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Excerpts from the Interior Journal

Pulaski Column Edited by Will C. Curd Somerset, Ky., Jan. 26, 1874.
 Summary of Town News

The Railroad Commissioners left our town this morning, to condemn the right of way on the South side of the Cumberland river and to the Whitley county line.

W. McKee Fox and Maj. Wallace, returning to Somerset last evening from Whitley county.

Capt. W.A. Collier, is now engaged removing his goods to the large and commodious business house belonging to W.C. Davis, which has recently been put in excellent repair. Call and see the Captain one door below his old stand on Main street. You will always find him to be the same clever and accommodating merchant.

The Gem Comedy Troupe left our town this morning for the enterprising town of Monticello, and a number of our young gentlemen are already exclaiming, Oh ! how wearily, how wearily drags life unsoothed by the captivating smiles of the lovely "Gems."

We learn that the young Gents of Somerset propose giving a grand "Ball" at our new courthouse hall on the 23d of next month.

"Another Gem"

Another Gem was added to the Gem Comedy troupe on Friday evening last, during the play of "Fanchon the Cricket," and for one evening only, in the form of a young gentleman who travels in our section of the State for a certain wholesale house of Louisville, and the disguise not being complete his first appearance on the stage called forth the exclamation from one of the ladies of the audience Oh ! me, if that ain't Mr. F. ___ ! his part was pantomine and that of an old gentleman, however, he danced beautifully, and gracefully, and of course the ladies say he is certainly a "gem" - a rare, fine elegant jewel on the stage.

County Court.

Our County Court was in session several days last week. Judge W. H. Pettus, John M. Barnett and C.W. Richardson, were appointed commissioners to condemn the right of way for the C.S.R.R. through our county, who have entered upon their duties.

Thomas Ballow tendered his resignation as sheriff of Pulaski county, which was received and Samuel Tate appointed to fill the vacancy, who immediately executed bond according to law, and entered upon the discharge of his duties as sheriff of our county.

The County judge and Attorney, moved the court for an allowance in addition to the $200 (word unreadable) heretofore allowed them, for services rendered from the 3d Monday in October 1872, up to 3d Monday in October 1873, which motion was rejected, to which the Judge and Attorney excepted and prayed an Appeal to the Circuit Court.

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