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1919 Issues or back to the 1800's

Editorial.  The speech of Mrs. Cora Wilson Stewart, at the Democratic
conference in Louisville, was a gem of rhetoric and reason.  We doff our hat
in profound admiration of this most elegant and gifted woman who is devoted
to the great cause of improving the human race.  This queen of Kentucky
womanhood should be crowned by being unanimously selected as one of the four
delegates from the state-at-large to attend the National Democratic
Convention in San Francisco.

SCOTT.  The many friends of Mrs. D.W. Scott, in the city, were shocked and
deeply grieved to hear of her death, which occurred in Louisville at the St.
Joseph Infirmary on the morning of the 19th.  She had gone there for an
operation on Monday, which proved to be of a more serious nature than at first
anticipated.  Mrs. Scott was the wife of Rev. Delaware W. Scott, pastor of
the First Christian church, and as such, she tried to fulfill every duty in
her home, in the church and community, lovingly and faithfully and she will
be sadly missed by al who knew her.  Besides the bereaved husband she leaves
two sisters, Mrs. Allen Kinchloe, of Hardinsburg, Ky., and Mrs. Mary Pile of
Washington, D.C., who were at her bedside when death came.  May their sorrow
be tempered by the knowledge of what death means to her beautiful spirit. 
Out of our world, so beautiful in its spring time glory and gladness she has
been called, but she looks upon yet fairer scenes than we behold.  For it is
written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the
heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.  The
funeral services were held at Parkland Church, Louisville, Friday afternoon,
conducted by Rev. Horace Kingsbury, pastor of the Owensboro Christian church,
and Dr. Crossfield of Lexington, after which the body was taken to
Hardinsburg, her home, where burial took place Saturday afternoon.  The
esteem in which she was held was evidence by the many floral offerings which
were sent from here.
BARNES.  Mr. Wm. W. Barnes died at his home near Colo, this county, Monday
after several weeks illness.  Mr. Barnes was one of the county's most
prominent and successful farmers.  He is survived by his widow and several
children, one of his sons being W.J. Barnes, former county school
superintendent of Pulaski county.  Funeral and burial took place at Mt. Zion,
Tuesday, March 23rd.
HAYNES.  Wm. Haynes died at his home at Northfield last Friday, March 19th. 
He was 69 years of age and was the father of H.D. and Lee Haynes.  Burial at
family burying ground near his late home.
COLYER.  Mrs. Mary Colyer of near Clay Hill died last Friday, March 19th. 
She was 80 years of age and is survived by several children.  Her husband
preceded her to the grave.  Burial at Clay Hill last Saturday.
TUTTLE.  Mr. T.P. Tuttle died at his late home at Cedar Grove last Friday the
19th, after a continued illness of several years.  He was 81 years of age,
and is survived by four sons, John, merchant near depot, Will, Ike and Joe;
two daughters, Mrs. Tollie Gover of Cedar Grove, and Mrs. McCormick of near
Hustonville.  The body was conveyed to Hustonville for funeral and burial
which took place Saturday, the 20th.
LUSK.  The body of Mr. Lapsley Lusk, who died at the Good Samaritan hospital,
Cincinnati, arrived here Wednesday and was taken to the home of his uncle,
J.M. Roberts on College Street.  Funeral services were held yesterday
(Thursday) morning at 10 o'clock at the First Baptist church conducted by
Rev. C.H. Talbot.  Interment city cemetery.  Mr. Lusk received fatal injuries
when he fell from a moving train north of Cincinnati and only lived a few
hours after being taken to the Cincinnati hospital.  Deceased is survived by
one brother and two sisters.  The sisters are Mrs. Wallace Muir, of
Lexington, Ky., and Mrs. Chas. Higdon of Louisville; the brother, Gibbs Lusk,
of Harlan, Ky.  His mother was a sister of Mr. J.M. Roberts.
THOMPSON.  The body of Mrs. Amanda Thompson, who died at the home of Mrs.
Bess Anderson, at Marshall, Ind., arrived here Wednesday night and was
conveyed to Woodstock for internment yesterday (Thursday).  She was the
mother of Mrs. Isaacs, of Woodstock.  Much sympathy is extended to the family
and friends.
Marriage Licenses.  County Clerk C.M. Langdon has issued the following
marriage licenses during the past week:  Wm. H. King, 38, to Nannie Branscum,
22; John C. Hart, 18, to Artie E. Nelson, 15; Alfred Beasley 47 to Ava Brown
17; Alfred Lee Black, 21 to Myrtle Mae Peters 20; Christopher C. Calhoun 26
to Gertie Belle Leigh 30; George Cooper 31 to Catherine McFarland 27; Elbert
m. Petrev 25 to Nannie E. Gill 17; Willie Farmer 22 to Ogle Nolen 19; James
C. Barthell 27 to Harriett Elizabeth Haynes 19; Elyan Vanhoosier 21 to Bonnie
Edith Floyd 18; Richard Waddle 25 to Lillie Phelps 18.
Dr. Scott Returns Home.  Dr. D.W. Scott, pastor of the First Christian
church, who accompanied his wife to Louisville last week for an operation
resulting in her death, returned to Somerset this week.  He will be present
at the services at his church Sunday.  The entire membership is urged to be
in attendance.
Buys Mississippi Farm.  The May Realty Co., sold this week to C.P. Garner, of
Nancy, a farm of 320 acres at West Point, Miss., for $25,000.  Same parties
also sold a farm near Nancy to R.P. Taylor for $15,000.
Buys Mississippi Farm.  The May Realty Co., sold this week to C.P. Garner, of
Nancy, a farm of 320 acres at West Point, Miss., for $25,000.  Same parties
also sold a farm near Nancy to R.P. Taylor for $15,000.
Aurora Borealis Appears.   An excellent view of the "Aurora Borealis" or
Northern Lights, was obtained by Somerset folks Monday night, when the lights
appeared in the northern sky in one of the most brilliant displays that ever
has been seen in this city.  Many residents viewed the spectacular display. 
Nature's skylarking in the Northland made telegraphy an impossibility for 15
minutes and caused a flurry in newspaper offices in all parts of the country
when news westward bound was held up.  There were interruptions in telegraph
service early in the evening. By 10 o'clock telegraph company officials
reported that the company was beginning to "recover" a few of its circuits,
but a general realignment or balancing was necessary.  The encyclopedia lists
various types of the phenomena - arcs, rays, bands, curtains and coronas -
and there were stargazers to be found who solemnly swore they detected each
type.  According to Professor Jarmain G. Porter, Professor of Astronomy at
the University of Cincinnati, it is seldom that the lights appear with the
intensity they did last Monday night, as far south at Cincinnati.  From
Washington on the east to Chicago on the west, wire communication was
interrupted at frequent intervals for a period of three to four minutes and
then suddenly resumed.  Southern wires were not affected.   This is due to
the peculiar nature of the lights which are believed to be caused by
electrical disturbance that tangles wire communication, giving the effect of
a "ground" to the wire system.  Magnetic needles were greatly detected by the
disturbance accompanying the lights, Professor Porter said.  While the
phenomenon of the lights has never been fully understood, the fact that they
appear to radiate from the north magnetic pole has given rise to the opinion
that they have some connection with it.
Dog Tax Law Not Repealed.   "Frankfort, Ky., March 19th, 1920.  County Clerk
Pulaski Co., Sir:  Doubtless you knew there were a number of bills up at
present session of the Legislature in regard to the Dog Law, but this law was
left in full force and effect upon our statue books wit the exception of one
bill, which was passed at the eleventh hour, cutting down the expense of its
operation.  At the present time, however, we are operating under the law as
it now stands as passed in 1918, and will practically the balance of this
fiscal year.  I notice by our records that to date there are not as many dogs
in your county licensed as there were in 1919.  I wish you would make every
endeavor to collect license tax on all dogs, and devise some means whereby
the people of your county may be informed that this law is in effect and will
be enforced.  As you know, the Dog Law is intended first to protect live
stock industry, second to protect the licensed dog, third to do away with
unlicensed dogs, fourth the revenues there from, after paying expenses of
operating the law, are to pay claims for live stock killed and injured by
dogs, and fifth the residue of such income to go to the County School Fund of
the county in which it is collected.  Hence each county is the beneficiary of
the enforcement of this law.  I desire to call upon each officer who is
charged with the responsibility under this law to do his utmost toward
enforcing same now.  Trusting to have your hearty and prompt cooperation and
response to this matter, I am.  Yours Very Truly, W.C. Hanna, Commissioner of
Agriculture."   I wish to call your attention to the above letter, in order
to save you extra expense.  In case you cannot come to town mail me a
description of your dog as follows: Breed, sex, age, color and any
distinguishing marks, together with fee as follows: $1 for first male dog,
and $2 for each additional male dog, $2 for female dog and $4 for each
additional female dog. In each case send 2 cent stamp to return it to you. 
Don't send any money unless you send description of dog as indicated above. 
Yours Truly, C.M. Langdon, County Clerk.  
Free Delivery April 1st.   Free mail delivery for the city of Somerset will
go into effect April 1st.  IT is requested that all persons desiring free
delivery have their mail addressed to their house number.  This announcement
comes from authority of the post office department.  All parties are demanded
to have their mail boxes up before this date.
A Correction.  It has been stated that M.A. Coffey & Co., was working with
E.L. Cooper.  That is a mistake and Coffey & Co. has resigned.  We are not
cutting any more stones for E.L. Cooper.  We will not work for E.L. Cooper
any more.  M.A. Coffey & Co.
About Pulaskians.   The Kentucky Republican published at Frankfort has the
following about Pulaskians:  "Gladstone Wesley, of Somerset, the Governor's
home town, was formerly a member of the aviation service, and was nominated
for the legislature before he was mustered out of the service.  Wesley is a
descendent of Charles Wesley, the human writer and singer, and from his
manner of calling, "Mr. Speaker: when everybody was clamoring for
recognition, it was apparent that the singing instinct may descend to the
third and fourth generation." 
Lost.  Spectacles with gold frame in case.  Liberal reward if returned at
once to Mrs. M.F. Reddish, 117 N. Central Ave., phone 197-R.
  • Personal Mention.

    John A. Burton of Delmer was in town Tuesday on business.

    Roby Johnson returned from Indianapolis, Ind., Wednesday.

    Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Campbell, of Ansel, were in town Tuesday.

    Chas. H. Moore, the telephone man, was in Monticello Tuesday.

    J.L. McKechnie of Lexington has been calling on our merchants this week.

    J.W. Simpson of Bronston made a business trip to Somerset Tuesday.

    Miss Margarette Hill has returned from a visit to her sister at Lebanon.

    Mrs. F.W. Graham of Bloomington, Ill., is visiting her sister, Mrs. A.

    Lawrence Longworth was up from Monticello the first of the week for a short

    Mrs. T.B. Simmons of Danville spent several days with her sister, Mrs. E.P.

    Judge B.J. Bethurum and Commonwealths Attorney Flippin are in Monticello
    holding court.

    Joe McGee dropped into town for a short stay with his mother and was off
    again Sunday night.

    Mrs. Kate Waddle is visiting her daughter Mrs. Herbert Norfleet in
    Indianapolis, Ind.

    Mesdames Norman I. Taylor and H.M. Curl, of Burnside were in the city this
    week shopping.

    Ted Randolph returned Tuesday from Detroit, Michigan, with a new Studebaker
    for T.E. Jasper.

    Mr. and Mrs. O.P. Stratemyer of Monticello were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
    George Hill this week.

    The annual flower sale of the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church will be held
    Friday and Saturday before Easter.

    Herbert Reynolds of Stanford, a member of the real estate firm of Reynolds
    and Newland was in the city last week.

    Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone Wesley have returned from Frankfort where Mr. Wesley
    was a member of the Legislature.

    Robert Humble who has been in Frankfort for the past sixty days as a page in
    the Legislature, has returned home.

    News was received here this week that Harvey Gibson formerly of Burnside,
    died at Albany, Ky., Tuesday with the flu.

    Mr. Howard King, the Western Union man, has been ill this week and Miss Etta
    Gooch has been holding down the keys.

    Mr. Henry Leaner of Parkersburg, W.Va., has returned home after a visit with
    his daughter, Mrs. A. Goldenberg.

    The Chautauqua Circle will meet Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock with Mrs.
    V.P. Smith at her home on College street.

    News comes from Norton Infirmary, Louisville, that Col. Woodson May is doing
    nicely and will be able to return home soon.

    Clarence Bishop will return to Texas this week.  He expects a car load of
    Pulaskians in Texas before long to look at some land.

    W.J. Major, of Bandy, was in town Tuesday.  Mr. Major spent the greater part
    of the past year in Cincinnati in a hospital having his eyes treated.

    Miss Mariah Elliott, who holds a very nice position at Frankfort under the
    current administration, arrived in Somerset last Sunday to spend this week
    with friends.

    M.E Colson, the Journal's efficient correspondent at Clarence, was in town
    Tuesday.  Mr. Colson is one of the most progressive citizens we have in the

    Dr. H.K. Fulkerson returned from Louisville Wednesday where he has been
    attending a meeting of the Opticians.  He made a talk before that body on

    Sim Simpson of Oil Center, dropped into the Journal office this week and
    handed us the $1.50 for another year.  He said he couldn't do without the
    Journal for it was the best newspaper ever published in Pulaski county.

    W.I. Barnes, of near Louisville, was here this week to be at the funeral of
    his father, Wm. W. Barnes.  Mr. Barnes has been appointed administrator of
    his father's estate.

    Mr. J.W. Winstead of Nashville, Tenn., with the J.I. Frazure Co., has been in
    the city for several days buying lumber from the Thompson-Humble Stave &
    Lumber Co.

    Mrs. Mary Woodcock, who has been spending several months at the Gilcher
    House, left this morning for Louisville where she will undergo treatment at
    the Bush Sanitarium - Danville Advocate.

    Capt. C.A. Mercer and wife of Science Hill were in town Tuesday on business. 
    Capt. Mercer is a very busy man these days being on the block at an auction
    sale some place in the county almost daily.

    Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow and daughter Miss Edwina and son Master Charles Bob,
    were down from Frankfort for a short visit with her mother, Mrs. O.H. Waddle.

    Mr. J. Hummelstein, of Jonesboro, Ark., is visiting his niece, Mrs. A. Goldenb
    erg.  Mr. Hummelstein is well known in Somerset where he was in business for
    some time.

    Mrs. Eugene Bourne has returned from Canada where she was called on account
    of the illness of her brother Luther Hines.  When she left him he was much
    better and was on the road to recovery.

    Rev. D.W. Scott returned from Hardinsburg, Ky., Wednesday where he buried his
    wife.  He was accompanied home by Mrs. Mary Pile, his sister-in-law, who will
    be here for a short visit before returning to Washington, D.C.


    Viola Collins visited Ovie McElroy Sunday night.

    Mrs. Laura Young of Science Hill was in town Monday.

    Misses Viola and Rosa Higgins called on the Correll girls Sunday.

    Miss Odessa Correl has returned form a visit to Waynesburg.

    Mrs. W.A. Hamm was called to Waynesburg on account of the illness of her

    William Surber has gone on a visit to Indiana and Illinois.

    Miss Bessie Jones spent the weekend in Somerset.

    W.H. Hamm was a dinner guest of W. Higgins Sunday.

    W.J. Rouse who has been in Washington, is home on a visit.

    Hettie Vanover visited Marietta Rouse Sunday.

    Lockie Hubbard is very ill.

    Boneta and Viola Collins and Margaret Bailey were in Science Hill Friday.

    Mt. Zion.

    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hines visited Ed Crawford and wife at Science Hill.

    Tom Correll visited relatives in Wayne county last week.

    Ollie Vaught was in Eubank working for his brother-in-law last week.

    Several of the men met and worked on the Big George telephone line last week.

    Mrs. Alfred Lanham of Eubank visited her sister Mrs. Ollie Vaught last
    Thursday and Friday.

    Mrs. Zora Baugh and daughter of Eubank visited here last Tuesday and

    Mrs. Grace Adams and children visited her father-in-law G.W. Adams of Hogue
    last week.

    Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams of Hogue visited their uncle J.C. Adams last
    Wednesday and Thursday.


    A.C. Herrin is on the sick list.

    The flu patients at Mark are improving.

    Mary Mae Buchanan of Grundy spent last week with her grandparents Mr. and
    Mrs. J.W. Hansford.

    Miss Jannie Hansford of Somerset was with homefolks last week.

    C.M. Ping and family of Somerset are visiting relatives at Shopville.

    Victor Randall and wife arrived a few days ago from Pocatella, Idaho.

    Mrs. Howard Botkins spent last week with relatives in Somerset.

    Lucy Whitson and Locie Lovins were guests of Agnes and Mae Bobbitt Sunday.

    Welda and Lum Whitaker visited their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
    Whitaker at Skip, Saturday and Sunday.


    Mrs. Scott Hansford visited at Mark Monday.

    Geo. Bumgardner was in Somerset Wednesday.

    Logan Debord and family visited at W.H. Bumgardner's Sunday.

    Dewey O'Neal died March 17th after an illness of flu and pneumonia.  Much
    sympathy is extended to the bereaved ones.

    Elsie Poynter and Maude Carter were in Somerset Wednesday.

    George Bailey died March 17th at his home near Ocala.  He had been in bad
    health for some time.  He is survived by a wife and three children.  His
    remains were laid to rest in the Woodstock Cemetery.

    Bob Catron and family visited Oscar Sowder Sunday.

    Buck Ping departed this life March 16th.  Mr. Ping leaves a wife and seven
    children to mourn the loss of a kind husband and father.  He was buried in
    the Mt. Pleasant burying ground.

    Mrs. Nancy Vanhook of Drum, visited her son Wednesday and Thursday.


    Sam Turpen and wife visited J.B. Albertson Saturday and Sunday.

    Lura Simpson is the guest Bertha Todd.

    Sunday School will begin at White Oak Sunday.

    W.F. Williams and wife visited their daughter Sunday.

    The little son of Dr. Weddle is improving nicely

    Mrs. Margaret Albertson visited Mrs. Lue Mollen Sunday.


    The visitors at Ettie Burton's Sunday were Eva Burton, Carl Bland, and Ouglie

    Zora and Zona Kissie visited Lula and Angie Burton Saturday.

    Willie Mayfield and Grant Taylor visited Sam Burton last week.

    G.A. Burton visited Sam Simpson Sunday.


    Born to the wife of Coss Dykes a 12 pound girl.

    R.S. Phelps has moved here from Akron, Ohio.

    "Uncle" Scrub Haynes died last Friday morning.  He was one of the oldest men
    in this community, being close to 100 years of age.

    Wm. Roberts was in Burnside last Monday.

    Ellen Meece visited at Strawberry last Sunday.

    Wesley Barnes of Louisville was at the bedside of his father Saturday night.

    The angel of death visited in this vicinity last Sunday morning at 4 o'clock
    and took away one of the best citizens, W.W. Barnes.  He leaves several
    children and many friends and relatives to mourn their loss.  His remains
    were laid to rest in the Mt. Zion burying ground to await the resurrection

    Alfred Whitaker visited S.M. Hargis last weekend.


    Miss Nannie Lawson is very ill with pneumonia.

    Miss Rose McDonald is still improving.

    Eli Farmer and Walter Burdine have purchased the oak timber from Wm. Bullock.
     They will soon move a saw mill to it.

    J.J. McDonald is complaining of hog cholera on his farm, having lost his best

    John B. Barnes has rented his farm to Vanlo McDonald.

    There has been very few oats sown here on account of wet weather.

    Mrs. Vanlo McDonald spent last week with her mother, Mrs. George Whitaker.

    Mrs. J.N. Mayfield, who has been troubled with rheumatism for three years,
    has been enjoying better health.


    Mrs. Zellah Weddle is very ill at this writing.

    Porter Floyd visited Will Reggle this week.

    M. Halcomb and wife visited George Weddle Sunday.

    Mary and Mattie Hooser visited at Porter Elrod's Sunday.

    M. Tarter visited J. Tarter Wednesday.

    Mrs. Bell Stevens visited Miss Mary Houser last week.

    Alton Halcomb was in Casey county last week.

    Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Wilson are the proud parents of a fine boy.

    Mrs. Eveline Bunch visited friends in Faubush last week.

    The many friends of Mrs. G.L. McDaniel were shocked to hear of her death.

    On last Saturday morning about nine o'clock this community was shocked by the
    horrible report of little Clair Emmerson, the three year old boy of Mr. and
    Mrs. George Emmerson, being scalded.  His mother had been doing some washing
    and the little feller fell into a kettle of hot water.  The child was burned
    all over except its face and neck and died about two hours afterwards. 
    Little Clair was a favorite with everyone and the only child of Mr. and Mrs.
    Emmerson.  We can't find words to express our sympathy for the relatives of
    this dear little boy, nor can we understand why such precious blossoms are
    snatched from us, but we must try to be reconciled knowing that God does all
    things for the best.

    Several attended the birthday party held in honor of Mr. J.E. Vaught last

    Mrs. Jettie Abbott visited her parents last weekend.

    Orvil Bullock is very ill.

    The family of J.P. Smiley are ill with the flu.

    Oscar McKinney has purchased the J.C. Blankenship farm.

    Delta York has been very ill.

    Miss Bess Duncan is improving nicely.

    Estil Acton was at J.W. Hart's on business last week.

    Pleasant Hill.

    Chas. Gregory and wife have arrived here from Illinois to make this their

    True Scales has returned to is work in Cincinnati after a visit with

    Born to Hester Robinson March 13th, a girl.

    Misses Millie and Oval Humble visited Telitha Ashley Friday.

    Elizabeth Fitzpatrick of Somerset visited her parents here last week.

    Mildred Girdler continues very ill.

    Miss Dora Shadoan of Somerset visited friends and relatives here last week.

    Mrs. Cordelia Shepherd spent a few days last week in Somerset.

    Mrs. Bettie Leigh has recovered from a recent illness.

    Fred Prather and family of Dog Wood visited R.H. Humble last weekend.

    Fred Leigh and wife of H.M. Leigh and wife of Somerset, spent Saturday and
    Sunday with homefolks here.

    Arvine Phelps and Miss Lucy Girdler were Sunday guests of Linnie Cain.


    Nancy Erp is very slowly improving.

    Doll Parkey was the Sunday guest of Nellie Randall.

    Jane Randall and children visited at Mr. Callahan's Saturday.

    C.W. Callahan is home from Dayton, Ohio.


    Rev. Walter Meece filled is regular appointment at Good Hope Sunday.

    Mrs. Grace Woodson visited her father, Jonas Abbott, last week.

    Matt Ham left Monday for Cincinnati.

    Walker Wheeldon entertained several guests Saturday night.

    Ernie Todd, Hollis and Delma Abbott were the guests of Cynthia Osborne
    Saturday night.

    Mrs. Elmer Todd and children were the guests of Walter Todd Saturday night.

    Esta Abbott is very ill with measles.

    Rev. H.S. Measel are ill with measles.

    H.M. Ham and wife were the guests of George Sandidge Sunday.

    "Uncle" David Todd departed this life March 12th.  He was 82 years of age. 
    Funeral services were held March 14th and his remains were laid to rest in
    the Woodstock cemetery.  He leaves a wife and one son to mourn their loss.

    Alfred Balleon left Monday for Arkansas to make his future home.

    Valley Oak.

    Henry Farmer and wife spent Sunday at Millard Farmer's.

    Miss Lola Price visited her sister, Mrs. Elmer Randall Sunday night.

    Chester Noe has the flu.

    Bill Noe and family of Dayton, Ohio, have moved back here.

    W.H. Randall and family spent Saturday night and Sunday at Bill Price's.

    D. Couch's family have the flu.

    Miss Linda Buchanan visited her sister, Mrs. John Hansford one day last week.

    John Phelps and wife spent Sunday at Wallace Phelp's.

    Mrs. C.S. Minter has recovered from an attack of flue.

    Ray Bobbitt is recovering from the flu.

    Mrs. Wallace Phelps spent Thursday afternoon at D. Farley's.

    Sam Childers visited at Tom Price's Thursday.

    Misses Virgie and Grace Couch were called home from Berea last week on
    account of their parents having the flu.

    Misses Laura Daniel, Linda Maud, and Tasso Buchanan spent Sunday at W.C.

    J.H. McKinney and family are getting over the flu.


    Rev. George Godby filled his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday.

    Miss Sarah Alsip has been very ill this week with the flu.

    Lyster Davis is home this week from his work at Georgetown.

    Ed Branscum is working for the Valley Creek Lumber Co.

    Misses Bertha and Ollie Wilson visited Miss Sarah Alsip Sunday.

    Miss Cassie Cassada was the guest of Mrs. M.J. Davis Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Archie Davis will soon move into their new house.

    Science Hill.

    Miss Mae Denney spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents in Somerset.

    Chester Roy of Stearns spent Sunday here with friends.

    Misses Ethel Martin and Beulah Bramel of Stearns were the attractive guests
    of Misses Pansy and Daisy Mercer during the weekend.

    George H. Lyon and sister, Martha, left Saturday for Oakes, N.D.

    Miss Fae Ashley entertained her friends with a party Saturday evening. 
    Several were present and all enjoyed a delightful evening.
    Harvey Fletcher and George Webb, who have employment in Ohio, are spending a
    few days with relatives here.

    Chas. Warren is at home ill.  He has been attending Lexington University.

    Chas. Extine and family of Somerset were callers in town Sunday afternoon.

    The Chicago portrait canvassers were here last week.  They were entertained
    by Mrs. John Dungan, whose son, Wilmot, is one of the crew.

    The Rooseveltian Society, which has been meeting on Monday evenings, has been
    changed to Friday evening.  Everyone is invited to attend.

    Miss Vera Marshall of Kings Mountain has entered school here.

    Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Wilson left Sunday for Cincinnati, Ohio, where Mr. Wilson
    will take treatment for rheumatism.

    Revs. Hunter, Duke and Sandusky of Somerset, conducted the ordination service
    at the Baptist church Sunday p.m. where M.A. Dodson was ordained a deacon.

    Mrs. Boyd Zink is here with her grandmother Mrs. H. Griffis, who has been
    real sick.

    W.R. Robbins has exchanged property with Lee Ashley.

    Mr. Flannery of Virginia came Sunday to join his wife and baby here.


    Mrs. Girtie Redmond visited Mrs. M. Redmond Sunday.

    Mrs. Sherman Whittle visited her son Ray one night last week.

    Willie Ware and wife have gone to Illinois.

    J.M. Redmond visited Grant Lay Sunday.

    Mrs. Anna Dick and little son Velber visited J.M. Redmond last week.

    Mrs. Effiie Bell visited her mother, Mrs. W.F. Beasley Sunday.

    Myrtie Woods visited Mrs. Frank Beasley Sunday.

    Mrs. Mary Redmond entertained several visitors Sunday.

    P.P. Summer and wife visited at J.W. Henderson's Sunday.

    Miss Mabel Ballard of Norfleet is visiting Mrs. Sherman Whittle.

    Mrs. Etta Whittle visited Mrs. Lizzie Whittle Sunday.


    Rev. J.C. Barber has moved to Hail.

    James Vanhook has moved to Arthur Stogsdill's place.

    J.L. Bray of Bent has bought the John Bray place.

    J.W. Bray is able to be out again.

    Mage Erp is slowly improving.

    Wm. Mills family have the flu.

    Several from here were in Somerset last Monday.

    Scott Meece visited J.W. Steele Sunday.

    Tom Slavey has returned to his position at Somerset.

    Born to Mrs. Robert Glover, triplets, Lloyd, Leslie and Dessie.


    Wm. Ware and wife left Friday for Illinois.

    John Morris and family have returned from Illinois.

    Miss Alma Cooper and sister Bannie were the guests of Otely Ware Saturday

    Riley Redmond entertained several visitors Sunday.

    Garfield Colyer of Somerset has been visiting friends and relatives here.

    Alma and Bannie Cooper were the guests of Gertie Ware Sunday.

    Sidney Summer was the guest of Otely Ware Saturday night.

    Andy and Actie Redmond visited Willie Daulton Sunday.


    Amazor Kelley is still very sick.

    The home of B. Meece was destroyed by fire last week.

    Bessie Jones has been visiting Hattie Jasper.

    Mae Meece is improving nicely.

    Sunday School has been organized to be held every Sunday afternoon.

    W.R. Huff and family visited W.R. Jasper Sunday.

    Terrell Calhoun has been ill with the small pox.

    Boyd Sawyers and wife have moved to the Columbia crossing.

    Vina Wilson visited her mother Saturday night.

    Oak Hill.

    Jim Owens and family visited Mrs. Hattie Neeley Sunday.

    Mrs. James Casada and daughter visited Eva Tucker Thursday.

    Tom Bryant has gone to Indiana to work.

    Ruth and Stella Rhoten visited their grandparents Saturday night.

    Willie Keith has moved to Frank Barnett's farm.

    Rendye Nicholas, Mae Frisbee, Angie and Bertha Neeley visited Hattie Neeley
    Saturday and Sunday.

    Thulma Thompson, Willie Thompson and wife and Grace Frisbie visited at James
    Casada's Sunday.

    Rev. Mayfield and wife are improving.

    Grace Frisbie visited Thelma Claunch Monday.

    The family of J.R. Combest are improving from the flu.

    Georgia Waddle and Florence Wilson visited Clara Thurman Saturday and Sunday.

    Grance and Mae Frisbie were the guests of the Sears girls Friday afternoon.

    Ivince Neeley and family visited Terl Neeley Sunday.

    Mrs. Jessie Neikirk and Herbert Tucker and wife visited Rev. Mayfield

    Bob Harrison and family visited his parents.

    Di Burton and wife visited relatives Sunday.

    Mable Claunch visited Lula Frisbie Saturday.


    The children of Rosco Calhoun have the whopping cough.

    Carl Rainwater was at Oil Center last week.

    Monroe Rainwater visited his sister Wednesday.

    Mrs. Florence Rainwater visited her mother Monday.

    Chester Rainwater visited A.W. Rainwater Monday.

    Elmer Schoolcraft and Columbus Calhoun were in Somerset Friday.

    Muncie Garner and family have been visiting his parents.

    John Dause visited his daughter Wednesday night.

    Audrey Rainwater visited Dica Schoolcraft Friday.

    Columbus Calhoun and Gertie Leigh were married March 21.


    Charles Wells died last week.  We extend our deepest sympathy to the entire

    V. Mullins was in Cincinnati on business last week.

    Miss Effa and William Baker of Ludlow, Ky., spent a few days with relatives
    and friends here.

    Miss Savannah Anderson spent Saturday and Sunday in Science Hill.

    (remainder unreadable)


    J.D. Hendricks had a fine calf to die last week.

    Miss Roxie Dick of Bethlehem sent Sunday with Lula and Rhetta Adams.

    Roy Cooper of Ansel visited his grandfather C.C. Cooper Sunday.

    Finley Adams has returned home from Cincinnati.

    Mrs. Dorothy Grider of Tennessee is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Newton

    Mrs. Grace Adams and little daughters of Mt. Zion spent a few days of last
    week with Mrs. G.W. Adams.

    Mrs. Mary King is quite ill at this writing.

    Mrs. Esther Hendricks and children are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs.
    Nimrod Randolph, at Ansel.

    Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams spent Wednesday and Thursday with their uncle
    J.C. Adams of Mt. Zion.

    John and Laura Godby visited friends at Beech Grove Saturday night and

    Mrs. Ida Dick and children were guests at her father's Sam Roy.

    Mrs. Laura Dick spent last Thursday with Mrs. Nannie Adams.


    Lula Rogers is ill with flu.

    Corda Gooch and little daughter Edith May are ill with measles.

    Anna Gooch who has been visiting at Louisville has returned home.

    Mr. Leff Brooks and wife visited at W.D. Warren's Saturday night.

    Mrs. Bertha Osborn is slowly improving.

    Mrs. Frona Jones of Kings Mountain visited home folks last week.


    Miss Mary and Mattie Woodall entertained several of their friends Sunday.

    Miss Agnes Bobbitt visited Ethna and Agnes Moore Sunday.

    Mrs. Mattie Whitaker and daughter have returned from Dayton, Ohio.

    Mrs. George Hargis visited Mrs. L. Woodall Monday.

    Mrs. Maggie Bullock has returned from Dayton, Ohio.

    Mrs. I.S. Woodall and Elmer Whitaker have gone to Norwood to work.

    Miss Sarah Woodall of Acorn is visiting home folks at Coin this week.


    Mrs. J.P. Kennedy and children have gone to join her husband in Birmingham,
    Ala., to make their future home.

    Dr. K.S. Lester of Helm was in town most of the week.

    Mrs. Lum Harvey and daughter of Somerset were the guests of J.M. Lloyd and
    wife last week.

    Miss Irene Fitzgerald has returned to Bowling Green after a two weeks visit
    with her mother.

    Geo. H. Williams, assistant manger for Geo. P. Taylor, Co., was in Somerset
    last Wednesday on business.

    The Reading Circle met Friday afternoon with Mesdames J.H. Selvidge and Carey
    Fagaly hostesses.  A delightful afternoon was spent, ice cream and cakes were

    The minstrel given by fifteen of the young people Friday night was a splendid
    success.  Each one did their part fine and displayed wonderful talent.  A
    large crowd attended and all say it was the best minstrel ever given in town.

    Shelby Rankin returned to Russellville Sunday.

    J.H. Selvidge has been very ill with tonsillitis.

    Mrs. Dory (?) Brown and son and Mrs. Day, of Danville, were the guests of
    Mrs. T.A. Lewis over Sunday.

    Misses Doma Phillippi and Edna Young were in Lexington shopping Monday.

    W.R. Bass, of Cincinnati, was in town last week on business.  "Billy's"
    friends are always glad to see him.

    Mrs. J.M. Dugger is confined to her room with the flu.

    Rev. Overstreet attended the Inter-Church Movement Meeting at Louisville
    Wednesday and Thursday.  Mrs. Overstreet accompanied him as far as Danville.

    H.A. Gable has returned from a business trip to Ft. Wayne, Ind.

    L.E. Molen had the misfortune of losing his purse with several dollars in it

    The home of Mr. and Mrs. John Cabell was made happy when a baby girl was born

    W.W. Rew was absent several days of his office on account of illness.

    W.T. Brown has finished his work here for the H.T. Whitson Lumber Co., and
    returned to his home at Erlanger, Ky.

    Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Perkins were in Somerset Saturday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Ware, formerly of Mills Springs, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
    G.N. Fagaly a few days this week.

    Miss Stella Colyer of Cincinnati, was visiting Mrs. M.P. Smith and her
    father, who is recovering at the Gamblin Hospital form an operation last

    Rev. J.M. Dick has returned to New Albany, Ind., after an extended visit here
    with his son.

    J.J. Crutcher was called to Wilmore Saturday on account of the death of his
    little nephew.

    Mrs. Morris Taylor of Danville is visiting Mrs. John Taylor.

    Mrs. S.H. Williams left Monday for a visit in Jacksonville, Fla.

    Slim Parrigin called on "some one" in Sloans Valley Sunday.

    Mesdames A.G. Jones, S.H. Williams and Miss Nina Beaty were in Somerset

    Harry Bobbitt of Somerset was in town Sunday.

    Lad Slingerland and Martin McNamara of Stearns were in town Saturday.

    Dr. N.D. Stigall attended the Masonic Banquet in Somerset Tuesday night.


    Mrs. James Cassada and daughters, Ona and Zena, visited Mrs. John Tucker

    John Cowan has the flu.

    Mrs. Dick Rhoten visited her father Jacob Mayfield one day last week.

    Miss Grace Frisbie visited Misses Mabel and Thelma Claunch Monday night.

    Frank Campbell has purchased a farm in Ohio and moved to same.  We regret
    losing this good family from our vicinity.

    Alex White has returned to his home in Indiana after spending the winter with
    his brother, Bill White.

    John Tucker and family spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steve
    Casada in Pulaski.

    Misses Angie and Christine Neeley visited Mrs. Everett Gholson Wednesday.

    Bill White and wife visited Lum Harvey and wife Sunday.

    Mrs. Nan Gholson visited Mrs. D.S. Claunch Sunday.

    G. Gibson and family of Elihu spent Sunday with his mother.

    Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cowan and children visited relatives in Waitsboro Sunday.

    Bill and James Tucker left for Indiana Tuesday.  They will be employed there
    for some time.

    Sam Waddle and wife attended the funeral of Bill Cowan Monday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Bee Whitis of Somerset visited Mr. and Mrs. Luther Bales Sunday.

    Misses Ruth and Stella Rhoten spent Saturday night and Sunday with their

    Everett Gholson and wife visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. ? Bryant Sunday. 
    Mr. Bryant is very sick.


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