January 21, 1921
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Waterloo.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Emerson visited their son, George, Tuesday night … Mr. Vola Maupin visited his sister, Mrs. H. Rainwater, Monday night … Mrs. Dica Schoolcraft visited Mrs. Lester Emerson Tuesday night … Mr. Herbert Rainwater and Mr. Sherman Dick left on Thursday for Lynch where they will work … Mr. Turner is moving to the property of W.W. Molden … Mrs. Geo. Emerson visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ragle Monday … Mrs. Martha Emerson visited Mrs. Martha Sievers Monday … Mrs. Zelotus Dick visited Mrs. A.W. Rainwater Thursday afternoon … Miss Pearlie Emerson visited her brother Wednesday night … Mrs. A.W. Rainwater has been on the sick list … Mr. Elmer Schoolcraft and Mr. L.B. Sievers were in Somerset Monday … Mrs. Lester Emerson visited Mrs. Ethie Rainwater Friday afternoon … Mr. George Morris and family have been visiting in this vicinity … Pearl Emerson has been visiting her sister Mrs. R. Cooper … Lutonia Dick visited at C.R. Rainwater's one evening last week … Miss Alma Cooper visited Miss Pearl Emerson Friday night … Annie Sievers visited Pearlie Emerson Saturday evening … Miss Alma Cooper visited Miss Audrey Rainwater Saturday …. Miss Maude Henderson has been visited her father Hershel near Ingle … Master Holt Jasper of Beech Grove is visiting his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Rainwater …. Dica Schoolcraft visited Alma Dick Sunday.

Valley Oak.  Rev. Cummings filled his appointment at Flat Lick Saturday and Sunday … Uncle Bill Whitson is very sick at this writing … Tom Eldridge and wife were in Somerset Thursday on business … Mrs. H.H. Buchanan and son, Tasso, spent Tuesday at W.C. Wyrick's … Born, to the home of Glen Minter, a girl … Mrs. John Hansford and children visited her sister, Mrs. D.B. Wyrick, recently … Simpson Stogsdill of Shopville was in this neighborhood Saturday …. Misses Leona Griffin and Sallie Ledford were Sunday guests at H.H. Buchanan's … Stanley Farmer and wife visited at her father's Sunday … D.B. Wyrick and Henry Farmer were in Somerset Wednesday  … J.H. McKinney was in town Saturday … Bob Anderson and family spent Sunday at Green Woodall's … William and Leona Griffin attended a birthday dinner given for Herbert Whitis the 16th of this month … Miss Mag Price visited her sister, Mrs. W.J. Brinkley, last week … Ray Edwin, little son of Andrew J. Hargis and wife, died on the 10th of this month, after being sick only three days, and was buried the 11th. Funeral services were conducted at Flat Lick by Rev. Wesley, of Science Hill, and the little body was laid to rest by other relatives.  The parents have the sympathy of all, but may they find consolation in the knowledge that God doeth all things well.

Clarence.  Mr. Hiram Britain and family were guests of Mr. Geo Osborne's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Stringer visited at A.J. Hamm's Saturday night and Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Abbott were guests of John Ray Sunday … Mr. F.M. Brooks is visiting in Tennessee …. Mr. Cecil Measel was the guest of Mr. Ben Barrens last week … Mr. and Mrs. Fred McWilliams visited at Mr. John McWilliams Sunday .. Mr. Charlie Scott is better at this writing … Mrs. Rachel Long and Annie Osborne were guests of Mr. David Benton's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Cicero Acton were guests of John Osborne's one night last week … Mr. Burrell Walker and family were guests of Mr. Nathan Shelby Sunday .. Mrs. Mollie McKinzie and daughter Reca, visited at Mr. Joe Major's Saturday …. Mrs. Sarah Vanover was the guest of Mr. Jacob Sander's Thursday … Mr. Alonzo Wheeldon departed this life January 10th.  Interment was made in Olive Cemetery Thursday …. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Major were guests of Joe Major's Sunday … Mr. Edbert Abbott was the guest of Geo. McWilliams Friday night.

Ingle.  We are enjoying some very fine weather …. Mr. Aaron Brown sold a farm to Mr. Bradley for about $1,800 … Mr. C. Gossett sold a farm to Mr. Oscar Brown for about $2,000 … Misses Gertrude and Ida Kissee visited at Rev. Aaron Wilson's Sunday … Mrs. Elizabeth Allen is worse at this time … Mrs. Floy Kissse is worse at this writing … Mr. Will Delk and family visited at Mr. Jefferson Brown's Sunday … Mr. Otha Coffey and Mr. Arch Davenport shipped a fine hogshead of tobacco to Lexington Saturday to be placed on the market … Mr. G.A. Tarter, Mr. A.T. Roy, and Mr. J.A. Roy shipped their tobacco to Lexington to be placed on the market … The farmers are plowing for their spring crops … Mr. T.L. Pitman and wife spent most of the week visiting relatives in Russell County … Mrs. Della Schoolcraft and Lucy Roy are better at this writing.

Delmer.  Mrs. C.M. Brown and daughters Rena and Grace were Wednesday evening guests of Mrs. Nannie Brock … Tip Burton traded a horse to Dock Hislope for a mule … Mrs. Alice Hislope and children were guests of Mrs. Otto Fitzgerald Wednesday evening … Paul Muse was the visitor of Oscar and Tye Stephenson Wednesday night .. Mrs. Cleo Baker and Mrs. Cloda Baker were guests of C. Fitzgerald's on Tuesday …. Gertrude Floyd and Hugh Fitzgerald were visitors of Mrs. Electa Floyd Thursday …. Mrs. Cloda Baker was the guest of Mrs. Luther Muse Wednesday … Mrs. Dona Barker and her daughter-in-law, Edith, were
the pleasant callers of Mrs. Mollie E. Muse Tuesday afternoon … Mary Beatrice and Lillian Fitzgerald were guests of Mrs. Alice Hislope Sunday evening … Brother and Sister Stover were guest of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Wright of Trimble Wednesday and Thursday … Chas. Owens had the misfortune of losing a cow last week … Mrs. C.C. Burton and children were Tuesday guests of Mrs. Cora Brock .. Mrs. Louisa Sharp has been visiting her sister Mrs. Mary A. Hudson … Reta Hudson visited her aunt one night last week … Mrs. Cleo Baker has been visiting Mrs. Bent Baker.

Pisgah.  Glen Heaton spent a few days last week with George Reese … Mrs. John Tucker called on Mrs. Lula Frisbie Saturday …. Mrs. D.S. Claunch and daughter Mable spent Saturday with Mrs. C.A. Gottshall of Somerset … Miss Cassie Jordon is ill with typhoid fever … Misses Grace and Mae Frisbie and Marie Edwards and Messrs Fayette Edwards and Harvey Gover were guests of Misses Mabel and Thelma Claunch Saturday night … Mrs. Nan Gholson spent Tuesday night with Mrs. D.S. Claunch … Mr. and Mrs. Glen Heaton and little daughter Beulah, visited at Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Heaton's Sunday … Joe and Harley Claunch visited at Sam O. Cowan's Wednesday … Mrs. Bill White and Mabel Claunch called on Mrs. E.S Heaton Sunday afternoon … Uncle Bill White is on the sick list … Mr. and Mrs. Boone of Somerset have moved to the Francis Harris property … Sam O. Cowan has his store completed and will be ready for business in a few weeks.

Goochtown.  Lonzo Wheeldon, who has been very ill for a long time, died Wednesday, January 19, and was buried January 20. Funeral services were held by Rev. Jim Cummings at Olive Church.  He leaves a wife, three children and many friends to mourn their loss … J.L. Jones of Casey County and Edgar Wheeldon and family visited Will Pumphrey's Saturday night … Mr. and Mrs. C. Griffin and Rome McMullin were the guests of Jim Anderson Saturday night … D. Whittier and family visited Sherod Eubanks Sunday … Brack Payne has purchased a phone.  He will soon be a member on the Farmer Telephone line … Henry Osborne, of Illinois, is visiting home folks here … Miss Stella Anderson is attending school at Eubank.

Tick Ridge.  We are having some pretty weather in this vicinity … Mr. Ethley Ragle's were guests of Mr. Irvile Sayers Saturday night … Mrs. Mary J. Vaughn, Mrs. M.J. Sayers were guest of Mrs. Lener Wilson Friday evening … Mr. Mitchell Roy visited Willie Wilson Saturday evening … Mr. Beckham Garner visited Mr. Hobert Wilson Thursday night … Mrs. Mary Hunley visited Mrs. Lener Wilson Thursday … Mrs. Mary J. Vaughn visited her mother, Mrs. Silas Dause, Sunday …. Miss Irene Dause visited Miss Francis Sayers Sunday night … Mrs. Ida Wilson visited Mrs. M.J. Sayers Sunday … Mr. R.M. Wilson and son, Delmer, visited Mr. Joe Vaughn Sunday evening … Mr. Elmer Combest visited Mr. Russ Wilson on business Saturday afternoon … Mr. Joe Vaughn and Mr. Man Adams visited Mr. Edd Dause Sunday morning.

Cedar Knob.  Hester Apple has returned home after visiting her uncle near Somerset …. Mrs. G.M. Gadbery is staying with her daughter Mrs. Clifford Baugh, this winter, and is very ill at this writing … Mr. and Mrs. Roy Apple visited W.S. Apple last week … Misses Ida and Ina McKee, twin daughters of Marion McKee, is visiting relatives around here … Misses Charity Leula New and Gertrude Butte visited Eaton Haste Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Herman Watson and baby are visiting W.S. Apple this week … Hester and Gladys Apple and Ida and Ina McKee visited Mrs. Clifford Baugh Tuesday … Sarah M. Weddle was the guest of Clutha Adams Saturday night … Hester Apple entertained a number of the young folks Sunday afternoon.

Faubush.  There were two sales in Faubush Saturday. The property of Jim Burkett was sold and also the property of Shell Molden.  A large crowd attended and everything sold for a good price …  The farmers are hustling these pretty days fixing for a big 1921 crop ….. Mr. Elbert Tompkins of Kavito visited his sister Friday night and attended the sales Saturday … Mrs. Lucy Tarter is very ill at this writing … Mr. C. Whittle of Sunshine visited Dr. Hughes last week … Mr. John McBeath and Mr. Frank Tarter called on Mr. Silas Wilson Thursday evening … Mr. and Mrs. W. Norfleet visited Sump Halcomb Saturday night … Shell Roberts is improving … Bart Marcum visited Lafe Jones last week … Mr. and Mrs. Willie Jones and Elbert Hoosier spent Monday night at S.P. Rainwater's … L. Tarter is clerking in Claud Barker's store … Laura Gaines and Elbert Hoosier attended the sales in Faubush Saturday …. Wesley Tarter visited his brother Melvin Tarter last week … Viola Bertram is spending the week with her mother, who is very ill … Mrs. Sarah McDaniel who has been very sick, is reported better now … Mr. J.A. Tarter was in Russell County last week.

Catherine.  We are having some rainy weather around here at this time … Mr. Marise Welse has got the mumps at this time … A.M. Wilson bought a fine rooster from Vester Kissee for $1.50 … Mr. Tilman Otterson visited Willie Pitman Sunday … Mr. Oscar Pitman visited his brother, Albert Pitman, last week … John Dause asked in his neighbors the fore part of the week to help him run the rabbits out of his wood pile … Mr. Logan Wilson was through this part of the county swapping horses … Mr. Emmett Hammonds has been plowing with his tractor.

Ansel.  The singing closes here next Sunday … Miss Martha Wilson spent Saturday night with Lillian Smith .. Mrs. J.P. Emerson and children and Miss Sophia Campbell of near Mintonville, visited relatives here last week .. Mrs. Hettie Elliott spent part of last week with her father, J.D. Wilson .. Mary Vanhook and Elsie Adams visited Winnie and Ophia Wilson Saturday night and Sunday .. Miss Martha Adams of Mt. Hope spent Saturday night with Colutha Adams … Mrs. Lola Smith visited Isabell Wilson Thursday afternoon . Lillian Smith spent Sunday night and Monday with Ella Vaught … Mable and Herbert Manning visited Oliver Wilson Sunday … Mrs. Artie Campbell and Mrs. Ella Vaught visited Dorothy Wilson Saturday afternoon .. Celestia and Mary Price spent Saturday night with Nanny Wilson … Misses Lizzie and Dorothy Jasper of Hogue attended the singing here Sunday.

Irvins Store.  They are having a good old time revival at Clear Fork this week conducted by Rev. Joe Smith and Rev. J.R. Grider … Ed Withers house burned down last Wednesday night … Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Wade visited their daughter Mrs. Ada Tarter at Russell Springs, last Thursday … Mrs. Bertha Gosser died of tuberculosis and was buried in the Union Cemetery … R.L. Bowman made a business trip to Somerset last Friday … Miss Bertha Hatfield of Russell Springs visited her sister Mrs. Ella Gosser of Brady last week .. T.B. Wade has been quite ill for a few days but is able to be out again … Ben McGowan and family have moved to Babe Hammond's place near Brady …  Squire Holt and wife visited her parents, Mangum Harris and family last Sunday …
Buford and Rupert Wade visited their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Wade last Monday night … There has been a singing going on at Union all last week.

Clarence.  Mr. Charlie Scott is very sick at this writing with pleurisy and pneumonia … Mr. Marian Brook has gone to Tennessee to visit relatives … Miss Zula Sandridge was a caller at Miss Retna Todd's one night last week … Mr. Geo. T. McWilliams and Mr. Fred McWilliams spent Sunday at Mr. John McWilliams … Mr. S. Thompson spent Wednesday night at his grandson's, Virgil Thompson … Rev. J.L. Davis and wife spent Friday night and Saturday with Mr. S.F. Larkin .. Mr. Hirma Brittain and family visited at G.M. Osborne's Sunday … Misses Laura and Hallie Long visited at Mr. Jim Long's Friday night … Mr. Bill Ison and wife visited Mr. Jake Sander's Sunday … Mr. Lewis and Grover Thompson were callers at their brothers Mr. Virgil Thompson Saturday night … Mrs. Lizzie Gooch and children were visitors of Mr. John Osborne Sunday … Mr. Cicero Acton and wife were guests of Virgil Acton's Saturday night … Rev. James Todd was a caller at Mr. Andrew Hamm's Sunday … Mr. Dewey Stringer and wife have returned from Cincinnati and are not visiting her father … Mr. Herman Larkin was the guest of Mr. David Allen's Saturday night … Miss Loney Lanson is going to stay this coming week with Mrs. Dorenda Todd … Miss Esta Abbott began a winter school at Thompson last Monday week … Mr. S.G. Larkin and family visited at Leonard Osborne's Wednesday night ….. Rev. J.L. Davis will hold meeting Sunday, Jan. 30, also Sunday night.

Ruth.  Farmers of this vicinity are busily preparing their corn and oats
ground … H.C. Warren of Alcalda has moved to J.B. Smith's farm … Miss Gertie Tomlinson was in Somerset Monday … Mrs. Pierce Simpson is on the sick list … A large crowd attended prayer services at Clay Hill Sunday night … Several from here attended church at Piney Grove Sunday and Sunday night … George Baker has moved from Marshal Simpson's farm to a farm near White Lily … Mr. Dome has moved into the home vacated by George Baker … Several from this vicinity are preparing to take the common school examination the 28th and 29th of this month.

Elrod.  Farmers in this vicinity are very busy plowing and preparing for their crops … Chas. Warren has returned to his home from Stanford, Ky. … Lincoln Bumgardner visited his aunt, Mrs. Florida Davidson near Sweeney's Chapel, Tuesday night … Mr. Jeff Anderson still makes his regular calls at Tom Alexander's … Chas. Denny visited his brother, Jim Denny, Saturday and Saturday night … Edna Bumgardner spent Friday night with Marie Bumgardner … Joe Carter and father was on Flat Lick Saturday … Miss Beatrice Vanhook has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Vonnie Vanhook at Flat Lick … Mrs. Rebecca Smith and sons, Willie and Alfred, visited at W.H. Bumgardner's Wednesday … Mr. Fred Vanhook moved Friday to the Marcum Vanhook place … Misses Della Anderson and Beatrice Vanhook were the Saturday night guests of Miss Lola Poynter … Mrs. G.W. Bumgardner and baby visited at William Poynter's Sunday .. Among the visitors at J.M. Carter's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Randolph and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Poynter … Mr. Logan DeBord and family were the Sunday guests of Mr. W.P. Smith's … A birthday dinner was given in honor of James Vanhook Saturday … Mr. Fred Vanhook and family visited Joe Vanhook's Friday night … G.W. Bumgardner traded mules with Othel Sears this week … Mr. and Mrs. John Randolph and son, Quinton, visited at G.L. Bumgardner's Sunday … Miss Mae Bailey spent Sunday with Miss Byrl Poynter … Mr. and Mrs. John Randolph visited the weekend at J.T. Randolph's … Mr. Drew Bailey and wife and baby is visiting his mother Mrs. Bailey … Rev. Cummings filled his regular appointment at Flat Lick Saturday and Sunday .. Mrs. Eads spent Saturday night with Mrs. Bailey.

Oak Hill.  Mr. Sam Waddle visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. G.G. Waddle Sunday …. Mrs. Will Massey and children called on Mr. and Mrs. Phelps Saturday night …. Mrs. Lucy Lorton visited Mrs. L.L. Frisbie last week … Misses Lelia New and Beatrice McKee are visiting relatives in Wayne County … Misses Grace and Mae Frisbie were guests of their cousins, Mabel and Thelma Claunch Saturday night … Fay Neeley and son Arthur, spent Saturday night with his sister Mrs. Allie Nicholas … Ova Casada spent Sunday night with Grace Frisbie … Mr. and Mrs. McKee were guests of O.L. Wilson's Sunday … Mrs. Loveless purchased the
property of J.E. Neely last week for $1,200 … Mrs. L.T. Frisbie spent Sunday with Rev. and Mrs. Jacob Mayfield  … Sunday School is progressing nicely … Miss Cassie Casada of Alpine, Ky., spent Friday night with her cousin Ova Casada … Ova Casada, Bertha Neely, Grace and Mae Frisbie were guests of Rendye Nicholas Sunday …. Edd Neeley visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. John Neeley, Sunday … Harvey Gover and Marie and Fayette Edwards called on Mabel and Thelma Claunch Saturday night … James Tucker spent Friday night with his cousin, Oscar Casada … Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith entertained a number of friends Sunday … Mrs. Lucy Lorton and Mrs. L.T. Frisbie spent Thursday night with Mrs. B.C Gholson … Mrs. B.C. Gholson is visiting her children and relatives in Wayne County … Mr. and Mrs. Lillard Taylor Visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Combest Sunday.

Floyd.  We are having some real fine farming weather at this time … Miss Jewell Griffin returned to Lockland, Ohio, Sunday after spending two weeks with home folks. She was accompanied by little Miss Marcene Anderson … Mrs. Belle Trivett who has been quite sick for several weeks, has gone to her son's W.E. Trivett to stay awhile so as to be close to Dr. Warren as he is going to give her a daily treatment … Mrs. Roy Trivett and children and Mrs. Little of Tennessee, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Trivett and family … M.C. Higgins was in Somerset Sunday night … Mr. and Mrs. F. Surber were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. E. Todd Saturday night and Sunday .. Mrs. Ellen Murphy of Mark, Ky., spent the weekend with her sister Mrs. Susie A. Eubank who is quite sick … Mr. and Mrs. M.N. Griffin and son were callers of her grandmother … The visitors of Wm. Vanhook, betterknown as "Uncle Bill" Sunday were Mrs. Ellen Murphy and grandson, Bee., Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Surber and son, Chas., and Ed Eubank … Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Surber and Mr. and Mrs. Ovie Bishop were visitors of Mr. Young and family Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Sweeney and Mr. and Mrs. Ware of Science Hill were callers of Uncle Sam Harrington and family Sunday afternoon.

Mt. Zion.  Mt. Zion school will give an entertainment Friday night, January 28 … Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn and family visited Mr. S. Davis Sunday … Mrs. Ruby Carroll is visiting her sister, Mrs. Wm. Dick .. Misses Minnie and Ettie Lester visited Viola Wampler Sunday … Mrs. Mary Baugh of Ansel visited Mrs. Mary Baugh Saturday and Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Will Sweet visited Mary Baugh Sunday … Miss Stella Baugh of Eubank is visiting her grandmother Mrs. Sarah Baugh … Harlan Roberts who has been sick for some time, died Saturday afternoon at 2:30.  He leaves a wife and five children, his father, five brothers, three sisters and many friends to mourn his death.  Burial took place at Mt. Zion Cemetery Sunday afternoon … Miss Flonnie Roberts visited her father's Sunday afternoon … Mr. W. Roberts returned home Sunday from Cincinnati to attend the funeral of his brother … Miss Sallie Flynn spent Sunday night with Mattie Dause … Mr. Joe Baugh filled his regular call at Ollie Vaught's Sunday afternoon … Miss Bonnie Boldie Leigh visited Laura Leigh Sunday … Miss Mary Baugh is very sick at this writing … Clyda Leigh visited Naomi Vaughn Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Theo Adams visited J.M. Dunsmore Sunday.

Eubank.  Rev. Reed attended his regular appointment at the Baptist Church … Mr. and Mrs. D. Merriott motored to Somerset Friday to visit their son, Claud, who is under the care of the doctor … Mr. O.R. Fowble returned Friday after a long stay with his son in Huntington, W.Va. … Miss Margaret Horton is with home folks this week … The fire of last Saturday was very exciting and Mr. Todd is very thankful to the people who worked so well to save his property and wishes to express his thanks for what they did … Mr. Francis Spangler of LeRoy, Ill., is with his sister Mrs. E.L. Gooch, this weekend … Mr. Mitchell and Miss Beulah Tilford were united in marriage in Cincinnati, Ohio, the 18th at the home of her sister, Mrs. Roy McMullin.  The groom who is a very popular young man, is from Chicago, and the bride, a most attractive young lady, of this place.  Her many friends join in wishing them great joy during their future life.  They were accompanied here Thursday by Mr. and Mrs. Roy McMullin and Ira Tilford … Mrs. John Barkley has been quite sick for the last few days but is improving some … Mr. and Mrs. C. Morgan visited Mr. and Mrs. McMullin last weekend … Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Gooch and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Gooch.

Drum.  Wood getting and building fires is the order of the day in this community … Wesley Bray is all smiles and you can guess why.  There is a 11-pound boy at his home … J.W. Bray had a house raising last week and got the wall of his house up … R.L. and Wesley Bray who bought land from Mr. Powers have been erecting a house as they have to build before they can move … This is fine weather for those who have their wood sheds full of wood and their barns full of feed … J.R. Mounce and wife and Geo. Baker of the White Lily settlement were visitors of Cleve Erp last Sunday … Chas. Gregory sold a mule to Ot. Ping for $150 … Mr. Geo Bumgardner was in our community last Sunday … Meeting began at Pine Grove last night.

Cave Hill.   Working on the road is the order of the day here … Mr. and Mrs. Era Smith spent Sunday evening at W.S. Wilson's … Mrs. Lizzie Higgins and the Poynter children and Aunt Sue Smith spent Sunday afternoon at Mrs. John Burton's … Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Estes and two daughters, Mae and Pauline, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Smith … Mr. Chester Wilson visited at J.D. Sipple's Saturday night … Mrs. Lola Smith visited Mrs. Isabell Wilson one day last week … Mr. Carl Quinton and wife of Pulaski spent Saturday and Sunday at G.S. Smith's … Mrs. Pearl Smith spent the weekend with home folks at Hogue … Miss Martha Wilson spent Saturday night with Miss Lillian Smith … Misses Enid and Ethel Estes and Elsie and Susie Burton visited at their Uncle Edward Smith's Saturday night at Briery … Herbert Estes spent Sunday with his
cousins, the Smith boys.

Pulaski.  Miss Lida Parks of Whitley City visited Ethel Correll last week … Miss Nell Tyree has returned from a visit with relatives in Burnside … Sam Richardson was here on business Saturday … L.D. Stigall has returned home … Mrs. Nellie Denny has moved into her new home … Miss Cassie Casada of Keno is visiting relatives here … Miss Betty Hamm spent the weekend with home folks here .. Chas. Hamm visited in Waynesburg Friday … Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Casada visited her father Sunday … Ansel Griffin passed through here Sunday en route to Tennessee … Mr. and Mrs. E. Stanley visited relatives here the first of the week … W.E. Stringer is visiting his father L.D. Stringer.

Ringgold.  A large crowd attended Sunday School Sunday afternoon … Rev. Ashbrook held a few sermons the latter part of this week .. Mrs. Bob Sawyer purchased a new buggy a few days ago … Mrs. A. Kelley is no better at this writing … Mr. Homer Dye, of Indianapolis, Ind., is visiting relatives, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Jasper, and will return in a short while … Mrs. Lida Stringer and children visited at Mrs. I.N. Parson's Sunday …. Mrs. S. Phelps of West Somerset visited her sister, Mrs. W. R. Jasper Saturday … Mrs. Nannie Maiden who has been sick is improving nicely … Mr. Roscoe Hinkle of Faubush has moved into our vicinity … Mr. and Mrs. A. Baker and daughter Darlean visited at Marion Stone's Sunday … Miss Stella Coomer was the guest of Audrey Parson Saturday and Sunday … Miss Ethel Spears visited at her uncle's Catron Spears of Somerset Saturday night … Miss Bessie Jones of Pulaski was the guest of
Hattie Jasper Thursday night … Misses Bertha and Hazel Padgette of West Somerset attended church here Friday night … Mr. Clair Hinkle and Luther Baker were in town Monday … Miss Lora Hinkle and friends were in town Monday …
 Miss Lillie Stringer of Somerset visited at Perk Beasley's Saturday and Sunday.

Liberty.  Rev. H.S. Measles filled his regular appointment Saturday and Sunday ...  W.H. Williams and wife were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Mink Sunday … The candy party at Barn went off nicely … Mr. Melvin Gooch and wife visited the home of Mr. G.L. Acton Sunday night … Mrs. Della Adams returned home Wednesday from a visit to her fathers house Mat Adams …. Mr. C.M. Acton and wife visited the home of Y.L. Acton Saturday night and Sunday … Arthur Larkin visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reynolds and family Saturday night … Mr. Cecil Measles is visiting the house of his uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Barren … Mr. Wiley Acton called to see Mrs. Delia Adams Sunday afternoon … Mr. Cecil Gooch and family visited the home of G.F. Gooch Saturday night and Sunday … The body of Mrs. Maudie Elder who died in Louisville, was brought to Providence Church and laid to rest.  She leaves a husband and two daughters and many friends to mourn for her … Winter school has begun at Thompson by Miss Esta Abbott .. Rev. J.L. Davis and wife are visiting at A.T. Wheeldon's … Mrs. Nina Reynolds visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Gastineau, Wednesday night … Mr. W.D. Warren is gradually improving from a long spell of rheumatism …. Alonzo Wheeldon of New Castle, Ind., came back to his father's C.F. Wheeldon, some time ago. He had been very ill for some time and departed this life January 19, and the remains were placed in the Olive
Cemetery.  He leaves a wife and three children.  Funeral services were
conducted by Rev. J.M. Clemmens .. Mr. E. Wheeldon and wife visited the homes of W.D. Warren and G.L. Acton Sunday and Monday night and returned to Stearns Wednesday … We are having good prayer meetings and Sunday School here at Liberty Church and services conducted twice a month by Rev. Henry Measles. 

Flat Lick.  Rev. Cummins filled his appointment at Flat Lick Saturday and Sunday and delivered two interesting sermons … Miss Lynda Buchanan and little brother, Tasso, spent Thursday with their sister, Mrs. John Hansford … Miss Laura Daniel was the guest of Miss Lora Noe Sunday afternoon … Tom Buchanan,
Syndey and Elijah Helton have been attending the revival at Short Creek … Mrs. Julia Helton visited at Mr. Glen Minter's Sunday afternoon … Tom
Buchanan and Mack Jenkins traded calves last week … Mr. George Jesse is drilling a well for Mr. Willis Hansford … Oscar Carter of Elrod, Ky., visited at Boyd Noe's Sunday  … Dillard Conch is at Lexington on business … Wallace Phelps and family spent Sunday at J.H. McKinney's.

Velber.  Miss Nellie Vaught visited home folks Friday until Monday … Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Eastham and family visited their father, Mr. J.T. Eastham's Sunday … Among the Sunday visitors of Mr. John Wesley's were Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Adams and Mr. an Mrs. Jason Compton and little daughter … Miss Zelma Compton was the guest of Miss Helen Irvine Sunday afternoon … Mr. J.D Compton visited his sister Mrs. Thomas McGahan Sunday night … Miss Helen Irvine was the guest of Miss Martha Eastham Thursday night.

Beech Grove.  Rev. Miller preached at this place Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Florence Adams and children are visiting her sister, Mrs. Mary Godby … John Wesley was the Saturday night guest of Willie Holt …. Howard Dodson was a Sunday guest of Felix Phelps … Lilburn Hill was the Sunday guests of the Phelps boys … Mrs. Tom West visited her brother Anderson Hall, who is very ill, Saturday … Misses Beatrice and Pearl Wesley visited Mrs. Layton Irvine Monday … Several from here attended Bill Machlin's sale Friday … Little Adaline Hall was the guest of Nellie Godby one night last week … Mrs. Hall is spending a few days with his son, Anderson, of Somerset, who is very ill … Seth Norfield who has been very ill for some time, is no better at this writing … Mrs. C. Wesley is improving.

Todd.  Mr. Jeff Acton has been very ill with mumps but is hoping to soon recover …. Mr. John McWilliams has been visiting relatives at G.T. McWilliams and Mrs. Eva Acton all the previous week … Mr. W.C. Dodson was the guest of Miss Stella Acton Sunday …. Miss Esta Abbott began teaching a term of winter school last Monday at Thompson … Mrs. Tom Nelson visited her sister near Good Hope last Thursday …. Mrs. Cynthia Osborne visited Mr. Jeff Acton last Friday … Mr. W.E. Acton has been suffering very much but is relieved some now … Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Stringer returned to their old home last week.  They had been at Cincinnati, O., all summer … Mr. Ray Blankenship has been severely hurt by a mule kicking him.  He is not likely to recover … Mr. T.J. Floyd visited at Liberty Sunday … Mr. H.S. Measel filled his regular appointment at Liberty Church Sunday.  There was a large crowd there … There was a party at Mr. Ben Barren's last week. Quite a few of the young folks were there … Mr. Lewis J. Brown will start to Lancaster, Ky., with his tobacco Monday … Miss Ada Adams will visit her relatives at Bandy, Ky., this week.


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