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Excerpts from the Interior Journal

Interior Journal Pulaski Column Edited by Will. C. Curd Somerset, Ky., Jan. 3, 1871

Summary of Town News

An election was this day held at the law office of T.Z. Morrow, for the selection of a Board of Trustees to preside over our town during the ensuring year, and also to take the voice of our citizens whether or not they desired the Board elect to grant or withhold the granting of whisky license, which election resulted as follows: Trustees elected, W.A. Collier, Milford Elliott, M.A. Canant, M.E. Jones and John H. Woodcock. Vote for license 24. Against license 78.

This result is truly gratifying to us and we again take great pleasure in recommending Somerset to al mankind as one of the most pleasant, agreeable, quiet and orderly towns in the State of Kentucky.

New Firms

The following co-partnerships have recently been formed in our town,

J.H. Gragg and J.B. Crawford, Family Groceries, Hardware, Queensware and Confectioneries.

John P. Haley and F.H. Moss, Family Groceries and Confectioneries.

W.S. Shepperd & Frank Jacobs, Groceries, Confectioneries and Eating Saloon.

And we hear of several mercantile changes that will probably take place ere long.

Allen Jones, our Representative, left for Frankfort this morning

. R.W.S. Huffaker, our Senator, reached our town on Saturday evening and left he next morning to resume his duties at the Capitol.

J.B. Crawford, a few days since purchased form a gentleman in Wayne County, 27 fat hogs averaging about 250 at $3.75 per hundred gross, which were delivered here today.

Our next County Court, we learn, will be held in the new Courthouse.

The Missing Saddle Found.

Some weeks since Dr. David Logan, of Boyle county, had a fine horse and saddle stolen from him. The horse was soon afterwards found somewhere between this place and Stanford minus the saddle.

On Friday night last, Dr. David accompanied by his brother Robert and the Sheriff of Lincoln county, reached our town, having received information that the lost saddle was in the possession of a young man who resided about four miles from Somerset, to whose residence they started immediately on the next morning, meeting the young man, John Ham in the road, riding the identical saddle, which the Doctor recognized as an old and familiar supporter and told his business. The young man holding the saddle innocently by purchase from one John Berry Gilmore, gave it up to the Doctor willingly and he was thereupon released upon his making a statement which was reduced to writing. Stating exactly how the saddle came into his possession. All of which statements of young Ham can no doubt be substantiated as we are very far from believing that he was in any manner connected with the theft.

Sudden Death.

Berry Jones, of color, quite a noted character of our town, handed in his check on Wednesday evening 31st inst. He was at home in the act of dressing, with a deck of cards lying in his chair, threatening that the gay dance at his house should break up the protracted religious work which his colored friends were then holding, when in the twinkling of an eye, that All Powerful hand struck him dead. This should teach others of a like character to beware how they trifle with God and make a mockery of religion.

Gretna Green

Married at Traversville, Tennessee, on Monday evening, 29th of December, 1870, Mr. A. D. Hughes of our town to Miss Maggie E. daughter of Bowen Carden of Lincoln county.

Miss Maggie was in our town visiting friends during the holidays, when on Sunday evening the 28th, she quietly left the Ingram House with her affianced, accompanied by friends, that vows long since interchanged might be made Indissoluable under the laws of another State. The happy couple are now boarding at the Somerset House.

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