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February 25, 1921.

Personal Mention.

Miss Barthenia Sallee has returned from a visit to Lexington friends.

Rev. C.H. Talbot and R.S. Brinton were in Danville last weekend to attend a meeting of the ministers and elders of Transylvania Presbytery.

Mr. W.A. Moore has returned from New York, where he purchased a nice line of spring goods for his store.

Mrs. India Griffin and daughter, Miss Jessie, were in Somerset Wednesday.

The many friends of Hershel Humble are glad to see him home after undergoing an operation in Louisville about three weeks ago.

Mrs. B.J. Bethurum has returned from a visit to Louisville.

Warren Rousseau is visiting is parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Rousseau.

Miss Ada Plummer of Cincinnati, Ohio, has arrived to trim this season for Mrs. Pettus.

Captain Paul Dexheimer went to Danville Monday to referee a game of basketball between Centre College and Vanderbilt Univ.  From there he went to Lexington to attend the Shrine Ceremonial.

Mrs. Paul Dexheimer entertained the Five Hundred Club Tuesday afternoon with a Washington birthday party. Four tables played.  Refreshments appropriate
for the occasion were served.  Mrs. Frank won the prize.

Mrs. Solander Taylor has been visiting in Louisville this week.

A number of young people from Somerset will go to Stearns Saturday for a dance Saturday night.

Miss Ata Lee is at home from Georgetown College for several days.

Mrs. Charles E. Burke of Monticello, Ky., is visiting her mother, Mrs. R.F. James.

E.L. McFarland of Somerset, District Deputy of the Modern Woodmen of American, will be here next Monday for a week or more in the interest of the local camp. - Mt. Vernon Signal.

Governor and Mrs. Morrow returned Wednesday evening from New York City where he had gone to deliver the Lincoln Memorial Address last Saturday.  The Governor proceeded to Louisville Thursday morning where he spoke at noon before the Rotary Club in that city and returned to his office on the afternoon and left again that night for Chicago. - Frankfort News.

Miss Ruth Offutt has returned from a visit with friends in Chattanooga.

Victor W. Lewis is in Mississippi this week on a business trip.

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. King returned from a visit in Lexington Sunday.

Mrs. John Sloan of Burnside has been the guest of her sister Mrs. Frank

Mrs. S.O. Whitnack of Lexington arrived this week for a visit with her parents. 

Mrs. Harry Wait, of Burnside, attended the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. W.L.    Cowan.

Mrs. L.V. Sink left this week for Louisville to join her husband and to be in Louisville for some time.

Claude Harmon of Cincinnati, O., arrived this week to visit his mother, Mrs. J.M. Harmon, who is ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mills of Danville, Ky., were here Wednesday to attend the funeral of Crawford Dutton.

Lewis Tartar, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas Tartar, is home on a furlough from the army.

Miss Elizabeth Eason spent Tuesday in Danville with her parents.

Miss Marguerite Owens leaves today for Georgetown for a visit.

Mrs. J.W. Isaacs was called to Danville on account of the illness of her brother.

Dr. and Mrs. J.A. Bolin spent several days in Cincinnati.

Joseph Claunch, who has been attending school at State Univ., Lexington, has entered Centre College for last semester.

Mrs. E.K. Aldridge, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hamm, has returned to her home in Kansas City, Mo.

Jack Converse is at home from Centre College for a few days.

Pisgah.  Spencer Heaton, or Organ, is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Heaton.  Mrs. John Starkey and the Misses Hollas of Somerset visited Mrs. Bud Boone Monday.  Mr. Links, of Butler, Tenn., has been visiting Mr. E.S. Heaton.  Misses Jessie Jones and Ova Casada called on Mrs. Bud Boone Wednesday.  Mrs. Bill White, Mrs. Nan Gholson and Mrs. D.S. Claunch visited Mrs. John Tucker Thursday.  Alex White of Indiana who has been visiting his brother, Bill White, has returned home.  Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hudson of Shafter visited their daughter, Mrs. Carl Heineche, last week.  Mrs. Walter Neely and Miss Thelma Claunch visited Mrs. John Tucker Saturday afternoon.  Mrs. Will Waddle and Mrs. Robert Gover and daughter visited Mrs. Sam Waddle last week.  James Tucker is visiting relatives in Pulaski.  Mrs. Cassie Jordon who has been very ill with typhoid fever is slowly improving.  Mr. and Mrs. Bud Boone visited Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch Saturday evening.

Faubush.  Mr. G.A. Tarter spent last week visiting in Russell County.  Mr. M.V. Cundiff is visiting at Abner Tarter's.  Mr. Sam Halcomb has been very sick but is reported better now.  Mr. Wesley Rainwater visited A.R. Batham, Sunday.  Mr. Welba Cane has erected a blacksmith shop in Faubush and we wish him much success as Faubush was in need of a black smith shop.  Mr. Frank Tarter spent last week visiting down in Cumberland neighborhood.  W. Norfleet and family visited Mr. and Mrs. S. Halcomb Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. M. Halcomb visited his parents Sunday.  Mr. Melrow Tarter was at A.R. Batham's last Thursday on business.  Tom Pennington and Ethel Stevens were down last Sunday looking over the Mrs. McBeath farm.

Acorn.  We are having some bad weather now.  Farmers are behind with their plowing around here.  The men of this neighborhood are working the road between Whetstone and Acorn.  This will be appreciated by many for the road was almost impassable in some places.  Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Farmer are the proud parents of a 9 pound girl.  Little Everett Carlton has been visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. McDonald this week.  Vanloe McDonald has returned from Kansas where he has been at work.  The wedding bells are ringing again, this time for Otis Chaney and Florence Randall.  Rose McDonald who has been staying with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Vada McDonald, has returned home.

Flat Lick.  People of this vicinity nearly all have colds.  D. Couch had a sale the 11th of this month.  There was a large crowd and everything brought a good price.  Miss Grace Couch has returned home from Berea, where she has been attending school.  Among the visitors at H.H. Buchanan's Saturday night
and Sunday were Miss Sallie Ledford, Cora and Lettie Whitis and Mrs. D.B. Wyrick.  There were several candidates mingling through the crowd at D. Couch's sale Friday.  Rev. Jerry Farley and wife of London are visiting relatives here.  Rev. Bishop Wesley filled his appointment at Fellowship Sunday morning.  Mr. Clyde Capps of Rockcastle County spent Sunday night with his sister, Mrs. T.D. Buchanan.  Mr. Herbert Whitis called on Miss SallieLedford Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. Martha Farmer is very low at this writing.  Mr. Elijah Helton, Archie McKinney, Sydney Lewis and Lee Whitis attended church at Pine Hill Sunday night.  Miss Laura Daniel visited Miss Sallie Ledford Sunday evening.

Science Hill.  Last week was real spring weather here.  Uncle Lee Ashley was visiting relatives on Clifty last week.  Wilmot Dungan, a booster of the Cincinnati Post, is visiting home folks.  Mesdames John Hall and J.E. Bryant have their spring millinery on display.  Messrs Jeff Dungan and Geo. Stevens of Toledo, O., are visiting relatives here.  Harry Griffin and wife of Lexington are visiting his father Mr. H.H. Griffin.  Mrs. M.F. Fletcher is nursing Mrs. B.M. Wesley and baby.  Miss Virginia Hines and brothers,
Columbus and Paul are spending a few days with Mrs. G. Jones of Somerset.  Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Hail, Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Hines were invited guests at C.A. Mercer's Friday for six o'clock dinner.  Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Sweeney, Mrs. Alex Beatty and children motored to Somerset Monday to visit the city cemetery.  Master Merrill Dungan of Ludlow is visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Bryant of this place, and relatives in Norwood.  Messrs Elmer and Will Simple have returned to their home in Indiana after visiting relatives here.  Miss Viola Higgins of Pulaski spent last Saturday with Mrs. Alex Butte.  The heaviest snow we have had for years fell last Saturday night.  Sister Bruner filled her appointment Sunday and Sunday night at the Nazarene Church.  On account of the deep snow there wasn't any Sunday school at the Methodist and Baptist Churches.

Pleasant Hill.  Mr. and Mrs. Leotus Dotson of Science Hill spent the weekend with their parents here. Little Darlean Baker of Ringgold spent Wednesday here with her uncle D.F. Ashley.  Aunt Emaline Godby of Bethlehem spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.T. Seales.  Several from here have been attending the revival that is going on at Camp Ground.  Mrs. Mary Hail of Science Hill visited her sister last week, who continues quite ill.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hines and children of Somerset spent last week with her mother, Mrs. L.E. Hall.  Mrs. M.F. Ashley visited Mrs. A.J. Lay last Friday.  Harvey Godby purchased a wagon and team of mules from Robert Burton last week, as "Uncle Bob" has gone into the store business and is doing so well that he hasn't any use for things once used on the farm.  Mit Girdler made a hurried trip to Cincinnati last Tuesday and was joined in happy wedlock to Miss Oma Cope.  The happy couple returned home Thursday, accompanied by his sister, Miss Lucy Girdler of Ludlow.  Wm. Ashley is erecting a dwelling house on his farm here.  Miss Zula Turpen visited Mrs. Telitha Adams Friday afternoon.  Sam Rayborn has purchased a lot near Somerset and is building a house on it.  Mack Hines, our efficient carpenter, is assisting with the work.  Mrs. George Childers visited Mrs. Harvey Godby Saturday.  Wm. Owens and family moved back to the farm last week.  Mrs. Mattie Roysdon is very sick at this writing.  Miss Laura Godby was a guest of Pearl and Mary Doss Saturday.  Several from here were in Somerset Saturday on business.


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