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Hospital Notes.

Steve Gill,  brakeman, of Danville, who has his foot so badly mashed that amputation was necessary, is getting along nicely and will be able to leave the hospital in a few days.

Mrs. Wm. Sweeney, who underwent a very serious operation, returned home Saturday.

George Boyd, of Williams Siding, had a badly mashed finger amputated last Friday and returned home Tuesday.

Miss Opal Cain, who has been sick for seven weeks, is improving and is able to be out some.

Miss Julia Hamilton had her tonsils removed Saturday and returned home

Fred Catron returned home last Tuesday and is about to be out some.

George Dutton and Miss Elsie Zimmerman are assisting in the work at the Cumberland Sanitarium for a few days.

J.H. Marley, who was brought here Christmas Day suffering with hemorrhage of the stomach, returned to his home in Georgia last Saturday.

Mr. Leigh, of Ansel, was brought to the hospital Sunday night suffering with a dislocated shoulder.

Dr. C.A. Cain of Pine Knot, was in town Monday night.

Mrs. S. Tucker was brought to the hospital Tuesday night and was operated on Wednesday morning.

Marriage Licenses.  Since the last report County Clerk C.M. Langdon has issued twenty-five marriage licenses to happy couples during the holidays.  They were:  Fred B. Hail, 27, to Dora B. Jenkins, 24; Oscar Rogers, 21, to Ida Pleasant, 17; King David Dykes, 23, to Mae Williams, 17; Leonard D. Warman, 21, to Pearl Vaught, 21; Robert Olno Girdler, 21, to Opal D. Mayfield, 16; Dayton C. Story, 22, to Margaret Annie Berry, 22; Mack Stringer, 24, to Mae Arney, 25; Fred Dick, 18, to Flossie Hines, 15; William E. Smiley, 27, to Nannie M. Glover, 16; Fred Thomson, 29, to Annie Belle Adams, 25; Christopher C. Vaught, 28, to Martha Evans, 24; D. Frank Newell, 18, to Nettie B. Hurt, 20; James R. Davis, 26, to Mary B. Roberts, 19; Albie Estes, 34, to Mabel Vallandingham, 25; Wm. F. Coleman, 23, to Rosa M. Phillips, 20; John Ryan, 32, to Nina Hines, 22; James D. Adams, 26, to Katherine Bullock, 24; Wm. H. Jennings, 22, to Mary E. Bray, 16; Charles Baugh, 19, to Ada Hines, 17; James William Mounce, 25, to Juffie Francis Wilson, 25; Bernard Tarter, 22, to Sarah Myrtle Beshears, 22; Henry E. Johnson, 37, to Jennie Girdler, 19; Raymond E. Lay, 22, to Marie Dunham, 17;
Henry Hill, 19, to Colletta Dykes, 18; Andrew Lincoln Haste, 24, to Cordelia Sneed, 20.

Personal Mention. 

Mrs. James Davis entertained with a Five Hundred party last Wednesday morning in honor of her sisters, the Misses Beck of McKinney.  There were four tables playing.  Refreshments were served.

Mrs. Mattie Alexander gave a pretty Five Hundred party on Wednesday afternoon at the Kenwick Hotel. The parlors of the hotel were decorated for the occasion with pretty flowers.  There were seven tables playing.  Elaborate refreshments followed the game.

Miss Ruth Alexander entertained with a Five Hundred party Thursday evening for several of the younger set.  Three were four tables playing.  Miss Jessie Griffith of Stearns was Miss Alexander's guest for the party.

Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Barnett entertained with a six o'clock dinner Friday evening.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Barnett, Miss Delia Barnett and Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley Barnett.

Mr. Oscar Gover and son of Harriman, Tenn., spent the holidays with his sister, Mrs. Frank Ellis.

Mr. Virgil Greene visited his mother in Chattanooga Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. S.O. Whitenack of Lexington spent the holidays with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Clark.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis of Breckinridge, Texas, arrived last week for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Gover and other relatives.  Harry returned to Texas Monday.  Mrs. Lewis will remain for several weeks longer.

Miss Bertha Wolf of Aurora, Ill., returned home this week after a visit with the family of J.R. Cook.  She stopped in Louisville en route for a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Hert.

Mr. Garland Mourning of Pittsburgh, Pa., is visiting is mother Mrs. Anna Mourning.

Mrs. Susie Roberts and daughters Misses Ivy and Marguerette, returned to
Danville this week after a visit with the family of W.J. Gilmore.

Miss Marguerette Cooper returned to Georgetown College Wednesday.

Misses Ella and Cecil Gooch have returned to Washington to resume their work in the War Department.

Mr. Edward Gover returned to school at Georgetown, Wednesday after a vacation of two weeks with is parents.

Mrs. Baker Grissom of Burnside has been the guest of Mrs. Ben D. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brinkley and son left Monday for their home in Danville after spending the holidays with their mother Mrs. Mary Brinkley.

Miss Nell Crawford who was the guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Crawford, during the holidays, has returned to Frankfort where she is teaching.

Mr. and Mrs. John Cox entertained to dinner Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lewis, Mrs. B. Gover, Mrs. Ellen Tomlinson, Miss Mattie Dykes, Mrs. B. Gillispie, Mrs. Mary Brinkley, Miss Sue Bobbitt, Mrs. Delia Tomlinson, Miss
Jennie Brinkley.

Mrs. H. Mitchell King is spending several weeks visiting relatives at Lexington.

Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Feese and children spent several days with relatives in Louisville.

Mrs. Floyd Gaines has returned to Washington City after a month's visit with her mother.

Miss Nell Zachery accompanied Miss Adele Dorsey to her home in Louisville and was her guest during the holidays.

Mrs. Ernest Richardson of Perryville, and Miss Belle Moore, of West Milton, Ohio, were with Mrs. Wm. B. Hansford, Sr., for the holidays.

Miss Ella Woodward spent the Christmas vacation with relatives in Central Kentucky.

Miss Maude Bishop of Louisville, Ky., spent several days with friends in Somerset last week.

Miss Kathleen Trimble has returned to her home in Louisville after a visit
with relatives here.

Mr. Clarence Florence of Corbin spent several days with friends in the city.

Miss Flora Winfrey has returned to Louisville after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winfrey.

Mr. and Mrs. Nicol Davis and son, Morton Edmunds left on Sunday for their home in Aiken, S.C., after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Owen Goodloe.

Rev. J.D. Fallon has returned from a trip to Louisville.

Miss Blanch Kennedy has returned to school at Lexington.

George T. Lewis of Sloans Valley, Dee Nunn of Akron, O., and Dr. K.S. Lester of Louisville were the weekend guests of W.M. Lester.

W.M. Lester left Sunday for Chatham, Va., after spending the holidays with his parents on Columbia St.

Miss Helen Baute will return to Nazareth Academy today after a delightful two weeks with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. James Marcum of Helena, Montana, were in the city for a short visit last week.  They were en route to Florida where they will spend the winter.  Mr. Sam Marcum of Danville, accompanied them here.  Mr. Marcum left Pulaski County about thirty years ago and has struck it rich in the western country. He taught school here for several years.

Miss Ruth Ashurst who is attending State College, Lexington, spent the holidays with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Rufe Ashurst.

Miss Mary Belle Pettus has returned to Georgetown College after spending the holiday with home folks.

Mrs. Flora Heath of Burnside was in the city shopping last week.

Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Thompson spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Norman Thompson and little daughter Norma Jane at Danville.

Rev. T.W. Beeler is visiting friends this week.

Miss Pauline Yahnig is suffering from a severe attack of cold.

Mr. and Mrs. H.V. Cundiff entertained several friends to a turkey dinner Sunday.  There were twenty-eight in all that partook of the delicious feast. 

On last Thursday, Dec. 30, the neighbors of Mrs. C.H. Lewis gave her a surprise dinner.  The following were present:  Mrs. Garrett Cundiff, Mrs. A.J. Colyer, Mrs. Bill Cundiff, Mrs. Groclose, Mrs. C.B. McDowell, Mrs. Rufe Fisher, Miss Lillie Meece, Mrs. John Fish, Mrs. John James, Miss Alta James, Dr. Hunter and family, Mrs. Marion Dutton, Mrs. H.W. Denham and Miss Tillie Daffron.  Mrs. Lewis was greatly surprised and enjoyed the nice dinner very much.

Hon. Clarence Duncan of Monticello, Ky., is in the city today on business.

The Chautauqua Club will meet with the Misses Pettus on North Main St. Saturday afternoon, 2:30.

Mrs. E.F. Beard entertained the Five Hundred Club Wednesday afternoon.  There were four tables playing.  The prize was won by Mrs. Paul Dexheimer. Refreshments were served following the game.

Mr. W.W. Stephens of Stearns, Ky., was in the city Thursday on business.

Frazure Richardson has returned to State Univ., Lexington, Ky.

Misses Anna and Thelma Sloan, who are teaching in Georgetown, Ky., were home for the holidays.  They returned to their work Sunday.

Miss Delia Barnett returned to Pressman Home, Tenn., this week after a visit with her parents.

Mrs. India Griffith and daughter, Miss Jessie, of Stearns, were visiting in Somerset this week.

Miss Virginia Catron has accepted a position with the A.J. Joseph Co.

Mrs. Fred Fritts of Phillipsburg, N.J., is the guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Ware.  Mr. Fritts cane down for New Years and spent several days.  He returned home Tuesday.  After March 1, Mr. and Mrs. Fritts will make Louisville their home.

Cadet Joe Hardin has returned to West Point Military Academy after a visit with home folks.

John P. Hill returned from St. Louis Saturday where he had been attending a gathering of the Armour salesman.  He and Mrs. Hill left the first of the week for their home in Paintsville.

Cecil Williams returned Saturday from a weeks visit with friends in Kansas City, Mo.

George Hammond spent last week in Louisville on business.

Miss Elsie Potter has returned to her school work at Mt. Sterling, Ky.

Mrs. A. Lovett was called to Knoxville, Tenn., this week on account of the illness of her mother.

Superintendent and Mrs. R.E. Hill are nicely located in the Morrow home on Oak St.  Mr. Ben V. Smith who had been occupying this property, has moved to
his new home.

Hon. E.E. Bell, of Monticello, and Senator E. Bertram of Albany, were in Somerset Wednesday on business.

Clay Alexander has returned to his work at Vanderbilt University.

Mr. A.C. Chapin of the State College Experiment Station, has been in this city this week with County Agent Wilson.

One of the most enjoyable holiday events was the dance given by the Elks Lodge on the 30th.  There were about one hundred dancers.  William Sextette of Winchester furnished the music.

One of the prettiest of the holiday parties was given by Mrs. Ben D. Smith on Tuesday afternoon at her pretty apartment at the Colyer House.  Mrs. Smith entertained at cards and there were five tables playing.  Attractive were the decorations and most delicious refreshments were served.

Mrs. J.G. Clements entertained the Five Hundred Club on Tuesday afternoon of last week.  There were five tables playing.  Following the game dainty refreshments were served.

The many friends of Fred Catron are glad to see him out after an operation for appendicitis.

Miss Kate Reddish of Lexington has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. William

Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley Barnette have returned to Lexington after a visit with his parents and other relatives.

Mrs. Earl Cottonbrook of Cincinnati, Ohio, is visiting her parents.

Mr. W.O. Goodloe of Lancaster spent the holidays with his daughter Mrs. W.W. Carter.

Morris Harkins returned from Chicago this week where he has been buying goods for the Fair Store.

Delaney Roberts left Monday to enter the Eastern Kentucky State Normal at Richmond.

Mr. Beecher Smith is in Battle Creek, Mich., at the Sanitarium there, for treatment.

Mrs. R.E. Higgins will entertain with a tea Friday afternoon from 2 to 4:30 in honor of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Higgins of New Carlisle, Ohio, and Mrs. Harry Lewis of Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Waddle and children spent several days in Monticello.

Miss Bess Crawford spent several days in Monticello the guest of Miss Ruth Kennedy.

Mr. Walter Staples of Texas is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Crawford.

Misses Mocella Vaught and Bess Crawford have returned to Hamilton College, Lexington, Ky.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kimball have taken rooms at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Weddle on Main St.  Mr. Kimball is with the First National Bank.

Miss Lucille Link has returned to Lexington after a visit with relatives here.

Mr. Robert G. Richardson has returned from a trip to Paris, Ky.

Mrs. E.A. Hail and baby of Oneida, Tenn., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.Y. Padgett.

Mr. Dayton Story and Miss Annis Berry, both of this city, were married at the home of the bride on the 22nd of December.  Immediately following the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Story left for Springfield, O., where they will reside.

Miss Clara Colyer who is teaching in St. Louis, Mo., spent the holidays at home.

stop at burnside

Burnside.  Oscar Gover and son of Harriman, Tenn., were guests of his sister, Mrs. John Sloan, this passed week … Prof. Mills of Atlanta, Ga., spent Christmas here the guest of Miss Willie Prater .. Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Williams and daughter of Bradford, Pa., are guest of Mrs. E.C. Rankin.  Mr. and Mrs. Williams are en route to Cuba, where they will make their home … Miss Bess Crawford of Somerset was the guest of Miss Ruth Harvey on Tuesday of last week … Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Pollitte of Danville were guests of Mrs. W.S. Phillippi during the holidays … J.L. McKechnie of Lexington was in town Monday and Tuesday of last week greeting friends.  Jim is always welcome back home … Misses Mustava Rankin of Danville were home for Christmas … Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lloyd were hostesses to thirty-two guests for Christmas dinner, their relatives from far and near were present and a very happy family reunion was enjoyed … Miss Obera Lowry of Nicholasville was the attractive guests of Miss Grace Beaty this last week …. J.J. Crutcher spent part of the holidays with relatives in Wilmore … Thurman Helm of Danville was calling on Miss F. Rankin last week …. Miss Carrie Mae Upton of Bowling Green was the guest of her sister, Mrs. J.H. Lewis this past week … Miss Allie Skipworth of Sherman, Texas, is making the G.L. Smith family a visit … Fred Perdue of Nashville is home this week … Mr. and Mrs. Baker Grissman of Erlanger were guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.O. Lewis this past week.  Mr. Grissman has returned home but Mrs. Grissman will be here about a month … Mrs. C.S. Choinski of Pine Bluff, Ark., has been with her sister, Mrs. W.H. Jones, who has been very ill for several weeks …. Dumont Stigall, post master of Frazier, was in town Wednesday of last week on business … Miss Edna Young spent the holidays with relatives in Owensboro … Mrs. O.P. Tucker and Miss Irene Fitzgerald of Danville visited their mother Mrs. John Fitzgerald this last week … Mrs. Lum Harvey of Somerset was the guest of Mrs. J.M. Lloyd Tuesday …. W.R. Hewlett is in Unionville, Tenn., in charge of one of the F.& O. cedar mills and will be away for several months … Mesdames E.A. Harn and A.C. Cameron were
hostesses to the Reading Club Friday afternoon.  A very delightful afternoon
was enjoyed … Mrs. G. Fagaly and daughter were in Lawrenceburg, Ind., this passed week with relatives …. Miss Ruth Harvey was the charmin hostess to a
program dance Christmas night.  Quite a number of out-of-town guests were present … Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Humphrey, of Stanford, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Johnson and their many friends this weekend …. J.J. Crutcher and Miss Edna Young of this city were married at the home of the bride in Owensboro Wednesday, December, 29th.  Immediately after ceremony they went to Louisville for a few days, then returned home.  The very popular and happy couple have made their home in Burnside for several years, both being employed by the Cumberland Grocery Co.  Their many friends extend hearty congratulations and many good wishes … The girls basketball team is very happy over the decided victory won over the Monticello girls team on New Years night in Monticello.  Our team is composed of the following: Misses Lucille Fitzgerald, forward; Thelma Fitzgerald, forward; Nina Beaty, center; Ethel Tuttle, guard; Lora Fitzgerald, guard.  Our girls played a very fast game, showing much skill in handling the ball.  The expert guarding of Tuttle and Fitzgerald kept their forwards from scoring, and the forwards handled the ball just right with Beaty at center to send the ball just where she wanted it, making victory safe.  Beaty made five field goals and Fitzgerald made three, winning the game 16 to 0.  The Monticello girls played a splendid game and were cordial in their reception.  We anticipate the pleasure of a return game at an early date … Dr. K.S. Lester passed through town Saturday en route to Bakerton … Mrs. Nellie Pitchford of Oklahoma is the guest of Mrs. Will Jones … Mrs. N.I. Taylor and Mrs. F.C. Sloan were shopping in Somerset Monday …. Mesdames L.M. Cheely and J.J. Crutcher entertained the Y.P.M.S. at their regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening … Mrs. C.C. Greeno and daughter spent the weekend with Mrs. Ralph McCracken in Lexington … Laban Dobbs of Dallas, Texas, was the guest of his uncle, J.M. Lloyd Monday, en route to the oil fields in Windy City …. A.C. French was in Cincinnati on business last week … Mrs. Harvey Graham and daughter Mrs. Robt. Graham, of Mansfield, O., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Waite this weekend …. Miss Ruth Harvey returned to Hamilton College, Lexington, Tuesday after two week vacation … Miss Mary Warriner of Seventy-Six spent the weekend at Seven Gables Hotel en route to her school at Lexington …  E.A. Harn was in Akron, O., with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Curtis most of the week. Miss Leona has returned to her school near Cleveland after two weeks visit at home … The Cumberland Transportation Co., has secured two divers who are working on the steamer Celina which sunk last week and will have it raised and ready for repairs this week … J.W. and F.C. Sloan, Chas. Baugh and Val Southwood have been exploring the oil fields this week … Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Prather have rented the Perkins flat on Grandview
Ave … H.A. Gable returned on Monday from Fort Wayne, Ind. …. Mrs. G. McWhorter and children of Danville returned home Sunday after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Kelsay … The Women's Home Missionary Society held their regular monthly meeting with Mrs. R.O. Lewis Wednesday.

Irvins Store. Mr. Albert Wilson of Russell Springs and Miss Chloe Hopper were married last Friday … Daniel Roy and family visited her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Tarter, last Sunday … Robert Wade has returned to Winchester to school after spending the holidays at home … Dr. J.B. Tarter and family of Russell Springs spent the holidays with her father and mother Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Wade … Syl Anderson of Ono, visited his sister, Mrs. Mary E. Wade, Sunday night …. Mr. Lester Smith is recovering from small pox.  All of his family except one have it …. Mrs. Nora Bradshaw visited her father's folks last Saturday night … There is a meeting going on at Free Union Church, conducted by Rev. C.F. Breeding … Grady Hammonds has moved to the Uncle Jim Withers place at Salem … Estel Hopper made his regular call at Emmett Hammond's Saturday evening. We expect to hear wedding bells before long …
Santa Claus made his yearly call in this neighborhood and left lots of toys for the kiddies and they are all happy .. Mr. Festus Wade our post master and merchant is doing a good business and getting a lively trade … T.B. Wade and family visited her father Mr. D.M. Haney of Ingle last Sunday .. There are several cases of whooping cough in this neighborhood at this writing … Mrs. Floyd Wilson has a new girl baby … Mr. Luther Chumbley made his regular call at D.M. Honey's Sunday afternoon … Mrs. Bertha Gosser is no better at this writing.

Ansel.  There is singing at Charter Oak every Saturday night and Sunday … Mr.
and Mrs. G.S. Smith visited Lafe Smith Sunday … Chas. Elliott and family
spent Christmas at Argyle .. Mrs. J.E. Wilson visited Lola Smith Monday …
Mrs. Ollie Wilson visited Dorothy Wilson Friday … Ransom Vaught and wife
spent Saturday night and Sunday with W.S. Campbell .. Mr. and Mrs. G.
Hardwick visited J.E. Wilson's Sunday … There is Sunday School at Wilson every Sunday morning .. Ansel school closed Friday .. Ansel and Lewis Smith and Mitchell, Oliver, Edgar and Claud Wilson and Raymond Baugh and Dewitt Spears visited Tom Wesley Sunday night.

Acorn.  W. Cash is no better at this writing … Misses Ona Smotherman and Ophia Phelps visited Floe Cottongim Saturday night and attended church at Whetstone Sunday … The wife of Mr. George Barnett is very low at this writing …. Mrs. J.J. McDonald is on the sick list …. Mrs. Nelson Mayfield and children were Sunday guests at Mrs. Vanloe McDonalds … Miss Phia Phelps took
dinner Sunday with Mary Langford . Rev. H.J. Ridney delivered a good sermon at Whetstone Sunday.  His text was "Go and Do" … There is a revival going on at The Bent conducted by Rev. H.J. Ridner.

Sweeney's Chapel.  Brother Wells filled his regular appointment here Sunday and Sunday night … Virgil Chaney and family visited Ben S. Crow's Sunday … Orlando Price and family of Pennsylvania, are spending a few weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Price … Mr. Hawk was in Tennessee last week on business .. Jennie Cundiff left last week for a visit with her sister Mrs. Wm. Baker of Illinois … Mrs. Edgar Hubble spent Sunday with Mrs. Chas. Swearingin of Science Hill … Mr. E. Wright was in Somerset Saturday on business.

Catherine.  Mr. Willie Combest and D. Combest went to Middlesburg College Sunday.  They will stay four months in school … There was a musical entertainment at Sherman Shelton's on Saturday night … Mr. R.C. Luttrell will finish teaching the Liberty school out .. Mr. Tilman Otcorn is clearing at this time for Mr. Tom Combest … Mr. Herbert Gosser and family of Dry Ridge visited Crit Gosser's Christmas … Mr. Jacob Dause and wife were in this vicinity Saturday and Sunday.

Bent.  A revival meeting began here Sunday night conducted by Rev. H.J. Ridner … J.W. Steele was in Somerset Monday on business … Misses Sallie and Minnie Stogsdill of Bobtown are visiting relatives here … Misses Catherine and Vannie Alexander were pleasant guests of Nora Childers on Saturday night … Mr. and Mrs. George Phelps and little son, and Zula Hargis visited at J.W. Steele's Saturday …. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hargis and children of Indianapolis, Ind., have returned home after a visit with relatives … Mrs. Pearl Bullock is home from Cincinnati … Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Adkins of Indianapolis, Ind., are visiting relatives here … James Phelps of Bobtown is attending the "revival" here … Miss Lela Hargis was the guest of Stella Hargis Friday night … Mr. Scott Meece visited Kisarah Phelps Sunday … Miss Minnie Bray visited at J.W. Steele's Friday night … Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Randall spent the day Saturday with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Randall.

Oil Center.  Mr. Wm. Maclin departed this life last Tuesday morning after about two years illness.  Mr. Maclin was a good citizen and was a faithful member of the Fishing Creek Baptist Church.  He leaves a wife and eight children and a host of friends to mourn his loss.  His remains were laid to rest in the Fishing Creek grave yard Wednesday …
Carrie and Clara Norfleet of Bernetta, visited their aunt, Mrs. Minnie Lane, Saturday and Sunday …. Mr. R. Meece and Leo Webb were here Saturday … Mrs. J.L. Humble visited her sister Mrs. Nannie Ellis Saturday … Some of the boys of this place attended Sunday school at Ringgold Sunday.


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