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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, January 9, 1920.

Buys Interest in Store.  Mrs. J.A. Bolin has purchased a half interest in the
Live and Let Live Grocery owned by Chas. Candler.  She assumed her duties
January 1st and will charge of the management of the business.

Twenty Years Ago.  Mr. L.F. Hubble, the real estate man, purchased Rockcastle
Springs twenty years ago on the 3rd of January.  He has spent every summer
during that time at the famous resort.  Rockcastle Springs is known the
country over and every year it enjoys a good patronage.

Defective Flues Cause Fires.  Many a recent fire in Somerset has been caused
by defective flues.  A little caution might serve a good purpose and the
Journal wishes to call the attention of property owners to the importance of
an inspection of their flues in residences and business houses about twice a
year, and if necessary, do a little "patching up" and thereby help prevent
many fires that would otherwise, possibly, occur.  About nine o'clock last
Friday night fire was discovered at the residence occupied by the Rev. Woods,
of color, on Bourne Avenue, and it was detected that a defective flue was the
cause.  The fire department was summoned and with the use of the chemical
tank on the "Big Red Devil" the house was partly saved.  The fire department
is more efficient now than ever before, with the new fire truck equipped with
all the modern fire-fighting apparatuses, and headed by the efficient Chief
Bob Warren, but the property owners should use every means possible to help
the department prevent as well as extinguish fires.  These firemen endanger
their lives each time they respond to a call and by the proper precautions on
the part of property owners the calls will diminish.  The chemical tank is a
wonder as a fire fighter.  It has been the means of saving much property loss
since it has been in use in Somerset.  On last Thanksgiving morning when the
Journal office fire occurred, the los and water damage to the office would
have been double what it was, had it not been for the chemical tank.  Much
credit is due Chief Warren and the fire department for the record made since
the new truck arrived, and now let every property owner make an examination
of their flues and do all they can to help the department keep down the
number of fires during 1920.  The Mayor and fire department think it would be
a wise plan to increase the capacity of the chemical tank on the fire truck
and this proposition may soon be considered by the new council.

Purchases Half Interest in Real Estate Business.  Mr. J.C. Stallard has
purchased of S.J. Clarkson, a one-half interest in the S.J. Clarkson Real
Estate business, and will assist Mr. Clarkson in the conducting of the
business.  Both these men are hustlers in the real estate business and the
outlook for the year 1920 is very good for them.

Nice Gift.  Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Tate and son, John Herrin, of Winchester, Ky.,
have been the guests of Mrs. Tate's mother, Mrs. A.J. Sears.  While here Mr.
Tate received a handsome present from his  company, the Frank A. Menne Candy
Co., a $500.00 check and a nice increase in salary.

Buys Back Old Home Site.  Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Hussing have recently bought back
their old home place on East Mt. Vernon street, and get possession about the
middle of February.  The dwelling on this site has been very conveniently and
modernly arranged since the Hussings resided here and Mrs. Hussings informed
the Journal that they were delighted to get back home again.

Personal Mention.

Elrod Hines has returned to Dental College at Cincinnati.

Virgil P. Smith was in Lexington on business Wednesday.

Mr. Joe Waddle has returned from a business trip to Louisville.

Mrs. Will Curd of Chicago, Ill., is visiting Mrs. S.S. Morrow.

Judge J. Sherman Cooper was in Frankfort and Lexington this week.

Charles Curtis is attending business college at Bowling Green, Ky.

Mrs. R.O. Lewis of Burnside, Ky., was in the city Wednesday for the day.

Mr. T.E. Harrell has returned from Louisville where he spent several days.

Postmaster R.L. Brown spent several days with his mother at Levelgreen, Ky.

Miss Katherine Baute has returned to Nazareth Academy to resume her work.

Mr. Joe McGee left Tuesday for Boston, Mass., to attend a meet of Retail
Merchants Association of the East.  From there he will go to St. Louis to get
his fall line of shoes.

Mr. John Cooper has returned to New Haven, Conn., to resume his work at Yale.

County Agent Wilson was in Lexington last week for several days on business.

Mr. George Betram, of Monticello, Ky., is visiting relatives and friends this

Mr. and Mrs. Ben D. Smith have returned from their honeymoon spent in the

Mrs. Lee Hudson and daughter Miss Corrine have returned from a visit to

Miss Edna Prewitt has returned to Washington, D.C., after a visit with her
parents here.

Miss Bess Goggin has returned to Morrilton, Ark., where she is teaching in
the city schools.

Mr. Brent Crawford of Monticello, Ky., has been in the city this week the
guest of relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodson May have returned from Danville and London where they
spent the holidays.

Miss Francis Kinne has returned to Somerset after spending the holidays with
her father at Stearns.

Mr. Clay Alexander has returned to Vanderbilt University to resume his work
in the dental department.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Donnelly have moved to the new Bartells Apartment House on
South Main St.

Miss Martha Riker has returned to her home in Harrodsburg, Ky., after a visit
with Miss Barthenia Sallee.

Miss Flora Winfrey has returned to Louisville after a visit with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Winfrey.

Mr. S.E. Thomas has gone to Hazard, Ky., to work for several months.  He
ordered the Journal to follow him.

Mr. Drake Thompson left Monday for Harlan, Ky., on business for the Thompson
Humble Lumber Co.

Robert Humble left the first of the week for Frankfort where he will be a
page at this session of the Legislature.

Mr. K.D.C. Watson a business man of Frankfort and Ashland, Ky., was in
Somerset the first of the week on business.

Representative Gladstone Wesley left Sunday for Frankfort where he will be
for the next two months.

Mrs. J.T. Bowser and children have returned to Winchester, Ky., after
spending the holidays with her parents.

S.A. Colyer is in the Somerset Sanitarium suffering from a broken leg caused
by the fall at the Southern Railway Shops.

James Roberts has returned from Fort Worth, Texas, where he spent the
holidays with "Bo" McMillin and "Red" Weaver.

John M.P. Thatcher has returned to New York after a week's visit with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Thatcher.

Mrs. Better Shepperd, a sister of Mrs. J.S. Cooper, has been appointed to a
splendid position in the Auditor's office at Frankfort.

Mrs. J.A. Cassada and children have returned from Dayton, Ohio, where they
spent several days with Mrs. Cassada's mother.

Misses Thelma Waddle and Belle Hines left this week for Louisville to resume
their studies in the Louisville Conservatory of Music.

Miss Blanche Kennedy of Somerset is the guest of her grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. W.R. Kennedy - Monticello Outlook.

Miss Margurette Cooper has returned to Georgetown College after spending the
holidays with her parents, Judge and Mrs. J.S. Cooper.

Master Charles Robert Morrow, son of Governor and Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow, has
returned to Frankfort after a visit with his grandmother here.

Misses Mary Dee, Margurette and Ruth Beck, of McKinney, have returned to
their home after a delightful visit with their sister, Mrs. James Davis.

Mrs. R.E. Higgins has returned from a visit with relatives in Ohio.  Mr.
Higgins stopped at Danville where he has been engaged as coach for the Centre
College basketball team.

Mrs. J.E. Claunch entertained with a dance last Saturday night in honor of
her son, Joseph.  Quite a number of the young folks of the city were present
and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Messrs Ed Moore, James Williams and Ben Sears left the first of the week for
Flint, Michigan, where they will drive two new Buicks thru to Somerset.  Mr.
Moore, the agent, has these cars sold.

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Shriber and little son Warren, who have spent the past two
weeks with her grandmother, Mrs. Nancy Love, and other relatives and friends
in and around Somerset, left Tuesday for their home at Bethlehem, Pa.  The
many friends of this good family in Somerset insisted on their coming "back
home" to stay, and many tempting offers were made to them, but they decided
to return to Pennsylvania for awhile longer at least.

Burnside.  News Notes.  Burnside Basketball Team Wins Game from Russell

H.M. Curil was in Chicago last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Vol Southwood entertained as their guests for Sunday evening
supper, Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Harn and daughter, Miss Leona, and Miss Ollie
Vanhook.  The delightful supper and hospitality of both host and hostess will
long be remembered by those present.

V.H. Frazer of Alabama has accepted a position with the F. and O. Cedar Works
and will move his family to our city.

L.J. Parrigin has resigned his position with the Ayer and Lord Tie Co. and
left Sunday for the oil fields around Torrent, Ky.  Mr. Parrigin was one of
Burnsides finest young men and we regret to see him leave but wish him
success in his new work.

Mrs. E.A. Harn left Monday for Akron, Ohio, to visit her daughter, Mrs. Ralph
Curtis.  She was accompanied as far as Lexington by Miss Leona, who is
returning to Millersburg College to resume her studies.

Tom Fagaly, Lloyd Fitzgerald and Narvel Marcum returned to State University

The new city council met Monday night and Millard Pitman was elected
Marshall.  Mr. Pitman is a fine man and we know he will attend to his new
duties well.

Otto Watson has taken Lyman Parrigin's place with the Ayer and Lord Tie Co.

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Green and Louetta returned Saturday from a visit to
Milford, Ohio.

Mrs. W.R. Bass of Terrance Park, Ohio, visited friends here last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Wilkerson, of Lexington, spent the weekend with Mrs. G.S.
Dudley and family.

W.W. Rew was in Cincinnati Sunday and Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. G.N. Fagaly and son Tom, entertained with a beautiful parlor
dance last Tuesday evening.

Dr. and Mrs. T.L. Gamblin returned Saturday from a visit to Albany.  His many
friends are glad his health is much improved.

James, Ruth and Mary Warriner of Seventy Six, Ky., passed through here Monday
en route to Russellville College.

John Golden of Somerset was in town last week.

Howard Selvidge has resigned his position with the Chicago Veneer Co., and
has accepted a position with the Cotton Plant Veneer Co. of Newport, Ark.  He
is one of our most successful business men and we regret very much to see
this good family leave Burnside but wish them success in their new

Misses Bess Goggin and Edna Young, Messrs J.J. Crutcher, L.J. Parrigin and
C.L. Aernie enjoyed a dinner party given by Mesdames John Sloan and L.M.
Cheely Thursday evening.

John W. Bell left Friday for Dallas, Texas.

Wm. Lester of Oneida, Tenn., was in town Wednesday.

Graham Davidson was in Danville last week.

Russell Springs basketball team played our boys Tuesday night with our boys
winning in the end by score of 22 to 87.  Our team Smith, Gundle, Davis,
Johnson, Nunn played a square game and also the opponents put up a good game.


Mrs. Grace Woodson who has been spending the holidays with her parents, has
returned to Tatesville.

Mr. and Mrs. John Ray were the guests of Leonard Osborne Friday night.

Dr. Wesley Acton, of Indiana, has been visiting home folks this week.

Mr. Dewey Stringer and Miss Lou Ham were united in marriage last Thursday. 
We wish them a long and happy life.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Acton were the guests of Virgil Acton Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Brooks were the guests of Mrs. Cynthia Osborne Sunday.

Evertt Hart and Miss Bertha Nelsen were married last Wednesday.  We wish them
a long and happy life.

Miss Stella Osborne was the guest at Mr. Jones Abbott Thursday night.


Mrs. Effie Benton closed her school at Cuba Thursday and returned to her home
at Somerset Friday.

Jim Green and Hugh Cole have gone back to Flint, Mich., to their work, after
spending a few days here with friends and relatives.

Misses Mary and Louisa Higgins have moved to their farm near here.

Mr. and Mrs. Guss McClure entertained a jolly crowd of young folks with a
watch party last Wednesday night.  Everyone reported a nice time.

Mrs. R.L. Johnson and children, who have been visiting relatives here, have
gone to Highland, Ky., to visit relatives a few days before she starts for
her home in Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Todd and children and Mr. and Mrs. M.N. Griffin and son
spent the day Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Surber.

Mr. Hurley Harman and Miss Susie Little surprised their friends last Thursday
by going to Eubank and getting married.  Rev. Tilford officiating.  We wish
them a happy, prosperous life together.

Mr. and Mrs. Fonzie Surber visited his sister, Mrs. J.E. Todd Thursday and


Willie Cox and family have moved to their farm east of Science Hill which
they purchased some time ago from Rev. John Godby.

Several from here attend C.C. Cain's sale last Tuesday.

Dock Vaught of Pleasant Hill spent Wednesday night with Joe Hodge.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Cary, Dec. 28, a boy  - Adam Floyd.

Mr. and Mrs. George Adams, Thomas Gaddis and Ansel Adams were Sunday guests
at A.J. Adams.

G.W. Jasper bought a tract of land here from Layton Irvine, of Beech Grove,
for $2,000.

Rev. John E. Hudson of Somerset was here Wednesday on business.

R.A. Blevins who has been ill for several weeks is thought to be some better
at this writing.

Newton King is spending a few days in McCreary county.

A.J. Adams was in Science Hill Tuesday on business.

Miss Nomar Jones of Beech Grove visited her cousin Miss Laura Godby Sunday.


We are glad to learn that Mrs. Ellen Murphy who has had an attack of measles
is improving.

Uncle Steve Wright, who returned from the Somerset hospital a few weeks ago,
is still confined to his room.

A new daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Beller Bingham Dec. 30. 
The stork also stopped at the home of Wyatt Smith recently, leaving a boy.

Leslie Herrin, who came home from Berea for the holidays, returned Jan. 2.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bodkin of Shopville, spent the holidays in Somerset.

Mrs. Dave Bingham returned from Somerset Monday, after a few weeks visit with
her daughter, Mrs. Guy Benelli.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Owens and daughter returned to Sidell, Ill., after spending
several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Randall.  They were
accompanied by his father, Thos. Owen.

Wm. and Walter Smith left January 1st for Greencastle, Ind.

Miss Maggie Simpson returned to Dayton, Ohio, after a weeks visit with her
brother, Elmer Simpson, near Grundy.

Misses Ola and Lena Evans of Cincinnati are visiting their cousin Miss Lucy

Wm. McKinney and wife of Georgia are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.F.

Miss Maude Price of Welborn, visited her cousin, Miss Ella Randall, during

Miss Lura Hargis of Burnside visited her father Andrew Hargis last week.

Mrs. Jas. Brinkley died Dec. 24.  She has been an invalid for a number of
years.  The remains were laid to rest in the Eden graveyard.  Much sympathy
is extended to the bereaved ones.


Rev. W.G. Tilford preached at the Baptist church Sunday and Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Gooch and family spent the holidays with her mother at Crab
Orchard and returned home Sunday.

Jay Wheeldon and two daughters are visiting relatives and friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. I.E. Payne entertained several of the young people of this place
Wednesday evening in honor of Misses Viola and Jessie Wheeldon.

Miss Era Wilder of Wilmore, Ky., spent the holidays with her aunt Mrs. T.J.

Mrs. Rufus Carter and daughter of St. John, Kansas, are visiting friends and
relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Isaacs and children of Somerset spent New Years day with
Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Marcum.

Miss Minnie Marcum of Danville came down to spend New Years day with Mr. and
Mrs. C.B. Marcum.

Mr. Ray Estes gave a party Friday night in honor of Misses Viola and Jessie

George Horton of Waynesburg, Ky., has purchased the Goode property and is
moving in this week.

Miss Marie Baston of Kings Mountain, Ky., is visiting relatives and friends

Miss Roxie Spangler of Crab Orchard, Ky., who has been visiting friends and
relatives here, has returned home.

Prof. Hill spent Christmas with homefolks at Maysville, Ky.

Miss Gladys Barber is with her sister Mrs. Minnie Weidlick in Dayton, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Gooch and family spent New Years with relatives in Crab

The Death Angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Phelps and took away
their little daughter, Viola.  The greatest of sympathy is extended to the
bereaved ones in this hour of sorrow.

Demp Phelps is visiting his daughter Mrs. Stella Wesley in Louisville this

Miss Savannah Anderson assistant teacher here, visited home folks in Science
Hill last week.

In Memory of Our Dear Mother, Mattie B. Hicks, who died May 13, 1919.
Oft and oft our thoughts do wander,
To the grave not far away,
Where we laid our dearest mother
Just eight months ago today,
Dearest Mother, still we miss you,
Tears of silence often flow,
Memory keeps you ever near us,
Though you died, eight months ago.
Sad was the hour, fatal the day,
When our Dear Mother was called away.
You are not forgotten
Nor Shall you ever be
As long as life and memory last
We shall remember thee.
Sadly missed by her daughters, Bertha and Mary.

Mt. Zion.

Floyd Bailey has moved from Sam Lester's farm to a farm at Camp Ground.

Tom Wesley of Bethelridge was visiting here last week.

Raymond Lester and Elza Hines left last week to find work in Dayton, Ohio.

Ed Crawford and family moved to their property in Science Hill last week.

Messrs Tom Correll and Will Hollars of Wayne county were in this neighborhood
last week.

Mrs. Eliza Baugh and two sons, Delmar and Ray, spent two days last week with
Mrs. M.T. Pittman at Buncombe.

Our school closed last Friday.

Will and Sam Hollars bought Guster Hollars farm known as the Calvin Moore

Sunday School officers were elected at Wilson Sunday.

J.C. Adams has sold his farm to Tom Correll of Wayne County.

"Aunt" Cynthia Baugh visited her sister at Pulaski last week.

Mrs. J.C. Adams and grandson, Delmar Baugh, went to Chattanooga last Monday
to visit her brother, O.C. Pitman.

Sweeny's Chapel.

Mrs. Eliza Ping closed her school at this place Friday with a nice

Miss Chins Cundiff, who is teaching at Stearns, spend the holidays with her

Mrs. Mack Aker who has been quite ill is improving.

Our County Agent, W.C. Wilson, of the Union neighborhood is in Lexington on

Dewey Strunk who is confined to his room with rheumatism is no better at this

The sale of F.C. Gover, on the G.W. Sweeney farm, will be Thursday, Jan. 8th.
 Mr. Gover will move to Somerset, where he has a good position in the Farmers
store that will soon open on Maple Street.

Luther Keyes, who has been visiting friends and relatives in Jackson, Ind.,
has returned home.

Mance Hamilton went to Cincinnati this week to deliver a car load of hogs.

The young people of this neighborhood surprised the family of E.G. Vaught
with a social Saturday night.

Miss Fannie Vaught left last week for Bloomington, Ind., to visit her

Mrs. Ellen Hubble who has been quite ill is reported some better.

Mrs. Bertha B. Hines and Laura Davidson will leave soon for Richmond where
they will attend State Normal.


Blain Keith of Williamsburg, Ky., is visiting is parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Nevels visited her father, C.W. Keith, Sunday.

Parker and Zona Nevels visited John Nevels Saturday and Sunday.

School will be closed here next week.


"Aunt" Jane Hancock is very ill.

Mrs. Chloa Branscum visited her sister Saturday night.

Richie Branscum and family leave these week for their new home at Hazard, Ky.

Edith Wilson was the guest of Ollie Wilson Sunday.

Ollie Wilson visited her sister Sunday.

Jim Morrow was the guest of Mose Wilson Saturday.

Bertha Wilson visited her parents Sunday night.


Mae Garls is on the sick list.

Sam Burton and family visited Leora Kissus Sunday.

Sam Burton is very ill.

Mrs. Leora Kissus visited Mrs. Effie Burton last week.


J.W. Steele was in Somerset Saturday.

Minnie Bray visited at G.C. Phelps, Friday.

Charlie Keeney of Colo visited here last week.

Miss Kissarh Phelps was the guest of Minnie Bray Saturday.

Born to Mrs. F.K. Bray Jan. 4th, a girl.

News Cullings From Kentucky.

Sebree.  For the second time in a long term of years the jail at Dixon, the
county seat, is empty.

Barbourville.  Noah Smith sent a pumpkin weighing 100 pounds in a sugar
barrel as a present to Governor Morrow.

Danville.  A thief visited the apiary of David McGinnis destroying seven
hives together with the swarms in securing the honey.

Paris.  Back fire from a truck igniting gases, caused destruction of the
county storing barn, but road machinery all was saved.

Winchester.  G. Lee Wainscott has arrived home from France where he inspected
graves of Kentuckians as state commissioner.

Jackson.  Little insurance was carried on the moving picture theater and
plant of the Jackson Times, destroyed at a loss of $30,000.

Frankfort.  Both bones of his right arm were broken when Leslie Parker was
cranking his automobile and the engine kicked back.

Hazard.  Will Napler and Rufus Combs were killed by a dust explosion
following a shot in the Lincoln cola Co's. mine at Napfor.

Maysville.  At the insistence of the United States Health Service, chlorine
in large quantities has been put in water mains to check the spread of
typhoid fever.

Somerset.  Nine hundred and fifty hills of tobacco planted by Mrs. E. Vanover
yielded $100 and next year she will increase her patch from ten rows to six

Newport.  Burglars who used a high powered touring car stole twenty-seven
cases of whisky valued at $3,750 from a vault at the plant of the Wiedemann

Danville.  J.M. Cress bought a new saddle and gave it to a boy to put in his
auto.  It was put in the wrong car, the owner of which has kept it as a
Christmas present.

Harrodsburg.  L.G. Rankla has a diamond-pointed gold pen he picked up on the
Perryville battlefield, October 8, 1862, while engaged in relief work among
the 8,000 dead and wounded.

Richmond.  The youngest bride of record at the courthouse was married here
when Miss Bettie F. Story, daughter of Brutus Story, 13 years old, and Frank
Applegate, Kirksville, were united.

Frankfort.  Jazz music at a dance across the way favored four prisoners who
sawed their way out of the county jail.  They broke into a clothing store,
outfitted themselves and escaped.

Hazard.  Jasper Combs was dangerously wounded in attempting to wrest a
revolver from Alex Gayhart, who was engaged in a quarrel with his brother,
Barnum Gayhart, at Hardburiy.

Nicholasville.  Burglars visited the Savoy theater and the Comely grocery
securing a gallon of whisky at the first and $40 at the grocery.

Berea.  Miss Lela Van Winkle whose clothing caught fire while warming at a
grate, died from burns after several days of acute suffering.

Whitley City.  In a battle with Jim Taylor and Bob and Tom Meadows, Frank
Spencer, Sheriff, shot Tom Meadows and his wound is believed to be mortal.

Berea.  The Woman's Club has planted memorial trees for John Gabbard, Dee
Walker, Gentry Kennedy, Cleveland Frost and John Harwood, who died in France.

Danville.  Ed Goode, who left his home here when 8, and has been in every
state of the Union and Canadian province, returned for the first time in 15
years for a visit to his father.

Lagrange.  Mrs. Bledsoe Pinnell filed suit for $25,000 against Miss Sallie
Smith alleging allenation of her husband's affections.

Augusta.  Mrs. Thomas Marksherry, whose preacher husband is in jail at
Covington charged with the murder of Jesse Glenn, is endeavoring to sell her
little farm in this county to provide maintenance.

Leitchfield.  George, Phil and Charley Daugherty, negroes, who were sold as
slaves at New Orleans in 1839, and since separated, joined their mother, who
has passed the century mark, for a glad reunion here.

Nicholasville.  The report of a state inspector shows dead birds in the
reservoir and mice, rats and other small animals in the open wells from which
the city's water supply is secured, accounting, possibly, for 29 typhoid

Ashland.  Two revenue officers and a squad of policemen surrounding a shack
in a secluded spot on the river in which there was a light, only to find that
supposed moonshiners were chickens, with a lantern to keep them warm.


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