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Excerpts from the Interior Journal

The Interior Journal

Pulaski County Department

Will C Curd

March 2, 1874

Married.  On Thursday evening, 24th ultimo, at the residence of the bride's 

father, 10 miles South of Somerset, by the Rev. McElroy of Perryville, Ky., 

Mr. Geo. W. Wait to Miss Lin Saunders.  Also at the residence of the bride's 

father, in Somerset, on Wednesday morning the 25th ultimo, by the same 

minister, Mr. Charles Adams of Louisville to Miss Maggie Beatie.  Attendants 

C.J. Huffaker and Miss Lizzie Crawford.  George and Charlie having entered 

upon the realities of that happy earthly state prepared by God for man, which 

properly cherished and respected, must make the husband wiser and better, the 

wife more loving and confiding, received the congratulations of their many 

friends.  George and Charles appeared as happy after the solemn momentous 

question was answered, which make the twain one flesh, as in their joyous 

school days, when love's lasting impressions were made upon their hearts by 

the sweet smiles of Lin and Maggie, which have continued to ripen in devotion 

until at last to culminate in bonds of inseparable union.  Truly should these 

young gentlemen be proud of their lovely brides; and may no clouds of sorrow 

rise or misfortune come to prevent a realization of each fond desire 

entertained in their hearts leading to future happiness and prosperity.  And 

while George and Lin are enjoying their home in Somerset and the pleasures of 

reception parties and "sweet serenades," may Charles and Maggie enjoy all the 

pleasures and blessings of a city life that can be bestowed upon two loving 


Serious Accident.  A negro boy, named Gover, while driving an ox team through 

our town the other day, in attempting to mount one of the animals was thrown 

under the wheels of a loaded wagon, receiving serious injuries on the head 

and portions of the body.  Medical aid immediately went to his relief, and it 

is now thought that the unfortunate boy will recover.

S.G. Cundiff, of Stanford, formerly a citizen of our town, paid us a visit 

this morning.  Mr. C. is representing R. Mattingly & Son, proprietors of the 

Stanford Woolen Mills, and has some beautiful goods and samples with him.  We 

recommend these mills to our merchants and advise them to patronize home 


Items from Plato.  The citizens of our locality have been and are yet 

dreadfully afflicted with the mumps.  The Cincinnati Southern Railroad is the 

topic of general conversation.  Notwithstanding the recent heavy rains, our 

farmers are at work with unusual energy and much plowing has already been 


Jno. G. Smith, who eloped a short time ago with the daughter of R.L. Swinney, 

being prompted alone by kind feelings toward his affianced, procured the 

father's best riding horse upon which she accompanied John to Tennessee.

William Catron recently purchased from Elisha Bullock, of Rockcastle, ten 

yearling mules at $60 per head, and William McQuery purchased of John F. 

McQuery nine head at the same price.

Messrs. Barnett and Frank McQuery, two of our most enterprising young men, 

will start for Lucas County, Iowa, in a few days.  May success attend them.

Buck Creek, on Sunday, the 22nd ultimo, was fuller than ever before known to 

the oldest citizens, which occasioned great danger to the fencing near the 

angry stream.

Cincinnati Southern.  A number of hands are now engaged at work on that 

section of the road adjoining our town.  Other contractors will commence work 

on their sections soon.  Several steamers have recently landed at Point 

Isabel in our county, laden with provisions and other supplies for the 

different railroad contractors.  The telegraph, we learn, will, in a very few 

months, be constructed along the entire line under contract.  Many strangers 

are visiting our county and selecting locations for business at and near 

Point Isabel and at other points in the vicinity of the railroad line.

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