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February 11, 1921.

Nevelsville.  G.W. New and wife spent Sunday evening with C.M. Keith.  Mrs. Mary Owens and children visited C.M. Keith Sunday.  Frona Owens spent Saturday night with her cousin, Myrtle Nevels.  Dora New visited Ethel Nevels Sunday. Clara Keith and sister visited their grandparents Sunday.  Myrtle Nevels was the guest of Dora New Sunday night.  Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Jones visited their father Sunday evening.  Miss Bertha Casada is visiting her sister Mrs. Sarah Nevels.  She will start back to Cincinnati shortly.  Miss Louisa Nevels and daughter visited their mother Friday.  Miss Nerva Owens visited her uncle G.W. New Sunday night.  C.M. Keith is on the sick list and no better at present.  We had a nice singing class and nice music Sunday night at G.W. New's.  Rev. W.R. New visited Rev. R.T. Hughes Sunday.  John M. Nevels will return home Friday from Exodus.  Ethel Nevels was home on a visit Saturday night and Sunday.  Etna New of Wayne County visited her parents Wednesday night. 

Cedar Knob.  Born to the home of Nelan Weddle, a girl, February 3.    Miss Flossie Esley of Science Hill visited her grandfather Mr. Tom Wesley at this place last week.  Misses Anna and Colletta Baugh were guests of Mrs. Charles Moore Wednesday.  Mrs. Littie Waddle visited her mother, Mrs. Silas Phelps, Friday.  Chas. Cash and family are moving to their new home.  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Haste visited Mr. Pete Sneed Sunday.  Mrs. Mary Apple and daughter
Gladys visited David Haggard and family Sunday evening.  Miss Isla Wesley is visiting her sister at Science Hill this week.  Mrs. G.M. Gadberry is improving nicely at this writing.  Hester Apple has returned home after visiting her brother at Argyle last week.

Ruth.  Mr. Joe Warren has purchased a gasoline engine for a saw mill.  Mr. Arthur Gragg and Perry Glove purchased a nice team from Bratcher Gragg, known as Roxie and Ben.  Tom Hughes and Joe Warren will begin to build up the pike between Ruth post office and Somerset.  Miss Katherine King entertained
Saturday night with a delicious supper. Among those present were Miss Nora Meece, Mag Eldridge, Harry Yahnig, Leonard Meece, and Mr. Paulin, of the Cumberland Sanitarium.  Mrs. Cora Gragg and Mrs. Flora Meece visited home folks near Plato Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. Green Warren of Indianapolis, Ind., was with home folks Sunday and Monday.  Uncle Berry Smith traded his fine mare to James Bolten for two Jennies.  Miss Stella James, Raymond James and Harry Yahnig called on Miss Mag Eldridge Sunday afternoon.

Ansel.  The singing at Wilson Chapel will begin Saturday night, Feb. 12.  Instructor Geo. Thompson will conduct the singing.  Chas. Girdler spent Sunday with Ansel Smith.  W.R. Easterly, who has been quite ill for several days, is some better at this writing.  Mrs. Ella Vaught visited her father, W.S. Campbell Saturday night.  Mrs. Eubert Wesley and children visited Mrs. Stanley Wilson Thursday.  Mary and Martha Wilson spent Sunday night with Mrs. J.D. Sipples.  G.S. Smith spent Sunday afternoon with Lafe Smith.  Miss Mary Price visited Mrs. J.E. Wilson Sunday and Sunday night.  Earl Wilson spent Saturday night with Don Easterly.  The Misses Martha Wilson and Lillian Smith visited Mrs. A.J. Wilson Friday.

Quinton.  We are having some fine weather here.  Messrs James and Larry Rutherford visited their sister Mrs. Lewis Flynn Thursday.  Miss Hattie Brown, of Ferguson, has been visiting relatives and friends here and her cousin, Miss Bessie Silvers, accompanied her home Wednesday.  Rev. Turner delivered an excellent sermon Sunday morning at Lovell Chapel.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gibson entertained a number of young folks Tuesday evening.  Those entertained were Earl Lovell, Willie Silvers, Harvey Gover, Chris Alexander, Lee Gibson, Larry Rutherford, Rufus Noe and Roy Lovell.  Misses Ottie and Stella Harmon of Kidder, visited their aunt Mrs. Rufus Hardwick, Friday night.  Miss Desda Flynn spent Saturday night and Sunday with her cousin, Mary Silvers.  Miss Thelma Mayfield was the Sunday and Sunday night guest of her cousin, Mrs. Willie Ryan.  Mrs. Sarah Silvers called on Mrs. Zelma Flynn Thursday.  Mrs. Bob Lovell and son, Gylse, spent Thursday with her sister Mrs. Delia Simpson.  Mary Silvers called on her aunt Mrs. Don Wallace Thursday afternoon.  Mrs. Betty Clinton visited Mrs. Sarah Wallace Wednesday.  Misses Mary Garrett, Laura Colyer and Leslie Owens and Mr. Everett Wallace took the common school diploma examination at Burnside Friday and Saturday.  Mr. Grover Flynn spent Sunday afternoon at Mr. Willie Ryan's.  Mrs. James Thompson was the Thursday guest of Mrs. Lue Thompson.  Quite a few boys spent Thursday evening with Mr. Chas. Turpen.

Floyd.  Rev. Hall filled his appointment at Cuba Church Saturday night and Sunday.  Mrs. Mattie Harmon and Mrs. Maud Trivett and little son were visiting Mrs. J.B. Gragg last Monday.  They also spent the day Tuesday with Mrs. Wm. Jenkins.  Bruce Estes and Miss Dewey McMullin surprised their friends last Thursday by going to Somerset and getting married.  We wish them a long and happy journey through life.  They left Friday for Indiana to make their future home.  Mrs. Altha Singleton of Somerset was home last week on a short visit.  M.N. Griffin and family spent the day Tuesday with Mrs. Griffin's brother, Fonzie Surber, and family.  Several from here attended Green McMullins sale of merchandise last Tuesday.  Fred Trivett was in Somerset one day last week.  Master Lewis Estes has been suffering quite a bit with an attack of ear ache.  Also has Master Edward Jenkins been suffering with ear ache.  Uncle Sam Harrington is feeling some better at this writing.  Mrs. W.R. York returned to the home of her son, Henry, at this place Sunday, after a two weeks stay at the sanitarium at Somerset.  We are glad to know she is improving so nicely.  Rev. John Todd and wife, M.N. Griffin and family, were visitors at Jas. E. Todd and family Thursday of last week.  Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Harmon of Science Hill, were visiting their daughter Mrs. Wm. Jenkins here one day last week.  Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Griffin were
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Alford Hays at Waynesburg one day and night last week.  Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Surber spent Sunday with Uncle Sam Harrington and family. 
Mrs. Mattie Harmon and Mrs. Maud Trivett and son spent Thursday with Mrs. R.M. Trivett.  Mrs. Jas. E. Todd who has been on the sick list for a few days, is some better at this writing.  Henry Griffin and son Orville, were visitors of M.N. Griffin Sunday.  Ira Trivett continues to call quite often at the home of J.B. Gragg.  Misses Dorris and Lillian Gragg are recovering from a severe attack of the mumps.  John Lay of Eubank sawed shingles at this place part of last week.  Mr. and Mrs. Everett Richardson of Indiana are visiting her brother Henry York at this place.  Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Surber spent Wednesday night with A.W. Surber and family, en route to Somerset Thursday.  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Nelson set sail for Indiana last Wednesday night to make their future home.  Mrs. W.G. Nelson has returned home from the sanitarium at Somerset very much improved.  Mr. John Johnson is a frequent caller of Mrs. Maud Trivett.  Mr. and Mrs. Fonzie Surber were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Surber Sunday.

Mt. Zion.  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Richardson visited Mrs. Sarah Baugh Sunday.  Mr. Bill Easterly who has been sick for a few days, is some better at this writing. Miss Nora Baugh is slowly improving.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vaught visited her father, Mr. D. Vaught.  J.M. Dunsmore visited Mr. Arthur Velber Sunday night. Mrs. Sarah Baugh and Miss Allie Baugh visited Miss Emma Vaught Monday.  Miss Minnie Lester visited Mrs. Goldie Hines Sunday.

Oak Hill.  Mrs. M.L. Casada, Mrs. Steve Casada and Mr. Dennis Casada and wife of Pulaski, visited at John Tucker's Sunday.  Prof. Virgil Ware is conducting a singing here.  It is progressing nicely.  Mrs. Mary Thompson and daughter, Georgia, and Ethel Epperson visited her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Jacob Mayfield, Sunday.  Misses Rendye Nicholas, Bertha Neeley and Ola Mayfield and Geo. Hollas and wife were the Sunday guests of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Neeley.  Mr. John Neely is no better at this writing.  Mrs. Jacob Mayfield is very poorly.  Mrs. Lula Frisbie and children called on Mrs. Bud Boone Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. Mary Thompson and daughter, Georgia, visited her sister, Mrs. Nellie Epperson Saturday.  Miss Mae Frisbie left Sunday for
Danville where she will attend to her aunt, who underwent an operation recently.  Misses Ova Casada, Grace Frisbie and Nina Tucker took dinner with Mrs. Jacob Mayfield Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gholson spent Monday night with his mother Mrs. B.C. Gholson.  Misses Grace and Mae Frisbie were the guests of Mrs. B.C. Gholson Friday night.  Mrs. Oda Deer of Cincinnati, Ohio, is visiting here sister Mrs. Nellie Burton here.  Mrs. B.C. Gholson spent Saturday night with her son, Everett Gholson.  Mrs. Lula Frisbie and Mrs. B.C. Gholson visited at Mrs. John Neely's Thursday.

Waterloo.  Miss Anna Silvers visited Miss Audrey Rainwater Monday evening.  Mrs. R. Cooper and children visited at George Emerson's Wednesday evening.  Mrs. W.W. Molden visited Mary Rainwater Monday night.  Misses Pearlie Emerson visited her brother Wednesday night.  Mr. Purk Schoolcraft of near Ingle, visited at Elmer Schoolcraft's Wednesday night.  Mr. S.M. Rainwater and little daughter visited his sister Wednesday.  Mr. W.W. Molden is very poorly.  Zeolutus Dick and daughter Bessie who have been in Lynch, have returned home.  Everett Allen, wife and daughter are visiting at Cains Store.  R. Cooper was in Somerset Wednesday.  Arling Jasper and family of Beech Grove, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Rainwater, Saturday night.

Delmer.  The two weeks revival conducted at the Okalona Baptist Church by Rev. W.F. Meece of Bobtown, and assisted by Rev. J.M.P. Floyd, of Delmer, closed Sunday night with about 600 people present.  There were 54 accepted Christ.  The community thinks this the best revival ever held at this place.  Everyone is glad to see Brother Meece come and more than sorry to see him leave. He has won the friendship of everyone and we hope to see him return to this church and bring us those blessed gospel truths.  Mrs. Cleo Baker of Boswell, Ind., was the leader of the singing.  The collection for Brother Meece was $54.  Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Todd of Somerset and Mr. and Mrs. W. Barker of Wayne County were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hislope of this place.  Mr. and Mrs. William Barker and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Barker and Mary and Beatrice Fitzgerald, also Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Brown attended the meeting at Okalona Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Bent Barker were guests of Henry Baker's Sunday.  Hugh Fitzgerald visited Rupert Hislope Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. William Barker and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Baker and son took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Brown Sunday.

Walnut Grove.  Charlie Doolin and Marce Thompson spent Monday night with Hubert Smith.  J.L. Burton made a business trip to Somerset Friday.  Wm. Logsdon and wife visited his parents Saturday night.  Chas. B. Thompson, who has been absent from home, visited his mother at Flat Lick Sunday.  Mrs.Jerry Watson left Friday for Kansas.  Mrs. McPhurn who has been sick for some time, is improving. Bill Todd of Todd, Ky., visited his sister at Plato, Friday.  Virgil Logsdon visited his aunt, Anna Randolph, Friday and Saturday.  Miss Arnold, who has been on the sick list this week, is better.  J.H. Logsdon sold his tobacco to W.J. DeBord Saturday for 15 cents a pound.  Jack Debord and Sallie Hurst were married Tuesday.  We wish them a long and happy life.  Sallie Logsdon visited her sister at Woodstock last week.  Grover Lawrence had a sale Friday and everything went high, and he is going to Oklahoma.  Mr. Barker visited the home of Mr. Pennington Sunday.  Sunday was the regular meeting day at Mt. Pleasant.  Services were held by Rev. Jas.
Arning.  Mrs. McPhurn and children spent Sunday with Mr. Whitaker.  Martha and Lemo Whitaker and Iva McPhurn spent Sunday evening with J.H. Logsdon.

Tick Ridge.  The farmers are taking advantage of what few plow days we have and are preparing for the corn and oats crops.  Mr. D.A. Wilson and wife were the guests of Russ Wilson Sunday.  Mr. G.T. Weddle and wife visited Mr. Silas Wilson Sunday.  Mr. John V. Garner was the guest of D.A. Wilson Tuesday night.  Mr. Joe Vaughn and family visited Mr. Silas Dause Friday night.  Mrs. J.N. Combest and Mrs. Logan Roy were the guests of Mrs. A. Hunley Sunday.  Mrs. G.M. McKinley is with her sick mother, Mrs. Hulda Wilson, who is very ill at this writing.  Hobart and Willie Wilson were the guests of Beach Combest Sunday.  Miss Versie Hunley was the guest of Miss Mae Combest Saturday night and Sunday.  Mrs. Mary J. Vaughn was the guest of Mrs. Lena Wilson Tuesday evening.  Mrs. Mary Hunley is on the sick list at this writing.  Mr. Marshall Vaughn will hold a sale February 15th.  Mr. Vaughn and family will leave for Illinois soon.  Mr. John Garner was the guest of Mr. Geo Roberts Saturday night.  Mr. B.F. Weddle and wife were in Somerset Sunday visiting their son, Leo, and other relatives.  The school will close at Liberty this week with a writing practice.

Sloans Valley.  Mrs. Green Lewis and two sons visited relatives in Oakdale, Tenn., the latter part of last week.  Miss Georgia T. Lewis is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jerry Spears, at Madisonville.  John Dugan was in Somerset last week.  Mrs. Margaret Haynes was the guest of her daughter Mrs. Clay Vest last Friday.  Mr. and Mrs. Blain Haynes are entertaining a big boy in their home.  The people in general are glad of R.L. Haynes announcement for Jailer. He is sure to win.  Everyone is getting ready for farming around here.  R.L. and Clarence Haynes were in Somerset last week on business.  Cloda Haynes is visiting her grandmother Mrs. Bill Haynes.  Miss Cora Griffis is missed by many of her friends in Sloans Valley.

Pnobscott.  Mr. John Sharp has been very ill for some time.  Among the visitors at Mr. S.A. Adams Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. R. Suttle, Jordan Nelson and daughter and Mrs. J. Hart and children.  Miss Lucy Hart is suffering with a burned foot.  Ellis Tackett visited Dewey Smith Tuesday night.  Estill Hackney is ill with whooping cough.  Edgar Gilliland visited his uncle Homer Gilliland Sunday.  Mr. S.A. Adams is on the sick list.  Miss Cora Thompson of Rockcastle County is spending the week with her cousins, Misses Dova and Dessie York.  A few from here attended church at Cuba last Saturday night.  Among the visitors at Virgil York's Sunday were Rev. Jas. Gooch and Mrs. Judah Duncan and daughter.  Mr. Dewey Smith and wife spent Sunday at Freeland
Osborne's.  Miss Samantha Floyd and some others from near here left for Richmond, Ky., where they will enter high school.

Colo.   The little 5 months old child of Colson Baker of Bloomington, Ill., died last Sunday with pneumonia.  The remains were brought here for burial in White Lily Cemetery last Wednesday.  Mrs. Mary E. Ping visited at J.P. Keeney's last Sunday.  Lee Smiley's have moved to Harrison Ping's farm near Dykes and Estel Smiley's to C. Baker's place.  Isaac Jenkins who has been working at Cincinnati for several months has returned home.  J.M. Meece is building an addition to his house.  A large crowd attended the singing at Colo school house Saturday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Farmer gave a musical
entertainment Sunday night in honor of Chas. Birchfield and the Misses Farmer of Poplarville.  Geo. Ping purchased a mule from Susan Meece for $135.  J.P. Keeney will leave soon for Lexington  where he will have his eyes treated.  Born, to the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Mounce, a boy, Feb. 4.

Slate Branch.  Rev. Jones preached here Sunday.  Rev. Abbott is thought to be some better at this writing.  Mrs. Mollie Butler and Mrs. Luther Mills is visiting at Hustonville this week.  Aunt Sallie Slaughter and granddaughter Addie visited S.F. Ashbrook's Monday.  Mrs. Wash Bronston continues very ill.  John Johnson visited Mrs. Mollie Cundiff Sunday.  Joseph Woolridge has been confined to is bed for the past week with rheumatism.  Riley Vaughn has moved to Bill Jones property.

Ingle.   Plowing has stopped this week on account of rainy weather.  Mr. Henry Dick went to Somerset Thursday on business.  There was a singing at Mr. E. Wilson's Wednesday evening.  Mr. G.P. Norris and family visited in Russell County Thursday.  Mr. Isaac Roysdon went to Russell Springs on Thursday to see his daughter Mrs. John Meaders.  Mr. J.N. Combest visited at I.R. Kissee's Sunday.  Mrs. W.W. Molden of Nancy visited her sister, Mrs. Floy Kissee Sunday.  Mr. Arch Davenport swapped mules with Wesley Eads Friday.  The ten day singing closed Sunday.  Mr. A.J. Roy of Dry Ridge was in this vicinity Sunday.  Mr. Oscar Roy of Gilpin was in this vicinity Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. Herbert Gosser of Gilpin was in this vicinity Saturday.  Mr. Homer Lane of Dry Ridge was in this part Saturday and Sunday.  Dr. Brent Weddle of Nancy was in this part visiting the sick the fore part of the week.  Dr. H.C. Dye of Mintonville was here visiting the sick this week.  Mr. Herbert Davenport is better at this writing.  Mr. Henry Dick sold a farm to J.W. Dick for $4,500.

McKinney.  Bro. Crow will fill his regular appointment at Union Saturday night and Sunday.  Mrs. Chaney is no better at this writing.  John Vaught and cousin, Lester Harrington, of Livingston, Mont., are visiting relatives here.  Uncle Sol Moore entertained quite a number of young folks Saturday night with a social.  Carl Vaught and family visited at Edd Vaught's Sunday.  Georgia Harmon who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Wilson, for the past week, came home Saturday.  Born, to the home of Chas. Swearingen, last week, a boy.  Mr. Roy Wilson and wife visited at Cloyd Harmon's Saturday night and Sunday.  Leighton Crawford and family spent Sunday at W.H. Vaught's.  Mrs. W.H. Vaught and son, John, and Lester Harrington, spent Saturday at W.M. Langdon's.  Mr. Archie Vaught spent Sunday and Sunday night with his uncle, W.H. Vaught.  Carl Harmon and family visited at Edd Lewis' Sunday.  Miss Ina Harmon and Ella Vaught spent Saturday night at Uncle Sol Moore's.

Irvins Store.  Health of this community is not so good at present.  Several cases of La Grippe, colds, etc.  The little daughter of Cassius Coffey has diphtheria.  They are sure having a grand old revival at Salem Church, conducted by Rev. James Williams, and Rev. J.R. Girdler.  We wish them a very grand success.  Mr. Estel Hopper and Miss Lucy Hammonds were married last Wednesday.  Mrs. Rosetta Butcher and children visited her mother, Mrs. Mally Luttrell of Pine Top last week.  The meeting at Clear Fork closed last week with 21 conversions, eleven of which were baptized.  Mr. James R. Rexroat of West Somerset and Miss Bessie Holt of this place, were married one day last week.  Bessie is a good girl and we regret to give her up.  She will be missed very much.  Addie Anderson and wife of Ono, were shopping at Irvine's Store last Thursday.  Mr. Gaffey, book agent from Clinton County, was through here last week delivering books.  David Butcher is building a new dwelling house for himself.  Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Garner visited Dr. J.B. Tarter and family at Russell Springs Saturday and Sunday.

Possum Trot.  Rev. Reese was present to fill his appointment Saturday and Sunday accompanied by his wife.  The home of J. Calhoun was destroyed by fire Monday evening.  At the present time they are staying at George Cunningham's.  Lewis Casada of Nevelsville spent the weekend at R. Humble's.  Several from here attended the Sunday School at Ringgold Sunday.  Aunt Mary Hall of Science Hill is visiting her sister Aunt Lucy Girdler who is very ill.  Mrs. Taylor is home now and says her daughter, Mrs. Robert Keith, is doing nicely.  Mrs. Shadoan and daughters spent Sunday at Jack Girdler's.  Miss Jessie
Keith spent from Friday until Sunday at R. Humble's.  Chester Ansel and Lula Adams of Hogue spent Sunday at Mrs. Ashley's.  Miss Keller, of North Carolina, is visiting at W.H. Ellar's.  T.W. Prather and son, Howard, visited in this vicinity Sunday.  Miss Atha Humble is visiting her sister at Shafter.  Tom Zigler and Will Smith of Slate Branch visited Will Wilson Sunday.  Mr. Brown and wife of this place are visiting at Gainesburg.  Andy Stringer is rebuilding his house, which was destroyed by fire last week.  Ruth Girdler and daughter Opal have been on the sick list the past week.  Earl and Jessie Hines visited the Calhoun's Sunday night.

Pisgah.  Mrs. George Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Bill White, and J.R. Garland were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Heaton.  Mr. and Mrs. Bud Boone called on Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch Saturday evening.  Misses Ruth Rhoten, Nannie Claunch and Mr. Harley Claunch called on Mrs. Sam O. Cowan one day last week.  Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Heaton and children and E.S. Heaton visited Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch Sunday.  Mr. Marion Hall of Ohio is visiting his father J.F. Hall.  Mrs. Lula Frisbie and children and Misses Mabel and Thelma Claunch called on Mrs. Bud Boone Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. Woods Cowan spent last week in Somerset the guest of her daughter, Mrs. George Elliott.  Miss Mabel Claunch called on Misses Emma and Mary Cowan.  Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leese of Ferguson spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Mary Gibson.


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