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February 25, 1921.


Piney Grove.  P.P. Sumner entertained his friends with a barn raising Tuesday.  Edd Doss was in town Monday.  L.H. Burton started for Ida Grove, Iowa, Monday.  Miss Audrey Rainwater of Waterloo is visiting her sister, Mrs. Mollie Jasper, at Beech Grove.  Mr. and Mrs. Edd Doss and little daughter, Thelma, were the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Rainwater, Monday night.  Rosco Porter was the guest of C.B. Rainwater Monday night.  W.G. Johnson purchased two pigs from Edd Doss for $14.50.  Robt. Allen made his usual call at Elmer Anderson's Sunday evening.  L.H. Burton has been visiting friends and relatives in Russell County.

Clarence.  Rev. W.F. Meece filled his regular appointment at Good Hope Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Ben Barren and Cecil Measel were guests of C.M. Acton Wednesday.  Mr. G.H. Osborne visited at Mr. John Osborne's Sunday.  Mrs. Niza Wheeldon is visiting her sister, Mrs. Cyntha Acton, of Eubank, this week.  Mrs. Mary Todd and daughter Eliza, were the guests of Mrs. John McWilliams Thursday afternoon.  Miss Gladys Walker visited Miss Flora Shelley last week.  Mr. Lewis Brown was the guest of Fred McWilliams Tuesday night.  Misses Lula Sandidge and Alta Larkins were the guests of Mrs. Geo. M. Osborne Wednesday night.  Miss Vernelle Wheeldon was the guest of Miss Leslie Estes Tuesday.  Messrs Mitchell, Clero, Clarence Osborne and Elmer Todd have returned from Stearns.  Miss Retna Taylor was the guest of Mr. Andrew McWilliams Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. James Todd and family were guests of Mrs. Cyntha Osborne Thursday night.  There will be singing at Good Hope every Thursday night.  Mr. and Mrs. John Ray were the guests of Mrs. Rebecca Sandidge Wednesday night.  Miss Georgia Abbott visited at Geo. McWilliams this week.  Mr. Eugene Abbott was the guest of Mrs. Cyntha Osborne Saturday.  Rev. W.F. Meece visited at J.W. Gastineau's Saturday night.  Mrs. Rebecca Sandidge and daughter, Lula, visited at G.H. Osborne's Wednesday.  Miss Dola Long was the guest of Mrs. P.A. Gooch, Friday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Thompson visited at Mr. Floyd Larkins Friday.  Mr. Jas. Gooch visited at Mr. Chas. Wheeldon's Friday night.  The farmers of this community are getting behind with their crops very much as weather is so changeable.  Mrs. Lula Osborne has purchased her new summer hats.  The wedding of Mr. Ansel Osborne and Mrs. Lizzie Gooch took place Wednesday afternoon.  We wish them much success.  Mr. Lewis Thompson has been with his son, Virgil Thompson for the last few days.  Miss Alta and Mr. Arthur Larkin and Miss Lula Sandidge visited Mr. Virgil Thompson's Wednesday night.  Mr. Jim McWilliams and family moved to their new home last week which he rented from Mrs. Rachel Long.  Miss Dola Long called on Mr. James P. Gooch's Wednesday night.  Mrs. Rebecca Sandidge and daughter, Sula, were the guests of Mr. H. Osborne's Wednesday.   Miss Erble Davis called on Miss Alta Larkin Friday afternoon.  Miss Flora Shelly visited Misses Zula and Gladys Walker Wednesday night. Mr. John D. Thompson and family visited Leonard Osborne's Saturday night.  Mr. V. Thompson bought a bunch of hogs from G.M. Osborne Monday.  Ezra Todd, wife and son, are still at her father's, where they have been for some time.

Rock Lick.  Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Sears, Mrs. Rachel Bryant spent Sunday at J.R. Yahnig's.  Rev. Ridner filled his appointment at Rock Lick Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Everett Murphy and Mr. and Mrs. Vola Badgett and baby visited John Colyer's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan, Mrs. Nora Gragg, and Miss Lelia Gragg spent Tuesday at Mrs. Rachel Bryants.  Mrs. Jas. Sears is spending a few days in Somerset visiting relatives.  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Meece are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby.  Mr. Riley Early and Miss Addie Colyer spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. K.D. Dykes and attended prayer meeting at Clay Hill Sunday night.  Mrs. Rachel Bryant is visiting her father, Mr. Jas. Sears.  Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Sears visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Keeney.  Mr. Harry Yahnig of the Cumberland Sanitarium, visited his parents Monday.  Mr. Lige Dykes visited his daughter Mrs. Vestal Shadoan Saturday night.  Mrs. John Murphy and Mrs. Dora Hubble visited Mrs. Everett Murphy Monday.  Misses Zula and Lou Dykes visited Miss Matilda Meece Saturday night and Sunday.  Rev. Wesley Colyer was called to the bedside of Mr. Joe Love Sunday.

Plato.  This big snow will put the farmers behind with their plowing but most of the farmers in this vicinity are about through plowing for their corn crop.  Mr. Willie Owens left or Detroit, Mich., Friday, where he has been working.  Mr. John Randolph and Ray Marcum traded horses Thursday.  Mr. Joe Smith is on the sick list and has been for some time.  He is better at this writing.  Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McKinney have been sick for some time but are now better.  Mrs. Mary Ping, who has been sick for some time, is improving. 
Mr. John Ping visited Mrs. Mary Ping Sunday.  Mr. Bill Gilmore and wife visited Joe Smith's last Friday.  Mr. W.M. Jenkins the tombstone man, passed through here Saturday.  Mrs. Aellan and Nannie Bell McKinney visited W.P. Smith Monday.  Mrs. Ellen Etevens and son visited Arch Poynter Friday.  Mr. George Poynter spent Friday with Joe Mack Smith.  Mrs. George Todd visited W.P. Smith's Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. Ben Smith visited John Ping Sunday.  Mr. Boone Broyles visited his parents Monday.  Mr. W.P. Smith lost a mare last week.  Mr. G. Lawrence left for Oklahoma Monday where he expects to make
his future home.

Mark.  Lester Criss was on the sick list a day or two last week.  Mat Harper, who has been very sick, is better at this writing.  Mrs. Robert Hayes, who has been seriously ill, is somewhat improved.  Miss Edith Harper returned to Berea Thursday.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sipet of Dayton, O., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Adams, of Coin.  Mrs. Wm. Hargis and children are visiting relatives near Drum.  Scott Cox and wife of Dayton, O., are at W.S. Cox's.  Mrs. Myrtle Randall and sons left Saturday for their home in Montana.  Miss Myrtle Stogsdill visited her sister Mrs. Alice Bingham, Friday night.  Miss Thelma Mize of Short Creek spent Friday night with her sister Mrs. Raymond Moore.  Mr. and Mrs. Orvil Vaught and children were visitors at Milford Sears Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. A.C. Herrin visited Mrs. Sarah Hargis Monday.  John Gridar and family of Colo visited their aunt, Mrs. Delle Gilliland Tuesday. The telephone line of this section has been undergoing some much needed repairs.

McKinney.  The farmers in this vicinity have been very busy plowing for corn.
 Mrs. Mack Aker is very ill at this writing.  Mrs. Carl Vaught spent Saturday and Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Chaney.  The sale at C.A. Bishops Thursday was well attended.  Mr. Chas. Watson has moved to his farm recently purchased from C.A. Bishop.  Mr. Joe Bishop of Lincoln County was called to the bedside of his sister Mrs. Mack Aker.  Mr. John Vaught and Lester Harrington who have been visiting relatives here for the past two weeks, have returned to their work in Montana.  Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Harmon were visiting in Science Hill Saturday night and Sunday.  Miss Nella Fugate spent Saturday night with her brother, Arthur Vaught.  Mrs. H.C. Harmon left Saturday for Batesville, Ind., where she will join her husband.  Miss Goldie Vaught spent last week with her grandmother, Mrs. W.M. Fugate.  Miss Elsie and Ina Harmon spent Saturday night with their brother, Carl Harmon.  Mrs. Mary Chaney is no better.  Mrs. Mat Harmon spent the weekend with her son, Cloyd Harmon.

Elrod.  After several spring days winter came again with a large snow.  Lonnie Burgin of Indianapolis, Ind., is visiting relatives at this place.  Born, to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Poynter, a fine boy, Lindsay Lee.  Mr. Herbert Isaacs is visiting home folks this week.  Among the visitors at Chas. Denney's Sunday were Mr. J.M. Carter, Otis Bumgardner and Oscar Carter and Henry Poynter.  Miss Nettie Morris and brother John, of Ocala, visited at Mr. Payton Randolph's Saturday night and Sunday.  Miss Grace Randolph entertained quite a few of her friends Saturday night.  Mr. Jim Vanhook visited Mr. Fred Vanhook Sunday.

Burnside.  Mrs. W.R. Bass, of Terrace Park (missing text) was the guest of her brother, (missing text) C. Greeno, Thursday of last week.  Mrs. Bass was en route to her home from St. Petersburg, Fla., where she had been spending part of the winter.  Mrs. Geo. Lindsay of Cincinnati, O., come to be with her husband at the Seven Gables Hotel for several weeks visit.  Mesdames J.M. Dugger and W.D. Stigall delightfully entertained the Ladies Reading Circle Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Stigall.  The introduction of a new book was given with much interest by Mrs. F.E. Bradshaw, followed by a beautiful violin solo by Miss Bernice Mitchell.  The delicious ice course served in shapes (missing text) with cherries on the cakes carried out the idea of George Washington's birthday.  Mrs. N.I. Taylor returned Friday after an extended visit in Washington, D.C.  Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Nunn delightfully entertained the Charade Club Friday evening.  Mrs. W.G. Prather was in Somerset Friday of last week shopping.  Mrs. G. McWhorten and children of Danville, spent the week with Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Kelsay.   A number of friends gave Mrs. N. D. Stigall a surprise birthday party Friday evening.  A delightful evening was spent.  Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Crutcher spent the weekend in Wilmore with Mr. Crutcher's relatives.  Misses Majorie Thompson and Elsie Larken were in Somerset shopping Saturday.  M.E. Fisher of Somerset was in town Monday.  Mrs. R.O. Lewis was purchased the Montague property on French Ave. and Mr. and Mrs. Heber Lewis will occupy the house as soon as vacant.  Misses Pearl Bradshaw, Pauline Rakestraw and Louise McKnight were in Somerset shopping Saturday.  Miss Irene Kelsay left Monday night for Ashville, N.C., for her health.  Mrs. J.H. Selvidge and Mrs. G. McWhorter of Danville, went with her.  Miss Kelsay has been confined to her room for some time and her many friends hope the new climate will restore her health.  Miss Louetta Greeno entertained a number of her friends to a George Washington birthday party Tuesday evening.  A delightful evening was enjoyed.  Miss Nell Stringer of Shelbyville was the guest of Mrs. J.H. Parrigin last week.  Mr. J.F. Tuttle and daughter, Miss Ethel, were called up to Mill Springs on account of the illness and death of Mr. Tuttle's mother.  Their many friends extend sympathy.

Oak Hill.  Mrs. Oda Deer of Cincinnati, Ohio, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Elias Burton, was accompanied home by her sister, Miss Flaura Burton, Saturday.  Miss Grace Frisbie was the guest of Mrs. B.C. Gholson Wednesday night.  Rev. Reece of Norwood, filled his regular appointment here Saturday.   Mrs. Relda Claunch and Mrs. Lula Frisbie called on Mrs. E.S. Heaton Monday afternoon.  Oscar Casada, who has been suffering from a sprained ankle, is not able to be out yet.  Miss Grace Frisbie called on Mrs. Luther Bales and Mary and Emma Cowan Monday afternoon.  We are having bad weather.  Mr. John Neeley is no better.  Mrs. C.O. Heaton visited at Mrs. B.C. Gholson Monday afternoon.  Clay Frisbie called on Oscar Casada Sunday afternoon.  Sunday school is progressing nicely.  Mrs. McKee has returned home from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Noal Watson, of Casey County.  Robert Combest made his usual Sunday afternoon call at the home of Miss Bessie Warren.  The Frisbie children called on Miss Audrey Cowan Monday afternoon.  Mr. Lewis Casada of Norwood called on his cousin Mrs. John Tucker Monday.  Fayette Edwards called on Goodloe Bales Monday.  James Tucker is visiting his grandfather Mr. S.W. Casada of Pulaski.

Hail.  Farmers of this vicinity have been taking advantage of the pretty days and plowing for oats, but the big snow which fell Saturday night has put them to gathering wood.  Mrs. Nannie Hayes who has been seriously ill for some time, is no better.  Misses Retta and Alice Owens visited their sister, Mrs. Georgia Gilliland, Friday and Saturday and attended church. G.R. Gilliland is erecting a new barn.  Mrs. J.D. Watts left last Saturday for Winchester where she expects to join her husband.  Miss Maud Bishop visited Miss Ethna Moore Thursday evening.  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lovings spent last week with friends and relatives here.  Mrs. Georgia Gilliland spent last Sunday with her mother. 
Miss Minnie Crawford sold a hog last week for $56.  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hargis left Saturday for Ohio where he expects to get work.  Miss Nina Surber visited Miss Mary Alexander Friday and Saturday.  Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Vaught and baby and Jennie Fugate visited Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hargis Saturday night and Sunday.  Misses Dela and Stella Osborne of Somerset, visited their parents Saturday night and Sunday.  Mr. Bowman Newby visited Mr. Willie Burton Sunday.  Miss Mize, of Short Creek, has been visiting Mr. J.M. Moore's for the past week.  Mrs. Elizabeth Aker who has been seriously ill, is no better.  Mr. Frank Crawford made his regular call to see Miss Laura Davidson Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dyer visited his parents Friday and Saturday.  Mrs. Tilda Doan visited Mrs. Richard Dyer Monday.  The revival meeting closed at Pine Hill Sunday night with a large crowd, good behavior and nine additions to the church.  We all regret very much that the meetings are closed.


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