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February 18, 1921.

Science Hill.  Mrs. Warren Baugh of Mt. Zion spent last Monday with her daughter Mrs. Sherman Godby.  Miss Della Godby went to Somerset last Monday.  Mrs. Nora Baugh was a recent visitor here.  Rev. Helen Bruner has returned from Nashville, Tenn., where she was called on account of the serious illness of her mother.   Mrs. J.C. Adams attended the funeral of her nephew, W.O. Pitman of Somerset last week.  Brother Fagaly of Waynesburg, preached at the Methodist Church Saturday night and Sunday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bastain, Miss Mary Fletcher Happe, of Danville, were visiting relatives in
Science Hill last week.  Born, to the home of Mrs. C.C. Swearingen, a big boy.  Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fletcher made a business trip to Somerset Sunday night.  Mr. James Bryant is in Ludlow this week.  Rev. Wesley and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a 11 pound boy, born Feb. 10.  Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hall and children of Cincinnati, are visiting here.  Wendell Mercer left for school in Richmond last week.  J.C. Adams put in a line of groceries ready to accommodate the people.  Sister Eva Carpenter left for Kansas City last Friday to attend the General Missionary Board.  Brother Denton preached a fine sermon at the Nazarene Church Sunday.  The revival closed Sunday night.  Chester Burge is having a new house built on the lot he bought of Uncle Lee Ashley.  Brother Logan Denton will preach at the Methodist Church Thursday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fletcher entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hall, Miss Selesta Hall of Norwood, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Denton and children, Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson of Somerset, Aunt Jane Howell, Sister Bruner, Miss Elizabeth Moore and Ruth Walker.  Mrs. John Hall and Mrs. Jas. Bryant have in some new spring millinery and will have it on display in a few days.  Jas. Bryant and Bob Cabbell were in Burnside on business last Thursday, being stockholders in the Burnside Oil Co.  Mrs. P.B. Hood is with her sick daughter-in-law in Somerset this week.  After an illness of nearly four years, Aunt Polly Hargis passed to the great Beyond February 7, 1921, at the age of 90 years and 5 months.  She was a member of the Methodist Church and ready to meet Jesus.  She leaves three daughters, two sons and a host of relatives to mourn for her.  Funeral by Brother B.M. Wesley.  Interment in Science Hill cemetery.  We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Clear Fork.  Mrs. A.J. Boggs spent Monday with her daughter, Mrs. R. Maggard, near Eubank.  Rev. Mullens filled his appointment at the Baptist Church Sunday.  Mrs. R.M. Eubank spent Sunday evening with her mother, Mrs. Green McMullen.  Mr. and Mrs. M.N. Ingram were visitors of Jasper Prince's Sunday evening.  Miss Norah and Dorothy Vanover are at their home now, where they will remain for some time.  Mr. Widen Mitchell and family visited her mother, Mrs. Thompson, Saturday night and Sunday.  Mrs. Estella Diamond is suffering severely from a backset of the mumps.  Green McMullen had a sale at his store Tuesday.  A large crowd was present and many goods sold.  On the 7th, there arrived at the home of Oscar Prince a fine girl.  Miss Lona McCoy and Miss Dorothy Vanover visited at Allen Kissee Sunday.  Mr. M.N. Ingram was in Somerset on business last Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mr. Allen Horton has traded his farm for Mr. Phillips flour mill and milling property at Waynesburg, where he will move soon.  We are all wishing him much prosperity and success with his new milling experience.  Mrs. Allen Kissee returned to her home Tuesday after a few months visit with her son and daughter and other
relatives in Pike County.  Mrs. J. Prince visited Mrs. M.N. Ingram Tuesday.

Liberty.  Rev. H.S. Measel filled his appointment Sunday and Sunday night.  Mrs. Cardie Reynolds has returned home and is much improved. We hope she will remain so.  Mr. G.L. Acton and wife were the guests of his father, V.L. Acton Saturday night and Sunday.  Mr. Wallace Estes called on Miss Della Adams Sunday afternoon.  Miss Tilda Acton visited her brother, General Acton, Sunday night.  Mrs. Lola Gooch has received her hats.  Mrs. Nizzie Wheeldon
and daughter, Vernelle visited the home of M.M. Thompson Sunday.  Mr. Bryant Reynolds called on Miss Tilda Acton Sunday night.  Mrs. Edgar Wheeldon and wife visited his brother at Etna Saturday night.  Mr. Melvin Gooch visited his father's at Eubank one day last week.

Mark.  Rev. Kellar preached at Pine Hill Sunday.  Rev. Ridner began a series of meetings at Pine Hill Sunday night.  Steve and Harvey Early attended church at Rock Lick Sunday.  Mat Hooper is very ill at this writing.  Master Bates who has been quite sick, is better.  Willis Whitson attended the singing at Short Creek Sunday.  Several from this vicinity attended the sale at Dillard Couch's Feb. 11.  R.N. Early sold his farm to his son, W.I. Early, price $2,300.  Mr. Early expects to locate in Whitley County.  Mrs. Polly Barclay is spending a few weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Eli Buchanan at Ashland, Ky.  Master Vola Stewart is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Meece this week.  Mrs. Jas. Whitson and daughter Miss Lucy, were guests of Mrs. W.A. Hargis, Friday.  Misses Lottie and Nannie Evans are visiting their aunt, Miss Lula Phelps.  Ned McKinney spent Wednesday night with his uncle J.F. McKinney of Dabney.  Edd Lovins and wife of Bent, are visiting relatives here.  Chas. Colyer spent Thursday night at Howard Bodkin's.  Miss Edith Harper who has been a student at Berea the past two years, was called home by the serious illness so of her father.  Mr. and Mrs. John Griday and children of Ft. Collins, Colo., are visiting relatives in this community.  Mr. and Mrs. Ona Hargis entertained quite a number of young folks Friday night in honor of Miss Carmen Herrin's 18th anniversary.  Mr. and Mrs. Lester Criss were guests of their grandmother, Mrs. Whitson, Sunday afternoon.

Pleasant Hill.  Mrs. W.W. Girdler of Hustonville spent last week with relatives here.  Mrs. Marion Stone has been quite sick the past week.  Ina Childers of this place and Dotson of Bethlehem were married last Sunday at Science Hill.  Mrs. Linnie Girdler of McKinney visited the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cain last week, on account of her little sister
being quite ill.  Mrs. L.E. Hall who has been very sick for a few days, is reported better.  Clarence Stone, wife and baby, spent Saturday night with their uncle Marion Stone and family.  Raymond Girdler of Ludlow spent last week with his grandmother who is very low and also with other relatives and friends here.  There are several cases of the whooping cough in our neighborhood.  Wm. Owens sold his farm that Dave Johnson moved from recently for a profit of $500.  Mrs. M.P. Girdler has been suffering for several days with rheumatism.  Luther Childers arrived home Wednesday from Ohio, where he has been employed for several weeks.  Henry Neeley and wife who returned from Detroit a few weeks ago, are making their home with his mother, Mrs. G.W. Neeley.  Mr. and Mrs. Parker Tanner were Sunday guests of his father, H.L. Tanner.  Mrs. Nannie Neeley returned home last Thursday after spending a week with her husband at Knoxville, where he is working.  Mrs. M.T. Ashley spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. P.B. Wesley.

Possum Trot.  Mr. Mark Hines is doing carpenter work for Andy Stringer.  Mr. Calhoun's daughter of Illinois, is visiting home folks this week.  Mrs. Catherine Ashley spent Sunday with her daughter Mrs. P.B. Wesley.  Miss Sada Barnes took the examination and made an average of 85 per cent.  Chas. Moore spent Saturday night with the Humble boys.  Mr. and Mrs. Everett Henderson and Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Mercer visited at Walter Mercer's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rayborn are with his mother here.  Otto Fisher and family visited her parents Saturday and Sunday.  Parker Farmer and wife were guests of his parents Sunday.  Miss Jessie Keith left Saturday for Cincinnati.  Ruby and Ruth Humble have the chicken pox.  Misses Millie, Oval and Zola Humble spent Sunday at J.H. Girdler's.  R.H. Humble bought a horse from Fount Bolin for $175.00.  Dave Johnson and family visited his parents at Ferguson Sunday.  Misses Ruth and Stella Girdler and Janie Williams visited Miss Colutha Barton Thursday.  Alvin Humble filled his appointment at Bethlehem Sunday and Grace Hall was out to hear him talk.  Sam Fitzpatrick and family are visiting her mother at Somerset.  Milt Hall and wife visited at William Girdler's Sunday.

McKinney.  Brother Crow filled his regular appointment at Union Saturday night and Sunday.  The little infant of Hurley Harmon is on the sick list.  Mr. Carl and Raleigh Eller visited at Cloyd Harmon's Sunday night.  Miss Oma Fugate entertained quite a number of young folks Sunday night with a singing.  Mr. John Vaught, Lester Harrington and Miss Ella Vaught spent Sunday night at W.M. Fugate's.  Mrs. Chaney is no better at this writing.  Mrs. Amanda Trivett of Eubank visited her sister, Mrs. Hurley Harmon Saturday night and Sunday.  Little James Stallard entertained a number of his little friends Friday afternoon with a birthday party.  Mr. John Vaught and Lester Harrington spent Monday night with their grandfather W.M. Langdon.  Mr. Ira Trivett of Eubank attended church at Union Saturday night.  Mr. Leighton Crawford and family visited at W.H. Vaught's Sunday.  Miss Florence Vaught entertained her friends Friday with a birthday party.  Miss Flonnie Smiley visited Miss Edith Lewis Monday.  Mr. Berlin Thurman and wife and Florence Vaught spent last Thursday at W.M. Langdon's.  Mr. C.A. Bishop spent Saturday night with his daughter Mrs. Clyde McGriff.

Clarence.  Mr. and Mrs. John Ray and family visited at J.B. Abbott's Sunday.  Mr. Burrell Walker and family visited at Nathan Shelby's last week.  Mr. Geo.
W. Osborne was the guest of his mother, Mrs. Cynthia Osborne Friday evening.  Miss Esta Abbott closed her school at Thompson Friday.  Messrs Mitchell, Clero, Clarence Osborne and Elmer Todd are visiting at Stearns this week.  The little daughter of Mr. John Thomas died Sunday, Feb. 13. Remains were laid in Poplar Grove cemetery.  We extend our sympathy to the bereaved ones.  Mr. Eugene Abbott was the guest of Mr. J.B. Abbott Tuesday.  Mr. and Mrs.
F.M. Brooks visited at Mr. Berry Bentley's Sunday.  Mrs. Sarah Vanover and son, Earl, were the guests of John Osborne's one night last week.  Mr. Ralph Sanders still makes his regular calls at Henry Long's.  Miss Ethel Vanover visited the Ping girls Saturday.  Elbert Osborne was the guest of Mrs. Rebecca Sandidge Thursday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ping visited at her mother's, Mrs. Mary Ping, Friday, who is very ill.  Several from here attended church at Liberty Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. John McWilliams were guests of Fred McWilliams Sunday.

Bent.  Rev. J.W. Steele attended church at Pleasant Ridge Sunday.  Mrs. Lizzie Ham and children, of Alcalda, are visiting relatives at this place.  The Misses Kisarah Phelps and Lexie Steele visited Mrs. Reuben Childers Saturday night and attended church at Piney Grove Sunday.  Miss Attilia Randall spent the latter part of last week with her sister, Mrs. Oscar Hargis of Dykes, Ky.  Mr. Galen Alexander attended the singing at Pleasant Run Sunday, conducted by Eli Wells.  Mr. Ben Sears was the guest of Miss Lexie Steele Thursday afternoon.  Mr. Joe Hargis is still making his regular calls at Riley Hargis'.  Mr. Beckham Bray and sister Minnie visited at M.C. Phelps Saturday night.  Rev. J.W. Steele and H.M. Stogsdill were in Somerset Monday on business.  Mr. and Mrs. Oather Randall visited at Virgil Snell's Sunday night.  Mr. Geo. Dykes was the guest of Miss Lexie Steele Sunday evening.  Mr. Claude Randall was the guest of Miss Lela Hargis Sunday evening.  Rev. J.W. Steele has sold his farm and store to H.M. Stogsdill.

Nancy.  Due to the open winter, the roads are getting extremely bad.  Mr. Talmage Clifton and family have gone to Indiana to live.  Mrs. Sarah Pleasant called on Mrs. Ethel Tarter Monday afternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. Grover Whitmore and little son, Willard, attended church at Okalona Sunday.  Mr. Bud Woods of Norfleet has moved to James Todd's place.  Mr. Perry Adams has moved from P.J. Dalton's place to Chester Buchanan's place.  Mrs. Delia Burton, who has been on the sick list, is improving.  Mr. C. Hainey and Mr. A.N. Wilson went to Mr. Hainey's farm recently to call on his tenant, found him still busy dodging the weather.  Misses Lola and Mollie Tarter visited Mrs. Olive Haney Sunday night.  Mr. J.T. Wilson has purchased Mr. Hainey's interest in the Wilson & Hainey Garage and will run it at the same old place.  Mr. Goble Todd and Mr. Arnold Turpin made their regular trip to Mr. George Combest's Sunday afternoon.  Mr. C. Tarter, Miss Della Norfleet and Miss Ola Tarter were joy riding Sunday.  Mr. Herman Wilson and Mr. Carthel Masee went hunting recently and evidently were successful, especially Mr. Massee.  Mr. Bruno Merkley makes his regular trips to town.  There must be something wrong.  There was no one with him.  Sunday School is progressing nicely here.  Mr. Harry Molen made his regular trip to J.M. Wilson's of Somerset, Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Schoolcraft visited their daughter, Mrs. J.W. Wilson of Somerset, Monday.

Norwood.  T.C. Ballou is ill at this writing.  Willie Burge went to Lexington Monday and had a piece of steel taken out of his eye.  Sister Bruner, Aunt Jane Howell and Mrs. Eliza Baugh of Science Hill visited Estel Phelps Monday.  A.J. May went to Waynesburg Monday on business.  Miss Arvelia Kidd of Lexington is visiting the Misses Reid.  Wm. Kidd of Pine Knot purchased a pair of mules from W.J. Sears.  Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Land and Mrs. W.P. Phelps and children of Somerset visited F.P. Phelps Tuesday.  Edd Hood and family visited Mr. Hood's mother at Somerset.  Mrs. Maud Rigney and son, Conrad, of Somerset, are the weekend guests of Mrs. A. Strand.

Floyd.  All of the sick folks of this place are getting along nicely.  Mrs. R.M. Trivett and two daughters accompanied Mrs. Mattie Harmon home last Friday and stayed until Sunday.  Virgil York and family of Pnobscot, called to see Mrs. W.R. York at this place last Tuesday.  Mrs. Maud Trivett went to Somerset Friday and stayed until Sunday.  Misses Dorris and Lillian Gragg have recovered from a severe attack of mumps.  Uncle Sam Harrington and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Surber.  Jas. M. Eubank and son of Indiana were visiting friends and relatives here one day last week.  M.N. Griffin and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Griffin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Surber.  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Black were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Vaught Sunday.  M.C. Higgins was in Somerset one day last week on business.  Mrs. Chas. Nelson and children were visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Griffin last Thursday.  Mr. and Mrs. Fonzie E. Surber were visitors of M.N. Griffin and family last Wednesday night.  Several from this place have been attending the singing at Pulaski.  Turrell Spears and family were visiting relatives at Eubank Sunday.  Ira Trivett was visiting his uncle, John Harmon, near Dabney, from Friday until Sunday afternoon.  Chas. Vaught and wife moved to this father's Isaac Vaught's last week.  Misses Mayme and Aymie Todd were visiting their aunt Nannie Griffin at this place last Thursday.  Mrs. Kate Singleton called on Mrs. W.R. Estes one afternoon last week.

Bobtown.  Mr. Rad Eaton is very low at this writing.  Mr. W.F. Meece and Dewey Meece were in Somerset Saturday on business.  Mr. Jack Smith traded a horse to Luther Alexander for a pair of mules.  J.V. Price and family visited W.F. Meece Sunday.  Miss Maud Bishop visited W.F. Meece's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Eldridge visited Rad Eaton's Sunday.  Willie Barron and family and Jack Smith and family visited Mr. Mack Crockett's Sunday.  Several attended prayer meeting at Rad Eaton's Sunday night.  Miss Leona Eldridge and Flonule Eldridge spent Monday evening at Mrs. Sallie Poynter's.  Ora Barron visited E.H. Eldridge Sunday.  Mr. Jim Doolin and wife were in Somerset Monday.  Jim Barron returned home from Indiana Sunday night.

New Bethel.  Farmers are plowing for corn.  Rev. J.S. Abbott is improving some.  Rev. S.C. Jones is at the bedside of his daughter, Mrs. Harriett Taylor, at Bowling Green, who has been operated on.  John A. Jones and Frank Taylor have returned from Bowling Green.  Among the visitors at J.S. Abbott's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. J. Vaughn, Fount Bolin, Lonnie Hudson, Mrs. Mollie Butler and daughters, and Ona Dunagan.  Robert Humble, of Pleasant Hill, visited his daughter Sunday.  Mrs. Laura Thurman visited Callie Bolin Sunday and Monday.  Mr. and Mrs. Otis Bolin were Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Squire Jones.  Mr. Mayme Prather is very ill at this writing.  Fount Bolin sold both of his saddle horses last week.  They brought him $300.  John Simpson made his regular trip to Somerset Saturday.  Mrs. Malinda Ashbrook is some better at this writing.  John A. Jones the hustling merchant of this neighborhood has a new business rule - cash in hand or quit business.  A pretty good idea.

Trimble.  On account of so much rain, farmers are getting along very slowly with their farm work.  Mrs. Bell Brown is some better at this writing.  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wright were the guests of her parents Sunday night.  Mrs. Maude Stevenson and children were guests of Mrs. J.M. Epperson one day last week.  We are glad to know that Mrs. Myrtle Bland is improving nicely.  Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Brock and family were the guests of her sister, Mrs. Walter Light, last Sunday.  Mr. E.L. Burton will have a sale Saturday February 19.  He and his wife and sons will then leave for Illinois.  Misses Ella and Lena Vanhoosier were guests of Mrs. Coral Bland Tuesday afternoon.  Several people from Trimble went to the corn husking last Wednesday at Mr. Lit Kenney's in Wayne County.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Muse were the guests of their son, Robert Muse and wife last week.  Coral Bland will leave next Friday for Ohio.  Mr. and Mrs. John Baker visited Mr. and Mrs. Jim Besher's Sunday.  Harlen Barnes and wife are here from Ohio visiting relatives.  Viola Burton sold one of his mules last week.  Ed Shepherd and Viola Barker visited Mr. and Mrs. Sam Todd of Somerset last week.  Lon Munsey and Garnest Munsey visited her mother at Naomi last Tuesday night.  Mrs. Geo. Brown who has had pneumonia is improving nicely.  Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hines visited her father and mother last week.  N.L. Barker and wife were the pleasant callers of Mrs. Sam Hislope Sunday.  We are having fine weather at this writing, but the road is almost past fording.  Ola Muse is expected home form the hospital Wednesday.  Fronnie Barker visited Alma Munsey Sunday.

Catherine.  We are having some rainy weather around here at this time.  Alvin Wilson visited Clate Gosser Sunday.  Mr. Chas. Hammonds is rejoicing over a new girl baby at this house.  Mr. Everett Pitman moved to Albert Pitman's a few days ago.  There is a big revival going on at Salem.  R.C. Luttrell's school closed last Friday at the Liberty school.  Mr. Fount Wilson and son, Alvia Wilson, have completed the hill road between their place and John Burtons.  Mr. John Burton is making a new sled.  Enit Hammond and wife visited Tom Combest Saturday night.  Mr. Maccafee Bradshaw visited his father, Teddy Bradshaw, this week.

Elrod.  We are having some very pretty weather at present.  Several from this vicinity attended the sale at D. Couch's Friday, Feb. 11.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vanhook visited at Wm. Poynter's last Sunday.  Among the visitors at W.H. Bumgardner's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Logan Debord and children and Mrs. Hallie Hart and children and Mrs. J.L. Bumgardner and children.  Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Carter and little son, Joe, visited at Henry Poynter's Sunday.  Miss Flossie Randolph and brother, Tom, attended church at Hazeldell Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sowder spent Sunday at Bob Catron's.  Miss Grace Randolph was the Saturday night guest of Miss Flossie Randolph.  Mr. William Poynter and wife visited their daughter Mrs. Mag Denham near Mark, Sunday.  Mr. Joe Vanhook and family visited at Fred Vanhook's Sunday.  Bill Barren was in Elrod Saturday.  Fred Vanhook and family visited at Joe Vanhook's Sunday night. 

Soules Chapel. Rev. W.A. Wells and family spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Smith last week.  Mr. Noah Bullock has moved to the old McDowell farm.  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Richardson, spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Cundiff.  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith went to Crab Orchard Wednesday to spend a few days with Mrs. Smith's parents.  Mr. Lindsay Cundiff and Ed Mills have been working on a basin in town this week.  Miss Katherine King spent Saturday night with Vada Boltin.  Mr. Clyde Gilmore is very sick with pneumonia.  Mr. Jack Gover is helping Mr. Osborne in his tobacco.  Miss Helen Cundiff spent Sunday evening with Joie Kidd.  Mr. Bob Perkins is digging a well.  Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Mills spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. James Hunt.


Slate Branch.  Rev. J.S. Abbott was unable to fill his regular appointment here Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Vaughn visited F.S. Ashbrook's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. John Dick of Pulaski were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Jasper Friday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Fox Beasley and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Wash Brewster Sunday.  Mr. John A. James was called to Bowling Green last week to see his sister, Mrs. Sherman Taylor, who is very ill.  R.O. Jones and family of New Albany, Ind., spent the weekend with his parents, Rev. S.C. Jones.  Mrs. Wash Brewster who has been ill for some time is thought to be some better at this writing.

Shafter.  Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Vaughn and little son visited Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Ashbrook's last Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Everett Cundiff were the guests of Mrs.
Mollie Cundiff Sunday.  Lasco Girdler and wife called on Mr. and Mrs. Ono Girdler Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. Sallie Slaughter and granddaughter, Miss Addie Slaughter, visited Mrs. Wash Brewster Sunday, who is very sick.  Myrtle Gossett still makes regular trips to town twice a week on business.  While Fred Prather and wife visited relatives at Pleasant Hill his mother, Mattie Prather, and half brothers, Willie and Clarence Beasley, tended to their stock.  Logan New and family have moved into the house with Lola Cundiff to take care of her for a while.  Sam Griffith has sold five rat dogs for ten dollars each. It seems like there is a better sale for dogs than for hogs.  Granville Lorton and Barrett Marcum were at W.H. Gossett's Sunday on business.  John A. Jones has returned from Bowling Green, where he was called to see his sister, who was very ill, but was very much improved when he came away.  George Galian Jasper and Ernestine Taylor were canvassing the neighborhood last week selling garden seeds.  Mr. and Mrs. John Dick has been the guests of Mr. J.S. Abbott and Claude Jasper for the past week.  Everett
Cundiff and family have moved on John Ashbrook's farm.

Cave Hill.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith spent Sunday with her father.  Miss Lola Wilson visited Miss Hattie Wilson Saturday and Sunday and attended the singing at Wilson Chapel.  Geo. Smith and Chester Wilson was in Somerset Saturday.  Among the visitors at Alonzo Estes Sunday were Mrs. Sallie Smith, Laura Burton and baby, and Ezra Smith and family.  Carl Quinton and wife of Pulaski spent part of last week at the home of her father, G.S. Smith.  Mr. Harlen Ashley had his sale Thursday.  He will go to Eubank to make his home.  Mrs. Pearl Smith visited Mrs. Maude Smith one day last week.  Miss Martha Wilson spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Delphia Sipples.  Mrs. Lizzie Higgins and daughter and Bannie and Edd Poynter spent Sunday afternoon at Elmer Burton's.  Mr. and Mrs. Theo Adams had several visitors Sunday afternoon.

Mangum.  We are having some real nice weather here at the present.  Farmers have begun plowing for corn.  Mrs. Emaline Dick and Liza Waters visited at Clay Wesley's Tuesday.  Plymp Dick and family were guests of Louis Waters Sunday.  Green Hall and family were guests of Calvin White Sunday.  Mrs. Sarah J. Dick was the guest of Finley Wesley and family last week.  We were sorry to hear of the death of Seth Mofield.  He leaves a wife and child and a host of relatives and friends.  Will Hall visited his brother-in-law, Clay Wesley, Sunday.  The Misses Ida and Mary Sneed were the guests of Louis Waters Friday night.  Georgia Whiles spent the day at Finley Wesley's Tuesday.  Ethel Spaw visited her mother, Mrs. Ellen Wesley, Saturday night.  Miss Lola Whiles visited her uncle, Silas Whiles Monday.

Waterloo.  We are having some very rainy weather in this vicinity.  Bertha Rainwater visited Leslie Emerson Tuesday evening.  Mr. John Dause visited his daughter Mrs. E. Schoolcraft Monday night.  Mrs. and Mrs. Zelotus Dick visited Mrs. Dick's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Monday.  Messrs Clarence Rainwater and Alonzo Dick were in Ingle swapping horses Tuesday.  Mr. W.W. Molden is no better at this writing.  Elmer Schoolcraft visited at Somerset Monday night.  John Dause spent Monday evening with W.W. Molden.  Perk Schoolcraft visited at Elmer Schoolcraft's Wednesday evening.  Clarence Rainwater visited at Dave Allen's Thursday night.  Mrs. Dica Schoolcraft visited Leslie Emerson Thursday afternoon.  Mr. Oscar Collins of near Cains
Store, visited at Everett Allen's recently.  Beecher Foster of Ingle visited his aunt, Loretta Doss, Wednesday night.  Mrs. A.W. Rainwater was in Somerset Friday on business.  Mr. Ethlie Ragle visited his sister Mrs. Leslie Emerson Thursday morning.  Mr. Beecher Foster visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Rainwater Thursday.  Dave Allen, Oscar Rainwater, Jerry Calhoun, James Henderson, Malcum and Rando Cooper shipped their tobacco to Lexington Friday to be placed on the market.  Mr. John Meadows and J.A. Henderson swapped horses. Meadows paying $20 difference.  Leslie Emerson visited Mary Rainwater Saturday afternoon.  Monroe Rainwater spent Saturday with his sister.  George Morris and H. Henderson were in this vicinity Saturday.  Brother Harmon failed to fill his appointment at Hopeful Saturday and Sunday.  Alger Cooper visited his cousin, Alonzo Dick, Sunday.  Misses Maude and Huefert Henderson visited their brother Sunday.  Miss Audrey Rainwater left Sunday to visit her sister Mrs. Arling Jasper, of Beech Grove.  Arling Jasper and Lewis Godby visited at A.W. Rainwater's Sunday.

Hogue.  We are sorry to report that Miss Myrtle Wesley who has been sick for some time, is no better at this writing.  Messrs Lee Hall, Preston Warren, Doyle Dick, Edward Wesley, Chester Dick and Herbert Jasper of Mangum, attended church here Sunday.  Mrs. Ester Hendricks and children spent the
weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Randolph, at Ansel.  Little Miss Vera West spent from Friday until Sunday at Mr. A.J. Adams.  Few from here attended Harlan Ashley's sale at Buncombe last Thursday.  Miss Ada Burton visited her cousin, Miss Marie Hendricks Saturday night and Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dick have moved on Dock Dick's farm.  Mrs. Frances Adams, Misses Lou, Lola and Gola Dick and Ansel and John Adams were Sunday guests at A.J. Adams.  Mr. Velber Jasper spent Thursday night with his cousin, Willie Jasper, of Mintonville.  Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dick returned home Sunday after a week's stay at Burnside.  James Randolph is some better at this writing.  Andrew Adams jr., bought of Charles Clark, of Pulaski, a team of horses, harness and wagon for about $425.  Mr. and Mrs. Derbon Dick visited at his uncle's A.J. Blevins last Friday night.  Mrs. James Hendricks is no better at the present writing.  Several of the young boys from here attended singing at Wilson last Saturday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Jordon Roy of Hickory Nut spent the weekend with relatives here.  Rev. Baugh filled his regular appointment here at Center post Sunday morning.

Oak Hill.  Mrs. Elmer Thurman and sons and Lillian Tucker were the Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.G. Waddle.  Mr. and Mrs. Willie Thompson and children visited her mother Mrs. M.L. Casada Saturday night and Sunday.  Oscar Casada is suffering from a seriously sprained ankle.  Mr. and Mrs. McKee visited their daughter Mrs. Noel Watson of Casey County last week.  Mr. John Neeley is no better at present.  Mr. W.A. Frisbie visited at Squire Jones of Shafter Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. B.C. Gholson spent Friday night with Mrs. Lula Frisbie.  Singing closed here Sunday night with Prof. Virgil Ware as teacher. He was very successful.  Miss Marie Edwards has suffered an attack of tonsillitis.  Miss Grace Frisbie called on Miss Mabel Claunch Wednesday afternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith and children were guests of her brother, Bob Harmon, Sunday.  Sunday school is progressing nicely.  Mrs. Lula Frisbie and Mrs. B.C. Gholson took dinner with Mrs. O.L. Wilson Sunday.  Mr. George Neeley of Illinois, visited his father, Mr. John Neeley last week.  Lillard Taylor and wife and Everett Bryant and wife visited Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Combest Sunday.  Oliver and Raymond Massingale visited friends here Sunday.  Mr. Jasper Burton visited his uncle, Mr., Elias Burton Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. Lula Frisbie called on Mrs. Sam O. Cowan one evening last week.  Mrs. Cowan of Frazier visited her son, S.O. Cowan last week.  Mrs. Ed Neeley and children and Rendye Nicholas visited at John Neeley's Sunday.  Mr. Virgil Ware who was kicked by a mule last week, is much better.

Pisgah.  Mrs. Lum Harvey and children spent Tuesday with Mrs. Bill White.  D.S. Rhoten is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Casada of Pulaski.  Mrs. Mary
Thompson and daughter Georgia of Somerset are visiting her sister Mrs. R.B. Rhoten.  Miss Evelyn Tibbals of Somerset was the weekend guest of Miss Evelyn Vaughn.  Mrs. Carl Heineche called on Mrs. Bud Boone one day last week.  Harry Bobbitt spent the weekend with Raymond Stigall.  Mr. Heineche has a very sick cow.  Mr. and Mrs. Bud Boone and little daughter Murrell, called on Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch Sunday evening.  Mr. and Mrs. Sam O. Cowan and children visited relatives at Waitsboro Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Boone and children of Somerset were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Boone.  Mrs. D.S. Claunch called on Mrs. John Tucker Monday.

Tick Ridge.  The farmers in this part are preparing for corn and oats.  Mrs. Schoolcraft was the guest of Mrs. Martha Molder Sunday.  Mrs. M.J. Sawyers visited Mrs. Lela Weddle one day last week.  Mr. Thomas Hansford visited Mr. M.V. Vaughn Sunday afternoon.  Miss Colutha Sayers visited Mrs. Lenne Wilson one day last week.  Mr. A. Hunley and family visited Mr. John Wilson Friday night.  Mr. W.J. Combest and wife visited Mr. J.W. Combest Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Hobert Wilson visited his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dobkins Saturday night and Sunday.  Mr. Ross Wilson and family visited Mr. Michael Vaughn Sunday afternoon.

Hoyts Fork.  The much needed sunshine visited us Sunday.  If any part of Pulaski County needs sunshine, it is this part.  We would so much appreciate an inspection by Judge Tartar and help to build a pike.  We sure have become pike hungry.  Quite a number from our side have been attending the services at Science Hill.  Mr. John Vaught's have a private sanitarium.  Mrs. Vaught and Miss Gladys both remain very sick.  Mr. Council is slowly improving at this writing.  The funeral of Aunt Polly Hargis was well attended last Tuesday.  T.L. Bruce and Ben Council made a business trip to Somerset last week.  Bayless Hall was visiting Wesley Bruce Sunday.

Mintonville.  People in this community are getting used to the mud.  There was a spelling on Carter Ridge at the Dye school last Saturday night with a large attendance.  Mrs. Alpha Jasper and little son O.V., have returned from Monticello where they were visiting her aunt, Mrs. Dr. Carter.  Miss Ella Jasper visited her brother Mr. Arthur Jasper, Saturday night.  Miss Kate Dye attended the spelling last Saturday night.  Miss Sadie Jasper visited Miss Kate Dye last Sunday.  Mr. O.B. Roy and Lee Holder were guests of Arthur Jasper Sunday evening.  Mrs. Martha Jasper and daughter Etta, visited his sister, Mrs. M.F. Chilton, Sunday.  Mr. Ernest Jasper made his regular call at M.T. Jasper's Sunday.  Mr. Reford Tarter made his call as usual at Geo. Carter's Sunday.  Homer Chilton has returned to Camp Meade, Md., after spending a thirty day furlough with his father and mother in Mintonville.  Mr. Albert Pitman of Cain's Store, Ky., visited his brother G. Pitman last Saturday night and Sunday.  Hugar Vaught made his regular call on Robie Walker Sunday.  Mr. R.C. Tarter of Cains Store visited his daughter Mrs. Alpha Jasper of Mintonville, Sunday evening.

Mt. Zion.  Misses Laura and Clyda Light visited Miss Nannie Vaughn Saturday afternoon.  Miss Fannie Vaught has been visiting relatives at this place.  Miss Goldie Richeson, Ozina Hargis, visited Myrtle Vaught Sunday.  Miss Viola Womsler and Naomi Vaughn visited Laura Light Sunday.  Miss Minnie Lester, Fannie Vaught, Lovell Vaughn visited Cloma Spears Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Robert Vaught and wife were Sunday night guests of Alfred Dunsmore's.  Mr. Ollie Vaught and wife visited her father Sunday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Henderson are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine boy.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Correll are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine girl.  Mr. and Mrs. Edd Dick visited her father Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dunsmore, Milford Eubank and wife visited James Dunsmore's Sunday.  Lincoln Cox visited Estel Godby Saturday night.  Mr. Raymond Lester visited Lonzo Dick Sunday.  Miss Sallie Flynn visited Moxie Adams Sunday.  Miss Cloma Spears was the Sunday night guest of Myrtle Vaught.  Miss May Baugh who has been sick for some time, is improving.

Pulaski.  E.V. Loveless and mother, Mrs. F.D. Loveless are visiting Mrs. Lee Loveless.  Mrs. E. Stanley of Danville, Ky., is visiting friends here.  Owen Correll of Cincinnati is with home folks and is contemplating building a garage here.  Mrs. Nell Inman and Mrs. Bill Peoples, of Bradford, Ohio, are visiting Mr. Clark.  Mr. and Mrs. A. Hubbard of Virginia, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lemont Bryant.  Jim Bradley bought a car from Arthur Adams.  Miss Rosalie Dodson who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. H. Morefield, has returned home.  McKinley Hardwick spent the weekend with
friends here.  There will be a singing at the church house Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Everybody invited.  Mr. Rhoten is visiting his daughter, Mrs. D. Casada.  Miss Betty Hamm spent the weekend with home folks.  Miss Viola Bryant took supper with Miss Ethel Correll Sunday night.  Miss Lucille Clark spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Roberta Collins.

Todd.  Mr. Jeff Acton visited friends at Allen Kissee's Sunday.  John McWilliams visited near Good Hope Saturday.  John Wilson visited his aunt, Evaline Acton, Saturday evening. Several of the people in this neighborhood attended church at Liberty last Sunday.  Rev. H.S. Measel held the services at Liberty Sunday.  Rev. H.S. Acton who has been sick is able to set up now.  Lewis J. Brown visited friends near Good Hope Friday.  Lucy Osborne and Stella Acton were at Good Hope to Sunday school last Sunday.  Thomas Todd and wife visited near Liberty Sunday.  Tom Nelson has been gathering corn.  Esta
Abbott's winter school was out last Friday.   Jennings Bryan Acton was at James Abbott's blacksmith shop Saturday evening getting a lot of shop work



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