oldest ladies in our community, are numbered with the sick.  The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Ware, who was very ill, is some better.  Jimmie Lawless is erecting a nice dwelling house on his farm.  There is quite an interest up in this part for good roads.  We hope the enthusiasm will be kept up until results are obtained.  The people of this community are sorry to learn of the illness of Rev. Abbott, as he was pastor of the church here for some time.  Mr. Oakley Wesley and Miss Nannie Belle Vest, Mr. Oda Garrett and Miss Bernice Hines eloped to Tennessee and were married recently.   All of the above parties mentioned were fifteen years of age except Mr. Garrett, who was eighteen.  Mrs. Deedy Luster of Middleburg visited relatives here a few days last week.  Messrs J.C. Wall and Oscar Rude were in Ft. Thomas part of last week on official business.  They also visited relatives in Cincinnati before returning home.

Beech Grove.  The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Layton Irvine is very ill at this writing.  Several from here attended church at Pleasant Hill Sunday.  Mrs. Felix Phelps spent Monday at the home of her son, Ross Phelps.  Ezra Hall and family visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Hall Sunday.  Mrs. Mollie Jasper and sister, Audrey Rainwater, spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Layton Irvine and mother.  Emery Harrison who has been sick for some time is no better at this time.  Mary Phelps visited Pearl Wesley Sunday.  Willie Butt who was operated on a few weeks ago, is slowly improving.  Miss Grace Hall and brother, Kilburn, and Floyd Wallace, Alvin Humble and Lonnie Dick were Sunday evening visitors at Ross Phelps.  Miss Winnie Abbott was the Sunday guest of Miss Grace Hall.

Bent.  There was a large crowd attended the singing here Sunday.  Miss Donnie Phelps was the guest of Zula Hargis Saturday night.  H.M. Stogsdill has moved to this farm he bought from J.W. Steele.  Mrs. Alta Calhoun of Drum visited her parents here Saturday night.  Miss Georgia Randall was the guest of Miss Ada Stogsdill Saturday night.  Mrs. Claud Randall and Georgia Randall visited at George Phelps Monday.  H.J. Ridenour visited H.M. Stogsdill Sunday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harper visited H.M. Stogsdill Sunday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harper visited Reuben Childers Sunday.

Burnside.  Mr. and Mrs. V.M. Lester of Somerset were in town with friends Saturday.  Miss Virginia Slade, reader and impersonator of Lexington, delightfully entertained a large audience at the Masonic Hall Friday evening.  Another splendid feature of the evening were three piano solos given by Miss Edith Stevick of Wellington, O. Both talented young ladies were greatly appreciated.  Mrs. Bourne Gover of Somerset was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Sloan this weekend.  Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Davidson were in Cincinnati Tuesday attending Rev. Billy Sunday's meeting.  Mrs. T.L. Gamblin and Mrs. J.M. Dugger were in Somerset Monday shopping.  Dr. Kirby Lester of Pine Knot was in town Monday enjoying the fishing season.  Mrs. T.B. Simmons of
Danville was the guest of her sister Mrs. Geo. Thomas, this week.  Messrs J.W. and Frank C. Sloan with John Dudley Sloan were in Danville and Stanford for the day Sunday.  Miss Cecil Davis has accepted a position in Cincinnati and left Monday to take up her new work.  Mrs. C.C. Hinkle returned Monday from a visit with relatives near Monticello.  Miss Eliza Tuttle spent the
weekend with friends in Somerset.  The Y.P.M. Society met at the home of Misses Willie and Bessie Prather Tuesday evening.  A splendid report of the Annual Conference was given by our delegate, Miss Ethel Tuttle.  Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Dow were in Lexington last week.  Revival services began at the Baptist Church Sunday.  Rev. Montgomery of Mississippi will do the preaching.  Mrs. J.M. Mitchell and daughter were in Somerset Monday shopping.  Miss Edith Stevick of Wellington, O., returned to her home Sunday after a visit with her father, H.B. Stevick.  Mrs. C.P. Johnson and daughter Maiselle, were in Somerset shopping Monday.

Cave Hill.  One of Mr. Harvey Back's sons had the misfortune to fall from the barn loft and break his leg.  Mrs. Betty Hayes who has been very ill, is some better.  Mrs. J.H. Abbott and children visited home folks at Mt. Zion Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. John Burton and son, Marvin, spent Sunday at Millard Wesley's. Frank Smith and wife spent Saturday night at MR. Walter Shadoan's.  Mrs. Allie West, who has been on the sick list, is some better.

Dabney.  Sunday School was organized at Eden Sunday with Rev. Haisey as superintendent.  Rev. Keller filled his appointment at Pine Hill Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. Lucy Nunnelley and daughter, Miss Maud, have returned home from Florida where they spent the winter.
Mr. Rad Eaton departed this life Wednesday night, March 30th, after being confined to his bed for quite a number of months, with tuberculosis.  He leaves a father and mother, wife and five children, besides a number of relatives and friends.  His body was laid to rest in the Eden Cemetery.  The family has the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement. S.S. Lovell attended the Bible Institute at the First Baptist Church at Somerset last Wednesday.  There will be a singing start at Eden next Saturday afternoon, conducted by Prof. Gillis Colson.  Miss Oma Lovell visited her cousin, Miss Zora Vaught, last Wednesday.  Quite a number from this vicinity attended church at Sweeney's Chapel Saturday evening.  Miss Grace Caddell of Tateville is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Lucy Nunnelley.

Dahl.  On March 30, 1921, the death angel claimed Uncle Rad Eaton.  He was 41 years old and was born and raised in Pulaski County.  At the time of his death he was a resident of the Dabney neighborhood.  "Uncle" Rad was a man that numbered his friends by his acquaintances, and he will be sadly missed in that vicinity.  About three months ago, he was wonderfully saved and was
true to Him who washed him with his own precious blood until death.  He was ill for nine months.  The great fight he manifested in trusting his Saviour to the end can only be appreciated by those who truly love the Lord.  He leaves to mourn his death a wife, four children, a father, mother, four brothers, three sisters, and a host of relatives and friends.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Chas. Randall, and the body was laid to rest in the Eden cemetery to await the resurrection- Contributed. 
Rev. Randall delivered an interested sermon at Cedar Gap Sunday afternoon.  Miss Dora Sewell entertained quite a number of her friends Friday night.  Miss Ruth Brady and brother William, visited their grandfather in Rockcastle County Sunday.  Quite a crowd from here attended church at Fellowship Sunday night.  Mr. John O. Whitaker spent Sunday with Mr. W. Cash of Acorn, who is seriously ill.  Mrs. Zora Denny who has been visiting her father, Mr. Hamp Woodall for the past three weeks is expected to move to her home near Somerset this week.
 Dr. Garner was called to see Mrs. Ophia Taylor Monday night.  Mr. Willis Price purchased about 500 bushels of corn from Jason Lawhorn last week.Drum.  Hardin Sears and son, Othnel, made a business trip to Hail, Ky., last Friday and were accompanied home by Rev. J.C. Barber and wife.  S.B. Miller was the guest of his brother, J.F. Miller, of this place.  Quite a few from
here attended the singing at White Lily last Sunday.  There was an egg supper at Wesley Erp's last Saturday night.  The little son of Mr. Newberry died last Friday night and was buried at Rock Lick last Sunday.  Hardin Sears and Willie Vanhook traded cows last Friday.  Estill Dykes is at the Soldiers Sanitarium at Somerset.  Willie Meece and wife were the guests of Cleve Erp
and wife Saturday night.  The singings are still in progress at White Lily and the Bent and people from this vicinity are attending both, but they will soon close, and then one will start at Piney Grove.  S.K. Erp has been down for the past week with a catch in his back.

Eubank.  Rev. J.S. Green of Louisville, filled his regular appointment at the Christian Church Saturday and Sunday.  Misses Hazel and Opal Estes and Evan Estes came up from Stearns and spent Easter with friends and relatives.  Mr. "Jim" Baugh and Miss Thula Warren were married at the home of the bride Monday evening by Rev. A.K. Gooch.  Mrs. J.B. Acton was in Somerset last week on business.  Mr. E.L. Gooch left Monday for Cincinnati where he will buy goods.  Mrs. Lawrence Lee and baby of Floyd Switch, visited Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Lee last week.  Mrs. Charles Wardrip visited relatives in Danville last week.  Miss Grace Henderson is improving at this writing.  Mr. W.C. Dodson, Dr. T.J. Acton and wife, and Rev. Reed and wife attended the Bible Institute at Somerset Wednesday and Wednesday night.  Wish to announce that G.W. Horton will still continue keeping boarders.  Mrs. P. Spears, Mr. and Mrs. Drew Wesley are the proprietors of the Eubank Hotel now and we wish them much success.  Mr. Normal Hamilton has purchased a home here and his family will come soon to take charge.  Miss Alleyne Godby is visiting home folks at Pulaski this week.  Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Gooch entertained at supper Saturday night Mr. O.R. Fowble and Misses Fay and Berdena Gooch.  Mr. R. Elliott and Earl were in Somerset Saturday on business.  Miss Hallie Reynolds is with her sister, Mrs. J.D. Merriott.  Mrs. W.H.W. Reynolds, of Stanford, is visiting relatives here.  Miss Fay Gooch was very much surprised Monday night when a host of her friends came in, celebrating her seventh anniversary.

Faubush.   Mr. J.A. Tarter was in Somerset Friday on business.  Mrs. Bill Ray is very sick at this time.  Mrs. Viola Batham visited Mrs. W.D. Pennington Friday.  Mr. and Mrs. Soll Weddle visited friends in Faubush Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. Frank Tarter visited Mr. Cowan Norfleet Saturday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Norfleet visited his parents last week.  Mrs. Lucy Tarter is slowly improving.  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Batham visited Miss Zella Weddle Sunday.  Mr. Raymond Weddle is home from Indiana.  Mr. Andrew Bahen has his chair factory now in operation.  Miss Nannie Cain and children visited Cook's Chapel Friday.

Keno.  Mr. Mose Wilson visited his sister, Mrs. M.J. Davis, Tuesday night.  Miss Bertha Wilson visited Miss Ollie Wilson Tuesday evening.  Mr. J.D. Thach, an old citizen of our community, died at the home of his daughter at Burnside last Saturday night.  The remains were laid to rest in Mt. Union grave yard Monday.  He was an old soldier of the Civil War, and was 89 years
of age at the time of his death. 

Mr. J.C. Tucker of Oak Hill, has been down here repairing fencing on his farm.  Newell Morrow's corn crib was burned and destroyed over two hundred bushels of corn.  Miss Gladys Davis was the guest of Miss Flonnie Wilson Saturday night.  Mrs. Susie Branscum was in Burnside shopping Saturday.  Mr. J.R. Wilson, wife and baby were guests of Mr. Robert Davis and family Sunday.  Carl Wilson and baby, Milton, were over to see his mother, Mrs. J.R. Wilson, Wednesday.  Fred Davis and Jennings Morrow left Tuesday for Oolitic, Ind.  Miss Edith Wilson visited Mrs. Carl Wilson Sunday.

McKinney.  Bro. Crow will fill his appointment at Union Saturday night and Sunday.  Mrs. Chaney who has been ill for some time, is no better at this writing.  Mrs. Stella Crawford and children spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Vaught.  Several from here attended church at Sweeney's Chapel Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Berlin Thurman visited at W.M. Fugate's Sunday. 
Leighton Crawford bought two hogs Saturday for $10.  Bro. Crow attended Sunday School at Union Sunday evening.  Among the visitors at Cloyd Harmon's Sunday were Kin Bishop and family and Carl Harmon and family.

New Bethel.  Mrs. Willie Ferkins returned to Boswell, Ind., after a weeks visit with home folks.  Mrs. J.S. Abbott is contemplating having her husband brought home from the hospital this week.  Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Canada of Frazure, were visiting home folks here Saturday and Sunday.  The Baptist Church met and reorganized Sunday School Sunday evening and elected J.A. Jones as superintendent and they invite everybody to attend each Sunday afternoon at 2:30.  Little Ina Bolin had the croup Saturday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pierce had several visitors Sunday.  John Andy Girdler and Miss Bernetta Brewster eloped to Tennessee and were married April 3.  This makes nine couples from this neighborhood that has gone to Tennessee in the last year to get married.

Pisgah.  Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leece, of Ferguson, spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Mary Gibson.  The families of E.S. and Glen Heaton have been very ill with flu.  They are all slowly improving.  Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch and daughters and Mrs. Lula Frisbie and children were the Sunday guests of Mrs. Nan Gholson.  Mrs. John Tucker has returned from Cincinnati, where she went to have an operation performed on her eye.  Rev. Overstreet filled his regular appointment here Sunday.  News has been received here that another son had arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell of Rossberg, Ohio, Warren Eugene.

Plato.  Rev. Cummins filled his appointment at Mt. Pleasant Sunday.  There was church at Fellowship Sunday.  Mrs. Mary Ping is very low and has been for the past week.  Mrs. Beatrice Cress and children visited her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Broyles at Plato Monday and Tuesday.  Mr. and Mrs. Willie Testerman spent Tuesday night with her mother near Plato.  Mr. C.W. Lathim spent Tuesday with W.P. Smith.  Miss Grace Randolph visited Mrs. Ora Randolph and family Wednesday.  Mr. C.C. Randolph went to Somerset Saturday on business.  Mr. C.C. Randolph purchased a fine horse from Thomas Eldridge one day last week.  Mr. Bob Catron was here Saturday buying hogs.  Arch Poynter and family attended church at Fellowship Sunday.  Mrs. Nancy Sutton is very ill.  Miss Byrl and Bertha Poynter and Micie and Ollie Vanhook attended church at Mt. Pleasant Sunday.  Miss Sarah Eads was the Sunday guest of Miss Mae Bailey.  Mr. Alford Mayfield went to Line Creek Sunday.  Otto Stevens spent Sunday and Sunday night with Mr. Arch Poynter and family.  Ben S. Smith and Otis Bumgardner attended church at Woodstock last Sunday.

Rock Lick.  Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Dykes spent the weekend with their uncle, Mr. Lige Dykes, and attended church at Clay Hill Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Aggets have moved to Mr. Louis Gragg's farm on Journey's Branch.  Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bryant visited Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gragg.  A large crowd of young people visited Miss Eva Simpson Sunday and attended church at Clay Hill.  Mr. and Mrs. K.D. Dykes are going to move to Mr. Linville's farm
near Grundy.  Mrs. John Murphy and Mrs. George Richardson went to Burnside Saturday.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Aggers and baby visited Mrs. Gragg Sunday afternoon.

Science Hill.  Aunt Sarah Baugh of Mt. Zion was a recent visitor here.  Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robbins and baby Ollis, of Buncombe, spent Saturday night and Sunday with her parents here.  Bro. Crow filled his appointment at the Christian Church Saturday night and Sunday.  Bro. Fagaly and Bro. Wesley will begin a revival at the Methodist Church Saturday night, April 9.  Sister Bruner filled her appointment at the Nazarene Church Sunday and Sunday night.  A little girl came to Willie Cox's to live Saturday morning, April 2nd.  Mrs. John Hall visited her sister at McKinney last Saturday and Sunday.  Born, to the wife of George Webb, a boy, Sunday evening, April 4.  Mr. and Mrs. Hagar and daughters, Pearl and Elizabeth, of Somerset, attended services at the Nazarene church Sunday.  Several from here attended the funeral of Mrs. Bill Eads at Mt. Zion Sunday evening.

Slate Branch.  The Baptist Church reorganized their Sunday school Sunday afternoon.  A large crowd was present.  John Jones was elected superintendent.  Mr. and Mrs. John Mayfield visited their daughter, Mrs. Olna Girdler, Sunday.  Mrs. Bell Jones and daughter visited Grant Taylor's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Everett Cundiff and little daughter visited his mother Sunday.  Mrs. Mabel Jasper and Mrs. Elvira Rainwater visited Mrs. Mollie Cundiff Sunday afternoon.  Mr. John Andy Girdler and Miss Bernetta Brewster surprised their many friends by slipping away to Tennessee and getting married Sunday.  Mr. J.H. McBeath visited J.M. Butler Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. Grant Taylor is still very sick.

Velber.  Misses Helen Irvine and Tommie Vaught spent Sunday night at Oates Tarter's of Mintonville.  Miss Arizona Dick spent Monday with Mrs. Angie Wesley.  Few from here attended church at Mintonville Sunday and Sunday night.  Miss Zelma Compton spent Sunday night with Misses Flossie and Flonnie Spaw.  Mrs. Louisa Compton and Mrs. Emily Eastham spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Odella Irvine.  Miss Ruth Eastham spent Monday night at her grandfather's Mr. James Eastham.





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