Submitted by Ron Holt


Goes to Monticello.  Mr. Frank Orwin, who has been connected with the Somerset house of the Cumberland Grocery Co., for some time past, has been transferred to Monticello and will have charge of that branch house.   Mr. Orwin has made the company a very efficient man in the house here and it was in recognition of his business qualifications that he was made manage of the Monticello house.  His many Somerset friends regret to see him leave but recommend him to the citizenry of the capital of Wayne County.  Mr. George Bertram, who has been the manager of the Monticello house has resigned and will embark in the real estate business.


Waddle Returns.  Mr. J.E. Waddle returned from Johnson County this week where he has been on business for the Pu-John Oil Company.  He says that excitement is running high in Johnson County and everything looks good for Pu-John.  Mr. Waddle is still plugging thru the first sand and will go to the second or even further in search of pay.  He plans to make a deep test out of this well.


More Voting Precincts.  At the regular term of Pulaski County Court held last Monday week, Judge R.C. Tartar appointed B.L. Waddle, J.N. Mayfield and Joe Lewis as a committee to revise and reapportion the voting precincts of the county.  This is made necessary, Judge Tartar says, because of the heavy vote anticipated this fall in the general election.  This will be the first time the women of the state have voted in a general election.  The people of the various precincts should be consulted in this matter and the voting places made as convenient as possible to the greatest number.  No politics should enter into the duties to be performed by these men.  Lots of times precincts are changed to be made stronger Republican or Democratic.


To Mason County.  Clyde Hubble has received an appointment from Commissioner of Agriculture Hanna as a field agent and will be located in Mason County.  Mr. Hubble is a graduate of the Agricultural College, Lexington, and is well qualified for the place.

Taylor – Kinne.  Captain W. Solander Taylor of this city and Miss Francis Kinne of Stearns, Ky., were married at Lebanon, Ky., last Sunday by Rev. T.J. Porter, a relative of the groom and pastor of the Baptist Church at that place.  The ceremony was performed at the parsonage.  Captain and Mrs. Taylor accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Higgins, Mesdames A.W. Cain, J.A. Bolin, and Mrs. Wright, sister of the groom, motored to Lebanon Sunday morning.  They were joined there by Mrs. Kinne of Louisville, mother of the bride.  Following the ceremony the party motored back to Somerset.  Captain Taylor had furnished a very pretty apartment in the Parker building and the happy couple went direct to their new home.  Mrs. Taylor is the daughter of Mr. W.A. Kinne of Stearns and formerly lived in Somerset.  She is a graduate of the Somerset High School.  She is a most charming and attractive girl and very popular in the younger set.  Captain Taylor is the son of the late Dr. F.A. Taylor and has spent the greater part of the past four years in the army.  He was Captain of Company G, State Guards, and was with this company on the border.  Later when war was declared on Germany he was called out for service and spent a year in France and Germany.  He was with the army of occupation.  Captain Taylor was considered one of the best officers in the division with which he was connected.  At the present time he is engaged in the grocery business.



Brother Dies.  Mr. Thomas M. Thatcher received word Tuesday that his brother, Captain I.B. Thatcher, of Berkley, California, died that day.  He was 85 years of age and had been in bad health for some time.  Mr. Thatcher was just fixing to make a trip to California to visit his brother.  He had intended leaving the first of July.  Captain Thatcher was an officer in the Union Army and made a visit here about six years ago when en route to the reunion.  He will be pleasantly remembered by many of our people.  While his death was not unexpected by Mr. Thatcher he did not realize the end was so near.



Waddle Wins Chairmanship of Pulaski County Committee at Louisville Meeting.  The contest from Pulaski County over the control of the County Committee was decided in Louisville last Thursday, the 25th, by the Republican State Central Committee.  After hearing all the speeches, affidavits, witnesses and etc., the party authorities decided that the Committee headed by Mr. B.L. waddle was the legally elected committee of Pulaski County and entitled to all rights and benefits thereof.  There was much oratory in evidence, much bitterness displayed between the contestants and the charge and counter charge of steam roller methods.  It is said that considerable outside influence was brought to bear on members of the committee.  The case for Mr. Waddle and his committee was presented by W. Boyd Morrow and H.C. Kennedy.  Judge Denton represented Mr. J.R. Cook, who was opposing Mr. Waddle for the honor of presiding over the Executive Committee of Pulaski County for the next four years.  The whole question seemed to be whether or not the mass convention held in Somerset on February 28th was legally called.  Mr. Waddle and his friends claimed that it was not legally called and proceeded t hold mass conventions in all precincts of the county on March 20th.  A number of the state Committee wanted to let the matter be fought out again with precinct conventions but those opposing this were in the majority.  Mr. Waddle will now preside over his County Committee and becomes the A.T. Hert of Pulaski County.  He is the brother in law of Governor Morrow.   It is said by those suffered defeat that the contest was settled before they arrived and they were not given a fair hearing by the Committee.  They claim the steam roller was working fine.  Anyhow, we Democrats are enjoying the fuss and will watch further developments with interest – go to it gentlemen.



Sells Fine Calf.  Mr. V.D. Roberts sold a fine bull calf to Mr. W.J. Dalton of Nancy for $150.00.  Mr. Roberts placed an “ad” in the Journal advertising this fine stock for sale.



Building Up.  Have you taken a stroll thru the Gibson Addition lately?  That part of the city is building up fast.  A dozen new homes are going up there now and others will begin soon it is said.  Somerset needs many new homes to take care of its increasing population.  One of the greatest needs is a modern apartment house.


Dr. Scott Accepts Call To Ashland.  Dr. D.W. Scott, pastor of the First Christian Church has accepted a call from the Christian Church at Ashland, Ky., and will begin his pastorate there October 1st.  Dr. Scott was in Ashland last Sunday and preached a trial sermon.  He resigned as pastor here about a month ago, but will not leave until the first of September.  Dr. Scott likes Ashland very much and says it is a big field for his work.


Children of McQueary Are in Burnside With Their Mother.  Will Keep Them.  Mrs. Eugene Kelley divorced wife of D.E. McQueary with her three children are in Burnside visiting.  Mr. McQueary alleges that the children were kidnapped from his home in Washington about three weeks ago and that he has been unable to find any trace of them.  He has had police searching all over the country.  Several efforts have been made by newspapers and police to find out if Mrs. Kelley had arrived in Burnside.  The case has attracted a good deal of attention because of the sudden disappearance of the children in Washington where they had been living with their father.  Mrs. Kelley, it is said, states that she will not give the children up and will take them back to California with her.  Under the court order, it is said, she is entitled to the custody of the children but Mr. McQueary can see them once a year.  Mrs. Kelley will return to California within a few days.  She left Burnside Tuesday afternoon with the three children for a visit to Ludlow.


Ford Touring Car for sale, bargain at $350.00.  1916 Model good running condition.  E.W. Doolin.  Route 1, Eubank, Ky.



At Parker’s Mill.  The Danville Messenger under a Somerset date line of a recent issue says:  Gov. Edwin P. Morrow, Mrs. Morrow, Edwina and Charley Bob will return to Pulaski for their vacation about the second week in July.  The Governor has engaged lodging with the Parker Sisters at Parkers Mill, a few miles to the Southeast of Somerset.  Parkers Mill has no equal as a place for both mind and body.  Having been a favored spot for the Morrow family for generations, no one will be surprised that Gov. Morrow comes back for his vacation, preferring it to the many more fashionable and pretentious summering places where he and his family would have been welcomed. The owners of the place issue no advertisements and receive only a few guests at one time, who are mostly old friends of the family, as are the Morrows.  A clear, cool stream affords a small clear lake for boating, fishing and bathing; a small cataract at the old dam by a rustic bridge; a real old water mill reflected in the stream farther on, all shut away from the outside by great hills and deep, cool woodland, making the place, indeed, one to attract the many.


Pitman Bridge.  The people are patiently waiting for the completion of the Pitman Creek Bridge so they can put it to use.  For three years now it has been of no use whatever to the county.  What can be the matter?  There is an order on the books of the Fiscal Court authorizing the building of an approach.


Suffrage Proposal Killed.  Atlanta, Ga. – The proposed amendment to the State Constitution giving to women the right to vote was killed in the Senate.  The vote was 19 to 15.



Oil Men Here.  Mr. Hoyt, a retired banker of Wichita, Kan., and Mr. Reppinthal of St. Louis, Mo., both interested in oil leases and the development of Pulaski County, were here this week with Mr. Joe Waddle.  They intend to put down as many as four wells in the county.


Still Drilling.  Mr. J.E. Waddle has a crew of men busy on Fishing Creek with his deep test well.  He intends to go down about two thousand feet and thoroughly test that section of the county.


Vaught.  Mr. Sylvester (Wes) Vaught, one of the highly respected farmers of the county, died at his home on the Crab Orchard pike last Sunday.  He was 66 years of age.  He was buried at Pine Hill burying ground Tuesday afternoon.  Mr. Vaught was one of the progressive farmers of the county and a splendid citizen.



Commissioner’s Sale.  Pulaski Circuit Court.  J.S. Anderson’s Administrator, Plaintiff, vs. J.S. Anderson, heirs, etc., Defendants.  By virtue of a judgment and order of sale of the Pulaski Circuit Court, rendered at the February term and the May term thereof, 1920, in the above style cause, the undersigned will on Monday, July 19, 1920, between the hours of 1 and 4 o’clock, at the Courthouse door, at Somerset, Kentucky, proceed to expose to public sale, to the highest bidder, the following described property:  1st.  A certain tract or parcel of land lying in Pulaski County, Kentucky, on the waters of Sinking Creek and bounded and described as follows:  Beginning at the southeast corner of Sherman Ave., and Reddish St., thence southward with east side of Reddish St. 370 feet to a point on the north side of Spencer Ave., it extended 360 feet to a point on the east line of Sallee St., it extended, thence, southward with the east line of Sallee St. it extended 925 feet more or less to a point in the line of Brannon Property; thence with the Brannon line eastward 850 feet more or less to an angle in the same; thence still with said line to corner between Brannon and Gragg, same course continued with Gragg’s line in all 860 feet more or less to a point in Gragg’s line with the east line of the Stanton property, which point is also Shoopman’s corner, thence northward with Shoopman’s line 550 feet more or less to a point, original corner of Stanton tract, now T.V. Ferrell’s corner; thence westward with the line of original Stanton tract now owned by T.V. Ferrell, and H. Johnson, 840 feet more or less to the southwest corner of Stanton tract now H. Johnson’s corner, thence with Johnson line which is the line of the original Stanton tract, northward 275 feet more or less to a point in the north line of Spencer Ave., it extended eastward, thence westward with said line 500 feet more or less to the east line of Smith St. 370 feet to a point in the south line of Sherman Ave., it extended eastward thence westward with the south line of Sherman Ave., it extended 720 feet to the beginning, said tract being a portion of what is know as the Sam Higgins place, later owned by the Crescent Land Co.  Also Lots No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, in block No. 23 of said Buena Vista addition; also the whole block No. 2 in same addition with the exception of Lots No. 8 and 9 therein; also Lots No. 14, 15 and 16 in Block No. 17, same addition.  2nd.  A certain lot of ground in Somerset, Ky., in Buena Vista Addition to the city of Somerset, Ky., and described as follows:

Beginning at a stake at the N.E. Corner of Lot No. 2 in Block 3 of said addition; thence W. with Sherman St. 90 feet to a stake in the edge of alley; thence S. with said alley 150 feet to a stake; thence E. 90 feet to a stake at the S.E. corner of Lot No. 2 in block 3; thence with east line of said lot to the beginning.  6th.  A certain lot situated on the waters of Sinking Creek in Pulaski County, Kentucky, and bounded and described as follows: Beginning at the intersection of McGuire and Smith St.; thence with the east side of Smith St. 210 feet to a stake; thence E. on  a line parallel with McGuire St. to a stake in Conant’s line; thence N. of Conant’s line to McGuire St., thence W. with the south side of McGuire St. to the beginning.  Debt and cost: $3,826.13.  Terms: Sale to be made on a credit of six months with privilege of paying sooner if desired purchaser will be required to give bond with approved security for payment of the purchase money, to have the force and effect of a judgment, bearing the legal interest from date of sale, with a lien reserved on said property until all the purchase money is paid.  J.R.Cook, C.P.C.C.


Science Hill.  S.O. Newell spent Friday and Saturday with homefolks and returned to Toledo, Ohio, Sunday … Mrs. Virgil Reid and little son of Danville spent the week here with relatives .. Mrs. Even Reid is here with relatives … The ice cream supper given by Newell and Cassada at Pulaski was a success … Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Newell are moving to the J.H. Bryant property on Main Street … J.E. Bryant and wife are with Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hagard at Ashland this week … Mrs. James Godby and daughter Sue are visiting in Georgetown, College Hill and Middleburg, Ky. … Mesdames Wm. Hines, M.A. Dodson, W.H. Lyon, E.C. Webb and Wm. Baker were in Somerset attending the Eastern Star meeting Wednesday … Mrs. Birdie Woodall has returned from Williamstown and Cincinnati.

Personal Mention.


W.W. Molen of Nancy was in Somerset Friday.


John Cooper is at home from Yale for the summer vacation.


John Carr has gone to Stockton, Kan., where he will be for the summer.


Miss Ata Lee is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Tuttle in Louisville this week.


M.T. Crawford spent several days in Lexington and Cincinnati this week.


Mrs. Will Curd, of St. Louis, Mo., is visiting the family of Col. S.S. Morrow.


Miss Carrie Vanover of Dayton, Ohio, is spending a few days with relatives.


Miss Marjorie Atchison of St. Augistine, Fla., is the guest of Miss Pearl Fowler.


Mr. Harry Higgins is at home for a months visit.  Harry has been located in Akron, Ohio.


Mrs. B.G. Allen of Chattanooga, Tenn., spent several days in the city with friends this week.


Mr. J.L. Waddle has been quite ill at his home on Oak Street, but we are glad to state is much better.


Col. Woodson May of the May Realty Co., was in Stanford Wednesday on business.


Miss Thelma Sloan spent the weekend in Science Hill the guest of Miss Freda Jasper.


Mr. Ben V. Smith left Tuesday for Johnson County on business for the Pu-John Oil Co.


Mr. C.H. Moore is spending a week at McMinville, Tenn., in the interest of the Gainesboro Telephone Co.


Miss Mary Brandon of Cincinnati arrived Wednesday to be with her mother Mrs. Mary Brandon who is ill.


Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Kelsay and Mr. and Mrs. Eben Pettus spent several days this week in Chattanooga, Tenn.


Mr. C.C. Compton and family and Charlie Hood and family motored to Stanford Sunday and spent the day.


Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Tustison left for their home on Winnonime, Wis., after a visit with relatives.  They will motor thru.


Mr. and Mrs. George Rieger and nephew Chas. Jr., of Louisville are spending several days with their daughter Mrs. T.E. Horrell.


Misses Margurette and Jane Gooch of Lexington are the guests of Misses Elsie and Elgie Reddish.


John Williams will arrive Saturday from Washington City where he has been attending the George Washington University.


Misses Katherine and Margarie Jones of London are the Chautauqua guests of their aunt, Mrs. Woodson May on Maple Street.


Misses Ola Jenkins and Willie Higgins and Messrs Harry Higgins and Lonzo Carter motored to Lancaster Sunday and spent the day.


Ned Kelley was up from Oneida, Tenn., this week on business.  Mr. Kelley is interested in the Oneida Milling Co., and days they are doing a fine business.


Cameron Sloan who has been visiting his sister Mrs. J.H. Coleman left Wednesday for Winchester for a short visit before returning to this home at Mankato, Kans.


Mr. C.B. Miller is attending the National Hardware Convention in Buffalo, N.Y., and the Winchester Arms Convention in Hartford, Conn.  He is accompanied by Mrs. Miller and their son George Bruce.  They will visit many points of interest n the East before returning.


Born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Hopkins, Cincinnati, O., Saturday, June 25th, a son – Homer William Hopkins.  Mother and son both doing fine.  The mother was Miss Stella Stone before her marriage to Mr. Hopkins who is chemist for the Pallack Steel Co., at Cincinnati.


Mrs. Eliam Harris returned to her home in Danville, Ky., Wednesday after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Winfrey.


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pumphrey and Mr. R.M. Feese motored to Lancaster, Ky., Sunday and spent the day with Mr. Pumphrey’s parents.


Miss Clodia Ashurst left last Friday for Garrett, Tenn., to accept a position.


Mrs. M.S. Singleton and two children of Oklahoma City, are the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Weddle, Mr. Singleton will join then later.


Attorney B.L. Waddle was in McCreary County several days this week.


Major J.J. Bethurum motored down from Danville last Saturday for a few hours visit with his parents.  Jake is in the automobile business at Danville and is making good.  He says he is selling all the cars he can get.  He is fixing to erect a handsome garage.


Mr. Nathaniel Colyer, a former Pulaskian now a resident of Houston, Texas, is on a visit to friends and relatives here.  Mr. Colyer is teaching in a business college at Houston and is doing nicely.  He has been away from Somerset about twenty years, but always makes a yearly visit to his old home.  He is quite a booster for his home town.


Mrs. A.H. Vanhook of Cumberland Falls was in town this week, the guest of Mrs. F.A. Lewis and attending the O.E.S. Banquet.


Miss Mera McLellan of Kansas City, Mo., was the guest of the family of M.C. Williams this week.  Miss McLellan was en route from Washington, D.C., to her home.


Mesdames B.J. Bethurum and J.T. Alexander and Miss Ruth Alexander spent last Saturday in Danville.


Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr., has returned from a delightful visit with Judge and Mrs. R.G. Williams at Covington.


Mrs. A.J. Joseph left Sunday for Ashville, N.C., where she will spend the summer.


John Robert Dexheimer, a fine young man, arrived at the home of Capt. And Mrs. Paul Dexheimer last Saturday afternoon.  He is named for his grandfather, J.M. Richardson, and his uncle, Robert Richardson.  “Dex” says he has not decided just what position he will play him on the football team but he thinks he will make a good quarterback as he seems to be pretty good at calling signals now.


Cecil Williams spent last Saturday in Cincinnati on business..


Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hill arrived Sunday for a visit with homefolks.  Mr. Hill left Monday for Paintsville, Ky., where he will probably be located.  Mrs. Hill is with her parents during his absence.


Mrs. Clara Matlock of Miami, Fla., who before her marriage was Miss Clara Gooch and taught in the county schools of Pulaski will arrive this week to visit her mother at the home of her uncle J.C. Goode.


Mr. J.E. Patton of Lexington was in the city Wednesday on business.


Mrs. Dillon Raffo will return to Atlanta, Ga., Saturday after a visit with relatives.


Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Odell of DeQuincy, La., have returned to their home, after a short visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Smith.


Misses Ora and Bertie Enoch will go to Louisville this week for a few days visit.  Miss Bertie will go from there to Cornell University, Ithica, N.Y., where she will take a summer course.

Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Morrow are visiting relatives in Carey, O.


Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moss of Philadlephia, Pa., are visiting relatives here.


Mr. Clarence Florence will leave Saturday for Corbin, Ky., where he has accepted a position on the Corbin Times.


Mrs. B. Yates has returned from the Jackson Hospital, Danville, Ky., where she underwent an operation.  She is much improved.


Miss Ann Enright of Richmond, Ky., is the guest of Miss Marietta Farrell.


Miss Margurette Deneed of Chattanooga has returned home after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Gossett.


Mr. John Farrell and daughter Miss Margurette are visiting relatives in Richmond, Ky.


Mr. Earl Meece left this week for a months trip thru the West.  He will visit California and other Western states.


Miss Marie Newton is visiting Miss Margurette Newton at Lebanon, Ky.


Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Hussing and son Lewis left this week for a visit to Stanford and Lebanon.


The many friends of I. Harkins are glad to see him.  He came up from Ashville, N.C. Wednesday for a short stay.


I.W. Murray the popular traveling salesman is spending several days in the city.  Mr. Murray is taking his vacation.


Shafter.  State Branch Sunday School is progressing nicely … Willie Vanhoosier and Miss Mary Burton of Trimble attended Sunday School here Sunday … Effie, the little daughter of John P. Hudson is on the sick list … Fred Ashbrook is improving … John A. Jones and family were the guests of John P. Hudson and family Sunday … John P. Hudson and wife were in Somerset Tuesday.



Cave Hill.  Carol Quinton and wife of Pulaski spent the weekend with relatives here … Mrs. Eurmine Wesley and daughter spent Thursday with Mrs. Hettie Elliott … Mrs. Alice Blevins of Briery visited her daughter Mrs. Verdie Smith Tuesday … Mrs. Maud Smith visited her mother Cordelia Estes at Buncombe Friday … Allie West is very ill at this writing … Mrs. Alonzo Estes visited her mother Friday evening … Mrs. Annie Moore who has been ill for some time, is no better … Elsie Burton visited Maud Smith Saturday … Hoy Burton spent Saturday evening with Ray Smith …. W.S. Wilson and family spent Saturday night at J.D. Sipples … Misses Enid and Ethel Estes and Misses Lola, Minnie and Hattie Wilson spent Sunday afternoon with Misses Elsie and Susie Burton … Mr. and Mrs. Millard Wesley and daughter spent Saturday night at Bethelridge.

Ansel.  Carl Quinton and wife of Pulaski are visiting at G.S. Smith’s … Ransom Vaught and wife, Lillian Smith, Mary and Martha Wilson attended the Children’s Day exercises at Mintonville Sunday … Hattie Wilson visited Nora Vaught Sunday … Misses Lucy Adams and Mary Vanhook spent Saturday night with Zellah Adams … Lillian Smith spent Thursday night with Ella Vaught … Alfred Adams and family of Ohio are visiting friends and relatives here … Marshall Sweet has gone to Cincinnati to work.



Singleton Town.  T.A. Icard is very ill … Esther and Deeta Singleton visited at Pnobscot Sunday … Mrs. Oscar Kidd and family were the guests of M.N. Ingram Sunday … Mark Renners visited relatives at Etna Sunday … Maggie and Stella Anderson visited John Thompson Sunday … Martha Hubble visited Della Griffin Sunday ... Mrs. George Eoffs visited Clarence Griffin’s Sunday … M.N. Ingram visited Henry Singleton Thursday night.

Hogue.  Mrs. Lucy Jasper and daughter Elizabeth were in Somerset last Tuesday on business … Master Ollis and Hoy Adams spent the weekend with their grandmother Mrs. Johnson Dick at Mangum … Several from Beech Grove and Bethlehem attended the singing here Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Myrtle Abbott of Stearns is the guest of her mother Mrs. Mary King … Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hodge and daughter Roxie visited at James Sweets of Buncombe last Sunday … Mrs. Mary Dick spent Sunday with her daughter Mrs. Andrew Blevins … Quite a number from here attended the Children’s Day exercises at Mintonville Sunday …  Finley Adams made his regular call at M.F. Ashley’s of Pleasant Hill Sunday … John H. Dick who has been quite ill for some time is better at this writing … There will be no singing here at Center Post this Saturday night and Sunday as it is Rev. G.F. Thompson’s appointment at Shady Grove … Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Cox and daughter visited at Albert Campbell’s of Ansel Saturday night … Mrs. Martin West of Beech Grove spent Sunday at Marion Godbey’s.


Pisgah.  Ruth Rhoten was the Saturday night guests of Lula Molen … Edwina and Nancy Gibson visited their grandmother Gibson Saturday and Sunday … Mesdames Sears and Sennershine of Somerset spent Wednesday with Mrs. Burnett Rhoten … Mrs. Alice York and children of Somerset visited Mrs. G.B. Rhoten Sunday … Evenly Vaughn visited in Bronston Sunday .. Mrs. Carl Heinecke visited her sister Thursday … Mintis Catron, Anna Barnett and Maude Frisbie visited Thelma Claunch Thursday … C.A. Gotshell and family of Winchester are visiting D.S. Claunch and family … Geo. Stigall spent Saturday night with C.D. Stigall … George Tate is very ill with appendicitis .. E.S. Heaton visited his daughter last week … Mrs. Bill Jones visited homefolks last week … John Tucker and wife visited E.S. Heaton’s one evening last week … Mrs. D.S. Claunch is on the sick list … Amanda Colyer spent Sunday with Clara Belle Burton … Amanda Newell is very ill … Earl Curtis and wife visited relatives Sunday … Mrs. R.L. Bales and son, Goodloe, and Mrs. Whitis called on Mrs. C.D. Stigall Sunday.

Mark.  Farmers here are very busy with their crops … All are anxiously awaiting the ripening of the blackberries, but more anxiously awaiting a reduction in the price of sugar …. Robert Rainey and Rome Randall returned from Indianapolis, Ind., Sunday … Mrs. Addie Murphy returned to Lockland, Ohio, Sunday. She was accompanied by J.S. Stewart … Miss Lura Hargis of Burnside is spending a few days with home folks … Miss Ruth Hamilton was in Somerset Friday night the guest of Miss Estelle Barnett … Lee Sears and wife were visitors at Sam Dykes Saturday and Sunday … Miss Georgia Hargis of Dahl visited Mrs. Lee Dykes the first of last week .. Lee Dykes and wife visited at Drum recently … Mrs. Howard Bodkin spent last week with relatives in Somerset … Mrs. Chas. Hamilton was in Somerset Tuesday … Frank Whitson’s family spent Sunday at Mrs. Ellen Whitson’s … Arnold Hansford and wife were at James Whitson’s Saturday night … W.I. Early and wife spent Sunday at Rev. W.R. Smith’s near Somerset … Herbert Whitis has returned from Muskogee, Okla. … Miss Fannie Butcher spent last weekend with Misses Ella and Irene Randall … Several from here attended the S.S. Convention at Bethany last Sunday … A.C. Herrin has taken his mother Mrs. Susan Herrin to his home to live.  Mrs. Herrin has been an invalid for two years … Mrs. Stanley Herrin is suffering from an attack of rheumatism … Mrs. Viola Hamilton and daughter, Miss Edrei, spent Friday at Mrs. Whitson’s … Jollie Herrin visited his mother Mrs. Elizabeth Herrin Monday night … The funeral services and burial of Sylvester Vaught were conducted at Pine Hill Church Tuesday.  Mr. Vaught leaves a wife and several children to mourn their loss.  To the bereaved family is extended the sympathy of the entire community.


Elrod.  Dock Lee departed this life June 21 and was laid to rest in the Poynter burying ground.  He leaves a wife and one son … Mrs. Rutha Sutton and daughter spent Sunday at W.H. Bumbardner’s .. Several attended the picnic at Woodstock last Thursday …. H. Poynter of Crab Orchard is visiting here .. Stella Price and Stanley Farmer were married June 24 … Cleve Erp visited Joe Vanhook Saturday night … Mrs. Martha Farmer visited her daughter Mrs. J.M. Carter last week … Nicie and Ollie Mae Vanhook visited Byrl Poynter Saturday and Sunday.


Floyd.  Since we last wrote, the death angel visited the home of Virgil Todd’s and took away their beloved son, Wallace.   He was a splendid young man and had only been sick with tuberculosis a few weeks.  He leaves a father, step-mother, brother and several sisters … Mrs. Kate Singleton had the misfortune of losing a fine cow … “Uncle” Sam Harrington who has been ill for some time is improving .. Dorris Gragg and Mrs. Maude Trivett and little son visited at Pulaski last week … Virgil Morgan and family of Casey County, visited at W.E. Surber’s Saturday and Sunday … Drue Wesley and family of Eubank, visited at W.R. Estes Saturday night … Dorris and Lillian Gragg, Ira Trivett and Mrs. Maude Trivett were in Somerset last week and Mrs. R.L. Johnson … Marion Reynolds and family attended church at Goochtown Sunday .. Jas. E. Todd and family visited Joe Bishop Sunday .. M.N. Griffin and family spent Sunday at Elisha Griffin’s …


Sweeney’s Chapel.  Wess Vaught who has been ill for some time, died at his home near Dabney … Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reid of Lexington are visiting relatives here … Aunt Ellen Hubble is improving … Mrs. Albert Reid is visiting her daughter Mrs. Hoy McClure at Somerset … Mrs. Bowen Vaught is visiting Mrs. Ellen Hubble … E.E. Reid was the guest of his parents last week … Mr. Ballinger and family were Sunday guests at Esaw Wright’s … Flonnie Cox of Burnside spent last week with her mother Mrs. Belle Phillippi … G.E. Vaught has purchased a cream separator.



Oak Hill.  Lillard Taylor of Mississippi is visiting homefolks and relatives here … Mrs. J.R. Combest and daughter Mrs. Lillard Taylor spent Monday with Mrs. Granville Lorton … Mrs. Jim Clark and baby spent Wednesday and Thursday with her parents … Mattie and Willie Bogle and Mildred, Anna and Hazel Barnet visited the Frisbie children Wednesday afternoon … Mrs. Lovell of Cincinnati, Ohio, spent the weekend with Mrs. James Cassada … Mrs. Alvin York, Mrs. Willie Thompson and children spent Friday with Mrs. James Cassada .. Misses Ova Cassada and Grace Frisbie spent Saturday night and Sunday with Ella and Gusta Jones of Slatebranch … Mrs. Bryant Gholson and Mrs. Lula Frisbie and children were Sunday guests of Mrs. James Cassada … Mildred Barnett and Willie Bogle were guests of Ora Frisbie Saturday night … Mrs. Joe Neeley and children visited her aunt, Mrs. Geo. Phillips Sunday … Terrell Neeley and family and Mrs. Mattie Neeley and daughter were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nicholas … Charlie Neeley and Raymond Mayfield are visiting homefolks … Ora, Maud and Evelyn Frisbie visited at Sam Cowan’s Saturday … Mrs. John Neeley is visiting her son E. Neeley in Ferguson … Robert Combest spent Sunday afternoon in Somerset … Mae Frisbie spent Sunday with Kendye Nicholas …. Mr. and Mrs. Everet Gholson and baby visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bryant Sunday … Mrs. Lillard Taylor is on the sick list … J.D. Preston called on Miss Zona Cassada Sunday afternoon.



Burnside.  Mrs. Alice Warder of Glasgow was the guest of Mrs. W.J. Davidson over Sunday … Mrs. J.W. Heath of Danville was the guest of Mrs. B.C. Heath this past week … Mrs. Frank Sloan and son returned Saturday after an extended stay in Cincinnati … Mrs. John Dobbs of Knoxville passed through town Thursday en route to Bronston to visit her mother, Mrs. Lloyd …. J.H. Parrigin was in Somerset Saturday on business .. Mrs. W.D. Humphrey of Stanford was the guest of friends here Friday and Saturday … Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Montague of New Castle, Ind., are the guests of Dr. and Mrs. B.B. Lowdenback this week … Mrs. P.W. Tuttle returned Friday from an extended visit in Somerset … Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Hewlett and family are visiting relatives in Murfreesboro, Tenn. … Mrs. G. McWhorter and family returned to their home in Danville after a month’s visit to relatives … Dr. Gorden Hurlbutt of Ironton, Ohio, is assisting Rev. J.E. Fulton in a two weeks revival at the Baptist church … C.L. Maze was in Lexington Saturday and Sunday .. Mrs. W.D. Gover of Somerset attended the funeral of Mrs. Jim McKechnie Friday … Mr. and Mrs. John Lanier of Texas are the guests of Mrs. J. Fitzgerald .. Miss Alice Spradlin has returned to her home in Monticello after an extended visit with her brother, W.M. Spradlin … Narvel Marcum of Lexington is home for a few weeks … L.M. True was in Lexington over Sunday … Little Miss Madge Heath who has been visiting relatives in Somerset returned home Sunday accompanied by Edna and Otis Chaney. 


Possum Trot.  Mrs. Walter Hines is very ill … Anna Robinson and Arlie Fisher have gone to Cincinnati .. Fred Prather and wife are with her parents here … Cy Cook and family have moved on the Stanford pike … Mesdames Louis Fitzpatrick and W.J. Stone visited their sister, Mrs. Lay, Sunday … John Hines spent Sunday with P.F. Baker … Otto Fisher and family spent Sunday at A.R. Humble’s … The Keith girls gave an ice cream supper Saturday evening … J.T. Scales is home from Cincinnati for a visit … Zola Humble is visiting her sister at Shafter … Colutha Burton spent Sunday at Ringgold.


Souls Chapel.  Rev. Wesley filled his regular appointment at Bradley’s Chapel Saturday night and Sunday … Sam Ridings was the Sunday evening guest of Miss Stella James .. Miss Maud McDowell spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Madge Guinn at Waynesburg …. Misses Lera and Marie Colyer, Zula and Lon Dykes and Catherine King visited Misses Helen and Lillian Cundiff Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. J.W. Parker is no better at this writing … Misses Estelle and Delia Osborne were the guests of Mrs. S.B. Smith Sunday … Raymond James spent Saturday night and Sunday with Ralph Smith .. Mr. Eliga Dykes spent Saturday night with his daughter Mrs. Vestal Shadoan … Sunday school is progressing nicely … Mrs. Bill Gover has been very ill for the past week .. Jack Walker spent Saturday night and Sunday with home folks … Aunt Sabrie Cundiff spent Wednesday night and Thursday at Henry Gilmore’s … Harry Vahnig called on Miss Mag Eldridge Sunday evening … Chas. Evans has accepted a position in Harvey Miler’s blacksmith shop … School begins next Monday with Mrs. Arthur Gragg teacher …



Dykes.  Mrs. Belle Hargis visited Florida Cook Saturday and Sunday … Mary Randall has returned from Iowa … Ester Meece and wife visited her parents Saturday and Sunday … Arthur Dykes and wife visited her mother Mrs. G.R. Phelps … John Callingin visited T.A. Phelps Saturday night … Mrs. T.D. Stogsdill and daughter visited Mrs. Phelps Wednesday night … Willie Phelps and wife are visiting her mother … Addie and Ola Stogsdill visited Dora James Thursday night … The death angel visited the home of Mrs. Martha Phelps Wednesday June 23, and took away her darling son, Raymond.  Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon and was laid to rest in the family burying ground.  Our home is sad and lonely, A voice is hushed and stilled, He leaves us in mourning, But it was our Father’s will, Asleep in the arms of Jesus, To wake on Earth no more, He has gone to live with the Angels, Over on the happy shore.



Clear Fork.  Quite a number of young folks from this neighborhood went to Cincinnati on the excursion Sunday … Miss Nella Eubanks spent last week with her sister Mrs. Eva Todd near Good Hope … Mrs. Marshall Reynolds is improving slowly … George Eoff and family visited at Clarence Griffin’s Sunday … Dock Eubank and wife are visiting their son in Cincinnati this week .. The little son of Jesse Haught is very ill at this writing … Several from here attended the ice cream supper at James Vaught’s Saturday night … John R. Nelson and family visited at James Nelsons Sunday … The farmers are getting along nicely with their work … Miss Nella Eubank, Miss Dana Suttle and Mrs. R. Suttle visited Mrs. Ella Griffin Sunday.


Pointer.  Crops are looking fine .. Mrs. J.W. Ware and wife Otely Ware and family have been visiting her father Vestes Meece … C.B. Rainwater was the guest of J.W. Ware Sunday afternoon … G.I. Marvin and family of Ingle have been visiting his sister Rosetta Allen … Clanzy Collins and daughter Effie were the guest at J. Ware’s Tuesday afternoon … J. Ware and wife were the guest of Elmer Johnson Saturday night .. Hughie Redman has gone to Louisville to work this summer.



Pulaski.  The Baptist Church revival conducted by Rev. Duke of Somerset closed here Sunday … Millie Correll has returned from E.K. S.N. at Richmond, Ky.  …   Mrs. L.N. Taylor and children of Frankfort are visiting here .. W.O. DeBord and wife of Princeton, Ind., are visiting her parents here …  Silas Sloan has retuned from a fishing trip to the Cumberland … Several of our young folks attended the celebration of St. John’s Day at Woodstock Thursday … Mrs. Marsh Young and family have returned from Cincinnati where she has been with her father, Andrew Peck, who is ill … Earl Wilder has gone to Danville to work … Mrs. Phelps of Cincinnati is visiting here … Edd Surber of Indiana is with friends here.





Coin.  There will be preaching at Pine Hill Sunday, July 4th … Mrs. George Hargis visited at J.S. Woodall’s Sunday … Mrs. Louisa Woodall visited Mrs. John Nae Sunday .. Misses Sarah and Emma Woodall is visiting relatives at Dahl … Miss Mary Smith and Miss Della Adams visited Miss Sopha Woodall Sunday … Mrs. Ella Nae and children visited at John Nae’s Sunday …. Leander Gilliland and wife visited at Galen Gilliland’s Sunday … J.G. Adams and wife have returned from Frankfort  … Misses Jennie and Obera Adams left for Dayton, Ohio, Sunday … Miss Tiny Wright of Welborn visited Ola and Della Adams last week … C. Phelps and wife spent Sunday with his brother, Sam Phelps … Mrs. Gertie Phelps visited Mrs. Sarah Phelps last week … Ernest Rambo left for Dayton, Ohio, Sunday … Charlie Thomoson and Ernest Rambo spent Friday night at Carlis Phelps … Farmers in this vicinity are busy working in their hay.


Delmer.  C.M. Brown sold a hog to Barret Marcum for 15 cents a pound … J.F. Floyd is improving nicely .. Mrs. Canzada Burge visited Mrs. Arthur Muse one day last week … A revival will start at the Nazarine Church Sunday evening … Mrs. Jane Taylor visited Mrs. James Hislope Friday afternoon … Mrs. Rosa Floyd is the happy mother of twin girls, Glennie and Zinnie … Mrs. Della Brown was the guest of Caddie Fitzgerald Thursday .. Miss Rena Brown visited at Trimble last week.


Trimble.  Mrs. Jim Muse and children spent Thursday at Frank Muse’s … Cella and Bee Baker spent Thursday night with Nannie Burton … Several of our best fishermen went fishing Monday night .. Marvin Keeney and wife visited at Shafter Saturday and Sunday … Dan Prather and family and Orvill Trather and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Ira Hart … Banna Epperson is visiting homefolks … Jim Muse had a few visitors Sunday … Ella and Lina Vanhooser spent Sunday with Pansy Muse … Mrs. Hook Hooser visited Mrs. John Jones Tuesday.





Eubank.  Rev. Paddock filled his regular appointment at the Baptist Church … Mrs. Joe Gosslin and Mrs. R.L. Mills of Williamson, West Va., are visiting Mont Gosslin of this place … Miss Dewey McMullin went to Somerset to sign a contract for her school at Ansel, Ky. …  Mrs. Lawrence is visiting Mrs. Gray of East Chattanooga, Tenn.  …. Mrs. F. Carter spent a few days last week with his sister, Mrs. Willie Estes and returned home Friday .. J.B. Warrener and Hollis Reynolds visited here this week .. Mrs. Margaret Horton has secured a position in Danville, Ky. … Miss Daisy Lee was in Danville, Ky., this week …  Laurel Carter returned home Sunday after a visit with his Aunt, Mrs. Willie Estes of this place … Mrs. John Spears was in Somerset this week on business … J.R. Nelson was in Somerset this week on business … Several from here attended the Masonic celebration at Woodstock Thursday and reported a good time .. Amos Warren had the misfortune of getting his leg broken by being kicked by a horse. He is getting along as well as could be expected as he is near 75 years of age.


Beech Grove.  Mrs. Mary Godby who was operated on a few days ago at the Somerset hospital has returned home and is doing nicely … Mrs. Ida Hudson and children visited her sister, Mrs. Tommie West Saturday night … There were several visitors at Layton Irvin’s Sunday … Mrs. Ross Phelps and baby Jewel visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Abbott of Somerset one night last week .. Misses Jewel Roysdon, Nellie Godby and Mae Taylor visited Miss Winnie Abbott Sunday … Several from here attended church at Ringgold Sunday night … Mrs. Susie Wesley and children visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Jones Sunday … Miss Pearl Wesley visited Noma Jones Sunday .. Charlie Roysdon and family visited at Marvin Vaught’s Sunday … Charlie Godby and wife entertained a large number of friends at their home Saturday night … Felix Phelps received word Sunday night that his father W.G. Phelps of Casey County was very ill … Mrs. Angie Roysdon is spending a few months with her daughter Mrs. Mary Godby.


Pleasant Hill.  Chester Gregory and wife spent Thursday night at H.C. Gregory’s … Aunt Cynthia Ashley continues very ill .. Hazel Owens of Somerset is visiting her grandparents here … Jessie Neikirk and family contemplate on moving to Somerset in a short time where he has a position as city mail carrier … Telitha Ashley spent Saturday with Clara Girdler … Bettie Lay and daughter Mabel spent Sunday with Mrs. Walter Hines at Norwood, who is very ill … Mrs. Mollie Girdler and daughter visited Pearl Godby Saturday … Ollie Grubbs of Hustonville is expected here within the next few days for a visit … Arthur Baker and family of Ringgold were in this neighborhood one day last week.


Ringgold.  Bessie Keith visited the Beasely girls Saturday night .. Lora Hinkle and Albin Humble spent Sunday with Hattie Jasper … S. McGahan and family spent Sunday at Amazor Kelley’s … Arling Jasper and family visited his father Sunday … Several attended the baptizing on Clifty Creek Sunday … Wm. Ashley and Clara Girdler attended church here Saturday night and Sunday … Little Hoyate Jasper has been visiting at Waterloo .. Aunt Tisha Dalton is very ill … Virgil Waddle and wife visited her mother Sunday … Nellie Phillips visited here Sunday … John Hines and family visited P.F. Baker’s Sunday.


Clarence.  Several from here attended the Masonic picnic at Woodstock Thursday … Dr. Wiley McWilliams and daughter, Jewel, of Stanford, visited at John McWiliams’ last week … Mrs. Rebecca Sandidge and daughter Sula was the guest of Mrs. Eliza Osborne Thursday … Miss Flossie Osborne left Sunday for Dayton, Ohio .. Mr. and Mrs. William Abbott and family visited at George McWilliams Wednesday night .. Mrs. Rachel Long had several visitors Saturday night … Retna Todd visited at Sam Warren’s Wednesday … Geo. Abbott and wife visited Rev. Abbott Wednesday .. Huston Osborne and wife spent Sunday at Jacob Sander’s … Wiley and Estella Acton visited Dr. Acton Saturday.



Elgin.  Corda Cress and children of Monticello spent last weekend at Henry Goff’s … Arthur Watson entertained the Warren families Sunday … Mrs. Lena Shae and Children of Lexington are visiting at the Gastineau home this week … Zula Isaacs has returned from school in Lexington … Mary Fletcher spent Saturday night and Sunday with Cella Osborne … Mr. Brown and wife visited at C.C. Colyer’s Saturday night.



Oil Center.  S.D. Flynn is very ill at this writing … W.M. McLine who has been sick for some time is no better … Noah Griffin and family visited her sister Saturday night and Sunday … Silas Meece and family of Hogue visited her sister Mrs. Chas. Taylor Saturday night and Sunday … Lizzie Humble and daughter Pauline and Anna Cooper visited at Q.M. Cooper’s Sunday … Misses Effie and Tincie Flynn were the guests of Doctie Taylor Sunday …. P.H. Lane and son Elmer visited his brother A.J. Lane who lives on Wolf Creek … Mr. Oakel and wife of Elihu are at her mother’s preparing to go to the West … Hermon Taylor left Saturday to spend a few weeks on Buck Creek near his home.



Faubush.  Farmers are getting along fine with their crops here … Eva and Lesley Tarter visited Lucy and Elsie Higgins last week .. Bill Morgan and Mrs. Sam Morris have gone to Illinois .. A.R. Higgins is suffering with a sprained ankle … Willie Burkhart visited at Naoma Sunday … Lloyd Tarter will soon leave for Detroit, Mich … Audry Thomas visited Viola Batham Friday .. Frank Tarter visited P. Rainwater Sunday … After a severe illness Mrs. Eveline Tarter passed quietly away last Sunday morning and was laid to rest in the Lorenzo cemetery Monday. 


Shafter.  Marvin Keeney and wife of Trimble visited Lamas Kenney Saturday night .. Mrs. Mollie Cundiff spent Saturday night with her mother .. Mrs. Ollie Dungan spent Saturday night and Sunday with her parents … S.C. Jones and wife visited R.O. Jones at Nancy last week .. Miss Gradie Simpson spent Thursday afternoon with Misses Doretta and Sallie Mills … Mrs. Eva Cook visited at W.M. Brewster’s Saturday afternoon .. Orvill Rainwater visited his sister Thursday … Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Wright visited at Delmar Sunday … Rev. Ashbrook preached at Slate Branch Sunday .. The little son of Claud Jasper is better at this writing … Clint Gossett of Virginia is visiting S.F. Ashbrook.



Camp Ground.  Mildred Curtis of Somerset has been visiting Ethel Vaught .. Mark Strunk and family spent Sunday at G.R. Moore’s .. M.O. Vaught and wife spent Sunday with J.F. Vaught … Kate Vaught has been visiting friends at Bethelridge … Mesdames Effie Benton and Wm. Moore of Somerset spent last week at the home of J.R. Vaught … Rev. J.S. Crough will preach at Camp Ground Sunday afternoon … Mrs. Ethel Williams and son George and Emma Joyner spent Sunday with Kate and Ethel Vaught … Ruby Crough spent Saturday night at Rev. J.S. Crough’s … Mrs. Rosa Ashley spent Sunday with Grace Moore .. Vella Withers is visiting her father in Russell County.


McKinney.  There will be a singing at Union next Sunday July 4th … Several from here attended the ice cream social at R.S. Crawford’s Saturday night … Wess Vaught who has been ill for some time, died Sunday … Mrs. C.A. Bishop is very ill again … R.L. Crawford and family spent Sunday at W.H. Vaught’s … Mrs. Jollie Herrin and family spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents … Geo. Estes and family spent Saturday and Sunday at R.S. Crawford’s … Mrs. John Harmon and Aunt Matt Harmon have returned from Pulaski … Kin Bishop and wife and Carl Burton and family visited at Geo. Vaught’s Sunday.




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