Submitted by to mail list and used here with permission.

The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, January 30, 1920.

Notice !  For the benefit of the business public we publish a list of the
employees of The Journal.  This is done for the reason that several jobs of
printing have gone to other places when the parties thought the work was
going to this office.  Publishers:  Cecil Williams, R.M. Feese,  Supt.
Printer: Frank Y. Pumphrey, T.L. Swinford, James Adams, Sherman Jenkins,
Misses Katherine Shadoan and Vida Chaney.

Miscellaneous Shower.  One of the most brilliant social events of the season
was the "Miscellaneous Shower," given last week by Mrs. Victor W. Lewis at
the beautiful and hospitable home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bourne Gover,
in honor of Mrs. Ben D. Smith.  The house was decorated with beautiful plants
and pink and white carnations.  The color scheme, pink and white, was carried
out in the decorations and refreshments, which consisted of sandwiches, tea,
fancy cakes, iced in pink and white, and bonbons.  Mrs. Woodson May presided
at the punch bowl.  The bride and hostess were very becomingly and daintily
gowned, the bride wearing a costume of gold Duchess satin, and the hostess
pink crepe de chine.  Many other pretty costumes were in evidence.  The gifts
to the bride were numerous and beautiful an were presented to her in a large
basket, draped with pink and white.  Two very novel features, planned by the
hostess, were two books; one a "wish book" in which every guest wrote a wish
for the bride.  The other book contained tried recipes from friends, which
will be very valuable to the bride when she takes up the study of the
culinary art.  Those present were: Mesdames Jean Smith, Paul Dexheimber, Ben
V. Smith, Neil Waddle, D.W. Scott, Chester Kiser, Wade Brown, Frank Hubble,
A.R. Humble, T.H. Monroe, A.E. Barnes, Mark Converse, E.P. Hieatt, W.D.
Gover, Dave Phelps, M.C. Williams, B.J. Bethurum, J.E. Claunch, J.M. Owens,
Will Clark, Woodson May, Terrell Waddle, Ernest Sears, O.G. Peterson, W.S.
Alexander, Frank Ingram, M.E. Burke, Owen Goodloe, Charles Colyer, Hershell
Humble, Charles Pack, F.M. Ellis; Misses Ella Mae Waddle, Bert Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Thelma Ferrell, Anne Hamm, Anis Smith, Valeria Smith, Blanche Crane,
Ella Woodward, Lou Hardin, Kathleen Kopenhoefer, Ada Gover, Barthenia Sallee
and Nannie Elliott.

Naval Reserves.  Somerset, Ky., Jan. 22, 1920.  All men who are in the naval
reserve who wishes to ship over will be given seven dollars increase of pay,
will be sent to any ship they wish also one month leave will be granted. 
Recruits that are being accepted can go to any of these ports as follows: 
Newport, R.I., Gulfport, Miss., San Francisco, Cal., Mare Island, Cal. 
Enlistments are made for two, three and four years.  Now is your last
opportunity, see the recruiting officer.  J.P. McGill, Post Office Bldg,
Somerset, Ky.

Col. Morrow In Close Place in Siberia.   Vladivostok, Jan. 13.  Factional
fighting has broken out throughout Siberia.  American forces are withdrawing
from along the Suchan Mine railway and are reported to have been engaged in
skirmishes with Siberian partisans.  A detachment of Col. Morrow's regiment,
which was preparing to move out from the Baikal district was forced to
intervene in factional disturbances yesterday, according to a report from the
Czech staff.  The only Americans now remaining in the danger zone, where
disorders are prevalent, are those belonging to Colonel Morrow's regiment. 
Their arrival here depends upon railroad conditions which daily are growing

Calls Meeting.  Ben D. Smith has called a meeting of all those who have had
dogs poisoned and others interested to be held in his office next Monday
night.  Mr. Smith has offered a reward of $100.00 for information leading to
the discovery of the person poisoning his dog.

Successful Bidders.  Thatcher & Waddle were the successful bidders for the
Gem Opera House for the year 1920.  They will continue to operate it as a
picture show.

Wilson Elected.  The Pulaski County Fiscal Court is to be congratulated on
re-electing Mr. W.C. Wilson as County Agent for the year 1920.  Mr. Wilson
has been a wonderful help to the farmers of the county and is an untiring
worker.  His work in the past several years has put Pulaski on the map and
she is going forward with rapid strides as an agricultural community.  This
is by far the best money the county spends.

Dogs Killed.  During the past week someone has been distributing dog buttons
around town and as a result several dogs have died.  Mr. Chas. Colyer lost a
very find collie and Owen Goodloe a fine bird dog.  An effort is being made
to locate the guilty parties.

Adjudged Insane.  John Webb was adjudged insane in the county court Tuesday
and sent to the Lexington Asylum. 

Basham Elected.  MR. A.A. Basham of Cleveland, Va., has been elected Cashier
of the Citizens National Bank and will arrive about the tenth of February to
begin his duties.  He comes to our city very highly recommended as a banker
and citizen.  The Citizens National Bank will open for business the 14th. 
Mr. Basham has had both State and National Bank experience.

Wholesale Coffee House.  Mr. Chas. Candler has returned from Lexington and
Cincinnati where he purchased the necessary machinery to operate a wholesale
coffee house.  He purchased about seventy different grades of coffee.  He
also purchased an electric coffee grinder.  This is Somerset's first
wholesale coffee house.

Advertisement.   Cancer Sanatorium Opened at Somerset, Ky.  Somerset, Ky.,
Jan. 27, 1920.  The Sanatorium here, formerly owned and operated by the late
Dr. James S. Anderson, Choctaw Indian, has been re-opened by a company of
local businessmen organized for the purpose of treating Cancer, Tumor and
Ulcer with Watson's Cancer Remedy, discovered a number of years ago by Dr.
F.M. Watson, who has had wonderful success in the treatment of severe cases
of cancer.  There seems to be no doubt that this institution will be a
success, as they have this wonderful remedy, competent physicians, nurses and
modern equipment in every respect.  The Watson Cancer Sanatorium will
accommodate over one hundred patients in the Main building, and there are
separate buildings for colored patients.  Those interested, may write The
Watson Sanatorium, incorporated, Somerset, Kentucky and receive a small
booklet giving full particulars as to the Sanatorium.  According to the
latest official census, there are about six millions of cancers in the United
States, and 180,000 cases in Kentucky.  The Watson Cancer Sanatorium should
be the benefactor of humanity.

Trades Mule and Cow for Car.  W.T. Cox traded one pair of mules and a milch
cow to Estill Godby for an Overland touring car.

Sells Farm.  W.C. Perkins has sold his farm of 65 acres to Roby. Johnson, the
real estate man, and moved to Science Hill.  The farm is located about a mile
form Science Hill.  Mr. Perkins has been with the C.M. Langdon store for
about twenty-five years.

L.A. Gover's sale.  Read the advertisement in another column of this issue of
the Journal of the sale of L.A. Gover to be held on his premises near end of
car line on next Friday, February 6th.  Mr. Gover is selling out his stock,
farming implements, feed, and household and kitchen furniture.  He recently
sold his farm.  Read the advertisement and attend the sale.  C.A. Mercer, the
man who sells, will be on the block.

Pulaski Diary Exhibit.  Pulaski county will be represented with a fine line
of dairy products at the State Dairy Products Show which will be held at
State University College of Agriculture at Lexington next week.  Parties who
sent cream are as follows:  J.E. King, Somerset, Mrs. J.W. Edwards, Oakhill,
Mrs. O.B. Vaughn, Pisgah, and Mrs. Earl Curtis, Somerset.  Parties sending
butter are:  Mrs. Rose Marsey, Dabney, Mrs. J.C. Stallard, Dabney, Mrs. E.S.
Hail is sending the only exhibit of cottage cheese.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. Ida Griffith of Stearns was in the city Monday.

Mrs. M.E. Burke has returned home from a visit to Louisville.

Mrs. R.S. Brinton has been quite ill for the past few days.

Mrs. Delia McGee is very ill at her home on North Main street.

A.B. Parigon of Burnside was in the city Tuesday on business.

Attorney J.M. Perkins was up from Burnside Wednesday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Haggard visited relatives in Winchester last week.

Raymond Sears has gone to Akron, Ohio, where he has a position.

Mrs. Beecher Smith will leave next week for a visit to Barnesville, Ga.

T.E. Jasper was in Lexington Friday night to witness the basketball game.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Folger have gone to Danville to make their home.

Mrs. Ella Ellis of Ghent, Ky., is visiting her daughter Mrs. G.W. Thomas.

Dr. D.W. Scott was in Burnside Tuesday night where he delivered a lecture.

Miss Ava Sellers of Indian Head was the guest of Mrs. Clyde Folger last week.

Mr. I. Harkins is up from Ashville, N.C., for a few weeks stay.  Mr. Harkins
is looking fine and his many friends are glad to see him.

Mrs. Bettie Sloan of Oakdale, Tenn., has been visiting relatives in the city
this week.

Col. Woodson May is in Frankfort today in connection with the State
Illiteracy work.

Hon. James F. Baker of Huntsville, Tenn., was in the city last weekend on

Judge and Mrs. B.J. Bethurum left this week for Frankfort, Lexington and Mt.

J.A. Cassada has been in Oakdale, Tenn., for the past two weeks on railroad

Mrs. A.J. Sears and her son-in-law J.R. Poynter were in Cincinnati last week
on business.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Foster leaves this week for Gainsville, Texas, to visit Mr.
Foster's mother.

J.B. Laskey was conveyed to the Somerset Sanatorium Tuesday threatening with

Miss Eva Crane entertained a few friends last Saturday afternoon at her home
on Griffin avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Longsworth have returned to Monticello after a few days
visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Huggins will arrive tomorrow from Danville to visit Dr. and
Mrs. A.W. Cain.

Mrs. Will Waddle is a guest of Governor and Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow at the
mansion at Frankfort.

Mr. J. Colson McKeehan of Louisville has returned home after a week's
business stay in the city.

Misses Bert and Mary Roberts will leave this week for the East to purchase
their spring line of millinery.

Miss Flora Floyd, one of the county's most popular teachers, of Delmer, is in
Somerset attending the examination.

Messrs Ed Moore and James Williams were in Cincinnati last Saturday to get a
Buick Sedan for Dr. A.W. Cain.
Mrs. A. Goldenberg has returned from Palm Beach, Fla., where she spent
several weeks enjoying the ocean bathing.

Misses Helen Baute and Bernice Addington spent last weekend in Lexington the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baute.

The pupils of Mrs. R.B. Waddle will give their mid-winter recital Saturday
afternoon at 2 p.m. at her residence on Oak street.

T.E. Jasper, the hardware man, spent several days this week attending the
state convention of hardware dealers in Louisville.

Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Tustison left yesterday for Menominee, Wisconsin, where
Mr., Tustison has a position in the Stout Institute.

W.E. Kelley, now located in Oneida, Tenn., in the milling business, was in
the city Tuesday and says Oneida is a hustling city.

Mrs. E.P. Hiett entertained a few friends last Tuesday afternoon at a
farewell party for Mrs. F.E. Tustison.  A salad course was served.

Mrs. Mattie Hyde and daughter Miss Elizabeth left Monday for Lexington where
Elizabeth will resume her studies in the Conservatory of Music.

Mrs. Charles Shadoan and little daughters Alma and Margurette, returned to
their home in Fletcher, Ohio, Sunday, after a pleasant visit with relatives.

W.A. Mensel, prosperous farmer and school teacher of Route 1 Eubank, was in
the city Wednesday and called at the Journal and ordered it to be sent to him
a year.

Mrs. Sue Owens chaperoned Misses Margurette Owens, Edna Sears, Katherine
Stoms and Jane Hardin to Lexington last Friday night to witness the
basketball game.

Captain Anderson of Louisville, representative of the Massachusetts Mutual
Life Insurance Co., has been in the city this week working with Agent Paul

Invitations have been sent out by Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Lowenthal requesting the
presence of a number of friends at the celebration of their twenty fifth
wedding anniversary on Tuesday, February 3rd, at eight o'clock.


Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Rew were called to Oakdale Thursday on account of illness
and death of their sister, Mrs. Short.

Henry A. Gable of Ft. Wayne, Ind., is in town.

R. Rozeal was in town Thursday.

Chas T. Dow of Mills Springs was here Monday.

Mrs. H.B. Lawson of New York is visiting Mrs. John Fitzgerald.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fleming of New York City are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.A.

Mrs. John Marcum fell and broke her arm Friday.

Graham Davidson has returned to College.

W. B. Jackson of Creelsboro was in town last week.

Mrs. Douglas Grider is visiting her mother Mrs. G. Bryant.

The high school gave a box supper Friday night.  Good crowd attended and a
fine time enjoyed by all.  Proceeds will go for the domestic science and
manual training departments.

The Hoffman Bros. of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, have bought out the Chicago Veneer

R.I. Littrell of Aaron, Ky., was here Monday.

The river reached 50ft and we thought Saturday it would flood the town.

Henry Hail had the misfortune to break his arm Friday.

The Ministers and Laymen Union held their meeting Monday evening at the
Methodist church.

Dr. D.W. Scott of Somerset gave an interesting lecture on "Living in Sunshine
and Shadow" at Masonic Hall Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Heber Lewis and son are visiting in Bowling Green.

Hugh M. Taylor is in Akron, Ohio.

Mr. Smith was a son of Tobe Smith and was well liked by his many friends.

Loren Smith died at a hospital in Dayton, Ohio, Sunday.  The remains were
brought here for burial.

Judge Kennedy was in town Sunday.

The Reading Club met with Mesdames H.M. Curll and W.J. Davidson Friday

B.L. Ham has returned to Somerton, Arizona.

Mr. Christopher is in Eubank on business.


Editor Feese was in Town Friday looking after the welfare of the Journal.

Ray Estes visited relatives in Stearns the weekend.

Virgil McMullin was in Somerset Friday on business.

Miss Alice Singleton and brother Clay delightfully entertained at supper a
number of friends last week.

Rev. A.K. Gooch has been very ill, but is slowly improving.

Mrs. Joe Shoop of Cincinnati, Ohio, was here visiting relatives last week.

Mrs. Mary O'Bryan has returned to Cincinnati, Ohio.

The little daughter of Mr. an Mrs. E.L. Gooch has been quite ill.

Several were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Acton last Tuesday

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hays have been visiting friends in Stanford, Ky.

Herman Wesley has returned home from New Castle, Ind., where he has been


Born to Mrs. Chester Phelps a boy.

Thelma McKinney has the measles.

Chester Gover and son are very ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Massey visited her parents at Cedar Grove Saturday and

O.H. Gibson and wife were at Pisgah Sunday.

M.P. Smith of Cedar Grove was in town Wednesday.

Misses Jennie and Anna Leese of Cincinnati are home on a visit.

Miss Emma Cowan of Pisgah is visiting Mrs. R.B. Leese.

Mrs. W.L. Cowan visited Mrs. Cleo. Elliott.

Mrs. W.H. Tibbals of Somerset spent a few days with her mother Mrs. Allen.


Mr. and Mrs. Luther Hart have gone to Kansas.

Misses Alta and Nannie Larkin visited Myrtle Purcell Wednesday.

Mrs. Lora Cook is very ill.

Archie Larkins has been visiting friends here this week.

G.M. Todd and Milton Shelby are gone to Danville.

The W.M.U met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Baker.

W.A. Voyles is entertaining his father from Tennessee.

W.S. Swink visited J.A. Ford Sunday.

H.W. Ford was a guest of his mother, Mrs. P.L. Ford, Sunday.

W.E. Haynes and family of Cincinnati have moved to Ferguson.

W.S. Swink is visiting at Trimble this week.

Mrs. Robert McKinney is visiting friends at Elihu.

Mrs. N.F. Clark has been very sick.


Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Jones are the happy parents of a 9 lb. boy.

The visitors in Dogwood Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Coral Humble of Pleasant
Hill, Albin and Oyle Humble, Lewis Cassada, Millie Humble, J.A. Dick and C.
New of Pulaski.

Mr. Decker has moved to Frazier to live.

The thieves went into the house of J.C. Mayfield and took all his meat.

A little girl, named Marie Magdoline, has entered the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Prather.


Joe Gilliland has returned from Cincinnati.

Ralph Bishop and family have returned from Colorado.

Clifford Bray fell from a sled and was severely hurt.

Miss Pearl Dykes entertained a number of friends Wednesday night.

Miss Alta Randall and J.W. Callaban were married January 14.

Mrs. Rome Randall and daughter are very sick.

Mrs. Milford Sears and children are visiting relatives at Acorn.

Mrs. Jeff Smith visited her daughter at Grundy Thursday.

Mrs. Ellen Whitson entertained several girls Sunday.

Mat Harper has moved to the Bent neighborhood.


Walter Barnes has whooping cough at his house.

Wm. Roberts and son John were in Somerset Tuesday.

Miss Ellen Ora Meece went to Lexington last week to teach school.

John Roberts went to Ind., last week to secure work.

Wm. Roberts sold a milch cow to Lee Waddle.

G.S. Barnes went to Somerset last week.


The community was shocked and saddened by the death of Eva Muse, who had only
been ill a few days and death was unexpected.  She was a quiet and lovable
girl, being a faithful member of the Nazerene church and a Sunday school
teacher, she will be greatly missed by her many friends.


Miss Ophia Burton visited in Somerset last week.

Miss Jewel Griffin of Estesburg is visiting W.M. Griffin.

Ovia Bishop went to Somerset Wednesday.

W.H. Griffin has sold his farm to W.H. Nance.

Misses Jewel and Othie Griffin were in Eubanks, Monday.

W.H. Griffin entertained a few young folks Sunday evening.

Mrs. Virgil Todd is visiting her parents this week.

Mrs. G.G Young and son, left Saturday for Indiana.


Mrs. Roena Singleton and daughter visited her sister, Mrs. Ellen Griffin.

Mrs. Judah Duncan ahs been on the sick list.

John York and Murphey Surber visited at Sherman Bullock's Sunday.

Rube Suttle is visiting relatives in West Virginia.

W.R. York visited at V.A. York's Sunday.

The James Gobell store was robbed one night last week.

Arvil Bullock visited his sister, Mrs. Henry York at Floyd Saturday and

George York the new and prosperous merchant at Estesburg was in Somerset last

Miss Dana Suttle was a visitor at the Misses York one day last week.

Possum Trot.

We were very much shocked to hear of the death of Mrs. Pete Baker.  We extend
our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family.

R.H. Humble entertained several visitors at his home Sunday.

Misses Lura and Edith Keith entertained a number of young folks Tuesday night
with a singing.

Mr. and Mrs. Bonie Ray and parents have moved to their new home here.

Mrs. Elbert Humble is now having his stave timber worked.


Measles and whooping cough are raging in this neighborhood.

Wm. McFall has sold his gasoline mill to Charlie Brown of Delmar.

We are all glad to hear that Oscar Burton, who has been at the hospital for
nearly a month, is improving and will be home soon.

Mrs. Lula Brown is very ill at this writing.

Marion Burton has moved from his father's near Delmar to Mr. Haney's house at

Capt. R.S. Chamberlain has moved in the new lodge at the National Cemetery.

"Uncle" Taylor Baker of Dabney was visiting friends at Nancy Friday.


Charlie Stevenson, Ranzo Brit, Jessie Stevenson and Charlie Tarter visited
Sam Burton Sunday.

Miss Eva Muse died of typhoid fever.  The burial took place at the Prayter
grave yard Monday afternoon.  She was the daughter of Frank Muse.  We
extended our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family.

Miss Eva Brock and Carson Stringer were united in marriage last week.  We
wish them a long and prosperous married life.

D.H. Burge is very ill at this writing.

Science Hill.

Prof. O.B. Dabney of Monticello is here to take up his contract as 8th grade

J.E. Estes and Sons have bought the store recently taken possession of by
Walter Lay and moved the Gooch and Woodall back into the newly purchased

Miss Fae Hines has accepted a position with Estes Bros.

The Science Hill school basketball team met the Somerset boys on their own
floor in a practice game last Friday night and won by a score of 30 to 8.

Robert Cabbel and Lewis Richardson made a trip to New Castle, Indiana, and
came back with the report that the city was so full of people they couldn't
buy, borrow, beg or steal a bed to sleep in, so they wandered back home.

Esker Vaught has returned home.

Mrs. Chas. Beaty has been visiting her mother at Somerset.

Mrs. Jennie Dean of Cincinnati, died January 19 and the body was brought back
here for burial.  We extend our sympathy to the bereaved ones in their hour
of sorrow.

Geo. McKinney and family visited at Ringgold Sunday.

Miss Margaret Williams was the guest of Maggie Holms Snow last week.

Messrs Ray Mercer, Sam Richardson, Wilmot Duncan, Emmet and Carl Cain, Arthur
Vaught, "Red" Kelley, Mat Hines and Prof. Webb, Mrs. A.P. Vaught, Alice Lyon,
Susie Godby and Goldie Vaught attended the basketball game at Somerset Friday

Ezra Hall has purchased the stock of groceries from J.E. Bryant.

Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Sweeney and Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Council attended the
installation of officers of the M.W. of A. at Somerset last Tuesday night.

Miss Anna Wesley of Bethelridge is visiting Rev. Bishop Wesley.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Newell and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Phelps were the guests of Rev.
and Mrs. John Godby Sunday.

C.M. Langdon was in Science Hill Sunday.


Miss Stella Shiplet and Mrs. Oma Whitaker are on the sick list.

Shafter Mayfield has returned home from Indiana.

Mr. Hessie Shiplet visited Clem Baker Monday.

James Burdine has returned from Lynch, Ky.

Mrs. Rebecca Whiteaker visited Rachel Whiteaker Saturday.

Mrs. Cynthia Burdine is in Lynch, Ky., this week.

The stork has paid two visits in our vicinity lately, this time to the homes
of Tom Arthur and W. Whiteaker and left a girl at each home.


The body of Mrs. Rosa Tucker was sent to White Lily for burial Saturday.

Sam Kenney and wife visited at Pinkney Hargis Saturday night.

Chester Tomlinson of Georgetown visited friends here Sunday.

Zula Ping has returned from Dabney.

Idella and Jessie Ping visited at J.W. Ping's Sunday night.

Lee and Estell Smiley and Otis Baker have gone to Cincinnati.


Mr. Leonard Osborne's little son, age four years, died January 24th with
brain fever.  His body was laid to rest in the Good Hope cemetery.  Much
sympathy is extended to the bereaved father and mother.

The other two children of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Osborne are very ill with
brain fever.

Ezra Todd is improving nicely.

John Acton has been very ill but is improving.

Fred Sanders will leave this week for Richmond.

Freeldon Osborne is very ill at this writing.

Beech Grove.

Arvine Phelps and Dorothy Wesley were the Saturday night guests of Lucy

Carthel Abbott who has been very ill with measles is able to be out again.

Mrs. Felix Phelps spent last week with her sister Mary Cox near Somerset.

Bud New and Abe Phelps left Sunday for Cincinnati to work.

Dorothy Wesley was the Sunday guest of Marv Phelps.

Anna Phelps spent Saturday night at the home of her son, Ross Phelps.

Mr. and Mrs. Layton Irvine visited at Charlie Godby's one night last week.

Mrs. Harvey Godby spent Friday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Worth Taylor.

Daniel Bruce left a few days ago for Louisville.


Rev. Wright filled his appointment at Pleasant View Sunday.

J.S. Woodall, Elmer Woodall and Elmer Whitaker went to Norwood Monday on

Bob Sowder visited Nelson Woodall Sunday.

F. Smith and Earl Brinkley visited J.S. Woodall Sunday.

F.T. Ping will leave soon for Bloomington, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Leander Gilliland and daughter visited Mrs. George Hargis

Misses Mary and Mattie Woodall entertained several friends Sunday evening.

Robert Whitis was in Somerset Monday on business.

Mrs. Stella Randall and children have returned to her home in Montana, after
a long visit with her parents.


Walter Upton of Indiana is here on a two weeks vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Garney Higgins and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Higgins visited at Henry
Smith's Saturday night.

Little Gladys Pike of Waynesburg is visiting her grandparents Mr. and Mrs.
W.H. Hamm.

Mrs. Hannah Moffeld is improving nicely.

Mrs. Roxie Lovelass visited Mrs. F.D. Lovelass Saturday.

Mr. Sam Morrow of Somerset was the guest of David Correll Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ovie Pike of Waynesburg are visiting relatives and friends here
this week.

Mrs. James Keith is very ill at this writing.

Rev. Dykes filled his regular appointment here Sunday.

The Baptist church had a business meeting Friday evening.  They will meet
every Friday evening for class meeting.

Mrs. Coletta Spears of Cincinnati passed through here on her way to Ansel

Misses Alva and Mattie Clark and Ovie McElroy visited Mrs. Laura Clark, Jr.,

J.B. Warrener of Waynesburg was the guest of Miss Alva Clark between trains

J.A. Coleman of Somerset was here on business last week and made his
headquarters at Mr. Correll's.

Misses Lillian Smith and Mellie Correll and Mr. Herbert Higgins left for
Richmond Saturday to enter school.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pike of Waynesburg passed through here on their way to
Mr. Hubbard's Friday.

Miss Ruth Quinton is going to Waynesburg Friday to be present at the wedding
of Estill Stanley and Miss Stella Triplett.

A number of young people were entertained at the home of Mr. Correll Friday


Miss Gertie Ware was the guest of Mrs. C.F. Collins Saturday night.

Ray Whittle and Miss Etta Hudson were quietly married at the home of the
bride's parents last Sunday morning.  We wish them a long and happy married

Mrs. Ella Wilson is the guest of her mother Mrs. J.F. Redmand.

Osborne Wilson left for Detroit, Mich., Saturday.

Miss Lizzie Sumpter accompanied her brother to Illinois Saturday where she
will make her future home.


Several from here attended church at Mt. Zion Sunday night.

John and Charles Meyers were visitors at B.C. Dause' Saturday.

Rebecca and Bertha Wallace visited B.D. Dause Sunday.

Messrs J.A. and H.F. Wallace and W.S. Pierce was called to the bedside of
their father Sunday.

J.W. Wallace had several visitors Sunday evening.

Obe Phelps has gone to Cincinnati.

Rosalie Dodson gave a singing a few nights ago.


Mrs. Jane Bray is very sick.

Mrs. Flordia Cook and children are visiting Mrs. Bell Hargis.

Measles are still raging in this vicinity.

Mrs. Zena Randall has been visiting Mrs. Dora James.


Mrs. Nannie Adams spent Friday with Mrs. Frances Adams.

Joshua Dick has returned from Cincinnati where he has been working.

Mrs. Laura Dick was a guest of her sister, Mrs. Bettie Dick, Friday.

Mr. G.W. Jasper was in Somerset on business Friday.

Daten Dick has moved on Armstrong Dick's farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Dause who have been quite ill for the past few weeks, are

Several from here attended church at King Bee Sunday.

Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams visited their cousin Mrs. Goldie Hines of Mt.
Zion, Sunday.

Misses Louida and Lola Dick spent the weekend with relatives at King Bee.

Roy Cooper and little brother of Ansel were guests at their grandfathers C.C.
Cooper Sunday.

Sweeney's Chapel.

There are several cases of measles here now.

Miss Florida Vaught is visiting at Movile, Iowa.

John Cox and wife have gone to Ind., to make their home.

Jennie Vaught visited Jane Davidson Monday.

Miss Zelma Price left for State Normal a few days ago.

Misses Beulah Hubble and Laura Davidson visited Thelma Vaught Sunday.

Oil Center.

L.W. Flynn has returned from Michigan.

Misses Tincy and Effa Flynn visited Della Lane Sunday.

Misses Esta and Josa Spaw were visitors at P.H. Lane's Tuesday.

Thomas Johnson and wife visited H.E. Johnson Thursday.


Mr. and Mrs. Sam Waddle were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bill White Sunday.

Miss Mary Gibson visited Mrs. Sam Waddle last weekend.

Misses Grace and Mae Frisbie were guests of Miss Flaura Burton Sunday.

Miss Emma Cowan is visiting her uncle, Rufe Leece, this week.

"Uncle" Bill White and "Uncle" Jim Tucker are on the sick list.

Sunday school at Pisgah is progressing nicely.

Mrs. C.D. Stigall has returned from Frazure where she has been visiting her

D.S. Claunch visited Jim Tucker Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Curtis visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Vaughn last

Misses Mable Claunch and Grace Frisbie visited Miss Mary Cowan Monday.

Mrs. Ward Tate has sold her farm to Mr. Marcum.

Valley Oak.

Flonnie Miller visited Mrs. Helton Saturday and Sunday.

D.B. Wyrick and wife spent Saturday night with H.H. Buchanan.

Wallace Ping visited Tom Price Sunday.

Born to Mrs. T.M. Garner, a boy.

D. Couch and Tom Price were in Somerset Tuesday.

Mrs. Julia Helton visited Sam Wallace Monday.

Martha Farmer visited Milliard Farmer last week.

Mrs. J.H. McKinney visited Tom Buchanan Sunday.

Mt. Hope.

Mrs. Ruth Farris visited Lola Dick Sunday.

A.M. Adams visited Bill Farris Sunday.

Marion McKee is visiting friends at this place.

Perkin Adams was a guest of Otis Wesley Sunday.

Mrs. Emly Eastham has returned from Florida.

Pina Grove.

W.R. Redmon has the measles.

L.H. Burton visited his brother, O.P. Burton Friday night.

Loretta Doss and baby were the guests of Mrs. C. Collins Tuesday.

Miss Gerta Ware was the guest of Loretta Doss Thursday night.

Mrs. Mattie Keller of Indiana is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.M. Redman.

Robert and Dovie Allen spent Saturday night and Sunday with their uncle, Dave


W.H. Griffin, J.B. Gragg and Roy Trivett were in Somerset Saturday.

Mrs. Kate Cullip has returned home from Nicholasville.

Mrs. M. Estes was visiting in Eubank last week.

Misses Doris and Lillian Gragg visited Verda Green last week.

Mrs. M.N. Griffin visited Mrs. J.E. Todd Monday.

J.E. Gragg and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Belle Trivett.


There is a lot of sickness around here.

Dewey Burdine has returned from Indianapolis, Ind.

James Raney and Tom Price visited Weck Cash Sunday.

Miles Whitaker is in Somerset on business.

Mt. Zion.

Mrs. Eliza Baugh and daughter Alma of Science Hill attended church here

Mrs. Frances Hines spent the latter part of last week with her daughter in
Science Hill.

Sister Helen Bruner preached an interesting sermon at Wilson Sunday night.

Mrs. Sam Hollars entertained her mother, Mrs. Brannon of Burnside, last week.

John A. Dick and Mrs. Vina Wilson were married January 20th in Winfield,
Tenn.  We wish them a happy life.

The revival at Mt. Zion closed Sunday night January 25th.

After spending Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Adams, John A. Dick
and wife left Monday for Burnside to make their future home.


J.C. Barber and wife have moved into our community.

J.W. Bray and wife of Ark., are in our vicinity.

The home of Mrs. Grace Phelps burned last Sunday morning.

H.F. Goodwin gave a singing Sunday night.

Mrs. C. Gregory is getting better.

Cave Hill.

Mrs. Brough and Mrs. Mullins are very sick.

Several of our boys have gone to Michigan to work.

They are drilling a second well on Eli Estes farm, first well at 460 feet hit
strong flow of gas.

Rev. Abbott failed to preach at Buncombe Sunday.


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