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Gov. Morrow Starts War On Bootleggers, Will Put Them Out of Business.  Frankfort, Ky., Jan. 24 - War on bootleggers was proclaimed today by Governor Morrow in a proclamation calling on the people to ally themselves against the outlawed traffic," and a personal letter to every sheriff, chief of police and county attorney in the State.   The Proclamation.  "To the People of Kentucky, Greetings:  The strength of any State is determined by the courage and character of its citizenry.  Today the power of the State to enforce law and maintain order is brazenly, notoriously and impudently challenged by the scandalous and open violation of the prohibition law.  The moonshiner and bootlegger and those allied with them are determined to make their will superior to the law of the people of the State.  The open violation of the prohibition law brings to Kentucky and its people not only the known evil of intemperance, but there has come with it, through it, and as a part of it, the intimidation of men and women, threats of violence against all who oppose it, perjury and subordination of perjury and past experience of the country shows that those engaged in this business do not balk even at debauchery of public officials charged with the enforcement of the law.  This lawbreaking
power strikes at the source of all public authority.  Confronted with this situation, I call to the conscience of the Commonwealth.  I appeal to every law enforcing officer to exert the utmost energy and determination in its execution and enforcement.  I call upon the people of Kentucky, upon its men and women, upon the leaders of thought and conduct, to unite; to cooperate and to throw their irresistible power upon the side of the law, order and decency.  The will of the people of Kentucky must, and shall be made superior to the purposes of an outlawed traffic.  The power of the bootlegger and the moonshiner must be made to bend before the authority of the sovereign law of the Commonwealth.  This the 24th day of January, 1921.  Signed, Edwin P. Morrow, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Letter to Officials:  Frankfort, Ky., Jan. 24.  "As one of the chief law enforcing agents of your county, and as a fellow public servant chargeable also with the enforcement of the laws of the commonwealth, I write you concerning the present shameful violation of the prohibition law in Kentucky.  I believe in the high integrity; in the capacity and courage of the State's law enforcing agents, and I feel that you will be glad to lend every power of your energy and your office to the suppression of this outbreak of lawlessness.  In the enforcement of this law I believe you will have the support of the right-thinking men and women of Kentucky, I believe that a quickened and aroused public sentiment will rally to your assistance.  We can and we must accept the challenge so flauntingly offered, and having accepted it, we must re-establish the supremacy of the laws of the land."  Edwin P. Morrow, "Governor of Kentucky"      Governor Morrow would do well to turn his attention to conditions in his home county.  It is said that bootlegging is on the increase in Pulaski County and that no effort is made to break it up.  Many reports come in from all sections of the county that church meetings are disturbed by boys and young men who are in an intoxicated condition.  Stills are flourishing in many parts of the county, it is said.  There is some talk of a mass meeting to be held in Somerset at which time steps will be taken to break up this illicit sale and manufacture of liquor.  One great trouble it is claimed by the friends of law and order is that the limit of the law is not given those who are arrested and brought to trial.

Vaughn.  Mr. William Vaughn of Russell Springs, Ky., who had been spending the winter with his daughter, Mrs. A.R. Humble, died at the home of Mrs. Humble last Friday.  He was 90 years of age and had been in feeble health for some time.  Funeral services were held at the Humble home Saturday afternoon by Rev. W.L. Clark, pastor of the First Methodist Church, of which he was a member.  The body was taken to Russell Springs Sunday for interment.  Mrs. A.R. Humble and Mr. O.B. Vaughn both of this city, are his only surviving children.  He had made it a practice for several years to spend the winter with his children here.  Mr. Vaughn was one of the leading citizens of his county.

Hamilton - Smith.  Miss Edra Hamilton of this city, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hamilton, and Mr. Harry Smith, of Bowling Green, Ky., were married at the Baptist Church parsonage last Wednesday afternoon by Rev. W.E. Hunter. 
Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith are graduates of the D&D Institute at Danville, Ky., and are very popular young people.  Following the ceremony the happy couple left for Bowling Green for a short visit before going to Chicago, Ill., to
spend several days.  They will make their home in South Kaukawana, Wis., where the groom holds a good position as a machinist.

Unknown Man Buried.  The unidentified man who has been in the morgue of the Somerset Undertaking Company for the past month, was buried last week in the city cemetery.  His identify was never learned.

Leveradge.  Thos. H. Leveradge, age 22, died at the Somerset Sanitarium on the 23rd.  His remains were shipped to Barren Fork, Ky., for interment.

Utilities Hit By Ordinance Passed By Council In Establishing Old Rate.   The City Council at a meeting Monday night passed an ordinance to put in force the old rates on electric lights, water and car service and set March 1st as the date for the change.  The vote stood four to two in the matter.  Mr. Pumphrey and Mr. Day voted against the change and Norfleet, Cox, Haynes and Silvers voted for it.  Mr. Day and Mr. Pumphrey were in favor of giving the company a little more time to adjust their affairs for the change.  If there
was any reason for giving the increase several months ago it still exists.  As there has been no reduction in the price of labor or material to amount to anything as yet.  The ordinance last meeting night was referred to a committee composed of Cox, Norfleet and Haynes, but they refused to make a report other than they had decided to let the Council vote on the matter.  They made no report for or against the ordinance but when the vote came they all voted for the ordinance.  Mr. Shotwell, the manager of the Utilities Co., was present and made a talk against returning to the old rate at this time.  He said that Somerset was the last city in the state to give the company a raise and now was the first to take it off.  He said that practically the entire raise was given to the local employees of the company who have been underpaid.  Total fire claims amounting to $15.00 for December allowed.  W.B. Morrow granted permit to erect a building at foot of Wait's Hill for the hosiery mill.  There was the usual discussion about the streets and their condition.  Work is now being done on College and Main.  The attention of the Chief of Police was called to the conduct of a number of young men of the city on the streets every night.  He was ordered by the Council to break up loafing and to see that certain practices were stopped.  No mention was made of the election of a Tax Collector, much to the regret of several candidates

Underpaid Are Teachers of Somerset.  Pay Less Salaries Than Other Places.   A survey of all fourth class towns in Kentucky shows that teachers in the Somerset City Schools are paid less than any other fourth class town in the state.  The average in all other cities of this class runs considerable higher than the salaries of local teachers.  Somerset teachers were very poorly paid until last year when the City Board of Education gave them a considerable raise but with this increase they still are far from getting a wage commensurate with the work they do.  It has been a hard matter to keep good teaches here on account of the higher wages paid elsewhere and Somerset has lost several teachers on this account.  It is said that several are contemplating resigning at the end of this school term.  Somerset has been very fortunate in the personnel of its teaching force.  We do not believe there is a town in the state with better teachers.  We want to keep them and if it takes more salary let's give it to them.  We can't cripple the schools for the sake of a few dollars.

The Modern Dance.   That modern dance steps menace civilization and that apathy of Louisville parents toward the evil indicates a deplorable state of affairs, were assertions made in the course of a sermon by the Rev. Dr. J.V. Logan, pastor of the Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church, yesterday.  Unless the good citizens in various communities assert themselves, Dr. Logan said, there will be a general let down of morals that in time will ruin the country.

Congratulations.  Mr. Thomas M. Thatcher, the well known movie man, is receiving congratulations from his friends on his 72nd birthday anniversary which he celebrated Tuesday.  Mr. Thatcher received several telegrams from friends and relatives wishing him many more birthday anniversaries.

Wesley.  It has just been learned here that Mr. John H. Wesley, a former citizen of Somerset, died at his home in Glendale, Arizona, last week.  Mr. Wesley moved to Arizona several years ago for his health.  He was back last summer on a visit.  Mr. Wesley had been in bad health for some time.

Change in Business.  Messrs A.E. Barnes and Chas. Adams have purchased the interest of Hoy McClure in the firm of A.E. Barnes & Co., General Merchandise, Somerset, Ky.  The new firm will be known as Barnes & Adams.  All accounts owing to A.E. Barnes & Co. must be settled at once so as to wind up the affairs of this company.

To My Friends.  I have sold my interest in the firm of A.E. Barnes & Co., to Messrs A.E. Barnes and Chas. Adams.  The new firm will be known as Barnes & Adams.  I ask for them a continuance of the splendid trade which the old firm has enjoyed.  Hoy McClure.

McClure Sells Out.  Mr. Hoy McClure has sold his interest in the firm of Barnes & Co., to Messrs Barnes and Adams.  The style of the new firm will be Barnes & Adams. Mr. McClure will devote his time to farming.

No Credit.  The three garages in the city have announced that after February 1st, there will be no more credit extended.  Business will be done on a cash basis altogether.

Sells Out.  Mr. V.D. Roberts sold his farm and fertilizer business this week to Dr. R.C. Sievers of Stearns, Ky.  Mr. Roberts will give possession of his fertilizer business at once but will keep his home until summer.

Attending School.  Otto Adams and Fred McDonald, ex-service men from this county, are enrolled in the short agricultural course at the State Univ., Lexington.  Their expenses are paid by the Y.M.C.A.

Phones Cut out.  Over one hundred telephone subscribers were without service on the morning of the 21st, that many having failed to pay their phone rent at the time required by the telephone company.  A great number made a pilgrimage to the office during the day and paid up and now the delinquent number is very small.

Give Prize.  W.C. Kenyon & Sons have written County Agent Wilson that they will give another fine Hereford calf for a prize in Pulaski County this year.  This calf will go to the club member making the best grade in growing calves.  Other prizes will be given for hog growing, chicken growing, etc.

Family Prosperous.  Mr. W.M. Brummet of Somerset, Ky., has purchased a house
and lot in Norwood, O., for $4,000.  Mrs. Lizzie Brummet of Somerset has purchased a Ford car.  Everything in Norwood is very dull at present.

Royal Neighbors.  The Queen City Camp, No. 4898, Royal Neighbors, held public installation services in their hall last Tuesday evening.  There were about two hundred present including members of the order of Modern Woodmen and invited guests.  Mrs. Minnie Dungan called the meeting to order and stated the purpose of the gathering and then turned the chair over to Mrs. Mary Carr, who acted as installing officer.  The following are the new officers: Oracle, Mrs. Minnie Dungan; Past Oracle, Mrs. Bess Hargis; Vice Oracle, Mrs. Pearl Love; Chancellor, Mrs. Winnie Day; Receiver, Mrs. Mattie McClure; Inner Sentinel, Mrs. Mary Yottee; Outer Sentinel, Miss Lela Cruse.  Following the installation of offices Mrs. Nannie Phillips, Ceremonial Marshal, installed the Graces and presented their banners.  The Graces are: Faith, Mrs. Grace Meece; Modesty, Mrs. Bertha Clark; Unselfishness, Miss Pearl Burton; Courage, Mrs. Edith Gover; Endurance, Mrs. Zona Withers.  Speakers during the evening were State Deputy J.W. Dehart of Louisville; National Lecturer W.F. Gilroy, of Canton, Ohio; Judge R.C. Tartar and C.B. McDowell.  As a token of their faithful service Mrs. Dungan and Mrs. Chas. Hamilton were presented with a
silver sandwich tray.

Rents Building.  Mr. T.V. Ferrell has rented his store room in the Masonic Building to Messrs Thos. McGraw and Aaron Rubin of Danville, Ky., who will open a first class pool and billiard hall here about March 1.  These gentlemen propose to spend something like $5,000 in fitting up the place which will be modern in every particular.  There will be a reading and waiting room in the building and a lunch counter.  Mr. Ferrell will begin next week to close out his stock of goods and will have  large "ad" in The Journal telling about his big sale.  He says the goods must go at once and he will sell every article at a great sacrifice in price. 

Still High.  It is a peculiar thing that coal mines are closing down in different parts of the state, claiming there is no sale for their product, and still the price remains the same as it was all last year.  The price has dropped in nearly all towns except Somerset.  Coal companies have their salesman on the road, trying to get orders and we find no reduction in the retail price.  What is the matter?  Other commodities are dropping.  Why does coal stay up?

Is Appointed.  Royce Flippin, son of Judge W.N. Flippin, has been designated for entrance examination to West Point Military Academy.  Mr. Flippin is now a student at Centre College, Danville, Ky.  He will take the examination in the spring.

Marriage Licenses.  Three marriage licenses were issued from County Clerk Langdon's office during the past week.  The happy couples are:  Charles Wright, 21, to Rebecca Epperson, 17; William S. Morehouse, 45, to Stella Wiley, 25; Virgil McGahan, 21, to Edith Carney, 22.

Hospital Notes.

Gerald Doolin, who had the misfortune of being thrown from his wheel last Thursday afternoon and breaking his leg between the knee and ankle, is doing nicely.

Mrs. Mina York of Eubank had a 14 lb. 9 oz. tumor removed last Saturday and at present is doing nicely.

Mrs. Robert Keith of Ferguson was operated on Sunday afternoon for appendicitis and is getting along nicely.

Mr. Creekmore returned to his home at Yamacraw Sunday.

Mr. Bill Jones who was brought to the hospital Monday night, having fell from his engine at Ferguson, is suffering some slight injuries.

Miss Daisy Mercer, of Science Hill, who was operated on for appendicitis, is getting along nicely.

Mrs. Chas. Curtis who is at the hospital, is getting along nicely.

Miss Ellada Massengale, who was operated on for gall stones, is improving slowly.

Miss Ethel Martin returned to her home at Stearns, Sunday.

Mr. Hudson, of Shafter, is here for medical treatment.

"Tweedy" Dutton, who has been very sick, is slowly improving.

Homer Leverage, who was brought to the hospital for tubercular meningitis, died Sunday morning and his remains were shipped to Barren Fork.

Mrs. Zola Dykes, who was operated on for appendicitis, died Friday morning.  Her remains were shipped to Monticello.

Personal Mention.

Miss Ruth Flippin will leave Sunday to enter Georgetown College.

The many friends of Gerald Doolin, son of Dr. H.S. Doolin, will regret to learn that he fell from a bicycle last Friday and broke his leg in two places. He is at the Somerset Sanitarium.

News has been received here that Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sheldon of Pocatello, Iowa, have moved to Salt Lake City.  Mrs. Shelton before her marriage was Miss Ruth Sallee.

Miss Laura Floyd of Stanford, Ky., who has been attending the Somerset School of Business for the past three months, has returned to her home and accepted a position in the County Clerk's Office.

L.E. Meece, Supt. of County Schools, was in Frankfort this week attending a meeting of the State Superintendents of the State.

W.H. Phillipi was in Frankfort this week on business with the Frankfort Chair Company.

Mr. O.G. Peterson spent Monday in Danville on business.

William B. Gragg was in Paris this week on a business trip.

Mr. Ward Faulkner is in Louisville attending the meeting of the State Hardware Dealers Assoc.

Miss Edna Sears entertained Saturday, January 22, 1921, with an afternoon party in honor of Miss Fan Johnson of Corbin, Ky.  A delightful two course luncheon was served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. O.W. Swaim.  Those present were Misses Ella Mae Waddle, Thelma Waddle, Belle Hines, Pearl Lowenthal, Isabel Hardin, Margaret Owens, Jane Hardin, Margaret Dunagan, Lois Ann Bolin, Ruth Alexander, Katherine Stoms, Elizabeth Ingram, Fan Johnson, Mrs. John Carr.

Mr. Bryant Perkins of Carlisle was in the city this week with friends.

Mrs. V.B. Stone is spending the week with relatives at London, Ky.

R.D. Stephens was up from Oneida, Tenn., this week for a short visit.  Mrs. Stephens accompanied him and remained for a longer visit.

Mrs. Beecher Smith entertained the Five Hundred Club last Friday afternoon.  Following the game a two course luncheon was served.  The following were present: Mesdames Will Waddle, Ed Waddle, R.B. Waddle, J.B. Bolin, R.P. Rout, Chas. Cundiff, O.W. Swam, Ray E. Higgins, Mattie Alexander, William Adams, M.E Tate, J.B. Prather, and S.A. Owens.

Little Mary Mitchell King, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.M. King, is very low with tubercular meningitis and her recovery is doubtful.  Mr. and Mrs. E.C. King; Mr. S.D. King, and Miss Louise King, all of Lexington, have been with Mr. and Mrs. King since the illness of Mary Mitchell.

Mrs. Mary Braneau of Lexington has been at the bedside of little Miss Mary Mitchell King.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wallen are visiting in Danville and Greenville.

Mr. O.G. Peterson is spending several days in Chicago.

James Denton Jr., spent last weekend in Lexington.

Messrs T.E. Jasper, C.M. Miller and Ernest Horrell, local hardware dealers, are in Louisville attending a meeting of the Hardware Dealers Assoc.

Beecher Smith returned Saturday from a three weeks stay at Battle Creek, Michigan, where he had been undergoing treatment.  Mr. Smith says that he feels much improved.

Miss Marietta Farrell is spending several days in Paris, Ky., with friends.

Mrs. Elmer S. Hughes will leave Sunday for Cincinnati and Chicago to attend the spring millinery openings and to purchase goods for her store.

Mr. J.G. Dikeman is in Washington, D.C., on a business trip.

Morris Cundiff was down from Lexington last Friday for the day with his father and brother.

Lawrence Longsworth came down from Lexington Friday to consult his brother on business matters. Ralph is manager of the Longsworth Construction co., who are building quite a number of homes in Lexington.

Mrs. M.C. Williams and Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr., entertained the Chautauqua Club last Saturday afternoon.  Following the business hour refreshments were served.

Geo. Joplin was down from Lexington Sunday for a few hours with friends.

Mrs. Ida Davis has returned from a pleasant visit with her sister Mrs. Joe Harris in Knoxville, Tenn.

Mr. and Mrs. George Hamm have returned to Somerset to make their home after spending a year in Mt. Vernon, Ill.

The Ira A. Watson Salvage Co. is the name of a new store to operate in Somerset.  They will occupy the store room formerly used by Meece Bros.

Burnside News.   Miss Nell Tyree of Pulaski and Mrs. Eva Taylor of Dallas, Texas, were the guests of Mrs. C.J. Davis last week ….  Miss Bess Goggin of Somerset was the guest of Mrs. R.O. Lewis and Mrs. L.M. Cheely this weekend .. Mr. and Mrs. N.I. Taylor were at home to The Charade Club Friday evening.  A very enjoyable evening was spent … The Mission Reading Circle met with Mesdames J.W. Sloan and L.M. Cheely Friday afternoon with a very large attendance.  The program was made very interesting by a study book being given by Mrs. E.A. Harn and Mrs. Heber Lewis following a splendid reading by Mrs. N.D. Stigall, made by Mrs. Taylor. The hostesses delighted their guests by serving a delicious salad course … Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Fisher and daughter of Somerset were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Miller this week … Lindly Mitchell is home again "bossing" the town for a week … Miss Eliza Tuttle of Cincinnati spent the weekend at home … Miss Elizabeth Allen spent the weekend at her home in Somerset. Miss Majorie Thompson was her guest … The Boys Midget basketball team was all smiles Friday night after winning the game with Somerset by a score of 7 to 3.  The line up was very well matched, but our boys skill in handling the ball, swift team work and with Dudley and Smith very accurate in hitting the goal, out played their opponents.  The points were made by Smith making two field goals and Dudley 3 fouls.   The line up: Chas. Fitzgerald, center; Steele Dudley and Raymond Smith, forwards; Cecil Perdue, Jasper Dillian, Joe Vaughn, guards.  The good fair feeling of sportsmanship prevailed throughout the game and we hope the Somerset boys will come again … Mrs. A.G. Jones and son spent the weekend with relatives in Junction City and Danville … J.H. Parrigin was in Somerset Saturday on business … Miss Pearl Bradshaw was with her sister in Parksville, Ky., over Sunday … The little boys basketball team played Monticello Saturday night in Monticello, being defeated by score of 2 to 0.  They are a game bunch and
take defeat with the same spirit as victory … Mrs. H.H. Beaty and daughter spent Saturday and Sunday in Somerset with relatives … Mrs. N.I. Taylor is with Mrs. John McKenn in Washington, D.C., this week …. Mrs. McKenn is recovering from a very serious illness … Jos. Arenstein of Cincinnati was in town on business last week … Rev. W.T. Overstreet was called to Perryville Saturday to conduct a funeral for a friend … Mrs. T.B. Grissom and son returned to her home in Erlanger, Wednesday, after a months visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.O. Lewis … W.D. Humphrey of Stanford, formerly of this city, is in the hospital in Danville having underwent an operation Sunday night for appendicitis.  His many friends are glad to know he is recovering nicely.

Scelean.  Mr. George Webb moved from Somerset down near this place last week … George Carter's house burned one night last week …. Tobacco growers of this section are in Lexington this week to sell their tobacco … Mrs. Ben Albertson's father and mother visited them Saturday night … Mrs. Albertson and Winnie Burgen were guests of Mrs. Maud Wilson Monday afternoon … Mr. Lonnie Burgen, Earl Garner and Winnie Burgen were callers of Misses Eva and Edna Webb Sunday afternoon … Mr. and Mrs. Webb were the guests of Mr. Jaccarles Sunday afternoon … Mr. Bud Burgen and family were visitors of his mother Saturday and Sunday … Miss May Simpson will start for Richmond to attend school next week.

Science Hill.  Last week was real spring weather here … The school here will be out February 4th … Herman Godby and family of Wilson Chapel, moved here last week … Blaine Langdon is having his house re-covered … Sister Bruner will return from Nashville, Tenn., this week, where she was called on account of sickness … J.C. Adams had a sale Thursday Jan., 27 … Sister Eva Carpenter, a missionary from India, will preach Sunday and Sunday night, Jan. 30, at the Nazarene Church … Miss Daisy Mercer, daughter of C.A. Mercer, was taken to the hospital at Somerset and operated on for appendicitis last Friday … Willie Newell and Willie Casada have rented the farm of J.C. Adams bought of Willie Cox … J.C. Adams bought property in Science Hill known as Uncle Zack Hall property and will move in the near future … The singing still continues at the Methodist Church on Saturday nights … There was a preaching at the Baptist Church Sunday night … Mrs. Bastain is still on the sick list … Aunt Polly Hargis is very ill and not expected to live long … Brother Willis preached Sunday and Brother B.M. Wesley Sunday night at the Methodist Church … The Missionary Society met Sunday night and rendered a good program and decided to give a  donation to help the starving in China.

Clear Fork.  Mrs. R.M. Eubanks was visiting relatives at Pnobscott last weekend … Mr. Carlisle Gooch and family were the guests of Green McMullin's Sunday … Rev. Mullens filled his regular appointment at the Baptist Church at Clear Fork Sunday ….  Luther McMullens and family of Eubank and Mr. and Mrs. F.T. Singleton were the attractive guest of Elbert McMullen's Monday … Miss Lona McCoy and Miss Bertha Hicks visited at Allen Kissee's Sunday … Mr. Henry Osborne returned to his home in Illinois Monday after a short visit with his brother L. Osborne … Mr. Henry Eubanks and wife are spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. Green Gooch … The mumps and measles are still raging in this vicinity … Mr. Jasper Prince is slowly improving after a severe backset of the mumps … Mrs. B.L. Greer visited relatives on Fishing Creek Monday … Everybody in this vicinity are rejoicing to see the beautiful days of January and are preparing for their 1921 crops. 

Coin.  Mrs. Rosa Whitaker and Mrs. Geo. Hargis visited J.S. Woodall's Sunday … Misses Zula and Zela Sowder visited Mr. Tom Eldridge's Saturday night … Misses Mary and Sophia Woodall went to Dabney Monday … Miss Marie Whitis is attending church at Short Creek … Mr. Stanley Noe visited J.S. Woodall's
Sunday … Mr. Chas. Williams was in Somerset Saturday … Mr. Jim Brinkley visited J.G. Adams Sunday … Misses Jessie and Unte Gilliland visited Oscar Adams Saturday … Mr. Raymond Moore and wife and Ethna Moore attended church at Short Creek Sunday  … Mr. J.S. Woodall visited George Hargis Sunday afternoon .. Mr. Elmer Whitaker visited Geo. Hargis Sunday .. Mrs. George Hargis visited Jim Moore's Monday … Mr. Blaine Sowder and family visited Mr. Dyer's Sunday … A few from here attended church at Flat Lick Sunday … Mrs. Helen Ryer visited Jake Sowder's Monday.

Nancy.  Mr. and Mrs. Coral Tartar are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine girl in their family .. Mrs. Margaret Albertson and Mrs. Lue Molen visited at Mrs. Talmage Clifton's last Thursday afternoon … Miss Anna Combest spent last Sunday with Mrs. Margaret Albertson … Mrs. Aggie Johnson is very sick at
present … Mr. V. Turpen is getting ready to ship two car loads of hogs this week … Miss Laura Simpson is visiting her sister at Lexington this week … Mrs. Dealle Burton is very sick at this writing … Farmers of this vicinity are very busy plowing. They are going to raise some products no matter how low the prices may be … Mr. W.D. Dalton has been plowing extensively with his tractor.

Slate Branch.  Rev. Scott, of Wilmore, filled his appointment here Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Malinda Ashbrook visited at Ferguson Thursday and Friday … Mrs. Wash Brewster is still on the sick list … Olmo Girdler is moving to Mattie D. Prather's farm …. S.F. Ashbrook visited friends at Ringgold last week … John A. Jones bought from John Brown a span of mules …. Mrs. Iona Dungan visited Doretta Mills Sunday … Miss Jessie Gregory of Monticello is visiting her sister, Mrs. Sam Abbott … Mr. and Mrs. Everett Cundiff and daughter visited Mr. and Mrs. James Kenney Saturday …. James Kenney has sold his farm to Bill Jones of Delmar.

Cave Hill.  Rev. Crough will preach at Sardis Saturday night and Sunday … Rev. Geo. Thompson is teaching a class in vocal music at Charter Oak … Harvey Back's folks are all up and about but one little boy, improving slowly … Rev. Erastus Vaught attended Sunday School at Briery Sunday … Sam West and others have been hauling rock last week and piking some bad mud holes on the Ansel Road.

Soules Chapel.  Mr. C.T. Cundiff and S.B. Smith were in Danville last Saturday on business … Mrs. Marvin Talley gave a party last Friday night and all who were present had a nice time … Miss Katherine King spent Saturday night with Helen Cundiff … Miss Mabel Cundiff accepted a position at McElroy's store last Saturday … Mr. Fred Fisher spent the Sunday with Mr. Marshall Cundiff … Misses Elsie and Emma Placke spent Sunday with Nora Meece … Miss Fay Garland was in town Saturday shopping … Mr. Ralph Smith has been in Crab Orchard for a few days … Mr. Sam Carol is building a house in this vicinity … People are very much disheartened over the low prices on tobacco … Mr. C.T. Cundiff sold two nice calves for 6 cents a pound … Mr. K.D. Dykes purchased a horse from Nile Cundiff Monday … Mr. Ed Vanhook was the guest of Miss Joie Kidd Sunday afternoon … Rev. Wesley filled his regular appointment at Bradley Chapel Sunday … Mr. Gordon Harrison spent Saturday night and Sunday with his grandmother Mrs. Belle Gover.

New Bethel.  Fred Ashbrook has gone to North Carolina for his health .. Mr. and Mrs. Coy Abbott visited Mr. and Mrs. Elza Phillips Saturday night … Miss Jessie Gregory is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. J.S. Abbott … Mr. and Mrs. Fred Prather, Mr. and Mrs. Velasco Girdler and Ben Lair and David Cundiff were Sunday guests at Rev. J.S. Abbott's … Dewitt Hudson is in a very serious condition and the doctors say he will have to be operated on … Silas Jones and wife are spending a few days with his grandfather here … Dewey Brewster and Mary Burton both of this place, ran away last week and have not returned yet … Coral Humble of Pleasant Hill was in this neighborhood on business last week … Mrs. Lonnie Hudson and children spent Saturday night with her brother .. Otis Bolin sold seven pigs to his father last week for $50 … Fount Bolin will ship his silage cattle Wednesday.

Oil Center.  Bro. D.P. Dixon departed this life January 17 after several weeks of illness, and was buried the 19th at the Lee graveyard near Nancy.  He leaves a wife and three children, besides a host of friends to mourn their loss.  He will be greatly missed by all who knew him ..
Mrs. Della Beasley is visiting her mother, Mrs. P.H. Lane …. Several boys and girls attended the singing at Mr. Mattles Norfleet's, of Bernetti, Saturday night … Mr. Roosevelt Mounce made his usual call on Miss Eugenia Cooper Sunday .. Mr. Lee Webb and Frank Carney were in Oil Center Saturday night .. The sale at Mrs. W.M. McLin's was well attended.


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