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February 11, 1921.

Nancy.  Rev. Walter Meece has just closed the largest revival meeting ever held at Okalona Church.  People all over that community are rejoicing over the conversion of abut fifty souls.  Okalona has a bright prospect now for the future. The little daughter of W.F. Molen has been very low with pneumonia, but she is improving now.  Miss Darcie Turpen spent Saturday night and Sunday with her brother, Ram Turpen.  Mr. Talmage Clifton and family will start for Indiana in a few days.  We regret very much to see them leave.  Mr. V. Turpen will ship a car load of hogs this week.  Mrs. Nettie Tartar, Sue Molen and Mrs. V. Turpen were guests of Mrs. Maggie Albertson last Monday.

Valley Oak.  Rev. Wesley failed to fill his appointment at Fellowship the 30th of January.  D. Couch has sold his store to Mr. Stevens of Caintown and will have a sale the 10th of this month and will sell all of his personal property.  The little daughter of Tom Eldridge and wife is very sick at this writing.  Robt. Eldridge  of Elrod visited at Tom Eldridge's Thursday.  Joe Speak spent Thursday at W.C. Wyrick's.  Tom and Linda Buchanan were in Somerset Friday.  Chas. Thompson has sold out his restaurant at Somerset and is at home.  Miss Maggie Price returned home Friday after visiting her sister, Mrs. W.J. Brinkley.  Tom Eldridge our new merchant near here, was in town Tuesday.  Mrs. A.J. Hargis and children visited at Tom Price's last week.

Pulaski.  The singing at the Baptist Church closed Sunday night, but will commence again Wednesday night to go on for the balance of the week.  Everybody invited to come.  Misses Ruby Correll and Emma Ruth Bailey accompanied their teacher, Miss Minnie Detherage, home Friday and spent the weekend.  Quite a number of friends called on Mrs. H. Morefield Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Smith of Eubank spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith.  Mr. and Mrs. R. Surber spent Sunday afternoon with M. and Mrs. Henry Smith.  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jones, of Somerset, are visiting R.C. Jones.  Lee Collins has purchased a car.

Mangum.  We have had the worst sleet in this section we have had for years. The damage to fruit trees is very bad.  Gid Jasper has returned from Cincinnati. He purchased a new car while there. Mrs. Belle Jasper was the guest of Finley Wesley and family Sunday evening. Alfred Wesley and family were guests of Bradley Whiles Saturday night and Sunday. Melvin Wesley and Roy Jasper were guests of Willie Jasper Tuesday. Annabelle Dick visited at J.A. Blevin's Sunday. Plymp Dick entertained his friends with a candy party Tuesday night. Among the guests were John F. Dick and Monte Sneed and daughters.  Mrs. Eliza Wesley who has been quite ill for a few days, is no better at this writing.  Mrs. Laura Dick visited at Green Wesley's Saturday night and Sunday.  W.P. Hall and J.F. Dick were guests of Plymp Dick Sunday.  Pleas. Godby called on Miss Mary Sneed Thursday night.  Richard Dick and wife visited is brother, Cornelius Lovall, Saturday night.  J.D. Hall had a working Friday.  Rev. Baugh filled his regular appointment at Brady Sunday.  Finley Wesley attended Sunday school at Shady Grove Sunday.  There are several cases of mumps in this vicinity.  Mrs. Monte Sneed and family spent the night at Plymp Dick's Tuesday.  Will Hall and family were Sunday guests of Plymp Dick's.  Killus Blevins and wife were guests of Galvin Whiles Sunday night. We are having lots of rain and mud in this vicinity at present.

Hogue.  Mr. C.W. Leigh of Argyle, visited at A.J. Adams last Wednesday and Thursday.  Mr. Virgil Pitman of Cains Store, spent a few days last week with his uncle, Mr. Enoch Pitman.  Mr. C.W. Burton closed his school here at Center Post Friday.  Misses Lou and Lola Dick were Saturday night and Sunday guests of Anna and Coletta Baugh.  Miss Lula Adams and cousin, Mr. Ansel Adams, spent Sunday with her brother, Finley Adams, and wife of Pleasant Hill.  Miss Sarah Blevins visited home folks Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. Charles Cash has moved on Mr. Andrew Wesley's place near Fairview. Mrs. Amanda Wesley spent Friday with her sister, Mrs. Belle Randolph.  Mr. Laskson Jasper and family of Mt. Hope visited at A.J. Adams Sunday.  Mr. Bud Wesley entertained his friends with a clearing Tuesday.  Sunday is our regular church day here at Center Post.

Public.  Farmers around Public are plowing.  John Wombles has purchased a farm from G.B. Broyles.  There will be church at the Old Valley Saturday and Sunday.  Dennie Price visited his grandfather Sam Price, Sunday.  Jessie Price and Ophia Price were in Somerset Friday on business.  Arthur Bullock is still making his regular calls at Nick Price's.  Earnest Price is just about to get married.  A large crowd attended church at Sinking Valley Sunday.  Services were conducted by Rev. Steele.  Mrs. Della Price and children visited Mrs. Willis Price's Sunday.  Mr. George Raney and wife spent the weekend with her father, Mr. Willis Price, and family.  A large crowd attended the sale of Mr. Will McKinney last Thursday.  O.D. Bullock is still making his regular calls at Frank Price's.  Mrs. Flora Harris and baby visited her father's Sunday.  Mrs. Mary Taylor who has been sick for the last week, is slowly improving.  Mrs. Ben Price visited Mrs. Jennie Price Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. Necia Price visited Mrs. Ellen Wombles Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Neese Patterson who has been in Minnesota for some time, has returned home.  Miss Lena Price spent Sunday evening with Mrs. Ophia Price.  Miss Cora Bumgardner and her two sisters, Winnie and Ordanin, attended church at Sinking Valley Sunday.

Drum.  The meeting closed at Piney Grove last Sunday night with several additions to the church. Rev. James R. Sears bought a farm from Logan Bray
for $275.  Logan Bray sold a cow to David Hunt Sr., for $40. Rev.  Henry Ridner traded a mare to Robert Gover for a young mule a few days ago and then traded the mule to John Slavy for two calves.  Chester Fulcher bought a young mare from Uncle John Hargis of Flat Lick for $100.  Othnel Sears traded his work mules to Willie Vanhook for two young mules.  Mrs. John Hunt is no better at this writing.  Mr. Elijah Dykes, who took sick a few nights ago, is some better now.  S.B. Miller and son of Valley Oak visited his brother, Jim at Drum, a few days ago.

Goochtown.  Ira Luttrell and family visited Walter Osborne's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Griffin entertained a few Saturday night. Clate Anderson of Illinois is visiting home folks here. Jim Anderson's children are ill with the whooping cough.  Mr. Sherod Eubank has been trading. He traded a mule for two dogs last week.  Mr. Luther Pumphrey visited Edgar Wheeldon on Sunday.  Jim Anderson purchased Brack Payne's store last week.

Clarence.  Several attended Sunday school at Good Hope Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Scott visited at Mr. F.M. Brook's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Huston Osborne and family were guests of Mrs. Lucy Acton Sunday.  Mr. Chas. Hargis of Somerset was the guest of Mr. Hiram Britain Sunday night. Miss Lizzie Shelly
is no better at this writing.  Mr. Egbert Abbott visited his sister, Mrs. Cynthia Osborne, Sunday evening.  Mr. F.M. Brooks returned home from Tennessee Tuesday. Mr. Burrell Walker and daughter, Gladys, visited at Mr. Harvey Jones Saturday night and Sunday.  Miss Lucy Osborne delightfully entertained several of her friends Monday night.  Mr. Alec Shelly returned home from Cincinnati Sunday.  Miss Zula Walker was the guest of Miss Ethel Britain Sunday.  Mr. Willie Osborne was in Somerset last week on business.  Mr. and Mrs. Walter Todd visited at Mr. Geo. Luttrell's Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. Jno. Ray and family were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Cynthia Osborne Saturday night.  Mr. John Ray returned from Stearns Saturday.  Several of Mr. Freeland Osborne's friends surprised him with a birthday dinner inst. Thursday.  Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Hamm and daughter Sallie, visited at Alfred Acton's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Major visited at Mr. Joe Major's Sunday.  Mr. Ervine Sanders was the guest of Mr. Earl Brittain Saturday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Cicero Acton were the guests of Mr. Ben Barren Saturday night.  Mrs. Rachel Long was the guest of John Ray's Sunday.

Todd.  Sunday school at Good Hope is progressing nicely.  C.P. Hargis will start a training course here soon.  Mr. John McWilliams visited Mrs. Evaline Acton Sunday.  Mrs. John Hart visited home folks Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. Michael Osborne was a guest of Miss Esta Abbott Sunday.  Mr. Alec Shelly has returned from Loveland, Ohio, where he has been for some time.  Mattle Nelson called to see Mr. W.E. Acton Wednesday.  Mr. John Osborne and wife visited their son, George Osborne, Sunday.  Mr. Matt Floyd took dinner at Mrs. Evaline Acton's Monday.  Miss Samantha Floyd and Miss Flonnie McKinney left for Richmond Friday, where they will attend school.   Mr. Burr Walker and family visited Mr. Harry Jones Saturday night.  Mr. Clarence Osborne visited friends at Eubank Sunday.  Mr. John Green Thompson and wife visited their son.  Mr. Virgil Thompson, Saturday.  Mr. George Jones visited Mr. Elborn Jones Saturday night and Sunday.  Mr. Jeff Acton was at Eubank Friday on business.  The farmers of this vicinity are planning to raise lots of grain this year whether the prices are good or not.  Mr. Wiley Acton is very ill at this writing.  Ben Nelson and sister were guests of Mr. Harrison Denney's Sunday.  Roy Blankenship is better at this writing.  Miss Estella and Maggie Acton are planning to visit Mrs. Bessie Brown.

Ansel.  Mrs. Maude Smith is able to be out again.  Mrs. Laura Burton and children visited at Mrs. Ezra Smith's Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Geo. Thompson starts a singing in vocal music at Wilson Chapel Saturday night. Ermine Wesley and children spent Sunday at M. Burton's. Miss Mary Wilson spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Delphia Sipples.

Meece.  S.M. Hargis went to Somerset last Monday on business.  Mr. Melvin Tomlinson moved last week to Bill Kenney's farm in Cherry Grove.  Dr. Tibbals the horse doctor, of Somerset, was at S.M. Hargis' last week to see one of his horses.  Chas. Sears and family of Dykes, visited at Mr. Arthur Meece's lost weekend.  Dexter Silvers, wife and two children of Somerset were visiting in this community last week.  Mr. Willie Whitaker who has been working at Fork Ridge, Tenn., came home last week.

Norfleet.  Mrs. Polly Trimble, and son, Leo, of Somerset, are visiting at Naomi and attending meeting.  Rev. Riggin and Rev. Robards are holding a revival at the Bethlehem church.  Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Norfleet visited at Cleo Tarter's Sunday.  Miss Lucy and Henry Cain, of Caintown, are visiting their aunt, Mrs. Lucy Norfleet.  Mrs. Aggie Johnson has been very sick with bronchitis, but is slowly improving.  Zollie and Earl Tarter were in Somerset Monday on business.  Lester Roberts and Joe Barker visited at Jessie Norfleet's Sunday evening.  Miss Atchie Norfleet attended church at Naomi on Sunday.

Dahl.  The Sunday school at Cedar Gap is progressing nicely with large attendance.  Rev. Chas. Randall went to Somerset Saturday to fill his regular
appointment.  Sophia McKinney, Ruth Brady, and Lena Hansford visited Marrie Taylor Sunday morning.  A revival meeting will begin at Cedar Gap the 4th Sunday in this month.  Brother Wylie of Berea, Ky., and Rev. Chas. Randall will conduct the meetings.  Everybody invited.  Archie McKinney, Ray Bobbitt and Shiney Helton attended Sunday school at Dahl Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Fred Raney made his regular call at visit Miss Zula Hansford Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Earl Brinkley was at Dahl Sunday.  W.O. McKinney and family will leave for Indiana Wednesday.  Mr. Ben Sears and Miss Lela Adkins attended church at Fellowship Sunday morning. Beulah Dyer is visiting her sister in Somerset this week.  Tom Adkins is working for Will Barr this week. Walter Eaton went to Burdine Valley Sunday.  Miss Zula Hansford visited her sister, Mrs. Ada Eaton, Thursday night. Armina Whitaker and Dora Sewell attended church at the Old Valley last Sunday.  Mr. T. Rash attended the Sunday school at Cedar Gap Sunday afternoon.


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