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Somerset, Ky., Friday, March 18, 1921.

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Will Open For Business Saturday.  New Billiard Parlors Pretty Place.  Mr. Aaron Rubin, manager, announces that the Brunswick Billiard Parlors will open for business Saturday, March 19, This new amusement lace is located in the Ferrell store room, Masonic Bldg., and is one of the most attractive places of the kind to be found in the State.  The building has been completely remodeled and many necessary additions made.  The place is equipped with seven billiard and pool tables.  These tables were purchased from the Brunswick Company and are the best made.  The place is brilliantly lighted and there is every convenience for those who patronize it.  Mr. Rubin, the manager, says that he will conduct a place that will appeal to the very best class of citizens of the city; that nothing will be allowed to go on that would in any way injure the reputation of the place or detract from it.  Mr. Rubin says that the fees for games will be reasonable and every attention given the patrons.  Mr. Rubin before coming to Somerset to open this business worked as a watch repairer for Mr. E.H. Kahn.  On account of the close confinement of this business he had to give the work up.  Mr. Ed Murphy will be employed by Mr. Rubin to assist in the management of the place.  They ask the patronage and good will of the people of the city and promise to conduct a place that will be a credit to the city.

Hospital Notes.

Robert Curtis is getting along nicely and will return home in a few days.

Willie Butt, of Science Hill, was operated on for appendicitis last Saturday and seems to be getting along fine.

E.C. Hall of Science Hill, left the hospital last Saturday and is spending a
few days with his brother, Dr. Hall before returning home.

Mrs. Dave Shraburg who has been in the hospital for a few days, returned home

Mrs. N. Sumner returned to her home in the South End Sunday.

Roscoe Helton who has been here for a couple of weeks for treatment, spent
Monday night at his home at Greenwood, returning to the hospital Tuesday.

Miss Elsie Zimmerman left Monday for Moreland, to nurse a patient for Dr.

Mrs. Henry Snyder is getting along very nicely.

J.S. Abbott who is here for medical treatment is improving.

Mr. Upchurch of Stearns came last Tuesday and underwent a slight operation
Wednesday morning.

Marriage Licenses.  Following are the marriage licenses issued from the County Clerk's office during past week:  Riley Early, 19, to Addie Colyer, 17; Walter Kuzee, 24, to Carry Scrimager, 19; Thomas Atkerson, 34, to Susan Cross, 39; Jacob C. Hancox, 25, to Dovie E. Casada, 21; Marion Little, 18, to Annie Tackett, 17; Sam Childers, 50 to Pearl McGlamery, 42.

Personal Mention.

Miss Mae Francis Pates of Danville spent Sunday with her father, Mr. C.W. Pates, Chief Train Dispatcher.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jones have moved from College St. to Mrs. Henry's on Columbia St.

Mrs. C.C. Coffey of Monticello, Ky., has returned home after a visit with Mrs. J.V. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cosby spent Sunday with her parents in Danville.

Mrs. J.V. Smith and Mrs. C.C. Coffey spent several days in Lexington last

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz have returned to their home in Springfield, Ky., after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Owen Goodloe.

Mrs. Chas. Ball of Danville is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Carter.

Miss Bee Devine has returned from a visit to her mother in Danville.

Mrs. Chas. Porch spent last Saturday with her daughter, Mrs. E.P. Buchanan, who was operated on in Danville last week.  Mrs. Buchanan will be home next week.

Mrs. S.A. Waddle and daughter, Betty, have returned from a visit with her
parents in Monticello.

Mrs. Bettie Sloan of Oakdale, Tenn., was in Somerset this week visiting.

Mrs. B.L. Waddle spent last weekend in Lexington.

Mr. W.V. Allen will visit his brother at Salt Lake City, Utah, soon.

Mr. W.G. Neeley who resides at Knoxville, Tenn., has been visiting relatives and friends here.

Little Irwin Wallace Allen is very ill at this writing.

Laura Neely, who has been attending business school in Akron, Ohio, has returned to her home in Knoxville, Tenn.

Mrs. M.E. Tate entertained quite a number of young folks in honor of the
fifth birthday of her daughter, Winnie Beverly.  The little folks had a
delightful time.  Refreshments were served following games.

Parker Wesley spent several days in Danville this week.

Elmer Hughes returned from Cincinnati Tuesday where he went to purchase

Mr. Elmer Stevie and Miss Bert Roberts, of the Fair Co., are in Stearns
showing the latest in wearing apparel for women.

Miss Lida Weddle of Hustonville has been the guest of relatives here.

C.I. Ross was in Frankfort last weekend.
J. Colson McKeehan returned this week from Corbin and Williamsburg, where he has been several weeks on business.

L.E. Bryant of Roberta, Tenn., was in the city this week.

Gladstone Wesley is moving to the Methodist Episcopal parsonage on College

Editor Otis Thomas of Liberty, Ky., was in the city this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Cassada are spending the weekend in Crestwood, Ky., with Mr. Cassada's father.

Miss Barthenia Salle will leave on Tuesday to attend the wedding of her friend and schoolmate, Miss Zarada Cochran, Maysville, Ky.

The Young Ladies Missionary Society of the First Methodist Church will meet Friday afternoon at three o'clock at the home of Mrs. Ralph Longsworth.

Judge and Mrs. James Denton, Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Hays, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Waddle, Mrs. Anna Mourning and Mrs. George P. Sallee attended the funeral of
Dr. Harvey Glass at Danville.

Mr. J.V. Logan is quite ill at his home on College St.

Miss Bessie Goggins is spending the week in Louisville.

Cecil Williams was in Lexington Saturday on business.

Mrs. Hershel Humble entertained the Five Hundred Club last Thursday afternoon at her home on North Main St.  Four tables played.  The prize was won by Mrs. Porter Bolin.  Dainty refreshments followed the game.

Mrs. J.W. Davidson of Burnside spent Monday in Somerset.

Mrs. George Williams of Burnside was in the city shopping Tuesday.

Mesdames Clifford Johnson, John Parker and Sue Owens were in Cincinnati last week to hear Bill Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brinkley of Danville spent several days with relatives.

Caleb Hill who has been in Oklahoma for the past year, is with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Brinton are in Cincinnati this week.

Mrs. A. Lovett is in Stearns this week with her spring line of millinery.

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Meier spent last weekend in Danville.

Mrs. M.L. Jarvis has returned from a visit to Williamsburg.

Mrs. J.M. Hardgrove is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Henry Cundiff in Danville.
Born, Sunday, to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dunn, a boy.

Acorn.  Miss Mae Randall went to Mt. Victory Sunday to have some dental work
done.  Mrs. Oscar Goforth and children returned from Kansas last week. Her husband will come later.  From all appearances there is lots of moonshining
around in this vicinity.  The boys seem to have no difficulty in finding lots of it as there is always drinking at all gatherings and even at the churches.  It is hoped by all that the moonshiners will all be caught and it would be a great blessing to the people and the community if they were. Luther Bray, son
of Lee Bray, died March 11th, and was laid to rest in the Pine Hill grave yard Saturday.  He leaves a dear mother and father, wife and one child, three brothers and a sister to mourn his death.  The family has the sympathy of all.  Luther arrived home just a day or two before he died.  An abscess on his lungs was the cause of his death.  But in the midst of all sorrow the great soothing hand of God can still our tears and we know that the dear friends and relatives he left behind feel and realize the truth of these words.  We trust he's gone to heaven, with angels there to dwell, and we hope some day to meet him, to never say farewell.

Bent.  The singing school at this place began Saturday morning, conducted by E.D. Wells. Rev. J.W. Steele has returned from Merritsburg, Ky., where he has purchased a farm and is preparing to move soon.  Mrs. Dock Stogsdill and Mrs.
Oather Randall visited Riley Hargis Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Whitaker and children, of Bloomington, Ill., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Childers, this week.  Mr. Luther Bray returned to his home from Illinois very ill Thursday evening and only lived about 36 hours.  His folks did not know exactly what the cause of his death was.  He leaves a father, mother, one sister and three brothers and a host of friends to mourn his death.  He professed a hope in Christ about fourteen hours before his death.  Oh, how it did cheer his bereaved friends to know that the Lord had heard his and their
prayers when he bade them all farewell.  All who do not profess a hope in
Christ should take warning before the death angel comes and call for them.

Burnside.  L.M. Cheeley is in Lexington this week auditing books for the S.S. Price Co.   The Mission Reading Circle met with Mesdames J.H. Selvidge and Carey Fagaly Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Fagaly.  Very interesting readings were given by Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Harn, followed by music.  At the close of the program the hostesses served a delicious salad course.  W.G. Drummond of Dallas, Texas, was in town this past week on business.  Mr. and Mrs. V.H. Frazier entertained at dinner Misses Willie and Jessie Prater Wednesday evening. 
Mrs. Robt. Johnson died at her home Wednesday afternoon, March 9, after a short illness.  It was a great shock to her family and friends, as they hardly realized the end was so near.  The funeral was conducted at the home Thursday afternoon by Rev. W.T. Overstreet.  The beautiful floral offerings gave expression of her many friends.  She leaves a husband, son and daughter to mourn her death.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sloan were "at home" to The Charade Club Friday evening.  The Burnside Amusement Club were guests of Misses Grace Kennedy and Pearl Bradshaw at the home of Miss Kennedy Thursday evening.  The charming hostesses delightfully entertained their guests.  Mrs. Chas. Baugh and Miss Lucille Fitzgerald were in Cincinnati Saturday and Sunday afternoon and to hear Rev. Billy Sunday.  Miss Catherine Gable delightfully entertained a number of her young friends to a birthday part Saturday evening.  Many enjoyable games and contests were played and delicious refreshments were served before the happy crowd went home.  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Weaver were hostess to a dinner party Saturday evening.  The following guests enjoyed their hospitality:  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Waite and family, Mr. and Mrs. V.R. Southwood and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Tuttle and children.  Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Beaty of Antioch have a new baby boy, Robert William born March 9th.  Miss Elizabeth Allen was in Somerset for the day Sunday.  Miss Alyene Bryant was the charming hostess to a party for her many
friends Saturday evening at her home on College St.  Miss Bryant's winning personality and art at entertaining made her guests enjoy a delightful evening.  E.T. Simpson and family of Torrent, have moved here to make Burnside their home again.  Miss Irene Fitzgerald of Danville was home for the weekend.  Charlie Jones of Antioch and Miss Lue Cline of this city were married at Oneida, Tenn., Thursday of last week.  L.J. Parrigin, formerly of this city, was operated on at the Jewish hospital in Louisville last week.  His many friends are glad to know he is doing nicely.  Mrs. W.J. Davidson was in Somerset Monday shopping.  W.W. Rew, Wm. Martin, J.W. Burgess and John Cabell were all "smiles" Monday when they received telegrams telling of the coming in of a 3,000 barrel oil well, in which they had shares.  They are receiving congratulations from their many friends.

Science Hill.  Several from here were at Wilson Church Sunday.  Mesdames W.M. and Warren Baugh of Mt. Zion went to Burnside last Thursday to attend a funeral.  The remains of Mr. W.C. Pike, of Waynesburg, were brought here for burial last Friday.  Aunt Jane Howell and Mrs. Eliza Baugh and boys visited Mrs. A.J. Wilson and attended church last week.  Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Godby and children visited at Mr. Warren Baugh's Sunday evening,.  J.C. Adams has
bought property of Walter Leigh and will move in the near future.  Remember the date of the preachers meeting, March 29 to April 1st.  Those on the sick list are Mesdames Carl Quinton, Willie Cox, Craig Perkins, Sechrist and Uncle James Kelly.  Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Mercer entertained a number of their friends at dinner last Sunday.  Tather Council it able to be out after a sickness.

Dahl.  A very large crowd attended the Sunday School at Cedar Gap Sunday.  Mr. William Griffin left for Colorado Monday.  Mrs. Mary Whitaker visited Mrs. Hansford Sunday.  Mr. Hamp Woodall is very ill at this writing.  Several from here attended church at Burdine Sunday.  Mr. Fea Smith, Will Bingham and Joe Gilliland were at Dahl Sunday afternoon.  Miss Zula Hansford entertained a few of her friends Sunday afternoon.

Colo.  Several attended the singing at Colo school house Sunday afternoon.  Silas Ping of Dabney was here buying hogs last week.  Martha Tomlinson is moving to the place she purchased from Denney Waddle near Cherry Grove.  Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Ping visited their son, U.S. Ping, at Dabney last week.  Clara Hail and brother of Rockcastle, have been visiting friends here.  Edith Hargis has returned home form Bowling Green.  Myrtle Baker who is taking a business course at Somerset, visited home folks Saturday and Sunday.  Myrtle Farmer entertained Sunday night in honor of her brothers, Herbert and Milford Colyer, of Somerset.  Mrs. Helen Mounce and Myrtel Colyer visited relatives in Somerset last week.  Mrs. Anna Baker of Dykes was the guest of her sister Mrs. Susan Meece Sunday.  Henry Goodwin is conducting a singing school at White Lily on Saturday and Sundays.  Mrs. Lee Kenney entertained at dinner Sunday Pearl Baker, of Dykes, Alice Mounce, Anna Meece, Bettie Kenney, S.M. Godby, Lamont and Leonard Meece, Edd Kenney and Silas Baker.

Clarence.  Mrs. Lucy Acton and family were the guests of Mr. G.H. Osborne one night last week.  Mrs. Mollie Barren was the guest at Mr. Proctor's Thursday.  Mr. Obey Estes is better at this writing.  Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Long were the guests of Mr. Henry Long Thursday.  Miss Esta Abbott is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Grace Woodson of Quinton, this week.  Mr. and Mrs. John Ray were guests
of Mr. Geo. Sandidge's Saturday night.  Mrs. Rachel Long and Anna Osborne were the guests of Mrs. Cynthia Osborne Sunday.  Mr. Leff Brook and Mr. Berry Bently were in Eubank on business Thursday.  Mr. Elbert Osborne was the guest of Mr. Nathan Shelby Saturday night.

Clear Fork.  Mr. Henry Eubanks and wife, of Waynesburg, spent a few days last week with his brother, R.M. Eubanks.  Mr. Everett Pumphrey had his sale March 11th.  He will soon leave for Illinois.  B.J. Howard has traded his farm for Mr. Sam Webb's farm in Lewis County where he will move soon after having his sale March 16th.  Miss Vestie Reece is visiting relatives in Indiana.  Little Miss Opal Vanover spent last Saturday with Mrs. M.N. Ingram.  Mrs. Roy Bastin returned home last week after a week or so visit with her mother, Mrs. J.P. Reece.  Mrs. A.J. Boggs has been on the sick list but is now improving.  M.N. Ingram and wife were in Somerset last Monday on business.  Mr. Oliver Singleton arrived home Thursday from Flat Rock where he will spend a few days
vacation with home folks.  Mrs. Flossie Singleton visited her mother last week.  Born, to the home of Sam Camden a fine girl.

Dabney.  Mrs. Arizona McKenzie visited her mother, Mrs. N.B. Evans Friday.  Mrs. Lena Price spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Lucy Vaught.  Mr. Bill McKenzie visited at Mr. Nelson Poynter's Saturday night.  Chas. Williams, who has been ill for the past few weeks, is slowly improving.  Mrs. Lula Price spent Saturday with her sister, Mrs. Emmett Gilliland at Somerset.  Misses Mayme McKenzie, Bessie and Dessie Williams visited Mrs. Andrew Dyer Sunday evening.  Mrs. Phil Ping is spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Price.  Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Price of Somerset, spent Saturday night and Sunday with his sister, Mrs. John Herrin.  Several from here attended church at Union Saturday night.  Messrs Bill and Victor McKenzie visited at J.T. Price's Sunday.  Mrs. Mary Kelley is very poorly at this writing.   Mrs. Gertie Sowder spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Steve Gastineau.  Messrs Charlie and Manford Price were in town Friday on business.  Miss Nannie Sowder entertained with a singing Saturday night.  Mr. Mose Crow and sister, Anne, are visiting at C.C. Crow's.  Bowman Newby of Hail attended church at Union Saturday night.  Word has been received here of the death of Mr. Mat Harper.  Mr. Harper was formerly a resident of this community and a good citizen.  We extend our greatest sympathy to the bereaved ones in their time of trouble.

Elrod.  James Vanhook bought a cow from J.C. Poynter.  Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sowder visited at John Eaton's Sunday.  Mr. Fred Vanhook and family visited relatives here Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. Elsia Poynter and baby were with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Carter, last week.  Mr. Otis Bumgardner's spent Saturday night at Logan Debord's near Vanhook, Ky.  J.M. Daniel was with home folks near Shopville, Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Bentley of Bloomington, Ill., visited at G.L. Isaacs the weekend.  Mrs. Martha Randolph is visiting her son, Olph, this week.  Mr. George Bumgardner made a business trip to Somerset Monday.

Estesburg.  Rev. Hall of Waynesburg, filled his regular appointment at this place Saturday night and Sunday.  The infant baby of Mr. and Mrs. Lemont Eubank remains very sick.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moore, of Livingston, visited Geo. R. Warren who has been very sick.  Mrs. Perry Tarter of Indiana who has been visiting relatives returned home Sunday.  Mr. Geo. Nelson and family and
Mr. J.T. Eubank and family have returned from Indiana and will make their future home near here.  Mr. W.A. Measel and family visited his mother at this
place Sunday.  Mrs. Virgil Hardgrove sold a nice cow to Chris Vaught
recently.  Whooping cough is raging in this vicinity. 

Floyd.  The sick folks in this vicinity are all improving some except "Uncle" Sam Harrington.  He isn't improving very fast.  D.D. Ison and family of Somerset were visitors of Wm. Jenkins and family Sunday.  Mrs. Kate Singleton spent the day Friday with Mrs. M.N. Griffin.  Mrs. W.R. Estes and little daughter spent a few days last week with relatives in Eubank.  Prof. Taylor, Miss Eugene Lee, Miss Mable Acton and Miss Daisy Lee all of Eubank, were callers at Wm. Jenkin's Sunday afternoon.   Mrs. Ovie Bishop is confined to her room with measles.  Mrs. Bill Todd is on the sick list at this writing.  Mrs. McCracken was visiting at Uncle Sam Harrington's Saturday night.  Uncle Benj. Harrington, of Bobtown, spent Saturday night with his brother, Uncle Sam Harrington.

Hail.  There was a family reunion at Mr. Lee Hargis last Saturday.  All of their children and grandchildren were present.  Mr. B.E. Newby purchased two hogs last week from Mr. Plackey.  Mrs. Minnie Bartley and children spent Saturday night and Sunday with her grandmother, Mrs. Evans.  Mr. Walter Dykes, wife and children, Jim Phelps, wife and children spent last Sunday with Mr. Charlie Evans.  Mr. Willie Bryant sold a dog last week for $25.  Miss Balzora McKenzie and children and visiting her sister, Mrs. Ethel Gilliland at Somerset.  Mr. C.W. Burton sold a cow to Mr. Cal Jackson for $65 and a hog to G.R. Gilliland for 10 cents per pound.  Mrs. Ethel Bryant and children visited Mrs. Sophie Newby one evening last week.  Mr. Raymond Moore and wife and sister went to Short Creek Saturday for a short stay with Mrs. Moore's mother.  Uncle Mose Crow and his sister have broken up housekeeping and have gone to live with his son.  Mr. Bob Doan of Beech Grove neighborhood met his father here Sunday and took him home with him.

Hogue.  Miss Roxie Dick of Bethlehem visited Lula Adams Sunday.  Rev. Marlon Baugh of Science Hill attended church here at Center Post Sunday.  Mr. John J. Dick and family of Mt. Hope, and Mr. Alfonso Haggard and family of Wilson visited at James Randolph's Sunday.  Miss Myrtle Adams of Cave Hill is visiting at her grandfather's George Adams.  Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Date Dick,
a boy, March 10, John.  Mrs. Amanda Wesley spent few days of last week at her brother's Mr. George Dick of Bethlehem.  Mr. and Mrs. Acton Barber of
Fairview visited at Rutherford Adams Sunday.  Rev. Olive Baugh delivered a fine sermon to a very large crowd at Center Post Sunday morning.  Misses Lula, Rhetta and Malinda adams spent last Thursday john Shadoan's of Bethlehem.  Mr. Chester Roy of Science Hill, attended church here Sunday.  Miss Myrtle Wesley and Mrs. James Hendricks are no better at this writing.

Hyatt's Fork.  Quite a crowd from here attended the funeral services of Mr. Lon Pike, of Hendersonville, Ky., which were held at the Christian Church at Science Hill Friday afternoon.  Rev. John Godby conducted the services.  Mr. Escar Vaught has accepted work as clerk at Somerset.  We are glad to see Mrs. John Vaught able to be out again.  Mr. and Mrs. Ben Council made a business trip to Somerset last Thursday.  We were grieved to hear of the death of Mr. and Mrs. Montiville Hubbard's baby of Todd.  Mrs. Hubbard was formerly Miss Dolly Hicks of near here.  Several attended preaching at the M.E. Church at Science Hill Sunday and Sunday night.  How tickled we all will be when the State gets the tarvia on the pike.  Looks to us like the road is very narrow for such an extensive travel as will be.  But why not make the road wider?

Ingle.  Rev. Frank Beasley filled his regular appointment at Cedar Point church Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. Milton Pitman of Gilpin, Ky., attended church at Cedar Point Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. Flora Sharp of Danville, Ky., has been visiting relatives in this vicinity.  Mrs. W.W. Molden of Nancy, visited her sister, who has been very ill.  Dr. Brent Weddle was in this part Saturday attending the sick.  A fire broke out in the Flat Woods Saturday, the 5th, and continued burning until Wednesday when it was put out by the rain.  The fire burned over the greater part of the lands owned by Mr. Napier Adams.  Mr. J.W. Kissee had the misfortune of getting his mule's leg broken Thursday while logging.  Mr. Ester Kissee traded a fine horse to Mr.
Chester Kissee for a mule.  Mr. Tom Pitman sold a mule to Mr. J.W. Kissee. 
The death angel visited the home of Mr. Irester Kissee and took his wife, Floy Kissee away Sunday morning.  Funeral services were held at the Cedar Point church Monday, conducted by Rev. C.C. Trimble. The body was laid to rest in the Tarter cemetery.

Mark.  The stork visited the homes of Jack Gilliland, March 11, and Joe Herrin, March 12, leaving a new son at each place.  Miss Carmen Herrin entertained a number of her friends Saturday night with a social.  Riley Early and Miss Addie Colyer were married at the home of Rev. Wesley Colyer March 9th.  Henry Whitaker moved to Lincoln Linville's farm a few days ago.  Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jones of Meece spent Saturday night at Mrs. Ellen Whitson's.  Mr. Linville, of Mt. Vernon, has moved to a tenant house of F.B. Linville's.  Mr. and Mrs. Lester Criss and Willis Whitson visited their uncle J.W. Rainey, near Dahl, Friday.  Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dykes and children of Drum visited at W.A. Hargis, Sunday.

McKinney.  Brother Crow filled his regular appointment at Union Saturday night and Sunday and began a revival Sunday night.  Mrs. Chaney, who has been
ill for some time, is still improving.  Born, to the wife of Andrew Phelps, last week, a girl.  Mr. Jean Fugate, Merie Smiley, and Lance Bloomer left last Wednesday for Iowa.  Several from Etna attended church at Union Saturday night and Sunday.  Charlie Williams is ill at this writing.

New Bethel.  Mr. C.F. Campbell of Rossburg, O., has been spending a few days with his mother and sister here.  G.C. Lorton has the contract to build the pike from Somerset to his farm out in the country.  This will be a very good thing for this part of the neighborhood as the roads have been almost past traveling this winter.  Miss Zola Humble of Pleasant Hill has been spending a few days with friends and her sister in this neighborhood.  The Baptist Church will meet and reorganize the Sunday School the first Sunday in April.  The many friends of Rev. Abbott regret to hear that he is growing gradually weaker.  Dewitt Hudson who was brought home from the hospital last week, is still improving.  Roy, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Jones, has pneumonia.  Mrs. Grant Taylor is in very poor health.  Miss Arlie Tartar was the Sunday night guest of Miss Zola Humble and Mrs. Fred Prather.  Miss Donna Girdler will entertain her many friends today with a birthday dinner.  Veiasca Girdler will move on Jack Edward's place this week.

Oak Hill.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Neeley and children and Mrs. Walter Neeley visited at Mr. John Neeley's Sunday.  Mrs. B.C. Gholson spent one night last week with her son, Everett Gholson.  Miss Andy Evelyn, who has been very sick, is improving nicely.  Mrs. Geo. Anderson and children of Ferguson, Miss Altha Anderson of Illinois, Mrs. B.C. Gholson, Oscar Casada and Reta Tucker visited at Mrs. Lula Frisbie's Sunday.  Misses Myrtle and Mattie Bogle attended the revival in Somerset Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Elias Burton visited his brother, H.C. Burton of Faubush, Sunday.  Miss Mildred Barnett and Milford Barnett visited their aunt, Mrs. Walter Neeley, Sunday.  Miss Grace Frisbie returned home Sunday from a visit with relatives in Wayne.  Mr. Harvey Gover of Quinton, visited Mr. Bill Edwards Sunday.  Mr. John Neeley is very poorly.

Pisgah.  Mrs. Lum Harvey has been visiting her father at Bronston.  He is
very sick.  Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Gottshall, of Somerset, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch.  Glen Heaton is all smiles over the arrival of a 10 lb. girl, March 8th.  Miss Cassie Jordon who has had typhoid fever is improving nicely.  Mrs. Whitis spent the weekend in Somerset.  Mr. and Mrs. Harley Claunch spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hudson of Somerset.  Mrs. John Hall who is suffering with an attack of rheumatism, was removed to the home of her father near Shafter.  Misses Mahaley and Nan Gibson spent Saturday night and Sunday with their sister, Mrs. L. Leece of Ferguson.

Plato.  Sunday School was organized at Mt. Pleasant last Sunday.  Several young people from here attended church at Poplar Grove Sunday.  Mr. Mitchell Robins entertained a few of his friends last Saturday night with a party.  Mr. H.P. Broyles left for Iowa one day last week, where he expects to stay for some time.  Mr. John Randolph is ill.  Mr. S. Bumgarnder and Ben Smith went to Woodstock Friday after their monuments.  Miss Sallie Debord and sister of Walnut Grove spent Saturday night and Sunday at the home of Mr. George Ping.  Mr. Joe Smith is said to be better. Miss Maggie Eldridge visited her mother Saturday night and Sunday.  Mrs. Mary Ping is very poorly at this writing.  George Smith went to see his bother near Plato Sunday.  Mrs. Nanniebell McKinney who has been sick for some time, is improving.  Mr. John M. Waddle was here on business one day last week.  Mrs. Bettie Broyles has returned home after visiting her mother near Plato for about two weeks.  George Ping went to see his mother Thursday.

Possum Trot.  Several from here attended the funeral of Mrs. Harmon.  We extend our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family.  Walter Mercer and wife entertained at their home Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Everett Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Mercer, Mr. and Mrs. James Girdler, Jessie Garner, wife and baby.  Sterling Burton and family of West Virginia, are with his parents here.  George Girdler and wife of McKinney, spent the weekend with her parents.  Zola Humble is visiting her sister at Shafter.  Willie Fisher and wife of Burnside, spent Sunday with his parents here.  Pearlie Martin of Somerset spent last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Fitzpatrick.  Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Johnson spent the latter part of the week with his parents of Ferguson.  Miss Zula Turpen spent Sunday with her parents here.  Mrs. Lewis Roysdon is getting along nicely.  Mr. and Mrs. Leotis Dodson of Science Hill spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Childers.

Pulaski.  Rev. Duke filled his regular appointment here Sunday.  Miss Betty Hamm spent the weekend with home folks.  Singing at the Baptist Church is progressing nicely.  The many friends and relatives were greatly grieved at the death of Mr. W.C. Pike of Waynesburg, who was ill only a short time, taking ill on Tuesday and died Thursday morning.  Remains were brought to Science Hill and laid to rest in the Science Hill cemetery.  School was out last Thursday. Mr. Correll will soon have his garage building up and also shop, and will be able to accommodate the farmers as well as the machinists. 
Mr. and Mrs. O. Pike and children, of Waynesburg, spent the weekend with relatives here.  Homer Yankee of Baileyton, Tenn., and Orval Armstrong of
California, are visiting John Bailey.  Mrs. E.P. Critsinger has returned from a visit to North Carolina and Virginia.  Misses Minnie and Bertha Detherage spent the weekend with their sister, Mrs. Clarence Tartar of Stanford.  The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bryant is very ill with pneumonia.

Soules Chapel.  Mr. Kidd came home Sunday to be with home folks a few days.  Mr. and Mrs. Fred Osborne and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith attended church at
Somerset Sunday night.  Miss Katherine King spent Saturday night and Sunday with Miss Eva Sears on Rush Branch.  Mr. Willie Gover spent Saturday night with his sister, Mrs. Catern Harrison of Somerset.  Mrs. Henry Ryan visited her aunt, Mrs. Bud Wilson on Caney Fork, last week.  Miss Fauna Keeney spent Saturday night and Sunday with Miss Nora Meece.  Mr. J.W. Parker has been on the sick list.  Mrs. Willie Meece called on Mrs. C.T. Cundiff Thursday afternoon.  Marshal Cundiff, Wade Gover, John and Orville Keyes spent Sunday with the Jackson boys, who recently moved here from Illinois.  Miss Molly Bryant has been having some trouble with her eyes.  Mrs. Vola Padgett returned home Saturday after a weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Colyer.  Miss Maggie Eldridge spent Saturday night with home folks at Plato.  Mr. Clay Harmon spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. I.P. Harmon's.  There is meeting every Saturday night at Gilmore School house.  Mr. Grant Harmon is here from Ohio looking for a job.  Miss Fannie Gragg spent last week at Nancy visiting friends and relatives.  Miss Zella and Helen Cundiff, Smith Gilmore and Willie Gover went to the airplane "go up" Sunday evening.


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