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Somerset, Ky., Friday April 15, 1921.
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Hogue.  Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Land of Somerset spent the first of last week here with her sister, Mrs. A.J. Adams and family.  Misses Lou and Lola Dick and Martha Hodge visited at Mr. Sam West's of Cave Hill last Friday.  Rev. Olive Baugh filled his regular appointment here at Center Post Sunday morning.  Misses Lulu and Rhetta Adams returned home Friday after a few days visit with relatives in Somerset and Science Hill.  Mr. James Randolph, who has been quite ill for some time, is better at this writing.  Several of our young men attended the singing at Sardis Saturday night.  Mrs. Andrew Blevins and son of King Bee were Sunday guests of her mother, Mrs. Mary J. Dick. Messrs Melvin and Jonas Spears of Bethel Ridge attended church here Sunday.  Miss
Myrtle Wesley who is ill with lung trouble is no better.  Sister Bruner preached at King Bee Friday and Saturday nights.  Mr. Otis Baugh who works at Worley is home for a few days.  Miss Elizabeth Blevins of King Bee visited Rosetta Blevins last Sunday.  Mrs. James Hendricks who is very sick and has been for some time, is no better.

Ingle.  Rev. Frank Beasley filled his regular appointment at Cedar Point Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Pennington of near Gilpin visited relatives near here the last of the week.  Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Eads are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine girl.  Mr. Milton Weddle and Alger Weddle made a business trip to Louisville, Ky., the first of the week.  Miss Lucy Cain and Bonnie Tarter of near Cains Store, visited at Andrew Lane's Thursday night and attended church at Faubush.  Mr. Henry Dick took a flying trip to Moreland, Ky., the last of the week.  Mr. W. Cain, Frank Burkett and V. Cain of near Faubush were in this part on business Saturday.  Mr. Ed Davis and son were in this part delivery chairs Saturday.

Keno.  Bro Harrison Minton and family are here with relatives bidding them good bye as they are leaving for Kansas.  Bro. Minton says he never expects to be with us any more.  We regret to part with him as he is one of our old friends.  A large crowd attended church at Mt. Union Saturday night and Sunday.  Rev. Geo. Godsey was re-elected as pastor for the year.  Bertha and
Ollie Wilson were Sunday guests of Miss Mallie Wilson.  Mr. Clarence Cancox has been on the sick list for the last two weeks.  There was an okre mine discovered on the old John Davis farm.  An inspector came and offered to lease and offered 50 cents per ton.  Also a mine on Mr. Dut Davis farm was discovered.

Liberty.  Rev. H.S. Measles filled his appointment here Sunday and Sunday night.  Mr. Josh Williamson and wife, of Broadhead, are visiting in this community.  Mrs. Edd Sanders returned home Sunday from Danville, where she had been with her husband through his operation. He is getting along nicely.  Mrs. W.H. Williams visited at Mrs. May Routian's at Waynesburg one night last week.  Mr. Murphy Reynolds started the 11th of April for Danville to under an operation on his hip.  Mr. General Reynolds and wife called on Mr. Troy Triplets last Saturday night.  The singing at Mrs. Alice Reynolds went off nicely.  Mr. Lafe Wheeldon is looking for a farm in this community.  Mr. W. Estes and Mr. O. Acton were the guests of General Acton Saturday night.  Mr. Cecil Gooch and wife and Mrs. Mary Gooch visited relatives in Eubank last eek.  Several attended the log rolling at Mr. Melvin Gooch's.

Mark.  Mrs. Ellen Whitson and Miss Mollie Hansford have been on the sick list.  W.F. Hansford bought a nice milk cow from Wm. Noe, price $65.  Mrs. Rome Randall and daughter, Miss Ella, spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives at Welborn.  Chas. Reedy and family, Mrs. Lula Sears and son, Will, attended the birthday dinner at Geo. Eaton's Saturday.  Miss Sophia Davidson is suffering from a felon on her hand.  Miss Lula and Frank Phelps gave the young folks a singing Friday night.  John Stewart and Walter Cox were at Mt. Victory the latter part of the week.  Misses Wilbur Hargis and Bessie Raney of Dahl, spent Tuesday at W.A. Hargis'.  Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Whitson, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Criss, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hansford and baby, were visitors at Jim Bate's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Clement Wisson left Wednesday for their home in Indiana.  Mrs. Wisson was Miss Ida Ramey daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wash Ramey. Mrs. Bertha Bates and baby spent Monday at Mrs. Ellen Whitson's.  The Mt. Vernon road from Mark to Sixteen school house is being graded, the work being under the supervision of Jas. A. Hansford.  Miss Janie Hansford was in Somerset Monday.  Mr. and Mrs. K.D. Dykes have moved to F.B. Linville's farm.

Oak Hill.  Born, to the wife of Mr. Dunn Bogle, a fine boy, April 9.  Our Sunday School is progressing nicely.  Mrs. I.F. Gholson and Mrs. T.B. Gholson and children, Louise and Vena of Spaw, Ky., are visiting relatives here.  Mrs. B.C. Gholson and Mrs. T.B. Gholson and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gholson Sunday.  Mrs. I.F. Gholson and Miss Mabel Claunch spent Saturday night with Mrs. Lula Frisbie.  Mr. Estie Flynn of Torrent, Ky., visited friends here Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. Frank Barnett is some better.  Mr. John Neely is no better at this writing.  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Waddle visited Mrs. George Waddle Saturday afternoon.  Mae Frisbie spent Friday night with Mrs. B.C. Gholson.  Bertha and Vangie Neely, Anna Smith, Jessie and Flossie Jones, Mae and Ora Frisbie called on Ova Casada Sunday afternoon.  Jessie and Flossie Jones visited Mabel Claunch one day last week.

Parkers Lake.  Rev. C.W. Cook and Rev. Chitwood preached here Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. Joe Walker was in Somerset and Ferguson last week shopping and visiting her sister, Mrs. Dennie Waddle.  Luther Bryant and Oscar Miller of Greenwood, motored through here en route to Whitley city, Sunday.  Mrs. Geo. Walker and baby of Whitley City, visited the P.P. walker family Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Vanhook were in Chattanooga, Tenn., last week. 
P.P. Walker has purchased a new player piano.  Several from here attended church at Dry Ridge Saturday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Otis Cook and children were in Somerset last week.  James Cook will move this week into the new house he
has just completed and Chas. Walker will move into the house now occupied by Mr. Cook.  Several from this place, Alpine, Stearns and other points, attended the last regular meeting of the Masonic Lodge at Greenwood.  P.P. Walker is clearing up and improving the Maxwell place.  Richard Smith of Oakdale, Tenn., visited is father, "Uncle" Tom Smith, Saturday.  Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Miller of Greenwood, visited their daughter, Mrs. Cornelius New, and family, Sunday.  Mrs. N.J. Kidd and sister Mrs. Vina Stringer, are in Kansas visiting relatives.  Miss Ava Sellers was in Stearns recently visiting relatives.  The singing at P.P. Walker's Friday night was very much enjoyed by everybody.

Pisgah.  Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Heaton spent Sunday with their daughter Mrs. Geo. Reese.  Mrs. Tom Gholson of Spaw, Ky., are visiting relatives and friends here.  Mrs. C.O. Heaton spent Sunday with Mrs. John Tucker.  Miss Mabel Claunch visited at Mrs. Lula Frisbie's Saturday night.  Mrs. Jim Miller and Jessie and Flossie Jones visited Mrs. D.S. Claunch Monday.  George Stigall of Bronston is visiting his daughter Mrs. Lum Harvey.  Misses Mabel and Thelma Claunch visited Mrs. Glen Heaton Sunday.

Plato.    Rev. Cummins filled his regular appointment at Poplar Grove Sunday Miss Verna Eldridge and Gertie Owens visited Mrs. Nancy Bailey Sunday.  Mrs. Mary Ping is very ill.  Mr. H.C. Kennedy passed through Plato Monday on his way to Mt. Vernon.  Dr. J.M. Owens of Somerset, and Dr. T.M. Garner went to see Mrs. Nancy Sutton, who is very ill, last Tuesday. Mrs. L. Stevens visited Mr. Arch Poynter and family Tuesday. Mr. George McKinney sold three hogs to J.M. Broyles for 9 cents a pound.  Mr. Harm Broyles bought a load of corn from J.M. Broyles Saturday.  Mr. Ben S. Smith and John Ping went to Mt. Pleasant Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Randolph and family spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Randolph, and family.  Harvey McKinney is building a house on John McKinney's place.  John Ping spent Sunday at W.A. Goff's.  Mrs. Isabelle Randolph has been staying with her mother for the past month.  Mr. Joe Smith who has been on the sick list is able to be out again.

Pleasant Hill.   Joe Moxey of Lockland, O., and G.R. Moxey of Danville were called here last week by the illness of their mother Mrs. Cynthia Ashley.  Rev. W. Reece was present Saturday evening and Sunday morning and delivered some good sermons.  Mrs. Linzie Girdler of McKinney was visiting with friends here last week.  Mrs. Tomlinson purchased a new buggy last week.  Wm. Ashley and wife moved to their new home last Monday.  Mrs. Margaret Girdler of Hustonville, is here for a few days visit with her sister and daughter who are very ill.  Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Turpen and Mr. and Mrs. Worth Taylor visited D.F. Ashley's Sunday.  Wm. and Milford Doss attended the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Nep Carter at Somerset last Wednesday.  Albin Hubble purchased a new buggy last Saturday.  Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Effig of Cincinnati, are spending a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Stone and other relatives.  Mr. and Mrs. Ike Shepherd moved Friday from Somerset to her father's property by the church house.  B.B. Abbott and family and Miss Cathryn Shadoan of Somerset attended church here Sunday.  Wm. Sturgil is very sick at this writing.  Mr. and Mrs. Finley Adams and Mrs. Catheryn Ashley spent Sunday after church at Wm. Girdler's.  Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Girdler entertained several of their friends Sunday. 

Possum Trot.    Dr. Norfleet was called to see Mrs. Martha Williams Sunday night.  She is very sick.  Miss Cassie Casada of Pulaski spent from Saturday until Monday at Robt. Humble's.  Misses Ruth and Stella Girdler and Millie Humble spent Wednesday night with Coral Humble and wife.  Robert Keith and wife have moved in the house with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Worth Taylor.  C.H. Fisher took dinner Monday with John Holder and wife.  Henry Hines is erecting a new dwelling on his lot, purchased from W.M. Ashley.  We are helping Ringgold ring the wedding bells for Luther Baker and Hattie Jasper.  They were married at the courthouse Sunday by Judge Tartar.   Hiram Effige and wife visited her brother Chas. Stone, of Beech Grove, Saturday night.  Mrs. Worth Taylor has been visiting at Burnside.

Pleasant Hill continued:

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Henderson of Nancy attended church here Sunday. Mrs. W.W. Girdler of Hustonville, is spending a few days with her sister, who is very low.  Wm. Ashley and wife moved into their new house last week.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keith of Somerset have moved in the house with her parents here. The fruit crop is supposed to
be about all killed
by the recent frost and freeze.  Miss Altha Gregory visited Miss Nannie Cundiff Saturday.  Wm. Stingil continues to be very sick.  Robert Burton received a message last Thursday from West Virginia that his daughter had underwent an operation and was not expected to recover.  Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Cundiff of Camp Ground were Sunday guests of their brother C.F. Cundiff.  Hiram Effig and wife visited her brothers, Charles Stone, Friday at Beech Grove who is very ill. 

Quinton.   Miss Esta Abbott after spending a short vacation with her sister, Mrs. John Woodson at Quinton, has returned home.  Mr. and Mrs. Dick Comer and Mrs. Amelia Hynes were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Woodson Sunday.  Mr. John Wilson of Cincinnati has been visited in this neighborhood.  Mrs. George Colyer and little daughter Elizabeth sent last week in Somerset visiting.  Miss Vadie Sullivan was the guest of Miss Laura Coyer Saturday. Mrs. Bruce Colyer is on the sick list this week.  Mr. Wesley and Claire Colyer attended prayer meeting at Tateville Sunday night.  Mrs. Rufas Hardwick and children
were the guests of Mrs. Alvin Garrett Saturday.  Sunday School was organizes here at the Holiness Church Sunday with Mrs. George Colyer as superintendent and Miss Laura Colyer as secretary Sunday School at 2 o'clock p.m. every Sunday.  Everybody welcome.  Several of our boys and girls attended the egg hunt at Mrs. Bruce New's Easter Sunday.  Mrs. Charles Flynn visited at Mrs. Bruce Colyer's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. John Woodson are all smiles over the arrival of a 6 pound girl, Virginia Elois.  Little Thomas, Leslie and Lucy Shadoan, of Tateville, visited at Mrs. Bruce Colyer's Thursday evening.  Mrs. J.S. Abbott of Clarence is visiting her daughter, Mrs. John Woodson.  Mr. T.L. Simpson is moving back to his old home place.  Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Shadoan, of Tateville, sent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. John Woodson.  Mrs. Shadoan stayed over Friday.  Mrs. Elmer Flynn was the guest of Miss Eliza Garrett Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. Helen Colyer of Burnside is staying at Mr. Geo Colyer's.  Mrs. Delia Simpson and Mrs. John Edwards were in Somerset Saturday.

Rock Lick.  Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Lester and family of Somerset visited Mr. and Mrs. G.P. Gragg Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Simpson visited Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Yahnig.  Miss Fauna Kenney entertained a number of her friends Saturday night at her home.  Mr. Harry Yahnig visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Yahnig.  Mrs. Garland spent Sunday afternoon with her daughter Mrs. Joe Aggers.  Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Sears visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe Aggers Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. Ida Gragg of Somerset spent last week with her sons, Arthur and Chas. Gragg.  Miss Zelma Compton visited Flonnie Spaw Sunday night and
attended church at Mintonville.  Misses Helen Irvin, Martha Eastham and Flonnie Vaught were guests of Mrs. Priscilla Tartar Sunday night.  Mrs. J.D. Compton and Mrs. J.T. Eastham were guests of Mrs. James Irvine Sunday.  Several from here attended church at Mintonville Sunday and Sunday night.  Miss Ruth Eastham of Mintonville is spending a few days with her cousin, Stella Irvin.

Ruth.  Mr. Arthur Gragg and Joe Warren have almost completed the pike on the Mt. Victory Road.  Among the callers at Mr. R.S. Kenney's Saturday night were Mr. Dewey Waddle, Elmer Slavy, Wilson Dykes, Perry Glover, Lou and Zula Dykes, Gerlie Tomlinson and Fannie Gragg.  Miss Mag Eldridge spent Saturday night with Katherine King and attended the movies.  Mrs. Ida Gragg spent the weekend with her sons, Charles and Arthur Gragg.  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gragg spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gragg.  Miss Gertie Tomlinson spent Saturday night with Misses Lou and Zula Dykes. Aunt Mary Bell Calhoun passed into the Great Beyond April 11.  Mr. Perry Glover is suffering very much with his tooth.  Miss Dessie Tomlinson was with home folks Saturday night.  Mr. Allen Colyer and Miss Nora Meece attended the movies Saturday night; also Bernard Meece.

Science Hill.  Mrs. J.C. Adams and grandson, Ray Baugh, spent last Tuesday at Mt. Zion.  Alex Higgins of Eubank spent the night Tuesday with his brother-in-law, Rev. J.C. Adams.  Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams of Hogue visited relatives here last week.  Miss Violet Robbins visited her sister, Mrs. Chester Hall of Buncombe, last week.  Dr. Williams, general superintendent of the church of the Nazarenes, delivered two fine sermons Thursday afternoon and night.  Those form a distance at Dr. Williams services were Rev. C.R. Pollard, district superintendent, Rev. F.V. Taylor of Delmer, Mr. and Mrs. Hagar and children of Somerset, Mrs. A.J. Wilson and children of Wilson Chapter, Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams of Hogue.  Delmer Baugh is suffering from a sprained ankle.  Catherine Parsons of Waynesburg is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J.F. Bryant and other relatives here.  Orville Calhoun of Ringgold is visiting Delmar and Ray Baugh of this place.  Mrs. Fannie Cope entertained about forty of her friends with a birthday dinner last Sunday. 
Geo. Webb and Harvey Fletcher have moved in the house vacated by J.C. Adams and have bought out Estes restaurant and now run a new confectionary.  Miss Della Godby is working Harrison Leigh's restaurant.  Miss Dora Swearingen will spend a few months in Science Hill.  Messrs Clark Moore and W.O. Bastain left Sunday for Toledo, O., and other northern points.  Mrs. Nannie Thompson is at the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Eliza Denton who is very ill.  Walter Roy is all smiles; it's a girl.  Mr. Tom Fletcher and family have moved into the house vacated by Harvey Fletcher and mother.  Mr. Sam Roy and family have moved into the house vacated by Tom Fletcher.

Shafter.  The people of this vicinity were surprised to hear of two weddings.
 John A. Girdler and Bernetta Brewster stole away to Tennessee and were married Sunday.  Willie Claunch and Mable Daulton on Tuesday.  We wish them much joy.  John P. Hudson was in Somerset, Ky., Monday on business.  Celia Barker is visiting relatives at Danville this week.  Mrs. Belle Jones and Mrs. Cloda Jones visited Mrs. Emily Taylor Sunday.  Mollie Butler was the guest of Mrs. Alfred Beasley Friday.  Nellie McBeath, who has been ill, is gradually improving.  Dewitt Hudson and family were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Turpen Sunday.  Fred Prather who has been confined to his bed, is slowly getting better.  Mr. Alfred Beasley is no better at this writing.  Peter Baker was the Sunday guest of his sister, Mrs. Zara Godby.  Lizzie Hardgrove was in town Saturday on business.  Mrs. G.W. Rainwater is visiting her daughter at Faubush this week.

Soules Chapel.  Messrs Edd Mills and Bernard Meece, Misses May West and Daisy B. Jackson attended church at Sweeney's Chapel Sunday.   Mr. C.T. Cundiff spent Sunday evening with S.B. Smith.  Misses Priscilla Godby, Maude McDowell
and Taylor McGahan spent Sunday afternoon with Mabel and Zelma Cundiff.  Mrs. C.T. Cundiff visited her sister, Mrs. R.T. Elliott, Saturday evening.  Miss Iva Lena Jackson gave a dumb party Thursday evening.  Miss James Gilmore spent last week at home, returned Saturday to Mrs. E. Girdler's to stay while having some dental work done.  Mr. Ralph Smith spent Sunday with Fred Osborne.  Miss Zada Mills has improved enough to be out riding last week.  Mr. Bill Harper and Ola McCoy went to Sweeney's Chapel to church Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. T.L. King have been real sick this week.  Mr. Bla Gover has had a nice porch put to his residence.  Word was received from Mr. and Mrs. Fed McDowell of a son arriving March 28.  Mr. Ray Reid was in this vicinity Friday buying eggs.

Valley Oak.  Edd Price and wife spent Monday with their daughter Mrs. Stanley Farmer.  Gillus Farmer spent a part of last week with his daughter, Mrs. Mary Jane Carter.  Tom Buchanan and several others were Somerset shoppers Thursday.  Rev. Wesley filled is appointment at Fellowship the first Sunday.  Misses Ula and Zelma Hansford spent Sunday with their grandparents H.H. Buchanan and wife.  T.C. Randolph and wife of Somerset spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives near Elrod.  John Eaton and family were in town Thursday. Miss Mollie Hansford has been very sick but is better at this writing.  The infant son of Stanley Farmer and wife died and was buried at Flat Lick Friday.  Mr. Sears our blacksmith, and family, are moving from our neighborhood.  Mrs. J.H. Bobbitt and son, Ray, were in Somerset Thursday.


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