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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, January 23, 1920.

One Killed And One Injured When Passenger Train No. 5 Hits Hand-Car on
Bridge.  SOL TURPEN, of Sloans Valley, was killed and JOHN HELTON of the same
place was seriously injured when passenger train No. 5, south bound, hit a
hand-car on when they were riding Wednesday afternoon about 3 o'clock.  The
accident occurred on bridge 61 just south of Sloans Valley.  Turpen and
Helton were both knocked off the bridge which is over 100 feet high.  Turpin
was instantly killed.  There were nine others on the car but they were not
LEWIS and CHAS. LEWIS.  Helton was brought to the Somerset Sanitarium and the
body of Turpin was brought to the Somerset Undertaking Co.

Tustison Resigns.  Mr. F.E. TUSTISON, who has been Science Instructor in the
High School for the past nine years, has resigned his position to accept a
place in the Stout Institute of Wisconsin.  This position carried with it a
big increase in salary.  The Board of Education and the patrons of the school
regret very much to see Mr. Tustison sever his connection with the school but
they feel it is quite an honor for the school to have one of its professors
picked for such an important place.  Mr. Tustison will take up his work at
Stout Institute the first week in February.

Makes Sale.  ED MOORE, the Buick Agent reports the sale of a seven passenger
Sedan to Dr. A.W. CAIN, Mr. Moore has enjoyed a splendid business since he
took this agency.

New Department.  T.E. JASPER the hardware man, has added a new department to
his store.  He has put in a line of automobile accessories and tires.  Mr.
Jasper is also figuring on an automobile agency.

Will Open Soon.  The Somerset Hardware Co. announce that they will open for
business between the first and fifteenth of February.

Buys Hotel.  Mr. L.B. LOWENTHAL has purchased the Cumberland Hotel located in
South Somerset.

Hurt Resigns.  Mr. C.A. HURT has resigned his position with the R.J. Smith
Co. and is temporarily employed at the Citizens Bank.  He has been succeeded

Appointed Agent.  Mr. L.W. GOSSETT has been appointed agent for the Indian
Refining Co. in Pulaski county, and is having several large storage tanks

Sells Farm.  Mr. J.H. NEELY of the Oak Hill vicinity, sold last week to JIM
COMBEST of the same place, his farm consisting of about 112 acres at a fair
price.  Mr. Neely has advertised in this issue of the Journal some stock and
farm implements.  See his advertisement elsewhere in these columns.

Buys Farm.  LONZO HUDSON, son of D.J. HUDSON, who has been farming near
Boswell, Ind., for the past five years, has purchased the JACK EDWARDS farm
from G.J. LORTON for $20,000.00.  This is one of the best farms in Pulaski
county and Mr. Hudson will move back to old Pulaski to make this his home. 
He was here last week on a short visit and made the purchase.

Farmers Bank Elects.  At a meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers
National Bank of this city, the following directors were elected: A.W. CAIN,
WESLEY, W.B. MORROW and W.F. WILSON.  Dr. Farmer is a new director just
added.  The directors elected the following officers: A.W. CAIN, President;
W.M. PRICE, Vice President; THOS. B. PRATHER, Active Vice President; JOHN C.
OGDEN, Cashier and EDGAR MURRELL, Assistant Cashier.  The bank reports that
at the close of business, January 19th, they had deposits of $800,000.00
which amount they had never before reached.

Officers Elected.  The directors of the Citizens National Bank, at a meeting
held last Friday afternoon, elected Mr. ERNEST SEARS, Assistant Cashier and
Miss ADA GOVER, bookkeeper.  At a previous meeting DUDLEY DENTON was elected
President and C.D. STIGALL, Vice President.  Mr. Sears is a fine young man,
with banking experience, and this is quite a compliment to him.  Miss Gover
is a niece of W.D. GOVER and has had banking experience in Montana.


BAKER.  Mrs. Sarah L. Baker, 67, the wife of Peer L. Baker, of Ringgold, died
last Saturday of organic heart trouble.  Mrs. Baker was one of the most
highly respected ladies of the Ringgold vicinity and will be greatly missed
by her family and those who knew her.  Funeral and burial gook place Monday. 
She leaves a husband and several children.

MILLER.  Thomas F. Miller, who resided with his father, O.W. Miller, on
Church street, died Sunday morning as a result of that most dreaded disease -
tuberculosis.  His wife preceded him to the grave, and he leaves a father,
mother and one small son, a bright young feller.  Internment in city cemetery
Monday afternoon.

SERMERSHEIN.  Mr. Martin Sermershein, one of the most highly respected
citizens of Somerset, died at his home on Griffin avenue, Monday after an
illness of several years.  Funeral services were held at St. Mildreds Church,
Thursday morning.  Internment followed in the City Cemetery.  Mr. Sermershein
was a farmer and large property owner and a man with many friends.

State Engineer.  Mr. DAVE PHELPS is again with the State Highway Department
and has been placed in Pulaski county for work this spring.  He is now busy
getting things in shape so the road can start as soon as the weather will

Thru With Census.  The census enumerators in Somerset have finished their
work but the population of the city will not be known for some time.  The
government will have a representative here today and tomorrow and go over
their work to see that it has been done properly and that every one has been

Buys Science Hill Residence.  Mr. BEN COUNCIL, formerly of Tennessee, but who
has been a resident of Science Hill for some time, purchased last week from
JOHN G. LANGDON his 80 acre farm near Science Hill and now has possession. 
This farm is considered one of the best, if not the best farm in the northern
end of the county.  Mr. and Mrs. Council are splendid people and this county
welcomes them as permanent residents.

Grateful to Friends.  We wish to express our since gratefulness to the many
friends who were so kind and thoughtful of CHELTON ELKINS while confined to
the hospital in Somerset.  The kindness shown will always have a warm
remembrance in our hearts and will always be cherished by us.  T.M. ELKIN and

Mrs. ETHEL KISER, the devoted wife of Albert Kiser, fell asleep in Jesus on
the 26th of December, 1919, at a hospital in Popatella, Idaho.  She was born
in England and sailed to America when but a little girl and grew to womanhood
in the sunny southland.  It was in Birmingham, Ala., she met and was married
to Mr. Kiser and they came to Ferguson about 14 years ago to make their home
where Mr. Kiser worked as a machinist in the R.R. shops.  In February, 1915,
they went to Idaho to make for themselves a comfortable and happy home where
they lived until death claimed her.  She leaves a husband and five children
in their loneliness and sorrow.  Her self sacrificing devotion to her home
and her God most assuredly merited the commendation of Him who make no
mistakes.  "He that loseth his life shall find it."  She lost her life to the
selfish pleasures of earth and earthly enjoyments that she might find the
more abundant life in Him who was her light and life.  Such a life so nobly
lived and so truly given to her Master's service renews our faith n the
doctrine of future rewards for those who live and die in Christ Jesus.  This
death viewed in the light of the needs of her home and the demands for
sacrificial service, can not easily be understood, but in the light of that
day for which all other days were made, will be fully explained, "What I do
thou knowest not now but thou shall know hereafter."  All things work
together for good to them who love God, to be called according to his
purpose."  We are willing to wait beneath the shadow until the clouds are
lifted and the light of His justice and wisdom reveal His own divine lane in
the early death of Mrs. Kiser.  One blessing from the breaking of a home
circle is that thus we are led to think of our better home.  It is when
earthly good fails us that we learn to set our affections on heavenly good,
and to the bereaved we would say, "Not now, but in the coming years, it may
be in a better land, we'll read the meaning of our tears, and there,
sometime, we'll understand."  The body was brought here for burial, funeral
services were conducted by the Rev. G.C. Sandusky assisted by Rev. W.E.
Hunter and Rev. T.C. Duke at the Ferguson Baptist church of which she was a
faithful member on January 2, 1920.  The large concourse of broken hearted
friends who attended the services, attest the deep appreciation of her life
and their abiding sympathy for Mr. Kiser and children.


Attorney Ben V. Smith of Somerset was in town last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Dugger of Tenn., have returned to our city to make their
future home.

The High School team played the town team in a game of basketball Wednesday
and won by a score of 27 to 30.

Mrs. B.B. Lowdenback was in Somerset Friday.

Mrs. Harry Waite and daughter Mary Thorne are visiting relatives in Ohio.

Burnside has a public library now which every one should be proud of.  The
Kentucky Literary Commission is furnishing the books.  Miss Doma Phillippe is
librarian and you will find the books at Miss Phillippe's millinery shop.

The Reading Club met with Mesdames J.W. Sloan and L.M. Cheely Friday
afternoon.  A delightful time was enjoyed by all, with Mrs. Bourne Gover the
only out of town guest.

Miss Sarah Reeves of Soddy, Tenn., was the guest of her sister, Mrs. W.R.
Hewlett this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rowe are visiting at the home of C.L. Hurt at Stithton,

Mr. Spradlen of Monticello was visiting W.M. Spradlen last week.

The body of George Stanley, deceased, who was accidental shot Sunday at
Stearns, was brought here for burial Monday.

Hugh Rankin and A. Patton of Monticello, were here calling on friends Sunday.

J.H. Selvidge has returned from a business trip to Newport, Arkansas.

Mrs. J.A. Spears of Sloans Valley was in town Monday.

H.M. Curill, Mgr., of Chicago Veneer Co., is in Chicago.

Mr. C.D. Hamilton of Somerset was in town Monday on business.

Graham Davidson and Percy Bryant were in Monticello Monday.


Mrs. M.G. McKiney of Elihu spent the day Thursday with her daughter Mrs.
George Cruse at Somerset.

Charles Gibson is visiting his grandmother at Pisgah.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kenney of Cedar Grove visited his sister, Mrs. Tom Owens at
Ferguson last week.

Mrs. Earl Huffman of Somerset is visiting her sister Mrs. Dock Gover at Cedar
Grove this week.


Mr. C.M. Keith had a fencing today.

Mrs. Polly Hughes of Hazard, Ky., is visiting her parents at this place.

Miss Dovie Cassada has returned home.

Bertine Worley is visiting her grandfather.

Marcus Correll is visiting home folks this week.

S.D. Nevels and family visited at C.W. Keith's Sunday.

Wm. Cassada and Nora Maxwell were united in marriage last Saturday.  We wish
them a long and happy life.

Miss Hettie and Myra Staley visited at C.W. Keith's Sunday.

Mrs. Mattie Nevels visited her mother Sunday.

R.C. Cassada visited at J.W. Nevels' Saturday night.

Pleasant Hill.

Miss Mable Hopper spent last week with her aunt, Mrs. Mary Pridemore at West

Mr. and Mrs. Jess Garner left last Monday for Indiana to make their future

Mrs. W.W. Girdler of Hustonville was called here last Saturday by the death
of the infant of her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Baker.

Miss Jewey Hines spent last week with relatives at Ringgold.

Several of the young folks enjoyed a pleasant afternoon at the home of Robert
Humble Sunday.

The people of this neighborhood were greatly shocked to hear of Mrs. P.F.
Baker dropping dead at her home in Ringgold last Saturday afternoon.  It was
just a week since they had moved from this neighborhood.

D.F. Ashley received word Sunday evening that the wife of his brother,
Charlie, died at her home in Kewanee, Ill.

John Morgan was called to Dabney last week by the serious illness of his

Miss Katherine Shadoan of Somerset was the guest of Miss Clara Girdler

Science Hill.

James Hail is home from Detroit, where he has had employment.

Miss Marguerite Dungan of Somerset was the attractive guest of her cousin
Miss Opal Baker, the past weekend.

Editor Feese was in town Friday looking after the welfare of the Journal.

Miss Stella Price returned to her home in Woodstock after a visit with her
sister, Mrs. W.N. Estes.

Miss Anna Wesley of Bethleridge is visiting her brother and family, Rev.
Bishop Wesley, of this place.

Little Hattie Hall entertained her friends Saturday afternoon with a party.

Kenneth Lester left Sunday for Ludlow to secure a position.  His wife will
join him later.

James Beaty has gone to Toledo for the winter where he has secured a

Raymond Robbins who has been visiting in Virginia returned home Friday
accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Vera Flannery and baby, who will visit their
father, W.R. Robbins of this place.

The sale of T.W. Denney was well attended and the things brought good prices.
 C.A. Mercer was auctioneer.

Miss Mae Denney will remain here the rest of the school year and complete her
high school education before joining the rest of the family, who will make
their future home in Somerset.

Mrs. Nannie Thompson of Wilmore visited her mother, Mrs. Alex Denton, a few
days last week, before leaving on a visit to relatives in Alabama.

Rev. Bishop Wesley is conducting a revival at the Mt. Zion church.

Joseph Bruner entered High School here last week.

Raymond Robbins is home to enter school again and says he is going to
complete High School after all.  Here's wishing him success.

Miss Daisy Mercer has returned from Lexington where she had an operation
performed on her ear.  She is feeling fine.

Prof. Otis Watson was in town Saturday.

M.F. Fletcher & Co. recently sold out their store building to Crawford,
Lester & Baugh and moved their stock of goods into the old Goodwin stand.

George McKinney has purchased the Ford touring car that belonged to Prof. Sam

On last Monday morning Messrs Oliver Newell, Judge Baugh and Judge Godby left
for Toledo, to work Tuesday Judge Godby caught a fast train to Somerset.  He
says that Toledo has no charms for him with eight inches of snow.  Now,
really Judge, was it the snow that brought you back?

Mrs. Boyd Ynic of Washington was the guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
H.W. Griffith last week.

Mrs. Sechrist was summoned to the bedside of her daughter, Jennie, in
Cincinnati Thursday, who is not expected to live.

Every Monday night the pupils of our school deliver a very interesting
program.  Folks, come out and help arouse an interest and make them believe
it worthwhile.

Mr. and Mrs. James Godby and children of Somerset were Sunday visitors at the
home of his father Rev. John Godby.

Mrs. John Parker of Somerset spent Sunday at W.H. Lyon's.

Bob Cobbel's chief amusement at present is trying to comprehend the mechanism
of his new Ford car.

Messrs Arthur and Harvey Hines have gone to Dry Ridge to work in tobacco.

Rev. and Mrs. John Godby and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Newell and daughter, Allie,
spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. W.P. Newell.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Lyon and daughters, Misses Emma and Alice and Miss Sue
Godby spent Sunday at W.H. Dobbs.


Rev. H.J. Ridener filled his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harper visited at F.K. Brays Saturday night.

Several from Lincoln attended church here Sunday.

L.R. Bradley visited at F.K. Brays Sunday.

Alvin Phelps of Dykes visited here Saturday.

F.K. Phelps is able to be out again.

Misses Stella and Emma Hargis were the guests of Mrs. Othar Randall last

Miss Kisarah Phelps was the guest of her sister, Mrs. L.A. Bray, Thursday.

Valley Oak.

News was received here Monday night that Galen Goff had died at Denver,
Colorado, where he had gone to restore his health.  His remains were shipped
here for burial.  He was a brother of Mrs. Tom Price of this place and we
extend our greatest of sympathy to her in her hour of sorrow.

Glen Minter and wife spent Saturday with J.H. Bobbitt.

Mrs. D.B. Wyrick visited at H. Buchanan's Wednesday.

Millie McKinney visited her sister last week.

Tom Buchanan was at Acorn Friday.

Mrs. Leander Gilliland visited Tom Price's Tuesday.

Tasso Buchanan spent Wednesday night at D.B. Wyrick's.


Rev. Todd will preach at Etna church the 1st Saturday night and Sunday in

Mrs. Craig Hall has been very ill for several weeks.

Little Hazel Watson has been quite ill, but is improving.

Howard Todd and family, John Taylor and family, and Lissie and Willie Todd,
were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Hendricks.

Joe Watson and family have moved to the farm purchased of C.W. White.

Wm. Allen and family left for Indiana last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Allen will move to the farm purchased from Chester Smith.

Addie Payne bought a small tract of land from Mack Cook.

V.T. Allen has been on the sick list.


Kit Hall of Burnside and Bill Hudson of Somerset spent a few days of last
week with friends here.

Miss Dovie Cooper of Ansel is a guest of her grandmother Mrs. C.C. Cooper
last week.

The revival which is being conducted by Revs. Waters and Bruner at King Bee
is being well attended.

Cleophus Cline and family spent Saturday night and Sunday at his uncle's Dock

Mrs. Better Hays and daughters Myrtle and Ethel, spent Wednesday with Mrs.
Lucy Jasper.

We are glad to say that Mrs. J. ?. Hendricks who has been quite ill for the
past few weeks, is able to be up again.

Ira Adams attended church at Mt. Zion Sunday.

Mrs. Isadore Dick of Poynter was visiting here a few days last week.

Miss Elfrida Irvine who was burned very badly a few weeks ago is doing

Mr. Turpin and family of Casey county visited her father Mr. Enoch Pitman
last week.

Mrs. Samuel Roy was a guest of her daughter Mrs. Ida Dick last Thursday

Mr. Aaron Hendricks spent Sunday at Buncombe with Sam West.

Several from here are attending the meeting at King Bee.


Rev. W.T. Tilford preached at the Baptist church Sunday morning and evening.

Mrs. Dunham and son of Dunville, Ky., have been visiting her sister Mrs.

George Reynolds and son, Ben, left for Philadelphia, Ohio, where they will

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Dodson entertained the young people of the senior B.Y.P.U.
last Saturday evening.

Mrs. Mary Singleton is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Green McMullin is visiting her daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Acton entertained the junior B.Y.P.U. Saturday evening.

Mrs. Willie Estes and little daughter Hazel are visiting relatives in

Mr. and Mrs. James Acton entertained several of the young people Wednesday

Mr. Demp Phelps has returned from Louisville where he has been visiting his

Mrs. C.B. Marcum visited relatives in Somerset last week.

Miss Minnie Marcum who has been visiting her brother C.B. Marcum, has
returned home.

Dr. T.J. Acton left Thursday for Cincinnati.

Raymond Carrier returned home Wednesday from Hamilton, Ohio, where he has
been working.

Miss Oma Reynolds returned home Friday from her school in Carter City, Ky.

Misses Dewey and Iva McMullin delightfully entertained at dinner Walter
Singleton of Stanford, and Clay Singleton of Detroit.  After enjoying a
delightful dinner, the young people attended the B.Y.P.U social at W.D.


W.M. Bryant died at his home here January 15.  He leaves a wife and four
children to mourn for him.  The body was laid to rest in the Cuba cemetery.

Henry Griffin and family visited M.N. Griffin Friday.

Hazel Jenkins has returned from Science Hill.

Alfred Hays and family are visiting relatives here.

Jewel Griffin is visiting W.H. Griffin.

Mrs. Sherd Bailey of Ohio and Minnie Vanhook of Covington are visiting Emery

Mrs. Jane Stout was visiting her sister last week.

Miss Elsie Harmon of Dabney is visiting Mrs. Belle Trivett.

Marion Reynolds is some better.

Master Foster Hays is visiting this neighborhood spent a pleasant Saturday
evening with Misses Mattie and Mary Woodall.

Nelson Woodall and Hubert Moore visited Bob Sowder Sunday.

Ralph Bishop and family returned Wednesday from Colorado.

Ford Whitaker, Thomas Head and Willie Hargis visited J.S. Woodall Sunday.

Misses Mattie Woodall and Zula Sowder went to Dabney Wednesday.


Mrs. P.F. Baker, formerly of Norwood, died at her home at Ringgold January

The infant child of Arthur Baker was buried at Science Hill the 17.

Ike Shepperd spent last week in Indiana.

A.R. Duncan has returned from Mississippi.

Miss Stella Burge visited the Misses Hall's Sunday.

The Keith girls entertained with a social Tuesday evening.

Mr. Roy has moved to his farm near here.

Mr. Jones of West Virginia has bought a farm of Frank Phelps.


Carson Schrinager and Eva Brock were married last week.

The teachers at Polbridge gave a social at Ezra Brock's Thursday night.

Tom Bland has been very ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kenney visited her parents last week.

Marsh Brock and Coda Floyd have gone to Dayton, Ohio.

Miss Edna Phibs was the guest of W.R. Wright's last week.

Brinkley Muse is improving slowly.

Eva Muse has typhoid fever.


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bishop and children have returned from Colorado.

Mrs. Anna Ping is improving.

Mrs. And Mrs. Mack Jenkins visited her parents Saturday night.

Miss Ella Waddle visited Miss Mary Alexander Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ping visited J.T. Price Sunday.

Ona and Maggie Lovell entertained several friends Sunday evening.


Born to the wife of John Burchfield, a boy.

Miss Mary Barnes has returned home from Somerset where she has been working.

August Dean is very ill.

Ralph Buckner was visiting William Roberts last week.

Arch Dykes and Matt Waddle will move to Somerset soon.


Rev. Wright filled his regular appointment at Salem Sunday.

A large crowd attended the last day of Eden school Wednesday.  The program
was enjoyed by all.

Bethel Adams was in Somerset Wednesday on business.

J.G. Adams has sold his farm at Mark.

Mt. Zion.

Tom Correll of Wayne County has moved to Sam Lester's farm.

The revival which is being held at this place by Revs. Wesley and Lewis is
very successful.

Mrs. Letitha Hollars and baby spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Willie Cox of Science Hill.

Sherman and Dewey Godby came home from their work at Dry Ridge last week.

Mrs. M.T. Pitman of Buncombe visited here last week.

John A. Dick has bought property in Burnside and will move in the near

J.C. Adams has bought J.M. Dick's store and will take possession Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Richardson visited her father, Jerry Wesley, in Casey
county, last week.

Mrs. Alex Dick and granddaughter spent Saturday night with her daughter, Mrs.
Virgil Baugh.

Mrs. Walter Roy and children of Hogue visited her mother, Mrs. Einda
Richardson last week.

County Court News.

W.M. Wilson of Ingle has been appointed Deputy County Court Clerk.

Elmer H. Weddle has been appointed Administrator of the estate of A.H.
Chapman deceased.

Harrison Flynn, minister of the Pentacostal church, has been granted license
to solemnize the rights of matrimony.

M.L. Jarvis was appointed County Judge Pro Tem during the absence of Judge

County Judge Jarvis appointed Wm. Link a Deputy Sheriff for Sheriff J.M.

Miss Maritta Farrell filed her commission as Notary Public and gave bond.

Oscar Godby was appointed Guardian for his brother, Edgar Godby.

J. Vincent Wesley resigned as Deputy Sheriff and his resignation was

C.E. Baker was appointed Guardian for Edith and Andy Hargis, infants of Mrs.
Dora Barnes, deceased.


Barrett Marcum has sold his farm to Joe Woolridge.

Lonnie Hudson of Indiana has purchased the farm owned by Gran Lorton.

John P. Hudson has bought the ?.?. Hudson farm.

Gran Lorton has bought the Charlie Hail property near Somerset.

The family of Potter Lester have the measles.

Miss Sallie Mills is ill of typhoid fever.

Ansel Lester and Otto Fitzgerald took dinner with John Owens and Claude ?
Jasper Sunday.

Born to Mrs. John Coleman a baby boy.

Miss Ernestine Taylor is visiting her cousins George Galen and James? Breston

Mrs. Wade Gossett has gone to Indiana for a visit.

John Dick of Hogue visited Rude? Jasper Sunday night.


Mr. and Mrs. Perry Weddle visited their daughter last week.

Mrs. Bill Roy and children of Wolf Creek are visiting her parents.

Viola Blom visited Henreta Molden Monday.

Lucy Tarter visited Viola Bathom Monday.

Mrs. Ella Holcombe and Patsa Burlord visited J.A. Tarter Tuesday.

Miss Patsa Bulord visited Mrs. Lucy Tarter Sunday.

Albert Pitman and family visited Samp Holcombe Sunday.

Stinson Cundiff and family visited Late Weddle Sunday.

Herbert Tarter is staying this week with Lucy and ? Higgins.


Albert Kiser has returned to Capatella, Idaho to close out all of his
business.  Later he will return to Ferguson to make his home.

W. S. Swink of Sweet Home, Ore., is visiting his sister, Mrs. P.L. Ford.

Large attendance at the Baptist church is causing Rev. Sandusky to rejoice

Mrs. P.L. Ford entertained the families of Rev. Sandusky, W.A. Ford and H.W.
Ford Sunday.

L.A. Gover has sold his farm and will give possession soon.

J.H. Coleman and family have moved to their new home on North Maple street at

Rev. George Owens has vacated the W.E. Kelley residence.

Mrs. P.L. Ford and brother, W.S. Swink, visited the home of Rev. Sandusky

Mt. Hope.

Rev. Waters has moved to his home near this place.

Perkins Adams visited his cousin Otis Weddle Saturday night and Sunday.

Little Garnee Adams is some better at this writing.

Sister Bruner has been preaching this week at King Bee.

Mrs. Amy Weddle visited her sister, Mrs. A.M. Adams last Wednesday.

Mrs. Maggie Godby visited at her uncle Winter Wesley's last Monday.

Charles Wesley and family have moved to Science Hill.

Rev. Waters has been assisting in the meeting at King Bee this week.


Rev. W.F. Meece filled his regular appointment at Good Hope last Sunday.

Rev. Rice Gooch and wife were the guests of Laff Brooks Saturday night and

Miss Tilda Acton was the guest at General Acton's Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Abbott were the guests of Mrs. J.T. Osborne Sunday.

Mrs. Lou Stringer is improving after an operation.

Mrs. John Kay and Hettie and Thomas Ray visited Mrs. Lizzie Gooch Wednesday.

Elmer Todd gave a singing last Wednesday evening.  All reported a nice time.

John G. Larkin and wife have been visiting relatives near this place.

Corbin Acton left last week for Kansas.

Lura and Hallie Long spent Sunday with Alta and Nannie Larkin.

Chester Long and wife spent Sunday night at his father's J.A. Long.

News Cullings From Kentucky.

Nicholasville.  Walker Miller sustained a broken arm when his horse ran away
and the buggy was demolished.

Fulton.  DeWitt Holly has been decorated with the Cross de Guerre for
gallantry in the battle of Blanc Mont Ridge.

Smithland.  Leslie Coyle, 12, shot and killed a wild cat in Trigg county
which was larger than the dog which treed him.

Winchester.  Herbert Heflin's new automobile was wrecked when it collided
with a semaphore in the street in the night.

Williamsburg.  The fourth moonshine still to be found in a week was brought
to town by Deputy Sheriff Pace and a posse but the operators escaped.

Stanford.  Mrs. Bettie McKinney, 86, died after an illness of only a few

Mayfield.  Pneumonia following measles caused the death of Miss Lela May
Heath, 15.

London.  Edward Welch, 60, prominent in Masonic activities, dropped dead at
Benham, Ky.

Paris.  A.R. Johns, photographer, who imagined he had found a substitute for
whisky, was declared insane and sent to the Lexington asylum.


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