Submitted by to mail list and used here with permission.

The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, February 6, 1920.

Next of Kin Wanted.  The Pulaski County Post American Legion would like to
know the next of kin to the following soldiers who were killed or died from
disease in the late war:  John W. Allen, Ferguson; Robert C. Booher,
Burnside; John Cline, Burnside; Everett Dows, Somerset; Samuel E. Gross or
Grace, Burnside; Elmer Lowery, Post office not known; Louis Maxey, Bronston;
Captain Kenneth J. Booth, Reno, Ky.  If the next of kin can be located they
will be presented with a memorial from the French government.  The
presentation will be made by he American Legion on February 22nd.  The next
of kin of every soldier from the county, who died while in service, will be
presented with this memorial.

Mrs. Edwards Dies.  Mrs. J.W. Edwards, who formerly lived in Somerset, died
at her home in New York last week.  Word has just been received here by
friends telling of the sudden death.  Mr. Edwards was for several years Road
Foreman of Engines for the Southern Railway.  The many friends of the family
will regret to learn this sad news.  Mr. and Mrs. Edwards lived in Somerset
for about ten years.

Tyree Here.  Mr. J.F. Tyree, of Cincinnati, is in Somerset this week on
business and incidentally attending the big revival at the First Baptist
church.  Mr. Tyree is a former resident of Pulaski county, having spent 35
years of his life within 7 miles of the courthouse.  He married an elegant
Burnside woman several years ago, and he is a first class Christian
gentlemen.  He paid the Journal office his respects while here.

Get Ready, Judge!  The citizens of Somerset and Pulaski county want to see
the Stanford pike completed in the early Spring.  It is hoped that the
authorities will make all preparation to begin work just as soon as the
weather will permit as this piece of pike can be completed by July, at the
latest.  This should be a great road building year in the county.

James Neal.  James Neal, formerly of Somerset, died Monday at Flint,
Michigan, after a short illness with the influenza.  The body was shipped to
this city for burial.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Talbot in the
parlors of the Somerset Undertaking Co., Thursday morning at ten o'clock. 
Internment followed in the City Cemetery.  James Neal was the son of Judge
J.F. Neal of Bell county, and Mollie Neal Parks of Somerset, both deceased. 
For the past several years he has been in Flint, Michigan, where he had a
splendid position with an automobile concern and was doing well.  He is
survived by three sisters and one brother - Mrs. Chas. Mayhall, Misses Mary
Neal and Florida Lou Parks and Houston C. Neal all of whom attended the

Attempt to Burn McCreary Court House.  An attempt was made at a late hour
Monday night to destroy the McCreary county courthouse at Whitley City by
unknown parties.  The fire was discovered by a roomer at the Hinkle Hotel
upon retiring when the glare of the light reflected on the window pane.  The
alarm was turned in and in a short while the blaze was under control.  The
fire was started near the door of the Circuit Clerk's office where kerosene
had been used and a quart can which had contained kerosene was found near the
place.  It was beyond a doubt the work of incendiary.  Only slight damage was
done the building and no records were destroyed.  Officials are on the
lookout or the guilty party or parties.

Mill Property Sold.  The mill property of the Pulaski County Mill & Grain
Co., belonging to M.A. Dodson, of Science Hill, and W.L. McDaniel, deceased,
was sold at public auction in front of the court house doors last Saturday. 
The Mt. Vernon property was knocked off to Mr. John Gregory, a prosperous
farmer, at $5,000 and Mr. J.E. Meece bought the mill property on Monticello
street for $3,750.  J.S. Cooper and C.I. Ross purchased the large auto
delivery truck for $375.  A very large crowed attended this sale and bidding
was lively.  Capt. C.A. Mercer did the crying and he always makes a sale
lively and put lots of pep in the bidders.

Medekle.  Odel Medekle, son of Dr. and  Mrs. P. Medekle, died at the home of
his parents last Monday after an illness with tuberculosis which he
contracted while in the army.  Funeral services were held at the First
Baptist church at ten o'clock, Thursday morning, conducted by Rev. Wells
assisted by the pastor Dr. Hunter.  He was buried in the National Cemetery at
Nancy.  He served with honor during the late war and it was his request that
he be buried in the National Cemetery.

Bank Robbed.  Robbers entered the Crab Orchard Banking Co. last Saturday
night and stole about $7,000.00 worth of Liberty Bonds and War Saving Stamps.

Serious Accident at Ano.  A special from Ano post office, this county, says: 
The little son of Jessie Wells of Ano met with a terrible accident the other
day.  HE and his younger brother started out to playing the morning and
finding a quart of whisky which they drank, becoming intoxicated and the lad
fell over a very high cliff.  When the boys failed to return home at noon,
their parents became very anxious about them and a general search took place.
 They were found under the cliff in an unconscious condition.

Resigns From Board.  Mr. Thos B. Prather has resigned from the Somerset Board
of Education effective at once.  Mr. Prather gives as his reason for
resigning the fact that his business interests will not permit him to give
the time to the work that it should have.  The Board regrets to lose Mr.
Prather, as he has been a most active member and a loyal booster for the

Teacher Arrives.  Mr. J.G. McGill of Wooster University, Wooster, Ohio,
arrived in the city Tuesday to take up his duties as professor of Science in
the High School.  He succeeds Mr. F.E. Tustison who resigned last week.

Pulaski Soldier Dies.  Sergeant Elmer Lair, son of B.C. Lair of this county,
died at Camp Alfred Vail, N.J., Monday after a short illness of pneumonia. 
His body will be shipped here for burial.  He was a member of the Signal
Corps and had been in the army 16 years.  He was 38 years of age.  The
sympathy of many friends go out to the parents in this sad hour.

Catches Chicken Thief.  Andy Richardson, colored, made a big catch Monday
night when he trapped one of the largest owls seen in this section for some
time, from near a chicken roost of a prominent family in Somerset.  Andy is a
brother of the Journal's utility man, Henry Richardson, who secured the large
species of the feathery "Hooter Tribe" and caged the creature for display in
the front office window of the Journal.  Take a peep at this monster which
measures more than 3 feet from tip to tip, as you pass the Journal office. 
This is the first "hooter" of this variety the Journal has ever been able to
cage and we are very proud of him, as by such catches the flight against the
H.C. of L. is greatly assisted.

Wedding Anniversary.  Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Lowenthal celebrated their silver
wedding anniversary Tuesday evening at their pretty home on Mt. Vernon
street.  The affair was one of the most enjoyable social events of the
season.  Those present numbered about one hundred.  There were many out of
town guests including friends and business associates of Mr. Lowenthal.  The
gifts received were many and beautiful.  The Daniel Briscoe Co. of Knoxville,
Tenn., sent a silver service set.  Mr. Lowenthal is a member of this firm.  A
four course luncheon was served and a musicale program was enjoyed during the
evening.  Among the out of town guests were:  Messrs G.L. Price, F.F. Dorsey,
F.A. Roberts, R.S. Hommel, J.B. Carr, Mrs. J.L. Phillips and Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Biller of Knoxville, Tenn., Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs.
C.H. Holcomb, Mr. and Mrs. K.W. Dyas and W.A. Kinne, of Stearns.  Mr. and
Mrs. Lowenthal received showers of congratulations on having reached the
twenty-fifth year of their married life and all asked to be invited to the
golden anniversary.

Sale Made by Johnson Bros.  Johnson Bros. sold the Robert Copenhover farm at
Norwood last week for $5,000, to a Virginia man.  They say this is the fourth
time they have sold it in the past three years.

 Some Cow.  Mr. J.B. Smith who lives at Ruth, has the champion butter cow of
the county he says.  Since last May he has manufactured 226 pounds of butter.
 This butter, if sold at the prevailing market price, brought Mr. Smith
around $100.00.

Car Wreck.  Mr. Drake Thompson was injured last Saturday afternoon when the
Ford in which he was riding turned over on the Monticello pike.  The car was
badly damaged.  The steering wheel broke which caused the accident.

Personal Mention.

Ed Porch, formerly of this city, accompanied the body of James Neal(?) from
Flint, Mich., to Somerset.

Mr. I.C. Ramsey, of Monticello, is in the city visiting his daughters
Mesdames R.B. Waddle and S.A. Waddle.

Stanley A. Waddle was in Ashland, Ky., last Friday and Saturday on business.

Mr. Oakford Nunn of Burnside was in the city Tuesday.

Rev. and Mrs. J.W. Gardner, Versailes, Ky., are in the city this week.

G.W. Fletcher of Dabney called at the Journal office this week and left $1.50
for the Journal to be sent him.

Mr. W.F. Hansford, of Mark, dropped into the Journal office this week and
ordered the Journal sent to him for this year.

Mr. Joe Hurt, traveling salesman for the International Harvester Co., and Mr.
Hugh Noe, a knight of the grip also, were in Somerset the first of the week. 
Both of these gentlemen live at Columbia, Ky., but have headquarters

Mr. John Whinery of East Orange, N.J., spent several days in Somerset the
guest of his aunt Mrs. Mary Gibson.

J.J. Crutcher, manager Cumberland Grocery, Burnside, was in the city last
Saturday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Holcomb and Mr. and Mrs. K.W.
Dyas, chaperoned by Daddy Kinne, came up from Stearns to help Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Lowenthal celebrate their Silver Anniversary.  Incidentally they
dropped into the Journal office and gave an official hand shake all around.

Mr. Joe Waddle and two children, Thelma and Harvey, are confined to their
home with lagrippe.

Mrs. G.E. Kelley, of Covington, spent Saturday and Sunday in Somerset
visiting her son, Edward, who is an apprentice at the Ferguson Shops, and
also visiting at the home of Mrs. Sewell on Griffin avenue.

W.G. Boyd, of Ohio, was in Somerset the first of the week.  Mr. Boyd is a
former resident of Pulaski county.

Lieut. Chas. Smith arrived in Somerset today to visit his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. George Smith.  Lieut. Smith is stationed at Fort Sheriden, Ill., where
he has been sick in a U.S. hospital.  His many friends were delighted to see
him.  This is his first visit to Somerset since he entered the army.

Mrs. S.A. Reynolds and son Walter of Pleasureville, Ky., are visiting
relatives in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. William Clark and son left Wednesday for Umalilla, Florida, to
visit Dr. and Mrs. T.S. Kennedy.  They were joined here by Mrs. Maggie
Reddish of Lexington, who accompanied them on the trip.

F.L. Davenport of Lexington, was in Somerset this week assisting local agent
J.A. Hargis in the insurance business.

George Joplin of Danville spent Sunday in Somerset.

The many friends of A.H. Rayborn are glad to see him out after a long

Misses Thelma Waddle and Belle Hines have returned form Louisville where they
have been attending the Louisville Conservatory of Music.

Rose Mary, the pretty little thirteen months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
H.E. Monroe, of Atlanta, Ga., died last Saturday after a short illness.  Mrs.
Monroe had just returned to her home after a visit with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. John Slessinger.  Much sympathy is felt here for the parents and
grandparents who were so devoted to the little one. 

Miss Hettie Ashurst is out after an illness of several weeks at the Somerset

Mrs. F.V. McChesney and daughter of Midway, Ky., are visiting her parents
Judge and Mrs. James Denton.

Brent Crawford of Monticello was in the city this week.

Wiley Gilreath of Whitley City was in the city Tuesday.

Mr. P.P. McElroy has returned from Cincinnati where he spent several days.

J.D. Merrett of Eubank was in town Monday.

Mr. W.F. Daffron of Shelby City, was in town Saturday.  Mr. Daffron is in the
milling business and says that he likes it fine.  Before going to Boyle
county he was one of our leading farmers.

Judge Sandusky of Monticello was in the city last Saturday.

Judge R.C. Tartar spent several days last week on business with the road
department at Frankfort.

Charlie Bob Morrow and Robert Humble came down from Frankfort to witness the
Paris-Somerset game.

Master Ted Cassada entertained quite a number of his boy and girl friends at
the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Cassada last Friday night.  Games
were enjoyed and refreshments were served.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben D. Smith entertained at dinner in their apartment, Dr. and
Mrs. D.W. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Ben V. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jean V. Smith, and
Miss Anise Smith.

Mrs. J.E. Claunch gave a dance last Saturday evening for her son, Joseph. 
About fifteen couples enjoyed the affair.  Refreshments consisting of ices
and cakes were served.

Mesdames India Griffith, Kate M. Gibbs, Gertrude Humble, and Misses Orange
Marcum and Ethel Martin, all of Stearns, were in Somerset Wednesday evening
to attend a meeting of the Eastern Star.

Judge J.S. Cooper was in Frankfort this week attending a meeting of the State
Railroad Commission.

G. Bowerman of Stearns was in the city Friday and Saturday.

Dr. V.G. Trimble has returned to Decatur, Ill., after a two weeks visit with

Captain Paul Dexheimer was in Danville last Friday night on business.

Mrs. A.J. Sears is visiting in New Castle, Ind.

Mr. Joe Waddle has returned from the oil fields of Eastern Ky.

Mr. Alvin Thompson is in Monticello this week looking after the business of
the Thompson Humble Lumber Co.

Mrs. W.H. Brady of Stanford is visiting her son J.B. Brady.

Mrs. W.M.B. Hansford, Sr., is visiting her sons, E.H. and W.B. at Troy and
West Milton, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. John Tuttle have received word from their son, Will, who sailed
for Honolulu some weeks ago, that he arrived safely and is well pleased with
his position.  He says that he has gotten up a baseball team composed of Japs
and the he will challenge any team in Kentucky for a game.


Mr. Freeldon Osborne has been very ill with measles but is improving nicely.

Lenord Osborne's children are improving slowly.

Corbin Acton has returned home from Kansas.

Miss Cordie Singleton is visiting relatives near this place.

Willey Acton left last week for Richmond.

Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Todd are spending a few days at J.A. Long's.

Miss Mamie Singleton is spending this week at Freeldon Osborne's.

Lura and Hallie Long spent Sunday with Kate and Maude Long.

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Acton spent Saturday night and Sunday at M.E. Colston's.

Cordie Singleton spent Sunday afternoon with Alta and Nannie Larkin.

Albert Todd's little daughter is very ill with typhoid fever.

Mrs. F. Sandidge and children left Sunday for Stearns.

Egbert Abbott and two sons, Hollis and Delmer, were the guests of Mrs. Cyntha
Osborne Saturday night and Sunday.

Misses Rosa and Dola Long spent Friday with Lula Sandidge.

O.B. Herrin is at Knoxville on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Stringer were spending a few days at O.B. Herrin's last

Messrs Leff and Ira Brook have gone to Dayton, Ohio, on business.

Miss Esta Abbott was in Somerset on business last week.

Miss Lestie Estes visited at Emmit Estes' last week.

Messrs Cicero and Obie Acton were the guests of Perry Acton Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Ray and family were the guests of G.H. Osborne Sunday.

Miss Lucy Osborne was the guest of Miss Estella Acton Sunday.

Cave Hill.

Ambrose Ashley disposed of his personal property January 28.

Floyd Bros. sold a span of mules for $600.

Born to Mrs. Harvey Back, a boy.

Rosy and Ira Hatfield, of Judd, are visiting I.N. Vaught.

Rich Dixon has gone to Letcher county.


Miss Laura Sears and Paschal Gastineau were married at Somerset Saturday.

Abe Sewell and family left Sunday for Lockland, Ohio.

John Price and wife left for Chicago Thursday.

Miss Flonnie Miller spent last week with S.J. Stewart.

June Hansford of Somerset was in our midst last week.

Mrs. Frank Linville is visiting at Conard.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hansford visited at James Whitson's Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Bates and children were visitors at Mrs. Ellen Whitson's
last week.

Mrs. Ina Sears sold a hog to Tom Whitis for $20.

Oma Hargis bought two calves paying $43.50 for the two.


Mrs. Sarah J. Muce and Lonie Brown were the guests of Ms. Susan Meece Sunday.

Several from here attended the examination at Somerset Friday and Saturday.

Dewey Baker visited Mathen Mounce Saturday.

Mrs. Calvin Meece is visiting at Somerset.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kenney entertained several folks Sunday.


Lee Harden and Maude Sweeney have returned from Williamsburg.

Misses Grace and Nettie Moore of New Hope are visiting Mrs. J.W. Hood.

Mrs. Elmer Kidd and children spent Sunday with Mrs. Robert Hollars.

Mrs. W.W. Reid will move to her new house soon.

Ezra Hall has purchased J.W. Hood's store.


Sophia Davidson visited G.W. Callahan Sunday.

Born to the wife of Arthur Stogsdill a 12 lb. boy.

W.G. Randall and Clifford Bray are on the sick list.

Oscar Whitaker and Yoma Phelps left Sunday for Cincinnati.


Mrs. Lula Burton is very ill.

Wm. Burton is also reported on the sick list.

Oscar Burton has returned from the Somerset Sanitarium very much improved.

W.L. Burton was in Somerset Saturday.

Wm. Dalton and children visited at Limie Tartar's Sunday.

Suburban Notes.

Mr. J.C. Eaton has sold his farm on the Mt. Vernon road to Mr. Osborne. 
Consideration $11,000.  Possession in the near future.

Jennie Ping and Palzora Bullock spent the day at the home of J.C. Eaton last

Mae Stewart and son visited the home of Mr. Stewart last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Burton returned to their home one week ago from the
hospital.  Oscar is getting along fine.

James Eaton and wife visited John Bullock Sunday.

Sells Business.

Halcomb Bros. have sold their livery business to J.W. Edwards of Poplarville.


Several were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lemont Bryant Wednesday

Earl and Ora Wilder are in Cincinnati.

J.A. Coleman was the guest of David Correll Friday.

Mrs. James Keith is not better at this writing.

Little Ralph Pike of Waynesburg is visiting his grandparents Mr. and Mrs.
W.A. Hamm

Theo S. Morely of London, Ky., was here on business Wednesday.

Mrs. M.T. Pitman and children passed through here Friday on their way to join
Mr. Pitman at Parleysville, where they will make their future home.

Ronnie Surber and Chas. Higgins were in Somerset Saturday.

Mrs. Helle Baugh of Indiana, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Oddie Young.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Jones and Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Jones of Somerset were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones Sunday.

Misses Margret and Bessie Jones who have been visiting in Somerset have
returned home.

Mrs. B. Elder is very ill with measles and pneumonia.

Russell Flemings of Glenwood, Va., is visiting at N.P. Vanover's.

Mr. and Mrs. C.Z. Hall spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Casada.

Everett Daulton of Ansel passed through here on his way to Detroit, Mich.,

Mrs. L.H. Trivett who has been visiting her son, E.W. Trivett, returned home

E.V. Lovelass of Nancy is visiting his mother Mrs. F.D. Lovelass.

Mrs. McKinney of Science Hill called on Mrs. Hannah Mofield Sunday.


Leonard Wilson was up from Chattanooga, Saturday.

Misses Bertha and Ollie Wilson visited Mrs. Aman Wilson Sunday.

Sarah and Omedia Davis visited Sarah and Mollie Alsip Saturday.

Gilbert Wilson was in Burnside Monday.


W.W. Barnes is on the sick list.

Steve Hail of Somerset was out on his farm last Sunday.

Omey Richardson of Elihu was visiting in this community last Sunday.

Grover Meece of Somerset was visiting his mother Mrs. Andy Meece last
Saturday night and Sunday.

Nathan Bray's child died in Akron, Ohio last Tuesday.  The body was shipped
here and interned in the Mt. Zion grave yard.

Albert Richardson was visiting in this vicinity last Saturday.

Miss Vada C. Godby was the Sunday guest of Miss May Roberts.

Mrs. Davis Bray and two children visited her son on Rush Branch last week.

Wm. Lovelass and Tom Nelson have moved to John Gregory's property near

James Barnes and daughter Mary visited at Doctor Farmer's at Somerset last
Saturday and Sunday.


Misses Elizabeth and Dorothy Jasper are visiting in Adair county.

Born to Mrs. Martin Hayes a boy.

Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams spent Friday with their sister at Mt. Hope.

Wendell Cannon went to Cincinnati, Sunday.

Martha Hodge spent the weekend with Mrs. Sweet at Buncombe.

Mrs. John Adams of Mt. Zion visited Mrs. Lincoln Baugh Sunday.

Miss Sarah Blevens of Mintonville spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks.

Mrs. Isadore Dick is visiting friends here.

Lula, Ida and Ray Pitman visited at Marion Godby's Sunday.

A.J. Adams and Aaron Hendricks spent Sunday with Dock Dick.


Luther Baker and brother purchased D.N. Young's store and residence.

Miss Bessie Jones from Pulaski spent the weekend with Miss Hattie Jasper.

Miss Bessie Keith visited her sister Mrs. Saddler at Somerset Sat   urday.

Amazor Kelly who has been on the sick list for some time is no better.

Verlin Burton is home visiting relatives and friends.

Mat Coomer and family have moved to Somerset.

Arling Jasper and family visited his father W.R. Jasper Saturday.

Miss Della Owens visited her aunt Mrs. Lida Stringer Tuesday.

Miss Ethel Spears visited her sister Mrs. Vina Wilson of West Somerset last

Misses Mamie and Maggie Childers visited their uncle George Childers of
Pleasant Hill, Sunday night.


C.M. Brown has purchased a mill from Willie McFalls of Nancy.

Mrs. Gossett was the guest of her mother Mrs. S.W. Todd Tuesday.

Miss Gertrude Floyd has been visiting her sister Mrs. Stella Hislope for a
few days.

Mrs. Lucy Burton who has been ill for some time is no better.

Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Hart are the happy parents of a fine boy.

Daniel Baker and family have moved on the farm of S.W. Burton.

Rev. Tibbs and family visited R. Wright Saturday night and Sunday.

Clarence Burton and wife have moved to the Nicholas place near Trimble.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Barker of Wayne county visited Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Todd last

Virgil Hudson entertained a number of friends Sunday.

Miss Chole Hopper, principal teacher at Pole Bridge, went to Creelsboro where
she will teach a school.

Miss Mary Fletcher assistant teacher returned to her home Monday morning near


Miss Doretta Mills, who has been very low with typhoid fever, is slowly

Mrs. Louverna Ard is on the sick list.

George Johnson of Iowa is visiting his daughter Mrs. Ben Foster.

Miss Pearl Tarter visited Mrs. Stella Tarter Saturday and Sunday.

James Ard was the guest of Laura Gaines Saturday night.


Misses Fay and Berdena Gooch entertained several friends Saturday evening.

Arthur George of Niagra Falls, New York, spent the weekend with Ray Estes.

Clay Singleton is visiting at Stanford, Ky.

Mrs. Laura Pelton of this place has been very ill.

Arthur Pelton is visiting his mother here.

Virgil McMullin entertained a number of friends Tuesday.

Lawrence Lee has returned to his work.

Misses Oma and Henrietta Reynolds gave a party in honor of Vernon and Dewey
Carter of Moreland, Wednesday evening.

Miss Oma Reynolds entertained at supper Wednesday evening.  Alice and Clay
Singleton, Henrietta Reynolds, Vernon and Dewey Carter.


Misses Oma and Zona Cassada visited Mabel and Thelma Claunch Wednesday.

Grace Frisbie visited Mrs. O.L. Wilson Monday.

Tirl Neely has sold his farm to John Jones.

Mrs. Otho Vaughn is visiting her daughter at Danville.

Francis and Margurette Harvey visited Bill White Friday.

Mrs. H.S. Hail and Linnie Newell were in Lexington last week.

Mrs. Lum Harvey was in Burnside Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stigall of Bronston visited at Bill White's Sunday.

Harry Stigall and wife were the Sunday guests of C.D. Stigall.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Curtis visited Mr. and Mrs. Otho Vaughn Sunday.

Bertha Neely visited Thelma Claunch Friday.

Mesdames Gholson and Tucker visited Mrs. Bill White Thursday.


Beecher Foster has returned from Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Calhoun has returned from Iowa.

Fanny Schoolcraft has returned to Somerset.

Edward Doss and wife visited her parents Tuesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Wittle Moden were Sunday guests of Carl Rainwater.

Pleasant Hill.

Rev. Wells filled his appointment here Saturday night.

Tom Ziglar and Jones Miller visited at R.H. Humble's Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Prather have been visiting her parents here.

Albin Humble was visiting at Soule's Chapel Sunday.

Otto Fisher and family are recovering from the "flu."

Dewey and Bartly Boss spent last weekend with home folks.


Misses Lucille and Lora Fitzgerald were in Somerset Wednesday.

J.H. Selvidge has gone to Escanaba, Mich., on business.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Montague were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Lowdenback last

B.W. Lord, of Chicago, was in town Friday and Saturday.

Dr. and Mrs. Stigall and Virginia have returned home from Dayton.

Miss Ann Denton spent the weekend in Somerset.

The Y.P.M. Society met with Miss Elsie Cooper Tuesday.

W.J. Davidson is able to be out after a long illness.

Willie Tandy left Monday for Panama.

Mrs. A.P. Parrigin spent Sunday with her daughter at Mill Springs.

Miss Nell Hedrick of Monticello is the guest of Mrs. J.H. Phillips.

Miss Allie Johnson underwent an operation at the Spears Hospital in Dayton

W.S. Phillippi is in Cincinnati this week.

Misses Pearl Bradshaw and Amelia Saunders were in Somerset Wednesday.

Misses Ruth Kelsay, Bernice Mitchell, Mildred Cooper and Aline Bryant were in
Tateville Friday.

Mrs. L.M. Cheeley and Edna Young visited Mrs. Bourne Gover at Somerset last

Mrs. J.M. Lloyd is ill with pneumonia.

Miss Ora Meece of Somerset has accepted a position in the city school.

Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Sales of Fort Wayne, Ind., are at the Seven Gable Hotel for
the week.

Miss May Whitson of Somerset General Hospital is nursing Mrs. J.M. Lloyd who
is ill.


Mrs. Ellen McKenzie has been very ill.

Frank Crawford has returned from Indiana.

Miss Margurette Williams has been visiting at Tateville.

Leland Ping is visiting Robert Ping.

Phil Ping and wife visited Mrs. McKinzie Sunday.

Herbert Vaught and Susie Hargis were married Sunday.

Zula Ping entertained several of her friends Saturday night.

L. Crawford and wife will leave soon for Oklahoma.

Misses Oma and Maggie Lovell visited their sister Monday night.

S.S. Lovell and wife visited her parents Sunday.

Leodis Dodson of Bethlehem visited John Lovell Monday night.

Second Piney Grove.

The wedding bells are ringing for Herschel Rainwater and Lola Cooper, Ray
Whittle and Etta Hudson.

Gertie Ware and Clanzy Collins visited Bertha Rainwater Monday.

Virgil Doss visited Willie Ware Sunday night.

The infant of John Henderson died Sunday night.

Jim Burton has been visiting at Norfleet.


Ester Branscum and Bertha Wilson visited Mrs. Clyde Taylor Sunday.

Christian Branscum visited her grandparents Sunday.

Ollie Wilson spent last week at Greenwood.

Sarah Alsip visited Bertha Wilson Saturday.

Mrs. Carl Wilson visited her sister last week.

Ollie Wilson was the guest of Bertha Wilson Monday night.


Lela Hargis and Girdle Phelps visited at Drum Sunday night.

John and Julia Hargis visited Lewis and Emma Hargis Saturday.

J.W. Steel was in Somerset Saturday.

Evertt Hargis and Shelby Smiley visited Freeman Bray Saturday night.

Mary and Vanie Alexander were guests of Miss Bray Sunday.

Clyde Randall has bought a grist mill from Lum Randall.

Edna Phelps visited Lexie Steele last week.

Science Hill.

County Court Clerk Langdon called upon homefolks Sunday.

George McKinney has moved to the home he purchased at Somerset.

Miss Jarrette Anderson visited her sister in Eubank Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Butt, who have been with their son, James, in Dayton,
Ohio, for some time, have returned home.

James Hall left Sunday for Detroit to resume his old position.

Several from here attended the basketball game at Somerset on Friday night.

Sister Bruner filed the pulpit at the Nazerine church Sunday.

Mrs. Birdie Woodall has purchased the property where W.H. Estes now lives and
will take possession when Mr. Estes vacates.

On last Saturday afternoon, the Burnside boys came up to play a game of
basketball.  Our boys defeated them 48 to 6.  Come back again Burnside.

It was a mistake about Jas. E. Bryant selling his stock of groceries to Mr.

Misses Pearl and Gertrude Vaught spent Sunday at their home in Dabney to
attend the wedding of their brother, Herbert.

Rev. Crow, a traveling Evangelist, gave two very interesting addresses at the
Christian church last week.

The school gave a minstrel show in the auditorium last Saturday night that
proved quite a success.  The colored folks were quite unique and acted their
parts in grand style.  To finish it off completely, they gave the Virginia

Carl Cain entered the Somerset School of Business Monday.

George Lyon is at home from North Dakota.  He will remain until Spring.

Mr. and Mrs. Nunnelly and daughter Miss Margurette, were the guests of the
Snow family last week.

Misses Marie and Irene Bastin of Knip Mountain are visiting their grandmother
this week.

Saturday night, Feb. 7, is to be the first number of our Lyceum Course. 
Chief Strong Heart will be here.  Come out and hear what he has to tell you.

The motorcycle of John Mercer and that of another boy came in close contact
Sunday and bruised up the boys some.

The Royal neighbors met for their installation of officers, at the home of
Lenora Bryant.  After the installation Mrs. Bryant served delightful
refreshments.  All present enjoyed the afternoon immensely, and voted the
hostess a royal neighbor, indeed.

W.P. Perkins sold his beautiful country home on the Stanford pike to R.C.
Johnson the real estate dealer.  Mr. Perkins and family will move this week
to their town property.


Mrs. Belle Trivett and daughter Virgie have returned from Pulaski.

Prof. Hodges began a class of vocal music at Cuba February 2.

Miss Jewell Griffin has been visiting friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Todd and children visited M.L. Griffin Sunday.

M.F. Bishop returned home from Lexington Tuesday.

J.B. Gragg and son's will go to Burnside soon on a logging job.


John L. Burton and daughter Mary have been visiting at Faubush.

Fayette Burton and Clarence Burton visited Sam Burton's Sunday.

We are having some pretty weather now.

Kentucky News Items.  Condensed News of Interest From All Parts of the State.

Frankfort.  Mrs. Kate Langford, Lawrenceburg, died suddenly at the home of
L.L. Moore, arsenic poisoning being the cause.

Paris.  Friction from woolen garments that were being cleaned caused the
explosion of a vessel of gasoline and John Asher, dry cleaner, was severely

Maysville.  Two prominent citizens who drank liquor containing wood alcohol,
said to have come from Cincinnati, are under treatment and threatened with

Grayson.  Nine gallons of whiskey carried in suit cases by C. Johnson and
Will Sparks was emptied in the gutter by court order and they were fined $100
and given fifty days in jail.

Augusta.  The bodies of Mrs. Frank Reynolds, 20, Point Pleasant, W.Va., and
Miss Stella Walters, 17, daughters of Jacob Walters, who died on the same
day, were buried in the same grave.

Crittenden.  Mrs. Harry Menifee, bride of a Covington attorney, who was a
member of the Russian Women's "Battalion of Death," was internally injured
when thrown from a horse.

Paris.  Believing a man who entered her home at Lysleville to be her husband
returning late, Nancy Hague, colored, beat him up with a broom and did not
know until he fled that the intruder was a thief.

Harrodsburg.  Misses Fannie, Sallie and Ruby Chumley, daughters of W.T.
Chumley, of this county, have instituted suit against the Cincinnati Southern
railroad.  The young ladies range in age from eighteen to twenty-three years,
and on June 8, 1919, went to Cincinnati on a Sunday excursion.  The coaches
were crowded and they were forced to use a wet seat, and the coloring matter
on the cushion faded off on their white dresses and they were compelled to
wear these stained clothing all day in Cincinnati and thereby much

Maysville. Written confessions were made by David Weber and James Johnson
detailing how they siphoned off half of a barrel of whisky through a
warehouse window at the Pogue distillery, using a garden hose and wash tub.

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